Verse 1Edit

Is difficult to overcome the
I fall asleep in my bed when you are not

Marina can only sleep when her boyfriend isn't in bed with her.

You can have me in a moment

Marina wants more time to herself in the relationship.

I am a game
And makes me depressed
Just in time to open naked

Marina feels worthless, like she is simply a game that her boyfriend is playing. It makes her depressed, especially during intercourse. "Just in time" suggests that it's a sarcastic remark.

You do not love me crap

Marina suspects that her boyfriend may have realized that the relationship is dragging for her.

How can you tell I do not feel

Marina is astonished because he might not love her back, even though she is not happy in the relationship.

If you want me, it is not a big deal
How can you tell I do not feel

Here, Marina is presumably speaking to her boyfriend and putting up a front that she doesn't care about the relationship either, but secretly she is still confused and wants to continue the relationship.


It is almost like a play is a joke
You do not last as

If they try to act like the relationship is going okay, Marina's boyfriend cannot keep up the facade for very long, meaning it is a joke to pretend like everything is fine.

You know I just want to work, and support the role of
You do not get the lead role.

Marina wants to help the relationship. However, she supports the notion that in terms of the relationship, she comes before her boyfriend.

Verse 2Edit

Sometimes, I do not know what to feel in control

If Marina is in control of the relationship, she does not know whether to be sad or happy. Again, she is torn on whether she wants the relationship or not.

I love him and I just can not because you

The usage of "him" may imply that she is seeing someone else. She could also be talking to herself and be having a very dysfunctional monologue, seeing as she switches to "you" later. Regardless, there is a person she loves, but she feels like she can't love him.

Imagine that includes the tire is wrong

She doesn't agree with how he feels the relationship is going. He believes that it is wrong for her to be tired of the relationship.

Be cool, do not come in children, do not forget the day

This is the first example of Marina contemplating suicide. She does not want her children to meet their father, nor does she want them to see her commit suicide. If she does kill herself, she does not want them to forget her.

You can meet my father, as if

Marina doesn't want her boyfriend to meet her father because if she kills herself, she does not want her father to be angry with her boyfriend.

I wish to hell I

She has come to the conclusion that she would rather be in hell than in the relationship.


I send love, it was not war

Marina claims she has never hated her boyfriend and did not want to be at war with him.

At the beginning, because I have not seen the end of

It was not war at the beginning because she was not aware of how the relationship would end.

I open it for you, I'm waiting for you

She is figuratively opening the door for him to meet other girls, but he does not want to leave the relationship. Marina is waiting for him to break up with her.

But some will go, I will not continue
Yes, and I will set you free

Marina will not continue in the relationship or her life. She is setting her boyfriend free by killing herself.

Final HookEdit

It is almost like a play is a joke

It's no use for Marina to pretend to love him anymore.

You do not last as

In her mind, the relationship is over and it never lasted at all.

You know I just want to work, and support the role of
You do not get the lead role.

By committing suicide, Marina is now the center of attention as she is dead; her boyfriend no longer has the lead role.

special Effects

Self explanatory death sounds.

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