Big Brother Brasil is on hiatus because Bruno can't think of more interesting Brazilian people. So a new series has began.

Gen 2: Big Brother Trainwreck Gen 2

Big Brother Trainwreck 1Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Denise Kate Kate Acre Rupert
Rupert Rupert
2 Lesbian Denise Candice Denise Vulpix
Vulpix Vulpix
3 Acre Crabbydad Candice Crabbydad Crabbydad
Denise Denise
Jury Phase Begins
4 Kate Acre Acre Candice Candice
Candice Jefra
5 Tyrone Denise Lesbian Jefra Denise
Jefra Denise
6 Lesbian Jefra Tyrone Jefra Jefra
Tyrone Kate
7 Kate Lesbian Lesbian Acre Tyrone
Tyrone Tyrone
8 Kate Acre Acre
Runner-Up: Kate Emote (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: Mean Lesbian (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Acre

Big Brother Trainwreck 2Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Dinkleberg Dalek Cyberman Dalek Turner
Turner Turner
2 Crystal Rachel Rachel Randy Randy
Randy Sara
3 Adam Gary Topaz Crystal Gary
Sara Gary
4 Rachel Adam Dawn Adam Sara
Sara Sara
FF Cyberman Brenda Brenda Adam Dalek
Dalek Dalek
Jury Phase Begins
5 Rachel Adam Rachel Adam Dinkleberg
Dinkleberg Dinkleberg
6 Brenda Dawn Rachel Cyberman Dawn
Elissa Dawn
7 Rachel Adam Adam Crystal Crystal
Crystal Topaz
FF Cyberman Adam Adam Brenda Brenda
Brenda Elissa
8 Elissa Adam Adam Cyberman Cyberman
Cyberman Rachel
9 Rachel Adam Elissa Adam Adam
Topaz Topaz
10 Rachel Elissa Topaz
Runner-Up: Elissa (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Rachel (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Topaz

Big Brother Trainwreck 3Edit

  • Aaryn Gries won the first competition. Crystal Cox returned to the game.
Week No. HoH Winner
(Clique Immune)
Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Crystal
(Sassy Black Ladies)
Gideon Lucia Gideon Gideon
Lucia Carter
2 Aaryn
(Sassy Black Ladies)
Foxxy Foxxy Liliana Lucia
Liliana Lucia
3 Ylvis
Aaryn Olive Aaryn Aaryn
Carter Carter
4 Olive
(TDIFF Users)
Sha'Quishalaray Erika Fox Who?
Who? Who?
Jury Phase Begins
5 Ylvis Carter Olive Carter Sha'Quishalaray
Sha'Quishalaray Sha'Quishalaray
6 Foxxy Olive Olive Erika Erika
Ylvis Ylvis
7 Ylvis Carter Fox Carter Crystal
Fox Crystal
FF Liliana Olive Olive Fox Ylvis
Ylvis Ylvis
8 Carter Fox Fox Fox Foxxy
Olive Foxxy
9 Olive Carter Liliana Carter Carter
Fox Fox
10 Liliana Fox Fox
Runner-Up: Olive (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Liliana (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Ylvis
BBT3 edgics

Big Brother Trainwreck 4Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 David LSP Michonne Yejide Yejide
Yejide Ylvis 2
2 Chelsea Miley Yao Miley Miley
Yao Raj
3 Ylvis 2 David Denise Raj Raj
Raj Yao
Jury Phase Begins
4 Chelsea Charlie Chelsea David Yao
Yao Yao
5 Bilbo Chelsea Chelsea Charlie David
David David
6 Ylvis 2 Charlie Chelsea Charlie Charlie
Denise Michonne
7 Chelsea Bilbo Ylvis 2 LSP Michonne
Michonne Michonne
8 Denise Chelsea LSP Bilbo Chelsea
Ylvis 2 Chelsea
9 Bilbo Denise Bilbo Denise Denise
10 Bilbo LSP LSP
Ylvis 2
Runner-Up: Ylvis 2 (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Bilbo (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: LSP

Big Brother Trainwreck 5Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 GloZell Bruno GloZell Lorde Zoey
Zoey Zoey
2 Lorde GloZell Goomy Antoine Antoine
OHFone OHFone
3 Fritz Elevator Pervy Lorde Bruno Bruno
Gotye Gotye
4 GloZell Gotye Gotye Kat Dennings's Eyes Lorde
Lorde Lorde
FF Lady Elevator Pervy Elevator Pervy Goomy Goomy
Ines Ines
Jury Phase Begins
5 Ines Gotye Ines Elevator Pervy Elevator Pervy
Kat Dennings's Eyes Kat Dennings's Eyes
6 Gotye Fritz GloZell Fritz Lady
Luna Lady
7 Fritz Gotye Gotye GloZell Kat Dennings's Eyes
Kat Dennings's Eyes Kat Dennings's Eyes
8 Luna Gotye OHFone Fritz Gotye
OHFone Gotye
9 Ines Fritz Ines Fritz Fritz
OHFone OHFone
FF OHFone Ines Luna GloZell Ines
Luna Ines
10 Luna GloZell OHFone
Runner-Up: Luna (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: GloZell (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Elevator Pervy

Big Brother Trainwreck 6 - All-StarsEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Chelsea Charlie MeanLes Dinkleberg Denise
Denise Denise
GloZell GloZell Dinkleberg
Luna Luna
2 Brenda Carter Ylvis Carter Carter
Topaz Topaz Topaz
Ylvis Luna
3 Michonne Chelsea Elevator Pervy Chelsea Kate
Elevator Pervy Kate
Kat Dennings' Eyes Kat Dennings' Eyes
FF Kat Dennings' Eyes Michonne Chelsea Michonne Olive
GloZell Elevator Pervy
Olive Olive
4 Charlie Bilbo Bilbo Brenda Acre
Acre Acre
Luna Luna
5 Ylvis Chelsea Chelsea GloZell Brenda
Elevator Pervy Elevator Pervy
Brenda Brenda
6 Ines Kat Dennings' Eyes Elevator Pervy Chelsea MeanLes
GloZell GloZell
Ylvis Ylvis GloZell
MeanLes MeanLes
Jury Phase Begins
Kate Returns
7 Kate Bilbo Ines Luna Lovegood Luna
Chelsea Chelsea
Michonne Michonne
8 Kat Dennings' Eyes Charlie Charlie Kate Kate
Michonne Michonne
Ylvis Ylvis
FF Elevator Pervy Charlie LSP Charlie Charlie
Ines Ines
LSP Bilbo
9 Michonne Chelsea Chelsea Ylvis Ylvis
Elevator Pervy Elevator Pervy
Kat Dennings' Eyes Kat Dennings' Eyes Kat Dennings' Eyes
Ines Ines
FF Elevator Pervy Michonne Michonne Bilbo Bilbo
Chelsea Chelsea
10 Ines Chelsea Elevator Pervy Chelsea LSP
Elevator Pervy LSP
11 Michonne Ines Ines Elevator Pervy Elevator Pervy
Chelsea Chelsea
FF Ines Michonne Michonne
Runner-Up: Chelsea (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Ines (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Kat Dennings' Eyes

Big Brother Trainwreck 7Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Whitney Kent Whitney Kent Kent
Tom Tom
2 Gretchen Rebecca Darth Marina Marina
Whitney Whitney
3 Darth Hobo Who is Not Ezekiel Brandon Hobo Who is Not Ezekiel Hobo Who is Not Ezekiel
Yubaba Yubaba
4 Whitney Gretchen Tom Brandon Brandon
Tom Gretchen
FF The Doctor Darth Gretchen Darth Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca
Jury Phase Begins
5 Phillip Tom Whitney Gretchen Gretchen
Whitney Tom
6 Yubaba Darth The Doctor Phillip Whitney
Whitney Whitney
7 Phillip Tom Yubaba The Doctor The Doctor
Yubaba Tom
8 Darth Tom Darth Phoebe Yubaba
Yubaba Yubaba
FF Phoebe Darth Darth Charla Phillip
Phillip Phillip
9 Charla Darth Phoebe Darth Darth
Phoebe Tom
10 Tom Charla Phoebe
Runner-Up: Charla (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Tom (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Yubaba

Big Brother Trainwreck 8Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Julius/Rochelle Albert Dumbass/Plastic Hoe Albert Coach
Coach Coach
2 Right Boob Dumbass Rochelle Dumbass Plastic Hoe
Plastic Hoe Plastic Hoe
3 Lady Gaga Jennifer Julius Jennifer Jennifer
Tom Tom
4 Smurfette Lady Gaga Left Boob Lady Gaga Alejandro
Alejandro Alejandro
FF Left Boob Papa Smurf Left Boob Papa Smurf Rochelle
Rochelle Rochelle
5 Smurfette Lady Gaga Right Boob Left Boob Tom
Tom Tom
Jury Phase Begins
Rochelle Returns
6 Lady Gaga Rochelle Smurfette Rochelle Rochelle
Smurfette Dumbass
FF Smurfette Left Boob Left Boob Right Boob Right Boob
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
7 Left Boob Julius Papa Smurf Julius Smurfette
Smurfette Smurfette
8 Lady Gaga Dumbass Left Boob Dumbass Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf Papa Smurf
9 Albert Dumbass Albert Dumbass Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
FF Left Boob Julius Left Boob Julius Albert
Albert Albert
10 Left Boob Dumbass Julius
Runner-Up: Dumbass (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Left Boob (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Rochelle

Big Brother Trainwreck 9 - Second ChancesEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Goomy Crabbydad Goomy Crabbydad Alejandro
Yejide Alejandro
2 Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Miley Who? Miley Miley
Rebecca Rebecca
3 Goomy Crabbydad Crabbydad Sara Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca
4 Yejide Plastic Hoe Randy Lucia Lucia
Who? Who?
5 Sara Plastic Hoe Plastic Hoe Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Bruno
Bruno Bruno
Jury Phase Begins
6 Antoine Plastic Hoe Goomy Crabbydad Crabbydad
Randy Randy
FF Goomy Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Goomy Antoine Antoine
Sara Sara
7 Who? Randy Goomy Plastic Hoe Yejide
Yejide Yejide
8 Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Sara Plastic Hoe Sara Sara
Who? Who?
FF Goomy Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Randy Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Who?
Who? Who?
9 Randy Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Plastic Hoe Hobo Who Is Not Zeke Hobo Who Is Not Zeke
Plastic Hoe Goomy
10 Randy Goomy Plastic Hoe
Plastic Hoe
Runner-Up: Randy (0 Jury Votes)
Winner: Goomy (7 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Sara

Big Brother Trainwreck 10Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Cumberbatch Denise Yvonne Denise Scrappy
Yvonne Scrappy
2 Ling-Ling Sekou Gaybeeu Sekou JE
3 Yvonne Fausto Las Ketchup Mila Rick
Rick Rick
4 Denise Claudinéia Gaybeeu Candice Las Ketchup
Las Ketchup Las Ketchup
5 Mila Yvonne Gaybeeu Yvonne Sekou
Sekou Sekou
Jury Phase Begins
6 Gaybeeu Cumberbatch Cumberbatch Fausto Fausto
Yvonne Yvonne
7 Mila Cumberbatch Ling-Ling Cumberbatch Yvonne
Denise Yvonne
8 Cumberbatch Candice Mila Candice Candice
Mila Ling-Ling
FF Mila Cumberbatch Claudinéia Cumberbatch Cumberbatch
Denise Denise
9 Ling-Ling Denise Mila Gaybeeu Claudinéia
Claudinéia Claudinéia
10 Gaybeeu Mila Denise Mila Ling-Ling
Ling-Ling Ling-Ling
FF Mila Denise Denise
Runner-Up: Gaybeéu(2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Mila (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Claudinéia

Big Brother Trainwreck 11Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Lil B Brendon Brendon & Manuel Mrs. Claus Santa Claus
Manuel Santa Claus
FF Manuel Robert Brendon & Manuel Robert Theresa
Theresa Theresa
2 Rupert the poopert Brendon Brendon & Manuel Amir Anila
Manuel Anila
3 Brendon Lil B Lil B & Staci Laura the bora Laura the bora
Staci Rupert the poopert
4 Staci Mrs. Santa Manuel Mrs. Santa Mrs. Santa
Robert Robert
5 Brendon Rupert the poopert Rupert the poopert Lil B Lil B
Staci Staci
Jury Phase Begins
Anila Returns
6 Amir Robert Amir Robert Rupert the poopert
Rupert the poopert Rupert the poopert
FF Staci Juliette Manuel Juliette Juliette
Robert Brendon
7 Anila Brendon Brendon Brendon Glenda
Glenda Glenda
8 Brendon Anila Brendon Anila Anila
Staci Staci
FF Staci Brendon Manuel Brendon Robert
Robert Robert
9 Brendon Amir Brendon Amir Amir
Staci Staci
10 Manuel Brendon Brendon
Runner-Up: Staci (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Manuel (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Glenda

Big Brother Trainwreck 12Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Coco Robin Heather Robin Robin
Olsen Olsen
2 Heather Katy Heather Katy Katy
Olsen Olsen
3 Coco Nicolas Nicolas Daft Punk Daft Punk
Olsen Olsen
4 Nicolas Coco Heather Anne Marit Olsen
Olsen Olsen
5 Heather Bruce Heather Bruce Bruce
Richard Parker Richard Parker
Jury Phase Begins
6 Regina Heather Heather Nicolas Nicolas
Richard Parker Richard Parker
FF Chef Coco Chef Marissa Woody
Woody Woody
7 Heather Chef Heather Chef Richard Parker
Richard Parker Richard Parker
8 Coco Chef Heather Chef Regina
Regina Regina
FF Anne Marit Chef Coco Chef Marissa
Coco Marissa
9 Coco Anne Marit Heather Anne Marit Chef
Chef Chef
10 Heather Anne Marit Anne Marit
Runner-Up: Coco (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Heather (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Chef

Big Brother Trainwreck 13Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Imelda Sharknado Gromit Sharknado Sharknado
Raven S. Raven S.
2 Raven R. Tolkien Tolkien Stephenie Stephenie
Taylor Taylor
3 Mario Raven R. Raven R. Omastar Taylor
Taylor Taylor
Jury Phase Begins
4 Lavagirl Tolkien Raven S. Tolkien Tolkien
Raven S. Omastar
5 Chloe Raven S. Gromit Raven S. Imelda
Omastar Imelda
6 Lavagirl Raven S. Raven R. Omastar Omastar
Mario Mario
7 Mario Raven R. Raven R. Gromit Chloe
Chloe Chloe
8 Raven S. Lavagirl Raven R. Lavagirl Lavagirl
Mario Mario
9 Gromit Raven S. Raven S. Raven R. Raven R.
Mario Mario
10 Raven S. Gromit Gromit
Runner-Up: Mario (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Raven S. (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Lavagirl

Big Brother Trainwreck 14 - All-Stars IIEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Glenda Staci Regina Staci Staci
Yubaba Yubaba
FF Boobs The Doctor Mila The Doctor The Doctor
Gromit Gromit
2 Yubaba Raven Boobs Raven Raven
Glenda Glenda
FF Brendon Chef Regina Chef Chef
Imelda Imelda
3 Manuel Brendon Heather Brendon Brendon
Gaybeeu Gaybeeu
FF Heather Tom Claudineia Tom Tom
Gretchen Gretchen
4 Claudineia Gretchen Manuel Gretchen Gretchen
Rochelle Rochelle
FF Glenda Imelda Fausto Imelda Imelda
Yubaba Yubaba
5 Mila Manuel Regina Manuel Manuel
Rochelle Rochelle
6 Regina Fausto Yubaba Heather Boobs
Boobs Boobs
Jury Phase Begins
Brendon Returns
7 Gaybeeu Glenda Fausto Glenda Gromit
Gromit Gromit
FF Yubaba Mila Mila Regina Regina
Rochelle Rochelle
8 Rochelle Glenda Heather Glenda Yubaba
Yubaba Yubaba
FF Fausto Brendon Claudineia Brendon Brendon
Heather Heather
9 Mila Heather Rochelle Heather Glenda
Glenda Glenda
10 Gaybeeu Claudineia Heather Claudineia Claudineia
Rochelle Rochelle
11 Fausto Heather Gaybeeu Heather Heather
Gaybeeu Mila
FF Mila Fausto Mila Fausto Fausto
Gaybeeu Gaybeeu
12 Gaybeeu Mila Mila
Runner-Up: Rochelle (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Gaybeeu (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Heather

Big Brother Trainwreck 15Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Most Valuable Player Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Valesca Elizabeth Taylor Taylor Sharkeisha Brian
Stacy Stacy
Brian Brian
2 Hayden Nissim Sasha Stacy Sasha Taylor
Maxwell Maxwell
Stacy Taylor
3 Maryann Susan Maxwell Patrick Jerome Patrick Hayden
Jerome Brittnay
Hayden Hayden
4 Sasha America Sharkeisha Josh Nissim Stacy
Stacy Stacy
Jerome Jerome
5 Jerome America Sasha Maryann Susan Sasha Sharkeisha
Sharkeisha Sharkeisha
Maryann Susan Valesca
Jury Phase Begins
6 Maryann Susan America Patrick Maryann Susan Patrick Patrick
Jerome Jerome
Tekpix Guy Valesca
FF Maxwell Elizabeth Sasha Elizabeth Tekpix Guy
Tekpix Guy Tekpix Guy
7 Maryann Susan Jerome Jerome Brittnay Valesca
Valesca Valesca
8 Jerome Maxwell Maryann Susan Maxwell Maxwell
Sasha Josh
Maxwell Returns
9 Tekpix Guy Josh Tekpix Guy Josh Josh
Nissim Elizabeth
10 Sasha Maryann Susan Jerome Maryann Susan Maryann Susan
Nissim Nissim
FF Brittnay Elizabeth Nissim Sasha Jerome
Jerome Jerome
11 Brittnay Sasha Nissim Sasha Sasha
Maxwell Elizabeth
12 Maxwell Brittnay Nissim Brittnay Elizabeth
Elizabeth Elizabeth
FF Brittnay Maxwell Maxwell
Runner-Up: Nissim (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Brittnay (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Valesca

Big Brother Trainwreck 16Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Paula Ralph Paula Ralph Annie
Annie Annie
2 Ralph Steve Po Steve Steve
Paula Paula
3 Paula TS3 Lag Dog Po Daria Daria
Ralph Ralph
4 Reddy Beast Boy Beast Boy Carly Kid Bengala
Kid Bengala Kid Bengala
5 Ron TS3 Lag Dog Reddy TS3 Lag Dog Carly
Carly Carly
Jury Phase Begins
6 Dora Po Dora Po David
David David
FF Ralph Paula Beast Boy Paula Paula
Reddy Reddy
7 Reddy Ralph Ralph Ron Ron
Beast Boy Beast Boy
8 Dora Po Dora Po Reddy
TS3 Lag Dog Reddy
9 Beast Boy TS3 Lag Dog Beast Boy TS3 Lag Dog TS3 Lag Dog
Po Po
FF Dora Ralph Ralph Beast Boy Po
Po Po
10 Beast Boy Dora Ralph
Runner-Up: Beast Boy (0 Jury Votes)
Winner: Dora (7 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Reddy

Big Brother Trainwreck 17Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Coach's Comp Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Kelly Barney
FF Pink Ranger Courage
(Saves Kirby)
Neytiri Pink Ranger Neytiri Neytiri
Spongebob Spongebob
2 Ursula Ms. Pacman
(Saves Lisa)
B1 Amy B1 B1
Genie Genie
3 Cookie Monster Courage
(Saves Amy)
Grimace Pink Ranger Grimace Grimace
Lisa Lisa
4 Dory Kelly
(Saves Ursula)
Spongebob Spongebob Kirby
Amy Amy
Eviction Cancelled, Coaches Join The Game
5 Lisa Kirby Kelly Kirby Pink Ranger
Kelly Pink Ranger
FF Courage Ursula Dory Ursula Ms. Pacman
Cookie Monster Ms. Pacman
6 Kirby Amy Cookie Monster Amy Kelly (Quit)
Lisa Lisa
Jury Phase Begins
7 Amy Kirby Genie Kirby Lisa
Lisa Lisa
8 Genie Ursula Amy Spongebob Dory
Dory Dory
9 Spongebob Courage Ursula Courage Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
FF Amy Spongebob Amy Spongebob Spongebob
Genie Genie
10 Ursula Genie Ursula Genie Kirby
Kirby Kirby
11 Amy Ursula Genie Ursula Ursula
Genie Courage
12 Courage Genie Amy
Runner-Up: Kirby (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Genie (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Courage

Big Brother Trainwreck 18 - Fans & FavoritesEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Amy Barack Cookie Monster Barack The Situation
The Situation The Situation
2 Pam HIM THAT GIRL HIM Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
3 Beast Boy Kelly THAT GIRL Silas Hope
Hope Hope
4 Silas Spongebob Tekpix Raven Amy
Amy Amy
FF Elizabeth Valesca THAT GIRL Valesca Barack
Barack Barack
5 HIM Valesca THAT GIRL Valesca Kelly
Kelly Kelly
Jury Phase Begins
7 Silas Valesca Silas Tekpix Beast Boy
Beast Boy Beast Boy
8 Raven Silas Pam Tekpix Spongebob
Spongebob Spongebob
FF Silas HIM Pam Tekpix Tekpix
Valesca Valesca
9 Valesca Pam HIM Elizabeth Silas
Silas Silas
10 Pam Valesca Raven Valesca Valesca
Elizabeth HIM
11 HIM Elizabeth Raven Pam Raven
Raven Raven
12 Elizabeth HIM HIM
Runner-Up: Elizabeth (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Pam (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Raven

Big Brother Trainwreck 19Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Daenerys Audrey Chef Audrey Audrey
Jackmerius Jackmerius
2 Pascaline Suzette Luke Emo Medusa
Medusa Medusa
3 Luke Jackmerius Daenerys Chef Lorena*
Sonya* Vivian*
4 Fourarms Emo Emo Janice Suzette
Suzette Suzette
5 Chef Ozzie Ozzie Flappy Bird Flappy Bird
Luke Luke
Jury Phase Begins
6 Ozzie Emo Chef Emo Emo
Chef Janice
FF Luke Janice Fourarms Janice Janice
Daenerys Daenerys
7 Jackmerius Daenerys Daenerys Luke Ozzie
Ozzie Ozzie
8 Chef Luke Luke Fourarms Pascaline
Pascaline Pascaline
9 Jackmerius Luke Chef Luke Daenerys
Daenerys Daenerys
10 Chef Fourarms Jackmerius Fourarms Luke
Luke Luke
FF Fourarms Jackmerius Chef
Runner-Up: Fourarms (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Jackmerius (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Daenerys

*Apparently, her real name is Cherie.

Big Brother Trainwreck 20 - Heroes & VillainsEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Cumberbatch Darth Reddy Darth Darth
Rachel Genie
FF Dora Mario Dory Mario Mario
Brittnay Brittnay
2 Whitney Rachel Dory Rachel Rachel
Reddy Reddy
FF Reddy Elissa Chelsea Elissa Elissa
Genie Dora
3 Pascaline Whitney Whitney Cumberbatch Silas
Silas Silas
FF HIM Maxwell Chelsea Genie Genie
Ling-Ling Ling-Ling
4 Brendon Dory Pascaline Ines Ines
Dora Dora
FF HIM Jackmerius Brittnay Jackmerius Jackmerius
Maxwell Dora
5 Dora Cumberbatch Pascaline Brittnay Brittnay
Whitney Whitney
Jury Phase Begins
6 Pascaline Chelsea Maxwell Dory Dory
Whitney Whitney
7 Cumberbatch Dora Cumberbatch Dora Dora
Maxwell Maxwell
FF Maxwell Ling-Ling Pascaline Chelsea Chelsea
8 Reddy Ling-Ling Pascaline Ling-Ling Ling-Ling
Brendon Brendon
9 Brendon Maxwell HIM Maxwell Maxwell
Reddy Reddy
10 Pascaline Reddy Whitney Reddy HIM
11 Whitney Reddy Whitney Reddy Reddy
Brendon Brendon
12 Pascaline Cumberbatch Pascaline Cumberbatch Cumberbatch
Whitney Brendon
FF Pascaline Whitney Whitney
Runner-Up: Brendon (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Pascaline (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Chelsea

Big Brother Trainwreck 21Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Pops Philip Colin Philip Donatella
Donatella Donatella
Jury Phase Begins
2 Cookie Flora Pops Flora Zelda
Zelda Zelda
3 Pops Cookie Queen Latifah Cookie Stop Sign
Queen Latifah Stop Sign
4 Philip Colin Colin Queen Latifah Queen Latifah
Kangaskhan Kangaskhan
5 Flora Cookie Colin Cookie Pops
Colin Pops
6 Cookie Flora Flora Philip Colin
Colin Colin
7 Kangaskhan Cookie Cookie Flora Flora
Philip Philip
8 Kangaskhan Cookie Philip
Runner-Up: Kangaskhan (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: Cookie (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Colin

Big Brother Trainwreck 22Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Jackie Salma Natasha Salma Michael
Michael Michael
2 Britney Pocahontas Garrett Pocahontas Pocahontas
Salma Salma
3 Jet Hulk Ahmad Hulk Samus
Samus Samus
4 Britney Salma Salma J'Tia J'Tia
Hulk Hulk
5 Garrett Natasha Dennis Natasha Jenna
Rhonda Jenna
Jury Phase Begins
6 Psy Dennis Dennis Britney Britney
Salma Salma
7 Dennis Hulk Jet Hulk Natasha
Psy Natasha
FF Psy Salma Garrett Jet Dennis
Dennis Dennis
8 Ahmad Garrett Jet Garrett Garrett
Jet Jackie
9 Rhonda Salma Hulk Salma Salma
Hulk Jet
FF Psy Rhonda Psy Rhonda Jet
Jet Jet
10 Rhonda Jackie Ahmad Jackie Hulk
Hulk Hulk
11 Ahmad Rhonda Psy Rhonda Rhonda
Jackie Jackie
FF Jackie Ahmad Ahmad
Runner-Up: Psy (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Jackie (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Jet

Big Brother Trainwreck 23Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Santa
Boss Ass Bitch
Ross DyingVirgin Ross Ross
Hayley Hayley
2 DyingVirgin Ferris Patamon Ferris Ferris
Patamon Jaime
3 Carrie Jaime Jaime Weird Al DyingVirgin
DyingVirgin DyingVirgin
4 Weird Al Jaime Setp Jaime
Seto Merry
Eviction Cancelled, Coaches Join The Game
5 Weird Al Santa Weird Al Carrie Seto
Seto Seto
6 Lividmanda J'Tia J'Tia Merry Medusa
Medusa Medusa
FF Santa Grimace Hayley Carrie Carrie
Patamon Patamon
Jury Phase Begins
7 Merry Weird Al Grimace Jaime Lividmanda
Lividmanda Lividmanda
8 Grimace Santa Santa J'Tia Patamon
Patamon Patamon
FF Hayley Merry Grimace Merry Jaime
Jaime Jaime
9 Grimace Weird Al J'Tia Weird Al Weird Al
Santa Santa
10 Hayley Santa J'Tia Santa Santa
Hayley Hayley
11 Grimace J'Tia Grimace J'Tia Merry
Merry Merry
FF Grimace Hayley J'Tia
Runner-Up: Hayley (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: Grimace (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Patamon

Big Brother Trainwreck 24 - Blood & WaterEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Hillary Colin Daenerys Colin Colin
Muriel Nissim
FF The Whale Christie The Whale Christie Christie
Hillary Hillary
2 Courage Ursula Muriel Mirna Charla
Charla Charla
3 Drogo Nissim Mirna Courage Courage
Muriel Muriel
4 Phil Muriel The Whale Muriel Drogo
The Whale Drogo
5 Muriel The Whale The Whale Ursula Ursula
Hillary Hillary
Jury Phase Begins
Drogo Returns
6 Phil The Whale Phil The Whale Muriel
Muriel Muriel
FF Mirna The Whale Hillary The Whale Nissim
Nissim Nissim
7 Daenerys Mirna Drogo Phil Phoebe
Phoebe Phoebe
8 Hillary Drogo Mirna Drogo Drogo
Mirna The Whale
9 Mirna Phil The Whale Phil Phil
The Whale Hillary
10 Mirna The Whale Mirna The Whale The Whale
Daenerys Daenerys
FF Hillary Daenerys Mirna
Runner-Up: Hillary (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Daenerys (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Mirna

Big Brother Trainwreck 25Edit


Nemesis #1 Nemesis #2 Nemesis #3
DancingQueen Santana Lopez Foxes
Riverdance Santa Lopez Ylvis The Fox

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Foxes Iggy Graham Iggy Iggy
Graham Pepper Ann
2 Pepper Ann Graham Clucky Graham Foxes
Foxes Foxes
3 Santa Ylvis Riverdance Ylvis Ylvis
Pepper Ann Pepper Ann
4 Santana Graham Santana Graham Cyndaquil
Pepper Ann Cyndaquil
5 Pornvati Riverdance Riverdance Aaren Santana
Santana Santana
Jury Phase Begins
6 Graham Aaren Graham Aaren Aaren
Riverdance Riverdance
7 Santa Clucky Clucky Graham Riverdance
Riverdance Riverdance
8 Clucky Cat Graham Cat Cat
Graham Pepper Ann
9 Pornvati Graham Graham Pepper Ann Pepper Ann
Pepper Ann Santa
FF DancingQueen Graham Pornvati Graham Graham
Clucky Santa
10 Clucky Pornvati Clucky Pornvati Pornvati
Santa Santa
FF Santa DancingQueen DancingQueen
Runner-Up: Santa (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Clucky (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Pornvati

America's Player
Pornvati Swallow
Week No. AP's Target AP's PoV AP's Target
1 Iggy - Iggy
2 Ylvis x - Foxes
3 Ylvis - Ylvis
4 Graham - Graham x
5 Santana - Santana
6 Santa x - Aaren
7 Graham x - Riverdance
8 Graham - Cat
9 Graham - Pepper Ann
FF Santa x Clucky Graham
10 Santa - -
AP's Choice to Win
Finale Clucky
Pornvati completed 16 of 25 tasks. She wins $30,000.

Big Brother Trainwreck 26 - DuosEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Nicole CK CK & OHF Satan Satan
OHF Illuminati
2 Stannis Jenna Stannis Jenna Nicole
Nicole Nicole
3 Nicki CK Scarlett CK OHF
4 Dick Valentine Nicki Scarlett Nicki Nicki
Azealia Azealia
5 Stannis CK Jenna CK CK
Jenna Illuminati
6 Mrs. Valentine Max Dick Valentine Max Scarlett
Scarlett Scarlett
Jury Phase Begins
Scarlett Returns
7 Azealia Dick Valentine Mrs. Valentine Max Stannis
Stannis Stannis
8 Scarlett Illuminati Azealia Illuminati Jenna
Jenna Jenna
FF Scarlett Azealia Illuminati Azealia Max
Illuminati Max
9 Mrs. Valentine Scarlett Illuminati Scarlett Melisandre
Melisandre Melisandre
10 Azealia Dick Valentine Azealia Dick Valentine Dick Valentine
Mrs. Valentine Mrs. Valentine
11 Mrs. Valentine Azealia Scarlett Azealia Azealia
Scarlett Illuminati
FF Scarlett Mrs. Valentine Illuminati
Runner-Up: Scarlett (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Mrs. Valentine (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Illuminati

Big Brother Trainwreck 27Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Hunty Ronnie Fiona Ronnie Salem
Salem Salem
2 Ronnie Maritza Ronnie Maritza Frankie
Patrice Frankie
3 Hunty Ronnie Bill Gail Gail
Fiona Fiona
Jury Phase Begins
4 Hunty Carla Hunty Carla Bill
Damian Bill
5 Damian Hunty Carla Hunty Hunty
Ronnie Ronnie
6 Maritza Ronnie Carla Ronnie Ronnie
Carla Queen
7 Carla Fiona Maritza Patrice Patrice
Damian Damian
8 Carla Damian Maritza Damian Damian
Maritza Fiona
9 Queen Maritza Carla Maritza Fiona
Carla Fiona
10 Maritza Queen Carla
Runner-Up: Queen of the Universe (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Maritza (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Carla

Big Brother Trainwreck 28 - Fans & Favorites IIEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Danielle Pops Pops Neda Neda
Lividmanda Lividmanda
FF Carla FlirtyElla Sandwich FlirtyElla Dick
Sandwich Dick
FF Max Muriel Muriel Bowser Pops
Pops Pops
2 Andre 3000 Pornvati Andre 3000 Pornvati Dora's Dad
Dora's Dad Dora's Dad
3 Danielle Sandwich Max Sandwich Sandwich
Lividmanda Lividmanda
4 Andre 3000 Pornvati Box Pornvati Pornvati
Hillary Hillary
5 Queen FlirtyElla Andre FlirtyElla FlirtyElla
Angie Carla
6 Angie Queen Box Queen Bowser
Bowser Bowser
FF Box Andre 3000 Box Andre 3000 Andre 3000
Muriel Muriel
Jury Phase Begins
7 Muriel Max Danielle Box Beardo
Beardo Beardo
FF Carla Queen Carla Queen Muriel
Muriel Muriel
8 Hillary Max Angie Queen Queen
Carla Carla
9 Angie Lividmanda Hillary Lividmanda Lividmanda
Carla Carla
10 Max Hillary Carla Hillary Hillary
Melisandre Melisandre
11 Angie Danielle Angie Danielle Melisandre
Carla Melisandre
12 Max Box Carla Angie Angie
Danielle Danielle
13 Carla Danielle Max Danielle Box
Max Box
FF Max Carla Carla
Runner-Up: Danielle (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Max (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Lividmanda

Big Brother Trainwreck 29 - A New ChanceEdit

Team America
COKEMAN ELEVEN Dora's Dad DyingVirgin
Week No. HoH Winners BoB Winners Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Dora's Dad Zelda Steve Cookie Monster Steve Pink Ranger
Ms. Pacman Nicole Pink Ranger Pink Ranger
2 Cookie Monster Sharknado Lil B CK Steve Steve
Salem Zelda Andre 3000 Andre 3000
3 Dora's Dad Ms. Pacman Lil B Dora's Dad Lil B DyingVirgin
Samus Nicole DyingVirgin DyingVirgin
4 Lil B Cookie Monster Ms. Pacman Sharknado Salem Salem
OHF Flirty Ella Samus Samus
5 CK Zelda Ms. Pacman Dora's Dad Ms. Pacman Ms. Pacman
OHF Nicole Dora's Dad Sharknado
Jury Phase Begins
6 Dora's Dad Cookie Monster Lil B Dora's Dad Lil B Nicole
Flirty Ella Samus Nicole Nicole
FF Samus Andre 3000 OHF Flirty Ella OHF Sharknado
CK Zelda Sharknado Sharknado
7 OHF Dora's Dad Cookie Monster Dora's Dad Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
Lil B Zelda Flirty Ella Flirty Ella
8 Andre 3000 Lil B Dora's Dad Dora's Dad OHF OHF
Zelda Flirty Ella CK CK
Jury Competition: Returns
Battle of the Block Twist Over
9 Andre 3000 Flirty Ella Zelda Samus Dora's Dad
Dora's Dad Dora's Dad
10 Zelda CK Flirty Ella Andre 3000 Andre 3000
11 Zelda CK OHF CK


12 Zelda OHF Flirty Ella OHF OHF
Samus Samus
13 Lil B Samus Flirty Ella Samus Samus
Zelda Zelda
FF Lil B Flirty Ella Zelda
Runner-Up: Flirty Ella (0 Jury Votes)
Winner: Lil B (9 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Dora's Dad

Big Brother Trainwreck 30 - All-WinnersEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Liliana Mean Lesbian Mila Mean Lesbian Mean Lesbian
Lil B Lil B
2 Dora Max Jackmerius Left Boob Lil B
Lil B Lil B
3 Pascaline Manuel Clucky Manuel Manuel
Genie Genie
4 Daenerys Jackmerius Jackmerius Jackie Tom TDWI
5 Mila Max Mila Jackmerius Jackmerius
Jackie Jackie
6 Cookie Bilbo Heather Bilbo Bilbo
Heather Liliana
7 Left Boob Dora Cookie Dora Dora
Clucky Raven
8 Daenerys Max Cookie Max Jackie
Jackie Jackie
9 Clucky Left Boob Left Boob Max Liliana
Liliana Liliana
Jury Phase Begins
10 Max Ines Daenerys Ines Ines
Daenerys Clucky
FF Daenerys Pascaline Heather Pascaline Max
Max Max
11 Raven Left Boob Mila Left Boob Left Boob
Clucky Pascaline
12 Clucky Raven Raven Genie Genie
Daenerys Daenerys
13 Daenerys Pascaline Heather Pascaline Cookie
Clucky Cookie
14 Mila Pascaline Pascaline Clucky Raven
Raven Raven
15 Clucky Daenerys Daenerys Pascaline Pascaline
Mila Mila
FF Mila Daenerys Clucky Daenerys Daenerys
Clucky Heather
FF Clucky Mila Mila
Runner-Up: Clucky (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Heather (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Mila

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