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Gen 2: Big Brother Trainwreck Gen 2

Big Brother Trainwreck 71 - 3.0Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Esteban Cabbage Spinner Cabbage Dre
Gal Dre
2 Serj Pedro Brooke Pedro Pedro
Panther Panther
3 Esteban Cabbage Sukhvinder Cabbage Nick
Nick Nick
4 Spinner Aunt Fanny Aunt Fanny Kyary Panther
Panther Panther
5 Serj Kyary Cuca Aunt Fanny Aunt Fanny
Spinner Spinner
Jury Phase Begins
6 Cabbage Cuca Serj Cuca Cuca
Esteban Esteban
FF Spinner Serj Gal Serj Kyary
Kyary Kyary
7 Cabbage Sukhvinder Sukhvinder Spinner Spinner
Esteban Esteban
8 Sukhvinder Serj Gal Serj Brooke
Cabbage Brooke
9 Cabbage Sukhvinder Sukhvinder Serj Esteban
Esteban Esteban
10 Serj Cabbage Serj Cabbage Sukhvinder
Sukhvinder Sukhvinder
11 Cabbage Gal Serj
Runner-Up: Gal Gadot (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: The Cabbage Merchant (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Brooke Camhi

Big Brother Trainwreck 72Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Salad Bunny Salad Kim Lin-Manuel
Lin-Manuel Lin-Manuel
2 Kim Salad Tamatoa Lesharold Lesharold
Bunny Bunny
3 Johanna & Klara Jeor Simone Jeor Jeor
Shamir Shamir
4 Tamatoa Shamir Johanna & Klara Shamir Shamir
Simone Simone
Jury Phase Begins
5 Bunny Kim Kim Florida Congressman Florida Congressman
Salad Salad
6 Simone Tamatoa Kim Tamatoa Bojack Yellow
Johanna & Klara Bojack Yellow
7 Luigi Dab Johanna & Klara Tamatoa Johanna & Klara Bunny
Bunny Bunny
FF Johanna & Klara Luigi Dab Simone Luigi Dab Tamatoa
Simone Tamatoa
8 Salad Kim Luigi Dab Kim Kim
Luigi Dab Simone
9 Johanna & Klara Simone Salad Simone Luigi Dab
Luigi Dab Luigi Dab
10 Johanna & Klara Salad Simone
Runner-Up: Right In Front Of My Salad (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Johanna & Klara Soderberg (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Bojack Yellow

Big Brother Trainwreck 73 - Family FeudEdit


Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 AmiYumi Loki Loki Pastor Jim Whiterose
Whiterose Whiterose
2 Leshaniqua Pastor Jim Pastor Jim Dusk Mane Necrozma AmiYumi
AmiYumi AmiYumi
3 The Entire Justice League Pastor Jim The Entire Justice League Abi-Maria Dawn Wings Necrozma
Dawn Wigs Necrozma Dawn Wigs Necrozma
4 Pastor Jim Dusk Mane Necrozma Pastor Jim The Entire Justice League The Entire Justice League
Loki Loki
Twin Twist: Katy Perry Enters
5 Abi-Maria Pastor Jim Brandon Pastor Jim Pastor Jim
Loki Loki
Jury Phase Begins
6 Leshaniqua Dusk Mane Necrozma Katy Dusk Mane Necrozma Abi-Maria
Brandon Abi-Maria
7 Dusk Mane Necrozma Katy Loki Katy Leshaniqua
Leshaniqua Leshaniqua
8 Katy Loki Katy Loki Loki
Dusk Mane Necrozma Dusk Mane Necrozma
FF Lando Katy Brandon Katy Katy
Dusk Mane Necrozma Pauline
9 Brandon Dusk Mane Necrozma Pennywise Pauline Lando
Lando Lando
10 Pennywise Dusk Mane Necrozma Brandon Dusk Mane Necrozma Pauline
Brandon Pauline
FF Dusk Mane Necrozma Pennywise Brandon
Runner-Up: Pennywise (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Dusk Mane Necrozma (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Leshaniqua

Big Brother Trainwreck 74 - Dynamic DuosEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Dona Neves AHTATATATA OWMS The Love Below Menos
Menos Menos
2 The Love Below Dona Neves Speakerboxxx Mas Brianne
Brianne Brianne
3 Ribrianne Speakerboxxx Ribrianne Speakerboxxx Speakerboxxx
4 Ashton Ribrianne Ribrianne OWMS Dona Neves
Dona Neves Dona Neves
5 AHTATATATA Ribrianne Ribrianne Chiquinha Chiquinha
Vanck Vanck
Dona Neves Returns
6 John Dona Neves Ribrianne Dona Neves Ashton
Ribrianne Ashton
Jury Phase Begins
Ribrianne Ribrianne
7 Vanck Dona Neves OMWS Dona Neves John
8 Dona Neves OMWS Vanck OMWS OMWS
Vanck The Love Below
FF Mas Dona Neves The Love Below Dona Neves Dona Neves
Edward Vanck
9 The Love Below Vanck Vanck Edward Mas
Mas Mas
10 AHTATATATA Vanck The Love Below Vanck Vanck
The Love Below Edward
FF Edward The Love Below The Love Below
Runner-Up: Edward (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: AHTATATATA (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Ribrianne

Big Brother Trainwreck 75 - NemesisEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
Hiker David Is Chosen As America's Player.
Nemesis Twist: Three Pairs Of Nemesis Enter.
The Nemesis are Ed Edd n Eddy and The Kanker Sisters, Joe and Rebecca, Lauren and Patrick.
1 Hiker David Marli Creeper Marli Cuphead
Creeper Cuphead
2 Marli Hiker David Cole Hiker David Creeper
René Creeper
3 Joe Lauren Lauren Cole René
René René
4 Grimes Joe Lauren Joe Hiker David
Cole Hiker David
5 Wrinly Grimes Wrinkly Grimes Grimes
Patrick Patrick
Jury Phase Begins
6 Joe Lauren Wrinkly Lauren Lauren
The Kanker Sisters The Kanker Sisters
7 Cole Joe Cole Joe Ed, Edd n Eddy
Ed, Edd n Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy
8 Wrinkly Rebecca Cole Rebecca Patrick
Patrick Patrick
9 Marli The Kanker Sisters The Kanker Sisters Wrinkly Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca
FF Wrinkly Marli The Kanker Sisters Marli Marli
The Kanker Sisters Cole
10 Cole Joe Cole Joe Joe
Wrinkly Wrinkly
11 Cole The Kanker Sisters Wrinkly
Runner-Up: Cole LaBrant (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: The Kanker Sisters (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Rebecca Jane
America's Player
Hiker David
Week No. AP's Target For Nomination AP's PoV AP's Target For Eviction
1 Creeper - Cuphead
2 Creeper - Creeper
3 Rebecca x - René
4 Joe - -
Evicted, Week 4
Hiker David completed 6 of 9 tasks. He wins $10,000.

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