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Gen 1: Big Brother Trainwreck

Gen 2: Big Brother Trainwreck Gen 2

Big Brother Trainwreck 71 - 3.0Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Esteban Cabbage Spinner Cabbage Dre
Gal Dre
2 Serj Pedro Brooke Pedro Pedro
Panther Panther
3 Esteban Cabbage Sukhvinder Cabbage Nick
Nick Nick
4 Spinner Aunt Fanny Aunt Fanny Kyary Panther
Panther Panther
5 Serj Kyary Cuca Aunt Fanny Aunt Fanny
Spinner Spinner
Jury Phase Begins
6 Cabbage Cuca Serj Cuca Cuca
Esteban Esteban
FF Spinner Serj Gal Serj Kyary
Kyary Kyary
7 Cabbage Sukhvinder Sukhvinder Spinner Spinner
Esteban Esteban
8 Sukhvinder Serj Gal Serj Brooke
Cabbage Brooke
9 Cabbage Sukhvinder Sukhvinder Serj Esteban
Esteban Esteban
10 Serj Cabbage Serj Cabbage Sukhvinder
Sukhvinder Sukhvinder
11 Cabbage Gal Serj
Runner-Up: Gal Gadot (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: The Cabbage Merchant (Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Brooke Camhi

Big Brother Trainwreck 72Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Salad Bunny Salad Kim Lin-Manuel
Lin-Manuel Lin-Manuel
2 Kim Salad Tamatoa Lesharold Lesharold
Bunny Bunny
3 Johanna & Klara Jeor Simone Jeor Jeor
Shamir Shamir
4 Tamatoa Shamir Johanna & Klara Shamir Shamir
Simone Simone
Jury Phase Begins
5 Bunny Kim Kim Florida Congressman Florida Congressman
Salad Salad
6 Simone Tamatoa Kim Tamatoa Bojack Yellow
Johanna & Klara Bojack Yellow
7 Luigi Dab Johanna & Klara Tamatoa Johanna & Klara Bunny
Bunny Bunny
FF Johanna & Klara Luigi Dab Simone Luigi Dab Tamatoa
Simone Tamatoa
8 Salad Kim Luigi Dab Kim Kim
Luigi Dab Simone
9 Johanna & Klara Simone Salad Simone Luigi Dab
Luigi Dab Luigi Dab
10 Johanna & Klara Salad Simone
Runner-Up: Right In Front Of My Salad (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Johanna & Klara Soderberg (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Bojack Yellow

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