• Lindsay and Angie: Both are dumb blondes with big boobs.
  • Tyler and Mike Skupin: Both get hurt a lot.
  • DJ and Russell: Both are big black men on the crappy tribe.
  • Duncan and Malcolm: Both said a mean thing to the others (Duncan making fun of Harold and Malcolm calling Abi a dementor).
  • Beth and Denise: Both are short, have brown hair, and made it to the finals.
  • Cody and Carter: Both have dorky hair and did nothing in their respective seasons.
  • Staci and Abi-Maria: Both are clueless on how they annoy people.
  • Leshawna and Roxy vaseepeea: Both are black.
  • Ezekiel and Zane: Both are rednecks and the first person voted out.
  • Owen and Penner: Both have moobs.
  • Sierra and Dawson: Both are obsessed with the host.
  • Eva and Dana: Both are masculine females whose names end with A.
  • Cameron and Katie: Both exist.
  • Owen and Billy Garcia: Both were obese and liked women with hair and whose names had the letter I in them.
  • Duncan and Brandon Hantz: Both have not allowed a gentleman to suck their penis.
  • Chef Hatchet and Denise Martin: Both can cook and are very sexy.

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