Total Drama: The MoonEdit

Katya - The Deadly Pathogen Lover
Moon - The Unusual Hat Fanatic
Doo - The Easily Injured Timid Daredevil
Natalay - The Komodo Dragon Caretaker
Ryanne - The Cutthroat Strategy Expert
Jaymi - The Wannabe Plastic Surgeon
Misty - The Socially Exclusive Waterbender
Nadiya - The Caucasian Starbucks Employee
Emma - The Aggressive Tree-Planting Militant
Michelle - The Vehemently Loud Penguin Whisperer

Zoltan - The Borderline Insane Electrician
Nico - The Panda Cosplayer
John - The Obsessive Rhymer
Adam - The Homeless
Jet - The Quirky Animal Rights Activist
Yung - The Masterful Calligraphy Student
Morgan - The ESFJ Dolphin Trainer
Q.J. - The Awkward Aspiring Rapper
Eli - The Aggro Tae Kwon Do Sensei
George - The Dedicated Psychoanalysis Student

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