What is your Fan Characters Name? Dave "Chappy" Chapman
What Series Are They From: Total Drama
Any Pictures of Them? If Not a good description - insert Chappy picture here. Old, gray hair, wrinkly, short, Santa-ish.
Tell Me About Their Personality - I guess you could say he's a pretty nice guy. Extremely old, and as a result, quite boring. Talks about science and geology frequently. Pretty wise for an old guy, though, and looks like Santa. Often goes on long tangents about trivial things. In charge of The Whale Club, which is devoted to oceanography, and that's his main interest.
Sum Up The Character In 1-2 Words - Boring Lecturer
What Types of People would They Side with? - Smart people who know how to play the game well.
What Types of People would They Avoid? - Troublemakers, not really much.
How do they handle Physically? - Well, he's old (60s), and not in the greatest shape, but not completely in athletic.
 How Smart Are They? Game Smart and Book Smart? - Very, very book smart. Pretty game smart, but goes on his tangents frequently. Knows how to make friends, though.
IF they make the Family Challenge who do you want to come? (Can be another FC from that world) - Roz (Total Drama as well), his best friend who's a teenage girl who stalks him.
IF they make the Jury/Finals what do you want their outfit to be? (Cannot be same as normal) The blue shirt and slacks in his picture. His camp outfit would be a very dark navy t-shirt with khakis.
What Type of Game would they Play? - Kind of MOR/UTR even, but a little crazy. Tarzan, with different types of eccentricities.
Any Interesting Facts or Quirks your character has that would make them interesting? - Yes, he once went to jail (but didn't really, was only spending the night during a snowstorm) and doesn't really teach his kids or know how to hold a conversation for a while.
Can You Give Me A Sample on how they talk so I can write for them better? - Formal, like "Yes, I do believe" blah blah. His tangents should seem like professor-type.
(OPTIONAL) What Edgic Rating do you think suits them? - MORP/CPM.

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