18th. Joaquin (White Collar) - So and Joaquin pick deceit, but So shares the clue with everyone and throws him under the bus. Joaquin is voted out 5-1 for being untrustworthy. 

17th. Vince (No Collar) - Same events.

16th. Will (No Collar) - Jenn/Joe/Hali realize that if Will was able to flip on Nina/Vince, he could do the same to them. Similar events in the episode, but they side with Nina and keep her for challenge strength.

15th. Rodney (Blue Collar) - Mike/Kelly/Dan flip to Lindsey/Sierra. Similar events, but a 5-1 vote for Rodney.

~ Swap ~

NuEscameca: Dan, So, Joe, Mike, Lindsey, Sierra, Tyler
NuNagarote: Carolyn, Hali, Jenn, Kelly, Max, Shirin, Nina

14th. Max (Nagarote) - Same events.

13th. Sierra (Escameca) - Challenge is thrown by Mike/Lindsey/Sierra to save Kelly. Joe flips.

~ Merge~

Merica: So, Joe, Mike, Lindsey, Dan, Tyler, Carolyn, Hali, Jenn, Kelly, Shirin, Nina

12th. Kelly - WC sans Shirin + Blue Collar side together to vote for Jenn, who plays her idol. 7*-5

11th. Dan - Even though Dan is still in the majority, his sexist comments cause the girls (with the exception of Nina, who stays true to Joe) to band together and vote him out 6-3-2.

10th. Nina - The original target was Joe, but he won immunity.

9th. Hali - Mike finds the idol.

8th. Shirin - Jenn isolates herself from the game. Lindsey realizes her alliance is her and three White Collars. She flips to Mike after he gives her the whole #bluepower spiel. Shirin goes 4-3-1, with Jenn throwing her vote (and not before she gives a powerful, moving backstory that ensures her spot on the next season!).

7th. Tyler - Mama C Miss Carolyn plays her idol and gets rid of him 4*-2-1.

6th. Lindsey - Jenn decides it's time to rejoin the game. The entire ep is So/Carolyn and Mike/Joe/Lindsey trying to get her on their side. Joe bonds with Jenn, and she seems to be on their side. However, at Tribal Council, So/Carolyn make a strong case against them, and Jenn flips back. Lindsey is rocked out.

5th. Joe - Mike wins immunity, Joe is picked off.

4th. Carolyn - So pulls off the immunity win, Jenn flips to Mike because she's bitter Joe left (she tried to argue against that). Carolyn loses the firemaking tiebreaker.

~ Final Tribal Council ~ 

3rd. Jenn - Receives the votes of Hali

2nd. Mike - Receives the votes of Dan & Shirin 

1st. So - Receives the votes of Tyler, Lindsey, Joe, Nina & Carolyn

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