Total Drama: Boney Island
Placing Team Contestant 1 2
ReallyLongName Jo Lightning Dakota
ReallyLongName Dawn Lightning Dakota
ReallyLongName Brick Lightning Dakota
ReallyLongName Cameron Lightning Dakota
Amazing Zombies Scarlett WIN WIN
Amazing Zombies Jasmine WIN WIN
Amazing Zombies Sky WIN WIN
Amazing Zombies Dave WIN WIN
Amazing Zombies Shawn WIN WIN
Amazing Zombies Max WIN WIN
Screaming Bass Gwen Trent WIN
Screaming Bass Heather Trent WIN
Screaming Bass Eva Owen WIN
Screaming Bass Owen Eva WIN
Screaming Bass Duncan Trent WIN
ReallyLongName Dakota Jo Jo
ReallyLongName Lightning Cameron
Screaming Bass Trent Eva
BI 1st Place
BI 2nd Place
BI 3rd Place

For this canon, Total Drama All Stars never happened (considering it wasn't really even all stars ANYWAY). After TDPahkitew Island, a Celebrity Manhunt special occured and the casts of Total Drama Island, Revenge of the Island, and Pahkitew Island returned to talk about the show. At the end, Chris proposed a million dollar prize to anyone who could locate the old campsite of Pahkitew Island. Of the 51 contestants remaining, only 18 managed to get onto the boat heading to Pahkitew Island. The boat arrived, and Chris announced that the prize was tied, and that the winners would have to duel to get it. The eighteen players would compete for one million dollars again in season six -- Total Drama: Boney Island.

Game/Elimination Summaries:

For this season, a twist would send people voted out to Boney Island. They would compete to stay in the game. Every duel, 3 people fight to win. One person is eliminated. At the merge of teams, one person returns and the duels begin again. At the final four, another person returns and makes the final five.

Episode One Part One: It just so happened that the 18 players hailed from all 3 seasons. 6 from each remained, and were divided as such. They got to name their teams. Team AmazingZombies was formed of Shawn, Jasmine, Sky, Dave, Scarlett, and Max. Team ReaaaaaalllyyyyLongName was formed of Brick, Dawn, Dakota, Lightning, Jo, and Cameron. Team Screaming Bass was formed of Gwen, Heather, Eva, Trent, Duncan, and Owen.

Episode One Part Two: The first challenge is to locate three keys buried in the sand and use the keys to unlock a safe at the top of a mountain. Inside of the safe is a parachute, which must be used to parachute safely down to the target below and win immunity. Only team can win, the other two will vote someone out to begin the Boney Island duels. Team Amazing Zombies won the challenge with Screaming Bass coming in a close second.

On ReallyLongName, Dawn bonds with Cameron and Brick. Brick, who was already bonded with Jo pre-game, decide that working with Dawn and Cameron is a good idea. They work to vote out Lightning for being annoying and bragging about his sporty qualities.

On Screaming Bass, Heather, Gwen, and Duncan take it upon themselves to vote out Trent. Because of the Gwen/Duncan relationship, Trent being there was too awkward.

Trent and Lightning are voted out. Trent went out first, Lightning second.

Episode Two: The challenge is to complete a list of dares determined by Blaineley and Josh during a Celebrity Manhunt aftermath. The winning team is the Screaming Bass. The Amazing Zombies come in second place. At the elimination, Dakota is voted out.

Episode Three: The duel between Trent, Lightning, and Dakota is to locate 3 golden tokens buried in the sand. Once three are delivered to a stand, the person wins the duel. The last person to do it loses.

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