• at the hospital*

doctor: u have genital herpes lol

dra: *you

doctor: you have gen--

dra: nooo

sg: same

ohf: o

avery: shrug

doctor: i recomend lots of sleep

ohf: lol sleep <3 cute 

dyna: wats sleep

dra: i dnt sleep?

mika: sleep with avery 0.0 

sg: t

sunny: b

ck: h!

everyone: rofl

part 2 cuming soon

part to is here.

  • in the apartment*

ashley: pasta 5 every1

nate: pasta is so women

toad: do u even kno??

nate: kno wat

toad: idk

dylan: weres dra and his genital herps lol

je: brb adding to the penis collection

space: o

jax: *jams out to britney spears*

jax: dra is home!

dra: *cums on in*

dra: the tests cum back positive !

everyone: *gasp*

ck: #stopbullying2015

mika: stfu

ck: ur gay af

mika: o

ck: #stopbullying2016

avery: same

part 3 is on the way

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