• Adler - Our Director Who Tends To Be Pretty Chill But Didn't Show Up Literally The Night Of Our Final Dress Rehearsal Because She Was Hospitalized
  • Mr. Frey - The Large Rectangular New Tech Director Who Is Afraid Of High Schoolers And Kind Of A Dork But Also Really Sweet
  • Ms. Schuster - The Main Costume Designer/Person Who Missed Like An Entire Week Of The Show Because Her Mom Died So Costumes Were Really Behind
  • Jilli - Our Goddess Choreographer For The Spring Shows Who Choreographed Some Fights For This
  • Ms. Cap - The Chill Theater Manager And Former Golf Coach Who Was Mostly Invisible This Year Sadly But Showed Up On Show Dates And Reported That We Had Huge Lines
  • Ms. Giammalvo - The New Main Parent Leader For Our Shows Whose Name I Will Never Be Able To Spell Right
  • Don Zolidis - The Writer For Our Show Who Has A Twitter And Now Follows One Of The Cast Members


  • Efe - This Chill Sophomore Who Did A Pretty Great Job And Had A Lot Of Funny Lines And Was Onstage The Entire Time On Account Of Her Role
  • Carolyn B. - A Pretty Great Friend Of Mine Who's Very Gay And Probably Like The Best Actress In Our School But Didn't Really Get To Show It Off Here
  • Romeil - This Super Talented Guy Who Will Probably Be The Prince In Our Spring Show But For The Moment Kind Of Comes Off As Weird (But Funny)
  • Caitie - Our Director's Middle Daughter Who Can Be Distant From Me And Likes To Have Personal Conversations Next To Me In My German Class
  • Shane - This Kind Of Weird Sophomore Who Is Funny But Likes To Draw Attention To Himself And Whose Mom Apparently Sucks And Hates That He Does Theatre
  • Taylor 11 - A Super Smart Girl With A Lot Of Acting Presence Who Can Be Kind Of Pissy And Alienating But Mostly Not
  • JP - This Sometimes-Chill Lacrosse Player Who Also Gets Douchey And Pissy And Is Hopelessly Stupid And Can't Really Act
  • Bethany - This Girl I'm Kinda Friends With Who Is CONVINCED She Will Get Ariel In Our Spring Show And Is In Love With The Coolest Guy I've Ever Met
  • Carter - The 6'3 Extremely Gay Black Man Who Is CONVINCED He Will Get Ursula In Our Spring Show
  • Danni - My Fave Who Served As Fight Captain This Show And Pissed Everyone Off Because We Had To Run Fights Pre-Show
  • Carolyn I. - Another Chill Sophomore Who Just Seems Really Decent And Played Good Roles
  • James - A Junior
  • Maggie - One Of The Two Extremely Amazingly Talented Freshmen Who Will Hopefully Not Stop Doing Theatre
  • Lucy - The Other One; They Were Really Good Together
  • Taylor 9 - A Tiny Girl Who Was Alright As A Freshman But I Mean She Could Still Get Better
  • Alex T - A Guy Who My Opinion Of Will Probably Increase When He Does Really Well This Spring But For Now He Always Seems Kinda Douchey
  • Hayley - Our Director's Youngest Daughter Who Really Enjoys Memes And JP
  • Jade - A Senior Who Is Universally Pissy And Overdramatic And Hard To Work With And Also A Black Conservative


  • Maggie - Our Stage Manager Who Did A Pretty Alright Job But Was Really Quiet And Not Super Nice And Is A Total White Feminist
  • Ariel - A Pretty Reserved Sophomore Who Is A Math Wizard
  • Adrianne - A Girl In My Speech Class Who Is Seemingly One Of The Few People The ART Squad Do Not In Some Way Dislike
  • Alex W - My Best Friend Who Is Really Into Sports And Acts Like A Freshman Sometimes But Did Really Well As Lights Person
  • Dmytro - A Nice Ukrainian Kid Who Likes A Lot Of The Same Music I Do And Really Gets Me But Also Thinks Eminem Is The Greatest Rapper
  • Ethan - Alex/Dmyt's Friend Who Seems Kinda Midtempo And Reserved But Was Nice Enough To Me
  • Patrick - This Cute Guy In My Stats Class Who Overtook The Role Of Queen Carpenter And Is Apparently A Huge Fuckboy
  • Ellie - Who
  • Ze'ev - This Guy Whose Face Resembles Ethan's I Think
  • Marjie - This Girl In My German Class Who Like Never Does Anything
  • Kaitlyn - The Main Scenery/Artist Person Who Is A Tech Mainstay And Seems Pretty Great And Respectable
  • Jane - A Twin
  • Kate J. - This Kid Whose Brother I Used To Be Friends With
  • Kate G. - The Daughter Of The Main Parent Person Who I Never Met
  • Daniela - The Chill Venezuelan Artist Girl Who Can Also Be Tremendously Awkward But In A Good Way
  • Amy - This Girl I Met Once Or Twice Who Was Nice To Me
  • Caroline - The Extremely Smart Girlfriend Of Our Former Stage Manager Who Can Be Super Witty
  • Faateh - A Moderately Chill Guy Who Worked On Sound
  • Bailey - The Only It's Ac Person I've Met Who's Ever Also Done Theatre But Seemed To Really Not Like Doing It
  • Griffin - A Guy In My German Class Who Is Really Into Politics And Makes Funny Vines About Being White
  • Sophia - Jane's Twin
  • Cecilia - This Girl Who's Really Good At Makeup I Think
  • Jamie - A Girl In My Stats Class Who Kinda Patronizes Me But Is Chill And Really Likes Danni--She Ended Up Working Costumes Because They Didn't Really Have Enough
  • Alison - Who
  • Isabel - This Tiny Girl Who Plays Piano And Seemed Eternally Bitter She Didn't Get Assigned To Anything But Production Duties In The Entire Show

Costume/Makeup PeopleEdit

  • Annie - The Eternally-Stressed Main Costume Person Who Can Be Really Shy But Is Pretty Nice And A Friend Of Most Of My Female Friends
  • Danielle - A Usually Silent Possibly-ESL Kid Who Knew The Basics Of Costumes And Actually Helped Me Without Seeming Mad Once
  • Alice - This Girl Who Legit Knew Nothing About Costumes And Pretty Much Admitted It To Anyone Asking For Help
  • Kate - The Main Makeup Girl Who Is Apparently In Some Controversial Relationship But Seems Chill Enough
  • Maddie - An Eternally Nervous Girl In A Lot Of My Classes Who Is Really Nice Though

Alumni/People Who Showed UpEdit

  • Praharsh - Bethany's Amazing Boyfriend Who Hugged Me Like 5 Times
  • Conor - The Legend Who Showed Up To Help With Strike Who I Snagged A Selfie With
  • Bill - Our God Former Tech Director Who Is Still Amazing And Who I Got To Hug
  • Sydney - My Real Theatre Mom Who Only Showed Up One Day But Was Really Nice
  • Dorothy - No
  • Jo - My Dad's Theatre Friend From The Summer In Her 20s Who Showed Up Despite Living Like 50 Miles Away With Her Chill Friend Miles

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