It's that time of year again ayyyy

Adults/Staff Edit

  • Ms. Adler - Our Pretty Great Theatre Director Who Just Hit 25 Years Of Being Here And Is Pretty Great At Everything
  • Kat - The Superyoung Interim Tech Director Who Used To Go Here And Is Generally Great At Tech (But Is Leaving To Get Her Masters)
  • Mr. Frey - Our Future Tech Director Who Is Mildly G.odly And Is Super Young And Fairly Ugly But Totally Knows His Shit
  • Ms. Schuster - Kat's Mother Who Runs Costumes And Is Really Good At That Stuff
  • Ms. Cap - The New Manager Of Our School's Big-Ass Major-Ass Theater Who Coaches Golf And Was My Freshman Health Teacher And Is A Really Nice Person
  • Jilli - Our Chill Choreographer Who Had A Huge String Of Bad Luck This Show Including Her Entire House Getting Flooded
  • Ms. Deb Moody - The Awful Nepotistic Shrill Cheesy Music Director Who Is The Only Bad Part About Our School's Theatre Program
  • Jayne Kaiser - A Mother Who Helps With Like Everything
  • Henry Lefkowitz - The Guy Who Made The Facebook Invite For The Show (#Legendary Rock On Dad)

Cast Edit

Named RolesEdit

  • Jewel - A Girl Who Has Like 8000 Jobs And Takes Everything School-Related Annoyingly Seriously But Seems Chill Sometimes; Probably The Weakest Out Of Anyone With A Lead Role
  • Sydney H. - A Really Great Senior Girl I've Known For Like Ages And Have Worked With Regularly And Who Has Always Been Nice To Me
  • Taylor - The Best Theatre Friend Of Alex T And Really Pretty Nice To Me But Her Personality Varies A Lot; She's Super Great At Acting That's For Sure
  • Rachel S. - A Girl Who Is Insanely Musically Talented And Pretty But Got Into Some Giant Drama With Other Cast People About Shit And Now Nobody Likes Her
  • Sarabi - An Extremely Great Actress Who I've Known For A Long Time And Is Pretty Nice To Me
  • Philip - A Really Loud And Hyperactive Guy Who I Didn't Like Last Year But Who Happened To Be A Perfect Fit For A Lead In This And Seemed Really Nice And Genuine The Entire Production (And Also Made A Great Lead)
  • Charlie - The Really Toned Short Guy Who Is A Great Comedic Actor But Had To Be Forced To Audition For The Last Few Shows Since He's Not Super Huge On Theatre
  • Alex T - A Sometimes-Annoying But Incredibly Genuine Dude Who I Love And Who Was Amazing This Show
  • Conor Shasdfghjkl - This Bulky Asian Quarterback Who Is Kind Of An Asshole And My Dad And I Love Fucking Up The Pronunciation Of His Last Name
  • Jordan - This Incredibly Talented Music Wizard And Rubik's Cube Wizard Who Plays 5000 Instruments And Can Solve A Cube Blindfolded But Is Super Shy
  • Jacob - The Quintessential Boring But Really Nice Dude Who Almost Got Cast As Ensemble In This Show Despite Being In 6 Other Shows
  • Caitie - Ms. Adler's Daughter Who I Help Out In Compsci All The Time
  • Kike - A Girl Whose Name Is Not Pronounced Like The Jewish Slur And That's All I Know About Her
  • Juliana - This Dance-Obsessed Girl Who Has Always Been Showoffy About Everything But Is Super Hot And Tall
  • Ryan - A Guy Who Is A Pretty Great Actor And An Asshole To A Lot Of People But Not Me Thankfully Since I've Known Him For A Long Time
  • Dorothy - The Girl Who Single-Handedly Ruins Everything.
  • Carolyn B. - The Actual Lead (Idk Why Her Name Is Down This Far In The Program) Who Is Super Gay And Super Great At Acting And Singing And In General Carries A Huge Presence And Is Really Chill
  • Bethany - A Girl Who Likes All The TypicalSGBands And Is The Girlfriend Of One Of The Chillest Most Adorable Guys I Know

Ensemble Edit

  • Abby - A Girl I Never Actually Met But Who Was Tall I Think
  • Adam - This Guy In My Precalc And Chem Classes Who Is Very Nerdy And Often Condescending And Also Sang An Octave Lower Than He Was Supposed To The Entire Show Process And Never Got Caught
  • Amy - A Girl I Barely Know Who Does Dance And Stuff
  • Avery - This Asian Freshman Guy Who Was Kind Of Nerdy And Seemed Chill Enough
  • Carlita - A Freshman Girl Who Is Kind Of Irritating
  • Carolyn I. - A Really Tall Freshman Girl Who Seems Nice And Is Really Snarky A Lot
  • Cecilia - Another Freshman Girl Who Is The Sister Of A Girl Who Graduated Last Year And Looks Identical To Her (And Also Did Dudes' Makeup And Was Great At That So Thanks)
  • Chania - A Chill Black Girl In My Theatre Class Who Is Kind Of Quiet
  • Dmyt - My Freshman Friend Who Loves Punk And Actually Got Me To Do Cool Things With People
  • Efe - A Freshman Girl I Never Talked To Who Seems Chill
  • Erika - This Cute Girl With A Bunch Of Piercings Who Was My Dance Partner For One Thing And Was Nice About It At Least
  • Faateh - This Guy I Was Unable To Have Positive Communication With And Also Sang An Octave Lower Than He Was Supposed To The Entire Show Process And Never Got Caught
  • Hayley - Ms. Adler's Freshman Daughter Who Was Really Nice To Me In The Fall Show But Randomly Disappeared From Me Here :/
  • Isabel - A Girl Who Loves Horses And Plays Piano And Violin And Is 4'11 And I Used To Have A Crush On Her But Not Really Now
  • James - Who Is This ????
  • John W. - A Black Freshman Kid Who Unironically Loves B.o.B.'s HeadBand But Seems Nice Even If He's Kind Of An Outsider To Theatre
  • JP - Fuck This Fuckboy In His Fucking Lacrosse-Playing Face. Asshole. Total Asshole. Ruined Everything.
  • Kareem - A Chill Freshman Guy I Went To Middle School With Who Does Weird Shit All The Time And Still Loves Frozen In 2015
  • Katie - The Other Person I Never Met But Who Was Tall I Think
  • Lindsay - This Blonde Girl In My Grade Who Does Dance And Is A Huge Friend Of This Girl I Only Became Friends With Through Gym Last Year
  • Luke - A Guy In A Couple Of My Classes Who's Nice Enough And Hangs Out With All These Popular People Most Of The Time
  • Maddy H. - A Girl In A Few Classes Of Mine Who Is Really Talented At Piano But Always Seems Like A Nervous Wreck When I Talk To Her
  • Melissa - A Freshman Girl Whose Face I Kept Confusing For Lindsay's
  • Paige - A Senior Who Thought I Was Related To This Girl Who Used To Go Here With The Last Name Lefkowitz
  • Parker - One Of The Only Junior Guys, Who I Thought Was Nice But A Lot Of People Think He's A Douche And Also He Flirted With Like 8 Girls During Rehearsals (Contrary To His Name, Not A Douchey White Boy)
  • Praharsh - The Chill Adorable Boyfriend Of Bethany Who Plays Guitar And Loves Traditional Rock And Is Primarily Queen Carpenter And Gives Great Hugs And Looks Great In A Dress
  • PJ - A Freshman Girl Who Sucks.
  • Romeil - This Freshman I Went To Middle School With Who Is Obscene And Kind Of Uncomfortable To Be Around, But He Really Knows His Shit Theatre-Wise And I Feel Like Eventually I'll Tolerate Him More
  • Sana - This Chill Girl In My Theatre Class Who's Friends With Chania
  • Solomia - Ryan's Incredibly Long-Term Girlfriend Who Got Me Sent To The Office In December And Basically Caused All This Drama That Led To Some Weird Rift Between A Bunch Of The Seniors In The "Named Roles" Section
  • Sydney M. - Some Tall Girl In A Few Classes Of Mine Who My Insane English Teacher Nicknamed "Big Mac"
  • Tiara - A Black Girl I Went To Middle School With I Think
  • Vanessa - An Extremely Tall Black Girl I Also Went To Middle School With


  • Sabrina - Our Incredibly Nice Stage Manager Who Often Gets Stressed But Is Seriously A Role Model In Life Because She's So Polite And Never Yells Or Swears At All
  • Tori - A Blind Girl In My Theatre Class Who Is Incredibly Snarky And Kind Of Bitter About Everything (And Jewish)
  • Kylah - An Assistant Stage Manager I Used To Hate But Who I Realize Was Always Just Doing Her Job
  • Maggie Lewis - Next Year's Stage Manager Who Seems Like A Funny Person And Is Really Feminist On Twitter
  • Bridget - Some Junior I've Never Really Met
  • Jackie - The Head Of Lights Who Isn't Very Experienced But Was Really Nice When We Were On Lights Together Last Year
  • Yada - Who
  • Mariam - Who
  • Pernell - A Guy I Did A Great Scene With In My Theatre Class Last Year Who Is Really Nice And Who I'm Sad Will Be Graduating
  • Zoe - This Snarky Chill Girl In My Theatre Class
  • Gabby - A Girl I Went To Elementary And Middle School With Who Recently Broke Down Crying Over Zayn Leaving One Direction
  • Andrea - A Girl In My Gov Class With A Really High-Pitched Voice
  • Conoooooooor Kaczmarek - Farewell, You Beautiful Not-Bastard
  • Nick Jones - The Guy Named Nick Jones
  • Louie - A Super Hyperactive Junior Guy With A Really Long Full Name Who Likes To Mess With People All The Time (Including Me) (Frequently)
  • Patrick - A Universal Fuckboy
  • Isaiah - A Guy I Played The Trumpet With IN Middle School
  • Maddy D. - Head Of Set Design Who Is The Lead Singer Of This Band Which Includes Praharsh
  • Katie C. - A Girl Who Did Tech For My First Show As A Freshman And Didn't Come Back Until This Show
  • Kaitlyn - A Girl Whose Face I Always Thought Was Maddy's Incorrectly
  • Kate G. - Who
  • Natalie - Who
  • Daniela - A Girl From Venezuela Who I'm Mildly Friends With And Who Loves Anime And Drawing Stuff
  • Kate J. - A Girl Whose Brother Was My Best Friend In Like Elementary School And Who Is Super Nice To Me
  • Jane - Some Freshman
  • Mi'Kayla - A Loud Person I Don't Really Know
  • Katie V. - A Girl Who I Mostly Remember From Sitting Near During My First Show When I Was On Lights. She Had A Nice Face
  • Stella - Stella's A Cool Name
  • Caroline B. - This Really Smart Girl In A Bunch Of My Classes
  • Jon - A Guy I Became Friends With In The Fall Show Who Is Nerdy As Hell And Has A Giant Jewfro That My Dad Says Makes Him Look Like Art Garfunkel
  • Rachel C. - The Props Head Who Used To Live In Italy And Aides My German Class
  • Sophia - Some Freshman
  • Stephanie - A Friend of Sydney And Sarabi's Who I Only Met Like Last Week
  • Elise - The Daughter Of My Dad's Therapist Who Also Sees Me On Occasion
  • Jennifer - A Girl Who I Think Is The Boyfriend Of This Chill Guy In My Chem Class And Who Dances With Him
  • Griffin - A Guy In My German Class Who Is Super Friends With Rachel C. And Will Be Props Head Next Year Apparently, Good For Him Cool
  • Maggie Loughlin - A Girl I've Never Met Who Apparently Plays Piano
  • Ashleigh - This Substantially Irritating Girl Who Was In My English Class Last Year And Just Constantly Ribbed On Me. Not Fun.
  • Ariel - This Really Smart Freshman Who Does Programs Super Efficiently
  • Nate - A Chill Guy Who Is On Track To Be In Eight Shows Here Which Seems Out Of Place But Whatever
  • Catherine - Who

Makeup PeopleEdit

  • Hadley - The Co-Makeup Chief Who Seems Nice
  • John B. - A Half-Asian Guy Who Did My Makeup And Was Actually Really Good At It Thanks
  • Tiffany - A Girl I Don't Know Whose Last Name Is Dang
  • Nilu - This Girl I See Walking Out Of The APUSH Class That's Sometimes Before My Gov Class A Lot
  • Jenny - A Freshman I Don't Know
  • Caroline T. - This Cute Girl In My Theatre Class Who Is The Girlfriend Of The Other Cute Girl In My Theatre Class
  • Kate L. - A Girl I'm Following On Twitter Even Though I've Never Met Her In Real Life

Costume PeopleEdit

  • Jazmyne - The Main Costume Person Whose Full Name Is "Jazmyne Janai Craig"; She Is Completely White, I Don't Get It, But That's Kind Of Unfair She's Really Super Good At Costumes
  • Annie - A Girl I Totally Shafted When We Gave Gifts To People The Last Week Of The Show, I'm Really Sorry And Got You Something Later At Least Please Forgive Me :(
  • Antanazia - Who
  • Alisha - Who
  • Jisha - Who
  • Danni - The Greatest
  • Woudese - Who
  • Grace - Who


  • Ms. Hammer - Our Super Efficient Piano Accompanist Who My Senior Friends Dislike For Some Reason
  • Marina - A Girl I've Done Summer Theatre With Before Who Still Says Hi To Me And Is Super Good At Flute And Drawing
  • Leah - A Girl Who Is In This Band With Maddy And Praharsh And Is Super Good At Instruments
  • Alex W. - My Chill Friend With Horrible Taste In Comedy Who Became A Pro At Bass In Like The Last Five Months


  • Ahmed - Former Sound Guy Who Showed Up And Hugged Me A Lot And I Still Love Him
  • Bill - Former G.odly Tech Director Who Now Works In Pennsylvania And Still Looks Like Walter White And Still Gets The Love And Affection Of Everyone
  • Em - The Young Adult-Aged Daughter Of Ms. Adler Who Showed Up And Actually Said Something To Me Which Was Cool

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