The East/West Bowl is an annual college football bowl game played since January 1994. One of the last games of the college football season, it matches up exceptional players from Eastern schools against outstanding players from Western schools (although where exactly the line between East and West is drawn has been disputed, and has led to controversy). It has always been hosted on the second Friday in January. Traditionally, the East team wears red while the West wears blue. Originally the bowl had no sponsor, but since 1996 the game has been sponsored by the Daniel R. Smith Foundation. Since its inception, the East has only won the game twice--in its inaugural season and in 1997, both very close games. Otherwise the West has dominated.

Dave Stassen and Jeff Worthing have commentated all games since 1994.

While not a very prestigious bowl and usually considered a fun end-of-the-season exhibition game, the game still has an MVP award, won by various players over the years.

Game results Edit

Date Played Winning Team Score Losing Team Score MVP
January 11, 1994 East 20 West 3 East WR Carson McCatchicorp (Purdue)
January 13, 1995 West 10 East 0 West QB Gladitz Skatordwois (Oregon State University)
January 12, 1996 West 15 East 3 West DE Kasshi Gorafaballa (USC)
January 10, 1997 East 49 West 24 East RB Jeffrey Mayfirstnineteenseventyfive (California University of Pennsylvania)
January 9, 1998 West 27 East 3 West QB Cologne Sharpiemark (Texas A&M)
January 8, 1999 West 35 East 6 West TE Festerzee Ecstasy (Arizona Western College)
January 14, 2000 West 41 East 21 West RB Apollo JJ Spesperspensson (North Dakota State University)
January 12, 2001 West 55 East 17 West LT Spoose Jickleford Jr. (University of Nevada Reno)
January 11, 2002 West 60 East 27 West QB Shatmurica Patrego (New Mexico State University)
January 10, 2003 West 63 East 9 West K Juliana Espinoza Realize (Porterville College)
January 9, 2004 West 69 East 3 West LB Chicken Plus Plus (University of Oklahoma)
January 14, 2005 West 74 East 0 West FS Prestipond Gummi-Baer (Rice University)
January 13, 2006 West 80 East 2 West RB Chesbro Netscape (University of Wyoming)
January 12, 2007 West 89 East 0 West RG Skittlerib Bebdebebdebeb (Caltech)
January 11, 2008 West 92 East 3 West C Cartoon Singular (USC)

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