The Challenge: Battle Of The SeasonsEdit


Cast Description cuz yoloEdit

Cara Maria- Underdog weird girl

Brandon- Boring nice guy

Eric- MOR guy

Camila- Crazy brazillian girl

Zach- Musclehead douche

Frank- Annoying self-righteous asshole

Ashley- genericblonde

Sam- Lesbian g.oddess

Dustin- Kinda boring guy with an..interesting past

Trishelle- CPN Old lady

Alton- Douchey middle-aged guy

Nanyp G.oddess

Jonna- Lovestruck ditsy girl

Jasmine- Psycho

CJ- genericmodel

Derek- Boring guy

Robb- Boring-ish Ginger

Marie- Trainwreck

Trey- Strategist

Laura- genericgirl

Knight- Asshole

Preston- Weak guy

Jemmye- Other crazy south american girl

McKenzie- genericblonde

Danny- Crochety asshole (yes, there are a lot of these)

Melinda- generic blonde

Wes- CPM guy that goes far in like every season except this one

Lacey- genericgirl

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