Randomized WhiteEdit

Badges: 3

Deaths: 8

Current Location: Route 4


  1. Godzilla (Armaldo)- Lv.2-5 (Route 1-Route 2)
  2. VEEDUS (Paras)- Lv. 9 (Dreamyard-Route 3)
  3. Respire (Zigzagoon)- Lv.8-14 (Wellspring Cave-Pinwheel Forest)]
  4. Darian (Bellsprout)- Lv.10-16 (Pinwheel Forest- Nacrene Gym)
  5. JakeR (Piloswine)- Lv.15-18 (Pinwheel Forest interior-Pinwheel Forest interior)
  6. Reggie (Dustox)- Lv.12-19- (Wellspring Cave-Castelia Gym)
  7. TreeTrunks (Axew)- Lv.5-Lv.20- (Nuvema Town-Castelia Gym)
  8. Debbie (Ninetails)- Lv.10-20 (Route 2-Route 4)

Randomized Heart GoldEdit

Badges: 1

Deaths: 0




  1. Felicity (Bellsprout)- Lv.11.- Vine Whip, Growth Wrap
  2. Iggy Iggy (Dodrio)- Lv.13- Peck, Growl, Rage,Quick Attack 
  3. Obama (Swablu)- Lv.7- Astonish, Peck, Growl
  4. Gambae (Stunky)- Lv.8- Poison Gas, Scratch, Sonic Boom, Screech

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