Total Drama IslandEdit

Teams are the same.

The first challenge is cooking, Eva bosses all the guys on her team around, and gets voted out 10-1.

Next challenge is hide and seek. Ezekiel goes home for some reason I don't remember.

Next challenge was wrestling. Geoff goes home for being bad in challenges (despite having Katie/Sadie on his team idk what I was smoking when I made this)

Then there was a quiz show. Katie got sent home for being annoying

Then there was a team swap, and I have no clue what the teams were. Noah went home for some reason (robbed g.oddess </3)

There was a boot camp challene, and Trent got sent home for losing.

Then there was a double elimination. Courtney got sent home for being a bich, and Beth went for a reason i can't remember.

Leshawna got voted out for some reason.

Then Leshawna and Geoff returned. Leshawna was voted out again like right after. 

Then I remembere this challenge where Izzy got handcuffed to Sadie and they fell off a waterfall. Sadie was bitter and got people to vote Izzy off. Geoff then got voted out again.

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