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=-= maybe is now known as Guest19808
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=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Thinkingofachar by EpicProbst
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Thinking| by EpicProbst
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|<-- SilvioSantos has left freenode (Client Quit)
-->| forg (4454f3a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
forg hellu?
-->| thinking_of_a_ch (440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
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=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v thinking_of_a_ch by EpicProbst
-->| ChrisTheSmartGuy (bb36a806@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
forg i am the forg
forg i won a hungre gam
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v ChrisTheSmartGuy by EpicProbst
ChrisTheSmartGuy Good night, friends. My name is Christopher Lewis.
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am the smart guy.
forg no i am
forg i won a hrunr gam
ChrisTheSmartGuy We both can be.
forg : D
forg k
=-= thinking_of_a_ch is now known as magic_carpet
magic_carpet hellu!!!!!!!
forg hellu
-->| think (268c46fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
ChrisTheSmartGuy Hello, Magic Carpet.
magic_carpet hellu!!!!!!!!!
forg is a cerp
magic_carpet * i flutter aronund *
forg aronund
magic_carpet ye aroundnu!
ChrisTheSmartGuy So... My oponets are...
ChrisTheSmartGuy A forg.
magic_carpet do u not no englehs!
ChrisTheSmartGuy And a Magic Carpet.
forg F O R G
ChrisTheSmartGuy I liked it.
ChrisTheSmartGuy You both seems pretty smart.
magic_carpet i am v smart!
-->| TroyeSivan ( has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
magic_carpet * i wiggle my tassles around *
ChrisTheSmartGuy Good night, Troye!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Nice name.
EpicProbst PM me who you are pls
ChrisTheSmartGuy A smart name, I have to say.
forg i m a smart
ChrisTheSmartGuy Yeahh, Forg! You are!
forg ^-^
=-= TroyeSivan is now known as Halsey
forg i gotta be
forg i won a hungr gme
ChrisTheSmartGuy Ohhh... Troye is better than Halsey! ):
ChrisTheSmartGuy But still being a smart name.
forg i didnt de
=-= YOU are now known as Sandsvendor100
-->| TroyeSivan (49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
forg sel sand
ChrisTheSmartGuy Good night, Halsey! I am Christopher!
|<-- think has left freenode (Client Quit)
forg rip
|<-- Guest19808 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
forg quiets
forg quites
forg QU IK T ERS
magic_carpet tee HE!
-->| DavidCameron (268c46fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
forg heh
-->| Roy__ ( has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
ChrisTheSmartGuy Good night, Mr. Cameron!
forg oh godsh
forg is a pig boi
ChrisTheSmartGuy My name is Christopher!
forg P I G
ChrisTheSmartGuy Hello Roy!
Roy__ stares at everyone
Roy__ Hagh...
forg rroy th boi
ChrisTheSmartGuy Hey... Don't stare me!
EpicProbst .
DavidCameron After my resignation, I've relegated myself to participating in wikia.
magic_carpet * stars chris*
forg stae
forg r
magic_carpet i wonder who u are hee! @david
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Cameron, can I ask you a question?
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +o ChrisTheSmartGuy by EpicProbst
|<-- EpicProbst has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
magic_carpet gj!
magic_carpet we win!
magic_carpet AHAHYSA
forg yas
-->| EpicProbst (4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
EpicProbst Chris OP me pls
magic_carpet make magic carepptea the op!
EpicProbst also everyone PM me who you are
DavidCameron Yes?
magic_carpet u kno who i am
magic_carpet bich
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +o EpicProbst by ChrisTheSmartGuy
Sandsvendor100 Hello
forg binch
Sandsvendor100 I Am Seymour Babyboy Tapir
Sandsvendor100 I Have Lived For 10000 Year
-->| Sierra_Reed ( has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
ChrisTheSmartGuy Do you like math?
Sandsvendor100 I Sell Rare Sands
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v DavidCameron by EpicProbst
magic_carpet hi i am magiccarpet
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Halsey by EpicProbst
magic_carpet !
magic_carpet @
forg sends
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Roy__ by EpicProbst
magic_carpet sanderisn
Sandsvendor100 Foolish Peddler's Get A Whiff Of My Nice Sands
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Sierra_Reed by EpicProbst
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v TroyeSivan by EpicProbst
DavidCameron No.
forg yis
Sierra_Reed walks in coughing.
DavidCameron Basic math questions terrify me.
Sandsvendor100 Shows Sands That He Gives To Travelers For Price... Big Price Of 10000 Coin
Sandsvendor100 Do You Have That Money's
forg i need more coin that then
ChrisTheSmartGuy Science?
forg i want 10000000000000 coin
forg lot coin
forg for forg
magic_carpet i play game with coins oneE!
Sandsvendor100 Frog You Do Not Fool Me! Hor Hor Hor I Am Too Smart Tapir To Be Trick'd By Your Wily Gamings
ChrisTheSmartGuy Come on, Mr. Cameron! Science is cool!
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am a smart guy, you know.
forg i am not frgo
forg im forg
magic_carpet gorgos
Sandsvendor100 Tapir Sworn Enemy... Frog!
magic_carpet he forg
magic_carpet not frog
magic_carpet totally different!!!!!!!!!!
DavidCameron Who was disappointed by me?
Sandsvendor100 Cosign Gerold Is Disappoint By You Dullard's
magic_carpet ever1
forg yas caprt
forg tell em
forg sleigh
Sandsvendor100 I Do Not Know The Differents
Sandsvendor100 All I Know Is Tapir
magic_carpet yaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
magic_carpet i ma carpe
magic_carpet t
ChrisTheSmartGuy CONF: I think I am the only smart guy here......
forg no im a msry
forg smrt
magic_carpet (goes into cris cof) HY
Roy__ stares
forg i won a hungrt gem
Roy__ like
Roy__ i like...
DavidCameron CONF: Everyone here is an American so I think I have a strategic advantage.
forg i like fli
forg im no amer
Sandsvendor100 Doughy Guiseppe In The Pond…
DavidCameron lies
Roy__ stares at david
ChrisTheSmartGuy Okay...
Roy__ lie...
ChrisTheSmartGuy Huh.
Roy__ you...
Roy__ lie?
Sandsvendor100 You Fool
Sandsvendor100 Why Are You Staring
ChrisTheSmartGuy I'll be quiet for some moments... Until, you know...
Sandsvendor100 It Is Ancient Art Of Tapir
ChrisTheSmartGuy You start saying...
ChrisTheSmartGuy This.
ChrisTheSmartGuy Huh...
Roy__ stares at Sandsvendor
ChrisTheSmartGuy CONF: I'm too smart for this.
Roy__ ...stare...
forg [stare]
magic_carpet su
magic_carpet how r u gues
DavidCameron swings on swing
forg do it rpoi
Roy__ i stare!
Sandsvendor100 (CONF): Tapirs Look For Mushrooms In A Forest And Leave Muddy Fotprints For You To Follow And See Mushroms (Dont Eat It Could Be Poison Or Under Witch Curse Or House For A Kind Gnome)
DavidCameron shows the populace that he is electable
=-= YOU are now known as sandsvendor100
Roy__ ...elect...
Roy__ lie...
forg saned is bullying me
Roy__ stares at david
|<-- TroyeSivan has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
DavidCameron cries that Britain left the EU
EpicProbst if Thinking becomes a character
EpicProbst we can star--
EpicProbst o
sandsvendor100 He Has Quit Because He Does Not Gnow True Power Of Tapir
forg . u .
sandsvendor100 Take It Away,Boys!
forg bois
-->| TroyeSivan ( has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
TroyeSivan #Epicvivor
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v TroyeSivan by EpicProbst
forg epica
forg epic
forg espcaepde
Roy__ stares at epic
EpicProbst yes?
magic_carpet ye
magic_carpet @forg
Roy__ Probst...
Roy__ funny..haha
EpicProbst Thinking| pick a character and we can start
=-= Thinking| is now known as TiredGaySloth
magic_carpet (me)
DavidCameron We should hold a referendum on Thinking's username-- oh.
forg o-oh
forg o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh
sandsvendor100 That Sloth Is Foolish
Roy__ (when fanny is on chat)
TiredGaySloth I'm so tired right now guuuyyys
sandsvendor100 I Am Not Tired Or Gay... It Is What Seymours Sepcialty
forg go 2 bed
Roy__ stares at TiredGaySloth
Roy__ gay...
Roy__ like son...
TiredGaySloth What I wouldn't do for a cock rn
TiredGaySloth Or rather what I would do
ChrisTheSmartGuy Oh, a tired gay!!! I am smart enough to know what God thinks about gays!!!
ChrisTheSmartGuy He likes it!
TiredGaySloth Bitch stfu
ChrisTheSmartGuy My name is Christopher, the smart gay!
TiredGaySloth I'm trying to sleep
ChrisTheSmartGuy Guy!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Not gay!
forg sloth go 2 sleeps
ChrisTheSmartGuy But gay!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Ans also guy!
forg u tired u ned sleps
Roy__ stares at chris
TiredGaySloth You look straighter than a pencil gtfo away from me
Roy__ son
Roy__ son likes gay...
forg sloth is a mean
Roy__ son likes you...
forg MEAN
ChrisTheSmartGuy ...
TiredGaySloth no I'm a sloth
TiredGaySloth get ur facts straight straightie
ChrisTheSmartGuy CONF: Okay. I am definitly the clever guy here.
forg troy wont talk to me
forg him for firt bot plz
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Cameron.
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Forg.
Roy__ stares at everyone
TiredGaySloth I'm good w/ that @# forg
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mrs. Halsey.
Roy__ gay...everyone?
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Carpet.
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Roy.
Roy__ me and son like gay...
forg hi
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Sand.
magic_carpet I AM A GRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mrs. Reed.
TiredGaySloth Roy wtf r u
forg carpet is gril
ChrisTheSmartGuy Mr. Gay.
forg chek privleefe
DavidCameron i am a man
forg privlege
|<-- EpicProbst has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
DavidCameron a man that no longer governs a country
DavidCameron but a man regardless
ChrisTheSmartGuy HEY, SHUT UP.
|<-- Sierra_Reed has left freenode (Quit: Public PJIRC @
ChrisTheSmartGuy LEMME TALK.
Roy__ stares at david
-->| EpicProbst (4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
Roy__ man?
Roy__ haha...
ChrisTheSmartGuy We are all smart here.
EpicProbst chris op me
Roy__ no man here...
TiredGaySloth where'd dat blonde bitch go
ChrisTheSmartGuy All of us can do E V E R Y T H I N G.
DavidCameron ;_;
Roy__ stares at david
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +o EpicProbst by ChrisTheSmartGuy
forg ; - ;
ChrisTheSmartGuy But together we are strong!
forg stromg
sandsvendor100 Where Is Our Hosting Man
sandsvendor100 He Is Back
forg yis
DavidCameron feels uncomfortable
sandsvendor100 Bad For Tapir
sandsvendor100 It Is Time For Overthrow
-->| JudyKing (d8a16f4e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
ChrisTheSmartGuy Since the beggining of this world we know that the people had a better life in groups, not alone!
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v JudyKing by EpicProbst
forg woah
TiredGaySloth Everyone please look me up on grindr 635861560599044768-2068464273_stylish%20sloth.jpg this is me
ChrisTheSmartGuy Who is smart enough to understand that, please come here.
Roy__ stares at Judy
Roy__ jew...?
forg joo
Roy__ i like jew.....
forg i not jeo
forg jow
Roy__ breathes heavily
forg woah nelly
ChrisTheSmartGuy CONF: Okay... There's no smart guys here. Just Cameron. And maybe that gay one. Shit, I should come back to the college. ):
JudyKing Well, fuck a duck.
forg chris im a smrt
Roy__ stares at judy
forg i won a hunrg gaem
Roy__ you also like that....
Roy__ like me...
Roy__ i fuck duck on dirty website....
EpicProbst (we'll start in a sec tbh)
forg tee
forg bee
TiredGaySloth roy how big r u
forg yah
forg roy is boi
TiredGaySloth Judy ducks r not good in bed
forg roi is boi
DavidCameron selfie
forg yos
TiredGaySloth o a daddy mmm
forg woah
forg . o .
forg troy is stil beijg a dum
forg boot him
forg 1st
forg plz bb
forg . u .
magic_carpet w u make that face
Roy__ stares
Roy__ self-ie...
forg uwu
EpicProbst --
DavidCameron cries
EpicProbst WE ARE HERE
sandsvendor100 Silence You Twits
sandsvendor100 Seym Is Trying To Speak
EpicProbst 22ND
magic_carpet only like 4 r relvent
sandsvendor100 The Jungle's Of Cagayan Have Rare Hidden Sands... Cosign Gerold! Giuseppe! Ready,Boys?!
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am Chris the smart guy. Hi!
forg very fast twpir goin at ver hihg sped
TiredGaySloth can we sleep first
Roy__ stares
forg is only bois
Roy__ i roy...
forg no
EpicProbst 10 CASTAWAYS
forg carpet is gril
-->| thinking ( has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v thinking by EpicProbst
-->| Aldo (32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #EpicvivorCagayan
EpicProbst *11 CASTAWAYS
=-= Mode #EpicvivorCagayan +v Aldo by EpicProbst
DavidCameron I'm David Cameron, former prime minister of the UK!
EpicProbst *12 CASTAWAYS
TroyeSivan G morn princess of alt pop @Halsey
=-= thinking is now known as ThinKing
Halsey Good morning actual humanization of the angel snapchat filter @Troye
forg TKINH
ThinKing Should I play? I'm still considering.
forg 6u6
ThinKing I'll play.
magic_carpet i am gril
sandsvendor100 Who Are All These Cretins
magic_carpet i am carpe
magic_carpet t
EpicProbst 39 DAYS
forg carpt is gri
ChrisTheSmartGuy Probst, can I have a second?
forg l
EpicProbst 2 TRIBES
=-= ThinKing is now known as BallsyBlue
ChrisTheSmartGuy I want to talk with my... Oponents.
JudyKing Excuse me, Thin King
BallsyBlue HEY, GUYS!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Can I?
EpicProbst 1 SURVIVOR!
ChrisTheSmartGuy Just a little!
Halsey Epicvivor? What. I thought this was BBBvivor. Biracial, bisexual and bipolar!
JudyKing Are you saying I'm Fat King.
ChrisTheSmartGuy Please!!!!!!
BallsyBlue It's Blue! I'm finally making an appearance!!
ChrisTheSmartGuy MR. PROBST.
TiredGaySloth ugh can someone PLEASE get me a cock!
forg bop
ChrisTheSmartGuy PLEASE.
JudyKing That's rather rude, now where I come from, we learn to mind our P's and Q's and be polite.
forg bok bok
Aldo Fight
EpicProbst Alright
ChrisTheSmartGuy GUYS.
DavidCameron Gosh, it's nice to be here. ^-^
forg fight
ChrisTheSmartGuy Listen to me.
ChrisTheSmartGuy We, alone, are like shit!
ChrisTheSmartGuy But together we can do more!
EpicProbst Hi guys, and welcome to Epicvivor: Cagayan
BallsyBlue I don't watch Survivor, but my loving boyfriend Ramsey does!!
Aldo Fight @ forg
BallsyBlue I miss him
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am smart enought to understand that!
Roy__ stares at epic
forg FIGHT
EpicProbst Now.
ChrisTheSmartGuy So... Let's be friends and do everything correctly!
Roy__ ca-gay-an...
EpicProbst This season
Roy__ like son
Roy__ gay....
EpicProbst We're having a twist
EpicProbst right off the bat.
|<-- Halsey has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 47.0/20160604131506])
forg gae
|<-- TroyeSivan has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [SeaMonkey 2.40/20160120202951])
BallsyBlue looks scared
forg dont be mean 2 gaes
BallsyBlue I'm GAY!
forg there a tired sloth
forg he should go 2 bed
forg he neds slep
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am SMART!
forg me 2!!!!
EpicProbst This season
forg i won a hungr gam
Aldo Acre guy sad if Greco fed
sandsvendor100 Oh No What Is This Twist
BallsyBlue I love Pretty Little Liars!!!
EpicProbst You will be cometing
sandsvendor100 It Is More Twisted Than My Tapir Part's
Roy__ stares at everyone
forg R*OU
Roy__ idiots all....
forg grec
EpicProbst Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty.
DavidCameron cometing sounds dangerous
forg i am v smart
sandsvendor100 Me Seymour Wisely Shaking My Head: “Pepsi Cola Good For Your Health”
forg yisyis
JudyKing Oh now Probst.
ChrisTheSmartGuy I am SMART!
Aldo is gorgeous
BallsyBlue WoW!!
JudyKing This is going to be a problem.
forg oh is caygaym
Roy__ stares at epic
BallsyBlue bounces up and down
Roy__ 10 people...
forg i am thek ing of hte junle!
Roy__ 3 tribes...
BallsyBlue I think this is Ramsey's favorite season!!
Roy__ math wrong...
JudyKing Because I am alas, brain, brawn, and most important beauty.
BallsyBlue I'm so excited!!!!
BallsyBlue gets excited
sandsvendor100 Babyboy Seymour Is Beautiful @EpicProbst
BallsyBlue I'm on the beauty tribe right!?
sandsvendor100 Just Look At My Youthful Little Face
BallsyBlue ounces around
TiredGaySloth there's 10 of us u can't divide 10 by 3
sandsvendor100 Seymour Tromps Around The Desert Sands
EpicProbst it's 12 people
DavidCameron I am obviously on the Brians tribe!
EpicProbst Troye/Halsey disconnected
DavidCameron *Brains
ChrisTheSmartGuy #BrainTribe
sandsvendor100 Who Are These "Troy" "Hasley" Chump's
ChrisTheSmartGuy I AM A BRAIN!
sandsvendor100 They Do Not Know True Seymour Power
magic_carpet i am POWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
sandsvendor100 (hey Epic are you recording this)
BallsyBlue (CONF): I wonder what tribe I'll be on!? I bet Ramsey would be on the brain tribe! He's so smart!
Roy__ stares
EpicProbst yes
EpicProbst @recording
sandsvendor100 (thx fam)
EpicProbst Alright.
Roy__ tribe...
Roy__ NOW...
EpicProbst If I call your name
Roy__ slaps epic
EpicProbst you are on the BRAINS tribe
Roy__ NOW...
forg rieb

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