"Promise to be friends forever and never let go?"

Francesca and Jessica were sitting in a cafe in Acre called Francesca deBen

"ofc," said Jessica, who was about to fly out and film Survivor: Fiji

"I have a idea omq," Francesca replied

"What," Jessica said with the utmost excitement

Francesca and her crazy ideas

"When u go on Survivor I will go on too, then I will get the same placement." Francesca spilled her coffee

"You should change your last name to keep the Francesca and I will change mine to Jessica deBen," said Jessica (now Jessica deBen)

"tbh I think I'm gonna keep Hogi," said Francesca while she laughed rlly hard

"Okay so we will get the same placement, Francesca Hogi and Jessica deBen"

"To always remember"


francesca smiled

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