I See London: Team Chris wins immunity, and Ezekiel is allowed back in the game, and put on Team Chris. At Team Amazon's elimination ceremony, Cody is eliminated since he's boring and has nothing to do with this plot. And Sierra ACTUALLY BECOMES A FAN OF TD AND NOT JUST CODY. (after crying for an episode)
Greece's Pieces: None of the Duncan/Gwen shit happens. Reward challenge. Everyone's still in.
The Ex-Files: Gwen is eliminated. Boo-hoo.  
Picnic on Whatever: Reward challenge? IDK. Izzy, who has been revealed to be living with dingos, reappears and rejoins the game, to Chris's chagrin. She is placed on Team Amazon, her original team.
Sweden Sour: Same crap. No Gwen's face because Cody's been gone. (cri) Ezekiel makes an alliance with Owen and Noah, since he feels like he's on the outs. Tyler basically dies in the challenge, then Alejandro blames the loss on him causing Owen and Ezekiel to get pissed.
Niagara Brawls: Noah is cold, so Owen puts a sleeping Ezekiel's hat on for him. Merge, and wedding challenge (shocked reaction pic that Zobe made and everyone thought was real appears in this!! :o). Pairs are Owen/Izzy, Ezekiel/Courtney, Noah/Sierra, and Heather/Al. Ezekiel and courtney win. Owen's out, thanks to Al.
Chinese Fake-Out: Pretty much similar, Courtney/Izzy out
African Lying Safari: Challenge is some sort of African animal catching thing because Ezekiel is still in the competition. Ezekiel gets voted out at F5, after Heather (everyone's target) wins immunity.
Rapa Phooey: same crap occurs
Awwwww, Drumheller: Sierra out, same thing. F3 is Noah, Heather, and Alejandro.
Hawaiian Punch: Noah somehow defeats Alejandro, leading to a Noah/Heather F2. None of the shit with the robot happens, but the volcano and stuff still does. Noah wins in America, Heather wins in Canada.

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