Big Brother 1Edit


Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Barney CK CK Hanna Marina
Marina Marina
2 CK Abraham Locke Barney Barney
Barney Claire
3 Abraham CK Marceline CK CK
Marceline Courtney
4 Marceline Courtney Marceline Courtney Courtney
Gideon Gideon
Jury Phase Begins
5 Claire Locke Candice Locke Marceline
Marceline Marceline
6 Hanna Candice Abraham Gabe Candice
Gabe Gideon
FF Locke Claire Hanna Foxes Foxes
Foxes Gabe
7 Gideon Claire Hanna Claire Locke
Locke Locke
8 Hanna Gabe Hanna Abraham Gideon
Gideon Gideon
9 Claire Abraham Claire Abraham Gabe
Gabe Gabe
10 Abraham Hanna Claire
Runner-Up: Hanna (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Abraham (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Locke


Big Brother 2Edit


Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Vanessa Jax LSP Jax Heather
Heather Heather
2 LSP Reddy Epic Red Hairy Guy Red Hairy Guy
Red Hairy Guy Toad
3 Epic LSP Mana LSP LSP
Vanessa Vanessa
4 Reddy Mana Demi Mana Dyna
Jax Dyna
Jury Phase Begins
5 Mabel Epic Jax Demi Mana
Mana Mana
6 Toad Demi Jax Reddy Vanessa
Reddy Vanessa
7 Epic Mabel Reddy Mabel Mabel
Jax Jax
FF OHF Reddy Epic Reddy Reddy
Epic Toad
8 Epic Demi Jax Demi Demi
9 Jax Epic Toad Epic OHF
10 Jax Epic Epic
Runner-Up: Jax (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Toad (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Epic


Big Brother 3Edit


Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Lily Rachel Bruno M. Rachel Rachel
Soos Soos
2 Baljeet Kermit Bruno M. Kermit Noah
Noah Noah
3 Sun Quinn Sun Quinn Quinn
Baljeet Baljeet
4 Spencer Bruno S. Bruno S. Lily Katy
Katy Katy
Jury Phase Begins
5 Sun Lily Spencer Lily Lily
Baljeet Baljeet
6 Soos Bruno M. Baljeet Bruno M. Amy
Spencer Amy
FF Spencer Bruno S. Soos Bruno S. Bruno S.
Kermit Kermit
7 Soos Spencer Soos Spencer Bruno M.
Bruno M. Bruno M.
8 Kermit Baljeet Baljeet Sun Spencer
Spencer Spencer
9 Soos Kermit Soos Kermit Baljeet
Baljeet Baljeet
10 Soos Kermit Kermit
Runner-Up: Soos (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Sun (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Baljeet


Big Brother 4Edit


Week No. HoH Winner MVP Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Charming Misfit Toys Taylor Britney Taylor Taylor
Grinch Grinch
Britney Dra
2 Britney SG Dra Britney Santana Santana
Britney Charming
3 Misfit Toys Britney Britney Misfit Toys Britney Britney
Dra Dra
Charming Charming
4 Rosa America Misfit Toys Santa Misfit Toys Jack
Jack Jack
Santa Dilma
5 Lindsay America SG Emma SG MLKJ
Charming Charming
Jury Phase Begins
6 Dilma America Mikayla Emma Mikayla Mikayla
Emma Misfit Toys
Dra Dra
FF Misfit Toys Dra Dilma Santa Santa
Rosa Rosa
7 Dra Emma Misfit Toys Emma Emma
Misfit Toys Dilma
8 Grinch SG Grinch SG Charming
Charming Charming
Charming Returns
9 Lindsay Charming Lindsay Charming Charming
10 Grinch Rosa SG Rosa Rosa
SG Lindsay
FF Dilma SG Carmelita SG SG
Misfit Toys Misfit Toys
11 Misfit Toys Dra Dra Lindsay Dilma
Dilma Dilma
12 Dra Grinch Misfit Toys Grinch Lindsay
Misfit Toys Lindsay
13 Grinch Dra Dra
Misfit Toys
Runner-Up: Grinch (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Misfit Toys (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Charming

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