It is often that the people from the Total Drama community speculate Jo's true gender and sexuality. People have stated that she is an asexual and agendered person, some say she's a tomboy, some say she's actually a man.

I know the truth.

It all began on a Saturday.

I think it was Saturday.

Anyway, she met up with her boyfriend from high school after her All Stars elimination. He told her he was in love, and she replied saying 'me too'. They shared a passionatre kiss.

He took her to the bedroom. She told him to take off her clothes. He pulled off her shirt and bra and revealed boobs.

He pulled down her pants, and finally reached for her panties.

He pulled them down and revealed large tentacles. She shrieked in terror, and the boy screamed. The tentacles wrapped around his neck and threw him against the wall. Her body bent backwards and her eyes turned black. A demonic skull squeezed out of her mouth and blew fire onto the bed.

Tentacles spurred from her veins in both her arms and legs, and her torn up vessel of a body was used as a hollow shell by it. It crawled through the house and ate her parents. It crawled onto the streets and flipped over a car onto a girl.

It shrieked a satanic chant in reverse, and crawled through the city, destroying anything in its path. It reached the beach and left off into the water.

She/It was never seen again.

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