The next car pulled up and out stepped a rather tall guy, one of the tallest in the cast, and he walked over to Nalyd.

“Welcome, Maxwell!” Nalyd said with an obvious fake excitement. “We’re about twenty-six minutes in, better make it quick.”

Maxwell just stared creepily at Nalyd and walked over to the other fourteen people already introduced.

Maxwell is seen in the confessional with his buff around his head to keep his jewfro out of his eyes. “I’m obviously gonna get a CPM mastermind edit, and like, half of these people don’t even matter in the context of the season’s story. They’ll be the OTT and the MOR, okay, Toad will get a CPP because that’s rule of thumb but THAT’S IT! Though I won’t try TOO hard to be a villain because then I’d be shown as OTT and then--” The confessional then cuts off, and the screen turns to black.

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