epic; cum on in u guys wur playin king of the wiki now

sg; k im here

epic; tim 2 pik teems

zanna; *is voted for*

mika; *is voted for*

sg; wate u didnt pik me

epic; woops ur out much sad

sg; fuk doge

bruno; *is nice*

queenorangesofas; *loses*

zanna; *bitches* *cries*

avr; ur kawsin drama

mika; im powrful

dra; *is inv*(◕‿◕✿)

mre; hi

zanna; *cries*

dra; moans

mika; stil power

fan; fuk a nigga fuk a bich

nate; tbh

liam; tbh!

epic; tim 4 the doole b5 merg

fany; *wins*

nate; *writes dravery sexfic*

epic; now 2 ppl r guna win immunty

sunny; *wins and gives mika immunity*

mika; wow im imune i have al the powr now

dra; *is inv*

avr; *is also inv*

rest; k

epic; vote

everyone; *votes*

mika; power

trey; *is sliemy*

ania; how did i get here dicks

dravery duel; tba

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