here name was lucy

lucy had swag

i also have swag but lucy has more

i love me some swag

swag swag swaggity swaggy

anyways she was real cool

she asked me one day if i wanted a kiss

i sayed yes

she threw a hersheys kiss at me

i went home and cried

the next day she asked me if she could kiss me

and i sayed no cuz she was gonna throw a hershey at me again

then she laughed and ated a wendys bacon cheeseburger™

she came to me tomorrow and sayed 'come to my house well date'

i was so happy for date

so i dated and went there

when i got there she sayed to me 'its ok i love you'

then i laughed and she kised me

then stacy hillman the biggestest bully ever came in and she sayed

'wtf you booger get off of my friend'

i sayed to her 'lucy is my friend three'

she sayed

'no excuse you she is my bff you have no right to even touch her lips lik that you psychopth like wtf why are you abusment her like that i wont except your harass on her anymore i am calling dem i am callin 911'

i cried and raned

'hello 911 hello i want to report a psykopath bully rapist monster who is stupid'

tyhe next day i wented to meet lucy again

she telled me 'its ok meet me tonight under the big willow tree and i will kiss u'

and that nite i went to the willow tree

and i wated

but she didnt come


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