Total Drama Bosnia & HerzegovinaEdit

Brenda - The Lesbian Llama Farmer

Anna - The Girl Who Thinks She's The Cookie Monster

Mana Tina - The Morbidly Obese Drag Queen

Nicki - The Weezing

JEnna - The Girl Who Annoys Everyone With Her Fanfiction

Blue Eyes White Dragon - The Girl Named After A Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Gretchen - The Incredibly Ugly Girl With a Gigantic Butt

Tabitha - The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Leads A Secret Organization That Plans On Awakening A Legendary Pokemon 

Ellie - The One Hit Woder Whose Only Known Song Is About Oatmeal

Sally - The Mermaid With a MASSIVE Depression

Larissa - The Hardcore Christian Who Looks Like Zari Arbinian

Marshal - The War Veteran Who Lost His Middle Finger

Byron - The Bilingual Biracial Bisexual Bigot

Nathaniel - The Orthodox Jew Who Lost A Bet And Has To Dress As His Wife For The Rest Of His Life

Horace - The Horse

No One - The Guy Who Loves Jeff Kent

Sheldon - The Guy Who Collects Cow Feces

Rick Ross - The Skinny White Guy

Courtney - The Old Man With A Girl Name

Cornbread - The Fat Guy Who Loves Beans

William - The Guy Who Went Through Numerous Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Lana Del Rey

Carter - The Cardboard Cutout

Total Drama Antigua & BarbudaEdit

Megadeth - The Leader Of Hannah Montana's Fan Club

Shmelvin - The Five Year Old Hipster

Kirby - The Italian Plumber

Tanner - The Guy Who Licks Cinnamon Buns For A Living

Skippa - The Opera Singer

Maxie - The Ridiculously Tan Republican Who People Think Leads Another Secret Organization To Awaken A Legandary Pokemon

John Smith - The Elephant

Samuel - The Polymorphously Perverse Incarnation Of Uninhibited Slutdom

Shoelaces - The Guy Who Is Frequently Asked If He's Chris

Darwin - The Guy Who Married a Washing Machine

Kandice - The Dirty Pirate Hooker

Everybody - The Girl Who Loves Lisa Whelchel

Sharapova - The Icelandic Lady Who Shops At Wheat Fields

Hannah - The Girl Who Twerks When She's Hungry

Wolfy - The Obese Lesbian Fisherwoman Who Never Wears Shoes

Denise - The Sexiest Woman Alive

Amanda - The Racist Livid Whiny Bitch With Man Hands Who Sucks In Front Of Juries And Dates A Pizza Delivery Boy

Abbie - The Weird Line In The Bottom of Joel Klug's Abs

Florence - The Washing Machine Who Married a Guy

Aaryn - The Black Girl

Total Drama Papua New GuineaEdit

Ava Gina - The Nun

Mindy - The Otherkin Who Thinks Is a Toilet

Lia - The Bald Girl With Multiple Personalities

Dilma - The Communist Dictator

Reginasaurus - The 40 Feet Tall T-Rex With The Voice Of An Angel

Debbie - The Shrill Hag With Oversized Silicone Implants

Avi - The Girl Who Is Literally A Video Format

Annabeth - The Morbidly Obese New Yorker With An Addiction To Cocaine And Hot Dogs

Muriel - The Old Lady Whose House Is Frequetly Invaded By Capybaras

God - The Deity Who Is Actually Alanis Morissette

Garrett Stewart - The Guy Who Is Perfect In Every Way Possible

Leo - The Half-Naked Dude From Italy

Adolf - The Jew

Lucian - The Guy Who Sold His Soul To The Devil And Now Looks Like Dried Parsnips

SigmaTiger - The Guy Who Is Obsessed With His Own Thighs

Rico - The Creepy Thirtysomething Who Offers Teenagers To Take Them To The Hospital For No Real Reason

Trish - The Man

T-ii - The Mika Lookalike Who Likes To Take Selfies With Aspargus

Fr. Ann - The Priest Who Is Permanently Disgusted By Foreskin

Bobby - The Guy Who Goes To Pubs Just To Rub Against Strangers

Total Drama TeachersEdit

Mary Helen - The Biology Teacher With Too Much Botox Who Misses Classes To Go To The Beach

Nadiya - The Geometry Teacher Who Constantly Suffers From Back Pains

Neila- The Emotionally Unstable Music Teacher

Marilia - The Obese Old Math Teacher Who Gives Free Flash-Drives To Her A+ Students

Denise - The Wrinkly Languages Teacher Who Constantly Repeats Herself

Christina - The Biology Teacher Who Is Always Pregnant

Candice - The Incredibly Monotonous Arts Teacher With A Nasal Voice

Julie - The Hot French Teacher With Gigantic... Eyes

Francesca - The Math Teacher Who Hates Everyone And Looks Like The Corpse Bride

Cecillia - The Creepy Music Teacher Who Threatens To Throw Her Students Out Of The Window

Foreman - The Scary Physics Teacher Who Makes Little Children Cry With His Stare

Marcus - The Geography Teacher Who Makes Horrible Jokes And Has A Beard That Resembles Jesus'

Adjovanes - The Sadist History Teacher With A Weird Name

Antonio - The Ugly Sociology Teacher Who Girls Find Incredibly Attractive

Pages - The Perverted Chemistry Teacher With A Tick In His Eyebrows

Roger - The Rich Snooty Ambiguously Gay English Teacher

Marcello - The Geometry Teacher Who Likes To Draw Toilets On The Chalk Board

Louis - The Morbidly Obese Director With Purple Hair

Edson - The History Teacher Who Bashes All Kinds Of Religions

Bittencourt - The Weird Philosophy Teacher With An Uninteligible Caligraphy

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