hi guys

its midnight

its dark

its scary

its really dark and scary

i dont like the night because it is scary

why does is half to be so scary

i like it when it isnt scary

like when its sunny

sometimes my brother comes into my room in a scary mask

wait that isnt a mask its his face


he says boo and i say ahhh

and then i throw my cereal on him

and he tells mom

and mom spanks me

and i cry

and then she cries because she didnt want to do it

and brother laughs

so i slap brother

and he cries

and mother slaps me

and we all cry

and then dad comes home

hunny i got fired

then we cry more

i realize its stupid to cry

mom does too

then she slaps me again

why did you slap me mom


this isnt my family

or my house

i dont have a brother


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