#18. Spencer Bledsoe - 4th Place


(Tony mocking Spencer in the background <3)

Spencer was awful and I seriously cannot stand him most of the time, but I think most people here don’t like him either so hopefully this isn’t too ~controversial~.

Honestly, going into the season, I didn’t hate him. I thought he’d be a massive failure and leave early merge or something and be kinda funny while doing it since he was very apparently a Suckster of some sort. Sadly, I was really wrong, so so wrong.

Spencer came into the game and for a few weeks I was okay with him, he was basically just a henchman of the Luzon females all of whom are amazing in their own way (spoilers for the ranking?) so it was all dandy and good. Then episode four’s tribal council happened, and in what can only be described in the most desperate begging ever from Probst, J’Tia got booted over Spencer and this is when I knew I wasn’t going to like him.

He still didn’t reach the awfulness I’m talking about until around the merge, where he was given this massive “mastermind underdog” edit and it was annoying as all hell. Where every episode it was the same shit, confessional after confessional of him blaming others for his misfortune and insulting people and he’s shown in the right about it. :alien And don't even get me STARTED on his godawful jury speech. :alien :alien :alien

One thing I don’t get, is why did Spencer of all people get all the confessionals of his alliance when you have someone like Tasha who is more charismatic and already a better underdog than Spencer is? It still just baffles me.

I think that the worst thing about Spencer is the fact that he is terrible and miserable but he isn’t even fun to hate and is actually incredibly boring as well. I am not at all inspired to write that much about him. He’s just such a draining presence it’s ridiculous and it annoys me to no end that people are actually giving him so much praise when his game was actually pretty average and because of that he’s such an obvious lock for the next All-Star season.



Clue for #17: Received 4 votes in the tribal they were voted out.

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