tbh I'm gonna post all of the characters, then I'll do write-ups. (btw I haven't finished TDWT yet, Ezekiel is the only boot I've seen so far, he'll be here, but not the rest until I finish it)

Total Drama Rankings
# Character Season Grouping
65 Mike All-Stars Despised
There is just so much wrong with Mike in this season. First off, his personalities are treated more as a toy in the first episodes than as an actual disorder, then Mal comes out (who I admit, would've been a cool plot had it been executed correctly) and makes the season less pleasant.

The reason he is dead last comes from the finale. The reason is the conclusion to the Mal plot, not only was it completely rushed and forced and not fun at all, it was also so offensive. Not only does he cure his MPD with THE PUSH OF A BUTTON. He also GAINS THEIR ABILITIES AS SUPERPOWERS?! And then he WINS? What the hell? This is just awful. If there is ever a worse character than this I seriously fear for Total Drama.

64 Zoey All-Stars Despised
Mike's moronic girlfriend places alongside him. How fitting. Zoey this season can really be described only as "Idiotic God-Mode-Sue". She would've been and actually was last for a while, but I just can't put her below Mike after that finale.

Otherwise she is just a very boring and frustratingly stupid character. Hell, I'm sure Lindsay could've figured out Mike was evil before she did,

63 Mike Revenge Despised
62 Beth Action Hated
61 Owen Action Hated
60 Sierra All-Stars Hated
59 B Revenge Hated
58 Geoff Action Hated
57 Bridgette Action Hated
56 Trent Action Disliked
55 Gwen Action Disliked
54 Sam All-Stars Disliked
53 Beth Island Disliked
52 Justin Island Indifferent
51 Jo All-Stars Indifferent
50 Ezekiel Island Indifferent
49 Katie Island Indifferent
48 Sadie Island Indifferent
47 Cameron All-Stars Indifferent
46 Staci Revenge Indifferent
45 Zoey Revenge Mixed
44 Scott Revenge Mixed
43 Lightning All-Stars Mildly Liked
42 Courtney Action Mixed
41 Eva Island Mildly Liked

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