I'm Nick Maiorano, I'm 30 years old, and I'm a life coach. I mean, to be honest... it's BS. I mean, life coaching... it doesn't exist in Louisiana, I'm sure. I mean, it exists in LA, San Francisco, New York, but... it's common sense, it really is. I don't believe a job correlates to success or failure in Survivor, but you have to listen to people., you have to pay attention, you have to... pretend like you're interested at times, and most importantly of all, you have to accept that. And I think that's the hardest for most people, so I do those things easily, because I know most people can't. I listen better, or I at least pretend to listen better. Most people don't care about the other person, they just don't. Most people are self-centered. I'm self-centered, but I know people are self-centered, so I'll do the opposite. I know how awful it sounds, trust me. But most people don't know that when you're pretending. I mean, I won't be honest one bit as far as... showing that I'm intelligent in any way, if I am, but I will be telling them I'm personal -- I'm a personal trainer. I won't say I'm a life coach, it's too hard to explain. I-- it's-- I'm not saying it's because I'm good-looking whatsoever. I'm just saying if I don't say anything, or if I do say something, it's gonna be funny or sarcastic, it's not -- there's not gonna be any depth to it, because I don't feel like sharing that. I wanna have fun... manipulating people and playing the game. Like, I-- I don't wanna be bored out there with people, I really don't, which is stupid because that's probably the easier way to win, but I'm up for a challenge. I just wanna make sure I have the opportunity to be right or wrong, that's all I really crave in life, so I won't regret anything because I'll typically do exactly what I want to do. And I mean, that's egotistical, sure, but I should have my way. Because I'm... terribly manipulative. It's not good, it's not something to be proud of, it really isn't. But I know that about myself.

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