so theother day mom bot me some caruts

i eated the caruts

i threwed up the caruts

she say y did u throw up the caruts

i say nty mom

she say why

i say nty mom

she ask again why

i say nty MOM

she ask again why

and i say again nty MOM LEVE ME ALOAN

and she leve

so den i go to my rom and look at th magzines under my pilo

very drty magzines

vry vry vry srs drty magazines

mom wuldnt be hapi if she fownd dese

cuz they dirty and should be clened

she would be pisd if she fownd out my covergirl mag was dirty

i farted

deer diery

i think mum is tryin 2 kil me

she fed me caruts

n the caruts wur gros

i teld her nty mom and she kep goin

nty mom

dun lik caruts


told mom the nex day

mom wil u pak me som brocli

she say if u dont lik caruts y wuld u lik brocli

cuz brocli gud ma i say

so she pak my lunch

at skool i sit down to find there are caruts

why did she give me caruts

i askd for brocli

she didnt give me brocli







rsrs mom

r u srs mom

y mom


i hat hr

she teh wrstst mum evr

she fat trol

she men 2 me

she mak me cri

i jus wantd brocli

no caruts

sniff sniff

at hom i confrontd her

she say oops i ment to put brocli

she den give me carut n say here ull lik it i sware

i say


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