Omicron (Hack)Edit

As of 9:30 PM on 8/19:

  • Location: Route 302
  • Badges: 1
  • Active PKMN: 3
  • Deceased PKMN: 2
  • Team:
    Peih-Gee (Horsea) Lv. 13 [Escape Route]
    Voltage (Beautifly) Lv. 15 [Route 301]
    Jocasta (Gastly) Lv. 7 [Route 302]
  • PC:
  • Graveyard:
    Topher (Ledyba) Lv. 4-7 [Naragex Forest - Wonder Cave]
    Calafiore (Roggenrola) Lv. 4-8 [Wonder Cave - Superior City Gym]

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