No one will be friends when this is over.

PEOPLE (Not Nom Order)Edit

  1. Ben
  2. Epic
  3. Ashley
  4. Liam
  5. Put Matt inside this
  6. JER


  1. Trey
  2. Ashley
  3. Liam
  4. Epic
  5. Ben
  6. JE


My nominations are a bunch of pokey men I dislike. Bold are saved, strikethroughed are out.

  1. Thundurus
  2. Tornadus
  3. Landorus
  4. Mr. Mime
  5. Porygon 2
  6. Porygon-Z
  7. Klink
  8. Klang
  9. Klinklang
  10. Emolga
  11. Roggenrola
  12. Phione
  13. Arceus
  14. Azelf
  15. Uxie
  16. Mespirit
  17. Luvdisc
  18. Castform
  19. Silcoon
  20. Cascoon
  21. Smoochum
  22. Mime Jr.
  23. Happiny
  24. Cleffa


718. KLANG- Love, EpicEdit

this is literally the least creative pokemon ever 


not only is it in the least creative line ever it's the MIDDLE EVO

"oh hey we have a gear let's add....another gear and turn it sideways"

congrats you suck

saving Baemolga

717. Mr.Mime-Love, BenEdit

I'm sorry I have to take him out before he goes farther. I'm sorry but the chance has been offered. FIrst of all he isn't a pokemon, he's a sick kinky guy who acts like a pokemon. He's Ash's Mom's creepy sex slave thing. He's a sikko. The absolute WORST humanoid pokemon ever. Plus this little fucker has a baby pokemon, that's disgusting Nintendo!

Saving Castform he is so cute I don't care if he has boobs or balls for a chest. Plus he is the original weather changer. Also make the right choice and don't cut Rogganrolla or I will die.

716. Luvdisk -- Love, JEREdit

Luvdisk is less useful than Magikarp or Feebas. At least those latter two have killer evolutions. Luvdisk has none.

Saving Porygon2. This guy deserves to be shown in the Pokemon anime. Pikachu caused the seizures in that first series episode, not Porygon. True story, look it up.

715. Arceus-Love, BenEdit

You see the problem with making a god pokemon is that it may end up bland and forgettable. Good thing they never, oh wait! They did! They made a Normal Llama god and put swirly wrings around him. If I was in pokemon and this was actually god I'd be a satanist because Giratina is 10x cooler. The best part is that Arceus is now slam dunked in the middle of the pokedex now. Seriously, Gen IV was so forgettable there are only a few TRUE greats.

Saving Roganrolla he is sure as hell better than a lot of these noms and I'm going to take him with me before one of you idiots drops a peice fo celery on him and he dies.

714. Phione -- Love, JEREdit

Okay, who's the wise guy who thought breeding a Legendary with a Ditto to create this thing was a good idea? Anyone? (pause) Anyone? (pause) This isn't a Legendary. Why do I have to have this thing, if people keep making these and it's not an actual Legendary?

Saving Porygon-Z. Same as Porygon2; it was robbed.

713. Klink - Sincerely, BrunoEdit

Klink is kinda boring. oops Klinklang is great though.

Saving Cleffa huntyqueenfierceg.oddessa bae yass. <3

712. Silcoon - Yours Truely, AshleyEdit

To put it shortly, Silcoon sucks. It's design is terribad, and it doesn't fair to well in battles. Beautifly also...kinda sucks, which only makes me dislike it more. Cascoon is way....better! 

Saving Klingklang because it's not too bad and Bruno likes it, oops. 

711. Smoochum - Sincerely, BrunoEdit

It sucks to cute this one, but I like everyone else better. Her evolution Jynx Minaj is much better though so bye. #JynxFTW #MyPokecondaDont

Saving Mime Jr. before Ben cuts the entire Mime family. :( #PrayForMamaMime

710. Azelf - Liebe, LeeyumEdit

As far as legendary trios go, this thing is the worst creation ever. And Azelf sounds like Adolf. #TheMoreYouKnow #MyIronicondaDont

Saving Happiny bae because lol it's an egg

709. Landorus- Yours Truely, AshleyEdit

Well, Landorus is weird to me. He's just one of those sucky trio leaders tat every generation has, so yeah...

Saving Cascoon because Dustox is cool. 

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