Ranking/write-ups coming soon~

20. Hali Ford [Survivor: Worlds Apart]Edit


She's ranked last probably because of her edit and the fact that she's so recent, but Hali is honestly one of the best Post-HvV Survivors there is. She didn't get much of an edit on the show, but when she did get one she was great. Take for example her "We're tribe Merica" rant at her last Tribal where she compared Survivor to the colonial times <3 But where Hali really shined for me was the Ponderosa videos, where we finally got some of her insight. She's an aspiring lawyer who wants to fight for the underdogs (which is fab) and after being put on the No Collar tribe was able to rediscover herself as a free spirit. And then she proceeded to write hilarious songs at Ponderosa and overall just be the hidden gem of the No Collar trio. She's so quirky and fun <3

19. Lydia Morales [Survivor: Guatemala]Edit


Another criminally under-edited female (so much so that I could only find two gifs of her anywhere). I loved Lydia's positive energy that she put out on a constant basis on the show whenever they showed her; the most notable example I can think of is her doing "The Pancake" in an effort to keep her tribe's spirits up when they were down. In one of the toughest seasons survival-wise, she seemed to never get too down. Overall I just loved the short time we got to see Lydia's colorful personality, and that, likely combined with Guat being ignored in the grand scheme of Survivor, has led me to include Lydia here.

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