List #1Edit

#10 - Taylor HansonEdit


Not here for the pretty boy with little to no shirtless pics of himself online???

#9 - Chris McLeanEdit


I couldn't find any HD shirtless pics of Chris and I feel like when you're a fucking cartoon these days that is just s a d. No thanks.

#8 - Kieta TanakaEdit


I'm getting Dyna a sensible taste in men for Christmas.

#7 - Chris PineEdit


Be hot in another Star Trek movie before trying to top my list like you topped that green woman.

#6 - Woo HwangEdit


I threw you a bone with putting you this high but I'm sorry I can't bye.

#5 - Garret AdelsteinEdit


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A gif is worth a thousand words.

#4 - Patter BaggenstosEdit


You did as best as any mortal on this list could Obama rip

#3 - Chris HemsworthEdit


Adorable Aussie stud too cute for this world etc. etc. etc.

p.s. pls keep your hair short your Thor hair is disgusting

#2 - Chris EvansEdit


I'm sorry please forgive me :(((((((((((((((

#1 - Chris PrattEdit


Notty to hotty king????? (y)

List #2Edit

#10 - Donald Trump Jr.Edit


Rich pasty white boy who would place last even if he wasn't ugly!!!

#9 - Godfrey MangwizaEdit


Well, #Redcist claims its first victim rip Godfrey thanks for taking Sarah instead of Ashleigh that was hot

#8 - Nick MaioranoEdit


I don't get it how is it humanly possible for someone's chest to be so sQuARE???

p.s. never slick back your hair it's like your trying to accentuate your douche

#7 - Kishi BashiEdit


Rad violin but god I can't even tell what your face looks like calm down

I'm sure you're a gay icon though hugs

#6 - Trevor MooreEdit


Sucks for you I am NOT!!! the viewing audience of American Idol seasons 7 thru 11 bye

#5 - bahamvtEdit


Kind of generic and i don't care what Mana says about last list's top 3 to argue with me -hmph-

#4 - Stephen FishbachEdit


He's a cute nerd guy who's kind of island hot I don't USUALLY thirst for this type but he's doable tbh

#3 - ShulkEdit


Robbed of 2nd bc of bullies </3 he's a hunk tho how many other hunks murder people in their underwear??

#2 - Ezra MillerEdit


Tbh this is how I picture Mana when I'm not looking at a picture of him and he is foineeee

#1 - Cristiano RonaldoEdit


Thank god soccer players have this weird habit of taking off their shirts so I could realize how much of a god among men Cristiano is <3 He defies #Redcist with his A+ body

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