Template:Featured Story This an all new story that is unrelated to my other competition stories as it is a fantasy story, and my other stories are usually rather grounded in reality. Chris got his hands on a time travel device and he did what came naturally. He decided to use it in order to find interesting teens for a brand new reality show. The teens will leap through time with Chris to compete in challenges, face grueling eliminations, and to try to win the competition.




Chris McLean


Alexander the Generally Awesome



Crimson Rose


El Serpiente




Jon Pierre



Love Possum







Sir Perlative




Chapter 1 - Welcome to the PresentEdit

Chris McLean smiles at the camera. He begins, "Hello and welcome to 2010. A time of cloning, teeth whitening, face transplants, and time travel. Yes, time travel. The government has been developing a time travel device for decades, and guess who got their hands on it."

A clip shows Chris running out of a government building wearing all black, with black makeup under his eyes, and a grey sack over his shoulder.

Presently, Chris holds up the device. He explains, "This tambourine looking thing is actually a time machine. Its a lot smaller than I was expecting... And it has less seating. Once I got my hands on this baby I thought of all the good that could be accomplished with it. Then I thought, let me make a reality show using distraught and wacky teenagers throughout history. If I could select my cast from any time period, it would make for the best... show... ever! Ha ha! So about an hour ago, I started using the device to select the teenagers. I basically picked teens that I found interesting, without any knowledge of what happens to them in the future, or what happened to them before I selected them. History was always my least favorite subject in school. Anyway, I brought the teens back to the future, but I set them each to return during different times after my introduction for dramatic effect. I sent them without myself as I went to the different time periods. I'm already here and now, anyway." Chris looks at his watch and says, "The first is just about to arrive."

In a flash of light, a very fancily dressed teenage girl appears out of nowhere. In a superior sounding voice, she says, "You will tell me what this is all about, Mr. McLean?"

Chris says, "You are in the future, Therese, for a reality show."

"Oh," Therese says. "I have no idea what any of that means."

"Ha ha!" Chris laughs.

Therese says, "It is considered impolite to laugh in front of a lady of noble status. And stop slouching, it's rude."

"I'm not slouching," Chris says defensively.

Therese says, "I say, you men are far shorter in the future." Chris frowns.

In another burst of light, a young Japanese man appears. He bows his head toward Chris, and says "Thank you." He turns to Therese, bows his head and says, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Daisuke."

Therese laughs haughtily and says, "That is what I call manners. It is a pleasure to meet you." She pauses and looks away. She says, "It is rude to show your exposed flesh in front of a proper young lady, however. I must detract five points from your overall evaluation."

"Please forgive me," Daisuke says as he closes his kimono and bows his head, again.

Chris says, "You're probably wondering why you can both understand each other. This device has been built with a modifier that makes everyone who passes through time with it to be able to speak and understand whatever language it is currently set to. It was set to English by default."

"The most superior language," Therese confirms.

"I know, right?" Chris says.

Another flash of light appears and a barely clad, hairy, young man appears. Therese's face turns bright red upon sight of the teen and she turns around. She says, "Will someone tell that animal to put on some sort of apparel? And also to stop slouching. His posture is atrocious."

The teen stares at Therese. Chris says, "This is Quog. He's a caveman."

Therese says, "I don't care. You can have manners no matter your upbringing."

Daisuke bows his head in Quog's direction. He says, "It is an honor to meet a predecessor. We can learn much about our present from our past." Quog proceeds to put his hands in Daisuke's hair, and systematically rummage through it. Daisuke asks, "Mr. McLean, what is this young man doing?"

"Checking for ticks, I guess," Chris explains.

Daisuke asks, "Does he say anything?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I don't think he's discovered language, yet. But he should be able to understand us, because of the language modifier thing."

Another flash of light illuminates the silver room. Quog's eyes widen. In terror he looks around him, and his focus ends up on Therese's skirt. He dives to the ground, lifts up Therese's skirt, and buries his head under it. Therese's face turns red. She screams, "Unhand me, you cretin! You foul creature!" Therese kicks at Quog.


"Such unladylike behavior," Chris says while shaking his head.

A beautiful, black haired girl says, in an Italian accent, "Hello? I suppose now is the future, yes?"

"How rude of me," Chris says. "Bianka, this is Daisuke." Daisuke bows his head in the girl's direction. Chris continues, "She's pretty much the most famous silent movie star, in the history of silent movies."

Bianka tilts her head and smiles softly, "Mr. McLean. What kind words."

Chris blushes and points at Therese and Quog, "This comedy duo is Therese and Quog, the guy with his head under her skirt."

"What a forward young man," Bianka states.

A light flashes and a boy shouts, "Extrie! Extrie!" He looks around him. "Where am I?"

Chris says, "In the future, like I explained to you."

"Gee whiz," the boy says. "You mean, you was for real?" The teen looks around himself, tucks a rolled up newspaper under his arm, and whistles. "I thought you was some crazy evangelizer, mister."

Therese shakes her head in disapproval, "Such improper grammar."

Chris says, "This is Ira."

Ira looks at Therese and Quog. He leans in toward Chris and puts his hand over his mouth as he whispers, "What's the broad's deal?"

Chris explains, "She has an issue with manners and proper grammar."

Ira looks again and says, "With that fella under her bloomers?"

Therese says, "I'll have you know that this situation was hardly my doing."

Ira shrugs, wipes his nose on his forearm, and extends his hand toward Therese. He says, "I'm Ira, pleased to meet'cha." Therese's eye twitches as she leaves his extended hand in midair. He eventually gets the point and puts his arm down. He squats closer to the floor and says, "Let's see what I can do about this fella." Ira puts his hand on Quog's back and says, "Hey, pal. I think it would be best if you got out from unda there." Quog emerges from the skirt and looks into Ira's eyes with a terrified expression on his face. Ira says, "Aw. The big guy was just scared, that's all. I don't blame him, and all." He looks up at Therese and smirks.

Therese let's out a "Harumph," before folding her arms and turning her head in another direction.

Another flash of light happens, and a ridiculously dressed, red haired teen emerges. Quog screams and falls to the floor. Ira squats down next to him and says, "Hey, pal. There ain't nothin' to be worried about. You ain't hurt is ya?" Quog shakes his head. Ira looks up at the teenage girl and says, "She is pretty scary lookin', though."

Daisuke bows his head and says, "If I may speak?"

Ira says, "You don't need permission to say somethin'."

Daisuke bows his head and says, "So, sorry. I believe Quog reacts to the flashing light."

"Ah," Ira says, "I see."

The newly arrived teen says in a slightly raspy voice, "Like, what year is this?"

Chris confirms, "2010, Sandi."

"You mean, you was truthin'?" Chris nods. Sandi puts her hands on her head and says, "Oh, wow. What a total trip!" Sandi looks over at Therese and says, "Who's the fancy chick?"

"She's Therese," Chris says.

Therese begins, "It's a pleasure to make the acquaintance of someone who appreciates..."

Sandi turns to Bianka and says, "Oh, wow. You're so fancy." Therese frowns slightly.

Bianka says, "Why, thank you."

Sandi turns to Daisuke, Ira, and Quog and says, "And you all are so handsome!" She pauses to examine Quog closer, and says, "The big one could use a manicure, though. Wait, is this some movie set or somethin'?"

"I can assure you that it isn't," Bianka says.

Ira leans in toward Daisuke and asks, "What's a movie set?" Daisuke shrugs.

Another flash of light happens. Quog whimpers. Ira puts an arm around Quog and says, "Nothin' to sweat, pal. Right?" Quog looks at Ira and nods.

A tall, blond teenage boy states, "All may bow down before me." Only Daisuke bows.

"This is..." Chris starts.

"Oh my gosh!" Sandi exclaims. "You're Alexander the Generally Awesome!"

Alexander laughs, "It appears that my legend proceeds me, even well into the future."

"I saw your picture in history class," Sandi explains, "You're the only cute guy in the book. Sorry, about the whole dying tragically at twenty-two thing. That's gotta be a major bummer."

"What?" Alexander asks with a raised eyebrow.

"You know..." Sandi starts. Chris rushes over to her and covers her mouth with his hands.

Chris says, "Don't listen to her. She's crazy." Chris removes his hands.

"You smell like beef jerky," Sandi states.

Chris sighs and says, "That's not the first time a woman said that to me."

Another teen arrives with a flash of light. A tall blonde girl in viking clothing looks around with her eyes wide.

Chris says, "And this is Inga." Inga charges Chris and binds his arms behind his head.

In a powerful voice, the teen says, "What sort of sorcery is this?"

Chris, sounding like he's in pain, says, "Not any sorcery! Just futureness!"

Sandi pouts and says, "There's a lot of words I don't know in the world."

Inga lets go of Chris and says, "You pose no threat to me, even if you decide to attack me. Hm. Why did you bring me here?"

"For a little competition," Chris explains.

Inga smirks and says, "I like competition. I'll stay."

Chris laughs and says, "Like you had a choi..." Inga glares at Chris and he fails to finish his sentence.

A light flashes, and a big teenage boy in dainty clothing and a white wig appears. He says, "So, that handsome man was telling the truth." The boy looks at Chris and says, "Oh, there you are." The teen winks at Chris.

Chris shudders and says, "This is Leopold."

Leopold pinches Chris' cheek. "You can call me Leo."

Chris sighs and says, "Why did I pick you, again? You may have heard some of his compositions in cartoons." Chris gets numerous blank stares.

Leopold walks over to the group of assembled teens. The other teens stare at him and he looks uneasy. He demands, "Would you all stop staring at me? I know I'm gorgeous but it makes me uncomfortable."

Alexander the Generally Awesome says, "Let me get this straight. You dress like that, and you don't like people staring at you?"

Leopold dramatically presses the back of his hand against his forehead and says, "Alas, there are some people who would look to harm a sweet, little buttercup such as myself." Leopold sighs.

Chris says, "That sounds like some back story that I'd rather not explore. Next up will be... Crimson Rose."

Leopold says, "Oh, my! That sounds like the color of my rouge." Leopold laughs, "Oh ho ho ho ho!" Quog hides behind Ira.

The next teen appears in a flash of light. "Avast! Ye scurvy dog wasn't fibbing," Crimson Rose says as she eyes up the other teens. She throws in an "Arrr." She looks at Leopold and says, "What fair beauty stands before me, arrr."

Leopold's actual blushing envelopes the makeup he's wearing. He puts his hands on his chin and says, "Oh, stop." As he bends his wrist in Crimson Rose's direction.

Alexander the Generally Awesome asks, "You like that sort of guy?"

"May I ask, what ye mean by 'that sort of guy'?" Crimson Rose asks.

Chris says, "Ah. Crimson Rose knows next to nothing about guys, and has had contact with about one boy her age."

"And he is me own brother, arr," Crimson Rose says with a frown. "But I like me prospects, here." She winks, or perhaps blinks, at Quog.

A light flashes and a short teen in a wrestling mask appears. "What is going on? I'm going to ravage whoever did this." He sets his eyes on Chris and leaps at him. Chris screams girlishly, and covers his face. He looks up to see Leopold standing in front of him. The newly arrived teen says, "Don't worry. I'm not going near that. But expect to be hurt if you mess with me." The teen points to Chris.

Leopold turns to Chris and says, "That was quite scary, I admit. But I'd do anything to protect you." Leopold bats his eyelashes at Chris. Chris screams girlishly, again.

Chris says, "The masked teen is a wrestler, referred to only as El Serpiente." Lightning flashes at the mention of the teen's stage name. A goat is heard bleating in the distance.

"That's right," El Serpiente says. "And I don't take no guff from no one."

"Right," Chris says. "Remind me what guff is?"

The next teen arrives with the usual flash of light. Every male contestant's jaw drops, including Leopold's. 'Waa waa waa wa wa' music plays in the background. An Egyptian teen girl says, "Oh, silly boys. I get that reaction wherever I go."

Chris says, "Uh, this beauty is..."

"You may refer to me as Cleo," the girl says with a purr.

"Cleo," Quog grunts.

Chris says, "His first word! How adorable!"

"Boys are so cute," Cleo says sweetly.

"Was someone talking of me?" A boy with a French accent says.

"Jon Pierre," Chris says with alarm. "When did you arrive?"

"Just a few minutes ago," Jon Pierre states. He eyes the contestants, who all look at him wide eyed. "This group is not used to such beauty, I can see." He states.

Chris says, "Whatever you say, brother."

Jon Pierre, who is now randomly shirtless, says, "It is a curse to be so beautiful."

"Tell me about it," Chris and Alexander the Generally Awesome say in unison.

He pauses and looks at the two. He says, "I do not have all day." Chris and Alexander frown. Jon Pierre walks over to the group of teens and says to Cleo, "It is rare to find someone as beautiful as I." Cleo gives a hint of a smile. Jon Pierre says, "When you find someone, let me know." Cleo rolls her eyes.

Another flash of light appears, and an African American girl with a large afro appears. She gruffly walks up to Chris, holds out her hand, and says, "Where's my money, foo'?"

"Eh," Chris says, "What?"

"I said," the girl states matter of factly, "Where's my money? Then I said foo'. You told me if I came here you would give me a hundred thousand dollars. So give me my money, turkey."

Chris says, "Not so loud. The prize money is different for whoever wins. I told you that you only get the money if you win."

"That's messed up," the girl says. "I wouldn't a agreed to show up if I knew all that." She walks over to where Jon Pierre is standing.

Chris says, "That sweet little angel is Florence."

"Mm hmm, that's about right," Florence states. Jon Pierre stares at her. Florence turns to him and says, "What are you lookin' at, sucka?"

Jon Pierre blushes and says, "It's just that you are the first girl... You are female aren't you?"

"What did you say?!" Florence says angrily.

Jon Pierre quickly says, "Pardon me, it is my English."

Chris says, "Your English is fine, dude. If not, the language modifier took care of it."

Jon Pierre says, "What I meant to say is that you are the first girl to not be fixated by my beauty."

"Oh, sorry, hon," Florence says sweetly. Her tone changes, "I don't go fallin' for just any good lookin', sweet talkin' turkey who's just after me for my body." Several laughs are heard from the other contestants. She points at Jon Pierre and says, "And if you keep botherin' me, I'm gonna fixate my foot in your..."

A flash of light brings the next contestant to the room. "Aye, so that's what time travel is like." The teen looks down and says, "Just making sure me kilt is in order."

"And here's Robert," Chris says. Some chuckles are heard from some of the male contestants.

"What happened to your face?" asks Alexander the Generally Awesome.

"Apparently a lot less than what nature did to yours," Robert states. The smile is wiped off of Alexander's face.

Chris says, "Robert here is an ex..."

Robert covers Chris' mouth with his hand. Robert says, "An extreme example of what a perfect soldier should be like. I single-handedly defeated each opposing army that ever crossed me path."

Crimson Rose whispers to Sandi, "I like the cut of his jib."

"Aye," Robert continues, "It goes to say that injury is inevitable for even the best of warriors. Isn't that right, lass?" Robert directs the question to Crimson Rose.

She laughs and says, "Arrr, aye. Arr."

Chris shrugs and says, "I gotta pay more attention to those biographies I write up. I could have sworn that... Oh, who cares?"

"No one," Therese assures.

"Do you know rhetorical means?" Chris asks sarcastically.

Therese blushes and says, "Well, I never."

"Apparently not," Chris says with a sigh.

The usual light flashes and a tough girl appears. She looks around and says, "Wowie." She looks at Chris and says, "Hey, I know you."

Chris raises an eyebrow and says, "Do you really? Anyway, I want you all to meet Roxie."

Roxie lifts an arm and says, "Hey. Nice to meet you all." Roxie walks to the rest of the group.

Robert says, "Hello, lass. What brings you here?"

"It sounded like fun, I guess," Roxie answers. Robert nods.

The light flashes and a tall young man with a goatee appears.

"The devil!" El Serpiente shouts. The newly arrived young man looks surprised.

"No, this is Mark," Chris says. "Welcome to the competition. I think he's talking about your facial hair..."

Mark says, "Oh. Thanks, Charles." Mark looks among the gathered contestants.

Chris begins, "Uh, it's Chris..."

Mark says, "Wow. Sandi Lumper?"

Sandi raises an eyebrow and says, "How did he know my name?"

"Are you kidding?" Mark says. "You're the most famous singer in the universe!"

Sandi's eyes widen. "What?"

Mark's attention changes to Alexander. He says, "Wow! Alexander the Generally Awesome is here? Seriously? You look just like your history textbook picture, dude. Sorry about the tragic death at twenty-two thing."

Alexander looks at Chris and says, "Why do people keep saying that to me?" Chris smiles nervously.

Mark looks at Bianka. He says, "You seem familiar." He looks at Jon Pierre and says, "You seem familiar, too." He turns to Florence and says, "Florence Jackson?" His jaw drops. "I love your sitcoms."

"Thanks," Florence says appreciatively.

"Uh, Chris?" Mark says.

"What is it?" Chris says.

Mark asks, "All these people are really famous or important. What am I doing here?"

Chris says, "Are you kidding? You are the unofficial sixth member of The Boy Toys, only, like, the best band ever in history. It's awesome to have you here! You're like royalty." Chris giggles excitedly.

Mark says, "That's why you brought me here?" Chris nods with a smile plastered on his face. Mark says, "Cool."

A light flashes, and a girl in a cowboy hat appears. She says, "Yeeehaw! That was a wild ride, ya'll!"

Chris says, "This is Millie."

"As in 'Millie the Kidette'?" Mark asks. Chris nods. Mark puts a hand on his head and says, "I can't believe it. They made a musical about you."

Inga asks, "Who is 'Millie the Kidette'?"

Millie says, "Only the rootin' tootin'est gun slingingest cowgirl in the wild west."

Mark laughs and repeats, "Tootin'est."

A light flashes and a scrawny looking knight appears. "That man telleth the truth," the teen states.

Chris says, "This is Sir Perlative, a real live knight."

"Oooooh," some of the teens say in unison.

Chris says, "I know. Pretty cool, huh?"

Robert asks, "Did you ever fight any dragons?"

Sir Perlative says, "Uh, I hath removed a lizard from the palace, before."

"Oooooh," Some of the teens say in unison.

"Can I touch your cape?" Leopold asks.

"Uh, I guess," Sir Perlative says with a shrug. Leopold touches Sir Perlative's cape.

Another flash of light erupts and another person from the middle ages appears. "What light from yonder... middle of the room breaks. It is I, Julietta."

Some of the other teens applaud. Leopold says, "What an entrance." He wipes a tear from his eye.

"Thank you, fair maiden," Julietta says with a bow. She frolics to the other side of the room.

Therese says, "Chris, is two people from the middle ages really fair?"

"Yes," Chris states.

Therese says, "Just asking."

El Serpiente begins to shake uncontrollably. "Is this almost over? I'm getting tired of standing here."

Chris says, "Almost."

Another flash of light appears. "What's up all my brothers and sisters?" the young blond man says.

"Enter Love Possum," Chris says.

Love Possum smiles and says, "Peace and love, brothers and sisters."

Love Possum walks down to the end of the group. He stops at Florence and says, "Right on, sister!" The two bump fists. Love Possum stands by Julietta and holds her hand. He says,"Let's all hold hands and feel the love." No one else complies.

Roxie says, "What kind of name is Love Possum?"

"The possum is my spirit animal, and love is what makes the world go round, sister," Love Possum explains. He makes his hand into a peace sign.

"That was really special," Chris says.

El Serpiente growls, "That guy is the weirdest person I've met, and I've met Leopold."

The light flashes and a girl in a chair, with wild hair appears.

El Serpiente says, "I take that back."

"Hello," a computerized voice states. "I am Xiomara. It is nice to meet some historical figures. As opposed to geometrical figures. Ha ha ha."

Mark asks, "Does anyone else know who Stephen Hawking is?"

The technologically advanced chair floats across the room and lands next to Love Possum. Love Possum silently stares at the girl. He asks, "Do you ever get up from that thing?"

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "There is no reason to. The need for walking has been eradicated in the future."

Love Possum says, "Like a permanent sit in? Right on, sister. Right on." Love Possum smiles.

Chris says, "That's everyone. Here's how it will work. There will be two teams of eleven."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "That number does not compute."

Chris further explains, "We will all go together throughout time to compete in challenges. At least one of you will be eliminated after each challenge. After each elimination, the eliminated player can say goodbye. They will then be returned to the precise moment they were plucked from time, complete with their memories of what happened during the competition. That about covers it. I'll announce teams, the teens will face their first challenge, and the first player will be eliminated next time on Total... Drama... Time Travel."

Chapter 2 - Central Theme Park Edit

Chris stands in front of the twenty-two teens. He smiles and says, "Welcome to this week's episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel! Last time, I went back in time in order to cast my latest reality show. This time we'll select teams and our teens will compete in their first challenge. Whom will be teamed with who?" Therese's eye twitches. "What will be the first challenge? And who will be the first teen eliminated from Total... Drama... Time Travel?" Everyone glares at Xiomara.

Sandi asks, "So, I wonder what the teams are going to be?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I don't know."

"Pardon me, sir," Daisuke says with a bow, "But how will you decide?"

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "Might I suggest composing a statistical analysis of each contestant, and comprising the teams based on what would be the most balanced?"

"That sounds good," Chris says, "But boring. I have a better idea." Chris gets a gleam in his eye. He smiles and holds up his time travel device and disappears with a flash of light. He returns almost as soon as he disappeared.

Leopold asks with a hint of worry, "Where did you go?"

Sir Perlative raises an eyebrow and says, "Thou just went into the future to see what the teams were... Didn't thou?"

The teens look at Chris. He says, "Yup." Mark slaps his forehead. Chris says, "Okay, the first team is comprised of Alexander the Generally Awesome, Jon Pierre, El Serpiente, Sir Perlative, Leopold, Sandi, Xiomara, Bianka, Inga, Crimson Rose, and Millie. You will be called 'The Time Shares'."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "Ha ha ha!" Ira looks at Love Possum with a confused expression. They both shrug.

Chris continues, "The other team is made up of Therese, Roxie, Florence, Julietta, Cleo, Mark, Ira, Quog, Love Possum, Daisuke, and Robert. Your team name is..."

Therese says, "I have to be teamed with that Neanderthal?" She points to Quog.

Sandi whispers to Roxie, "You know, I'd stand up for the guy if it didn't apply."

"Look," Ira states, "I like the fella. If you can't handle being on his team, then blow it out your ear, girlie."

Therese looks annoyed. She says, "How rude!" Ira sticks his tongue out at Therese.

Chris says, "Ha ha! As I was saying, your team is called 'Past Tensity'."

Mark laughs and says, "It fits."

Chris says, "Well, each team has two rooms in this building. You can sleep for the night, and then tomorrow is the big day of your first challenge. You have a bathroom connected to your bedrooms, that doubles as an interview room." The teens look at Chris in a confused manner. He says, "Well, goodnight."

The teens shrug and head toward the rooms with their team names on them.

The guys from Past Tensity enter their room. Mark says, "Wait... Is there only five beds?"

"No problem," Ira says. "I got no problem sleeping on the floor."

"Like, what's that sound?" Love Possum asks.

Robert sniffs, "What smells?"

Everyone turns to see Quog urinating facing one of the beds, with his back to the other guys. Mark says, "Oh, sick."

"What is he doing?" Robert asks.

Daisuke says, "Marking his territory."

Mark says, "That's not cool." Mark looks around and says, "We can't let him do that. Isn't anyone going to do something?"

Ira sighs and walks up to Quog. He takes his rolled up newspaper and gently hits Quog in the head with it. He says firmly, "No!" Quog looks surprised, and stops what he's doing. Ira hits Quog with the newspaper, again. Quog cowers and grunts. Ira says, "Use the bathroom when you have to."

Mark thinks and says, "You know... I suppose he has no idea what a bathroom is."

"Oh," Love Possum says while snapping his fingers. "That's right. He's used to easing nature in nature."

"Someone will have to show him how to use it," Mark says.

Daisuke, Robert, Mark, and Love Possum say in unison, "Well, goodnight." They all jump into a bed.

Ira sighs and says, "Alright. I sees how it is." Ira looks around the room and opens a supply closet. He takes out a mop and cleans the floor. He then takes Quog by the ear and brings him into the bathroom. Flushing is heard from inside the bathroom, and Ira and Quog walk out, Ira's face bright red.

Ira says in confessional, "It had to be done, and I was the only one man enough to do it. I neva had to potty train anyone before, but I guess Quog is like one of the little kids at the orphanage. They have to fend fo' themselves, and no one wants to be the one to take care of 'em. So, yeah. That's where I take over, usually, I guess."

Ira says to Quog, "Okay, bud. You can have this bed to yourself. I'll sleep on the floor, so..." Quog curls up in a ball at the foot of the empty bed. Ira says, "You okay like that, bud?" Quog snores. Ira shrugs and gets into the empty bed.

In the morning, the teens meet Chris in the main room of the mysterious building.

Chris says, "Alright. It's time for your first challenge." A television monitor lowers from the ceiling.

Therese shrieks, "What is that?"

Chris says, "Nothing to worry about. It'll show you footage, so I can better brief you on your challenge." Chris holds up a remote control and clicks it. An image of Chris as a child appears. He says, "Wasn't I so cute?"

Leopold says, "I suppose, but you really blossomed to become the beautiful man you are today."

"Aye," Crimson Rose agrees.

Chris looks disturbed. He says, "Moving on." He clicks the remote and an image of an amusement park appears. He says, "When I was seven, my parents took me to the happiest place on Earth, 'The Happiest Place on Earth World'. It was the most excited I ever was, and the best day of my life." Chris clicks the remote. An image of another child is shown. He's wearing a black shirt, has a crew cut, and looks intimidating in general. Chris says, "Then it happened. The boy you see here ruined my life, and made me the cynical, sadistic man you see before you."

"'The Happiest Place on Earth World'..." Sandi recollects. "Didn't that place get shut down?"

"Obviously it wasn't when I went there," Chris says.

"Oh, wow," Alexander the Generally Awesome says, "What did he do? Did he kidnap you or your parents?" Chris shakes his head.

Cleo asks, "Did he throw a random poisonous snake at you?" Chris shakes his head.

El Serpiente suggests, "He removed your mask?"

Mark laughs. He says, "No. We can tell he still has that on." Mark slaps El Serpiente on the back. El Serpiente glares at Mark.

Chris sighs and says, "It was worse than all of that. I was there, minding my own business, having the day of my life when..." The teens look wide eyed at Chris. He buries his head in his hands and says, "He popped my Marty the Mouse balloon." The contestants stare at Chris. He looks at them and says, "Oh, sure. You're all judging me now. 'Why would a grown man be so distraught over something so pathetic?' But that event changed me. I saw the world for the dark, miserable place it was."

"You gotta be kidding me," Florence says.

"I was just wondering what a balloon was," Inga states.

"So," Jon Pierre says, "What does this have to do with me?"

"I want you to go back and change it," Chris states.

Mark says, "Wait, won't that alter the future, like stepping on a fly in the Jurassic period?"

Chris says, "Who cares? This is about my happiness."

Julietta says, "So what art we to do about it?"

"Well," Chris says, "I've done my research on that boy through different means. I found out that he had been to the park three weeks earlier, and enjoyed it. He begged his parents to bring him back. That latter trip was when our fates forever became intertwined. I want you to ruin the experience for him the first time, so he never wants to return."

"Gosh, doesn't that seem a tad selfish and cruel?" Sandi asks.

"Uh," Chris says, "No. That little brat deserves it. The team that emotionally scars that twerp worst wins!"

The teens look at each other. Quog digs around in his belly button.

Chris messes with his time travel device. He says, "Okay, everything is set. We won't change your outfits since this is a theme park. Meaning, for you slow pre-amusement park people, that you'll fit right in."

With a flash of light the teens are brought to the past. Chris states, "You guys better look for that kid if you wanna win."

Florence looks around and says, "What year is this, sucka?"

Chris answers, "1977."

Florence says, "Right on! I can really dig this challenge."

A tourist walks up and says, "Florence Jackson! I love you! Would you take a picture with my family?"

"Sure thing," Florence says with a smile. The family takes a picture with her. Quog looks scared at the flash of the camera, but quickly tries to pretend it didn't bother him. The family leaves.

"Wow," Roxie says. "You must be some big celebrity."

Florence says, "Oh, no. I'm nobody special."

Chris says, "We need less humility, and more emotional scarring. Get to it, people!"

The Time Shares gather around and everyone looks to Alexander The Generally Awesome. Crimson Rose says, "Arrr, I say ye should lead, as ye be some great conqueror." The others nod.

Alexander says, "Fine. We should split up in teams of two in order to cover more ground." Alexander begins shouting, "So we can find that child and ruin his life!"

"Yeah!" the teens cheer.

Alexander the Generally Awesome says, "One of us should stay here in case he walks by."

"It looks like the others already have a leader," Cleo says as she looks over at The Time Shares as the disperse. "We should have one, too." She looks at Robert and sweetly says, "How about you, Robert?"

Robert says nervously, "Me? Why, me?"

"Because thou hath experience in battle," Julietta says, "Thou said so."

"Yeah," Robert says looking down.

Robert says in confessional, "The moment I came here, I said I was someone I wasn't. I wanted to be the hero I always dreamed to be. So... Now's my chance. The others have no idea who I really am, so... I can be who I want to."

Robert looks over at the other team as they disperse. He says, "We should team up in teams of two. So we can spread out and find the lad. One of us can stay behind so the others can report back to them... Or something."

"An excellent strategy," Daisuke says.

"Thanks, laddie" Robert says with a smile. The teens split up and go in different directions.

Mark and Roxie are paired together. As the two teens walk together, Mark says, "So what time period are you from, again?"

"1942," Roxie says. "At least presently."

"Oh," Mark says. "So you're like one of those..."

"I dropped out of school to be a riveter," Roxie answers.

"You left school?" Mark asks. Roxie nods. "Don't you regret that?"

Roxie shakes her head and says, "I did it to support those who went to fight for my country, though I don't like fighting. Plus, I like to work hard."

"So, when the war ends," Mark says, "you want to keep working?"

Roxie shrugs and says, "Maybe. But sometimes I feel like it's never going to end."

"Oh," Mark looks to the side. "Right."

Mark says in confessional, "During my talk with Roxie, I was reminded that I know things these people don't. I need to be more careful with what I say."

Sandi and Xiomara are walking together. A freckled, red-haired child says to his mother, "Mom! Look at the clowns!"

Sandi looks at Xiomara and says, "Is he talking about us, or somethin'?" Eventually, a crowd gathers around them. Sandi whispers to Xiomara, "I think we better keep movin'."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "While your hypothesis is logical, I believe I have a more ideal strategy. If we generate a large assembly of people, the adolescent we seek may come to us."

Sandi thinks for a second. She says, "I didn't understand half of what you said, but it sounds official. How are you going to get people to stop here?"

"You sing a song," Xiomara says.

Sandi looks around and says, "Who, me? What song?"

Xiomara says, "I will print out the lyrics to your future classic, 'I Espy Your Accurate Hues'." The lyrics are printed on a piece of paper from the bottom of Xiomara's chair.

"What a kooky song title," Sandi takes the piece of paper. "Wait, where did this come from?" Sandi looks disturbed, shrugs, and starts singing. The crowd looks on in amazement, as more people begin to gather.

Alexander the Generally Awesome and Millie are walking together. Millie looks up and says, "What is that, pardner?"

Alexander looks on and says, "It looks like an advanced chariot. But I really do not know."

"Me neither," Millie says, "but it looks fun. Can we go on it?"

Alexander states, "No. We have a challenge that needs to be fulfilled."

Millie's eyes dart back and forth. She says, "Well, it is pretty darn high. Shoot, I bet you could see the whole park from up there."

Alexander says, "I suppose we could be able to locate that young person. Let's ride it... For the purpose of the challenge, only."

Millie says, "Of course." She excitedly says, "Yehaw!", as they stand at the back of the line.

Ira and Quog are walking together. People stare at Quog as he passes. Quog sees a person in a giant deer costume. Ira says, "Quog, did you notice any... Quog?" Ira looks around him, and Quog is nowhere to be seen. Ira sees a group of people looking up and pointing. Ira looks up to see Quog laying on the roof of the building. Ira then sees what Quog is looking at, the deer mascot. The deer mascot crouches to give a child a hug. Ira looks back up at Quog. Quog gets ready to pounce. Ira shouts, "Quog! No!" but his cry comes too late as Quog lands on the deer mascot.

Quog's body is wrapped around the mascot. He bites its arm, and the person inside yelps. Ira runs to Quog, but is unable to get passed the crowd that had gathered to watch the incident. The crowd cheers as Quog hits the mascot on the foam head, not knowing that the event isn't a show. The person in the costume shouts, "Get off of me, you freak!" Quog looks surprised that the creature spoke, and hits the foam head harder to the point of where it falls off, revealing the acne ridden teenager inside.

Quog looks surprised, as does Ira, and many of the children in the crowd. One girl looks up at her parents and says, "Mommy? What happened to Dumbi?" The girl starts crying, causing a chain reaction from the rest of the small children present.

Ira breaks passed the crowd and grabs hold of Quog's ear. He drags Quog away from the scene and says, "No, Quog. What you did was very bad." Quog looks sad. Ira says, "But I think we have a way of scarring that kid we're looking for..."

The deer mascot teen shouts, "Get back here. I'm getting security!" Ira lets go of Quog's ear and takes hold of his hand. The teens run from the area.

Sir Perlative and Jon Pierre are walking together. Jon Pierre sighs and looks at his fingernails. He says, "This task is so tedious. Don't you agree?"

"Mayhaps," Sir Perlative. "But we must take each task seriously."

"Oh, who asked you," Jon Pierre says.

Sir Perlative says, "Nevermind. You know I think it would be a good strategy if we search this area separately, and then meet back here when we're done. That way we could get our task done faster." Sir Perlative looks around and sees that Jon Pierre had already left.

Daisuke walks with Therese. Therese complains, "My feet are tired. I want to sit down."

Daisuke bows and says, "If that is what you wish."

Therese stands still. She looks at Daisuke and crosses her arms. She says, "Well, aren't you going to find me a place to rest?"

Daisuke bows his head and says, "Forgive me." He looks around and points to an empty bench. The teens walk over to the bench. Daisuke removes his kimono.

Therese shouts, "How dare you remove your garb in the presence of a..." Daisuke rests the kimono on the bench. "Oh," Therese says. "It appears I was mistaken about your intent. Thank you." Therese sits down. She looks around and sees a restroom behind them. Daisuke looks up to see a boy walking hand in hand with his parents. He's smiling wide. Daisuke looks at Therese. She says, "You will desist in awkwardly gazing at me. It's rude."

Daisuke says, "But that is the boy we are searching for."

Therese looks surprised and says, "We found him?"

The boy says, "I have to use the bathroom." He starts to head toward the restroom. He says, "Mom? Dad? Thanks for today. This has been the best day of my life."

"You're welcome, Howie," his father states. The boy smiles and enters the restroom.

Therese leans in toward Daisuke and says, "So go in there and traumatize that kid."

"What? Why do I have to?" Daisuke asks.

Therese says, "Well, I can hardly go into that establishment after him. You're another male."

Daisuke says, "I don't want to be the one to hurt him. If you'll please forgive me."

"You are a samurai, no?" Therese asks. Daisuke nods. "Then you are obligated to do as I say."

Daisuke looks down. He says, "Okay. I would rather wait for him to come out from there, though."

Therese says, "Fine."

The teens had been ignoring Howie's parents, who were standing on the side of the restroom. The teens begin to listen in on there conversation. "Look, can you stop nagging me for five minutes?" the boy's father asks. "We agreed that we would act like civilized adults while we were here, for Howie's sake."

"I know," Howie's mother says, "I'm sorry. I hate to think of how he might be affected when we tell him we plan on getting divorced."

Therese looks at Daisuke and whispers, "Do you know what a divorce is?" Daisuke nods. Therese looks solemn.

"He needs to have one good memory of his parents, and not just see our constant fighting, before we let him know," Howie's father states. He pauses. He says, "I wish you could forgive me for what I did."

"Don't bring it up, again," Howie's mother states. "I don't want to talk about it. You betrayed my trust, and I tried to forget it, but I can't."

Howie's father sighs. He says, "Well, while we're here, let's pretend we're as happy with each other as the day we met. I want this to be the happiest day of his life, before the divorce."

Therese and Daisuke look down at the ground. Therese looks up to see that Howie had already stepped out of the restroom. She sees the tears in his eyes before he wipes them away with his arm. He puts on a smile and approaches his parents. He says, "I'm done. Where are we going to go next?" He takes a hand of each parent in his, and they walk away.

Daisuke looks at Therese and says, "I apologize. I can no longer go through with this challenge."

"Neither can I," Therese says. She asks, "What do we do, now?"

"I suppose we should go back to where Chris and Robert are," Daisuke suggests, "and let them know what we found out." Therese stands. Daisuke puts on his kimono, and they head back to where they first arrived.

Jon Pierre is walking down a path by himself. He looks bored. He turns to his left and his mouth slips open, and his eyes widen. He reads the sign above the building out loud, "House of mirrors."

He walks into the building and smiles at the sight of his reflection in the first mirror. He turns around and poses in front of the mirror behind him. He says, "This is heaven." He continues walking deeper into the mirror-filled establishment where he spots a circular room full of mirrors. He poses, trying to look at himself from very angle. He removes his shirt and throws it to the side, and continues posing. He next removes his pants, and poses in his underwear. A mother and child enter the room. The mother screams, covers her child's eyes, and runs out of the room. Jon Pierre fails to pay attention to anything but his own reflection.

Sir Perlative is now shown looking around, spotting the target with his parents. Sir Perlative walks toward the boy, but is stopped by a group of tourists. "Pardon me," Sir Perlative says.

A big, brawny male tourist says, "Can we get our picture with you? My friends and I love medieval times."

Sir Perlative says, "Uh, I am quite busy, sorry."

"Oh, come on," another tourist says. "It won't take long."

Sir Perlative looks up to see the boy walk out of sight. Sir Perlative sighs and says, "Fine." The group of tourists touch Sir Perlative's cape as their picture is taken.

After exiting the roller coaster, Millie says, "That sure was fun! But I guess we should go look for that little squirt."

Alexander reaches out and grabs Millie's arm. He shouts, "Let us ride, again!" Millie nods, and the teens get back in line.

Daisuke and Therese return to where they started.

Robert asks, "What are the two of ya doing back here?"

Daisuke bows his head and says, "I am sorry, but Therese and I decided to quit the challenge."

Chris walks over and says, "Did I hear, right?" Therese nods. Chris says, "Maybe you guys don't get the point of challenges. Winning. Winning the challenge. You win this one by making that bully miserable."

"I do not like your tone," Therese says.

Daisuke says, "Chris, the boy's parents brought him here for a happy experience, before they... get divorced."

Chris raises his eyebrows. "What?" he asks. "I... I didn't know that." Chris looks down and says, "I feel really stupid, right now."

"And selfish," Therese adds.

"Yeah," Chris says with a sigh. "All these years and I haven't let go. I never once thought about what that kid could have been going through. The challenge is off."

Bianka walks over and says, "But the others don't know. They might try to go after the boy."

Chris says, "I'll think of something."

Leopold and Crimson Rose are walking along with their arms intertwined. They come across Love Possum and Cleo. A series of teenage boys with candy and flowers follow Cleo.

Leopold says, "Oh, my. Are any of those kids the one we're looking for?"

Cleo shakes her head and says, "Welcome to my world."

Florence is walking, while Julietta is leaping. Florence says, "Mama, would you slow down?" Florence sighs.

Julietta points ahead and says, "Look! The boy we art following!"

El Serpiente and Inga appear out of nowhere and rush toward the child and his family. El Serpiente stands behind the boy, cracks his knuckles, and howls. Howie looks up at El Serpiente, as lightning flashes and illuminates the teen's face. Howie's parents grab his arms tight and run ahead.

A voice comes over the loudspeaker and says, "Will the Total Drama Time Travel contestants please make their way back to the area that they began their task. I repeat. Will the Total Drama Time Travel contestants please head back to the area they began their challenge. The challenge has been changed. The first complete team that makes it back to the spot that this challenge began, wins the challenge."

Florence sighs and says, "Now that ain't right. I walked all this way just to walk back?"

Julietta says, "It sounds like fun!" Julietta turns around, leaps in the other direction, and tosses flower petals upward as she sails through the air. Florence sighs.

El Serpiente growls, "And just when I was about to taste that little twerp's blood." Inga and Florence look at him with concern in their eyes.

Inga says, with her strong voice, "We better head back, El Serpiente." El Serpiente growls.

Back at where Chris is, Julietta joins the already gathering group. She says, "Who art missing, pray tell?" Florence, El Serpiente, and Inga arrive soon after Julietta.

Love Possum says, "I think the knight brother, the beautiful dude, 'News', and Alley Oop." Julietta nods.

A pair of teens arrive. Chris announces, "The Past Tensions win the first challenge!" Ira hugs Quog, and the rest of the team cheers.

Alexander the Generally Awesome sighs, "I'm not used to losing."

El Serpiente walks up to Chris and says, "You better have had a good reason to call off the original challenge. I almost won it for the team."

Chris says, "Yeah. I had a good reason."

Sir Perlative walks back alone, and quietly says, "I hath lost Jon Pierre."

"I'll be lookin' for 'im," Crimson Rose says.

Chris says, "No. We don't want anyone else to get lost. I'll go look for him. You all stay put. Alright?" The teens nod.

Later, Chris returns with an ascot and underwear clad Jon Pierre. Robert says, "Where was the wee lad?"

Chris says, "He was picked up by security for indecent exposure."

"A body this beautiful needs to be seen," Jon Pierre states. Crimson Rose nods rapidly.

Mark says, "Oh, now I remember where I saw you before. Dude, you're a world famous statue in the future."

"It is not surprising," Jon Pierre says.

Mark pauses and says, "Maybe, I shouldn't have told him that."

Chris says, "Well, we're all here. Let's go back to 2010." Chris holds up his time travel device, and he and the teenagers disappear with the flash of light. Spectators at the park look on and applaud.

Howie and his family walk toward the entrance. Howie looks sad as he looks down at the ground. His mother says, "So did you have a good time?"

Howie smiles and says, "Did I ever! Thank you for bringing me." Howie hugs both of his parents together and says. "Can we come back next weekend? And the one after that? And the one after that?" He looks at both of his parents with wide eyes.

Howie's parents look at each other in surprise. His father says, "We'll see."

"I want us to be just like today, forever," Howie says with a smile.

At the first elimination ceremony, that takes place in a room decorated with pictures and artwork from throughout history, Chris says, "You have each voted for the contestant you would like to see eliminated. I'll announce who is safe." Chris clears his throat. "Inga, Bianka, Crimson Rose, Millie, Sandi, Xiomara, Sir Perlative, and Leopold. You are all safe and get to compete in another challenge." Alexander the Generally Awesome looks nervous. El Serpiente looks angry. Jon Pierre looks hot. Chris says, "Alexander, you're safe." The teen lets out a heavy sigh. Chris says, "The one of you leaving the competition today, and returning to your own time period is..."

"Jon Pierre."

"Oh, who cares?" Jon Pierre says.

Crimson Rose frowns and says, "You aren't even a little disappointed to be leaving?"

"I was here as long as I needed to be," Jon Pierre states.

Chris says, "You can say your goodbyes and..."

"I am ready to go," Jon Pierre says.

Chris shrugs. He says, "If you says so." Chris takes Jon Pierre aside. He holds the time travel device toward the boy, and he disappears in a flash of light.

Jon Pierre looks around at his apartment and says, "It is good to be home." He continues to look around him and says, "I learned so much in just one day, that the others would never understand." He walks through his apartment and picks up a mirror. He carries it to where his easel is set up. He looks at his reflection and says, "I discovered that I am beautiful from every angle, in places I didn't even know I had." Jon Pierre continues gathering every mirror in his apartment and setting them up around his easel. The teen steps in the middle of the mirrors, and his easel. He looks at his reflection and smiles. "It will be my best work, yet." He gently begins to paint on the canvas.

Chapter 3 - Total Drama Time Travel and the Quest for the Holy GrailEdit

Chris McLean appears on screen and says, "Hello and welcome to Total Drama Time Travel. Last time, I brought the teens to the 1970s in order to disturb a bully at an amusement park, so that he wouldn't come back to the park in order to traumatize me. When Daisuke and Therese found the boy, they discovered that his parents were at the verge of getting a divorce, and thought that it would be best not to interfere in his life. Instead of going through with the challenge, they reported it back to me. I called off the challenge with the help of a loudspeaker, the best invention the world has seen, and changed the challenge to having the teens return to their starting position. I later found out that the boy came back to the park for the next three weekends, and his parents arguing caused him to be pretty mad at the world. He took his aggression out on me, but... now I understand. Even though it took me thirty... something years to learn that. Anyway, back to the boring details. Jon Pierre was the last to arrive, after being distracted by a house of mirrors, and lost the challenge for his team. He was speedily eliminated, though he didn't seem to care. Who will be eliminated this time?"

The female members of Past Tensity are in their room at night.

Roxie sighs. Therese says, "Do not exhale deeply. It is rude."

"Don't listen to her, mama," Florence says while glaring at Therese. "We all know she's a bit messed up in the head. What's wrong, girl?"

Roxie says, "I miss home."

"I think we all do," Julietta says, "but Chris told us that we shall be returned to the time we left. So we shan't miss a thing. Plus, this hath been quite fun."

"I know all that," Roxie says. "But I feel that I'm doing something worthwhile, then. What we're doing now seems very unimportant."

Cleo says, "I think it would be best to sleep on it. In the morning you'll probably feel differently."

"You're probably, right," Roxie says. "Thanks." The girls get in their beds.

Florence whispers to Cleo, "Nice going, sugar. That was the right thing to say."

Cleo says, "Oh. Thanks. I just didn't want to stay up and lose any beauty sleep. It takes a lot of rejuvenation keep looking good."

"Don't I know it," Florence says.

In the morning, the teens meet Chris in the main room. He says, "Good morning. For today's challenge, we shalt travel backeth to Medieval Times."

Several "Woohoo"s are heard from the contestants.

"I know," Chris say excitedly. He says grandiosely, "We shall set out on an epiceth quest to findeth the Holy Grail!"

Mark says, "Wow. That's like my favorite movie."

Chris brings out a chest full of costumes. He says, "If we're going back then, you guys have to look the part." The teens rummage through the costumes. "So, when everyone's ready, we'll head off."

Roxie looks down at the floor. She says, "Chris. I don't want to go."

Chris looks surprised. He says, "What do you mean? This is going to be fun!"

Roxie says, "I don't know. I feel like my energy is better used in my time. I think that's what I'd rather be doing."

"But you know I'll send you back to the precise moment I took you from," Chris says.

"Yeah," Roxie says. "I know. I don't know how to explain it, but my heart really isn't in this."

Chris shrugs and says, "Okay. If that's what you want."

Roxie nods and says, "It is."

"Say goodbye to the others," Chris says.

Roxie hugs Mark, Florence, Cleo, and Julietta. She says, "Even though I haven't been here all that long, I think you guys are great friends. It was an honor to meet you."

Florence says, "You take care of yourself, girl." Roxie smiles and nods.

Chris says, "Okay, Roxie. Come here and I'll send you home." Roxie approaches Chris, and he sends her back in time while holding up his travel device.

Back in 1942, Roxie reappears. She sees that she is riveting. She smiles and continues working.

Chris says, "Anyone else wanna go home?" Everyone, but Daisuke, glares at Therese.

"Staring is rude," Therese says.

"Wishful thinking doesn't work," Chris says. "I learned that a long time ago. Now if you'll all go to your rooms so you can..."

Love Possum says, "Woo!" as he runs around in circles naked, as his nudity is pixelated.

Therese's face turns bright red. She shields her eyes and says, "This is entirely inappropriate. A lady should never have to look upon the nakedness of a man."

Love Possum shouts, "Freedom from the restraints of what society deems as proper!"

Chris laughs. He says, "That's awesome."

"You aren't going to do anything about it?" Therese asks in an annoyed manner.

Chris rips open his shirt and removes a piece of paper that had been taped to his chest. He looks at the paper and says, "According to numerous polls and countless hours of research, censored male nudity is what are viewers tune in for."

Alexander the Generally Awesome says, "Really?"

Chris nods. "But anyway, we're gonna head back in time soon, so if ya'll wanna get dressed for the challenge..."

"Why, man?" Love Possum says. "Why do I have to be bound by the fabric shackles?"

Chris shrugs. He says, "Because if you go back in time like that, you might be decapitated by some burly executioner dude."

Chris looks over and sees that Love Possum is already dressed in a blue tunic, chain mail, and fake leather boots. "What?" Love Possum asks. "The man is not about to tell me to cut my beautiful locks."

Sandi says, "That's one way of looking at it."

A few minutes later, the remaining contestants are standing around Chris in Medieval garb. Chris is dressed like a wizard. "Lovely gown, Chris," Sandi says. She is dressed in a white gown, with yellow flowers in her hair.

"Um," Chris says, "It's a robe. Duh." Chris says, "You shalt find the coveted grail that you seek. The team that doeth so will hath won the challenge."

Alexander, dressed in a suit of armor, says, "Since when did you have a lisp?"

"It's Medieval talk," Chris says. Sir Perlative and Julietta look at each other and shake their heads in shame.

"I'm so ready for this challenge," Robert says with excitement. He jumps up and down.

Bianka, dressed in a green frock, says, "I just thought of something. Isn't this challenge a lot like the first one?"

El Serpiente, dressed as a monk but still with his wrestling mask, says angrily, "Repetitive challenges make me angry." He begins to shake.

"There's a major difference with this challenge," Chris assures, "so calm down. If anyone who doesn't have a pure heart touches the grail, they will immediately be turned to dust." The teens suddenly get very quiet. Chris says, "What? Not a pure heart among the lot of ya?"

Therese, wearing a jester outfit, speaks up, "Of course, I have a pure heart."

Ira whispers to Quog, "I guess he never said it couldn't be pure evil." Quog laughs. Ira is wearing tights, a poofy hat with a feather, and a long shirt. Quog is dressed in a sleeveless yellow shirt with a long upward collar, and chain mail.

Therese says, "You know he doesn't even understand you."

Ira pats Quog on the head and says, "Of course he does. He's smarter than you think. I even taught 'im a trick." Ira snaps his fingers and Quog gets on the ground and rolls.

Chris says, "So let's go... Wait, who's missing?"

Leopold steps out of the guys room. He looks embarrassed. He is wearing a red tunic, leather pants, boots, and gloves. He looks rugged without his makeup, and his light brown hair is short.

Alexander says, "Who is that guy?"

Leopold says, "Chrissy, can't I wear my wig?"

Crimson Rose, who is wearing an orange dress, says, "Oh, wow." Leopold blushes.

Leopold says, "I'm hideous. I can grow a beard in twenty minutes, but my makeup hides that. And I feel naked without my wig." He cries in his hands. Love Possum begins to pull off his shirt, is promptly hit by Ira's newspaper, and stops.

Chris, ignoring Leopold and Love Possum, says, "Well, we can finally start our challenge, now." He holds up his time travel device and everyone goes back in time with Chris.

Chris says, "Welcome to the 13th century."

The teens look around at their new surroundings. Xiomara is wearing a long dress in order to cover up her chair. Her computerized voice says, "This is what the middle ages was like? The air is far too free of pollutants."

Mark, dressed like a typical wandering minstrel, says, "Wow... This is so cool! I wonder if we'll get to see any dragons, or wizards, or half-man, half-tarantulas."

Sir Perlative sighs. "I hate to see people get disappointed."

"You get used to it after a while," Chris states as he slaps Sir Perlative on the back. "Anyway, your challenge begins now. Whoever brings the Holy Grail back to me will win the challenge for their team. I'll be in here." Chris points to a tavern, before walking inside.

Cleo, dressed in a maroon and white barmaid outfit, says, "Where should we even start?" Ira stares at Cleo. She says, "What is it, honey?"

Ira's face turns red. He says, "Nothin'." He forces a smile.

Julietta says, "I think it would be best to decide who of us would probably have the purest heart." Therese smiles. Julietta says, "Daisuke!"

"Me?" Daisuke asks. Jullietta nods. Daisuke says, "I don't know..."

Therese says, "I suppose you are very kind and courteous."

Daisuke bows his head and says, "Thank you. I do not feel comfortable being the one, though. I'm sorry."

"That's okay, child," Florence says. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but who else is there?"

Cleo puts her arms around Ira and says, "I think it should be Ira. He is the most pure person I know." She motions a circle with her finger on his chest. She smiles at him, and lets go.

Ira stares at Cleo. His face turns red and he looks down. He pulls his shirt down and says, "Um... Uh... Maybe it should be someone else? What about Robert?" Ira pulls his hat over his eyes as he continues to look down in shame.

Robert says, "Me?" He is wearing knight's armor, and a plaid cape.

Love Possum says, "You're an awesome leader, man."

Julietta says, "Great! It's decided."

"It is?" Robert lets out, followed by a gulp.

"Let's go look for it!" Mark says excitedly.

The teens begin to walk ahead. Everyone looks back to see Ira standing still. Ira says, "You guys go ahead without me. I'll join you in a minute." Quog looks confused. He walks to Ira and grabs him by the arm. Ira looks panicked.

Mark looks on with a confused expression. His expression changes to that of realization and he calls out, "Uh, Quog. Leave him alone. Let's go on ahead." Quog shrugs and turns to join the others. They walk forward. Mark looks back and smirks at Ira.

In The Time Shares' huddle, Alexander says, "I'm awesome, but I feel that I failed the team last time. I think someone else should lead this time." Millie, Inga, and Crimson Rose wave at Alexander. He says, "Sir Perlative will lead us. Onward and upward to victory!"

Inga, dressed in armor, says, "What about me? I could lead just as well as he can."

Sir Perlative says, "Yeah."

Alexander says, "Sir Perlative is familiar with this time period, and our surroundings. Plus, he seems like a noble man. I must put my full trust in him." Inga looks annoyed. Sir Perlative mouths 'sorry'. The huddle disbands, and the teens walk ahead.

El Serpiente says, "Where are we headed?" His voice turns fierce as he growls, "I hate pointlessly searching."

Everyone looks at Sir Perlative. The teen nervously says, "Mayhaps... A cave or something?"

Millie, dressed in a pink dress, says, "That is a fantastic idea, I reckon. Stuff like that is always in caves. Mmm hmm." The teens walk in an attempt to locate a cave.

Ira runs and catches up with his team. He asks, "Where did Mark and Julietta go?"

Florence, dressed in a yellow Medieval type dress with flowers randomly placed in her hair, says, "Mark thought it would be a good idea to ask some of the locals about where to find the Holy Grail, or somethin'. Now that I think about it, I shoulda went with them. All this walking around is bad for my bunions."

Mark and Julietta are shown talking to some village folk. Mark asks, "Do any of you know where the Holy Grail is?"

A big, bald, toothless man ignores Mark and says, "You're one of them wandering minstrels, uh?"

Mark blushes and says, "No, but if you could answer my..."

The man pulls out a knife and says, "Sing for us, if thou enjoys living." The man looks at Julietta and smiles the best one can with no teeth. He says, "Aren't thou a mighty pretty maiden?"

Mark says, "Uh... I'll sing something." He takes the lute that was strapped to his back as part of his costume, and begins strumming. He lets out a sigh before singing in a gravelly voice, "Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cast me off discourteously..."

Bianka points ahead and says, "There's a cave!"

"Yay, a cave!" Sandi says.

The Time Shares begin to walk inside. Xiomara's computerized voice says, "My chair was not designed for spelunking. I will have to remain outside." Her team nods and continues inside without her.

Seconds later, Past Tensity walks by in the distance. Daisuke says, "Excuse me, but isn't that the creepy, future person from the other team guarding that cave?"

Florence says, "Oh, yeah. He's right. Those turkeys must have found where the grail is."

Robert says, "Aye, I think we better follow after them before they find it." Past Tensity approaches the cave.

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "Halt! None shall pass." Quog looks scared. He grabs hold of Ira's arms, and hides behind him.

Therese says, "Oh, please. There's nothing she can do to hurt us. She can't even get up from her chair." A buzz saw, attached to a metallic extension, comes up from behind Xiomara's chair.

Ira jumps into Quog's arms and Quog runs away.

"I guess we wait," Robert says.

Back in the village, Mark finishes his song and Julietta sings along with him, "Greensleeves was my heart of gold, and who but my lady greensleeves." Mark looks up to see that the hostile village folk were now crying.

"What a beautiful song," the toothless man says. He and the others applaud.

Mark and Julietta bow, turn around, and start walking away. Julietta says to Mark, "I know that song well, but however did thou know it?"

Mark says, "I knew it from when I was little. It was the first Medieval-y song I could think of that was in the public domain."

Julietta laughs. She says, "But thou got the timing all wrong."

Mark says, "I did?"

Julietta nods. She says, "That song wasn't written until..." Julietta stops talking. She continues, "No, wait. What was I saying?"

Mark says, "About when 'Greensleeves' was written."

Julietta answers, "I think I remember being told it was from the 13th Century." Mark looks confused for a few seconds. He slaps himself on the forehead.

Mark says in confessional, "I think I just created 'Greensleeves'."

Back at the cave, the teens inside come across a large door. Leopold dramatically says, "My. However will we open it?"

Inga walks forward and quickly hits the stone door with her palm. The door cracks and crumbles to the ground. Inga glares at Alexander. The team looks into the room and sees the Holy Grail sitting on a pedestal. A woman's voice randomly sings, "Aaaaaah."

Bianka says, "So... There it is. Who will be the one to pick it up?"

Everyone looks at Alexander. He looks down and says, "Though my heart is entirely pure. I thought we all agreed that it should be Sir Perlative."

Sir Perlative gulps, approaches the grail, and takes hold of it. Nothing happens.

Bianka says happily, "You do have a pure heart!"

Crimson Rose says, "Like we doubted it for a second, arr."

Sir Perlative lifts the Holy Grail and the teens head for the exit of the cave. They step out. Xiomara's computerized voice says, "Look out!"

Robert dives and tackles Sir Perlative to the ground. The Holy Grail flies through the air and lands on the ground. The members of Past Tensity surround it. "So, who's going to try picking it up?" Love Possum asks.

Therese reaches down while saying, "I don't know what secrets you're all hiding." She picks up the Holy Grail. The others look away. Cleo looks back, and gasps. Therese says, "Really. What were you all expecting?"

The Time Shares run toward Past Tensity. Bianka shouts, "You give that back! We found it fairly, and we need to bring it to Chris."

Florence says, "I feel your pain, child, but Chris just said whoever brought the gravy boat to him would win, not who found it." Therese nods and begins running toward the village, followed by her team.

Inga says, "There's no way we'll catch up. What do we do?"

Millie yells, "Yeehaw!" as she rides by on the back of a horse.

"Where did that horse come from?" Crimson Rose asks.

Sandi says, "Oh, gee. How do I put this? When a mommy horsie and a daddy horsie love each other very much..."

Alexander's face turns red. He says, "I do not think that's what she meant. Let us try to catch up with the other team." The Time Shares begin running after the others.

Millie rides passed Therese and snatches the Holy Grail from Therese's grasp while doing a hand stand on the back of the horse. Quog is still running while carrying Ira. Love Possum calls out, "Hey, dudes! Stop her! She's got the grail thingie!" Quog puts Ira down and charges at the horse. When he gets close, he dives and tackles the horse, sending Millie and the Holy Grail flying through the air. Millie does a few back flips midair and lands on her feet. The Holy Grail sails through the air.

Leopold shouts, "Nooooo!"

The Holy Grail lands safely in Mark's hands. He looks down and says, "Well, that's weird." He looks up and says, "What's going on, guys?"

Millie runs up to Mark and says, "Can I have that, pardner?"

Mark shrugs and says, "Sure." He hands the Holy Grail to Millie and she runs off.

Love Possum says, "Oh, man, man. You just handed the Holy Grail to the other team."

Mark looks grim. He says, "That's what that was? I thought it was a gravy boat."

Florence says, "See?"

Chris walks up, holding the Holy Grail, and says, "Millie brought me the Holy Grail. The Time Shares win invincibility!"

The team cheers. Xiamara's computerized voice says, "Woot!" Mark gets several piercing stares.

"Wait a minute," Mark says. "If that's the Holy Grail, how in the world is Chris holding it?"

Ira says, "Yeah, that doesn't make sense."

Chris says, "That's easy. I lied about the whole disintegration when touching it with an impure heart thing. It made the challenge more exciting."

Mark looks disappointed. He says, "Man... I hate it when people lie..."

"You get used to it," Chris says. "Now let's use the time travel device to go into the future to vote someone out." He holds it up and the teens disappear into the future.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "One of you will be out. You all voted. The first person to be announced as safe is Quog. Nice horse tackling, dude." Quog smiles. "Next person safe is... Julietta. The next three people that I'll announce as safe are Love Possum, Daisuke, and Therese for some reason." Therese glares at Chris. "Florence, you're safe, too. Ira and Robert are also safe. That means Cleo and Mark are our bottom two. The person leaving us right now is..."

"Cleo." Everyone's jaws drop.

"What?" Cleo says with surprise.

Chris shrugs and says, "That's the way it goes. Any last words?"

"Well, bye," Cleo says, still shocked. The guys tearfully wave goodbye to Cleo.

Chris says, "If that's all, I'll send you back." Cleo nods.

Ira says, "Chris, wait!"

Chris asks, "What is it, Ira?"

"I voted for Cleo," he says.

Chris says, "Why did you do that?"

"Because..." Ira pauses. "I wanted her to stay."

Mark says, "I voted for her, too."

"So did I," Love Possum says. Robert and Daisuke nod. Therese glares at Daisuke.

Quog says, "Cleo."

Chris slaps his forehead. He says, "You don't vote for who you want to stay. You vote for who you want to leave. Man. It's like you people never saw..." Chris pauses. "A reality show before... Oh, well. Goodbye Cleo." Chris holds up his time travel device, and Cleo disappears in a flash of light.

Cleo arrives back in ancient Egypt. She looks out her window and sees hundreds of teenage boys looking up at her with eyes wide. She turns and walks back to her seat. Cleo says to herself, "Maybe guys don't like me just because I'm royalty. Those sweet boys on that show didn't know I was the next in line to be Pharaoh..." Cleo smiles softly.

In the present, Chris is wearing a bathrobe sitting in a chair in his room in front of a computer. He takes a sip of a smoothie. He takes a digital photo of the Holy Grail and logs onto eBay.

Chapter 4 - And Then There Were EighteenEdit

Chris sighs and says, "Man, what a complete and utter waste of time. I didn't know there were one hundred and fifty-six items being auctioned called 'The Holy Grail'... No one's biting. Oh, well, I can always use it as a gravy boat, or spittoon, or something." Chris looks up from his computer and says, "Why, hello, friend. I didn't see you standing there. Welcome to the latest episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel. Last time, Roxie randomly quit... It was riveting!" Chris laughs hysterically and then wipes a tear from his eye. He continues, "I sent the other teens back in time to retrieve the Holy Grail. Mark created this awesome song called 'Greensleeves'. I still hear it on TV sometimes... Anyway, the teens were led to believe that the Holy Grail would disintegrate them if they touched it with an impure heart. It was funny, and a lie. The Time Shares won the challenge, and voted out Cleo as they didn't know how the voting worked. Those pre-reality show people can be really dumb, sometimes. How will they fair this time?"

Sir Perlative jumps into bed and says, "Good morrow, boys."

"It's like five thirty," El Serpiente says, as angrily as someone can say what time it is. Sir Perlative shrugs and falls asleep in five seconds. El Serpiente does one armed push-ups.

Alexander the Generally Awesome looks at Sir Perlative sleeping. Leopold asks, with a slight uneasiness in his voice, "What are you doing?"

Alexander blushes and says, "Nothing. I was just thinking that he is a bit odd, but a great leader. I wish I could be as good as him."

Leopold smiles and says, "Are you kidding? According to some of the others, you were the greatest conqueror that ever lived."

"I am, aren't I," Alexander says proudly. Leopold nods. Alexander looks at Leopold and says, "I've been meaning to ask you this. Why do you wear makeup all the time?"

"It's fairly common among people among society's elite in my era," Leopold answers with a shrug. "And, I kind of feel less common that way."

Alexander says, "Well, you do not need it. You look like a real man without it."

Leopold blushes and says, "You think so?" Alexander nods. Leopold says, "You are a true gentleman, sire."

The next morning, the teens meet Chris in the main room. He says, "Welcome to the morning, teens! It's time for your challenge. Does anyone know who Elspeth Krostie is?" Sandi raises her hand. Chris smiles and says, "It's nice to see a youth that is familiar with the classic stories."

Sandi says, "I was stretching."

Chris frowns and says, "Elspeth Krostie was the greatest mystery writer there ever was."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "I just downloaded her complete works into my mind. Wi-fi is so slow. Pretty good stories, though fairly limited on graphic brutality. Kind of a letdown. She only wrote two stories. Question mark."

With a sigh, Chris says, "Unfortunately. The stories she did write were full of never before seen twists and ideas. But alas, she was stricken by the most devastating disease known to mankind... Writer's block."

Everyone gasps, but Inga. She says, "You people cannot be serious."

Chris says, "It's true."

"So what's the challenge?" Millie asks.

Chris explains, "I want you to go back in time to 1926. Back when Elspeth was having some personal problems, she went away to a secluded cottage she owned in the British countryside, where she failed to get inspired. Soon after that, she decided to stop writing."

Daisuke looks down and says, "And that's what she wanted to do?"

Chris says, "That's what she was born to do."

Daisuke looks to the left and says, "No disrespect, but I've heard that before, sir."

"No, seriously," Chris says. "She revealed in interviews that she still would have loved to write more, but couldn't come up with anymore decent ideas."

"What does that have to do with us, Chris?" Mark asks with a raised eyebrow.

Chris says, "I want you guys to inspire her."

"You want her to write about someone awesome?" Alexander asks, with his meaning obvious.

"I guess you could say that," Chris says, "but please don't. I want you all to inspire the plot for her next story."

Ira says, "But how are we s'pposed to do that when some of us haven't even seen a mystery novel?" Quog pulls his finger out of his ear and stares at it. Ira looks at Quog, and back at Chris. "Or a book?"

Chris smirks and says, "Don't worry, man. You guys have very little you actually have to do in this challenge. Just try to... hang in there." Chris finishes his sentence menacingly.

Florence says, "That'll be easy for kilt boy." Robert waves.

"But Chris," Mark adds, "wouldn't that be interfering with the past?"

Chris looks at Mark with a confused expression and says, "Have you not been paying attention to the original two challenges?"

"Point taken," Mark says quietly.

Chris leaves the room and comes back with a large box. He drops it on the ground and says, "Here's this weeks batch of costumes." Quog whimpers. "What's wrong with big, hairy, and prehistoric?"

Ira looks at Quog and says, "He doesn't like clothes, or somethin'." Quog nods.

Love Possum shouts, "Down with our oppressors!" He throws his vest across the room.

Chris says, "Public nudity is frowned upon where we're going, as well."

Love Possum frowns. "Are we ever going somewhere that's hip to the times?"

Therese shakes and says, "Please, Chris. No."

Chris smirks and says, "Maybe that can be arranged if you're on your best behavior." Love Possum smiles. Chris says, "So, if everyone could get changed..."

The teens, except for the appropriately dressed Bianka, go to their rooms to change. They walk out and meet Chris in various dresses, hats, and suits.

Robert looks down and says, "I get to wear me kilt." He smiles wide, with his bad eye covered by a monocle. Quog, wearing a three piece brown suit, looks on at Robert jealously. He approaches him and begins tugging on Robert's kilt. Robert's face turns red and he slaps Quog's hands.

Ira says firmly, "Quog. No!" Quog looks down, walks to Ira, and stands next to him. Quog pulls at the collar of his own shirt.

Chris looks around and says, "If we're all ready. Let's go." He hold up his time travel device.

The teens and Chris appear in the middle of a forest. A heavy rain falls on the area. The teens look up.

Therese says, "My hair can't get wet. It'll look horrible."

"Even worse than it is now?" Alexander asks. "My hair, however, is a work of art. It cannot get wet." He removes his jacket and puts it over his head. Daisuke removes his jacket and holds it over Therese's hair.

Chris says quietly, "We have far more to worry about then our hair getting wet." He looks down and says, "When the time travel device gets wet, it stops working."

Millie's eyes widen. She says, "Come, again?"

"You can repair it," Bianka says, "Can't you?"

Chris says, "I don't know." Chris sighs and says, "We should find shelter."

Inga says, "Where are we going to find shelter in the middle of nowhere?"

Lightning flashes. Quog dives to the ground and grabs hold of Ira's shins. Ira helps Quog up and says, "Don't worry, bud. I'll be here for you whenever you're scared." Lightning flashes, again. Quog puts his arms around Ira. Alexander looks on and smiles to himself.

Julietta says, "I saw something when the lightning flashed. I do believe it was a building of some kind." She points to the left.

Therese says, "Oh, please. It's just a waste of our..." Lightning flashes another time. Therese says, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check it out." The teens run in the direction that Julietta pointed to, except for Xiomara, who is pushed by Inga in a wheelchair.

The teens get to the large building. Chris tries to open the door. Chris turns around and says, "It's locked. It looks like we won't be able to..."

El Serpiente charges at the door at full speed, ramming into it with his head. The door breaks open. He smirks and looks at Chris. "You were saying?"

The teens walk inside. The house is dark. Sandi says, "Like, who would build a house like this in the middle of nowhere?"

"Someone who wants to be left alone," Leopold answers.

"It's dark," Chris says. "We should look around and see what we can find in..."

"Who's there?" a voice asks.

The teens look up to see a woman holding up a candlestick. Love Possum says, "We're a group of free spirits who travel through time..."

Chris interrupts Love Possum, saying, "We were on our way to a party. We got lost and ended up here."

"Well, you cant stay," she says.

"Please," Chris pleads. "It's storming out there, and we left our... vehicle miles away."

The woman hesitates before saying, "Fine. You can stay, but I want you all out of here as soon as the storm passes."

Chris says, "We understand." Lightning flashes, and Chris says with realization, "You're Elspeth Krostie."

The woman says, "So you recognize me."

Mark says, "Yeah, he does. You're his favorite author."

Elspeth looks at Chris and says, "Well, I'll let you know that I've decided to stop writing."

Chris says, "Already? I mean... No! You can't quit. You're just reaching your prime."

Elspeth says, "I haven't been able to write since I got here. This is the place I always come to for inspiration, yet it hasn't worked. I can't even write one sentence." She looks to the side and says, "I'm sorry if that disappoints you."

Chris smiles and says, "I know you have more stories in you."

A grotesque groaning sound is heard. Everyone looks at Quog. He holds his stomach. Ira says, "It's his stomach. He hasn't eaten anything all day."

Elspeth says, "There's food in the pantry. Help yourself to what's there. I'll lead you there."

The teens follow Elspeth to the kitchen. She opens a large wooden door and the teens look inside. Everyone, but Xiomara, who is dressed to look far older than she is, grabs something to eat. They next head to the dining room, following Elspeth all the way there.

Robert smiles and says, "This is quite the place you have here."

Elspeth looks at him and says, "You've been reckless."

Robert's smile fades. He says, "Uh... Excuse me?"

"Your face," Elspeth says.

Robert smiles and says, "I've lived a life of adventure. I'm bound to come across obstacles in the way, lass. But there's nothing that can stop Robert."

The teens continue to eat their food. Elspeth looks at Xiomara and says, "What's with her?"

Chris says, "Um, she isn't hungry."

Inga lies, "The poor dear hasn't been feeling her best lately. She was hit by a devastating illness, that has left her paralyzed, the poor dear." Everyone stares at Inga. "I am the poor dear's nurse."

Elspeth looks around the room and says, "Do you all know each other?"

"Vaguely," Mark says. "We really just met."

"Aye," Robert says. "And we are quite a crazy group of misfits. Aye, it reminds me of the time I was in battle with my new..." Robert brow furrows. He tugs at his tie, and begins sweating. He says, "I'm not feeling so..." He falls forward, and lands with his head laid on the table.

The others gasp. "Is that guy okay?" Sandi asks with an uneasy tone.

Chris rushes over to Robert, and places some choice fingers on his neck. He says, "He's dead." Everyone gasps. Chris looks at what he was eating and says, "I'm by no means an expert, but I think he had to have been poisoned."

Crimson Rose says, "Why would he eat poison?"

"Because he didn't know it was in his food," Chris says. "Duh."

"So you're proposing that one of us is a killer?" Leopold asks.

"You said it," Chris says.

Bianka says, "So that means there's a killer still among us?"

"I do not understand," Daisuke says. "We barely know each other. What motive could anyone have had?"

"Could be a psychotic escaped convict among us," Mark says, "who just targets people for no reason."

Quog looks at Ira with a scared expression. Ira puts his hand on Quog's shoulder and says, "Don't worry, pal. Ain't no one gonna hurt you with me around."

Elspeth looks at Bianka and says, "I find you familiar. I know who you are. You're that famous actress." Bianka smiles and nods.

"This is all preposterous," Therese says. "There is no killer. Robert is not really dead, and this is part of some sort of challenge." Chris' eyes widen and he signals for Therese not to say anymore.

Florence looks at Robert and says, "He certainly looks dead."

Therese says, "Pshaw. He always looks like that."

"This is true," Florence says.

"But what do we do now?" Millie asks. "We can't contact the sheriff way out here."

Chris says, "We randomly pair off and go to separate parts of this mansion."

"Is that really the wisest idea?" Sir Perlative asks with a raised eyebrow.

Chris shrugs and says, "If we separate, then we can't all be targeted at once. Plus, we're stranded here right now, and it's dark out and the storm is too bad to be able to find any help."

Therese says, "Daisuke. Come." She claps her hands. Daisuke walks over to her. "We're going to another part of this house." They walk out of the dining room.

Elspeth says, "So he's her manservant, or something?"

"You could definitely say that," Mark says.

Therese looks around the hallway and says, "This seems like fine quarters." She opens the door and walks in. Daisuke follows her, but she says, "You stay outside and guard this door. If there is a killer, which there isn't, you keep me safe."

Daisuke looks down. He finally says, "Yes. As you command." She closes the door behind her and Daisuke stands outside.

"Was staying in here the best idea?" Ira asks.

Alexander says, "Yes. The killer won't strike in the same place twice. My logic astounds even me." Leopold nods.

Quog nervously looks around. Ira says, "Don't worry, buddy." Quog tries to look like he isn't worried, but fails miserably.

Alexander says, "We're the four strongest here."

"What about El Serpiente?" Ira asks.

Alexander says, "We're the four strongest here that also happen to be mentally stable. If the murderer tries to come at us, we can surely overtake them."

Ira looks up and sees a blow gun emerge from a painting. He looks and sees that its aimed at Quog. Ira runs at Quog and tackles him to the ground. Quog looks confused and pushes Ira off of him.

Alexander leans down and sees a blow dart in Ira's neck. "The killer certainly enjoys using poison," Alexander says. "He's not responding. It looks like Ira is our second victim."

Quog looks more worried than ever. He turns Ira's body around and shakes him by the shoulders violently.

"It's no use," Alexander says as he looks on sadly.

"Ira," Quog says with concern. He shakes him more, as he cries.

Leopold frowns and says, "We have to get out of here. The killer is close to our current location."

Quog presses his head against Ira's chest and continues crying. "Ira," he says sadly.

Alexander puts his hand on Leopold's shoulder and says, "We should go seek a safe place."

Leopold says, "But we cannot leave him." Quog still continues crying, as he holds up Ira's body.

"He's not going to come with us," Alexander says quietly. Leopold sighs and he follows Alexander to another part of the cottage.

The young men walk together and see Chris, Elspeth, Julietta, and Sandi are sitting in the lounge. Alexander says, "Despite my presence and superior senses, the murderer got to Ira."

"And Quog?" Julietta asks.

Leopold says, "He won't leave Ira's side."

Chris gets up and says, "I'll go check on him." He leaves the room.

Leopold and Alexander keep walking. They come across a library. Leopold walks inside and says, "Look at all these books."

Alexander locks the door behind him. He sits down in a chair. "Aren't you worried, Leopold? Not that I ever worry."

Leopold smiles and says, "We'll be fine in here. You know. Maybe if I was with anyone else I'd be paranoid, but I really trust you, Alexander."

Alexander says with a smile, "Your intuition is as beautiful as your eyes."

Leopold says, "Thank you, friend." Leopold looks through the books on the shelf. His eyes widen when he comes across one called, 'All You Ever Needed to Know About Alexander the Generally Awesome'. He pulls the book from the shelf and says, "They wrote a book about you?"

Alexander says, "That's nice."

Leopold looks through the pages. He says, "Wow. You became emperor at thirteen." Alexander nods. Leopold looks grim and says, "I'm sorry about your parents."

"I am, too," Alexander says. "I miss them."

Leopold flips through the book. He says, "You die at twenty-two."

Alexander looks down. "So I've heard. Though, that might change if we don't get out of here."

Leopold says, "We shall get out of here, alright." Leopold reads. He excitedly says, "If I tell you how it happened, then you can avoid it happening. It says here, that..."

"Leopold," Alexander says. "What if I do change it?"

"Then you can live a long life," Leopold says.

"And what if that somehow changes history adversely?" Alexander asks.

"I don't know," Leopold says quietly.

Alexander says, "It would be very selfish of me, especially if it affected the future. I'd rather not know any details about it."

Leopold says, "Sorry." He flips back in the book. He starts laughing. "It says here that you allegedly had an affair with another man." Leopold laughs, again, and says, "What a lie."

Alexander looks at Leopold confused. He says, "Leopold, I am bisexual." Leopold gets quiet. He closes the book, and puts it back in the shelf. Leopold looks down. Alexander says, "Leopold, what's wrong?" Leopold has his hands on a desk, as he continues to look down. "Why are you so surprised?"

Leopold says, with his voice slightly quivering, "It's wrong."

"I thought every guy was," Alexander says.

Tears fall down Leopold's face. He says, "You have to stop."

"What are you talking about?" Alexander asks. "It's a common practice in my time." Alexander pauses. He says, "What's that smell?"

"It smells like gas," Leopold says. He holds a hand up to his head. He then collapses to the ground.

"Leopold!" Alexander shouts. Before even being able to get up from his chair, the effects of the gas causes Alexander to lose consciousness.

El Serpiente, Sir Perlative, and Mark are sitting in a bedroom. Mark says, "I wonder how everyone else is doing."

El Serpiente says, "I wish I could get a hold of that killer. I'd show him a thing or two."

Sir Perlative says, "Why doth thou assume it is a man?"

"Only a man could be so untraceable and cunning," El Serpiente says as he nods in agreement with himself.

"That thinking is entirely sexist," Sir Perlative says.

Ignoring Sir Perlative, El Serpiente gets up and says, "I'm tired of waiting around here. I'm going to go find the killer."

Mark says, "Mr. Serpiente! Wait!" El Serpiente barges out of the room, and runs down the hallway.

Sir Perlative says, "What, now?"

Mark sighs and says, "I guess we better go after him."

In the lounge, Sandi says, "I'm worried about Chris. He hasn't come back, yet."

Elspeth says, "I guess we should go find him." Sandi and Elspeth stand up.

Julietta says, "I think I'll wait here."

Sandi says, "Why, girl?"

Elspeth says, "If that's what she wants to do, so be it." Sandi sadly looks back, turns, and walks away with Elspeth.

As the two walk toward the dining room, Sandi looks to her right and gasps. Xiomara is on the bottom of the stairs, with her wheel chair on the floor next to her. Inga is lying at the top of the stairs. Elspeth grabs Sandi by the arm and says, "We can't worry about them right now." Sandi nods and the two walk to the dining room. They both look shocked to see Ira, Quog, and Chris' bodies lying on the ground. Sandi runs over to Chris' body, with a knife sticking out of its chest, and tries to feel his pulse.

Sandi says in shock, "I can't believe it. Chris can't be dead." She starts crying and says, "We'll never get home." She stands next to a wall, a bookcase is shifted, and Sandi is pulled through a passage. She yelps before disappearing.

Elspeth says, "Sandi?" She turns around to see she is alone. She heads back to the lounge, keeping her pace quick.

Mark walks down the hallway and gasps when he sees Daisuke lying in a puddle of red substance. He looks up at the open door next to Daisuke, but decides not to look inside. Mark starts running down the hallway. He trips over something. He looks back and sees El Serpiente's motionless body laying against a wall. Mark gets up and continues running. Julietta calls out, "Mark!"

He stops and runs toward her. He puts his arms around her and says, "I was afraid the killer got to you. I couldn't bear thinking that." Mark cries and says, "I'm so glad you're okay."

Julietta cries and says, "I was worried about thou, as well." She hugs Mark tight.

Elspeth walks over. At seeing the two together, she hides behind a grandfather clock.

Mark says, "I think we're the only two left... I haven't seen anyone around in a while. Sir Perlative and I split up to look for El Serpiente. I found him, but it was too late."

Julietta's eyes widen. She says, "If we art the only two people left alive, that means..." Julietta pushes Mark away from her. She says, "I never thought thou would be the one."

Mark looks confused. He says, "Julietta, what are you talking about?" Julietta looks panicked. She looks to her side, grabs a candlestick, and gets ready to strike Mark. Mark says with his distress clear in his voice, "Julietta! You have to believe it wasn't me."

Chris walks into the room and says, "Congratulations! The two of you are the last two remaining! Meaning that you won this challenge for your team."

Julietta looks at Chris. She lets go of the candlestick and it falls to the ground. Elspeth steps out from behind the clock. She says, "What is this all about? I saw your body in the dining room."

Chris laughs and says, "That was an incredibly handsome, anatomically correct, synthetic replica of my body." Elspeth looks surprised. Chris laughs and says, "It looks like it served it's purpose." Chris looks at Julietta and Mark and says, "Let's go back to the future." He pulls his time travel device out from under his jacket. "I lied about this thing not working when getting wet." He says, "I sent the others back into the future."

Mark says, "You mean, they're all alive?" Chris nods.

"What is going on?" Elspeth asks.

Chris says, "Uh... We were all figments of your imagination." Elspeth raises an eyebrow. Chris whispers to Julietta and Mark, "I'll explain everything when we get back." He holds up his time travel device, and sends him, Mark, and Julietta into the future.

Elspeth says to herself, "Have I lost my mind?" She heads back to the room she was in before everyone arrived. She sits down at her desk and begins writing.

In the present, Chris, Mark, and Julietta appear. The room is full of the other contestants. They all look very annoyed. Mark looks at everyone and says, "Everyone's okay?"

Chris says, "Did you doubt me?"

"How did it all happen?" Julietta says in disbelief. "Everyone was dead."

Chris clears his throat, and says, "Everyone was tranquilized. No one actually died. I went back in time before I met all of you, and set the cottage up for today's challenge. Elspeth didn't notice, I suppose." Chris laughs. "Probably the best one was Leopold and Alexander getting hit with the knockout gas." Alexander looks annoyed. Chris continues, "And I kinda lied about Robert not having a pulse. You were an awesome first victim, dude." Robert looks embarrassed.

Mark looks at Daisuke and points at him. He says, "He was lying in a pool of blood."

Chris smiles says, "It's amazing how much ketchup looks like blood when there's a body lying in it."

Mark says, "Chris, I'm really not happy." Julietta looks down.

Chris says, "Well, you are safe. Also, you had a part in inspiring the greatest, highest selling, mystery novel of all time, and you had a hand in jump starting the career of an amazing author." Chris pauses. "That reminds me. The Time Shares need to vote somebody out."

Later, at the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "For today's elimination ceremony, you each get a copy of the book you all helped inspire. The loser, however, does not." Chris holds up the first novel. He says, "Inga, you're safe." He tosses the book to her. The contestants are still dressed in their costumes for the challenge. "Nice stuff about being Xiomara's nurse. Ha ha. Sir Perlative, Xiomara, and Crimson Rose. You're all safe, as well." Chris throws books to each teen. "Millie, Sandi, Leopold, and Bianka." He throws a book to each of the four young people. "El Serpiente and Alexander the Generally Awesome. It's down to the two of you. The last book is for..."

"El Serpiente." Chris tosses the book to him. He catches it and rips it in half with his teeth.

Alexander looks at Leopold and says, "You did this, didn't you?"

Leopold nods and says, "Yes."

Alexander says, "Whatever. Friends are supposed to accept each other for how they are, but apparently not everyone feels that way." Leopold looks down.

Chris says, "Sorry, Alexander. It's time for you to go."

Leopold says, "Chris? Can I go with him, so we can talk privately."

Chris says, "I guess. If it's okay with Alexander."

Alexander shrugs and says, "I guess."

"Just make sure nobody sees you," Chris says. "I'll be there to pick you up in five minutes." Leopold nods. Chris holds up his time travel device, and the boys disappear in a flash of light.

They arrive in a very beautifully decorated room with gold walls and expensive looking furniture and drapery.

"This is your room?" Leopold asks.

Alexander says, "Do you have something to say?"

Leopold says, "Alexander, I'm sorry. I told the others to vote for you."

Alexander sighs. He says, "You betrayed me, Leopold."

Leopold looks down and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"What I don't understand is, why were you all over Chris if you hate that sort of thing?" Alexander asks.

Leopold explains, "It's not like that. Alexander, I have trouble with trusting people, as I've been hurt in the past. Chris promised he'd protect me, so I felt really grateful to him. I didn't realize how it came across."

"But," Alexander says, "Why would you get everyone to vote for me? That really hurt."

Leopold says, "I wanted to protect you, Alexander."

"I can protect myself," Alexander says.

"I know," Leopold says, "but I thought someone might accidentally tell you what happens to you. Do you understand, now?"

Alexander says, "No. You're just saying that as an excuse."

"It's true," Leopold says.

"Then why were you so upset when I told you I was attracted to other males?" Alexander asks.

Leopold looks down. He says, "I never told anyone this, but I trust you not to tell anyone."

"Who would I tell?" Alexander asks.

"Right," Leopold says. He lets out a heavy sigh. "I had a childhood friend who I grew up with. He was a little older than me, but we shared what was bothering us with each other. When he moved out of his parent's home he told me a secret. He told me he'd fallen in love with another man. He was very confused about his feelings, and he asked my advice. I was young and stupid, and I didn't understand those kinds of things. I told him that if he was in love, he should pursue the relationship. He took my advice." Leopold starts to cry. He continues, "The nature of their relationship was found out, and they were both executed. I didn't know it was against the law, Alexander. So it was all my fault that they died." He looks up at Alexander, who tries to look away, even though he is crying, as well. Leopold says, "If we went to a time like that where they found out about you, and you were there. Well... I'd be scared you'd be hurt. I don't want to make the same mistake, again."

"I'm sorry, Leo," Alexander says. "I know many things, but I didn't know the future was like that."

"Please, forgive me," Leopold says while looking down.

Alexander walks to Leopold and hugs him. He says, "I'm honored to have met you. Almost as honored as you must have been when you met me."

Chris appears and says, "Whoa. Am I interrupting something?"

Alexander pushes Leopold away, and he falls over. "No," Alexander says.

Chris says, "Bye, Alexander. Let's go, Leo." Leopold stands up. Chris holds up his time travel device.

Alexander says, "Chris, wait. I have something I want to say to Leopold."

Chris sighs and says, "Go ahead. It's not like I have anything better to do with my time."

"Leopold," Alexander begins. He looks at Chris with a slightly annoyed expression, but turns to face Leopold, again. "What you revealed to me really hit me. Every guy I know in this time is..." Alexander looks at Chris, again, and then looks back at Leopold. "Anyway, I never knew the consequences, and... It won't be easy, but I'm going to try to control my feelings toward..." Leopold's eyes get wide. Alexander continues, "I know it means a lot to you, and I know I could never take away the pain you feel happened because of..." Alexander's eyes dart toward Chris. "But I value our friendship, and I want your conscience to feel better."

"You'd do that for me?" Leopold asks. Alexander nods. "I don't know what to say."

Chris rolls his eyes and suggests, "How about 'goodbye'?"

Leopold says, "Thank you, Alexander." Chris holds up his time travel device. Leopold says, "Goodbye." He and Chris disappear in a flash of light.

Two men dressed in armor similar to what Alexander wears rush in and shout, "Sir! Sir! The enemy has compromised our border." Alexander nods, grabs his sword, and rushes out of the room with the soldiers.

Alexander shouts, "For Leopold!"

The armored men look at each other confused, but also shout, "For Leopold!"

In the present, Chris asks Leopold, "So what was that all about?"

"That's my and Alexander's secret," Leopold says with a smile.

Chris says, "Fair enough. I can just review the footage, anyway." Leopold frowns.

Chapter 5 - Hair Today, Gone Last WeekEdit

Chris McLean sits at his computer. He looks up and says, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel. Last time, we went back to the 1920s in order to inspire my favorite author to continue writing, and it worked. And they say it isn't okay to mess with the past." Chris scoffs, as he clicks the mouse of his computer. "In the end, Alexander the Generally Awesome was eliminated because his friend, Leopold, felt worried about his safety in case they went to a time where Alexander's... uh... lifestyle wasn't accepted. It was kind of touching in a..." Chris face looks grim as he looks at his computer screen. He gets on his knees and dramatically shouts, "Nooooooooooooooo!"

Mark jumps up in his bed. He says in surprise, "What was that?"

"I'm not sure," Ira says. Ira sits up. Mark looks to see that Quog is sleeping at the foot of Ira's bed, curled up in a ball.

Mark asks, "Should we see what it was or should we try to get back to bed?" Ira shrugs. "Were you awake all this time?"

"Just a couple hours," Ira explains. He says, "I usually get up pretty early, but I don't have to here, ya know?"

"Why do you wake up early, usually?" Mark asks.

"I gotta work ta support myself," Ira explains.

Mark asks, "Don't you have parents?"

Ira shakes his head and says, "Nah. I'm a orphan."

"Sorry, man," Mark says quietly. "I didn't know."

"It's nothing," Ira says. "I mean, it leaves me with all sorts of questions, but I know now that I'll never have any answers. My parents left me on the doorstep of an orphanage. I don't know anything about them or why they didn't want me."

Mark says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you talk about it."

Ira says, "Yeah."

Mark hesitates before saying, "Ira, how do you deal with not knowing where you come from?"

Ira shrugs. He says, "I try to act like a big brother to some of the other kids at the orphanage so I don't think about it."

"But what about your heritage?" Mark asks.

"Why are you askin' me all this?" Ira asks. "It's getting pretty personal."

Mark's face turns red. He says, "I really wasn't trying to pry. I just have something I've had to deal with that... it's been hard." Mark says, "My parents are great. They love me and don't mean me any harm, but.." Mark pauses. He says, "They always tell me how honesty is really important, yet they've been hiding something from me. My dad's father died before I was born. My family has pictures of him in the house, and they talk about him all the time. He was in the military and they say he was a hero and all that. I never got to meet my mom's parents, either. The difference is that they don't talk about them. It's like they're ashamed of them for some reason. I don't know if they're even alive, anymore."

"I don't understand," Ira says.

"Neither do I," Mark says. "I want to know who they were, you know? It's like my 'rents could tell me, but they ignore the subject whenever I bring it up." Mark puts his arms around his legs and says, "It's like I only know only part of where I come from, and it's not the whole story. I was afraid I'd never learn, but I thought... Maybe if I agreed to appear on this show, maybe a challenge might involve going back to a time where I could meet them, ya know? I know it might sound silly to hope for something like that."

"It doesn't sound silly to me," Ira says. "I joined for the same reason."

"You did?" Mark asks.

Ira says, "Not knowing who my parents are consumes my thoughts every day. I mean, when I ain't thinking about girls." Ira's face turns bright red. "Uh... What I meant to say is..."

Mark laughs and says, "That's okay. I don't know any guy that doesn't think about girls."

Ira says in disbelief, "You don't? You mean, what's going on with my body is normal?"

Mark's face turns a deep shade of red. He says, "You mean nobody talked to you about puberty?"

"Puberty?" Ira asks with confusion in his voice.

"Oh, man," Mark says, his face still bight red. He says, "Ah. I'm really tired all of a sudden." Mark turns around in his bed and pretends to go back to sleep.

Mark sighs in confessional. He says, "I guess I understand why Ira never had that talk, but I'm not about to be the one to tell him. No way."

In the Past Tensity girls' room, Julietta lets out a sigh. Florence asks, "What is it, mama?"

Julietta looks down and says, "Nary a thing."

Florence looks at Julietta and says, "Is it about the challenge, yesterday?" Julietta nods.

"Well, I suppose it was quite frightening," Therese says. She waves her finger in the air and says, "But it was fiction."

"I know," Julietta says quietly.

Chris McLean's voice is heard over the loudspeakers saying, "I'd like everyone to meet me out here." Chris' voice begins cracking as he says, "Why did this have to happen?" His sobbing is heard over the loudspeaker.

The teens rush out of their rooms and see Chris sitting on the ground in a dejected manner. Crimson Rose asks with her concern evident in her voice, "Chris, what happened? Is everything okay?"

Chris says sadly, "No. Everything is not okay. There's no point in continuing this competition. Do you all know what it's like to have your world crash down around you?" Chris cries into his hands. Leopold, Julietta, and Ira all look down.

Sandi says, "Maybe it'll help ya to talk about what happened?"

Chris sighs. He says, "It's too devastating to talk about."

Inga rolls her eyes. She approaches Chris and lifts him by the shoulders. She shakes him and says, "Out with it, you tiny man."

Chris tosses his head dramatically to the side and says, "No." Inga lifts a fist in the air. Chris says, "Wait. I'll tell you." Inga lets go of Chris and he falls to the ground. He stands up on his own and says, tearfully, "The company that makes my favorite hair product, 'Man Hold', has..." Chris sobs, "decided to... discontinue the product."

"Pardon?" Millie asks in disbelief.

"Thou cannot be serious," Sir Perlative says.

"Sadly," Chris says, "yes. It's horrible isn't it?"

"It is," Leopold says with a tear in his eye.

"No," Therese says. "It really isn't."

"So now you all know why this contest can no longer continue," Chris says as he looks down.

Robert says, "Now that's just crazy talk, wee laddie."

"Right, man," Love Possum says. "Besides, can't you just use your time travel thingie to go back and reverse the decision?" Everyone looks at Love Possum, Chris with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

"The competition is back on," Chris states. "And it's time for your next challenge! I'm sending you back to last week, just before when the decision was made. Whatever team is successful in getting the board to change the outcome of their decision wins invincibility, and my eternal gratitude."

Florence says, "Why do I get the feeling that that would never happen?"

Chris looks tearfully at the teens. He says, "I know I've been kind of brash in the past."

"And deceitful," Mark says.

"And scrawny," Inga says.

"And oppressive," Love Possum adds.

Chris asks, "Can't you see I'm a changed man?"

El Serpiente says, "You smell kind of funny, too."

"We're done with listing my bad traits," Chris says with a frown.

"Aaaah," several teens sigh. Sandi says, "I didn't even get a turn."

"Please," Chris says. "This means a lot to me."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to trust him this time," Mark says. Several teens nod.

"Thanks," Chris says with a smile. "Wait, why am I begging for your approval? You do these challenges because I tell you to." Chris walks away and comes back with a box of modern clothes.

The teens gather around after changing. Chris holds up the circular time travel device and he and the teens go back to a week ago.

Mark looks at Xiomara and turns to Chris. He says, "Why did I have to change, and she didn't?"

Chris shrugs and says, "Lady Googoo is big, right now."

"The dictatorial ruler of the future," Xiomara's computerized voice states. Chris looks at Xiomara with concern in his eyes.

Chris shakes. He says, "Anyway, get to your challenge! Get those executives to see the light however you see fit. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go spy on my beautiful self." Chris walks away.

The Time Shares get into a huddle. Inga says, "What is the best plan of attack?"

"I say we bust in there and hold the executive types hostage and threaten their lives," Crimson Rose states.

El Serpiente folds his arms and says, "I like that idea."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "Historically, the most accurate way to make an impact is writing a letter or having a number of people sign a petition."

Sandi says, "I like that idea."

Leopold says, "As do I." Sir Perlative, Millie, and Bianka nod. "Majority rules."

El Serpiente sighs and says, "I hate this team."

"So let's start that petition," Sandi says excitedly. The team walks away.

Robert looks at the team as they leave. He looks nervous. Mark says, "So Robert, what should we do?"

"Um," Robert says. "Does anyone on the team have any ideas?"

Love Possum says, "We hold a protest, man! That would be righteous!"

"A protest?" Ira asks.

Love Possum says, "Yeah. With picket signs, chanting, and public nudity."

Florence says, "It's where people fight for a cause, trying to let whoever know they disagree with them, or whateva. I don't know about that nudity part." Love Possum sighs and looks sad in general.

"It sounds kinda like a strike," Ira says.

Mark says, "Yeah. It's like that."

Therese says, "I don't know. It sounds rather improper."

"Wow," Florence says sarcastically. "I could have never guessed you'd say something like that."

Therese says firmly, "All I'm saying is that it sounds as if it is beneath me. I don't agree with the idea, and will have nothing to do with it. Neither will Daisuke." Daisuke begins laughing. He starts to laugh uncontrollably. Therese looks angrily at him. "I do not approve of your laughing at my expense."

Daisuke wipes a tear from his eye. He says, "Forgive me, but you were just protesting the idea of a protest."

The other teens laugh. Therese says, "I suppose that is kind of funny. I will allow your outburst this one time."

Florence rolls her eyes as she says, "How generous."

Robert rolls his 'r's as he says, "We really should start so the other team doesn't get an insurmountable lead."

Love Possum looks to his side and sees a pile of picket signs that had been already made for the challenge. Love Possum asks, "Whoa, man. When did those get there?" He shrugs and says, "I think we should team up in pairs of two. That way we can cover more ground so that the people can hear our message of equality and freedom!"

"And hair gel," Mark reminds.

Robert excitedly shouts, "Yeah!"

Therese says, "That sounds fine, but there's one thing you're forgetting."

Love Possum says, "Everyone partner up with a protest buddy."

Therese says, "Yeah, but..."

Mark steps over to Julietta and says, "Protest buddies?" Julietta looks up at Mark. She then looks down and nods gently. Mark smiles and says, "Great!" He puts his arm through hers.

Quog jumps into Ira's arms. Ira falls under Quog's massive bulk. Robert stands next to Love Possum and they smile at each other. Therese says, "Well, at least it's obvious who I'll be teamed..."

Florence walks over to Daisuke and says, "Wanna partner up?"

Daisuke bows and says, "I am at your command."

Florence says, "None of that 'at your command, master' stuff."

"As you wish, master," Daisuke says.

Florence says, "Cut that out, sucka."

The pairs all leave the starting area holding picket signs. Therese looks on. She looks to her left and to her right. She says, "This is what I was afraid of." She looks down, as she stands by herself.

The members of The Time Shares are shown getting people to sign a petition on the street. Crimson Rose excitedly approaches a group of young men in polo shirts. She is wearing sunglasses that kind of hide her eyepatch. One of the young men says, "You're looking mighty hot."

She says with a confused expression, "Uh, I'm about normal temperature. Aye." The guys laugh.

A guy in a light blue polo shirt says, "What you want, sweetheart?"

"I'm looking around for signatures for this petition for a good cause, or something," Crimson Rose explains.

The guy in the light blue shirt takes the petition and a pen. He writes on the petition and hands it back to Crimson Rose, saying, "There you go, sweetheart."

She looks at the petition and says, "Your name is a series of numbers?" The guys laugh.

"That's his phone number, boo," one of the guys says.

The guy in the blue polo shirt looks at him and says, "When did you start saying 'boo'?" He turns his attention to Crimson Rose and says, "You call that number when you wanna have a good time."

Crimson Rose looks confused. "Call..." she mumbles. She says, "I enjoy meself a good time. How about now?"

The guy looks surprised. He asks, "What did you have in mind?"

"We could find a tavern and get some grog," Crimson Rose suggests.

The young man asks, "Uh, do you have fake IDs?"

Crimson Rose looks confused. "What?" she asks.

"Never mind," he says. He takes Crimson Rose by the arm and says, "Let's just go find something to eat, shall we?" He turns his attention to his friends and says, "See you guys, later." Crimson Rose and the guy begin walking together.

One of his friends huffs. He says, "You lucky dog."

Crimson Rose and her new friend walk around a street corner. The guy looks at Crimson Rose and smiles. He walks right into a large man with his arms folded. Crimson smiles and says, "Hello, Leo!"

Leopold says, "What's going on here?"

The guy says, "This little honey was all over me, bro. We're going out."

Leopold frowns. He asks Crimson Rose, "Is that true?"

Crimson Rose nods. She says, "He's really nice."

"So if you'll excuse us," the guy says as he puts a hand on Crimson Rose's shoulder, and tries to push his way passed Leopold.

Leopold says firmly, "Get your hand off of my lady."

The guy looks at Leopold. He laughs and says, "Funny. She never mentioned having a boyfriend." Crimson Rose's eyes widen. He leans in toward Leopold and whispers, "Dude, what's your damage? I never had a girlfriend before. This is my chance." The guy in the light blue polo shirt returns to his regular speaking voice and says, "So if you could get out of our way." Leopold abruptly punches the guy in the mouth. He falls to the ground. He spits out a tooth. He stands up and says, "Sorry, man. I didn't know she was taken. I... I gotta go!" The guy gets up and runs away.

Crimson Rose looks at Leopold and says, "What was that all about? We were just going to go eat something."

Leopold says quietly, "I don't know what came over me. That guy gave me a bad feeling."

Crimson Rose says, "He was cute, though." She sighs. She looks at Leopold and says, "What did he mean when he said you were my boyfriend?"

Leopold blushes. He says, "I don't know. Let's not worry about that, right now. Let's just go get more signatures. Just, please, don't leave me this time." Crimson Rose nods.

Julietta and Mark are seen walking in circles holding up picket signs. Mark shouts, "We can't gel without hair gel!" Julietta looks down. Mark looks over at Julietta. He says, "How about we take a break?" Julietta nods. They go and sit with each other on the sidewalk. Mark looks at her. He says, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Julietta says quietly and quickly.

Mark says, "You can tell me if something is bothering you. Does it have to do with the last challenge?"

Julietta nods. She says, "I can't believe what I thought about thou, that I could think thou was a killer."

Mark smiles and says, "Don't worry about it. I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but I thought the same thing about you."

"Thou did?" Julietta asks.

Mark looks into her eyes. He turns his head and looks down. He says, "No. I'm sorry for lying."

"Thou did not think it was I?" Julietta asks.

Mark shakes his head. He says, "The thought didn't cross my mind. I just thought that there had to be some other explanation. Julietta, I could never think that about you."

Julietta says softly, "I'm sorry I thought about you like that. I should never have doubted thee."

"Don't worry about it," Mark says with a smile. "Nobody got hurt." Mark stands up and says, "We should probably keep protesting." Julietta nods and stands up with Mark.

Florence and Daisuke are now shown protesting. They stop for a break. Florence asks, "Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"You need not ask for my permission to speak," Daisuke says.

"What's with the whole servitude thing?" Florence asks.

"It is the way of the samurai," Daisuke explains. "I want to be an honorable samurai for my future master, so I'm getting practice in."

"By ignoring what you want, and just doing what everyone tells you to?" Florence asks.

Daisuke says softly, "It is what I am destined to be."

Florence raises an eyebrow and asks, "But is it what you want to be?"

Daisuke quietly says, "No... It isn't. Please don't tell anyone. I just... I have no choice."

"I don't know your circumstances and all the law of the samurai mumbo jumbo," Florence says, "But why don't you look at this experience as a break from your real life?"

Daisuke thinks and says, "Yes. I think I can try."

Florence smiles and says, "Great. Now let's get back to protesting."

"Do it yourself," Daisuke says defiantly.

"Excuse me," Florence says. "What was that, turkey?"

Daisuke blushes and says, "Sorry."

The Time Shares are seen standing around each other. Sir Perlative says, "I think we have enough signatures. Let us follow the directions to the executive's location."

El Serpiente puts his arm around Sir Perlative and says, "We did good." Sir Perlative nervously looks at El Serpiente.

The teens walk over to the large office building where the executives are meeting.

Therese sits by herself crying. A man in a suit walks up to her. He asks, "What's wrong, miss?"

She says, "My friends abandoned me." She sighs. "They're not really my friends, actually. They just were forced to be around me." The man hands her a handkerchief, and she blows her nose on it. She says, "Thank you. You are a real gentleman."

The man looks at the picket sign near her. He asks, "What's this for?"

Therese says, "We were planning to protest the decision to discontinue the hair gel, but they left me here by myself."

"I would like to help you, young miss," the man says.

Therese sniffles and says, "What can you do?"

The Time Shares are in a waiting room in an office. A secretary with blonde hair takes the petition from The Time Shares. She looks at Sandi and says, "You're Sandi Lumper." She looks at the petition to see Sandi's name on the paper. She says, "Wow, even you're behind this." She squints at Sandi. She says, "You look just as young as you did twenty-five years ago. Wow. Tell me what skin cream you use, sometime." The secretary walks toward the boardroom with the petition list. She reads along. She stops a few feet from the door. She says, "What is this, some kind of joke?"

Millie asks, "Beg your pardon? What joke?"

The secretary throws that petition in the garbage. She says, "Leopold Von Kaymart. Do I look like I was born yesterday?"

Leopold says, "That really is my... uh... his signature."

The secretary says, "Right. I think it would be best if you people left the premises."

"We came all this way for nothing," El Serpiente says. He gets angry and says, "If you don't bring that petition into those people I'm going to..."

The secretary puts her finger on a button on her phone. She says, "Security, we have a situation." Sandi pushes her teammates out of the waiting room. Chris is outside waiting for them with Past Tensity. He says, "It's about time you showed up. Past Tensity has won the challenge!" The team cheers.

"What?" Inga asks. "How?"

Chris puts an arm around Therese and says, "Never underestimate the power of tears. The CEO of this company met Therese outside, and because she was upset, he decided to keep the hair gel from being discontinued." Therese smiles.

"That's all it took?" Bianka asks. "I could have done that myself."

Chris holds up his time travel device. It flashes, and the teens are brought into the present. Chris says, "The Time Shares will meet me in the elimination room, later tonight, where one of them will be sent home." He waves at the group and goes into his room. The teens all go to their respective rooms. Leopold and Crimson Rose step out of their rooms.

Crimson Rose looks up at Leopold. She says, "I was hoping you'd be out here."

"Me, too," Leopold says.

Crimson Rose says, "I really like you, Leo."

"I like you, too," Leopold says sheepishly.

Crimson Rose looks down. She says, "But it won't work. We're from two different times, and two different lifestyles." She sighs.

"I know," Leopold says. "I know the relationship cannot work, but that doesn't change my feelings for you." Crimson Rose looks down. Leopold holds her against him.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "I'll announce who's safe and gets to stay in the competition. Sir Perlative, Xiomara, and Inga... You're all safe." Inga hugs Sir Perlative. Sir Perlative blushes. Chris says, "Sandi and El Serpiente." Sandi hugs El Serpiente. He glares at her, and she lets go of him. "Bianka and Millie, the both of you are safe, too," Chris says. Leopold puts his hand on Crimson Rose's back. Chris sighs. He says "One of you is going home. The person who gets to stay is..."

"Crimson Rose."

Leopold smiles and hugs Crimson Rose. He says, "It's okay. I told the others to vote me out. I don't want to be here if it ends up hurting you."

Crimson Rose cries. She says, "I'll never forget you, Leopold."

He looks down sadly and says, "Try."

Chris sighs. He holds up his time travel device and says, "Goodbye, Leopold. It was great meeting you." Leopold smiles slightly. Leopold waves to his teammates. Chris sends him back to his time period.

Leopold looks around his room. He sits down on his bed. He takes off his wig and throws it across the room. He holds one of his pillows tightly.

In the present, Past Tensity surrounds Chris who is walking back to his room. Ira says, "You mentioned that you'd be eternally grateful to the winning team. We wanna hear some 'thanks you's, Chris." Quog nods.

Chris says, "What are you talking about? That sounds nothing like me."

Florence says, "Are you kidding? You said that if we prevented your special hair jelly from being discontinued, you'd be..."

Chris says, "You crazy kids. 'Man Hold' never got discontinued." Chris laughs, and walks into his room. The members of Past Tensity look at each other.

Chapter 6 - Pillaged Village People Edit

Chris McLean says cheerfully, "Hello and welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Time Travel!" Chris knocks on his hair and a hollow sound is heard. He says, "On the last episode... I'm a little sketchy on it all. Somebody said something about my favorite hair gel getting discontinued. I checked the tapes and I guess it was true." Chris shrugs. "But I still don't remember much about it actually happening. I do remember that Leopold was eliminated." Chris shivers. "I wouldn't forget that. Who will be out next?"

In The Time Share guys' room, El Serpiente sits down on his bed. He sighs. Sir Perlative asks, "Hey, El Serpiente. Is anything the matter?"

El Serpiente smiles and says, "No. Nothing's wrong. It's just that that last guy we voted out kind of made me a little uncomfortable. I'm not positive why."

"I guess I know what thou means," Sir Perlative says, "but he's a nice guy."

"I'm not implying that he wasn't," El Serpiente states. "I just didn't feel comfortable around him, ya know. Like a guy?"

Sir Perlative shrugs and says, "I guess I know what thou means."

"I don't mean to sound judgmental or anything," El Serpiente looks down. "I just kind of didn't feel comfortable changing in front of him, like you didn't."

Sir Perlative smiles and says, "I never saw thou open up like this, before."

El Serpiente says angrily, "You think I'm just angry all the time?"

Sir Perlaive cowers a little and says, "No, I didn't mean..."

"I'm just playing with you," El Serpiente says with a smile.

"Oh," Sir Perlative says with a nervous chuckle.

"I know I can come off as pretty abrasive," El Serpiente explains. "I don't know what's going on with me." El Serpiente looks down. "I know deep down that I'm not this angry, violent person, but I just get really mad sometimes and I can't control it. I talked with my father about it, and he said he also had some problems with hormones giving him temper problems when he was my age."

Sir Perlative says, "Then thou shalt grow out of it."

El Serpiente looks down. He looks up and into Sir Perlative's eyes and says, "I hope so." El Serpiente smiles and says, "Thanks for letting me be honest. I don't have many male friends." El Serpiente pauses. "I don't have many friends."

"Why art thou coming to me with this?" Sir Perlative asks. "If thou does not mind my query."

El Serpiente says, "We're friends, right?"

Sir Perlative nods and states, "Yes."

"Thanks," El Serpiente says. "I feel like you're a nice, calm, honest person. I want to be like you, so that starts with being honest, I guess. You can help me with the rest, right?"

Sir Perlative looks down and says, "Thanks, El Serpiente. I guess I can try."

El Serpiente stands up and walks over and punches Sir Perlative on the arm. He smiles and says, "Call me, Miguel." He pauses. "But don't go around telling the others my real name." Sir Perlative nods. El Serpiente heads to their shared restroom. "I'm taking a shower. Care to join me?"

Sir Perlative's face turns red. "No, I think I'm good right now."

El Serpiente looks confused and says, "I'm joking."

"Oh, right," Sir Perlative says with a slight chuckle. El Serpiente walks into the bathroom, after smiling at Sir Perlative.

About five minutes later, Chris voice comes on over loudspeaker. "It's time for your next challenge! Meet me in the usual place!"

Sir Perlative heads over to the bathroom and knocks on the door. "El... Miguel! It is time for our next challenge."

"Ah, geez," El Serpiente says. "Now?"

"Yes," Sir Perlative says. Sir Perlative's eyebrows raise as sounds of things breaking in the bathroom is heard. "Uh, is everything okay in there, El... Miguel?"

"Is my extra pair of pants out there?" El Serpiente asks.

Sir Perlative looks at El Serpiente's bed, where the pants are lying, and says, "Yes," with a laugh.

El Serpiente opens the door of the bathroom, wearing only a towel. He laughs, slaps himself on the forehead, and says, "I can't believe I forgot something like that." Sir Perlative looks at El Serpiente without his mask. El Serpiente says, "I don't usually let people see me without the mask, but unlike most people... I like you. And I trust you."

Sir Perlative says, "Thanks, Miguel." El Serpiente walks over to his own bed and tosses his towel to the floor, with his butt censored.

Sir Perlative yelps, "Eep." El Serpiente puts on his pants, and heads back into the restroom to finish getting changed.

El Serpiente and Sir Perlative join the others who are waiting in the main room. Therese lectures while wagging a finger, "Punctuality is of utmost importance. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Right, Chris?" Therese looks around and says, "Where is Chris?"

Chris walks into the room and says, "It's nice to see that you're all out here on time." Chris is wearing a fur tunic, a belt, and a hat with pointy horns.

Millie nudges Inga and says, "You're twins." Inga glares at Millie.

Inga says, "Don't tell me we're going back to when I think we're going back."

"We're going back to viking-y times!" Chris says excitedly.

"Yay!" Robert exclaims with a huge smile.

Inga says, "At least there's one good thing about all of this. I don't have to change my outfit."

Chris shakes his head. He says, "You'll have to wear a costume, as well."

"What?" Inga asks. "Why?"

"Let's just say someone may recognize you," Chris says vaguely.

Inga glares at Chris. She looks at her teammates, points, and says, "None of you better embarrass me."

Chris says, "You won't have to worry about that." He places a blond mustache on Inga's upper lip. "No one's going to recognize you with this." Several chuckles are heard. Inga glares at Chris. He says, "That's the spirit."

"So what's the challenge, brother?" Love Possum asks.

Chris states, "Each team will wear a specific color. The Time Shares will wear silver, to match Inga. Past Tensity will wear pink." Julietta cheers. The male Past Tensity competitors and Florence groan.

Mark whines, "Do we have to wear pink?"

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "It appears that Mark is from a time prior to when tough males historically wore pink."

"Well," Chris begins, "You would have been the white team if somebody didn't 'accidentally' put their red apron in with the whites on laundry day." Chris glares at the wall.

Sir Perlative says, "Chris, sire, try to stay focused. What is the challenge?"

"Right," Chris says. "The two teams will be brought back to a village that was recently pillaged. You will help try to restore the village and help the people the best you can. Then I'll approach the village people in order to survey them as to what group was more helpful. The more helpful team wins invincibility. Any questions?"

Sandi says, "Yes, what does 'pillaged' mean?"

"Ransacked," Chris explains.

Mark chuckles and says, "You said 'ransacked'."

Chris glares at Mark and says, "Any more questions?"

Sandi says, "Yes, what does 'ransacked' mean?" Mark snickers.

Chris sighs and says, "It doesn't matter. Just get changed and I'll meet you out here." The teens leave the area.

They come back several minutes later in their viking costumes. Xiomara is in a shoddy oxen costume that covers her chair. Her face is visible, though.

Chris says, "You all look fantastic."

Bianka is wearing a silver viking helmet and a silver toga looking dress. She asks, "I'm sorry, but is this a bed sheet?" She pulls on her makeshift dress for emphasis.

Chris ignores the subject. He holds up his time travel device and he and the teams are brought into the past.

The group is now standing in a village. The village is near the water. Several roofs are still on fire. Crying villagers carry some bodies toward a wooden ship. One young man lights the ship on fire and it is pushed off to sail as it burns. Inga looks at the water. Her brow furrows. She says, "Chris. How dare you?"

"Whatever do you mean?" Chris asks innocently.

Inga says in an annoyed tone, "This is the village of my enemies." She glares at Chris.

"Can't you put that past you for the good of the team?" Chris asks.

Inga looks around. She says, "You brought me here directly after my men and I attacked this village. You showed up just when I returned."

Chris smiles and says, "You got it."

Inga asks, "What do you expect out of this? Am I supposed to have some sort of giant change of heart after looking at this situation from some other perspective that makes me feel regret for attacking this village?"

Chris nods and says, "That would be awesome, and great for ratings."

"And a nice plot for a movie," Bianka adds.

"Nah, it's been done," Mark informs.

Inga says firmly, "Well, I'm not taking part of this challenge."

Millie says, "Inga! We need you for this. You're our strongest team member." El Serpiente looks down, obviously feeling hurt by the statement.

"These people are lower than scum," Inga says. "They're despicable, and they deserved what happened to them." Inga stubbornly sits on the ground.

Millie says, "Come on, Inga. Don't back out of the challenge. It'll be a hootenanny"

Love Possum shouts, "Don't let the man talk you out of your beliefs, sister! Stick it to the man!"

Daisuke rubs his chin and whispers to Love Possum, "Nice tactical persuasion. If we can persuade our opponents to not take part in the challenge, we are more likely to be victorious." Love Possum looks at Daisuke with a confused expression.

Sir Perlative says, "We can't worry about Inga, right now. If she doesn't want to do the challenge, we shouldn't force her."

Love Possum shouts, "You're right, brother! She deserves to be free to make her own choices!"

The Time Shares glare at Love Possum. They form a huddle. Sir Perlative says, "I suppose our best strategy would be to go through the village and ask people what they need help with."

El Serpiente nods and says, "He's right." El Serpiente slaps Sir Perlative on the back and says, "Nice plan, buddy." The team disperses.

In Past Tensity's huddle, Robert looks over at the other team as they walk off in different directions. "Hey, what are you looking at, Robbie?" Ira asks.

Robert blushes and says, "Ah, nothing."

"How should we go about this challenge?" Florence asks impatiently.

"The challenge," Robert stalls. He looks around and says, "I think... maybe..."

"It's impolite to keep a lady in waiting," Therese lectures.

"Um," Robert looks nervous. "How about we just do what looks like needs doing?"

"I guess that's as good a plan as any," Ira says. Quog nods. Robert smiles.

The team breaks up their huddle, and walk in different directions. Robert looks around him. He says excitedly, "Hey, Mark!" Mark turns and looks at Robert. Robert says, "Help me carry this big piece of wood," Mark snickers. Robert continues with a confused expression, "And rebuild that roof." Robert points up at the nearby roof. Mark nods. Robert lifts one end, and Mark lifts the other.

Mark walks backward as Robert excitedly walks forward. Robert looks down to make sure his grip on the beam is good. Mark says, "Heads up."

Robert lifts his head, only to hit his jaw hard against a piece of wood sticking out from one of the local homes. Robert falls to the ground, and the beam he and Mark were carrying falls on one of Robert's legs. Robert yelps, "My wee leg."

Mark rushes over and says, "I'm so sorry, dude. Is your leg alright?"

Robert grimaces. He says, "It'll be fine. I've sustained worse injuries." Robert stands, smiles, and says, "Let's keep working." They lift the beam and walk forward. Robert limps. He says, "Next time, say something more helpful than 'heads up'." Mark looks embarrassed and nods.

Inga continues to sit on the ground. A little blonde girl sits down next to her. The girl asks, "Did those bad people kill your daddy, too?" Inga looks at the young girl, who looks back at her with huge, wide eyes.

Inga's harsh glare breaks into a softer glance. She turns her head away from the girl and dryly says, "Chris sent you. Well, it's not going to work." Inga folds her arms. The girl cries. Inga stands up. She says, "I'm going to help the others. Not because you made me feel guilty, but because I don't want to be around you, any longer. Nobody likes a crier." Inga walks away.

Sir Perlative is straightening a piece of metal with a hammer. El Serpiente walks up and says, "How's it coming along, friend?"

Sir Perlative continues hammering and says, "It is just about right." Sir Perlative stands up and puts the metal rod back onto the outside of the wooden house. "It fits perfectly," Sir Pelrative says happily.

El Serpiente slaps Sir Perlative on the butt and says, "Good work," before walking away. Sir Perlative stands for a few seconds with a twitching eye.

Ira is shown hammering on the side of a house. Quog stands behind him. Ira swings his arm back and hits Quog on the head with a hammer. Quog yelps. Ira says, "Sorry, Quog. I didn't see you there. Are you alright?" Quog holds a hand to where he was hit and cries. Ira pats Quog on the head and says, "Make sure you stay out of the way. Why don't you go help someone else for now?" Quog nods and slowly walks away.

Quog stands behind Daisuke as he sharpens an abandoned sword at an abandoned blacksmith shop. Quog looks around. He sets his sights on a shiny battle axe on the wall. He walks over to it and touches it. The axe falls from its spot on the wall, knocking down a shelf full of weapons, causing a chain reaction that knocks everything on the walls to the floor. Daisuke stops what he's doing. He looks up and sees that Quog already left. Daisuke lets out a sigh and continues working.

A dejected Quog walks outside. Therese looks up at him. She cheerfully says, "Quog! Just who I wanted to see!"

Quog says, "Aroogh?"

Therese smiles and says, "I need you to bring this cart from here," Therese points, "To there. Do you think you can do that?" Quog smiles and nods. Therese says, "Great." She walks away. Quog bends over and tries to lift the cart. He stands back up not holding the cart and looks at it in a confused manner. He looks around and sees Crimson Rose pushing a similar cart. He puts his hands on the handles of the cart. He smiles as it begins moving and he begins running. He fails to stop as Robert walks in his path.

Robert says, "What's this now?" before being hit by the cart at full speed.

Robert lies unconscious as most of his teammates stand over him. Love Possum asks, "What happened to Rrrrobert?"

"I do not know," Julietta says quietly.

Therese looks around and sees a trail from the wheels of the cart she assigned Quog to push. She looks to the side of one of the buildings and sees the remains of the cart badly hidden under a blanket. She looks over to the shore and sees Quog looking out as he sits on the ground. Therese looks down. She says, "It was my fault. I hit him with a large cart by accident. I wasn't watching what I was doing. I'm sorry."

Florence sighs and says, "At least you admit your mistake."

Quog is shown still sitting by the water. He picks up a rock next to him and throws it out on the water. A little brown haired girl sits down next to Quog. She says, "Did your father get hurt, too?" Quog grunts. "Me, too," the girl says. She cries. "I don't know what's going to happen, now. He was our provider, but he was a nice, fun person, too." Quog grunts and beats on his chest with his fist. "I don't know. I feel too young to take care of the rest of my family." The girl asks, "How did you make it through when your father died?" Quog grunts. He looks up and points in Ira's direction. The girl says, "You had a friend to help you, too?" The girl hugs Quog and says, "Thanks for talking with me."

Back with the rest of Past Tensity, Robert wakes up and asks, "What happened?"

Daisuke explains, "Therese accidentally hit you with a cart." Daisuke nods and adds, "You went unconscious."

Robert says, "Huh. I distinctly remember the person who hit me with the cart being big, hairy, and having only one eyebrow... So it must have been Therese."

"Yeah," Ira says as he laughs. "That sounds 'bout right." Therese glares at the two.

Inga is shown repairing the side of a house. Sir Perlative walks up and says, "Nice work. I am pleased that thou decided to join us for the challenge."

"These people aren't my enemies in this challenge," Inga states.

"I think it should be clear that they art not the monsters you thought they were," Sir Perlative reasons.

Inga sighs. She says, "Yeah, so what. They're people with feelings, mothers, and fathers, too. Big lesson." Sir Perlative smirks.

Inga steps down after finishing her work. The owners of the home approach her and the man says, "Thank you so much, sir. We were devastated after the attack. We owe the help from you and your people to the gods."

"It was nothing," Inga says timidly.

"Let us repay you, somehow," the man insists.

Inga says firmly, "It was the least I could do. We don't need to be rewarded." The couple shrugs and goes inside their newly repaired home.

Sir Perlative smiles and says, "That was truly remarkable." Sir Perlative is now sitting on the ground.

Inga blushes and says, "Thanks." She sits next to Sir Perlative.

"Even if thou does not wish to admit it," Sir Perlative says, "thou hath learned something."

"Yeah," Inga says, still blushing. She looks over at Sir Perlative, closes her eyes, and leans in for a kiss.

A random child walks by with his mother and says, "Mother, what are those two men doing?"

The mother grabs her child's hand and runs off, saying, "Look away, child."

Sir Perlative looks at Inga, blushes, gets up, and runs off. Inga falls to the ground. She looks up to see that Sir Perlative is gone. Inga sits by herself looking fairly upset.

Past Tensity is busy working. Sir Perlative looks at them while passing. El Serpiente walks up to Sir Perlative and says, "Hey, buddy. We could use your help over here." Sir Perlative nods.

El Serpiente grabs hold of Sir Perlative's waist. "Unhand me!" Sir Perlative shouts, pushing El Serpiente away.

El Serpiente freezes. He looks at Sir Perlative and asks, "Did I do something wrong?"

Sir Perlative says, "It is improper, what thou hath been doing."

El Serpiente looks confused. He says, "What are you talking about?"

"Thou is constantly touching me," Sir Perlative angrily explains.

"I don't mean anything by it," El Serpiente says timidly.

"Well it has to stop," Sir Perlative insists.

El Serpiente says, "I'm sorry." El Serpiente thinks for a few seconds. He asks, "So all this time, I was the one you were uncomfortable to be around?"

"No, it is not like that," Sir Perlative says defensively.

El Serpiente rolls his eyes. "Whatever. You want to be left alone, you got it. Sorry for burdening you with my presence." El Serpiente storms off. Sir Perlative sadly looks off to the side.

Chris walks on the shore and says, "If everyone would please gather around." The contestants gather around Chris, as do some village folk. Chris says, "Your challenge is over. I'll be right back with the results after I interview some of the townspeople." Chris leaves as the teams wait.

He comes back some time later. Chris says, "I gathered the information I needed. The winners, with ninety-nine percent approval, are... The Time Shares!"

Florence says, "Uh-uh! We did just as much work as they did, foo'."

Chris shrugs and says, "I don't know, but the people I talked to said they appreciated the silver team, more."

One of the onlooking village folk says, "I know why." The teens turn attention to the old woman. She continues, "It is because the work they did was futile."

"You mean it was fo' nothin'?" Florence asks.

Therese explains, "That is what futile means." Florence glares at Therese.

The old woman says, "The only work I saw the pink ones doing was on homes whose owners fell victim to the opposing forces."

"Say what, now?" Florence asks.

"She means they were all dead," Therese explains in a superior tone.

Florence glares at Therese and says, "I know what she meant. Do I look stupid to you?"

"Actually," Therese begins. Florence rolls up her sleeves. Therese says, "Never mind."

Chris says, "Pink and silver teams, please follow me." The teens follow him.

Bianka asks, "Why did you lead us over here?"

Chris looks behind the contestants and says, "To get away from those uncivilized viking types." Inga glares at Chris. He holds up his time travel device and everyone goes into the future with a flash of light.

Everyone is gathered in the main room in the building the competition started in. Chris says, "Past Tensity needs to vote someone out. I'll be back later for your elimination..."

Mark interrupts, "Man, I can't believe we lost."

"All that work we did didn't mean anything," Love Possum adds as he stares down at the floor.

Mark turns to Robert and says, "I thought you were a good leader, but you let us down this time." Robert avoids looking at Mark's eyes.

Florence sighs and says, "It should be obvious. He isn't a great leader like he says. He was always looking at the other team whenever we would be deciding what we would do for a challenge."

Daisuke looks at Robert and asks, "Is that true?"

Robert hesitates before speaking. "No. I was just tactically trying to learn what our opponent's plans were, so we could be a step ahead of them."

Mark asks in a disappointed tone, "Is what you're saying really true, Robert?"

Robert looks at Mark. He looks down and shakes his head. Mark sighs. Robert says, "What Florence said was right. I wasn't trying to get a step ahead of the other team, I was trying to get any sort of idea. I lied about being a great strategist so everyone wouldn't know what I was like in my real life. I wanted to be someone else, because... I'm such a failure and a disappointment to my family. I wanted to be a hero for once, but I know I can never be one." Robert cries from one eye into his hands. Love Possum pats Robert on the back as he continues crying.

Sir Perlative looks down and says, "Chris, can I talk to you?" Chris nods and leaves the room with Sir Perlative.

Chris comes back a few minutes later and sees that the teens had changed and were waiting in the large room. He says, "We may as well go straight to the elimination room, Past Tensity." The teens on the team nod and follow him. He sticks his head out of the room and says, "Everyone, stay put. I have to talk to you after we get this out of the way." Some of The Time Shares nod.

After Past Tenstity returns from voting. Chris leaves and comes back. He explains, "I reviewed the votes and one of you is going home." He looks around the room. He says, "Julietta is safe, and so are Mark and Ira." Chris closes an eye and sticks his tongue out as he points his index finger at Daisuke. "Daisuke's safe." Chris now announces, "Love Possum and Florence are safe, too." Chris says, "Quog, you're safe, also." Therese smiles slightly. Chris says, "Therese and Robert received the most votes. One of them is going to be sent back to their resident time. The one of you who is staying is..."


"Aye," Robert says. "I had it coming. I'm sorry I lied to you all."

"You should have just been yourself," Mark says. "We would have accepted you for who you were. I just can't deal with liars."

Robert looks down and bitterly says, "You have no idea what it's like. Every day I'm treated like an idiot, a loser. I was tired of it. Just once I wanted to be admired. Every day I look at me mirror and think how me future has ended because I rush into things. I can't be respected as a man of war. Me vision is impaired, so there's not much other work I can get. No woman is going to want someone so disfigured as a husband." He looks down. "I just wanted to have a fresh start, but me lies caught up with me. I'm sorry I let ye all down, but now ya don't have to deal with me, anymore." Robert stands and says, "I'm ready to go back."

Chris looks down and says, "Bye, Robert." He adjusts his time travel device and holds it up, sending Robert back in a flash of light.

Robert sits down on his bed in his room. He cries into his hands, some more. He feels his wet face. He covers one eye with his hand, and looks out. He does the same with his other eye. He rushes over to his mirror and sees that his scar is gone, and that his eyes both look normal. Robert's mouth falls open slightly and he says to himself, "I thought he said we'd be sent back to when we were removed from our time." A knocking is heard on Robert's door. "Come in," Robert says.

The door opens, and a big, muscular, bearded man enters. He says, "Are ye ready, son?"

Robert hesitates before saying, "Ready for what, father?"

"Today's the day I bring ye to train for the army," Robert's father explains. "Ye were so excited, I thought ye couldn't forget."

Robert nods and stands up. He looks up and says, "Father, I've been thinking." Robert breathes deeply. "I think I may not be ready, yet. I'm still young and inexperienced. I'll admit that I don't even know if I want to follow in your footsteps." Robert looks down and says, "I'm sorry." Robert's father sits down and lets out a huge sigh. Robert stutters, "I-I know you must be disappointed."

Robert's father shakes his head and says, "I couldn't be more proud." Robert looks at his father with a confused expression. "Robert, it takes a lot to admit something like that. Frankly, I knew ya weren't cut out to be a warrior. Not everyone is. But, you seemed so set on it that I didn't want to tell you how I felt about it. I worry about you every day. I was so afraid you might get hurt."

"You," Robert begins, "don't think I'm a failure?"

Robert's father laughs and says, "Of course not, son. Of course not."

Robert hugs his father and says, "Thanks, Chris."

"What was that, now?" Robert's father asks.

Robert says, "Nothing."

In the present, Chris gathers the two teams together. He says, "Sir Perlative has requested to change rooms."

El Serpiente glares at Sir Perlative and says, "I don't want to room with him, anyway."

"It really has nothing to do with you," Sir Perlative says. "I still view us as friends."

"At least one of us does," El Serpiente says angrily. "Go be with the Past Tensity pansies, where you belong."

"Um, hey!" Ira protests. El Serpiente glares at Ira. Ira nervously says, "I take it back."

Sir Perlative says, "It's not what you think." Sir Perlative looks down. "I'm... not exactly..." Sir Perlative sighs. "I'm a girl."

Everyone but Chris and Sir Perlative gasp. Love Possum asks, "When did that happen?"

"I was always a girl," Sir Perlative states.

El Serpiente says angrily, "So you were lying to us this whole time?" Mark glares at Sir Perlative.

"I know I went along with it," Sir Perlative states, "But I never lied. Everyone just assumed I was male."

Inga looks at Chris and asks, "And you knew all this time?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "I really didn't know, either. Not until she told me the truth. Man... I have to go fix that profile. Anyway, I can't stand history, so I never looked that deeply into Sir Perlative's life."

Millie says, "It might be a good idea to start."

"What?" Chris says. "And ruin this kind of drama? This stuff is television gold! Ha ha!" The contestants glare at Chris, and then at Sir Perlative.

"My teammates started opening up to me," Sir Perlative states. "I didn't want to deceive my team any longer. I truly apologize to everyone, and I hope we can get passed this."

Sandi says, "So you're, like, Lady Perlative, now?" Lady Perlative shrugs.

Chris says, "Well on that note, I suppose it would be best to end this episode. Be sure to tune in next time, as I'm sure this will definitely be a recurring plot point." Chris nods.

Chapter 7 - So You Think You Can Hop?Edit

Chris McLean laughs. He says, "Oh, man. It was crazy last time on Total... Drama... Time Travel! We went back to viking times in order to help a devastated village repair what was damaged in their small town. The Time Shares won the challenge by a major percentage. It came out that Robert wasn't the great leader he claimed to be early on. He was eliminated, and... sent back to his original time. I kind of made it so that he regained his vision and stuff. That wasn't the biggest shocker, though. The big surprise came when Sir Perlative revealed that he was actually a Lady Perlative. Ha ha! That moment was pure golden. How will the others react to this shocking turn of events? Find out, now!"

Lady Perlative sits on a bed in the room for the female members of The Time Shares. Xiomara sleeps in a pod. Inga walks in carrying a bed she took from the female Past Tensity members. Lady Perlative says, "I truly am sorry if I hurt anyone, it was not my intent to do so."

Inga rolls her eyes. She says, "Then what what was your intent?"

"I have posed as a male ever since I was young," Lady Perlative explains.

Bianka asks, "That was your intent?"

Lady Perlative shakes her head. She says, "My parents were poor folk. They were killed when I was seven for no reason by marauders. They thought I could be used as a laborer, or something, so they took me. I was rescued by a valiant group of knights, and from that moment I looked at them in awe. The men brought me to the orphanage that I lived at for years. There, I was mistaken as a boy. At that age, I knew I wanted to be a knight. I also knew that it wasn't an option for a girl to join the knighthood. So instead of correcting the people at the orphanage, I went along with their mistake." She looks down. "That was the only way I could realize my dream. It meant a lot of sacrifice. I could never get that close to anyone in case circumstances became awkward. I had to find ways to keep others from finding out. I had to bind my chest. I had to be secretive."

Inga says firmly, "That still makes you a liar."

"But she had to," Millie says. "She wanted to live her dream, no matter what it took."

Lady Perlative explains, "I enjoy being a knight, but I wish it was acceptable for me to serve as a woman. If anyone finds out, I would most likely be beheaded." Lady Perlative looks down. "So... it is too late to take it back."

Inga folds her arms and looks away from Lady Perlative. Inga says, "I trusted you."

Lady Perlative looks down. "I truly apologize," Lady Perlative says sincerely. "I wasn't expecting to make such close friends, here."

Inga sighs. She says, "I suppose that means I have to forgive you. But no more lying about your gender."

Sandi says, "How would she do that, again?" Inga lifts Sandi and throws her across the room.

In the morning, the teens meet Chris in the main room. El Serpiente fails to remove his glare from Lady Perlative.

Chris says, "Hey, teenyboppers! That's right!"

Love Possum says, "What's right?"

"We're going back to the 1950s!" Chris says happily.

El Serpiente removes his glare for Lady Perlative, looks at Chris, and says, "You mean, the time I was taken from?"

Chris says, "Or thereabouts. We're going to a sock hop!"

El Serpiente rolls his eyes and says, "That's not my 1950s."

Mark looks confused and says, "What's a sock hop?" Everyone looks at Mark. He says nervously, "What's everyone staring at?"

Therese says, "Aren't you the one who knows everything about everything?"

Mark blushes and says, "I'm not like that, am I?" Everyone continues to stare at Mark.

"A sock hop is a dance," Chris says. "The one we're going to is at a high school, so you should fit right in. Being that you're teens." Chris looks at Quog. Chris says, "We'll get you into costumes. Anyway, you'll be dancing without shoes."

"Now that is absolutely vulgar," Therese says.

"Why can't we wear shoes?" Sandi asks.

Chris holds his finger in the air and says, "Not wearing shoes protected the varnish of the floors of the gymnasium, where the dances usually took place."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "How do I partake in the challenge?"

Chris, still with his index finger pointing in the air, says, "You don't. I'm sorry, I was expecting you to be voted out by now, but there's no way you can come with us for this challenge without arousing ..." Mark snickers. Chris glares at him and finishes, "suspicion."

Xiomara's teammates glare at her. Julietta puts her arms around Xiomara's chair and says, "She cannot help it." Julietta dramatically puts her hand against her forehead and says, "So, please, do not blame her for this grave injustice." Mark applauds wildly.

Inga glares at Julietta and says, "You're on the other team. If we lose, it's a good thing for you."

"Yeah, but," Julietta starts.

"I highly doubt that you would be so supportive if someone on your own team had to sit out," Inga states.

Mark says, "And you're suddenly assigning motives for her? Just because you're all warrior grr, doesn't mean everyone else is. So leave her alone." Julietta puts her arms around Mark.

Inga looks away and says, "Men. I don't need a man to stick up for me, unlike some people."

Chris says, "That was good. But, actually, one person from the other team will be sitting out, just so things are even. If Past Tensity will pick one person from their team to stay behind?"

"Wait," Crimson Rose interjects.

"Yeah?" Chris asks.

"I be thinking that it shan't be fair for them to choose who sits out for their team," Crimson Rose begins, "as we didn't get to choose who sat out for us." Inga smirks.

Chris says, "Right. That sounds fair."

"No, it don't," Ira states. "Chair girl thing is one of their weakest, they're bound to sit out one of our..."

Millie says, "We choose Mark."

"Strongest," Ira finishes.

Chris says, "Okay, then. Mark gets to stay behind with Xiomara."

"Ha!" Mark taunts. "I suck at dancing."

Chris pulls a card out of his pocket and reads. He says, "It says here that you were in tap dancing class for four years as a child, you break dance, and you are currently in a swing dancing class."

Mark folds his arms and says, "Seriously. That doesn't mean I'm any good."

Chris says, "It doesn't really matter if you're good at dancing or not for this challenge. This challenge is about endurance. It's a dance marathon! You'll all eventually drop like flies, leaving only one person, the winner of the challenge." Chris says, "BRB." Chris leaves the room. The contestants look at each other.

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "It is an Archaic term meaning 'be right back'."

Several other contestants say, "Ooooh."

Chris comes back with a box of tops, sweaters, poodle skirts, blue jeans, and white T-Shirts. He says, "Everyone get ready to go!" The teens leave the room with a costume.

The contestants come back in their new costumes. Everyone stares at Lady Perlative in her pink, girly outfit. She blushes. Chris looks around at the contestants. He nods and says, "Okay, everyone. Let's go back to the fifties!" He holds up his time travel device, and everyone, but Xiomara and Mark, go back in time with him.

Chris and the teens arrive in the empty hallway of a school. They look around. Bianka looks out the window and asks, "What city is this exactly?"

Chris says, "Los Angeles."

Bianka says, "Hollywood?" Chris nods. "I love this city," she says with a smile.

Chris shrugs and says, "That's nice." He points to two doors. He says, "The challenge begins behind those doors." Chris walks over to the doors and pushes them open. A large number of white teens looks over at the contestants as they walk in. They are all dressed fairly similarly to the contestants.

Florence says, "I feel a little uncomfortable, here." Florence looks down. Florence continues to get stares from the other teens. Chris walks out with his arm around Florence into the hallway. Florence starts to cry."I didn't like the way those kids were looking at me."

Chris hugs her and says, "I'm sorry Florence, I wasn't thinking. I guess it would be a good idea to send you back with Mark and Xiomara. If that's what you would prefer." Florence nods. He holds up his time travel device, and sends Florence back to 2010. Chris walks back into the auditorium, and sees the teens, including the contestants, dancing to Rock and Roll music. Chris shrugs and says, "I guess the challenge started without me."

Julietta looks around. She lets out a sigh as she keeps dancing. Five random boys surround her and each ask, "You wanna go steady, honey?" Julietta stops dancing. Chris says, "Julietta, come on over."

One of the boys pestering Julietta asks, "What's the haps, dad?"

Sandi stops dancing to ask, "I knew you were old, Chris, but you're that kid's dad?"

Chris face turns red and says, "It's an expression, and you're out, too." Sandi shrugs and sits over by Inga, Julietta, and Chris.

Love Possum dances like he's slithering. He says, "This is the best challenge, yet. I could do this for hours, man." Love Possum faints. Chris walks over and drags him over to where the other contestants are.

Therese looks at girls that are slightly gyrating their hips. Her face turns red and she says, "What sort of place is this where such harlotry is permitted?" She stops dancing and walks to where Chris and the others are sitting. She sits next to Julietta and Sandi. She looks at Julietta and says, "Are you alright?"

Julietta shrugs. She says, "I guess. I wish Mark could have come to the challenge."

"Why?" Therese asks.

Julietta blushes. Julietta says, "I miss him."

Therese looks confused at Julietta. She says, "I don't understand."

"I suppose thou wouldn't," Julietta says. Therese looks annoyed. "I don't quite understand my feelings, either."

"Well," Therese says in a superior tone, "You won't see me like that. I feel the whole thing is rather improper."

Julietta looks at Therese with a look of disbelief. She says, "Thank thou so much for forcing thou's opinion on me."

Therese looks down. She says, "I did not mean to sound like I was judging you."

Julietta asks, "That is certainly how it sounded." Sandi looks on wide-eyed as she watches the conversation drinking a paper cup of punch.

Bianka blushes, while dancing. She stops and says, "Chris, dear... I have to use the restroom."

Chris laughs and says, "There was one out in the hall."

Therese looks at Bianka and says, "How im..." Julietta glares at Therese. "Im... continent?" Bianka looks at the two before leaving the room.

Chris looks on as the remaining contestants dance similarly to how the local teens had been. Chris holds up two thumbs and says, "Nice going, guys. Especially you Quog."

Quog doesn't stop dancing, but smiles in Chris' direction. A girl that was dancing with Quog says, "Your name is Quog?" Quog looks down at her and grunts. Some of the other teens begins laughing and pointing at Quog. He looks down sadly.

Ira stops doing a jig and says, "What's the big idea? You kids ain't got no right to make fun of somebody just 'cause they's different from you."

A local teen laughs and says, "Whoa, everybody. Listen to that guy's grammar." Everyone now laughs and points at Ira. Quog's face turns red. He growls and rips off his white shirt. He begins pounding on his chest and growling at some of the teens, revealing his large teeth. They cower in the corner of the auditorium. Chris puts one hand on Ira's shoulder and one hand on Quog's shoulder. Chris grabs hold of a shirtless Love Possum's belt buckle and leads the three boys into the hall.

Chris says to them, "I'm sending you back with the others, I'm beginning to think this wasn't the best challenge idea." Chris sighs. Love Possum, Quog, and Ira leave in a flash to 2010.

Chris returns to the auditorium to see Inga and Lady Perlative sitting on the sidelines. Inga says, "We could have won, but we thought we'd give the others a chance at the limelight."

Sandi says, "I thought you said your bunions were bothering you." Inga holds up her fist and Sandi nervously turns away from her.

Millie shouts, "Yeehaw! This is fun." She does a little western hoedown move.

"Aye," Crimson Rose grabs hold of some local teen guy with greasy hair and spins him about. She lets go, he flies through the air, and lands on Millie, knocking her to the floor.

Chris announces, "Millie and Crimson Rose are out of the challenge."

Crimson Rose states, "That be unfair. I still haven't stopped dancing." Crimson Rose continues dancing in a pirate fashion.

"But you interfered with poor Millie's chances at winning," Chris says as he wags his finger in the air. "That means instant disqualification." Crimson Rose looks disappointed and stops dancing.

Millie says, "I don't mind, really. We're on the same team."

Chris says, "Okay, but she stopped dancing, so she's out either way." Crimson Rose folds her arms and sits down by the others.

Bianka returns and says, "So what did I miss?"

Chris looks up and says, "The final two remaining dancers are El Serpiente and Daisuke." He looks confused and says, "Not who I was expecting."

El Serpiente taunts, "You're going down."

Daisuke bows, while kicking his legs about, and says, "I accept your challenge."

Seven hours later...

Daisuke and El Serpiente are still dancing. Everyone but the disc jockey and the Total Drama Time Travel contestants have left the auditorium.

Inga sighs and says, "Can't we just call this a draw? I'm getting tired of this."

Daisuke says with a wide smile, "I'm not even remotely tired, unlike my competition."

An extremely sweaty El Serpiente says, "I don't believe in giving up. I'm not stopping until one of us dies."

"Whatever you say," Daisuke says. He smiles and says, "I never get to do anything fun like this at home."

El Serpiente looks on at Daisuke, who isn't even sweating. He says, "What's wrong with you? You aren't even close to..." El Serpiente stops talking. He puts his hands on his knees and bends forward, trying to catch his breath.

Chris smiles and leaps up. He raises Daisuke's hand in the air and says, "Past Tensity wins invincibility!" Therese and Julietta clap. "So if everyone's ready..."

El Serpiente breathes heavily. He falls on his back. Lady Perlative runs over to him first. She lifts his head up. His eyes roll in the back of his head. She says, "Chris! El Serpiente is in trouble."

Chris rushes over. Therese suggests, "It must have been that ungodly music that got to him."

Chris puts his ear to El Serpiente's chest and says, "His heart is still beating, but I think we can better assist him in the future."

"But that might make it worse," Lady Perlative says. "We have no idea how he might react to the time travel device."

"That's true," Chris agrees.

El Serpiente's eyes go back to normal. He stands up quickly and says, "What's everyone fussing over? Let's go back."

Lady Perlative says, "But you..."

El Serpiente looks to the side and says, "I'm fine. Let's go back."

Chris shrugs. He says, "That's one tough dude."

"What did you call me?" El Serpiente growls.

Chris smiles nervously. He holds up the time travel device and everyone returns to 2010 with him.

Julietta runs to Mark and throws her arms around him. She says, "I really missed thou. I cannot stand to be even a few hours away from thou."

Mark looks down. He says, "Yeah. I missed you, too."

Xiomara's computerized voice says, "So who won the challenge?"

"Past Tensity did," Chris states. Florence, Quog, Mark, Love Possum, and Ira cheer. "That means..."

"We'll see you after we get changed," Bianka says.

Chris nods and says, "Right. You got it." He points at Bianka with his index fingers and smiles. She slowly backs away.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Even though El Serpiente freaked us out a little, I'll announce him as safe, first. Good job, man." El Serpiente smiles. "Moving on. Millie, Bianka, and Crimson Rose... You are all safe." Millie puts her arms around the other two girls and smiles. "Inga, you are safe, as well."

"It took you long enough to announce that," Inga states.

Chris ignores her and says, "Sadly, Xiomara and Lady Perlative are our bottom two. The one of you leaving us today is..."


Xiomara's computerized voice says, "That is entirely understandable. I let my team down, and historically, the weakest member of the team must be sacrificed."

El Serpiente's eyes light up and he says, "There's going to be a sacrifice?"

"It's an expression, dude," Chris informs. El Serpiente glares at him. Chris says, "Sorry. El dude."

Xiomara says, "I am ready to return to the future." Her teammates wave at her. Chris holds up the time travel device and Xiomara leaves the others.

Xiomara returns to her time and her computerized voice says to the group of similarly chaired people in a boardroom setting, "My research is complete. I have gathered enough information to determine that the past need not be deleted."

In the present, Chris says, "Okay, everyone. Head back to your rooms." They nod and leave the room. Chris turns to the camera and says, "Thank you for viewing another installment of Total Drama Time Travel. Be sure to tune in next time."

El Serpiente hears a knock outside his door. He says, "Just a minute." He opens the door and says, "Oh. You. What do you want?"

Lady Perlative looks down, "I just wanted to check up on you."

El Serpiente sighs and says, "I'm alright. Thanks. I'm sorry if I scared you during the challenge."

"I'm just glad you're okay," Lady Perlative says.

El Serpiente smiles and says, "Thanks. No one usually cares about me, and I guess you're the same guy I first met. Or... Whatever. I'm sorry I got mad at you earlier." Lady Perlative smiles and kisses El Serpiente on the masked cheek.

Lady Perlative says, "I shall see you tomorrow." El Serpiente nods and closes his door. He removes his mask, shakes loose his flowing black hair, and rubs the spot Lady Perlative kissed him. He smiles.

Chapter 8 - We Interrupt This Challenge to Bring You Something Completely DifferentEdit

Chris smiles and says, "Welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Time Travel! We have an exciting challenge in store, today. But first, let's talk about what happened last time. We went back to the 1950s for a dance marathon at a high school. Xiomara was unable to compete in the challenge due to her... limitations. It came down to a dance off between El Serpiente and Daisuke. El Serpiente collapsed, leaving Daisuke as the winner of the challenge, earning invincibility for his team. Xiomara was voted out of the competition by her team. What will happen in this episode? Wanna find out? Um... Watch it..." Chris looks at the camera with a confused expression.

Julietta is sitting in the room she shares with Florence and Therese. She looks over at Florence and asks, "Is everything alright?"

Florence smiles and says, "Of course, mama. Everything's cool. How 'bout with you?"

"I suppose," Julietta says quietly.

Florence asks, "Are you thinking about Mark?"

Julietta nods. "What should I do? I hath never loved... I have never liked anyone like I like him. I don't know why, but it is like we were destined to meet."

"I feel ya, mama," Florence says. "I hate to say it, though, but..."

"Go ahead," Julietta says.

Florence sighs and says, "You should stop liking him before it gets too late."

Julietta looks away and says, "Oh."

"You had to have known I'd say something like that," Florence says. "The two of you are going to get hurt, an' I don't want that."

Julietta nods. "Thank you for being honest," Julietta starts, "instead of just saying what I would like to hear so badly."

Florence quietly says, "You're welcome."

"Do you want to know my opinion on the matter?" Therese emerges from under her covers to ask.

Julietta says quickly, "I'm suddenly very tired. Goodnight." Julietta dramatically leaps to her bed and pretends to go to sleep. Therese looks at Julietta, and then pulls her blanket over herself.

El Serpiente is shown in his room by himself. He does a series of one armed push ups without his trademark mask on. He hears a slight tap at his door. He smiles and stands up. He looks over at his mask lying on his bed. Instead of putting it on, he heads to the door. He sighs, puts on his biggest smile, and opens the door. He says, "Hello. I was hoping to see..." El Serpiente realizes that the person at his door is not who he was expecting. He quickly turns around and covers his face with his arm. "What are you doing here? You look different..." He pauses, and then angrily says, "No one can see me without my mask. It's a dishonor. Go away." El Serpiente's request is ignored. With his back turned, he fails to see the piece of metal lifted in the air, and quickly brought down to the back of his head. El Serpiente collapses. He groans, "Why would you.. When I get my hands on you... I'm... gonna..." El Serpiente passes out.

Chris' voice is heard over the intercom in the morning. "Good morning contestants! It's time for your next challenge. I'm so excited for this one." Chris can be heard giggling excitedly.

Every contestant but three walk out of their rooms. Mark walks out, pulling his shirt down. He yawns and says, "Is it just me or are these challenges getting even earlier? I'm not used to getting up before twelve-thirty."

"You mean on weekends?" Sandi inquires.

Mark looks confused and says, "No?"

"You're my hero," Sandi says with a smile, and two thumbs up.

Chris excitedly says, "Oh, man. When I thought up this next challenge... I couldn't wait for it to happen." Chris excitedly giggles.

Crimson Rose says, "I've never seen ye so excited. It's creeping me out a wee bit."

Chris says, "I can't help it. Seriously." Chris pulls a magazine out of the front of his pants. He flips through the pages.

Mark nervously says, "Ah. Are you sure you should be looking at that sort of thing in front of everybody?"

Chris says, "It has to do with the challenge." Mark's left eyebrow reaches new heights. Chris says, "There." He holds up the magazine and reveals an image of a beautiful young woman in a yellow bikini. Therese faints. Chris says, "This is the first girl I ever had a crush on." Chris sighs. "She's so beautiful."

Millie says, "And that has to do with the challenge how?"

Chris says, "You see... Naomi Crawfish is the most... I can't even say it." Chris blushes. "I look at this picture every night before I go to bed."

"Okay," Mark says. "Wa-hay too much information."

Chris glares at Mark. "Anyway," Chris says, "I just want to go back in time to see her at her prime. Back in the late eighties. I want to tell her what she means to me, and how I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world."

Inga gives a little hint of a smile. She says, "That's innocent enough."

"It's pretty sweet, actually," Sandi agrees.

Chris continues, "Then I want you guys to persuade her into falling madly in love with me." Chris' eye twitches. "Do whatever it takes!"

Millie uneasily says, "Okay, this is getting really creepy, ya'll."

Chris begins frothing at the mouth. Quog leaps into Ira's arms. Chris holds up his arm and says, "Let's go!"

Lady Perlative says, "Wait! El Serpiente hasn't shown up, yet."

Chris sighs and says, "Go get him. We don't have all day." Lady Perlative nods, rushes over to El Serpiente's door, and then knocks on it. After five seconds, Chris says impatiently, "What's taking you so long?"

"There is no answer," Lady Perlative quietly says.

"Man," Chris says. "Of all the days..."

Millie says, "Now that I think of it, Bianka has gone missing, too."

Chris sighs and says, "We don't need them." He holds his arm up and says, "We're going back to see Miss Hottie of the Century!"

Daisuke bows his head and says, "Chris, sir. I mean no disrespect, but..."

Chris says in an annoyed manner, "Then be quiet."

"But..." Daisuke says.

"I'll give you a but," Chris says. He slaps his butt.

"Sir," Daisuke says, respectfully.

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "My dad is sir. Now shut your face and let's go do the..." Therese slowly gets up.

"Listen to me, you arrogant jerk!" Daisuke shouts. "If you weren't so busy fantasizing over a woman who could never possibly return your affections, you overly tanned monkey, and maybe tried to get your brain out of your pants, you'd realize that you aren't even holding your time travel device!" Daisuke folds his arms. Therese faints, again. Everyone else stares at him with incredibly wide eyes. Daisuke finishes his rant with, "Idiot."

Chris stares at Daisuke with his eyebrows raised. He looks at his hand and says, "He's right."

"You do kind of look like an overly tan monkey," Sandi admits. The others nod.

"Not about that," Chris says. "About the device. Where did it go?" The contestants blankly look at Chris.

Love Possum says, "Maybe if we find the missing contestants, that will totally lead us to the missing time thing."

Chris rubs his chin and says, "That sounds good. The new challenge is to find El Serpiente and Bianka. The team or contestant that resolves this whole thing wins invincibility."

Lady Perlative says, "They could be injured, and thou turns it into a challenge?"

Chris shrugs and says, "What can I say? I believe in multitasking."

Lady Perlative rushes to El Serpiente's room. She tries to open the door. She says, "It hath been locked from the inside. That means he must still be inside, but why isn't he answering his door?"

"Maybe he's still sleeping," Mark says with a shrug.

Love Possum says, "While you guys do that, I'll investigate the girls' room."

"Not so fast," Inga states. Love Possum runs to their room, opens the door, and rushes inside. Inga runs to the room she shares with her female teammates and shouts, "Get out of there!"

"I'm investigating the crime scene," Love Possum says in a sing song voice.

"When I get in there," Inga threatens, "You're going to find out what it feels to get your limbs tied in a knot."

Love Possum calls out, "I had no idea they made bras out of leather."

Inga's face turns red as she yells, "Why you little!" Inga tries to turn the door handle, furiously, but it doesn't open.

Love Possum says, "This thing is huge." Inga growls. She steps back and charges the door, breaking it down. Love Possum looks up, holding Inga's bra in his hands. She screams as she charges toward him. He yelps, "I'm too clothed to die!"

Mark snaps his fingers. He says, "That's it. We can break El Serpiente's door down."

Ira asks, "How are we gonna do that?"

Mark looks at Quog and smiles. Mark orders, "Quog. Break down that door." Mark points at El Serpiente's door. Quog nods. He picks up Mark. Mark asks in panic, "What are you doing?" Quog charges the door, using Mark as a battering ram. The door flies open when Marks head makes contact with it. Quog drops Mark and looks around the room. Julietta rushes over to make sure that Mark is okay. Mark stands up and says, "Quog, you big, dumb..." Ira covers Mark's mouth with his hand.

"You can't punish him for doing what you ask of him," Ira says.

Mark looks embarrassed and says, "I guess you're right. Sorry."

Ira says, "Now go commend him."

Mark looks at Quog, who has a finger in his ear. Mark says, "I don't think he really knows the difference." Ira looks at Mark in a disappointed manner. Mark sighs. He pats Quog on the head and says, "Good boy... Or something." Quog smiles and laughs. Ira smiles at Mark. Love Possum sails through the air, out of the girls' room.

Lady Perlative walks into the room. She looks around. She notices El Serpiente's mask on his bed and stuffs it in her shirt.

Mark looks around. He says, "Let's investigate the room, team." Past Tensity nods and begins searching the room, all over. Quog lifts a bed and looks underneath. He drops it back down when he saw there was nothing to see. Mark rummages through a dresser drawer. His face drops. He grabs something from the inside and stuffs it in his pocket.

Florence sighs and says, "I don't think there's anything in here."

Daisuke rubs his chin. He says, "The door to this room was locked, right?" The present people nod. Daisuke continues, "No one is in here. There's no way to lock these doors from the outside. That means that whoever was in this room vanished into thin air."

"Or..." Ira begins. "They used the time machine to go back in time." The others, minus Daisuke, applaud Ira's deduction skills.

Daisuke mutters to himself, "That's kind of what I was getting at."

Lady Perlative says, "But if that's the case. How are we going to find them?"

Mark shrugs and says, "Well, we haven't found anything relating to the disappearances here."

Florence says, "We didn't find anything."

"Anyway," Mark says as he tries to avoid eye contact with anyone, "Let's see if the others found something in the other room." They walk over to the main room.

Millie asks, "Did you guys find anything?"

Julietta says, "Not really. How about you?"

Inga smirks and holds out a note. Lady Perlative grabs hold of it. Inga says, "It was written by El Serpiente. He says he took Bianka hostage and went back in time."

"Why would he do that?" Therese, who has gotten up, asks.

Crimson Rose informs, "The note says that he wants government documents from throughout history."

"Those are public knowledge," Mark says.

"But were they publicly known in the past?" Daisuke asks rhetorically.

Ira rubs his chin. He says, "No. No, they weren't!" The others applaud his deduction. Daisuke sighs.

Sandi says, "But what good are they?"

"Can you imagine the chaos that could happen from somebody who can time travel knowing the plans of the opposing forces?" Mark asks. "They could change the outcome of wars."

"Oh," Sandi says. She laughs nervously and says, "Is that all?"

"How are we supposed to make the trade off if El Serpiente is gone?" Julietta inquires.

Lady Perlative holds up the note and says, "It says he's going to send Bianka to our time, and she'll bring someone back to negotiate the specifics."

In a flash of light, Bianka appears. Her makeup is ruined from her crying. She says, "I'm so glad to see all of you. El Serpiente has gone crazy for some reason. He's a maniac."

"How did you get back without the time travel device?" Daisuke asks.

"El Serpiente sent me back by myself, and kept the machine," Bianka informs.

Florence looks confused. She asks, "So how do you get back?"

Chris answers, "He discovered the timer."

"Timer?" Millie repeats.

Chris nods. "You have the option to send someone back with a set period of time to elapse. After the time expires, the person will come back to where they left from, along with whoever, and whatever, they're touching."

Bianka states, "He wanted one person to come back in order to negotiate his plan."

"Who?" Chris asks.

Bianka turns and points at Mark. "Me?" Mark asks in disbelief. "Why, me?" Bianka shrugs.

Daisuke suggests, "It's probably because you know the most about modern technology." Chris waves.

"I want to go, too," Lady Perlative states.

"But he only wanted one person," Bianka states. "I don't know what he'll do if his wishes are not complied with." Lady Perlative looks Bianka in the eye. Bianka sighs. "It's your choice."

Julietta looks on and says, "I don't want Mark to go. It could be dangerous."

Mark smiles and says, "I'll be okay. Don't worry about me." Julietta looks down.

Bianka looks up at a clock and says, "Time is almost up." She holds her hands out. Mark grabs hold of her left hand, and Lady Perlative grabs hold of her right one, while the others back away to a safe distance. The three begin becoming enveloped in a bright light. Mark looks over to Julietta and smiles. She runs toward him and grabs hold of his left hand. The four go back in a flash of light.

They arrive at a concrete location with no windows, and only a small door. A man with wavy black hair stands with his back to them. He says, "I was wondering when you'd arrive."

Mark looks at Julietta with watery eyes. He says, "You shouldn't have come. This could be dangerous."

Julietta looks at him in the eyes. She says, "I couldn't stand to be without thou. Not after that last challenge, and now this one means so much more. I am sorry if I upset thou."

Mark looks down and says, "You could never upset me."

El Serpiente says, "Chris made a challenge out of this?" He laughs and says, "That sounds like something he would do." He turns around and says, "Now if we could get this deal..." He sees Lady Perlative standing with the others. He says in an annoyed voice, "What is she doing here?" He turns back around. "I told you to just bring back Mark."

"She insisted that she come," Bianka informs. "I couldn't stop her."

El Serpiente sighs. "That's too bad."

Lady Perlative looks confused. She says, "Why are you doing this?"

El Serpiente, still with his back turned, answers, "It should be obvious. This competition is meaningless. I want to make the whole thing worthwhile."

Mark says, "You are seriously screwed up, dude."

"No, he is not," Lady Perlative says.

"Oh, man," Mark says. He puts his palm on his forehead and says, "Now you're buying in to this, too?"

Lady Perlative shakes her head and says, "No. El Serpiente isn't diabolical. He's a nice person. I saw that."

El Serpiente looks down. He says, "You lied about who you were. I lied about who I was. It's as simple as that."

"Why are you lying?" Lady Perlative asks.

"I'm not," El Serpiente insists. El Serpiente grabs hold of his time travel device. He adjusts the year and says, "I'm sending you back to the others. I don't want you here."

Mark says, "Send Julietta back, too."

El Serpiente nods. He looks at the time travel device for a moment. He says, "Um... I'm sorry." He turns it around in his hands and asks, "How do you send a select group back?" Bianka sighs and walks over to El Serpiente. She takes the device from him and adjusts several things on it. She holds it toward Mark, Julietta, and Lady Perlative.

Mark hugs Julietta to him. She tells him, "Be safe." He nods. Lady Perlative looks over at El Serpiente, who looks down sadly. Lady Perlative turns toward Bianka and dives at her with sudden action.

The time machine falls toward the ground over by Mark and Julietta's feet. Mark shouts, "What are you..." Mark and Julietta disappear with a flash of light when the device hits the ground. It rattles until it becomes still.

Bianka shouts at El Serpiente in a heavy Russian accent, "You buffoon. You gave it all away."

El Serpiente says quietly, "I'm sorry. Please don't hurt her."

"Is that why you went along with this?" Lady Perlative asks.

"She said if I didn't go along with this act," El Serpiente admits, "She'd hurt you. I didn't want that."

Bianka rolls her eyes. Lady Perlative glares at her and says, "Like she could hurt me." Lady Perlative walks over to El Serpiente and hands him his mask. "I knew you wouldn't leave without this, of your own free will." El Serpiente smiles and puts on his mask. Bianka smirks. She pulls up her skirt, and removes a knife that she had strapped to her thigh. She lunges toward the others. El Serpiente looks shocked. Lady Perlative looks at his expression, and quickly jumps to the side. She grabs hold of Bianka's arm and pulls it behind her back. Bianka groans and drops the knife to the ground. Lady Perlative orders, "Miguel, set the time machine to the time of the contest." El Serpiente nods and complies. He holds it toward Bianka and Lady Perlative and the three disappear in a flash of light.

They reappear in 2010. Lady Perlative holds Bianka's arm behind her back. Quog and Daisuke quickly tackle El Serpiente to the ground. "Get off of me," El Serpiente growls.

Lady Perlative says, "El Serpiente is innocent. Bianka is the one who put him up to everything. She threatened to... She threatened him."

Bianka says sweetly, back in her fake Italian accent, "She's lying. The two of them are romantically involved, and El Serpiente convinced her to join him with his evil scheme."

"Oh, boy," Chris says with an eye roll. "One of those 'Who's telling the truth?' bits."

Lady Perlative says, "El Serpiente, he's right. How can we prove we're telling the truth?"

El Serpiente says, "I don't know."

Bianka smirks. She says, "Make her unhand me, someone."

Lady Perlative lets go of Bianka. "No need," Lady Perlative says.

Bianka requests, "Chris. Send these two back to their own times where they can't get in any trouble."

Lady Perlative looks up at Bianka. She holds up her arm and pulls off Bianka's black wig, revealing her long blonde hair. "There," Lady Perlative says.

"So she's blonde," Sandi says. "What does that prove?"

"It proves..." Lady Perlative starts. "Nothing."

Ira says, "Ooh! I know! It proves, beyon' a shadow of a doubt, that she lied about her real hair color. She must be the culprit!"

Daisuke looks at Ira and says, "Thanks for trying, kid."

Chris snaps his fingers. He says, "I recognize you, now. You did do it."

Bianka laughs. She says in an heavy Russian accent, "You fool. It took you so long to realize my true identity? I am a notorious Russian spy, and my identity is still a secret. I had the perfect plan by coming here. I already stole documents when I was unsupervised during your stupid challenges." Daisuke and Quog let El Serpiente stand.

"Hey!" Chris says. "That supermodel one is a great idea!"

Bianka says, "I do not need to know what you're talking about to know that it is stupid."

Millie asks, "What do we do with her?"

"I vote for a public beheading," Therese says.

Chris shakes his head and says, "There's nothing I can do, except send her to her original time for some technicality I'll think up later."

"You've gone and lost your mind," Florence says.

"I can't go and mess up history like that," Chris states.

"Unless it be benefiting you in some way?" Crimson Rose asks.

"Exactly my point," Chris says. "Well, time to send Bianka back." He holds up the time travel device after retrieving it from the ground.

Bianka puts her wig back on and calls out, "You haven't heard the last of me!" She laughs maniacally.

Chris sighs and says, "It's always the quiet ones." Bianka disappears in a flash of light.

Bianka arrives back in the past. She puts on dark sunglasses, pulls off her wig, smiles, and walks into a Russian government building.

In the present, Millie asks, "Chris, how did you know Bianka was the culprit, today? Did you finally read up on history?"

"Are you kidding?" Chris says. "I saw some blonde lady on the surveillance tapes stealing the time machine, and attacking El Serpiente with it. I thought it was Inga at first, but she was attractive." El Serpiente and Daisuke hold back Inga from attacking him.

"What a kooky adventure," Chris says with a laugh. "Technically, The Time Shares won invincibility. We'll just have a double elimination next time, and have Past Tensity vote at least one person out for sure. I'm just way too tired to do it right now." Chris yawns. "Well, goodnight, everyone." He walks toward his room. He says, "Wait a second. I feel like I'm forgetting something." He thinks for a second and says, "Nah. Never mind." He starts walking back to his room.

Florence asks, "Where are Julietta and Mark?"

"You mean they aren't here, somewhere?" El Serpiente asks.

Chris says, "Oh, right. Where are they?"

Lady Perlative shakes her head and says, "I don't know. We thought they came back, here."

El Serpiente says quietly, "Oh. Bianka messed with the time travel device before they got sent away. They could be anywhere in time."

Chris puts his hand on his head and says, "Oh, crap."

Chapter 9 - When Did They Go?Edit

Chris states, "Last time on Total... Drama... Time Travel, everyone thought that El Serpiente kidnapped Bianka with the time travel device, and demanded important historical information. Mark, Julietta, and Lady Perlative went back in time to negotiate with him. Bianka adjusted the time travel device, and planned to send Julietta and Lady Perlative somewhere random in time. Lady Perlative understood what was happening, and knocked the device out of Bianka's hands. It landed by Mark and Julietta, sending them somewhere in time. El Serpiente, Lady Perlative, and Bianka returned to the present, and they all insisted that the other were the bad guy. It ended up that Bianka was the actual villain in the situation, a Russian spy in disguise. She was sent back to her own time. Then, everyone else realized that Mark and Julietta had been displaced in time."

Sandi says, "Yeah, Chris." She pats Chris on the back with a worried expression. "We were all here when we figured that stuff out."

"So what do we do now?" Ira asks, with a hint of concern in his voice.

Chris sits down on the ground, and puts his head in his hands. He says, "I don't know."

"How about trying to search for them with your technological computer thingies?" Florence suggests.

Chris sighs. He says, "That's like looking for a needle in an endless haystack. They could be anywhere."

"Then we should, like, find that Bianka person," Love Possum suggests. "She'll tell us where to find them."

Inga says quietly, "I don't think that would work. We don't have anything to offer, and she didn't seem the type who would just tell us."

Millie says, "But what other choice do we have? It would definitely be worth the risk, don't you think?"

Inga folds her arms and says, "You're right." Inga looks at Chris.

Chris nods his head. He says, "That's our only option. Your next challenge is to find out where Mark and Julietta are. The team that gets the information from Bianka..."

"Wait just a second, foo'," Florence interrupts. "You're tellin' me that you're gonna make a challenge out of this?"

"It's cost effective," Chris says with a shrug. Daisuke rolls his eyes. Chris continues, "Before we go, we better get a good night's sleep, so that we'll be more prepared for anything that might happen."

"Aye," Crimson Rose agrees. "Chris be correct, for once."

Chris sighs and says, "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

Everyone begins returning to their rooms. El Serpiente stops walking toward his room. He walks by one of the walls and sits down on the floor, with his back facing the wall. Lady Perlative looks over at him. She walks over to him and sits down, as everyone else returns to their rooms. She asks, "Miguel? Aren't you going back to your room?"

El Serpiente shakes his head. He says, "I'm going to be ready to go the very moment Chris tells us that it's time for the challenge."

Lady Perlative nods. She says, "It is always good to be prepared."

El Serpiente looks over at her and says, "Yeah."

"If we see Bianka, again," Lady Perlative adds, "thou must be careful that thou doth not harm her."

El Serpiente looks away. He says, "That's what you think I'm like? I know when to control myself."

"I was not implying anything like that," Lady Perlative adds. "Even I would not mind smiting her. But it would mess with history."

El Serpiente laughs. He looks back at Lady Perlative and says, "Can I tell you a secret?"

Lady Perlative states, "Of course."

"I'm..." El Serpiente pausess with a sigh. "I'm afraid to go back in that room by myself after what happened."

"Even the mighty El Serpiente gets scared, sometimes?" Lady Perlative says with a laugh.

El Serpiente smiles and says playfully, "Shut up."

"Though doth not need to worry," Lady Perlative assures. "If anything happened to thou, I would find the person who did it... And it would not be pretty."

El Serpiente laughs. He says, "Thanks." El Serpiente pauses for a few moments. He continues, "I never had a friend like you. People are usually scared of me, or I avoid being social." El Serpiente smiles and says, "It's nice to have a friend."

Lady Perlative hugs El Serpiente and says, "I agree." She stands up and walks back to her room. She says, "If anyone comes after thou, be sure to shout. I'll come running." El Serpeiente smiles and nods. Lady Perlative goes into her room. El Serpiente folds his arms, and closes his eyes.

The next morning, after the contestants are gathered in the main room and dressed in their costumes from the 1920s mystery challenge, Chris explains, "We have to be careful with this challenge. Bianka isn't going to want to give us the information, easily. Be on your toes."

Sandi says, "I hardly see how that would help."

Florence looks slightly worried at Sandi and says, "He means 'be weary', honey."

"Ooooh," Sandi says in realization.

Quog sighs and tugs on his three piece suit, uncomfortably. Ira pats him on the back. Ira says, "It's okay, big guy. You can take your clothes off when we get back." Quog and Love Possum smile excitedly.

Therese says, "How revolting." Her teammates glare at her.

Chris says with a sigh, "We're going back to a few moments after Bianka returned to her time. Is everyone ready?"

Millie says, "I reckon, as ready as we ever will be."

Chris nods and says, "Here we go." He holds up his time travel device, and everyone vanishes in a burst of light.

The teens look around at the empty streets, late at night. Bianka steps out of a building. Her eyes widen. She says in her Russian accent, "What are you all doing here?" She looks around to make sure no one else is around. Bianka quickly places her black wig over her hair, tucking the long blonde strands of hair under the wig.

"We've come to find out where you sent Mark and Julietta," Inga states boldly.

"I do not understand what you're speaking of," Bianka says, now in her fake Italian accent. "I thought I sent them back to you."

Lady Perlative says, "We know that is not the case. El Serpiente and I saw thou change the settings on the time travel device, when it was already set to the correct time."

Bianka smirks. She says innocently, "What if I decided that I didn't want to tell you?"

Love Possum says, "Then we'd be all upset, and stuff."

"That's too bad," Bianka states. "I've decided that I don't wish to tell you where I sent them." Bianka begins walking away.

"You're going to tell us where our friends are," Florence says threateningly, punching her fist in her palm.

Bianka stops walking, looks back, and says, "You know you can't lay a finger on me without adversely affecting the future. I know you goody goodies would never want to do anything like that." Bianka walks away.

Sandi admits, "Well, that could have gone better."

Daisuke says, "What do we do now, Chris, sir?"

"Now I'm sir?" Chris says. Daisuke blushes. "I don't know. I guess we find a place to stay until morning, then you guys should think up better plans. I looked up the hotel that Bianka is staying at, she should be easy to find."

"Where is it?" Millie asks.

Chris holds up a piece of paper that says, "Гостиница Серенити".

"What the heck does that say?" Sandi asks with wide eyes. "Is that 'L' upside down?"

Chris shrugs and says, "I have no idea. We'll have to find it in the morning." Chris leads the teens to a nearby, rundown hotel. They go inside.

In the morning, Chris is in the lobby. Most of the teens join him. Chris looks sad and says, "I have to apologize to you guys. I messed up, again."

"What now?" Inga says with a low voice.

Chris sighs and says, "Somebody broke into my room last night and took the piece of paper with the name of the hotel on it."

"What?" Florence exclaims. "You did not let that happen."

"I'm afraid so," Chris says quietly.

"What do we do?" El Serpiente asks. Chris shakes his head.

Crimson Rose asks, "Has anyone seen Millie?" Everyone looks around. "She's the fiend who be stealing the location of the hotel."

Chris sighs and says, "Why would she do that?"

Inga sighs and says, "I guess we better go look for her." Inga and the rest of The Time Shares leave the hotel.

Love Possum asks, "What should we do?"

"We find the hotel that Bianka is staying at," Daisuke insists.

"How do we do that?" Florence asks in an annoyed tone. "We don't know where to look, or even the name of the hotel."

"We ask for a list of local hotels, study the list, and find the one that looks familiar," Daisuke explains. "We must remember something about the characters."

Ira shrugs and says, "I guess it's a decent plan." Quog nods.

"Well, I think..." Therese starts. The others walk toward the service desk to talk with the hotel clerk. Therese sighs.

After a few minutes, Love Possum says, "That was surprisingly easy."

Chris says, "You found it?"

Florence explains, "There's only one other hotel in this town." Chris slaps his forehead.

Past Tensity walks to the other hotel and they go inside. Ira looks around and whistles through his teeth. He says, "This place sure is fancy."

"So how do we find Bianka?" Love Possum asks.

"We could just ask the service desk," Ira suggests.

"Like that would ever work," Therese says. "They wouldn't just hand out information like that."

Daisuke says, "I have to agree with Therese, here. She would most likely use an alias, anyway."

Ira walks back from the service desk and says, "She's in room 317." The teens look at each other with wide eyes.

The scene now shows the members of Past Tensity standing outside of room 317. Daisuke whispers, "So any plan of action?"

Florence whispers, "In an episode of my sitcom, I disguised myself as a bellboy and was able to get into a room like this."

"That sounds good," Therese admits.

Quog runs at full speed and slams down the door. Florence says, "I guess that works, too."

Bianka looks up with wide eyes. She says, "How did you find me?"

Daisuke smiles and says, "Ingenious detection."

"There were only two hotels in this whole city," Ira explains. Daisuke slaps his forehead.

Bianka says, "I didn't think of that..." Bianka runs over to an armoire and opens it. A tied up and gagged Millie falls out of the wardrobe. Bianka lifts her up. She says, "Leave now, or I hurt the girl."

"What's she doing here?" Love Possum asks.

Bianka laughs and explains, "She thought she could take me on by herself." She adds with a roll of her eyes, "Americans."

Therese and Quog nod. "Hey!" Florence and Ira shout in unison. Ira looks at Quog and says, "Wait. Why are you nodding?"

Ira, Quog, Therese, and Florence huddle together. Ira says, "So what should we do to apprehend her?"

"Let's create a distraction," Florence says.

"You know, I can hear you," Bianka states. Daisuke grabs hold of Bianka from behind.

"Go team," Florence cheers.

Bianka growls, "Unhand me. I'll never let you know where I sent those disgusting lovebirds."

Therese shrugs and says, "I suppose you wouldn't mind us revealing your true identity to the world."

"You wouldn't dare," Bianka says with an irritated tone. Quog unties Millie.

"Not if you tell us where you sent them," Therese insists, wagging a finger in the air.

Millie sighs. She says, "I suppose it's of no consequence. You will leave without revealing my identity if I tell you."

"The truth," Therese insists. "We can come back if you lie to us."

Bianka sighs. She nods and says, "I sent them somewhere at random. I believe it was 1654." Daisuke lets go of Bianka. "Get out," she demands.

"Thank you ever so much for your kind cooperation," Therese says with a smirk. Bianka throws a shoe at her, that hits her in the head. Past Tensity and Millie leave the hotel room.

On their way out of the hotel, Florence commends, "That was amazing, Therese. I have to admit."

"Yeah," Ira says. "Who knew that nasty mouth on ya would come in handy one of these days?"

"Thanks," Therese says sarcastically.

Daisuke looks at Therese and smiles. He says, "I knew you had it in you."

Florence hugs Therese and says, "Welcome to the team."

Chris and The Time Shares walk up to Past Tensity and Millie. Chris says, "So did you find anything out?"

Quog nods. Ira explains, "We found Bianka. She told us where she sent Mark and Julietta."

El Serpiente says, "Are you positive she wasn't lying? She does that, you know."

Therese assures, "We're sure."

Chris says, "It looks like Past Tensity are the winners of this challenge, if they're right. Let's find a spot away from any locals so we can go back to my time." They find an alley and go back to 2010.

Chris explains, "Now, both teams will have to vote someone out, since The Time Shares won the last challenge." Past Tensity nods in realization. Chris says, "But first, I'll check my monitors or computer to see if I can find Mark and Julietta, or try to see if I can detect anything being effected in the past. What year were they sent to?"

"Bianka said 1654, or some time around that," Therese explains.

Chris nods. He says, "I'll go back in time by myself if I'm able to find them." He leaves to his room.

Crimson Rose says, "How's he able to see if anything changed in the past, arr? Wouldn't it be accepted as how it always was?"

Daisuke explains, "It seems like in past challenges that have changed memories that only someone directly effected doesn't note the change." Quog nods.

Chris walks back into the room in the middle of changing into putting on appropriate clothing for the time he is about to visit. He says excitedly, "I found them."

"That's great!" Sandi says.

Chris holds up his time travel device and disappears in a bright light. He looks around him and sees a fairly shoddy looking house. He smiles and walks in. Mark and Julietta look up, as well as a middle aged man and woman, and another teenage boy. Mark and Julietta look surprised.

Mark, who now has a full beard, says, "Why, Sir Christopher. What doth lead thou to our humble home?"

Chris looks at Mark, who is dressed in garb appropriate to the time, and says, "May I speak with you and Julietta alone?"

Julietta looks at Mark and then at her family. She smiles nervously and says, "But of course." Julietta and Mark join Chris outside.

Chris whispers to them, "What is going on here?"

Mark looks at Julietta and says, "We've been engaged to marry."

Chris says in shock, "What?"

"We hath been here for months," Julietta explains. "We thought thou would never find us."

Mark looks at Julietta and smiles. He says, "Bianka sent us to the exact time Julietta was taken from." He turns his gaze to Chris and says, "It can't be coincidence. This is where I was meant to be. We're so happy, together." Julietta smiles.

Chris holds his head down. He says, "I'm sorry. You both have to come back to the present."

Mark looks a little surprised. He says, "No way. I like it here, Chris."

"Mark," Chris states, "this was an accident. You can't stay here without disrupting history."

"I don't care," Mark says. "This is the girl I love. I want to stay here so we can stay together, forever."

Chris explains, "But you can't, Mark. This isn't where you belong."

Mark takes hold of Julietta's hand. He says, "Well, we'll go back with you, but you aren't going to separate us. We're in love."

Chris says quietly, "I'm so sorry." He says a little louder, "I guess we'll go back and sort this out, later."

Julietta says, "Wait, Chris." Mark and Chris look at her. She says, "I really should stay, here."

Mark says firmly, "Then I'm not leaving."

"Thou hath to go back," Julietta insists. "Chris is right. This isn't the time period thou belongs in."

Mark says, "How could you say that? We were meant to meet, and to be together."

Julietta shakes her head and says, "I'm sorry, Mark. I only liked thou because I was afraid to be alone. I do not think I ever really felt the same way about thou, as thou did me."

Mark begins crying. He says, "You don't mean that."

Julietta breaks her hold of Mark's hand. She says, "I am so sorry for leading thou on. I thought Chris wasn't coming back." She addresses Chris and says, "I am done with the competition. I need to stay here, Chris."

"If that's what you want," Chris says. Julietta sadly nods.

Mark goes to embrace Julietta. He says, "I'll miss you every moment of every day. I'm going to try to get Chris to let me come back here."

Julietta says, "Don't bother. I will have moved on, I'm sure. I suggest you do the same."

Mark looks hurt. He walks over to Chris and says, "I guess I'm ready to go back." He looks up at Julietta sadly. Chris holds up his time travel device. Mark says, "Goodbye, Julietta." Chris sends himself and Mark back into the present.

Chris and Mark arrive in the middle of the main room. The others are standing around. Mark falls to his knees and cries into his hands. "What happened?" Florence asks. "Where's Julietta?"

Chris says, "She decided that she wanted to stay in her own time period." Chris looks down at Mark, "With her decision, The Time Shares are the only ones who need to vote out a team member."

Mark stands up and shouts at Chris, "I hate you! Why couldn't you leave us alone? We were so happy, until you interfered." Mark rushes to his room. Ira, Love Possum, Quog, and Daisuke follow after him.

Chris looks down. He says, "I'll let The Time Shares decide who they want to vote out. I'll be back after you've reached your decisions." Chris goes to his room.

Later, at the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "I don't want to go through the whole routine today, I'm pretty exhausted." He looks up and says, "Our bottom two is El Serpiente and Millie. The one of you leaving us today is..."


Millie nods and says, "I figured that would happen after my hasty actions in the challenge. I'm sorry I let the team down, I reckon." She stands up and hugs some of her teammates goodbye.

After she is done, Chris says, "Goodbye, Millie." He holds up the time travel device and sends her back to her time period.

Millie looks around at her dressing room. She applies some rouge to her cheeks in front of a mirror to prepare for a stage show.

Chris says, "Everyone can go back to their rooms. I'll see you in the morning." The teens get up and leave the elimination room.

Later, Chris knocks on the male team members of Past Tensity's door. He says, "I need to talk with Mark."

Mark shouts, "Go away! I don't want to talk to you."

"It's about Julietta," Chris explains.

Mark comes to the door. He had shaved his beard back to a goatee. He asks, "What do you want?"

Chris says, "Follow me. I have something to show you." Mark sighs, but follows Chris into his room, and then to the connected computer room. Mark looks around as Chris sits down in a chair. Chris explains, "I'm going to show you what happened with Julietta. I set up cameras in each time period you guys are from, and left them there. They're solar powered, so most of them stayed around for a little while. Since this is so important to you, I watched some of Julietta's life."

Mark looks interested. He says, "I want to see it." Chris nods. He sets up the video, and it begins playing. Mark looks at the screen, and his face looks grim. He asks, "Who is that?" Julietta, a little bit older, is shown outside of her home with her arms around a blond man.

Chris explains, "That's her husband."

Mark looks down and says, "She did forget about me."

"She was able to move on, Mark," Chris assures. "Like you will be able to."

Mark turns around and says, "She forgot about me. She never really cared for me, like she said."

"Mark!" Julietta's voice is heard calling out. Mark turns around and looks at the screen. Julietta continues, "Where hath thou been all day? I was worried to death."

The young, blond boy says, "I was just playing with some of the other boys, mother."

"Well, Mark," Julietta lectures, "before thou leaves home thou must tell me or your father where thou is headed."

Chris stops the video. Mark says quietly, "She named her son after me?"

Chris nods. He says, "Yes, Mark. She was able to move on, but she never forgot about you."

Tears stream down Mark's face. He says, "Thank you. Thank you, Chris. I know it's going to be hard, but I'll try my best to move on. I don't regret my relationship with her, I never will. But we're from two different times. I have to move on." Mark turns around and says, "Thank you, again, Chris. Thank you for letting me meet her, she's a beautiful person." Chris nods and Mark leaves Chris' control room. Chris wipes his watery eyes, but lets out a smile.

Chapter 10 - Prom and CircumstanceEdit

Chris shakes a can and begins spraying himself with it. He says, "Hello, lovely viewers. Thanks so much for tuning in. Last time, we went to the past to convince Bianka to tell us where she sent Mark and Julietta. Millie rushed into the task and was captured by Bianka. Past Tensity rescued Millie from Bianka, found out where she sent Julietta and Mark, and ultimately won the challenge. I went back to retrieve the missing contestants, only to find that they had been sent to Julietta's time period, where they had been living comfortably. Mark revealed that they planned to marry..." Chris looks down sadly, "But I had to step in, before the future was messed with. Julietta realized that she and Mark couldn't be together, so she decided to stay in the past. Mark was devastated by some of Julietta's words toward him. Later, after Millie was voted out, I was able to show Mark that Julietta was able to move on, but that she never forgot about him via camera footage. Okay. Now that the recap is over, let's move on to our next episode." Chris continues to spray himself with the contents of the can. The camera lingers on him. Chris says, "What? It's just 'Tan in a Can'." The camera zooms in on the can, revealing that the label says in small print 'orange spray paint'. The cameraman shakes the camera in disapproval.

In The Time Share girls' room, Crimson Rose states, "Arr, might I be the only one saddened by Mark and Julietta?"

Lady Perlative says sadly, "Yeah. I feel bad for them.

"Me, too," Sandi agrees. "They were so cute together. It's too bad about the whole 'from different centuries' thing."

Inga shrugs and says, "I guess there's nothing we can do about it, now." The others nod. "We best get to sleeping. Our numbers are dwindling rapidly. He have to be prepared for the next challenge." Lady Perlative nods and gets into her bed.

Crimson Rose sits on her bed and looks sad. Sandi goes by her and says, "You sad about somefin'?" Crimson Rose shrugs. Sandi says, "Ooh! I know. You miss that creepy dude, Leopold."

Crimson Rose quietly says, "Aye."

"I was just kidding," Sandi says in surprise.

"I guess I know how the other two felt," Crimson Rose admits. "Just because circumstances don't allow it, it can be hard to resist falling in love when you meet that special person."

Sandi hugs Crimson Rose and says, "You'll be fine, dudette. Once you get back to your old life, you'll forgot all about what happened here." Crimson Rose nods. "Inga is right about the sleep stuff. We best be sleepin'." Crimson Rose nods, and the girls get to bed.

A little while later, someone shouting, "Where is it?!" is heard through the walls. The female members of The Time Shares jump out of their beds.

"Like, what was that?" Sandi asks. No one answers. The sound of large things slamming against walls is heard.

Lady Perlative states, "That's coming from El Serpiente's room. I hope he's alright." Lady Perlative runs out of her room to check on him. She gently taps on his door.

He answers the door looking enraged.

El Serpiente shouts, "I lost something really important! You better not have taken it." His eyes are bloodshot.

Lady Perlative looks hurt. She says, "Of course I did not. It hurts that thou would accuse me of such a thing."

El Serpiente looks down at her and says quietly, "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to accuse you." El Serpiente becomes angry, once again, and says, "But whoever took it is in for a world of hurt."

"What are you looking for?" Lady Perlative asks him. She looks beyond him to see the beds overturned, and all the drawers to the dressers on the floor. "Maybe I can help you find it."

El Serpiente looks at her and says, "Ah. No. That's okay. I'll see you in the morning. Good night." He begins to close his door.

Lady Perlative whispers, "Miguel. What is wrong?"

El Serpiente sighs. He repeats, "Good night," as he closes the door. Lady Perlative looks at the door, and then down at the floor.

Ira and Quog walk up behind her. Ira asks, "We heard shouting, and noises, and stuff. Is everythin' hunky dory?" Lady Perlative looks confused. Ira says, "Uh, I mean, is everythin' alright?"

"I don't know," Lady Perlative admits.

Ira looks at her with compassion evident in his eyes. He says, "Uh. Well, it sounds like the noises have stopped, so old Quoggy, here, can get back to bed without whimpering under my covers." Quog responds by scratching himself. Quog grunts. Ira says, "Okay, okay. And I'll sing ya another lullaby." Quog smiles, lifts Ira off the ground, and carries him back to their shared bedroom. Ira waves at Lady Perlative before going inside the room. Lady Perlative sighs, but heads back to her own room.

"Good morning!" Chris says over the intercom in a sing song voice. "It's time for your next challenge!"

The teens gather outside of their rooms, after getting ready. Chris says, "It's challenge time! This is a good one." Sandi raises her hand. Chris says, "Sandi."

Sandi says, "Yes. Why are you orange?"

Chris says, "I'm not orange, I'm tan. I want to look good for this challenge." Chris sarcastically asks, "Anymore questions?"

Daisuke asks, "Why are you an idiot?"

Chris sighs. He explains, "The challenge is for you to go back to my prom, a school dance, and land... my friend a date." Chris goes on, "The challenge has to do with this girl." Chris takes a picture out of his wallet and holds it up.

Love Possum says, "Oh, man. She's beautiful."

Chris looks at the picture, blushes, and puts it back. He says, "I'm sorry. That was a picture of my mom." Mark looks at Love Possum and chuckles. Chris holds up a different picture.

"I guess she is attractive, too," Daisuke says as he takes a closer look at the picture. "Who is this one? Your grandmother?"

Chris says, "Uh, no. She's just Buffy Sanders, the hottest girl in my high school. I wonder whatever happened to her." He looks off dreamily. He looks back at the contestants and says, "Due to circumstances beyond my... friend's control, he ended up not attending our senior prom."

"Would those circumstances be that no one agreed to go with him?" Sandi asks.

Chris blushes and says defensively, "No!" Chris clears his throat and says, "I want you to set my eighteen year old... friend up with Buffy. Whatever team gets her to agree to go to the prom with me... I mean, him, wins invincibility." Chris walks toward his room, and comes back with a cardboard box full of eighties clothes.

Therese rummages through the box and says, "Where did you get these horrible clothes?"

"Uh," Chris says, looking embarrassed. "I, um, found them."

Daisuke raises an eyebrow and says, "This is from your wardrobe, isn't it?"

Chris avoids the question and says, "If everyone will get ready, we can get this awesome challenge started." The teens leave the room in order to change.

They return to the main room after getting ready. Daisuke looks down at his half shirt, and skin tight, acid wash jeans. He says, "This outfit looks ridiculous."

Therese looks at him and says, "I don't know. I think you look good in it."

Daisuke looks up at Therese and asks, "You do?"

"No," Therese says, while blushing. "I was just attempting to make you feel better."

Love Possum, dressed as a preppy, looks at Quog and says, "Why does he get to wear an awesome outfit, man?" Quog smiles, wearing jeans, an open, denim vest, and his hair fluffed out to maximum capacity with a red paisley bandanna around his forehead.

Chris shrugs and says, "That outfit was when I was into working out." Chris laughs and adds, "What a waste of time." El Serpiente frowns. Chris surveys the contestants and says, "We're all ready to go." He holds up the time travel device and everyone is sent back to the past.

They find themselves in a teenage boy's room, with eighties musicians' posters on the wall, as well as girls in bikinis. Sandi looks at one of the pictures of one of her future album covers. She asks, "Why am I on the wall?"

Chris says, "No reason."

"Is this kid, like, a stalker, or something?" Sandi asks. Mark rummages through papers on a dresser in the young man's room. He smiles wide, and takes a pamphlet.

Chris shouts, "I'm not a stalker! I mean... my friend isn't a stalker." Lady Perlative looks at Chris with a raised eyebrow.

"Where is this kid, anyway?"

Chris says, "I don't know... He could be..."

A door opens, and an acne ridden, teenager with a towel around his shoulders, and wearing nothing else but pixelation on his naked parts. "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" he screams. Most of the contestants scream, as well.

Therese covers her eyes. Love Possum gives a double thumbs up and says, "Let it all hang out, brutha!"

The teenage boy says in a squeaky voice, "What are you people doing in my room?" He removes the towel from around his shoulders, and covers himself with it. "I was in the shower... Who let you in here?"

Chris says, "I did. We are from the future."

"What's the future?" the boy asks.

Daisuke looks confused. He says to Chris, "This kid is as dumb as you are, sir." Daisuke pauses for a second. He says, "No." Daisuke looks closer at the teenager and says, "Chris?"

Chris and the teenage boy say at the same time, "Yeah?" The teenager says, "How did you know my name?"

Mark says, "No way. You mean this kid is you in the past?"

"What are you talking about?" young Chris asks.

Chris sighs and says, "Yeah. I'm you from the future. I'm here to get you a date for prom."

"You are?" young Chris asks. Old Chris nods. Young Chris says, "You mean, I get that desperate in the future?" He sighs. "Why am I orange? Was I hit by a nuclear bomb, or something?"

Chris says, "No. It's a tan."

Young Chris says, "Well... I don't need a date. The prom is stupid. It's just a place for the popular kids to show off how awesome they are, and maybe they'll give me a swirly in the punch bowl..."

Chris says, "I'm sorry you feel that way. I guess we'll go." Chris pouts. "And you'll never have a shot with Buffy Sanders."

"Buffy Sanders?" young Chris repeats. "You can get me a date with the most popular girl in school?"

Old Chris shrugs and says, "Not if you don't want to."

"Um," young Chris states, "I guess the prom isn't so bad. You're sure you can get me a date with Buffy?"

"Sure," Chris says. He points to the contestants and says, "This is an amazing group of teens, that can accomplish anything they set their minds to."

Ira says, "Wow, Chris. That's really nice of you to say."

"Can it, kid," Chris says to Ira. "I work alone." Ira frowns.

Yong Chris says, "I thought about it. I guess I'll let you get me a date. With Buffy, right?" Chris nods. Young Chris says, "Man, she is such a smokin' babe."

Florence rolls her eyes and says, "Same old, perverted Chris."

Young Chris looks at his alarm clock and says, "Oh, man! I'm going to be late for school!" Young Chris grabs some clothing and rushes back into his bathroom to get dressed.

El Serpiente asks, "Okay, is it just me or is teen Chris really nerdy?" The others nod.

Chris says, "What? It was my awkward phase."

"You mean it ended?" Sandi asks, innocently. Chris glares at her.

Young Chris walks out of the bathroom, rushes toward his backpack and says, "I have to go to school. You all stay here."

Old Chris says, "We're going with you."

"What?" young Chris asks. "I can't have you freaks making me even less popular. Not like I can get any less popular..." Old Chris looks embarrassed. Some of the contestants chuckle.

Chris says, "We need to go with you to get Buffy to agree to go out with you."

Young Chris' eyes light up. He says, "O-okay. But try to stay out of my way." He looks at the alarm clock and says, "We have to hurry." The contestants and the Chrises run outside, and follow young Chris as he runs to his school. He says, "School has already started. I have to take a shortcut through the woods, and then through the school's track and field." The others follow him though the woods. He says, "I take this way whenever I'm really late." The come out of the woods, and see the track, and the school in the distance. "Shucks," young Chris says. "The archery team is already in practice. I must be really late."

Inga says, "They have archery classes? This is my kind of school."

Young Chris runs behind the archers' targets. Quog stops running. He looks at the archers, and then at young Chris. He shouts, "Chri!"

Old Chris looks back, but young Chris keeps running. An arrow flies directly at him. He looks up at the approaching arrow, and his eyes widen. The others look away. Everyone rushes to young Chris, including members of the archery team. One says in a panicked voice, "I didn't see you back there. Oh, man. My mom's gonna kill me!"

Young Chris coughs. He says, "It... hurts..." His face looks dazed.

Crimson Rose says, "He's going to be alright, right?"

Chris says, "I don't know. This never happened to me. It must have been because we made him late, today."

Young Chris coughs and says, "Tell Buffy... she's hot." Young Chris turns to the side and his tongue falls out of his mouth.

"Is he dead?" Sandi asks with wide eyes.

Chris holds his hand to his heart and says with extreme panic, "Yeah. He have to get out of here."

Inga rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, please. This is just part of another challenge."

Chris ignores the statement as he holds up his time travel device. He says, "We have to go back before..." Chris' face contorts and he disappears.

"What happened?" one of the students asks. Chris' time travel device falls to the ground and shatters. The contestants are sent back to 2010.

Once in the building they'd been staying in. Sandi is crying. She says, "What do we do?"

Everyone looks at Mark. He says quietly, "I don't know."

"I'm so sorry I was ever disrespectful to him," Daisuke says with tears in his eyes. "He wasn't a bad man."

Mark says in an unsure manner, "Don't worry. We'll think up a way to go back and prevent what happened. Chris is going to be okay. I'm sure of it."

"Thou doth not sound so sure," Lady Perlative says.

Mark states, "We've figured how to solve some pretty tough problems while we were here. There must be a way to undo what happened."

Therese suggest, "We could go back to before the accident happened and keep it from happening, but..." She looks down at the remains of the broken time travel device.

Love Possum says, "So... We might be stuck here, forever?"

Mark assures, "I don't understand everything... But... We'll get back to our own times. I don't know why we came here, as opposed to our own times. It must be the default location when something like this happens."

"If Chris doesn't exist, anymore," El Serpiente says, "why do I remember him so well?"

Mark explains, "It must be because we went back and changed the past, or something. That didn't happen before, so... I don't understand everything about time travel. I'm just a C average student... Who of us can try to repair the device?"

Lady Perlative says, "I can try, but I know nothing about this kind of technology."

Mark sighs. He says, "Take a look at it. Try not to damage anything."

Crimson Rose says, still crying, "This whole thing has been so horrible..." She leaves to her room.

Ira looks around and says, "I..." He wipes his eyes, and hurries to his room. Quog follows after him.

Ira sits on his bed and cries into his hands. Quog sits down by him and places Ira's head on his chest. Ira hugs Quog tight. He says, "Quog, don't leave me. Everyone leaves me..." Quog strokes Ira's hair. "My parents left me alone, and I had to be an orphan, when other kids I saw had parents. Now it's happening all over, again. We're stuck in a time that we know nothin' about... We're all alone, Quog. What are we going to do?"

"Ira..." Quog starts. "Quog... father... died..." Ira looks up at Quog's face. "Quog... alone... Quog... scared... No... father... Quog... meet... Ira... Ira... like... father... to Quog..."

Ira says quietly, "You're talking, Quog."

Quog says, "Hard to... learn... Quog... pro... tect... Ira... like Ira... protect... Quog..."

Ira continues crying. He says, "I'm so glad to have met you, Quog. If we're stuck here, foreva. I'm not going to leave your side." Quog smiles.

"Ira... not alone," Quog assures. Ira continues to hug Quog tightly.

Ira says, "Thanks, Quog. I feel like I can be by the others, now." Quog nods, and they join the others.

Mark walks out of Chris' room. He says, "I found the instruction manual for the device." He smiles and says, "It's really easy to repair."

Inga says, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Lady Perlative moves to the side, while Mark begins working on the time machine, looking at the instruction manual as a reference. After working on it for a while, he holds it up and says excitedly, "It should work! I think it works!"

Sandi, standing by Ira, leans over to him, grabs hold of his head, and kisses him on the mouth. Ira's eyes widen. Sandi lets go and says, "Sorry. I was just so happy we figured it out, that I had to kiss somebody."

Ira's face is red. He bends down and grabs hold of the instruction manual. He covers the crotch of his pants and walks backward to his room. He says, "I gotta go." He retreats into the room.

Mark says, "Who wants to go back and rescue Chris?"

"Why can't you do it, golden boy?" Inga asks.

Mark says, "I have to talk to Ira... Um. How about you Daisuke?"

"Me?" Daisuke asks. "I don't know..."

"You just have to go back and warn Chris, probably before we even met his younger self," Mark explains. "Only one of us should go, so we do it orderly."

Daisuke sighs and says, "I'll try."

Therese assures him, "You'll do great, Daisuke." Daisuke smiles at Therese.

Daisuke turns toward Mark and says, "Okay. I'm ready." Daisuke walks toward the time travel device, still on the floor, and bends over to pick it up.

Therese stares at Daisuke's butt in his tight jeans. Her face turns red, and she says, "Oh, my..."

Daisuke stands. Mark explains, "I set the device to before young Chris entered the room. You have to get everyone out of there." Daisuke nods and lets out a heavy sigh.

Daisuke arrives in the past in the position he was originally in. He looks around at everyone.

"Is this kid, like, a stalker, or something?" Sandi asks. Mark rummages through papers on a dresser in the young man's room. He smiles wide, and takes a pamphlet.

Chris shouts, "I'm not a stalker! I mean..."

"Chris, you're alive!" Daisuke shouts.

Chris raises an eyebrow and says, "Why wouldn't I be?"

Daisuke says quietly, "No reason, sir." He says louder, "We have to get back to the future, right away, sir."

Chris says, "Um. No. This challenge means a lot to me... I mean, my friend."

Daisuke explains, "I'm from the future. I mean, this challenge goes wrong. After we meet your naked, acne-ridden, younger self, we make him late for school, and something bad happens."

Chris says hesitantly, "How did you know we were meeting my younger self?"

"I think we pretty much all figured that out by now," Florence assures.

"But..." Chris says, quietly. "How did you know about my acne problem..."

"You have to trust me, sir," Daisuke says.

Chris looks at Daisuke, who looks back at him with wide eyes. Chris says, "O-Okay. We're going back to the future. Let's hurry." Chris holds up the time travel device, and sends everyone back to the present.

Young Chris walks out of his bathroom. He looks around and says, "I swore I heard something in here..."

In the present, Chris looks around. He says, "Why isn't everyone standing in here?"

"Chris!" Sandi shouts. She runs to hug Chris.

Daisuke says, "I don't know. Maybe they went to how they were now... I don't get it, completely, but I went back into my body when I went back. I'm not sure why you didn't go back into your old, pimply, man boy body when we went back in time."

Chris shrugs. He says, "Time travel... Who will ever understand how it works?" Chris clears his throat, "Well, since the challenge got messed up, once again. Past Tensity wins the challenge since Daisuke rescued me."

"What?" Inga shouts. "You're turning this into a challenge? You died!"

Chris' eyes widen. He shouts, "What?!" He looks at Daisuke. "Thank you so much, man. You saved my life."

Daisuke bows his head and says, "It was the right thing to do. Besides, Mark was the one who repaired the time travel device."

"Where is Mark?" Love Possum asks.

Mark sits on Ira's bed next to him. Ira confides, "It scares me, what's goin' on with my body."

"It's entirely natural, Ira," Mark assures.

"It doesn't feel natural," Ira states. "And stuff like that didn't happen when I was a kid."

Mark pulls a pamphlet from his pocket. He says, "Here. I took this from Chris' room when he was a teenager. I got something like it, too, from school."

Ira reads the title of the pamphlet, "'Puberty and You-berty'?"

Mark blushes. He says, "That will explain everything that's going on. There's no reason to be scared, buddy."

Ira nods. He says, "I'll read it. Thanks, buddy. I'm glad you talked to me, I don't have someone like that at home."

"No problem," Mark assures. "I'm just glad I found that pamphlet, since I didn't want to be the one to explain that." Mark blushes.

Love Possum enters the room. He says, "Hey, guys. What're you doing?"

"Talking about puberty," Ira answers. Mark's face turns a deeper shade of red.

Love Possum looks uncomfortable, as he says, "Uhhh... Okay. Um. Daisuke brought Chris back."

Ira says, "He did?"

Love Possum smiles and says, "Yup. And he's perfectly fine. The other team has to vote someone out, though. He changed the challenge around in usual Chris fashion."

Mark chuckles and says, "That sounds like him."

"Let's go see him," Ira says.

Mark says, "You guys, go ahead. I want to stay by myself for a minute." Ira and Love Possum nod and leave the room. Mark pulls a flower from his pocket. He holds it up to his heart and lets out a sigh.

Mark says in confessional, "This flower was one of the ones Julietta would wear in her hair." Mark sighs. "I really miss her, but I'm able to move on by keeping my mind occupied with other things. But that doesn't mean I can't think of her every now and then."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "One of you has been voted out. I'm sorry about how the challenge went wrong, today, but I'm glad everything worked out... For my sake."

Inga rolls her eyes and says, "I think I might like the other results of the challenge, better."

Chris looks hurt and says, "Ouch. Anyway, Lady Perlative, you're safe." Chris looks around and says, "El Serpiente, you're safe, as well." El Serpiente smiles, and looks at Lady Perlative. "Inga, you are safe." Inga folds her arms. "Sandi and Crimson Rose. The both of you are our bottom two. The one of you leaving the competition is..."

"Crimson Rose."

"It be me?" Crimson Rose asks. Chris nods. "Why did you vote for me?"

Inga explains, "You bailed on us when everyone was thinking of how to help repair the time machine." Lady Perlative nods.

"I'm sorry," Crimson Rose says. "I had a lot I was thinking about, and losing Chris reminded me of how I lost Leopold, and my father." Crimson Ros starts to cry. "I just couldn't deal with that, and I let ye all down."

Sandi hugs Crimson Rose and says, "It wasn't your fault. No one did anything that bad this time."

Crimson Rose stands and nods. She says, "It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I be ready to be sent back." Chris nods and holds up the time travel device. Crimson Rose gets sent back into the past.

She looks around, seeing her mother and their crew on board the ship. Crimson Rose stares off into the distance. Crimson Rose's mother says, "Rose? Rose?"

Crimson Rose says, "Oh. I just lost my concentration for a minute."

Her mother nods and says, "Aye. We're about to board that fancy ship, thare."

Crimson Rose nods and says, "I... I be thinking... I don't feel like pirating, today."

"Nonsense," Crimson Rose's mother states. "Ye be boardin' the ship like the rest of us. There be plenty of booty, aboard, I'm sure of it."

Crimson Rose sighs, looks at her mother, and says, "Alright." The two ships line up to each other.

A proper looking man meets them and says, "Go away you nasty pirate people."

Crimson Rose's mother says, "We be takin' your booty. You can give it to us the easy way, or we take it by force."

The man cries. He says, "Let me speak of it with the master." He walks over to the ship's cabin, and opens the door.

"Go away," a sad voice shouts.

"But sir, there be pirates," the man clears his throat and corrects himself, "There are pirates."

"Tell them they can take whatever they want," the master states.

"Surely you don't mean that, sire," the man insists. "Pirates are such dirty sorts."

"Fine," the master states. "If you won't let them, I'll have to tell them myself."

"But sire," the man says.

"What be takin' them so long?" Crimson Rose's mother asks. Crimson Rose looks down.

The man steps out of the cabin and heads over to the middle of the ship. His jaw drops, he says, "I don't believe it."

Crimson Rose looks up and says in shock, "Leopold?"

"You be knowin' each other?" Crimson Rose's mother states.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Leopold asks. "Is this a challenge?"

Crimson Rose shakes her head. She explains, "I got eliminated. This is where I was taken from."

"You're from this time?" Leopold asks with tearful, wide eyes. Crimson Rose nods. "I can't believe it." The teens run to each other and embrace.

Crimson Rose's mother asks the servant, "Do you be knowing what's going on?" He shakes his head.

Leopold holds Crimson Rose's hand in his and says with a bow, "Ma'am. I request coming aboard your fine ship. I would like to be a member of your crew." Crimson Rose looks at him and smiles.

Crimson Rose's mother states, "I don't know... Besides, this is an all-female crew."

Crimson Rose looks her mother in the eyes and says, "Mother, please? This is the man I love."

Leopold's servant states, "Teenagers rush into relationships faster and faster."

Crimson Rose's mother lets out a sigh and says, "I grant your request. You can join our crew, young man, for whatever reason." Leopold and Crimson Rose look at each other and smile. They hug each other tight.

Leopold's servant asks, "But, sire, what do I tell your family?"

Leopold shrugs and says, "Tell them I'm okay, and happy. Tell them not to worry about me."

"But, sire," the servant says. Crimson Rose leads Leopold by the hand onto her ship.

Chris is shown watching the scene on his monitor. He wipes his eyes on his arm and says, "That was beautiful." Chris clears his throat and says, "Be sure to tune into the next episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Chapter 11 - Portrait of an Artist as a Young SlobEdit

Chris McLean waves at the camera. He says, "Welcome to the latest installment of Total... Drama... Time Travel! Last time our lovable teens, and El Serpiente, went back to my high school days. I apparently messed with things so my young, handsome self... uh... died. It was an accident. Fortunately for me, those little angels were able to fix the time travel device, that got busted when I disappeared. Daisuke was the one who returned to the past, right before we met my young self, and warned me of what would happen if we didn't leave. Past Tensity earned invincibility for their actions, and The Time Shares sent Crimson Rose back to her own time, where she was reunited with Leopold. Who would have thought they were from the same time? Anyway, what will happen this time? Let's find out!"

Therese and Florence are sitting in their room. Therese says, "I know I have not been the most respectful toward you in the past, but I was wondering if you would help me with something I've been concerned about."

Florence smiles and says, "Sure, child. What is it?"

"Child?" Therese repeats. "Anyway, what's it like to be attracted to someone?"

Florence looks embarrassed. She says, "I'm not sure."

Therese says, "You've never liked someone?"

"Yeah," Florence says. "I have. But let's not talk about me. Do you like someone, here?"

Therese nods. She says, "I think so." Therese blushes. "I usually am repulsed by the male part of the species... But he's sweet, brave, respectful, and... appealing to the eyes."

Florence smiles. She states, "Well, you can tell him how you feel, but it probably wouldn't be good to pursue anything. You remember what happened with Mark and Julietta."

"Yeah," Therese says with a nod. "Florence... why don't you want to talk about who you liked?"

Florence looks down at the floor. She says, "Uh. I was being silly, I guess, liking him. He's one of my cast mates on my television show." Therese looks confused. Florence goes on, "He's really nice to me, and he's really good lookin'. So... I'm not really his type."

Therese says, "Don't sell yourself short. You are a good person. You forgave me, did you not?"

"Uh," Florence says with a half-hearted smile, "thanks for the encouragement. We should probably get to bed." Therese nods.

In the morning, Chris walks into the main room. The contestants join him, soon after. Chris smiles and says, "It's the time you've all been waiting for! It's time to merge!"

Mark raises an eyebrow and says, "What does that mean?"

Lady Perlative looks concerned. She says, "Is thou going to merge us into one person or something?"

Sandi looks worried. She says, "I think he means we're going to merge into traffic. I hate doing that..."

Chris says with a confused expression, "Uh. No. It means the two teams are now becoming one team. From now on, all the guys will share a room, and the girls will share a room."

"But we're still on separate teams, right?" Florence asks.

Chris shakes his head and says, "No. You're on one team, now. It's like your old team, with new members now. Only, the competitions will now be competed at on an individual level. So one person gets invincibility, and you vote one other person out. Does everyone understand?" Everyone looks confused. Chris says, "So I was looking through my computers at the lives of some former contestants. I found one that ended up disturbing me."

"Who was that, sir?" Daisuke says respectfully. Therese swoons.

Chris says, "Jon Pierre."

Inga scoffs. She says, "He just disturbed you, now?"

Chris goes on, "It seems like something changed in him. He was meant to be a great artist, but he stopped abruptly, just when his art was becoming its best."

"So thou wants us to go back and see what changed in him?" Lady Perlative asks.

Chris nods and says, "That's part of it. I also want you to inspire him to become involved in the arts, again. He's an arrogant jerk, but many people have been inspired by his work, and we can't rob them of more of that." Chris points to a box of costumes and says, "Get ready and go!" The teens head toward the box and pick out costumes that fit them.

El Serpiente walks back toward his room. Love Possum runs up to him and puts his arms around him. El Serpiente asks in an annoyed voice, "Why are you touching me?"

"We're teammates now, man," Love Possum states. "We're supposed to share a room, like Chris said."

El Serpiente grunts. He says, "If it's all well and good with you, furball, I'll stay in my own room. Alone." El Serpiente walks into his room and slams the door in Love Possum's face. Love Possum lets out a sigh, turns, and walks toward The Time Share girls' room. He opens the door and is promptly punched in the face by Inga.

After changing, the teens meet with Chris in the main room. He states, "If everyone is ready..."

Therese states with her eyes covered, "If you haven't noticed, Love Possum is not wearing any clothing. How entirely vulgar." She peeks at Love Possum through her fingers.

Chris laughs and says, "Our ratings just went up... Anyway, Love Possum. You have to put on some clothing."

"No!" Love Possum protests, with his nudity censored. "Fight the oppressors! I demand freedom to express myself!"

"But it's not appropriate for this challenge," Chris explains.

"Yeah, it is," Love Possum states. "I could be a nude model, or something."

Chris shakes his head and says, "Not for this challenge. Sorry, buddy."

"If not now, when?" Love Possum says in a disappointed manner. Chris looks down at the floor. He picks up Love Possum's costume and tosses it to him. Love Possum sighs and puts it on.

Chris states, "Now we can go back." Chris holds up his time machine and sends everyone back in time.

They arrive in the streets of Paris at night. They look up at an apartment building. "That place is so fancy," Sandi states. "Is Jon Pierre in there?"

"Who speaks my name?" a man, lying on the side of the street, asks.

The contestants look down at him and gasp. "You're Jon Pierre, the famous artist?"

Jon Pierre stands, and wobbles to get his balance. He has bags under his eyes and a beard, but looks generally the same as he did in the contest, except for his now very large belly that protrudes from his tight fitting shirt. "I am no artist... Who are you people? What do you want from..." He pauses and looks at the contestants. He says, "It is you... people. Why are you here? Can't you leave me be?"

Chris shakes his head and says, "We're here to help you reclaim your passion for the arts."

Jon Pierre scoffs and says, "I am done with the arts. I'm not meant to be an artist."

"Why?" Mark asks. "Your work is amazing."

"I know," Jon Pierre explains. "But I am not." Jon Pierre sadly looks down.

Lady Perlative whispers to El Serpiente, "That's the first time he didn't say something boastful about himself." El Serpiente nods, looking confused.

Chris suggests, "Well, maybe we should go into your apartment, so we can talk in a more private setting."

Jon Pierre shakes his head. He says, "I lost my apartment. I live on the streets. The little money I made with my artwork I spent on alcohol, but now I have no money for even that." Chris frowns. Jon Pierre says, "You all should just leave me alone, so I can die in my worthlessness."

"You're not worthless," Florence assures.

Jon Pierre looks up at Florence. He says, "You're the one woman who rejected me... Tell me... What is it about me that was so unappealing?"

Florence looks confused at him. She explains, "I didn't like you before, because you were so in love with yourself, to be honest. You needed some humility."

Jon Pierre sighs. The sun begins to rise. He looks up at it. He says, "I thought I was the most beautiful thing this world has ever seen, and I acted that way." He sighs, again. "I apologize for the way I acted. It was baseless."

Sandi says, "What do you mean? You were a total hunk." Jon Pierre sighs. Sandi unconvincingly says, "You... are a total hunk?"

"There's no need to lie to me," Jon Pierre states. "I'm fully aware of my imperfections."

Daisuke says, "Jon Pierre. What happened?"

"The worst thing that can happen to an inspiring artist," Jon Pierre states.

"You ran out of paint?" Sandi asks.

"Gangrene?" Inga suggests.

Jon Pierre shakes his head and admits, "I got a bad review."

"That's it?!" El Serpiente angrily shouts.

Jon Pierre nods. "A critic said in a newspaper that my subject was short, ugly, and a little pudgy." Jon Pierre cries into his hands. "That subject was me."

"Well, at least the critic was honest," Inga states.

"I know," Jon Pierre says as he sniffles. He slides back down to the ground. "I never noticed before, but that critic was right. I'm hideous. I stopped trying to lie to myself. I stopped exercising, and kept eating and drinking... and eating. I become like a blasted American. "

Ira says defensively, "Hey!" Quog comforts Ira by patting his shoulder.

Jon Pierre continues to cry into his hands. Mark says to Chris, "This is hopeless." Jon Pierre sobs louder. "There's no helping this guy."

Chris shrugs. He says, "There has to be someway to help him."

Love Possum smiles widely and throws his clothes off in a blur. He smiles and says, "Jon Pierre, brutha?" Jon Pierre looks at him. Love Possum asks, "Are you inspired to paint, again?" Jon Pierre looks at Love Possum for a few seconds. He begins crying even harder. Quog hands Love Possum his clothes, and Love Possum puts them on with an irritated expression. Quog's stomach rumbles.

Ira sighs and says, "Can we go find something to eat? Quog's getting hungry."

Chris shrugs and says, "You can all do whatever you want." Quog, Ira, and Sandi leave the area.

"Get up, you lazy bum!" El Serpiente shouts at Jon Pierre. Jon Pierre cowers. "Start painting again, or I'll beat whatever pretty you have left out of you." El Serpiente shakes Jon Pierre violently.

"It's probably what I deserve," Jon Pierre states.

"Let go of him," Lady Perlative commands. El Serpiente drops Jon Pierre to the ground.

Ira, Quog, and Sandi return to the others. Ira asks, "Any progress?" Quog takes a bite of a big loaf of french bread.

Chris says, "Nope." Chris sighs. "I guess this challenge will have no winner. We might as well leave."

Therese says, "We cannot do that. This poor, miserable creature needs us."

Florence sighs. She sits down next to Jon Pierre. She says, "Look, Frenchie. How you're feelin', I don't know anybody who doesn't doubt their selves at some point. Sure, we all have faults, but there's something good about all of us."

"Not me," Jon Pierre states. "It's easy for you to say that, since you're so beautiful."

Florence looks embarrassed. She says, "You're just sayin' that. But even now... There's something about you that is more beautiful than ever."

Jon Pierre looks confused. He says, "Quit lying to me."

"I'm not lying, turkey," Florence says in an annoyed manner. "I like that you aren't boasting about yourself. It makes me relate to you better. We just have to accept ourselves for who we are, along with our faults."

"This is before plastic surgery, right?" Mark asks Chris.

Florence continues, "But we also have to look passed our faults to see the beauty in ourselves. Especially what's on the inside."

Jon Pierre says tearfully, "But that's just it. I'm just as ugly on the inside as I am on the outside."

Florence smirks. She says, "Well, funny thing about that. You can always change how you are on the inside."

Jon Pierre looks at Florence for a few seconds. He says, "I'm going to try to turn my life around. I'm going to try to stop being so self-centered, and really use my love for art to help people." Jon Pierre stands back up. He says quietly, "Thank you for coming to see me. It was the boost I needed to get out of my pathetic state of mind."

Chris asks, "So you're feeling all better, Jon Pierre?"

Jon Pierre nods. He says, "I have a lot of work to do, but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, and if I have my heart in the right place." Jon Pierre says, "Thanks to all of you, but especially Florence who I love more than any..."

Chris interrupts, "Florence wins invincibility! See ya!" He holds up his time travel device and leaves Jon Pierre by himself, looking on wide eyed.

In the present, Therese hugs Florence. She says, "That was amazing."

Florence looks bashful. She says, "It was the right thing to do in the situation."

Chris says, "Meet me in a half hour for your elimination." Chris leaves.

El Serpiente walks to his room and slams the door behind him. Mark looks on, and then walks back to his own room.

Later, El Serpiente gets a knock on his door. He answers it to see Mark standing there. El Serpiente says, "I already told that naked freak that I'm not sharing my room."

"I-I didn't come here for that," Mark says.

"Well, go away," El Serpiente states. "I'm really tired, and I need to rest for a little while."

Mark looks beyond El Serpiente and asks, "What happened to your room, dude?"

El Serpiente rolls his eyes. He says, "I don't need to explain anything to you, toothpick." Mark looks concerned. El Serpiente sighs and says, "I lost something important, okay? I turned everything upside down, but I couldn't find it."

Mark looks down and says, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" El Serpiente asks.

Mark puts his hand in his pocket and holds up a small bottle. "I took them," Mark admits.

El Serpiente's eyes widen. He grabs the bottle from Mark. He says angrily, "Get out!"

Mark puts his foot in between the door and the doorway. He says, "El Serpiente, wait!"

"I have nothing to say to you," El Serpiente says angrily. "No one touches my things."

Mark pleads, "You have to stop taking those things."

"What are you talking about?" El Serpiente says.

"They're steroids, aren't they?" Mark asks.

"How did you know?" El Serpiente asks with a confused expression.

"I've seen them before," Mark says quietly. "Um, when I was on the track team, my coach told us all to take 'supplements' to help us run faster. My parents warned me about them before, but I was confused. I didn't take any, but I was still confused about what I should do. I talked to my parents, and they helped me decide not to take them. I was the only one on the team who didn't take them, and was eventually forced to quit, because I wasn't as fast as the other guys, anymore."

"That's your life," El Serpiente says. "These pills make me stronger, and I don't plan to stop taking them."

"But, dude," Mark pleads, "they're dangerous."

"No, they aren't," El Serpiente disagrees.

"There's no way you haven't heard of the side effects," Mark insists.

El Serpiente looks confused. "Side effects?" he repeats. "There aren't any drawbacks to these pills. They make me win matches."

Mark looks confused. He says, "But you have to have heard..." Mark pauses for a few seconds. He says, "You're from a time from before they discovered the drawbacks..."

El Serpiente says, "Now if you'll leave me alone. And never touch my stuff, again." El Serpiente pushes Mark out, and closes the door.

Mark calls through the door and says, "Haven't you noticed any negative changes in yourself? Anything strange, at all, with your body, or even your personality?" El Serpiente fails to respond. Mark sighs and walks away.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Welcome to your first elimination as individuals. Florence, as the winner of this challenge, you are safe." Florence smiles. Chris goes on, "Sandi, Lady Perlative, and Quog, you're all safe. So are Ira, Therese, Daisuke, and Inga." Chris looks at the three remaining contestants, Mark, El Serpiente, and Love Possum. Chris says, "Mark, you're safe, too." Mark gives a sigh of relief. Chris looks serious and says, "The person who got the most votes, and is hereby eliminated is..."

"El Serpiente."

El Serpiente looks angry. He shouts, "You stupid pansies! You were all just scared that I would beat you. None of you cared about me."

Lady Perlative stands up and says, "That's silly. I know that we're friends, Mig... El Serpiente."

El Serpiente rolls his eyes and says, "Whatever. It's not like we're ever going to see each other, again. You were just as scared of me as the others."

"That's not true," Lady Perlative says defensively.

El Serpiente stands and says, "Send me home, Chris. I don't belong here."

Lady Perlative says, "Can you at least say goodbye to me?" El Serpiente looks away from Lady Perlative. Chris shrugs and sends him back to his time.

El Serpiente looks out at the ocean, sitting on the sand by himself. He stands up, and turns to walk away. He says quietly to himself, "Why did I say those things, when I didn't mean them? I'm going to miss Lady Perlative. I wish I could have told her how I felt." El Serpiente pauses, takes his bottle of pills from his pocket, and looks down at them. He sadly looks to the side. He lifts his arm, and throws the bottle as far as he can into the ocean. He lets out a deep sigh, and walks from the shore. He pauses, and slowly starts untying the back of his mask. He removes it, drops it in the sand, and walks off of the beach.

In the present, Chris states, "That brings our episode to an end. Be sure to tune in to our next installment of Total... Drama... Time Travel."

Chapter 12 - Stolen GoodiesEdit

Chris McLean yawns and says, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Blah blah... Time Travel. I'm pretty tired, for no real specific reason. Long story of the last episode, short. Everyone ran around and did stuff. Jon Pierre was fat and creepy. The others talked to him, and stuff, and he was all motivated and crap. El Serpiente was voted out, after like a million times in the bottom two, and that's about it. I didn't sleep great last night, so I'm calling today's challenge off for some shut eye." Chris yawns, again, and drags his feet toward his bed. Chris door is broken down. Chris looks up and members of a S.W.A.T. team rush into his room, and point their weapons at him. Chris shrieks, "What is going on?"

A member of the S.W.A.T. team with a gray mustache state, "Chris McLarn?"

Chris says, "The name is Chris McLean."

"Oh, thanks," the man says. "Chris McLean, you are under arrest!"

"What?" Chris says. "I swear. I had no idea those camera man were in the country illegally."

A member of the S.W.A.T. team with dark skin states, "Sir, we found the evidence." He holds up the time travel device.

"That's mine!" Chris states.

The gray mustached man says, "No, maggot. This belongs to the government."

"No," Chris corrects. "It's mine, after I stole it from the government." The man raises an eyebrow at Chris. Chris sighs and says, "I really should keep my mouth shut, but I just love the sound of my own voice."

Chris is carried out of his room, wearing his pajamas and holding his teddy bear. Some of the contestants are gathered outside of their rooms. Quog rubs his eyes and asks, "Early... time?"

Daisuke sighs. He says, "It's way earlier than we're used to waking up."

Chris looks around and demands, "Put me down!"

"What's going on?" Lady Perlative asks.

Inga states, "His crimes are catching up with him."

"If you want me to be a character witness against him, I'm okay with that," Sandi states with a nod.

Chris pleads, "You can't let me be arrested! Um... Whoever gets me clear from this situation, wins invincibility."

"But," Florence begins, "if you stay in prison, you're out of our lives. I fail to see the down side of that, sucka."

Chris frowns. He says, "Please, I'm begging you!" Chris is dragged toward the exit. "If I leave, there's no way you can return to your own times." Chris is dragged out of the building.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," Therese states.

"Man," Florence says. "That saying is old..." Therese frowns.

Inga says, "I say we don't help him. What can we do, anyway?"

"All agreed that we don't help Chris?" Love Possum asks.

Almost everyone says, "Agreed." Quog says, "Agroogh."

Daisuke sighs. He says, "We have to help him. He provided us with shelter."

"And took us from our times, and put us through nasty challenges," Florence reminds.

Daisuke looks down. He says, "But it's just the right thing to do." Therese smiles. "It must be some big misunderstanding... Right?"

Florence sighs. Ira says, "You're probably right. But what can we do, anyways?"

A member of the S.W.A.T. team walks up and says, "Okay, kids. We'll need some of you to serve as witnesses for the crimes that Chris committed. Someone will be by later to get your testimonies. 'Kay, thanks, bye." The last of the S.W.A.T. team leaves the room.

"So..." Inga begins. "What do we do?" Several others shrug.

Lady Perlative asks, "Hey, where is Mark?"

Ira explains, "He was in the bathroom when we woke up. He said that he was feeling nauseous. So..."

"I think he was taking a big dump," Love Possum explains.

"Um..." Sandi thinks for a few moments. "Ew!"

"I think we should wait to talk to him," Love Possum says with a nod. "He always knows what to do in emergency type situations."

Mark walks out of the guys' room. He scratches himself and yawns. He says, "What is everyone doing up so early?" Therese shields her eyes. Everyone stares at Mark. He looks back at them, looks down, and stops scratching himself. He says, "Uh, sorry... Itchy..." Everyone continues to stare at him. "Um... what's wrong?"

Love Possum asks, "Dude, what happened to your goatee?"

Mark looks confused. He says, "Huh? What goatee?"

"That creepy facial hair you had on your face, yesterday," Florence states.

Mark continues to look confused. He says, "I never had a goatee."

"You're saying you never, ever had a goatee?" Sandi asks.

Mark shakes his head. Ira looks down. Mark says, "Oh, wait." He laughs for a few seconds. "I did have one. But just for, like, a day. My granddad told me that I looked like the devil when he saw it." Mark puts his hand on the back of his head and says, "I respect him more than anyone, so I shaved it off."

"Your granddad?" Ira asks. "You mean, your grandfather?" Mark nods.

"Yeah, he can be pretty funny, at times," Mark explains.

Ira shouts, "Why are you lyin' about somethin' so stupid? I thought you hated lying."

Mark looks confused. He says, "What are you... I don't lie. My grandfather always told me..." Ira looks angry, and storms off.

Quog looks concerned after Ira. He grumbles, "Ira?"

Mark looks down at the floor. He says, "Why was Ira accusing me of lying? I thought we were friends. We talked about puberty, and everything." Sandi raises an eyebrow. Mark abruptly changes the subject, "Uh. What's going on out here?"

"Chris was arrested," Therese states. "Daisuke thinks we should help him out."

"But if he broke the law," Mark states, "Shouldn't he be punished?"

Therese smiles and says, "Yeah... You know... you look a lot better with a clean shave."

"But I always look like this," Mark says with a raised eyebrow, as he points at his chin. Everyone present glances at each other.

A man in a suit walks into the room, he states, "Hi, my name is Mr. Zetterberg, but you can call me Rex."

"Can I call you 'emu'?" Love Possum asks. "It's your spirit animal."

Mr. Zetterberg shakes his head and says, "No. Call me Rex."

"I still can't believe your name is Rex," Mark states. "That's like the coolest name, ever."

Mr. Zetterberg sighs and says, "My name isn't Rex. I just always wanted to be called that. My real name is... Nigel." He shudders.

Daisuke asks, "So, um... If you don't mind my asking, who are you, sir?"

Rex laughs. He says, "Oh, yeah. I'm from the RCMP."

Mark looks confused. He says, "Who?"

"Uh," Rex explains, "We're like the Canadian FBI, I guess."

"Oh," Mark says with a nod. "I get it. Cool!"

Rex says, "I'm here to ask if you kids..." The contestants glare at Rex. He corrects, "I'm sorry. I'm here to ask you... young adults if you know anything about Chris' use of the time travel machine."

Mark nods. He states, "Yeah, he has used it to go back in time, and he has selfishly altered the past for his own bene..." Daisuke tackles Mark. Rex looks at the boys with raised eyebrows. He begins writing in his notepad.

Daisuke says, "Um, what Mark, here, meant to say was that Chris uses the time travel device selflessly to benefit mankind."

"Really?" Rex asks. Daisuke nods with an insincere smile. "Cool! I'm glad the time travel device found a responsible owner. It was a prototype, anyway. We were planning to just throw it out."

Love Possum frowns and says, "Recycling is the future, man!"

Rex shrugs and walks toward the exit. He calls out, "This was just a test to make sure the time machine found a good owner. Chris will be released shortly. Thanks for your help." Rex leaves.

Therese exclaims, "Daisuke! You did it!" She jumps at him, puts her arms around him, and kisses him on the lips. Daisuke's eyes widen.

Quog states, "Stupid... challenge." Everyone else, but a preoccupied Daisuke and Therese, nods.

Lady Perlative looks around and says, "I'm going to check on Ira." Quog nods. They walk into the guys' room. Mark looks after them and then looks down at the floor.

Ira repeatedly kicks Mark's bag. Lady Perlative says, "Ira, what art thou doing?"

Ira states in an annoyed tone, "That liar told me he never met his grandfather. I told him some personal stuff, and he made all that stuff up! He just wanted me to open up, so he tried to say somethin' to get me to talk." Ira continues to kick Mark's bag.

Lady Perlative says quietly, "It must be a misunderstanding. Mark isn't like that."

Ira sighs and says, "I thought that, too. But I was wrong about him... He's just... got some issues, or somethin'." Ira kicks Mark's bag, again.

Lady Perlative asks, "Is that any reason to take out your frustration on his bag?"

Ira looks down, sighs, and says, "Yeah." He kicks the bag, again. Quog puts his hands on Ira's shoulders. Ira sighs. Sits down on his bed and puts his head in his hands. He says, "I really trusted him. I mean, I even talked with him about... you know... puberty. Does that mean that puberty was a lie, too?"

Lady Perlative says, "That's my cue to leave." Lady Perlative begins walking away. She says, "Try to forgive him. Whatever Mark's reason for lying is, try to forgive him." She walks out of the room.

Ira looks at Quog. He says quietly, "I don't know if I can, Quog. Someone who is all high and mighty about honesty..." Ira sighs, again. Quog pats Ira on his back.

Sandi asks, "Does anyone know, like, when Chris will come back?"

Therese shakes her head. She says, "I'd imagine it would be soon."

"So, um," Mark begins, "what should we do while we wait?"

Love Possum looks at Mark, and then down at the ground. He says, "It's not cool, man. You had us vote out Robert, because he lied, and now you're..."

Marks face drops. He says, "Why is everyone saying that about me? I'm not lying about anything." Mark lets out a heavy sigh, walks over to the corner, and sits down.

Therese looks over at Mark and walks over to him. She sits down by him and says, "Hey, Mark."

"If you're here to tell me I'm lying about something," Mark states, "I don't need that right now."

Therese shakes her head and says, "I came to say that I believe you. I know you value honesty more than anything else, so it would be out of character for you to begin lying."

"Um, thanks," Mark says. "I just don't understand what's going on. It's like, yesterday I was on good terms with everyone, and today I'm an outcast. It hurts that everyone is accusing me of something I didn't do."

Therese puts her hand on top of Mark's hand and says, "As long as you know you're telling the truth in your heart, shouldn't that be all that matters?"

Mark's cheeks turn a little red, as he looks at Therese. He says, "Yeah. You're right. I shouldn't let what they say bother me." Therese leans over and kisses Mark on the cheek. She stands up and walks away from Mark. Mark looks at her as she walks away with his face still a little red.

Lady Perlative walks up to Mark. She says, "Hey, Mark. I need to talk to..."

Chris McLean walks into the main room. He says, "Now that was an experience."

"Chris!" Daisuke says excitedly. "You're back!"

"Thanks to you," Chris says with a smile.

Daisuke smiles and states, "It was the honorable thing to do, sir."

"Thanks to your lie, they even let me keep the time travel device," Chris says with a smile. Daisuke frowns.

Mark says, "Chris, I can't believe you could be dishonest about something like this." Some of the others glare at Mark.

Chris says, "Whoa, where did your goatee go." Mark looks confused at Chris, and then down at the floor. Chris goes on, "It's not dishonest. I have helped some people. Like that Jon Pierre kid, or the millions of hair gel lovers around the world."

"I guess that's true," Mark admits.

"And from now on, I promise to use the time travel device for selfless purposes," Chris states. "Unless I reeeeally need something." Chris rubs his chin and says, "Okay, I guess we might as well get the elimination ceremony out of the way. Someone go get Ira and Quog so everyone can vote. Love Possum walks toward their room.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "This week, we learned that stealing from the government is wrong. Unless you can talk your way out of it. Now, let's begin our elimination. "Daisuke, you won invincibility, so you're safe." Daisuke smiles. "Inga and Sandi, you're safe for doing very little this episode."

Inga shrugs and states, "A victory is a victory."

"Florence and Love Possum, you two are safe," Chris announces. "Therese and Quog, the two of you are safe, as well." Therese grabs hold of her nearest male competitor, which happens to be Quog, and kisses him on the mouth. She giggles. Quog's face turns bright red. "Lady Perlative is safe, too. Finally, our bottom two is Mark and Ira." Mark looks down at the floor. Ira looks at Mark, and then over to the side. "The person leaving the competition is..."


Mark says, "I don't understand anything that's going on."

"You shouldn't of lied to us, Mark," Ira states.

"I didn't lie!" Mark says defensively. "I wish you would all stop calling me a liar, it's the thing I hate most." He puts his head in his hands. "I know I'm not lying, but... I don't know how to defend myself, when I don't know what's happening. My grandpa always told me..."

Ira shouts, "Just stop it! You told me that you never met either of your grandfathers. You just wanted sympathy from me."

"But that's not true," Mark explains. "I mean, one of my grandpas died before I was born, but the other one is very much a part of my life."

Ira starts crying. He says, "Just leave. I'm tired of you."

Mark looks at Ira, and then down at the floor. He wipes his tearful eyes with his arm. "I don't want to be here, anymore. This contest was nothing but heartache for me." Mark stands up and says, "I'm ready to go."

Therese runs up to Mark and hugs him. She says, "I know you wouldn't lie to us on purpose. There has to be some other explanation."

Mark's cheeks turn slightly red. He says, "Um. Thank you, Therese." She kisses his cheek and sits back down.

Chris holds up the time travel device. Lady Perlative says, "Wait! I have something I want to ask Mark." Mark looks in her direction. She asks, "What is your grandfather's first name?"

"Miguel," Mark answers quickly. "Why do you ask?"

Lady Perlative looks down and says, "Just curious. Tell him I said 'hi'."

Mark raises his eyebrow and says, "Um, okay. I guess I'm ready to go, Chris." Chris holds the time travel device back up and sends Mark away in a flash of light.

Mark is sitting in his room. He looks around at his various posters, and over at his skateboard. He falls back on his bed. He says to himself, "What a disaster that was. I fell in love for the first time with a girl from the middle ages. I got accused of being a liar, and..." Mark rubs his cheek and looks at the lipstick on his hand. "But at least I know, now, that I'm going to be able to move on, like Julietta was able to." Mark blushes a little. Mark looks over at his phone and runs to it. He dials a phone number, waits for someone on the other end to pick it up, and says, "Hey, granddad! I was just thinking about you... How are you and grandma? I'm good, too... Yes, I changed my underwear! No, I'm not on drugs..." Mark laughs. "I missed you... Um... I didn't go anywhere... worth mentioning. I'll see you later, tonight... I love you, too..." Mark's eyes fill with tears. "Bye." Mark puts down the phone, and smiles. He slaps his forehead, picks up the phone, and dials it, again. He says, "Hey, granddad. Sorry. It's me, again... I just remembered that one of my friends told me to say 'hi', even though she never met you. Uh, her name is... Um, well her last name is Perlative, I guess. Um... Granddad? Is that you laughing? Are you there?"

In the present, Ira says, "Thank goo'ness we got rid of that guy." Some of the others nod.

Lady Perlative puts her hand on Ira's shoulder and says, "Please, forgive Mark. What happened was not his doing. Just... Try to forgive him. He is a good man."

Ira looks at Lady Perlative for a few seconds. He nods his head and says, "Sorry for the way I've been acting. I think I can forgive him. I hope Mark's alright..."

Chris says, "Well, on that note, or whatever, it's time to call this episode to a close. See you next time on Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Chapter 13 - Animal DistractionEdit

Chris McLean is on camera. He says, "Welcome to the latest episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel! Last time, I was arrested... The government can be so picky, sometimes." Chris rolls his eyes. "I mean... I love teh government!" He gives a halfhearted smile. He goes on, "I put out lovable misfits the challenge to get me out of the RCMP's custody. Daisuke came through for me, and I was released from the government's custody. They even let me keep the time travel device, as they were planning to discard of it, anyway. They even told me I was an upstanding citizen." Chris begins laughing uncontrollably. He wipes tears from his eyes. "In the end, Mark was voted out. What will happen this time?"

"I'm really going to miss Mark," Therese states, in the girls' room.

Florence nods. She says, "He was a good friend."

"And gorgeous," Therese says with a giggle.

"Uh, okay?" Florence says with a raised eyebrow.

"And beautiful," Therese adds.

Florence says, "Um. You know that 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' mean the same thing?"

Sandi's eyes widen. She asks, "Since when?"

"What about Daisuke?" Therese asks. "Don't you think he is cute?"

Florence blushes. She says, "Yeah, I guess."

"Yeah," Therese says dreamily. "And Love Possum is gorgeous, too."

Florence looks surprised. She says in disbelief, "Love Possum?" Therese lets out a sigh.

Florence says in confessional, "Okay, I don't know what has gotten into that girl. I mean, she was just acting all ladylike and proper, and now... She's acting like... another kind of lady."

Inga grunts. She says, "This constant chatter is getting on my nerves. Don't you two ever shut up?" Therese nods, and lies down in her bed.

Sandi looks at Inga, smiles, and says, ""You're such a killjoy."

Inga thinks for a moment. She says, "Why, yes. I do find joy in killing." Sandi looks worried.

Lady Perlative states, "I do not believe that that is what young Lady Lumper meant..."

"Ooh, Lady Lumper," Sandi says. "I like the sound of that."

Florence raises her eyebrow, again, and says, "You do?"

In the morning, in the guys' room, Love Possum looks over at Mark's empty bed. He says, "I can't believe he's gone, man."

"Yeah," Daisuke states. "I thought he might win the whole competition."

Ira looks down at the floor. He says, "I'm really sorry, guys, for how I acted." Quog sits next to Ira and pats him on the back.

Love Possum says, "It's okay, man. We all get angry, sometimes, but you just have to know how to let your peace flow out of you, like a rainbow."

Ira laughs and says, "Whateva you say, man. I hope you guyses ain't mad at me."

Quog hugs Ira. Daisuke laughs and says, "I'd say Quog is speaking for all of us."

Quog says, "Quog... still... lick... Ira."

"Okay, never mind," Daisuke says with a raised eyebrow.

Later, Chris is shown standing in the main room. The contestants meet him in the room after a little while.

Inga states, "So, Chris, let's get this over with. What self-serving, self-centered challenge do you have prepared for us, today?"

Chris frowns and says, "I'm hurt."

Inga rolls her eyes and says, "Oh, please."

"No, really," Chris states. "I think I sprained my ankle on my way out here." He rubs his foot and winces.

"Get on with it," Daisuke says impatiently. "What's the challenge?" Daisuke pauses. He adds, "Sir."

Chris stands up straight. He says, "This challenge is for fun!" He grabs a bunch of costumes from his pocket. He says, "This is what you'll be wearing."

Lady Perlative's eye's widen. She says, "Pardon me, sire... But... Those tiny things are the costumes?"

Chris nods. Love Possum squeals. Florence and Lady Perlative look at each other with worried expressions. Ira inspects the fur costumes closely. He puts his arm around Quog and pats him on the chest. He says, "It looks like we're going back to Quoggy times."

Chris nods. He states, "That's right. For this challenge, we're going way back. You'll put on these costumes, and then the fun starts."

"What kind of fun?" Therese asks, flirtatiously waving at Daisuke.

"Ha ha," Chris laughs. "As old Quog would tell you, if he could speak coherently, courtship is quite different in cave times. It's a lot like the animal kingdom. The strongest, most confident, and loudest gets the girl. For this challenge, you'll be brought back exactly to Quog's time. Then, you'll duke it out to attract a large amount of suitors. I suggest for the girls to act especially fragile and feminine to attract more male suitors." Inga glares at Chris. Chris hands out the costumes to the contestants. Nearly every contestant goes to put on their costumes.

In the guys' room, Love Possum states, after changing in to his loincloth, "Oh, man! This is almost as awesome as being naked!"

Daisuke worriedly looks at Love Possum. He says, "Right."

Quog looks down at the floor. After getting changed, Ira says, "Hey, Quog. Why are you looking so down, buddy?" Quog grunts. Ira states, "You should be excited to go back to your own time." Quog continues to look down sadly. Ira smiles, and hugs Quog. He says, "Whatever you're worried about, remember I'm always in your corner." Quog looks at Ira. He smiles wide.

Daisuke says, "Alright, guys. It seems like we're all ready to go out there." The others nod and walk into the main room. They meet with the others, including Florence, who has not changed.

Chris explains, "Florence didn't feel comfortable with this challenge, so she has opted to sit out."

Love Possum says sadly, "Aw, sister. You should be proud about your body."

"It's not about that," Florence says defensively. "I'm just... feeling kind of sick. That's all."

"That's not what you said to me," Chris states with a confused expression. "You said you didn't want to wear such a tiny outfit, and..." Florence glares at Chris. "Anyway, whichever one of you has the most amount of teens of the opposite gender swarming around you when I rejoin you, wins the challenge. Try your best, as the next elimination will see two contestants gong home." Chris holds up the time travel device and sends the teens back in time.

They look around to see a very barren area around them. Love Possum looks at Lady Perlative. He says, "You're a girl." Lady Perlative blushes.

Therese says, "Of course she's a girl, and..." She looks at a scantily clad Ira. Her eyes widen as she looks at him up and down. She says, "You're a boy." Ira blushes.

"So where is everyone?" Sandi asks. Quog looks over and points at a group of people being chased by mammoths and sabertooth tigers. Inga shouts, and causes the mammoths and sabertooth tigers to retreat. The contestants look at each other and shrug. They walk down a hill toward the other people, as they go toward a village. Quog slowly shuffles his feet as he walks toward the back of the group.

They arrive at the village, which has several cave dwellings, and a few poorly made huts. Therese looks around and states, "This place is so uncivilized." She sees a tall, large, unattractive guy and says, "Ooh, he's cute."

One of the young cavemen looks up at the newly arrived group. He slaps one of his friends on the chest with his hand and points at the group. He says, "Quog." They laugh to themselves. Quog looks down at the ground.

Quog mutters, "Brooha... and... Spork..."

Ira looks at Quog and asks, "Friends of yours?"

Love Possum states, "Those guys are even bigger than you, Quog."

Brooha puts a stick in a fire that is in the middle of the village. He holds it up, and he and Spork laugh. Brooha holds it in Quog's direction. Quog whimpers, and begins to look nervous. Ira turns to Quog and says, "You don't have to be scared, big guy. I'm here for you." Quog smiles at Ira, and takes hold of his hand.

Brooha drops the torch to the ground as he and Spork begin laughing and pointing at Quog. Brooha sucks in his stomach as far as he can, Spork takes hold of his hand, and kisses him on the cheek. They begin laughing uncontrollably.

Sandi laughs. She says, "It looks like that guy is doing an impression of you, Ira. He's pretty good."

Quog's face is bright red, as he looks down at the ground. He lets go of Ira's hand. Brooha and Spork look at each other lovingly, and begin laughing. Quog pushes Ira away from him and walks away. Ira says, "Quog. Don't let those jerks bother you. Quog?"

Therese giggles. She says, "Those two jerks are kind of cute."

Sandi says, "Um. They're rugs with legs." Therese giggles and waves at them.

Brooha points to himself and asks, "Brooha?"

Spork points to himself and asks, "Spork?"

The cavemen look at each other, and start punching each other. They fall to the ground as they attack each other. Therese giggles. She says, "Oh, you two don't have to fight over me." She continues to giggle.

"This challenge is stupid," Inga states. She turns around to walk away, and walks into a large, cave teen guy. He grabs hold of her hair, and she punches him in the head. He lets go, as he rubs the spot he was punched in. Inga walks off.

Most of the contestants walk away in an attempt do the challenge. Therese stands and watches Brooha and Spork fight over her and smiles. Love Possum begins walking away. He notices Lady Perlative standing alone, looking uncomfortable. Love Possum walks up to her and asks, "What's wrong, sister?"

"The truth is," Lady Perlative starts, "I hath been posing as male for so long, that I hath forgotten how to act feminine."

"Oh," Love Possum says quietly. He thinks for a few seconds. He says, "All you got to do is sway your hips like this." Love Possum sways his hips. "Then you put some lightness in your step, like this." Love Possum walks around in a circle as he skips about. "Then you fling your hair around, and giggle." Love Possums sways his head and giggles. He says, "You think you get it?"

Lady Perlative laughs and says, "Thanks for thine help. I think I can practice." Lady Perlative skips away, and stumbles a few times as she does.

Love Possum looks on as she skips away, and lets out a slight smile. He turns around and sees a large group of big, muscular males behind him. He smiles nervously and grunts. He attempts to walk passed them, but is not permitted to. One of the cavemen grabs his arm. Another grabs his other arm, and begins pulling him in his direction. The two men pull at him back and forth. He calls out to Therese, "Therese? A little help, here?" Therese simply giggles as she continues to watch Brooha and Spork fight over her.

Ira is shown walking in a nearby forest. He looks around and sees Quog crouching on a rock. Ira walks toward him. He says, "Quog, I've been lookin' for you, pal. What are you doin' out here?"

"Quog... family... gone... forever..." Quog says sadly.

Ira looks concerned. He says, "I'm so sorry, Quog." Ira steps on a pile of leaves, and is flung upside down in the air. He hangs upside down by a vine, as his loincloth flips down. Ira bends upward and looks up. His nudity is censored. His face turns bright red. He requests, "Quog, buddy. Can you let me down, please?" Quog simply grunts. Ira asks, "Quog? Are you mad at me? You know you're my best friend."

Quog grunts and looks to the side. He says, "Ira... great... in future... Ira... not great... here."

Ira says, "You mean, you're ashamed of being my friend?" Quog looks down at the ground.

Quog explains, "Quog... proud... to show... friend... But... Ira... embarrass.... Quog."

"I'm sorry, Quog," Ira states. "I really din't mean to."

Quog stands up and helps Ira down. Quog says, "Quog knows... Quog... sorry." Quog hugs Ira close to him. Brooha and Spork randomly walk by with Therese. They point and laugh at Quog and Ira.

Quog's face turns bright red, and he pushes Ira to the ground. Ira winces and says, "I think I landed on something sharp."

Brooha, Spork, and Therese walk away. Quog helps Ira stand. Quog says, "Quog... sorry... again." He holds his head down.

Ira says, "It's okay, Quog." He looks to the side in a disappointed manner and repeats, "It's okay."

In the village, Inga is approached by another big cave teen. He grunts at her. She angrily asks, "Is that how you talk to a lady?" She kicks him in the loincloth, and walks away as he falls to the ground with his eyes crossed.

Chris appears and walks to the middle of the village. He surveys the contestants and their followings. Therese has only Brooha and Spork with her, and they continue fighting. Quog and Ira have no followers. Sandi and Lady Perlative have about five young teen men around them, each. Daisuke has ten young ladies around him. Inga has twenty teenage cavemen standing around her, looking at her lovingly. She folds her arms and looks irritated. Love Possum is being tugged in several directions with about twenty five teenage cavemen around him. Chris raises his eyebrow at Love Possum and says, "I think Love Possum discovered the first gay community." Chris shudders. He says, "But I clearly stated that the followers had to be of the opposite gender. That means Inga wins invincibility." He holds up a cellphone and says, "Now go away, you crazy cave people!" The local cave people run away in terror, excluding Quog. Chris then holds up his time travel device and sends the contestants to the present with him."

In the present, Love Possum's face is bright red. He says, "I'm all about free love, but... that challenge freaked me out, man."

Chris shrugs. He says, "Wait 'til you get to the seventies." Chris states, "Well, I'll see everyone at the elimination, don't forget to vote for the two people you want to see eliminated. Bye!" Chris walks off.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Okay. Here's who's safe. Inga, as she had invincibility. Lady Perlative, Florence, and Daisuke." Chris eyes up the remaining contestants. He states, "Love Possum, you're safe. The next person not leaving the competition is Sandi." Sandi looks relieved. "So two people are going home to their own times. Who will be safe, Ira, Quog, or Therese?" Ira puts his hand on Quog's leg. He quickly removes it. Quog looks at Ira and then puts his arm around him. Chris states, "The two of you eliminated are..."

"Quog and Therese."

Quog nods, as Therese looks surprised. "I thought I was getting along with everyone?" Therese states.

"Yeah," Inga says. "Maybe a little too well."

Therese shrugs and says, "Oh, well. Thank you, Chris. This competition taught me so much about myself." Therese hugs Florence. She says, "I'm going to miss you." She then walks to Daisuke and starts making out with him. He looks embarrassed. Therese stops and then starts making out with Quog. Therese moves on to Love Possum.

Chris looks disturbed and says, "This may take a while. Any last words, Quog?"

Quog turns to Ira and says, "Thanks, Ira." The two guys hug. Therese pushes Quog out of the way and kisses Ira.

Chris says, "I better send you two away, before Therese moves on to me."

"Please," Therese says with an eye roll. "I have my standards."

Chris frowns. He looks down as he sets the time travel device, and sends Therese away without looking up. He sets the device and sends Quog away. Chris states, "Tune in next time for more Total... Drama... Time Travel.

Therese is shown in the past. She looks around at the barren area. She asks herself, "Where am I?"

Brooha and Spork run up and put their arms around her. Brooha says, "Brooha!"

"Spork!" Spork shouts.

Therese stares at them in disbelief. She shrugs and says, "Oh, well. I'll have to learn to cope with these new circumstances." She walks away with her arms through Brooha and Spork's arms. "I still need to decide which of you I'll choose." She smiles as she looks back and forth at the teenage cavemen.

Quog is shown in a dark alley. He steps out and looks around in a worried manner, realizing that he is on a busy street. He leaps out of the way of a horse and carriage and lands in the mud on the side of the street. "Get out of the way you stupid fool!" the driver of the carriage shouts. Quog looks around, looking very worried.

He feels something press his shoulder. He looks up to see a fancily dressed man with a cape and a cane. He says, "You. Guttersnipe. What happened to your clothes?" Quog grunts. The man sighs, and says, "As I expected. You don't know how to speak properly to a person of noble status." The man begins walking away. Quog looks down and whimpers. The man turns and says. "What are you doing, boy?" Quog looks confused. The man says, "You are obviously a hapless orphan, who has been thrust upon society with no prospects. I'm going to adopt you, boy, and make you a true gentleman." Quog looks up at him and grunts. "We will have to take you to be groomed, clothed, and we'll have to fix that horrible diction of yours. What is your name, boy?"

"Name?" Quog asks.

The man repeats, "Your name, boy. My name is Penry Wiggins. You may call me Sir Penry Wiggins. What do you want to be called?"

Quog thinks for a few moments and states, "Ira."

"Ira it is, boy," Henry states. "Come along." Quog walks with the man. He says, "I shall introduce you to my wife and her mother, once we arrive at my home." The man pauses. "But we must work on your horrendous diction. Repeat after me, 'The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.'" Quog laughs quietly to himself.

Chapter 14 - Streak OutEdit

Disclaimer: The author of this story does not promote streaking, or public nudity. Thank you for your time.

Chris McLean smiles. He says, "Welcome to the latest edition of Total... Drama... Time Travel! If you'll remember last episode with me, you'll recall that we had our contestants go back to prehistoric times. Their mission? Attract as many people of the opposite sex to them as they could. Love Possum would have won, if I'd instructed the teens to accidentally attract people of their own gender, but I didn't. Inga won invincibility for herself, through punching and kicking her way into those young cavemen's hearts. Therese and Quog were the contestants that got sent home. Who will win today's challenge? Who will be sent home? Find out on today's episode!"

The guys are shown in their room, Love Possum has his arm around Ira. Love Possum says, "Let it all out, young brutha."

Ira continues to cry. He says, "I'm going to miss Quog, so much. I hope he can keep strong, but here I am, cryin' like a big old baby. I hope he'll be alright."

Daisuke says quietly, "He will be."

"I don't know," Ira says in an unsure manner. "I saw him back in his own time, and he didn't fit in, there."

Love Possum assures, "Look. He's a tough kid, underneath all that puppy dog funk. He can take care of himself. You don't need to worry, brutha."

"Yeah," Ira says. "I'll try not to worry, but it's gonna be impossible not to miss the big guy."

Daisuke states, "I think we should all try to get to bed, so our bodies are ready for whatever Chris throws at us."

Love Possum nods and says, "Right on, brutha."

In the girl's room, Sandi is sweeping the floor.

Sandi states in confessional, "I ain't the cleanest chick on the block, but how dirty the room is has really been gettin' to me. I swear, it's like I'm rooming with a viking."

Inga is lying in her bed. Sandi states, "Get up."

Inga raises an eyebrow and says, "What did you just say to me?" Inga steps out of her bed, and looms over Sandi in an intimidating manner. Sandi lifts Inga's bed off of the floor and starts sweeping under it. Inga says, "You listen, here. No one ignores..." Sandi drops the bed down. It lands on Inga's foot. Sandi casually walks away. Inga looks completely furious, and she gets ready to launch at Sandi.

Florence and Lady Perlative get in front of Inga. Florence says, "Hold on, mama. You don't want to be doin' anything that you might end up regretting."

"Like not punching her repeatedly?" Inga says with a growl.

Lady Perlative pleads, "Inga. You don't want to hurt her. She didn't mean anything by it."

Inga calms down a little. She says, "Okay, fine. But if she does anything like that, again, I can't make any guarantees as to how my fists will react." Inga continues to glare at Sandi, who seems to not being attention to the others, as she continues cleaning.

The next morning, Chris announces through the loudspeaker, "Challenge time, all you far out, kooky, time displaced kids!"

The teens eventually get ready and meet Chris in the main room. "What is today's challenge?" Lady Perlative asks.

Chris smirks. He says, "Well, we're going to be going back to the nineteen sixties, where you'll be..."

"Please, say streaking," Love Possum pleads. "Please, say streaking. Please, say streaking."

"Streaking!" Chris says cheerfully. Florence slaps her forehead.

"Wahoo!" Love Possum exclaims as he throws his clothes to the side, revealing his pixelated nudity.

"Not yet," Chris says with a frown. "Save it for the challenge."

Love Possum excitedly gets dressed, and says, "Whatever you say, man!" Love Possum excitedly hops up and down.

"No way am I streaking," Florence states.

Chris says, "Well, it isn't necessary. You see, only the first person to successfully streak through a particular neighborhood will win invincibility."

Lady Perlative states, "That hardly seems fair. Love Possum is bound to win this."

Chris lets out a wicked smirk. He says, "Believe me. I thought of that." Chris walks away, and comes back with a box of costumes. He says, "Okay, everybody. Get dressed, and we'll head back to the sixties." The teens go to their rooms to get changed.

Love Possum is shown in his room as he repeatedly jumps up and down on his bed. Ira puts on a brown fringe vest, and looks at Love Possum. He says, "Someone's a little excited for this."

Daisuke laughs. He asks, "A little?"

After changing, the teens meet Chris in the main room. He is wearing rose colored glasses, a brown vest, and bell-bottoms. "If you groovy kids are all ready, we'll go back... Way back." Florence rolls her eyes. Chris holds up his time travel device and sends himself and the teenagers to the sixties.

The teens look around them. They see a suburban neighborhood with bright green grass, and blue skies. "This place looks familiar," Love Possum states with a rub to his chin. Chris smirks. Love Possum says, "Oh, well." He removes his vest.

"Easy victory," Inga states with an eye roll.

"Chet!" A female voice states. "Is that you, young man?" Love Possum's face turns bright red, and he puts his vest back on as quickly as possible.

Love Possum turns around and says, "M-m-mother?" He sees a thin woman with a wooden spoon in one hand, on a porch across the street.

Inga says with a laugh, "You're name is Chet?" She stops laughing to say, "Just get naked and run across the street so we can get this stupid challenge over with."

Love Possum grabs Inga by the shoulders and says, "Are you mad, woman? I can't streak in front of my mother!"

Inga raises an eyebrow and says, "And you're touching me, why?" Love Possum lets go of Inga.

"Let's get out of here," Love Possum whispers to Chris. Chris chuckles.

Love Possum's mother walks up to the group. She looks around at the group and says, "You must be Chet's hooligan friends. Chet, it's time for lunch! Come inside, and you can play, later."

Love Possum says with a quiver in his voice, "N-not unless my friends can come, too."

Love Possum's mother looks at him. She says, "Did you just talk back to me?"

Love Possum gulps. He says nervously, "N-no, m-mother. I was just asking if my friends could come in for lunch, too."

"Hmmm..." Love Possum's mother says contemplatively. "Fine. But they better not steal anything."

Love Possum says in surprise, "You're okay with my hooligan friends being in our house?"

Love Possum's mother shrugs. She says, "Come on. The egg salad sandwiches aren't going to eat themselves."

"Mmm," Sandi says. "Egg salad sandwiches."

Love Possum's mother asks, "I'm sorry, young miss, but did someone give you permission to speak?"

"No, ma'am," Sandi says with her face red. "Sorry, ma'am."

The teens go inside the house. They look around at the thousands of ceramic knickknacks as they pass through. Sandi whispers, "Wowie. How do all these get dusted?"

"That's my job around here," Love Possum admits. "Along with practically everything else."

"Sit down," Love Possum's mother commands. Everyone, but her, sits down at the large dining room table. She says, "I'll go put on some tea. I'll just be gone for a few moments. Don't touch anything." She places a plate of egg salad sandwiches in the middle of the table. "Help yourself." She leaves the room to head into the kitchen.

Chris laughs, obnoxiously. He stuffs some egg salad sandwiches in his mouth. He says with his mouth full, "Man! You should have seen your face when you saw your mom! Ha ha!" Egg salad flies out of his mouth. Love Possum looks embarrassed.

Love Possum puts his elbows on the table, and holds his head in his hands. He says, "Why did we have to come here, man? Couldn't we have gone somewhere less traumatizing for me?"

"Um," Ira says. "In case you haven't noticed, Chris enjoys messing with us. I guess it's your turn."

Chris says with his mouth full, "Mmmm... These sandwiches are amazing. They're just like the ones my..."

Love Possum's mom walks into the room and shouts at Love Possum, "Chet Thaddeus McLean!" Chris begins choking. "How many times have I told you to keep your elbows off of the table?"

Love Possum removes his elbows from off of the table. He says, with his face red, "Sorry, mother."

Inga looks at Chris as he has his hands on his throat. She nonchalantly says, "He's choking. I suppose someone should do something."

Love Possum's mother sighs. She says, "I knew your friends would cause me nothing but trouble. It's a good thing your father is at work. He would never stand for this kind of behavior." She stands behind Chris and performs the Heimlich Maneuver. A chunk of egg salad sandwich flies across the room from Chris' throat. Chris gasps for air. Love Possum's mother says to Love Possum, "And get your hair out of your eyes. You look like a viking."

Sandi whispers to Florence, "I guess that's what they said before hippies became the reference point."

Love Possum pulls his hair back, and reveals his beady eyes. Ira says, "You look really familiar."

The tea kettle begins to whistle. Love Possum's mother says, "I'll be right back."

Chris stands abruptly. He says, "I'll get it." He walks into the kitchen.

Love Possum's mother says, "What a nice young man."

Lady Perlative and Daisuke follow after Chris. They see him holding the tea kettle in the air, as he holds one of his eyes open with his fingers. "What is thou doing?" Lady Perlative asks.

Daisuke asks, "You just found out that Love Possum is somehow related to you? You have the same last name, and you look alike."

Chris puts down the tea kettle. He says, seriously, "He's my father." Daisuke and Lady Perlative look shocked.

"And thou did not know?" Lady Perlative asks with wide eyes.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "I told you that I didn't do any major background checks, or look at your futures."

Lady Perlative suggests, "Maybe thou should start."

"Yeah, whatever," Chris says. Chris holds the tea kettle back up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to burn the image of my father's nakedness out of my mind."

Lady Perlative tackles Chris to the floor, knocking the tea kettle to the floor. Daisuke asks, "What's the big deal, Chris?"

Chris shudders. He says, "Love Possum is nothing like my dad. My father is the most strict, modest man I know. The thought of him being naked never entered my mind, ever." Chris cries. "Seeing him the way he was is freaking me out!"

"Well," Lady Perlative suggests, "Maybe thou should tell him that you're his son, and he'll stop acting that way around thou."

Chris shakes his head. He says, "I can't reveal something that huge to him. It might effect his and my futures."

"So I guess you'll just have to grin and bare it," Daisuke states. Daisuke begins laughing. "Get it? Grin and 'bare' it?" Lady Perlative laughs.

Chris says, "Oh, yeah. Real sensitive." He sighs.

"Sorry," Daisuke says with a slight chuckle.

Lady Perlative asks, "Wait. Thou didn't recognize your grandmother when thou saw her?"

"No," Chris says. "She looks a lot different than I remember her. She's really thin. And this isn't the house my grandparents lived in when I was little."

Chris' grandmother walks into the kitchen and sees her tea kettle on the floor. She asks in an annoyed tone, "What is going on in here? I know I shouldn't have trusted Chet's hoodlum friends to go in here without supervision. Get out."

"Yes, ma'am," Daisuke says with a respectful bow.

Love Possum's mother giggles. She says to Daisuke, "You can stay."

Chris says, "No, I think it would be best for us to go." Chris drags Daisuke and Lady Perlative into the dining room. He says to the others, "We're leaving." He walks out the door, and the others get up and follow him outside.

Florence asks, "What's wrong, Chris?"

"Nothing," Chris says quietly. Once outside, Chris says, "Somebody hurry up and do the challenge, so we can go." Love Possum looks around, shakes his hair back to normal, and begins to pull off his vest. Chris grabs hold of the back of his vest and says, "Not you."

Love Possum asks, "Why not, Chris?"

Chris says, "You'll catch cold, young man."

"O-okay?" Love Possum says with confusion in his voice.

The other contestants look around uncomfortably. Chris says, "Come on. One of you has to be willing to do it."

Daisuke lets out a sigh. He says, "I don't know anyone, from this time, so I shouldn't be embarrassed." He sighs, and begins disrobing. His nudity is censored and he runs across the street with his arms in the air, yelling, "Wooooooooooooooooooooo!" He makes it to the other side, and runs back. He has a huge smile across his face. He says, "That was so awesome! I can't believe how fun that was, and exhilarating!"

"I know!" Love Possum agrees.

"Yeah, yeah," Chris says. "Put your clothes back on." Daisuke nods, and gets dressed. Chris says, "We can leave, after finding a secluded area. We have an invincibility winner."

"We do?" Sandi asks. "Is it me?"

Chris looks confused. He says, "Um. No, Sandi. It was Daisuke."

"Aw!" Sandi says sadly. The others look at her with worried expressions. They find a secluded area, and Chris sends them to the present.

The girls are shown in their room. Florence says, "Voting people out is getting harder and harder. No one really did anything that bad this time."

"Sure," Inga says, as she darts her eyes back and forth.

"I guess we'll vote when we get there," Sandi states. She looks at Lady Perlative and says, "Is everything alright?"

Lady Perlative nervously says, "Of course it is. Why would it not be?" She chuckles nervously.

Lady Perlative says in confessional, "I do not know if I shalt say anything about Love Possum. It is a horribly awkward situation. I guess the others don't realize it, as they don't know Chris' last name, or maybe they think it's a common name."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Daisuke is safe for embarrassing himself in public."

"Hey!" Daisuke says defensively.

Chris looks directly at Love Possum and says, "Streaking is wrong! So very wrong..." He goes on, "Florence is safe, as well as Ira." Florence goes to high five Ira. He looks confused, and does not raise an arm. Florence slaps him and he falls to the ground. Chris states, "The next safe contestant is Lady Perlative." She smiles. "Inga is also safe, meaning that Love Possum and Sandi are the bottom two." Sandi looks at Love Possum with a worried expression. He holds his head down. Chris says, "The person leaving the competition today is..."


Sandi frowns. She says, "Aw. What did I do?" Inga glares at her.

Chris says, "Sorry, Sandi. You can say goodbye." Sandi nods, and hugs Florence and Lady Perlative.

Sandi hugs Inga and says, "I'm going to miss you most of all! I've never had a best friend like you." Sandi smiles sweetly. Inga furrows her eyebrows.

Chris says, "Alright. Goodbye, Sandi. Thanks for agreeing to do the contest."

"Agreeing?" Sandi asks. "You said that if I didn't join, you'd..." Chris sends her back to her time.

In her own time, Sandi looks around her room. She lets out a sigh. She thinks for a few moments, picks up a notebook, and begins writing the lyrics for a song.

Chris is shown in the present. He states, "That was quite the... interesting challenge, to say the least. Be sure to see what happens next time, on Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Chapter 15 - Leaving Your MarkEdit

Chris states, "Last time on Total... Drama... Time Travel, our contestants went back to the nineteen sixties for a streaking challenge. Love Possum was just about to streak," Chris shudders, "when he recognized his mother. He felt to embarrassed to go on with the challenge. His mom had us join her in her house, where she prepared sandwiches for us. There, it was revealed... that Love Possum is actually my father." Chris' face turns bright red, and the camera man can be heard laughing. "Be quiet, Phil." Chris goes on, "After that traumatizing realization, Daisuke won the challenge by streaking across the street. Sandi was the contestant that was eliminated. What will happen on tonight's episode?"

"Can you believe it?" Florence asks Inga and Lady Perlative. "We made it all the way to the final six!"

Inga shrugs and says, "Big deal. Not like this competition is important, or anything. Right, Lady Perlative?" Lady Perlative doesn't pay attention. Inga asks, "Hello?"

"Oh, sorry," Lady Perlative says. "I was just thinking about someone."

Florence and Inga look at each other with raised eyebrows. Florence asks, "Who, mama?"

"Love Possum," Lady Perlative admits.

"Love Possum?" Inga repeats. "You mean, the Love Possum we know?"

Florence asks, "Do you think there are any other Love Possums out there?"

"You can't actually like that fool?" Inga asks. Lady Perlative looks off, without listening to Inga.

Florence says in confessional, "Perlative and Love Possum? Now that's just crazy."

Lady Perlative states in confessional, "I still can't believe that Love Possum is Chris' father. I hath to do everything in my power not to reveal that fact to the others."

In the guys' room, Daisuke stares at Love Possum. Love Possum looks uncomfortable. He asks, "What is it, man?"

Daisuke blushes and says, "N-nothing."

Ira asks, "How are you guys holdin' up?"

"Good," Love Possum states. "This competition is so fun, brutha."

Daisuke smiles softly. He says, "Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I can't believe some of the things we've been able to do. We've done a dance marathon, solved a big spy caper, and I even got to run naked in front of people." Love Possum holds two thumbs up, while Ira looks concerned. "I've been having the time of my life, and I've never felt so free."

Ira laughs, "Well, I'm glad you guys are having fun." He gets into his bed, and says, "I'm gonna turn in. Night."

The next day, Chris calls the contestants into the main room. He explains, "For reasons unspecified, I've started checking up on some past contestants after the show, and some of you, too."

Love Possum asks, "Why, man? I thought you hated that stuff."

Chris blushes and says, "I had a change of heart."

"Like a transplant?" Florence asks with a smirk.

Chris says in a mocking tone, "No, not like a transplant. After viewing some things, there was one contestant in particular I was worried about."

"Leopold?" Inga asks with a shudder.

Chris shudders and says, "No. The contestant I was worried about was Mark."

"Mark?" Ira asks with concern in his voice. "What's wrong with Mark?"

"Well," Chris says, "nothing that horrible. It's just that he said he thought he'd be able to move after what happened with Julietta, but after viewing parts of his life I saw that he hasn't dated, anyone. I viewed his life all the way into his forties, but not a single girlfriend. So, for the challenge, I want you guys to interfere, and land him a girlfriend."

"I don't know if I want to interfere, Chris," Florence states. "It don't seem right."

"Look at it this way," Chris says. "If I didn't bring him here, he would have never met Julietta. So think of it not as interfering, but un-interfering."

"I guess that makes sense," Florence admits.

"Okay," Chris says. He walks away and comes back with a box of clothes. He explains, "We're going to the nineties, about two years after he got back from this competition."

Ira asks, "Why don't you just bring the costumes out when you call us in here? Wouldn't that be a lot easier?"

Chris glares at Ira. He says, "Go get changed, smart alec."

"I'm Ira," Ira says with a confused expression. Daisuke grabs hold of Ira's collar and drags him to their room.

The contestants meet back with Chris. He surveys the contestants. He looks surprised when he sees Inga in a gray sweater, and a school girl outfit, with fluffy pink scrunchies in her pigtails. Inga grumbles, "Don't say anything."

Chris says, "Alright, everyone. Time to head to the nineties." He holds up his time travel device, and they travel back to the nineties.

Everyone looks around. Love Possum asks, "Is this a men's room?"

Mark turns around with a cigarette in his mouth. His eyes widen as he quickly spits the cigarette into the sink, and turns on the faucet. He says, "Hey, guys! Um... What are you doing, here? I was just..." Mark coughs.

Chris says, "Hey, Mark. Um. We just came here to help you out with your love life. I didn't know you ever took up smoking."

"Well, I haven't yet, but there's this girl I like, so I thought she'd think I'd look cool," Mark admits.

"That's dumb," Chris admits.

Florence says, "You better listen to Chris. He's the expert on looking dumb." Chris glares at Florence.

Mark laughs and hugs Florence. He says, "It's so good to see you guys." Ira looks down at the floor. Mark admits, "I'm actually cutting class, right now, so I shouldn't be here." Mark blushes. He says, "I'll go check to see if the hall is clear, then we can sneak out and head to my place."

Chris says, "It's nice to see you're taking your schoolwork seriously." Mark laughs nervously. He sneaks toward the door, and peeks into the hallway. He whispers, "Okay, everyone. All cle..." Mark is suddenly pulled out of the men's room. "Yeep!" he yelps.

"What are you doing out here?" a man with a gruff voice says.

"Nothing, sir," Mark says with his face red. "What are you doing here, granddad?"

Miguel says, "Your mother told me that the school called, saying that you were cutting class, again. Is that true, young man?"

"No, of course..." Mark begins.

Miguel glares at him. "Are you lying to me, young man?" Miguel asks.

Mark looks ashamed. He says, "I'm sorry, granddad. I didn't mean to. I was cutting class."

Chris and the others walk out of the restroom, and quietly watch. Lady Perlative smiles when she sees Miguel. He looks a bit heavier than when he was a teenager, and years older, but still strong. Miguel smells the air. He looks suspicious and says, "Were you smoking, Mark?"

Mark says reluctantly, "Yes, granddad. I was."

Miguel sighs. "What am I going to do with you?" Miguel asks. "It's bad for your health. You know better."

"I know, but..." Mark begins.

Miguel asks, "Did you just talk back to me?" He cracks his knuckles. "I know a butt, too. One that's going to get a spanking if you keep it up."

Mark's eyes widen, as he says, "Granddad! No! Not in front of my friends!" Miguel glares at Mark.

The contestants laugh. Love Possum says, "This is awesome."

Miguel says, "Do you promise never to smoke, again?"

"Yes," Mark says quietly.

Miguel says, "I'm sorry, young man. I couldn't hear you." He cracks his knuckles, again.

"Yes!" Mark shouts. "I promise never to smoke, again!"

"And cutting class?" Miguel asks.

"I promise not to cut class!" Mark exclaims. The school bell rings, and the other students go into the hall.

Miguel says, "I want no more nonsense out of you, you hear?" Mark nods. Miguel smiles and says, "Good boy." He pinches Mark's cheeks. "I pinch your chubby cheeks." He kisses Mark on the nose.

Mark's face turns bright red. The other students are all staring with wide eyes. They laugh at Mark uncontrollably. His face turns a darker shade of red. Florence says, "Mark's granddad is awesome."

Miguel looks in the direction of Chris and the contestants. He smiles. He says, "You must be Mark's friends. I'm Miguel, it's nice to meet you." Miguel still has hold of one of Mark's cheeks.

Lady Perlative, who is dressed in goth garb, gives a knowing smile. She says, "It is an honor to meet thou, also, sir." Miguel smiles, and looks slightly embarrassed.

A male peer of Mark's says, "Hey, Mark. Nice to see your lovey dovey grandpa, again." He makes kissing noises. Some of the students laugh. Mark looks down at the floor. The students disperse as some of them leave the school.

A tall, teen girl with no make up, and a teen boy with blond spiky hair with frosted tips walk up to Mark. "Hey, Mark," the boy says in a feminine voice. "I heard about your grandfather embarrassing you, yet again." The boy looks at Miguel. He says, "Hey, gramps." Miguel grunts at him. The boy looks at Chris and the contestants. He asks, "Who are your friends?"

Mark points to each person and introduces them in the order they are standing. "This is Chris, Daisuke, Inga, Florence, Lady Perlative, Ira, and Love Possum."

"Love Possum?" the boy asks. "Cool name. How'd you get it?"

Love Possum smiles and says, "I came up with the name myself. The possum is my spirit animal, and I'm all about spreading my love around, man." The teen boy blushes, and smiles.

The teen boy eyes up Love Possum and says, "The grunge look is dead... But it looks good on you."

Mark says, "This is Andre." Andre waves. "The quiet girl is Deb." Deb replies by looking to the side. Mark asks Chris, "So, why are you all here?"

Chris says, "We're here to get you a date."

Andre laughs. He says, "Mark? The same Mark whose granddad has made him the laughingstock of the entire school?" Miguel grunts. "The same Mark who has sworn off dating, forever, for reasons he won't divulge? The same Mark who couldn't even get a date if he tried?" Andre laughs, again.

Mark says sarcastically, "Thanks, Andre."

"No problem, sweetie," Andre says. "What are friends for?"

"I honestly have no idea," Mark says with a sigh.

"Well, we're going to try our best," Ira promises.

Mark looks at Ira. He says quietly, "Hey, Ira, how's it going?

Ira sighs. He says, "Pretty good." He forces a smile.

"No Quog?" Mark asks. Ira shakes his head. Mark looks at Ira, who looks down at the floor. Mark says, "Um. Who said I wanted a girlfriend? I'm perfectly fine with how things are."

Chris shakes his head and says, "No, you aren't. If you don't start dating, you'll end up a really lonely, reclusive, old man with, like, seven cats."

"Dude, that's what I always tell you," Andre says.

Miguel says, "Mark is perfectly fine without a girlfriend. Why would he need a girlfriend when he has good old granddad to hang out with?" Miguel puts his fingers in parentheses when saying 'hang out'.

"You're kidding, right gramps?" Andre says with a worried expression. A janitor walks by, sweeping the floors.

"Well, we should get going," Chris admits. "We'll figure out some way to land Mark a girlfriend."

"I told you, I don't need a girl," Mark insists.

"Look," Chris states. "I would feel really bad if what happened in... that one contest, would keep you from finding love. I don't want you to end up like me... my friend."

Andre asks, "What contest is he talking about? A skateboarding contest?"

Mark avoids the question. He says, "Whatever. I'm going to go." Everyone follows Mark. He looks back and sighs. "My own entourage."

Once outside, Andre says, "Yeah. It does feel pretty crowded. Love Possum and I will go get a smoothie." He grabs Love Possum's arm and drags him away. Chris looks after them with an extremely concerned expression.

Chris says, "Um... I'm going, too." He chases after Love Possum and Andre.

Mark says, "Whatever," holding his fingers in the shape of a 'w'.

Florence looks around. She asks Inga, "What should we do?"

"I can't help you," Inga states. "This is an individual game, now. Every woman for herself." Florence shrugs.

Miguel holds Mark's hand as they walk down the street. A peer from school drives by and laughs at Mark. Mark's face turns bright red. Miguel growls, "I know your mother, Roger Miller! I'm not afraid to tell her you're teasing my little grandson!" Mark sighs.

Mark gets to his house. He says, "My parents aren't in, so we can crash here for a while." The others nod. They enter the house, and each go in different rooms.

Lady Perlative and Miguel enter the kitchen, and make sure the door is closed. Lady Perlative hugs him. She says, "I am so happy to see you, Miguel."

"So am I," Miguel says with a smile. "I want to apologize for not saying goodbye to you all those years ago. I was acting like a pompous idiot."

"You've been worried about that for so long?" Lady Perlative asks. Miguel nods. "All is forgiven," Lady Perlative assures. "You look good."

"Thanks," Miguel says with a slight blush. "Ah. I'm old, now. What about Mark? Isn't he a great kid?"

"Yeah," Lady Perlative says with a nod.

"He's a little bad, sometimes," Miguel admits, "but he's a good kid, with a good heart. I know he's done some stuff, but we all make mistakes."

"Yeah," Lady Perlative says. "But maybe it would be best if thou laid off of the admiration, and embarrassing him."

Miguel states, "He doesn't care. We're very close. I mean..." Miguel looks around to be sure no one is listening. "He saved my life in that competition so many years ago. I owe him, and I can never repay him. The only way I can repay him is by being his best friend."

Lady Perlative nods. She says, "He needs some space, though."

Miguel frowns. He holds up his wallet, and a display of about ten pictures of Mark falls out. "I love this kid. You know, I even had his parents name him after himself." Miguel laughs.

"Miguel," Lady Perlative pleads. "There's nothing wrong with being his friend, but he might end up resenting you if you don't give him a little space."

"You saw him, today," Miguel answers. "That kid needs me. Who knows what kind of trouble he'd get in if I wasn't there?"

Lady Perlative says, "You can still check up on him. You have an incredible way of getting him to admit what he's done."

Miguel sadly says, "You think I really am smothering him?" Lady Perlative looks reluctant, but nods. Miguel sighs.

At a local restaurant, Andre and Love Possum are sitting in a booth. Chris sits behind them with a menu covering his face. A waiter comes by with a smoothie. Love Possum asks, "Shouldn't we get two smoothies, man?"

Andre says, "No need." He pulls out two straws. Love Possum shrugs and sips from the smoothie with Andre, as Andre looks at him and sighs. He stops sipping and says, "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks, man," Love Possum says with a smile, still with the straw in his mouth. "You are, too." Andre swoons. Chris stands abruptly. He goes to the table and grabs Love Possum's arm. He pulls him out of the booth. "My smoothie!" Love Possum laments.

Andre asks, "What's your deal, man?"

Chris says, "I don't have to answer to you! You're not my mother!"

"Wait, what?" Andre asks with a surprised expression. Chris looks embarrassed and rushes out of the restaurant with Love Possum. Andre sighs and says, "Jealous, much?"

Ira sits in Mark's room with him. He says, "Mark, are you feeling, okay?"

Mark shrugs. He says, "My granddad can be so embarrassing, sometimes."

"You should tell him," Ira states.

"I can't," Mark says. "He loves me more than anyone, and if I told him I wanted him to leave me alone, it would break his heart. I love my granddad."

Ira insists, "I'm sure he'd listen if you told him how you felt, pal."

Mark shrugs. "I don't know." He looks at Ira. "Is everything cool, between us?"

Ira nods. He says, "I'm sorry about how I acted around you. I hope you can forgive me."

"Sure," Mark assures with a smile.

Inga, Daisuke, and Florence sit in the living room with Deb. They awkwardly sit in silence. Florence says, "Your name was Deb wasn't it?" She silently nods. "I was wondering something. Why are you friends with Andre and Mark? You don't seem to have a lot in common."

Deb admits, "I love him. I love Mark, but I can never tell him." Florence, Daisuke, and Inga look shocked.

Chris and Love Possum arrive at Mark's house. Chris says, "I didn't know where Mark lived, but a local police officer was able to help out. How is everything going?" Mark and Ira, and Miguel and Lady Perlative meet in the living room.

Miguel says, "Mark, I'm sorry if I'm smothering you. I'll give you more space, but I want you to still confide in me when you get home about whatever is on your mind."

Mark smiles. He says, "Thanks, granddad. I will."

Florence says, "Mark, Deb is in love with you. You should go out."

"Okay," Mark says with a shrug. Deb looks shocked.

Chris says, "Okay, looks like our work is done, here. Let's go."

Lady Perlative hugs Miguel, Ira and Florence hug Mark, and Chris and the remaining contestants walk into another room. They then disappear after Chris holds up his time travel device.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Florence, Ira, and Lady Perlative get invincibility for their doing their part in the challenge." Chris looks at the other three contestants. He says, "Daisuke, you're safe." Daisuke gives a sigh of relief. Love Possum and Inga look at each other. Inga growls at Love Possum. Chris says, "The person leaving the competition is..."


Inga growls, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

Florence says, "Sorry, Inga."

"Yeah, yeah," Inga says. "Bye, or whatever."

Daisuke admits, "You're certainly a worthy competitor."

Inga smiles slightly and says, "Thanks, I guess."

Chris shrugs. He says, "Alright. Time to go home. Bye, Inga." He holds up his time travel device.

Inga is shown in her home by herself. A man runs into her house and says, "Inga, our village has been invaded." Inga nods and runs outside.

She grabs hold of one of her enemies by the collar. She says, "I'm in a good mood. I'll punch you a little less hard, today." She punches the young guy.

He says, "Oh, thank you, mighty Inga."

She asks, "What are you doing later? Wanna go out for a turkey leg, or something?"

"Sure," he says. She smiles, and punches him, again.

In the present, Chris states, "We're down to our final five. Who will be out next? Where will the next challenge take place? Find out on our next Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Chapter 16 - Expiration DatingEdit

Chris is shown on his computer in his control room. He looks preoccupied. He notices the cameraman in his room, and says, "Oh. It's time to start filming, already? I was just checking up on our past contestants pasts and futures. Last time, on Total... Drama... Time Travel, we brought our teens to the nineties. We went to check up on Mark, who was beginning to go down the wrong path. Mark's grandfather was overly affectionate with Mark, but Mark was afraid to tell him that he was smothering him. Ira was able to encourage Mark to tell his grandfather how he felt, Lady Perlative was able to get Mark's grandfather to give Mark some space, and Florence set Mark up with a girl. They all won invincibility. In the end, Inga was sent home for being a threat, and or annoying. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Ooh! I got an IM from cutiegrrl37!" Chris intently reads his instant message. He asks, "What does 'IRL' mean?"

The cameraman answers, "In real life."

Chris puts on a jacket. He picks up his cell phone and calls someone, "Hey, man. Long time no see! I got a date! Yes, with a girl. She lives halfway across the country, though... I was wondering. I have this little show I'm hosting, so I was wondering if you could take over for a few days. You're busy all week? Oh, man... I guess it can wait. Oh, you're on Prince Edward Island, right now? Man, that's where she's from! You can meet her! Of course, you want to meet her. I'll be there in a few hours. See ya soon, man." Chris walks into the main room. He shouts, "Can I have everyone's attention, please?!" The final five groggily walk out of their rooms, Love Possum, with no clothes on. Chris shudders, as he covers his eyes. He says, "I have a date."

"With a girl?" Florence asks.

Chris says, "Yes, with a girl. I'll be gone for the entire week, so you guys are free to do what you want."

Love Possum throws his arms in the air and shouts, "Woo!"

Chris frowns. He says, "Except for you, young man. You need to put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see your nakedness." Love Possum pouts, a little. Chris says, "Okay, you know where I keep the food. I'll be back in a week. Oh wait, I forgot the most important thing."

Lady Perlative asks, "Would that be the fact that we're from different times, and have no knowledge of where we are?"

"No, silly," Chris says with a laugh. "How do I look?"

"As creepy, as always," Florence states. Chris frowns.

"You look good, man," Love Possum says with two thumbs up. Chris smiles softly. "Maybe a little too clothed, though."

Chris' eye twitches. He says, "I'm just going to leave. My flight leaves in only six hours. Bye." Chris walks out.

Ira asks the others, "So what do we do?"

"Wait," Daisuke says with a shrug.

"Wait a second," Florence states. "Do any of us actually know where Chris keeps the food?" Her question is met with shakes of the head.

One week later.

The contestants are shown in the main room, looking incredibly bored. A clothed Love Possum lies on the ground staring at the ceiling, Florence and Lady Perlative are playing 'paddy cake' with blank expressions, Ira is hitting a can with a stick, while Daisuke repeatedly bangs his head against the wall. They hear a door open. Daisuke says with a smile, "Chris! You're back!"

An unfamiliar man says, "No."

Ira looks worried. He asks, "Wh-who are you?"

"What have you done with Chris?" Love Possum asks.

"My name is Chef Hatchet," Chef says with a sad voice. "And I haven't done anything to Chris... He's the one that broke my heart." Chef sits on the ground and puts his face in his hands.

"Um... Okay?" Florence says.

Love Possum sits down by Chef and puts his hand on his back. He says, "There, there, man. Let it all out, man."

Chef sobs. He says, "He found a girlfriend! He's not coming back. They plan to get married in a week!" Chef sobs.

"Hey, that's not so bad," Ira states. "You should be 'appy for him, pal."

"How can I be?" Chef asks. "We always did everything together, and now he's abandoning me." Chef sobs. He suddenly gets quite serious and says, "And don't call me 'pal' if you want to live to tell about it."

Ira looks confused and says, "If I didn't call you 'pal', how could I tell anyone about it?"

Chef narrows his eyes and says, "Exactly."

Lady Perlative asks, "What does thou propose we do about it?"

"I don't know," Chef says. He thinks for a moment, and gets a wicked grin. "Wait a minute. This show is about time travel, right?" The contestants nod. He takes the time travel device out from his back pocket. Chef continues to grin. He suddenly frowns and says, "Oh, well. I got nothing."

"I know!" Love Possum says excitedly. "We can go back in time when Chris met his girlfriend, and make the experience a horrible one, so they never want to see each other, again!" Everyone stares at Love Possum with wide eyes. "What?" he asks.

Chef puts his arm around Love Possum and says, "I like the way you think, 'Hair'." Chef frowns. He says, "You feel vaguely familiar." Love Possum shrugs.

Chris holds up the time travel device. He says, "Prince Edward Island, one week ago, here we come!" He holds the time travel device and asks, "How do I run this thing, again?" Lady Perlative takes the device from him and sets it to the desired time and place. He takes it back, and holds it up, again, sending everyone to a week prior.

The contestants look around. Chef drags everyone into the bushes with him. Chef points to a nice mansion. He says, "That's where that home wrecker lives. Chris hasn't arrived, yet."

"What's she like?" Florence asks.

Chef says, "She's a gorgeous, sweet, self-made millionaire. Totally not right for Chris."

"I'll say," Ira says with a chuckle.

"Does she like younger men?" Love Possum asks. He pauses and says, "Oh, right. She likes Chris. Only old dudes."

"So what is our plan of attack?" Lady Perlative asks.

Chef frowns and says, "I was hoping one of you would come up with something." He surveys the contestants. "Do any of you have anything?" They look at him blankly. "Anything, at all?"

Daisuke suggests, "Maybe we should start by meeting her. We're bound to be able to find some flaw with her."

Chef smiles wickedly and nods. Love Possum looks uncomfortable. Chef states, "Let's go!" They head toward the mansion.

Chef rings the doorbell, and a beautiful woman comes to the door, with an apron on. She asks, "Hello? Can I help you?"

Chef says, "Uh... Yes. We're..." Chef turns to the contestants and asks, "Who are we?"

Love Possum smiles and says, "We're Chris McLean's children."

Everyone there, but Love Possum, widens their eyes. The woman says, "I'm Regina. You must be friends of Chris. Come in." Everyone looks around the fancy mansion. She says, "Please, pardon the mess, I've been busy preparing dinner."

Ira whispers to Florence, "Do you see a mess?" Florence shakes her head.

Regina leads everyone to her living room. They sit down. She removes her apron. She says, "Pardon me, I'm just so surprised that you all came out this way."

Chef narrows his eyes and says, "We just wanted to make sure you were right for Chris."

"Aw," Regina says. "You're all just so sweet!"

Daisuke looks at a photo on the wall. His eyes widen. He asks, "Is this you with these tigers?"

Regina laughs humbly. She says, "Oh. That is just an endangered species that I started a charity to preserve. They've been removed from the endangered list, and now are throughout the world. No big deal, really." Everyone stares at Regina.

Ira looks at another picture with Regina at an orphanage. Ira's face turns red. He asks, "Is this at a orphanage?"

Regina nods. She says, "I set up this orphanage in Kenya. The old facility these kids lived in was not suitable for their needs." Regina smiles as she eyes up the group. "I'm so pleased to hear that Chris is also passionate about adoption."

Daisuke admits, "I apologize for the misunderstanding, miss. We are not Chris' children. We're just friends of his."

"Oh, I see," Regina says. She laughs. "Chris should be here soon. Please, stay for dinner."

"Thank you," Daisuke says. "But we really..."

"We will," Chef states as he glares at Daisuke. The timer on Regina's stove begins beeping, just as the doorbell rings. Regina looks back and forth. She says, "Can one of you answer the door for me, please?"

Everyone, but Regina, rushes to the door. Chef looks outside and sees Chris standing outside in a periwinkle suit with a bouquet of flowers. Chef takes a deep breath and opens the door. Chris says, "You're even more beautiful than your picture." He frowns and asks, "What are you all doing here?"

"We're here to put an end to this mistake," Chef states.

Chris looks confused. "You're interfering with my love life?" Chef smiles wickedly and nods. Chris says, "Get out!"

Chef says, "This isn't your house, so nyah."

Love Possum says, "Regina, that hot mama, invited us to stay for dinner."

Chris' face turns red. He says, "She did what?! Please, guys. I'm begging you to..."

Regina comes to the door. She says, "Chris! It's so nice to meet you in person. Can you believe your friends came all this way? Isn't that nice?"

Chris plasters a smile on his face. He says through his teeth, "Yeah. It's fantastic."

Regina grabs Chris by the arm and says, "Dinner is ready. Let's go. There's enough for everyone."

Chris blushes. He says, "You didn't have to go through all the trouble."

"No trouble, at all," Regina says. Regina leads everyone to the dining room, and they take their seats. Chris pulls Regina's chair out for her. "Such a gentleman."

"Please," Chef says. "In all the years I've known him, Chris hasn't once pulled my chair out for me."

Regina laughs. She says, "Your friends are so funny!"

"They are?" Chris asks in a bewildered manner. He states, "They are." He smiles awkwardly.

Regina nods. "And what interesting outfits they're wearing." Daisuke, Lady Perlative, and Ira look back and forth at each other.

Love Possum smiles. He removes his vest, and says, "Because if you'd like, I can go without it."

Regina looks surprised. Chris abruptly stands up, grabs Love Possum by the waist on his pants, and drags him toward the living room. Chris says, "If you'll excuse us."

Chris and Love Possum stand in the living room. Love Possum sits down. He asks, "What is it, Chris?"

"Please," Chris states, "don't embarrass me with Regina. I really like her."

Love Possum says, "I wasn't embarrassing you, man."

Chris looks annoyed. He says, "No, of course not. You're embarrassing yourself!"

Love Possum smiles and says, "No way, man. I don't know about you, but I'm proud of my body! I won't let the man..."

"Just, stop it!" Chris demands. "Do you have any idea how disappointing your behavior is?"

"You're sounding a lot like my father, man," Love Possum says with a scoff. "He's so high strung, he doesn't accept that the times are changing, man!"

Chris says angrily, "Shut up!" Love Possum looks taken aback. "Do you ever think about anyone else?!"

Love Possum mumbles, "I... uh..."

"Don't you think of how your parents are ashamed of you?" Chris asks. "How they must worry about you getting in trouble for not caring about your own safety? Do you think they stay up at night, worrying whether or not you'll be alive in the morning in case you come across some psycho? Do you think they're proud that their son is doing something that might land him in prison? Is that what you would want for your children?"

"I-I never thought about it like that," Love Possum admits. "But I can't change who I am! It makes a real difference."

"No, it doesn't," Chris states. "The youth of your time found out that their efforts to make a change were useless. Things never changed. Nothing ever got improved, it just kept getting worse, until they realized what they were doing made no difference."

Love Possum's face drops. He says, "You can't be serious. Protesting... Stuff like that really makes a difference."

Chris says, "Quit being so stupid! I know, I've seen that it doesn't work. You know that! It's time for you to put aside your beliefs and become an adult."

Love Possum holds his head down. He says, "Why are you saying all of this? I thought you were cool, man."

"Well," Chris begins, "I realized how foolish you've been acting. You want to raise a family that loves and respects you?" Love Possum nods. Chris adds bitterly, "It's time for you to stop being such a loser. You need to be more responsible." Chris looks up to see Regina, and the others, standing in the doorway. Chris says, "I didn't know you were standing there."

Regina says, "Get out."

Chris asks, "What? What are you talking about? I thought we really hit it off."

"That was before I saw how you really are," Regina states.

"You don't understand," Chris states.

"What don't I understand?" Regina asks. "You were being harsh with this young man for no reason." Love Possum continues to hold his head down.

Chris says, "But, he's my..." Chris stops mid-sentence.

"They say that you can really get to know a person by the way they treat their friends and family," Regina states. "I don't want anything to do with someone like you. I'm asking you to leave."

Chris stands, looks at Chef and the contestants, and sadly walks out. Chef smiles and shakes Regina's hand. He says, "It was an honor to meet you." Everyone, but Regina, goes outside.

Ira says, "I'm really sorry, Chris."

"We didn't know this would happen like that," Florence states.

Chris says, "Whatever. I'm sure it could have never worked, anyway." Chef smirks and holds up the time travel device.

Everyone arrives in the present. Chef says mischievously, "Well, my job is done. Bye, everyone."

Chris sighs. He says, "One of you will be voted out. I'm going to go hit my head against something blunt for a little while." Chris walks into his room.

Love Possum says quietly, "This is all my fault." He heads into his room.

Daisuke and Ira follow after him. Love Possum lays down on his bed with his face in his pillow. Daisuke pats his back, saying, "It's okay, man. It wasn't your fault."

Love Possum sobs. He says, "I really hurt him, because I'm always acting like a freak."

"Don't say that," Ira says. "You're great to be aroun'."

"You're just saying that," Love Possum states. "I'm going to be far more serious from now on. I'm going to be a real man."

Ira says, "Don't change who you are." Love Possum remains silent.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says while looking down, "One of you has been voted out. Florence, Lady Perlative, and Daisuke are all safe." Ira looks at Love Possum, who looks stoic. Chris says, "The one of you leaving here, is..."

"Love Possum."

Love Possum nods. He stands up, holds his hand out to Chris, shake hands, and says with a shudder, "My name is Chet. Thank you for your time. I'm sorry if my idiotic behavior hurt anyone."

Florence says, "Hey, man! Don't be so hard on yourself."

"But it's true," Love Possum assures. "I need to grow up, and start acting like a... a man." Love Possum shudders, again.

"You can't change who you are," Ira states. "Chris, why don't you say something?" Everyone looks to Chris.

Chris says, "Goodbye, Love Possum." He holds up the time travel device and sends him into the past.

Love Possum is shown in the bathroom of his family home, looking at a mirror. Love Possum removes his headband. He opens the medicine cabinet and pulls out his father's electric razor. He turns it on, and his hand shakes uncontrollably. He raises his bangs, revealing his tearful eyes. He puts the razor to his forehead and begins shaving off his long hair.

In the present, Ira says, "Chris! How could you be so cold?"

Chris shouts, "I had to, okay?! You don't need to know the reason. He just had to leave that way." Lady Perlative and Daisuke look at each other knowingly. They then look down at the floor."

Chapter 17 - Greek SquadEdit

Chris si shown sitting with his face a few inches from his computer monitor. He looks up and says, "Oh. Hey, viewers. I was just checking up on some of the contestants futures, and I'm finally almost done with the ones still in the competition. It's been so... boring." Chris slams his head against his desk. "But I don't want anything to surprise me like what happened with Love Possum. Chris shudders. "I suppose that this is where I do the recap. Last time, Chef brought the teens back to break up my relationship with a beautiful, wealthy woman. Thank goodness that they broke that up before anything bad happened." Chris rolls his eyes. "In the end, Love Possum was sent home. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Time Travel?" Chris looks back at his computer screen. He clicks something, reads a little, and says, "I... I don't believe it." Chris' expression looks grim.

Daisuke and Ira are shown in their room. Daisuke asks, "How are you doing, Ira-kun?" Daisuke pauses. "I guess that was a hiccup in the language translator."

Ira shrugs. He says, "Pretty fair. How 'bout you?"

"Amazing," Daisuke says with a smile. "I can't believe some of the things we've been able to do. This whole experience has just been... amazing."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Ira says.

Daisuke nods. He says, "I am."

Lady Perlative and Florence are shown in their room. "Hey, mama. I was wondering if you thought you'd ever make it this far."

"No," Lady Perlative admits. "I thought I would be eliminated once my true identity was revealed."

"I hear ya," Florence says with a nod. "I guess I never put much thought into what might happen, and just took each day as it came." She shrugs. "I guess that's been workin' for me, so far. I will say that I always expected Mark to be the winner."

"I thought the same thing," Lady Perlative replies. "I suppose he might have."

Florence looks a little nervous. She says, "I've been wanting to ask you something, but have been a little shy about it."

"You?" Lady Perlative replies. "Shy?"

Florence glares at Lady Perlative. She says, "I was going to ask you if your heart was broken when Love Possum was vote out."

"Why would it be?" Lady Perlative asks with a confused expression.

"You know," Florence says timidly. "You had a crush on him."

"What?!" Lady Perlative asks in surprise. "What ever gave you that idea?"

"Well, the other day," Florence explains. "You said you were thinking about him. I assumed that meant you liked him."

Lady Perlative laughs. She says, "Oh, no. I only said that because I found out that he was really Chris' father."

Florence's eyes get big. She says, "He's what, now? Is that true?" Lady Perlative blushes, and nods. Florence laughs uncontrollably.

The next day, the contestants are standing in the main room, waiting for Chris.

"Where is Chris?" Daisuke asks. "He is usually here by now."

A really sad looking Chris walks into the main room. He kicks a box of costumes ahead of him. Florence asks, "Hey, Chris." She stifles a chuckle. "What's wrong? Mad about getting dumped by that Regina chick?"

"Who?" Chris asks. "Oh, her. Um. Yeah. That's why I'm upset." Chris explains, "Your next challenge will see us all going back to Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was the home of many stories of gods and goddesses, you know, all that mythological hooey. The Greek people really believed all that stuff, though." Chris hands out small booklets to each contestant. He explains, "Each of you will be assigned a role. Read up on it. You'll each be playing either a Greek god or goddess." Chris hands costumes to each contestants.

"Hand delivery," Florence asks. "I can get used to this."

"Well, don't," Chris advises. "I'm just feeling a little generous, today. Inside your booklet is how your costume should look."

Ira chuckles. He says, "Chris? My guy isn't wearing any clothes."

Chris says, "Yeah. It was a struggle to find any gods with clothes. And you definitely couldn't pass as Zeus."

Ira's face turns red. He says, "I don't know if I feel comfortable about this."

Chris shrugs and says, "You can change the costume if you really want to. I don't know what you're complaining about with this sweet helmet." Chris hands Ira a helmet with wings on the sides. Chris explains the challenge further, "The one of you that is able to convincingly play your part so that at least ten people believe that you're the god or goddess you claim to be, wins the challenge."

"So," Daisuke asks with wide eyes, "This is basically an acting challenge?" Chris nods.

"Right on!" Florence says.

Daisuke looks at Florence and sighs. He says, "Oh, right. Florence is an actress by profession. Do any of us stand a chance?"

Florence says, "Don't worry, Dais." She holds up her booklet and reveals a picture of Athena. She says, "How am I supposed to pass for this skinny chick?"

"It will be a challenge," Chris admits, "but no one has actually seen these gods and goddesses. It's just an artist's depiction, so liberties can be taken. So everyone go get dressed." The contestants leave to change.

In Ira and Daisuke's room, Ira is holding a piece of fabric, has his winged helmet on, and is otherwise naked with pixelation. With his face red, he asks, "How do I look?"

Daisuke, dressed in a piece of flowing fabric at his waist and a fake beard, says, "You look..." He begins laughing uncontrollably.

Ira blushes and says, "That's it. I'm takin' liberties."

The contestants meet Chris, who is dressed as Zeus, in the main room. He looks at a card. Chris looks at Lady Perlative and says, "Hestia, the goddess of hearth, home, and cooking." He looks at armor clad Florence and says, "Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavor, handicrafts, and reason."

"Why did she get the best one?" Daisuke says with a sigh.

"Because she's a girl," Chris says with a raised eyebrow. He addresses bearded Daisuke, "Poseidon, god of the sea, rivers, and other water type stuff, and randomly horses, because those are so useful in the sea." Chris looks at Ira who is wearing the helmet, holding a piece of fabric, and wearing over-sized boxer shorts. "Hermes, messenger of the gods." Chris laughs. "Nice shorts, dude." Ira blushes. "It looks like everyone is ready, so we can go back to ancient Greece." Chris holds up his time travel device.

Chris and the contestants arrive in the middle of a public square. A bunch of locals look at them as they arrive in a flash of light. Lady Perlative whispers to Chris, "Why the lack of discretion?"

Chris shouts, "Because we are the gods!" He looks shiftily at the local people, who ignore him. Daisuke runs off. "Where is he going?" Chris asks. He shrugs.

Lady Perlative rubs her chin. She says, "How am I supposed to be the goddess of cooking? Do I have to go bake something?"

Chris says, "Figure it out."

Lady Perlative shrugs. She says, "I have no experience with it, but I suppose I can try." She shouts, "Who has a hearth I can borrow?" She follows after a local middle aged woman.

Ira thinks for a few minutes. He counts on his fingers and says, "I'm messenger, athletics, travel, thievery..." He shifts his eyes. He runs at an old woman and grabs a basket she is holding. She punches him in the jaw and he falls over.

Florence looks around her. She sees a teenage girl crying. She walks over to her and asks, "What's the matter, mama?"

"My boyfriend left me!" The girl exclaims while sobbing.

Florence says, "There, there, mama. Let Athena, goddess of wisdom and junk, listen."

The girl looks at her and says, "A-alright."

Daisuke is shown in the water peeking above the surface. He spies a fisherman going to his boat on shore, and begins walking out of the water. Daisuke says in a grandiose voice, "It is I! Poseidon, god of the seas! Kneel before me, mortal."

The fisherman's eyes widen. He kneels to the ground. "What do you want from me, O mighty Poseidon?"

Daisuke smirks. "I want you to tell your friends that I am here," Daisuke explains. "Have them go to the public square, and I will be there."

Lady Perlative walks out of a home followed by a large cloud of smoke. She coughs a few times, approaches Chris, and says, "That did not work out."

Ira stands wearily. He feels his head and says, "Aw, geez! Someone stole my helmet!" He looks around, rubs his chin, and whispers, "Athletics." He runs at full speed, stops, and begins breathing heavily. He says, "Never mind. I'll try messenger." He walks up to a local man and says, "Hey, I'm Hermes. I have a message to you from... Mitch."

"I do not know a Mitch," the man says with a raised eyebrow. "Are you lying about being one of the gods? That is blasphemy!"

"Ah, no!" Ira insists. The man punches him, and he falls to the ground.

Daisuke is shown in the water, again. He says to another fisherman, "I am Poseidon! Bow down before me!"

The man bows and says, "What does the mighty Poseidon want with a lowly fisherman, like me?"

"Go to the public square, and gather your friends together. I shall be there momentarily." The man nods and runs away. Daisuke smiles. He says to himself, "I guess that should be enough." Daisuke tries to walk out of the water, but his leg is caught in a fishing net. He looks around and sees that there's no one to help him. He kneels down and attempts to untie his leg. After several minutes of trying, Daisuke gets his leg free. He then rushes to the public square.

He runs toward where Chris and the other contestants are gathered. Florence is sitting down, surrounded by locals, and the fishermen that Daisuke spoke with. Florence says, "Don't worry, brutha. My momma always said that there were plenty of fish in the sea. You're business will be up and running, once again, in no time." The locals shake at Florence's words of wisdom.

Chris looks at Daisuke. He says, "Athena, here, has won the challenge, dude. Let's go back." Chris makes his voice deeper as he says, "Now, we shall miraculously vanish from your sights!" He holds up the time travel device, and the contestants disappear in a flash of light.

Chris says, "That was pretty fun, actually. Congratulations, Florence." Florence smiles. Daisuke looks down at the floor and walks back to his room. Chris says, "Uh. The vote will be later, tonight. Someone go check up on Daisuke."

Ira says, "I'll go see what's wrong."

Chris smiles. He says, "Thanks, Ira. You're a good kid."

Ira says, "Um, sure." He walks away. Chris looks at the floor.

Lady Perlative asks, "What's wrong, Chris?"

He laughs nervously and says, "Nothing."

Ira sits down by Daisuke. He says, "Hey, man. What's bothering you?"

"I want to be an actor," Daisuke explains. "I can't be one, due to my heritage. But I just wanted to win that challenge. I wanted to be good at something I love, but I failed."

"Are you kidding?" Ira says with wide eyes. "You should have heard those fisherman talk about Poseidon. Even I thought that they really saw him, with how convinced they were."

"Really?" Daisuke says with a smile.

Ira nods. "Yeah, man. I think you got some serious talent."

"Thanks," Daisuke says, still smiling. "That means a lot. I really had a good time, today. It was so fun to pretend to be someone else." Daisuke pauses for a second. "Who are you voting for?"

Ira shrugs. He says, "Probably my biggest threat."

"Okay," Daisuke says with a nod.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "One of you is out. Florence, the winner of invincibility, is safe. So is Lady Perlative. That means that Daisuke and Ira are our bottom two."

Daisuke's eyes widen. He says to Ira, "You were talking about voting for me? I thought you meant Lady Perlative."

Ira says, "Sorry, man. I don't mean any disrespect. I hope you aren't mad."

Daisuke looks at Ira. He shakes his head. "No, I understand."

Chris says, "These conversations are supposed to take place after the elimination. Now, the person leaving the competition is..."

"Ira." Chris lets out a heavy sigh.

Ira frowns. He says, "Oh, well."

Lady Perlative says, "I'm sorry, Ira. It was a difficult choice. Daisuke may be stronger, and better looking." Ira frowns. "But I think thou art the biggest threat, with your likability."

Ira looks down in a disappointed manner. He says, "I guess I understand. It's just that I have nothing to go back to. I was hoping that winning the money would help change my life around. But... I have nothing to look forward to." Chris frowns.

Florence says, "Don't be silly, soul brutha! You have a nice, long life to look forward to. You're just starting out."

Ira nods. He says, "I guess you're right."

Chris sighs. He adjusts the time travel device and says, "Goodbye, Ira." The contestants each hug Ira. Chris hugs him last, and whispers in his ear, "This world needs you in it." Ira looks at Chris in a confused manner. Chris sends Ira back into the past.

Ira is in the hallway of his orphanage early in the morning. He sneaks into the room that he shares with other orphan boys. He tiptoes toward his blanket on the floor. One of the boys wakes up and looks at Ira. He says, "Ira? Where was ya, yesterday?"

Ira laughs nervously and says, "I didn't go nowheres."

"You're kidding, pal," the other boy says. "Everyone was lookin' for ya, and your boss was not too happy that you didn't show up fo' work."

"You mean, I..." Ira pauses. "What day is this?"

"The twelfth," the boy replies.

Ira whispers to himself, "Chris sent me back to the wrong day."

The door to the room bursts open. Another orphan boy says, "Today's edition is out, fellas, time to get to work. Ira?" Ira waves. "Check this out, pal. I thought somefin' bad happened to ya, when you went missin'." The boy hands Ira a copy of the day's newspaper.

Ira looks at small blurb in the newspaper and reads, "On the corner of Twenty-third and Main, Able Arms Construction Company accidentally dropped a stone gargoyle they were planning to install on the roof. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident."

One of the boys asks, "Hey, Ira? Isn't that your usual corner?"

Ira stares at the newspaper, his face more pale than normal. He whispers, "Chris..."

Chris is shown in the present. He says, "Uh. Yeah. I couldn't let it happen... Even if it changed the future. Ira didn't deserve that." Chris' eyes look tearful. He says, "Well, we're down to our final three. Be sure to see what happens in our next episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel."

Chapter 18 - A Pirate's Strife for MeEdit

Chris McLean gives a large smile. He says, "Hello, viewer world! I'm that lovable hunk of man, Chris McLean! I did something nice for someone, and it actually feels good. Almost as good as doing something mean to someone. Anywhat, last time, our contestants went back to the time of the ancient Greeks. There, they posed as some notable figures in Greek society, the Greek gods! Ha ha! Their challenge was to convince some local people that they were actually the deities that they claimed to be. In the end, Florence won the challenge, pretending to be Athena. Ira was sent home, and I did a little interfering in his life... Yeah, I'm a good guy. What will happen this time? Well, we'll get to know who the final two is, that's for sure. Enjoy this episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Florence and Lady Perlative are shown in their room. Florence says, "We made it to the final three, girl!"

"Why is that of significance?" Lady Perlative asks.

"You know," Florence states, "I'm not really sure."

Lady Perlative states, "It does mean that we art closer to the end of this competition."

"That's true," Florence admits. "I'm excited to go home. How about you?"

"I don't know," Lady Perlative says with a somber voice. "It means that I must return to posing as a male."

Florence looks sad. She says, "Oh, that's right. Sorry, mama."

"But it is not all bad news," Lady Perlative says with a smile. "I'm excited to see one of my best friends, again."

"Oh, you never mentioned anyone, before," Florence says. "What's she like?"

"Pardon," Lady Perlative says. "It is a male, actually."

Florence nods and says, "Oh, right. That makes sense. So do you have a crush on him?"

"Certainly not," Lady Perlative says with her cheeks bright red. "That would be entirely improper in our situation."

"Hehe," Florence laughs. "You sounded like Therese just then. But I do know how you feel. There is one of my castmates that I have a crush on, too."

"Oh?" Lady Perlative says.

Florence nods. She says, "But he is completely out of my league." Florence lets out a sigh.

"Do not be too hard on yourself," Lady Perlative says, in an attempt at comfort.

Florence gives a half-hearted smile. She says, "Anyway. We should get to sleep." Lady Perlative nods, and the girls get into their respective beds.

Daisuke is shown by himself in his room. He sits upright in his bed, and holds his head down to the floor.

Daisuke says in confessional, "It's almost over." He looks down. "I've had such a good time, here, but... I know I'll have to go back to my own time soon. I... I don't want to go back."

In the morning, Chris announces, "It's time for your challenge, final three!" The contestants meet Chris in the main room. He says, "We're going to pose as pirates for this next challenge!" Chris holds up a prop sword that completes his pirate ensemble.

"I would have never guessed," Florence states with an eye roll.

Chris excitedly says, "Let me explain your challenge. Each of you will be sent to different locations this time, aboard rival pirate ships! You will all need to convince the crews to nonviolently capture your rival competitors. The contestant to capture both of their competitors will be the winner of the challenge, and will be guaranteed a spot in the final two! They also get to decide who they bring with them to the finals."

"That's pretty major," Florence states with a raised eyebrow.

"I know!" Chris says. "So..." He points to a treasure chest with costumes in it. "Get dressed." The contestants go to get changed.

They come back in various pirate gear. Daisuke looks at Lady Perlative, and says, "How come she got a beard, and I didn't?"

Chris shrugs. He says, "All the cool guy pirates get beards."

Daisuke frowns and says, "Yeah. That really hurts."

Chris says, "Alright! Let's go!" He holds up the time travel device and sends each contestant back in time, separately.

Daisuke is shown on his pirate ship. He looks around, and hides behind a barrel. He looks at, and observes the speech patterns of, the manly pirates on the ship he is on.

Florence is shown, sitting in the captain's cabin that she was transported to. She looks around and shrugs. She stands up, walks toward the door, and opens it. Five male pirates look back at her with wide eyes. She explains, "I was just..."

"Captain!" a pirate with orange hair says. "My captain..."

"Captain?" Florence asks.

"Aye," a brown haired pirate says. "We be waitin' for our captain to emerge from the captain's room, so we be knowin' who our leader is."

"But there was no one in there," Florence states. The pirates stare at her with confused expressions, and occasional blinks.

"Was?" one of the pirates states with a confused expression.

Florence says, "Um... Yay. I be the captain of this ship."

The pirate mean shout, "Aye!" and toss their hats, shirts, or hooks in the air.

Florence says, "Let us be findin' our enemies!"

"Aye, aye!" the orange haired pirate states. "And we be killin' them!"

"Aye!" the other pirates shout.

"No, no," Florence says. "I was..." The pirates look at her with blank stares. Florence corrects herself, "I be thinkin' we should peacefully capture our rival captains."

The pirates look at each other with confused expressions, again. A blond pirate says, "The captain be peaceful?" Florence nods with a nervous smile. The pirates cheer. The blond pirate says, "We be a dancin' an' singin' pirate crew. We were afraid of havin' a bloodthirsty captain, because killin' is not what we be about."

"Dancing and singing?" Florence says in a state of disbelief. Her crew begins dancing.

Lady Perlative is shown behind a crate. She spies on two people with their arms around each other as they stare out at the ocean. Lady Perlative lets out a sigh. She stands abruptly and shouts in a slightly masculine voice, "I am taking over this ship! I am your new captain."

One of the pirates turns around and shouts, "You an' what army?" He draws a sword. He has a thick beard, a captain's hat, and an open vest, that shows his thick, brown, chest hair, and muscular frame. "We be havin' no mutiny on this ship."

The other pirate puts her arm up and grabs hold of the man's arm. She says, "Don't you recognize her, love?"

The male pirate asks, "Her?"

The woman pirate walks over to Lady Perlative, who looks nervous. She pulls her beard down, and says "Welcome to our time, Lady Perlative."

The man asks, "Lady Perlative?"

"You know me?" Lady Perlative asks.

The woman laughs. She says, "Surely, we haven't gotten that old."

Lady Perlative's eyes widen. She says, "Crimson Rose?"

Crimson Rose says, "Aye."

Lady Perlative hugs Crimson Rose and says, "Is this your husband?"

Crimson Rose nods. She says, "I guess he be lookin' different than you remember him. You might remember him as Leopold."

Lady Perlative says with wide eyes, "That Leopold?" Crimson Rose laughs and nods.

"I'm not followin'," Leopold says.

"Love, don't you remember how we met?" Crimson Rose asks.

Leopold strokes his beard with his hand. He says, "Aye. I do remember a lad by the name of Perlative. Is she related to him?"

Crimson Rose says, "Love, I told you that we found out that he was actually a girlie."

Leopold laughs, and says, "You expect me to remember every little detail like that?" Leopold approaches Lady Perlative and shakes her hand. He says, "Welcome aboard our fine vessel."

"Thank you," Lady Perlative says with a smile.

"What be bringing you to our fine ship?" Leopold asks. "It has to 'ave been twenty years since we be seein' ya last."

Lady Perlative says, "This is a challenge. We're supposed to captain a ship and capture the other two contestants, Daisuke and Florence."

"I see," Crimson Rose states. "We better do our best to win this one for ye."

Lady Perlative smiles and says, "Thanks."

Daisuke is shown still hiding behind a barrel. He looks around him and sees a pile of seaweed. He quickly weaves it together, and places it on his face. He stnds up and walks over to the group of pirates. He says in a gruff voice, perfectly mimicking some of the pirate's deep voices, "I be taken over this ship, whether ye be wantin' or not. I'd be preferrin' if I didn't have to use force."

Some of the pirates laugh. One of them says, "We already be havin' a captain, boyo. What makes you think you 'ave any right to replace 'im?"

"Bring him out here!" Daisuke demands. They shrug, and someone leaves.

A thinly bearded man walks up to him. He asks, "Who might you be?"

"You be the captain?" Daisuke says with a laugh. He says, "I be Greenbeard, and I be takin' command of this ship."

"What makes you think you can replace me?" the captain says with a laugh.

Daisuke narrows his eyes, walks up to the captain and touches his beard. He says, "This thing on your face be pathetic." He points to his fake beard and says, "No way you can compete with a beautiful beard like I be havin'."

The crew looks at each other, grabs their former captain, and tosses him overboard. He shouts, "This is mutiny! I be gettin' my revenge!" He swims to shore, a couple feet away.

A crew member says, "Welcome to our ship, captain! What be our first order of business." Daisuke smiles.

Florence and Lady Perlative's ships our seen alongside each other. Lady Perlative orders, "Crew! Capture that woman! She be their captain."

"Uh-uh!" Florence shouts. "Crew, capture that little, bossy, bearded chick."

The orange haired crew member of Florence's says, "Aye. We be capturing her with a song!" Florence slaps her forehead. Her brown haired crew member pulls out an accordion.

"Oooooooh!" The crew begins.

Florence says, "That's it! I surrender." She walks on to Lady Perlative's ship. "Good for nothin' crew!"

"I think they're darling," Leopold admits.

Florence's eyes widen. She asks, "Leopold?"

"Aye!" Leopold says. Florence looks over at Crimson Rose. She says, "Hey, mama!" Crimson Rose hugs Florence.

Lady Perlative says, "Okay, I guess we should find Daisuke's ship."

Florence's crew looks sad. The blond one asks, "You be abandonin' us?"

"Yes," Florence says with no remorse.

Crimson Rose looks at the crew. She says, "Oh, Leo, my love. Can't we keep 'em? The ladies on our ship are gettin' awful bored."

Leopold nods. He says, "Alright, men. Welcome aboard. On this ship, you be bein' our newest crew members." Florence's former crew cheers, and then they board the ship.

They hug Florence and one of them says, "We missed you, Capp'n." Florence sighs.

Another ship pulls alongside Lady Perlative's ship. Daisuke stands with one leg in each ship. He says in a gruff voice, "I be the captain of this ship. Surrender, or thee will be regrettin' your decision."

"Who is that?" Florence asks with wide eyes.

Lady Perlative says, "It looks like Daisuke, but he certainly doesn't sound or act like himself."

"Enough chatter," Daisuke shouts. "I will not be takin' 'no' for an answer. Come now, or my crew here will be burnin' down your ship." Florence's former crewmen hug each other and shake, nervously.

Leopold shouts, "Not on my watch, matey!"

Lady Perlative looks back at her crew, and friends. She turns to Daisuke and nods. She says, "I surrender."

"No, way, mama!" Florence shouts. Lady Perlative looks at Florence with sad eyes. Florence sighs. Florence and Lady Perlative walk onto Daisuke's ship.

Florence and Lady Perlative wave at Leopold, Crimson Rose, and their crew. Daisuke says, "I be takin' the two of you to my quarters for a little negotiatin'."

They enter Daisuke's cabin, and see Chris sitting n the chair. He says, "Looks like Daisuke wins."

"Greenbeard," Daisuke corrects.

Chris raises an eyebrow and says, "Looks like we got ourselves a method actor... Anyway, time to leave." He holds up the time travel device and sends the four of them to the present.

Chris says, "Alright, we might as well handle the elimination right here. Daisuke?" Daisuke removes his seaweed beard. "Who are you going to eliminate?" Lady Perlative and Florence hug.

Daisuke rubs his chin. He says, "This is a difficult decision. I feel that Lady Perlative matches me in strategy, so she's a definite threat. Florence on the other hand, has a strong will, and she gets along with people quite easily, which could be a major threat to me." Daisuke sighs. He says, "I've come to my decision, though. I have chosen to eliminate..."

"Lady Perlative. I'm really sorry. I hope you are not upset."

Lady Perlative says quietly, "I understand."

Daisuke further explains, "The main reason I voted for you is because Florence and I have been on the same team since the beginning. I couldn't help but feel that I would have been disloyal if I eliminated her."

Lady Perlative nods. She stands up and hugs Florence. She says, "Good morrow, Florence. It was an honor to meet you." Lady Perlative then hugs Daisuke. Lady Perlative lets out a heavy sigh. She says, "I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be to return to my own time. It was a pleasure to be selected for this competition."

Chris smiles and says, "Bye, Lady Perlative. You should be proud of how well you did, here."

"I am," Lady Perlative says with a smile. Chris holds up the time travel device. Lady Perlative says, "Goodbye." Chris sends her back to her time.

Lady Perlative looks around her. She looks at the wooded area around her. She walks back onto a nearby path, where a young, bearded man waits for her. He says, "What did that beggar want from you, Sir Perlative?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Lady Perlative answers, attempting to make herself sound more masculine. She looks around and says, "Where hath my horse run off to, friend?"

The young man admits, "It got away. I apologize."

"It's alright, Sir Edwin," Lady Perlative says with a smile. "That rascal is always up to those kinds of tricks."

"I guess you have no choice but to ride with me," Sir Edwin states.

Lady Perlative shrugs, and is helped onto Sir Edwin's horse. "Edwin?" She says.

"Yes?" Sir Edwin replies.

"Thank you for always being there for me," Lady Perlative says. "You are a true friend."

Sir Edwin hesitates. He says quietly, "You're welcome, Lady Sybilla."

Lady Perlative's eyes widen. She demands, "How does thou know my real name? No one knows that."

"I just know," Edwin answers.

"I suppose this means thou will report me to the court," Lady Perlative states with her voice quiet.

Sir Edwin states, "I cannot believe thou doth not remember me."

"You're Sir Edwin," Lady Perlative lets out.

Sir Edwin stops the horse from running. He steps off and helps Lady Perlative down. He says, "I realize that I've grown much bigger since we saw each other before joining the knighthood together, but I always recognized you. I would never reveal thou's secret. Not in an eternity."

Lady Perlative says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Sir Edwin sighs. He pulls off his cape, unties part of his laced up shirt, and tugs his shirt down at the neck, revealing a scar on his chest. He asks, "Do you remember me, now?"

Lady Perlative's mouth drops, slightly. She says in disbelief, "Prince Edwin?"

Edwin nods. He says, "Yes." He bows his head. "You saved my life when we were children, when my adviser sent those men to kill me. I had to hide myself, in order to keep myself safe, but I never forgot you. We met each other on occasion, but I never saw you after what happened with you parents, until recently."

"But why are you a knight for a different kingdom?" Lady Perlative asks.

He admits, "I vowed that I would take my father's kingdom back, even if it means joining forces with an enemy kingdom."

"But," Lady Perative says with concern, "if they find out, they will have thou executed!"

"I know," Sir Edwin says quietly. "I suppose we're in the same predicament, aren't we?"

Lady Perlative nods. She says, "I will help thou reclaim thy kingdom, and I will not reveal thy secret. Let us return to the castle, now." Edwin stands still. Lady Perlative asks, "Whatever is the matter?"

Edwin admits, "It's just... After I've met you, again, and saw how passionate and how strong you've become, I guess... My plans have changed."

"What does thou mean?" Lady Perlative states.

"Let's run away from here," Edwin suggests. "To a kingdom far away from here, where no one knows us. We shall be husband and wife, and no longer have to be a part of our kingdom's warfare." Edwin looks at the ground, "If that is what thou wants."

Lady Perlative looks back in the direction of her kingdom. She looks at Edwin, and puts her hand in his. They get back on the horse and ride off in a new direction. Lady Perlative says, "I will finally be able to grow my hair out, and stop living a lie." She hugs Edwin tightly to her.

In the present, Chris states, "That's all for this episode. Be sure to tune in to next time's exciting finale, where we will finally declare this season's winner! Be sure to check out the next episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Chapter 19 - Finale FantasyEdit

Chris McLean smiles. He says, "This is it, the episode we've all been waiting for! After last week's episode, where the final three contestants competed on pirate ships, and ultimately Lady Perlative was sent back to her time, our contestants have been narrowed down to two. Who will win? Will it be the conflicted samurai, Daisuke, or sassy, Seventies sitcom star, Florence? Find out in this episode of Total... Drama... Time Travel!"

Daisuke and Florence are sitting in the main room. Daisuke says, "This competition is almost over." Florence nods. Daisuke goes on, "You are really fortunate, Florence. You're from a time when you can do what you want. I cannot pursue my dream."

Florence asks, "Why not?"

Daisuke explains, "I am destined to be a samurai, like my father. I really want to be in the theater, but... that would bring dishonor to my family. It isn't an entirely honorable profession."

Florence looks down at the floor. She says, "I don't know what advice I can give you. I'm sorry."

"That's alright," Daisuke assures. "We best be getting to bed. Tomorrow is sure to be a challenge for both of us." Florence nods. They stand up and go into their separate rooms.

In the morning, Chris announces through the intercom in a sing song voice, "It's challenge time!"

Daisuke and Florence step out of their rooms, looking tired. Florence asks, "Couldn't this have waited a couple of hours, turkey? I need my beauty sleep."

Chris mutters under his breath, "You're really fortunate that the sarcastic contestants have been eliminated..."

"What was that, sucka?" Florence asks with a raised eyebrow.

Chris smiles and says, "Nothing."

Daisuke states, "Chris, it has been an honor to compete in this competition. What do you have planned for this final challenge?"

Chris smirks. He says, "You're going back to the times of the samurai..." Daisuke's eyes widen. His face looks grim. Chris goes on, "And to a television studio in the Nineteen-Seventies."

"Like where I shoot my sitcom?" Florence asks.

"So," Daisuke starts, "we have to go back to our own times?"

"Who told you that?" Chris asks. "You're each going back to each other's original times, by yourselves."

"By ourselves?" Daisuke asks.

Chris nods. He says, "You're a big boy, now, Daisuke. You can handle it. I will be watching every second of your time during the challenge... But I might fast forward the boring parts."

Florence says, "Okay, so we're each going back to each other's time periods. Then what do we do?"

Chris shrugs. He says, "You'll each be faced with decisions you have to make. Whoever makes the best decisions and actions, as judged by yours truly, will win the competition."

Florence smiles sweetly and says, "Chris. Did I mention that you look a lot less like a jive turkey sucka foo', today?"

"Flattery is nice," Chris states, "but it won't effect my decision."

"How about bribery?" Daisuke asks.

Chris says, "No. Of course not... What kind of bribe did you have in mind, man? I wouldn't mind having one of those sweet samurai swords." Florence looks at Chris in a disappointed manner. He says, "Just sayin'. Anyway, your challenge will start after you two get ready." He presents costumes to both contestants. They leave to put them on.

The contestants return, and Chris looks at them. He chuckles at Florence in her kimono, and Daisuke in his tight pants. Florence says, "Alright. That's enough laughin' at our expense."

"That's debatable," Chris says, "but I think it would be best to start our challenge." He holds up the time travel device and says, "Bye! Have a good time!" He smirks, before sending Florence back. He then adjusts the time travel device and sends Daisuke back.

Florence looks around. She says to herself, "This place is so natural and pretty." She frowns. "I hate it." She looks around to notice that a group of Japanese people are looking at her with wide eyes. She shouts, "What's the matter, suckas? Ain't you seen a soul sister, before?" They shake their heads. She says quietly, "Oh." She goes on, "I'm a samurai. The best you ever seen! Take me to your samurai... leader person." The people look at each other and shrug.

One small man says, "Follow me. I shall take you to the legendary samurai of this village."

"Sounds good," Florence states. "Thanks."

Daisuke is shown in a men's room. He looks around for a few seconds, and then steps out of it. He sees that he is in a waiting room full of African American men. They all look at him with wide eyes. He quietly takes an empty seat. One of the men sitting next to him says to him, "Hey, brutha. What part are you tryin' out for?"

"Part?" Daisuke asks.

"You know," the man states, "for this television show?"

Daisuke's eyes get narrower. He asks, "Television show?"

The man sighs and says, "Are you an actor or not, brutha?"

Daisuke smiles. He nods and says, "I want to be one."

"Well, this is as good a place to start as any," the man says. He looks around Daisuke. He holds up a script and hands it to Daisuke. He says, "You'll be needin' this. Learn a couple of lines, and show them what you're workin' with." Daisuke raises an eyebrow.

Florence is shown walking up to a large building with the Japanese man. He explains, "This is the place you seek."

Florence says, "Hey, thanks for helpin' a sista out." The man vanishes in a puff of smoke. Florence's eyes widen. She shrugs and looks at the door to the building. She rubs her chin. She begins pounding on the door and yells, "Where you at?! I'm tired of waitin' out here."

An old woman answers the door. She asks, "Yes? How may I help you?"

"I'm here to see this samurai dude," Florence explains.

The woman nods and says, "Come in." Florence shrugs and follows the woman inside.

Daisuke is shown stepping out of the audition room. The only person still in the waiting room is the man who lent him his script. He asks, "So, Daisuke. How'd it go?"

Daisuke explains, "I did not get the part, sir. They said that I wasn't right for the role, but they said they could use me as an extra."

"That's something," the man says with a shrug.

Daisuke asks, "It is? Um... What is an extra, exactly?"

The man explains, "It's someone who stays in the background of a scene. When did they say they needed you?"

"In five minutes," Daisuke answers.

The man's eyes widen. He says, "We better bring you over there, right away. My name is Jimmy, by the way." Daisuke and Jimmy stand, and begin walking out of the waiting room.

Daisuke nods and says, "Thank you, Jimmy, sir."

Jimmy laughs and says, "No problem, man. I been at this for years. I know what it's like to just be startin' out in the business. I can tell that you really want this."

Daisuke says quietly, "I do."

Florence is shown kneeling on the floor across from a middle aged man. He asks, "Why did you come to see me?"

Florence shrugs. She says, "I just wanted some advice on samurai-in'."

He says, "I see." He looks down. "I too have been seeking advice. Advice of a different sort. If you are willing to listen, I will help you with what you seek."

Florence sighs. She says, "It looks like I ain't got no choice."

Daisuke is shown sitting in a chair. He concentrates heavily on a script he is reading. Another young man sits in a chair next to Daisuke. He lets out a sigh. He looks at Daisuke. He asks, "You must be one of the extras. I'm Michael Brown. You know? One of the stars of this show?" Daisuke doesn't pay attention to him. Michael goes on, "I was just thinking. There's this girl I really like, but I'm entirely out of her league. She's a big star, and I'm a second rate actor." He sighs. "I want to tell her how I feel, but I know she would reject me in an instant."

An official looking person walks up to Daisuke and Michael and says, "You two are on. Michael enters the restaurant first, and the extra follows after him." Michael and Daisuke nod, and stand up.

Florence is shown, still in the samurai's room. He says, "I am worried about my son. He has been training to be a samurai, like me. I know he would consider it a dishonor to not take that role, but he does not realize that I am unsure if that is the life I wish for him to lead. I can tell that his heart is not in it."

Florence frowns. She says, "That sounds like this kid that I know."

"It does?" the samurai asks. Florence nods. He asks, "What is his name?"

"Daisuke," Florence answers. The man's eyes widen.

The samurai asks, "Tell me about him."

"Well," Florence states, "he's about yay high." Florence gestures with her hand. "Angsty. Always going on about how he wants to be an actor, but can't, because his father wants him to samurai it up."

"Oh," the man states.

"I'm sure that if he just talked to him about it, his father would understand," Florence states. "But what do I know?"

"A lot apparently," the samurai whispers.

Florence says, "Okay. I helped you out. Now it's my turn."

The samurai says, "You want to be a samurai?"

"Yeah, sucka!" Florence states. "Why do you think I was here all this time?"

The samurai says, "The secret to being a good samurai is..." Florence leans in. "Get lots of rest, and drink plenty of water. Goodbye."

Florence's eyes widen. She is dragged out of samurai's home by two men, yelling, "Nuh-uh! I can't believe this! Put me down, foo'!"

Daisuke is shown finishing the scene for the television show. He walks off stage and is told by the director, "Thank you, all. You can leave." Daisuke nods and smiles. He walks outside and sees Jimmy.

Jimmy asks, "Hey, brutha. How'd it go?"

Daisuke says, "It went well! It was so fun, even though I didn't have any lines."

Jimmy laughs. He says, "It's nice to see a kid like you so passionate. It was nice meetin' ya. I got to get back to work. This place doesn't protect itself, you know." Jimmy puts on his security guard hat, and walks off.

Daisuke turns around and walks into Chris McLean. Daisuke says, "Chris?"

Chris nods. He explains, "The challenge is over, Daisuke. Did you have a good time?"

"Yeah, I did!" Daisuke says excitedly. "It was amazing to be around other people that are actors. I felt like I was with people that understood me."

Chris smiles and says, "That's just peachy. Time to go back!" Daisuke frowns. Chris holds up the time travel device and travels to the present with Daisuke.

They return to the building where the competition is held. Florence says, "It's about time that you two got here."

Chris looks at a clock on the wall and says, "It's been three seconds."

"Right, whatever," Florence states. "Just announce the winner so we can go home." Daisuke looks down at the ground.

Chris nods and says, "Yes, yes. I viewed the footage of what the two of you did, today. There was a clear winner. The winner of Total Drama Time Travel is..."


"I won?!" Florence shouts excitedly. "But I didn't do anything special."

"Congratulations, Florence," Daisuke states as he looks at her. He looks to the side in a disappointed manner.

Chris explains, "You may not have thought you did anything special, but you did. Believe me. Daisuke, you were presented with a young man that wanted to talk. That was the main part of your challenge, and you failed to even pay attention to him."

Daisuke looks down at the floor. He says, "I apologize, sir. I must have been too focused on the role I had been given."

Chris holds up his time travel device. He says, "You had a good run, Daisuke, but it's time for you to go home."

Daisuke grabs hold of Chris' side. He pleads, "Chris! Don't send me back! I'm begging you. Let me stay here."

Chris frowns. He says, "Daisuke, you have to go back."

Daisuke's eyes are full of tears. He says, "I don't want to go back. Please, don't make me. I had so much fun, here, and I don't want to go back to my life." Chris looks at the floor. He holds up the time travel device, and sends Daisuke away.

Daisuke looks around him to see his room. He falls to the floor and cries into his hands. The door to his room slides open. Daisuke looks up to see his father. Daisuke quickly wipes his eyes and stands up. He says, "Good day, father, sir."

Daisuke's father says, "Daisuke. It's time to bring you to your master." Daisuke solemnly nods. "From now on, you will no longer be living for yourself. Unless, you have anything to say about it?"

Daisuke trembles. He says, "Of course not, father, sir." Daisuke's father nods. He walks outside, followed by Daisuke. They enter a horse drawn carriage.

During the ride, Daisuke's father asks, "Are you sure you want to do this, boy?"

Daisuke is hesitant. He nods and says, "Yes." He looks to the side.

Daisuke's father lets out a sigh. The carriage comes to a sudden stop. Daisuke's father says, "What's the hold up? You stay here. I will see what's going on outside." Daisuke nods. Daisuke's father exits the carriage. "What business do you men have with us?"

A deep voice states, "You must not remember me. You killed my father. I have come to reclaim my revenge!" Slamming can be heard from where Daisuke is sitting. His father gives a painful scream.

"Father!" Daisuke shouts.

"Who is in there?" a voice from outside asks. Daisuke looks nervous, he begins to move toward the way is father left the carriage. He is struck on the back of the head from behind, and falls unconscious.

Later, Daisuke wakes up to see the faces of several unfamiliar men. He demands, "Who are you? What did you do to my father?" The men looks at each other with confused expressions.

One of the men says, "Father? You mean that man who..." One of the other men signals for him to be quiet.

That man states, "We are a world famous acting troupe."

"World famous?" One of the men asks with a confused expression.

The previous man that spoke says, "We found you lying unconscious on the side of the road. You're lucky to be alive, young man."

Daisuke says, "Thank you." He looks around the cheap looking carriage. He asks, "What of my father? Is he alive?" One of the men's faces looks grim. Daisuke holds his head down. Daisuke says quietly, "I don't want to live like my father did." He looks around at the other men and boys. He says, "I'm ready to start my new life if you men let me join your troupe." He gives a faint smile.

Outside, Daisuke's father can be seen watching from behind a tree as the shoddy carriage leaves the area. He has a wide smile on his face.

In the present, Florence holds her hand out toward Chris. She says, "Where's my money, sucka?"

Chris says innocently, "Money? Whatever are you talking about?"

"The money you promised the winner," Florence reminds. "Where is it?"

Chris shrugs. He says, "You must be mistaken."

Florence looks annoyed. She says, "I'll show you who's mistaken." She lunges at Chris. He smirks. He quickly holds up the time travel device and sends Florence to her own time.

In her dressing room, Florence continues to lunge forward. Her eyes widen as she slams into the door to her dressing room, making it fly open. She falls forward, on top of her male costar. Florence says, "Michael? I'm so sorry!" Both teens are blushing. Florence stands up. She looks to the side to see an envelope next to Michael. She asks, "What is that?"

Michael looks at the envelope and quickly covers it with his hand. He says, "Nothing."

Florence eyes the envelope. She says, "That looks a lot like those envelopes I've been getting from that lovesick admirer foo'." Michael's cheeks turn red. Florence looks at him. She says, "You're the one who has been leaving me those letters?"

Michael nods nervously. He says, "I know you can't feel the way I feel about you, but it was the only way I could think of to let you know how I feel about you."

"You mean," Florence says, "what you wrote in those letters is really how you feel?" Michael nods. Florence helps Michael up and embraces him. She says, "I feel the same way about you."

Michael looks surprised. He says, "You do?" Florence fails to respond. Michael looks into her dressing room. He asks, "What's all that money on your vanity?"

Florence looks back and lets out a laugh. She says, "Nothin'."

Chris is shown in the present. He says, "I love a happy ending... Better for ratings. Thank you for watching Total... Drama... Time Travel! I truly hope that you enjoyed it. Be sure to watch next season. I found a group of super powered individuals, who are ready to get their reality competition on for Total Drama Super Powered! It's sure to be exciting. Goodbye and goodnight."

Chapter 20 - Where Are They Then?Edit

Jon PierreEdit

Chris produces his usual wide smile. He says, "Remember a little show I did called Total... Drama... Time Travel? Did you ever wonder what happened to some of the contestants? Well, today, I have nothing planned, so I decided to visit each of the contestants, and check up on how they're doing.We all remember our first eliminated contestant, Jon Pierre. He was the young French artist that was entirely vain, and cared little about others. We visited him when he was a homeless slob, and Florence helped him to see that he could have some meaning in his life, and not to be so self absorbed." Chris holds up his time travel device. "Let's see what he's up to, now." Chris vanishes in a flash of light.

Chris looks around at his new surroundings. He sees a large orphanage. He quietly walks inside, sees Jon Pierre with a group of children and young men, and shouts, "Hey, Jon Pierre! It's me, Chris!"

One of the children looks at Chris and asks Jon Pierre, "Father? Who is that man?"

Chris laughs. He says, "You got a kid? Nice." Jon Pierre turns around, revealing that he is in priest's clothing. Chris is wide eyed. He says, "Oh."

Jon Pierre smiles and says, "Welcome, Chris. Children, this man is Chris McLean. He's an old friend of mine."

"I'm not old," Chris insists. "Anyway, what's going on here?"

Jon Pierre explains, "I run this orphanage, now. After I met with you last, I decided to join the priesthood."

"Like your parents wanted?" Chris asks.

Jon Pierre nods. "My father didn't live long enough to see, but my mother is proud," Jon Pierre admits. He looks down, "It made me feel good that I was able to make her happy for once." Jon Pierre looks up at Chris and says, "And I'm happy, as well. I had no idea it was so rewarding to help others."

Chris shrugs and says, "If you say so. What about your art? Have you given that up altogether?"

Jon Pierre shakes his head. He says, "I still paint. Just... A different variety of things. Which reminds me." Jon Pierre addresses the children. "It's time for art class." Some of the children cheer. Jon Pierre leaves for a few moments, and comes back, handing sketchbooks to each young man. "Draw whatever is in your heart," Jon Pierre instructs. He hands Chris a sketchbook, and he begins drawing himself. Jon Pierre looks at Chris' drawing and frowns.

Chris says, "What? I'm going to be riding on the back of a flying tiger." A sketchbook is heard falling to the floor. Chris looks over and sees a dark haired young man with his arms crossed. He looks down at his sketchbook, that is on the floor, and sees a series of scribbles. Chris laughs and says, "That kid sucks." The young man holds his head up, looking defiant. Chris whispers, "He is definitely a looker, though." Chris blushes. "I meant that in the straightest way imaginable."

Jon Pierre gives Chris a disapproving shake of the head. He says, "Chris, this is Marcel." Jon Pierre addresses Marcel, "What is the matter, Marcel?"

"I don't see the point in this," Marcel complains. "I can't draw."

Jon Pierre assures, "It's not about how well you draw. Just try to draw what you see in your mind." Marcel holds his head down.

"Look, Father" Marcel states. "I don't even want to draw. Once I'm old enough, in a year or two, I'm going to work as a model for artists. I'm going to marry, and have lots of babies." Jon Pierre covers the ears of one of the younger children with his hands.

Jon Pierre states, "Marcel. That's enough." Jon Pierre says, "Go to the right corner. I'll talk to you in a few seconds." Marcel sighs. He stands and stomps over to the corner. Jon Pierre says, "I apologize, Chris. Now that you see how I'm doing, I expect that you will be on your way."

Chris smirks. He says, "Are you kidding? I'm not leaving until I see you hit that kid with a ruler, or something."

Jon Pierre's face turns red. He says, "Fine. But there won't be any beatings." Chris looks disappointed, but he follows Jon Pierre to the corner. Jon Pierre says, "Marcel. What's wrong? You were making such progress with your attitude."

Marcel sighs. He says, "Nothing."

Chris says, "I've heard that a thousand times."

"What's he doing here?" Marcel asks.

Jon Pierre states, "Chris asked to observe. Marcel, how would you like to pose for one of my drawings?"

Marcel's face lights up. He says, "Sure, father."

Jon Pierre explains to Chris, "There's a back room behind a curtain. That's where I retire to myself to draw." Chris nods and follows Jon Pierre to the room. Marcel walks behind them.

Chris stops just in front of the room. Marcel bumps into him. Marcel states, "Watch where you're going, idiot."

Jon Pierre states strictly, "Marcel."

Marcel says, holding his head down, "I'm sorry, sir." Chris shrugs. They enter the room after Jon Pierre. Marcel walks up to a chair, and sits in it.

Chris looks around the art room, seeing images of Jon Pierre, some structures covered by sheets, and other paintings, several of Marcel. Jon Pierre begins sketching. Chris pulls the sheet off of one sculpture, and reveals a small statue that looks a lot like Florence. Chris laughs, and Jon Pierre blushes. Chris then looks at Marcel, and then at some drawings and paintings that Jon Pierre had made of him. Chris asks, "Do his eyes always look so sad?" Marcel blushes.

Jon Pierre nods. He says, "Yes."

Chris says, "Poor kid."

Marcel angrily states, "I don't need your pity."

Chris says, "Sorry, sorry... Touchy."

Marcel holds his head down. Jon Pierre states, "Marcel, hold your head up. Why don't you explain to Chris why you look that way?"

"I don't want to," Marcel states.

"Marcel," Jon Pierre says strictly.

Marcel sighs. He says, "It's hard being an orphan. When I meet a girl I like, she finds out about my situation, the fact that my parents left me, and that I live here... They leave me after finding out. They treat me like I have some sort of disease." Jon Pierre looks down at the floor. Marcel states, "Everyone always tells me how good looking I am. That's what I have to rely on. I've come to realize that no one matters but me."

Jon Pierre scolds, "Marcel."

Marcel shouts, "It's true!" He calms down slightly, and says, "No one cares about me, they only care about themselves. So that's how I need to be."

Chris smirks. He says, "I'm sure you wouldn't believe it, but that sounds a lot like the way Jon Pierre was." Jon Pierre blushes.

"He was like that?" Marcel asks.

Chris nods. He says, "You wouldn't know it by looking at him, today." Jon Pierre glares at Chris.

"Chris..." Jon Pierre starts.

Chris says, "Not now, I'm on a roll." Chris picks up one of Jon Pierre's drawings from when he was younger, and holds it toward Marcel. "This drawing is of Jon Pierre when he was younger. See? He used to be very self-centered, but he learned to care about others." Chris looks at Jon Pierre, and asks Marcel, "Doesn't he seem so different?" Marcel's face is bright red.

"Chris," Jon Pierre states. "Marcel is blind." Chris' eyes widen. "He doesn't like people to know, so he acts like he isn't."

Chris says, "Um. You don't need to feel ashamed about it. It's beyond your control."

Marcel begins to get tears in his eyes. Jon Pierre rushes to him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Marcel reveals, "My parents brought me here only a few years ago. I wasn't always blind. My eyesight kept getting worse, until it just went away."

"But why would they bring you here just for that reason?" Chris asks.

Marcel begins to cry. He states, "Because they think I have a demon that took my eyesight." Chris looks surprised.

Jon Pierre assures, "But it isn't true. Marcel knows that."

Marcel nods. He says, "I know. It just hurts that they could think that about me. I always used to go out of my way to do nice things for people, so it doesn't make any sense."

Chris assures, "You didn't lose your sight because of anything you did. It just happens to some people." Marcel nods.

"And you don't have to feel like your life is over, now," Jon Pierre assures. "You can go on and do whatever you want. I'll always be here to support you."

"Thank you, Father," Marcel says.

Jon Pierre goes on, "And you don't have to feel like you don't need other people's help."

"But it just makes me feel useless when I ask others to help me," Marcel admits.

Jon Pierre says, "You never needed help with anything when you had sight?"

"Well," Marcel says as he thinks. "I suppose I did."

Jon Pierre assures, "Even I need help at times. I have all of you children to help support me, when I feel depressed."

"You feel that way, too?" Marcel asks.

"Yes," Jon Pierre assures.

"Thank you," Marcel says quietly. "I appreciate all of the kindness you have shown me, Father."

Chris pats Jon Pierre on the shoulder. He says, "I think I should get going, now."

Jon Pierre nods. He says, "Thank you for stopping by." Chris nods.

Chris says, "Bye, Jon Pierre. Bye, Marcel."

"Goodbye," Marcel says. Chris holds up his time travel device and disappears.


Chris states, "That was definitely not what I was expecting. But Jon Pierre has grown to be quite the comforter." Chris looks around at an apartment building. He looks down at a piece of paper, and then walks into the building. He explains, "I'm here to check up on Roxie, now. She was the young woman who left the competition in order to get straight back to working, something she took great pride in. What is she up to, now?" Chris reaches her apartment building and knocks at the door.

A man's voice says, "Roxie? Someone's at the door."

Roxie answers the door. She is in her late thirties. She looks at Chris and her eyes widen. She says, "Chris? Chris McLean?" Chris nods. She hugs him. "Come in! It's been ages."

Chris laughs and says, "Yeah, it has. Well, for you, anyway. How are you?"

"I'm good," Roxie assures.

The man's voice states, "Roxie? Who was there?"

Roxie brings Chris over to her dining room. He sees a rough looking man with dark hair with some gray at his temples. Roxie says, "This is Mr. McLean. He's an old friend of mine."

"Not old," Chris states.

The man stands and says, "Pleased to meet you. I'm Roxie's husband, Diego." He extends his hand and shakes Chris' hand. "Any friend of Roxie's is welcome here."

"Thank you," Chris states. He says, "So Roxie, how have things been since I saw you last?"

Roxie thinks back. She says, "Well, the war ended."

"It's been that long since you've seen each other?" Diego asks.

Roxie nods. She says, "I got married. We had a daughter."

Chris says, "Oh? Where is the little darling?"

Diego and Roxie look at each other. Roxie says, "Um. She isn't here, right now."

Chris looks confused. He asks, "I don't understand."

"Things aren't easy, right now," Roxie explains. "Diego was a soldier in the war, all those years ago. He fought for our country, and he's a hero. But now, because of the country he was born in... We get harassed, constantly."

"Things are complicated, with all sorts of witch hunts for communists," Diego states. "I'm not one, but there are people who associate my skin color with a communist country."

"Our daughter stays with my mother," Roxie states. "Until this all passes over, it's what we need to do."

"We miss her," Diego states. Diego sighs. "I hope this ends at some point."

"It will," Roxie assures. "I'm positive of that."

Chris asks, "I'm so sorry, to the both of you." Chris asks, "What do you do for work?"

Roxie explains, "Diego tried to work, despite the harassment. He couldn't hold a job for very long, because of complaints from other citizens. I've entered the workforce, again, while Diego stays here."

Diego states, "I want to provide for my family, but Roxie works her hardest at a factory. I'm so fortunate to have her to keep me protected. I want to be able to do the same for her, again." Roxie takes Diego's hand in hers, and smiles at him.

Chris stands up. He says, "Well, it was nice seeing you fine folks. I have somewhere to be." Roxie hugs Chris. Diego shakes his hand. Chris walks through their front door. Roxie waves to him, and closes the door. Chris looks at the red paint that had been put across their door while he was inside. Chris looks down at the floor. He holds up the time travel device, and disappears in a flash of light.


Chris appears in ancient Egypt. He looks down at his clothes. He pokes his head over a pyramid and sees a guy walking by. He jumps at him and hits him on the head with the time travel device. He drags him behind the pyramid and emerges from behind the pyramid in the Egyptian man's clothes. Chris looks around and finds a merchant women. He asks her, "Do you know some Cleo chick?"

The woman nods. She says, "That is the name of our queen. And since she's become queen, the name has been the third most popular in the land, following Ramses and Isis."

Chris throws his head back and complains, "Why is history so boring? Wait, how many kids are named Chris?" The woman shrugs. Chris says, "Anyway, where can I speak with Queen Cleo?"

"At the royal palace," the woman explains. She inspects his garb and says, "You're a royal guard, you should know these things."

Chris says with a smile, "First day on the job?" The woman nods understandingly. Chris walks off to the palace, and walks passed the guards. He is lead along to Cleo's royal chambers, and walks inside.

Cleo looks at Chris from her thrown and smiles. She says excitedly, "Chris! I would recognize your awkward presence, anywhere."

Chris smiles blankly. He says, "Um... Is your daughter, here?"

Cleo looks confused. She says, "I have no daughter. It's me, Cleo."

Chris' eyes widen. He says, "What happened to you? You've gotten so old, and fat."

"Guards!" Cleo shouts. "Seize this man!"

Chris runs away, and hides behind a column. He quickly holds up his time travel device and time travels.

Alexander the Generally AwesomeEdit

Chris sighs. He says, "That could have been hotter. Let's see. We're in Alexander's home turf."

"Ooh, an Egyptian," a feminine Greek man states. "Hello, there."

Chris says, "Gah!" Chris runs off. Chris winds up at another palace. He looks around and asks, "Yo, is this where Alexander the Generally Awesome lives?" The guards nod. Chris attempts to walk passed them. The guards drop their axes in front of Chris. He asks, "Aw. What's wrong?"

"You're strange to these parts," one of the guards states. "We don't let just anyone enter."

"But we'll make an exception for you," the other guard states. They remove their axes.

Chris says, "Thanks!" He punches one of the guards playfully on the arm. He walks inside.

One of the guards sighs and says, "That guy is so handsome."

The other nods and says, "He touched me." The other guard looks jealous and then to the side.

Chris walks through the palace and is shown entering several archways, and emerges from the other side. He says, "This place is huge." He sighs. He walks into another entryway and finds Alexander about to eat some soup.

Alexander looks up and sees Chris. He says, "Chris? How did you get here?"

Chris explains, "Time travel, man."

"No," Alexander says. "I mean, in the palace. Did my guards let you in?" Chris nods. Alexander sighs and whispers, "Those guys are suckers for a pretty face."

"What was that?" Chris asks with a worried expression.

"Never mind," Alexander states. "So what brings you here?"

Chris says, "Just checking up on the contestants for ratings."

"Have you visited Leopold?" Alexander asks excitedly.

Chris says, "No, sorry." Chris shudders.

"Well, send him my love," Alexander says. Chris shudders, again. Alexander drops his spoon on the floor. He looks at it, and bends over to pick it up. A dagger whizzes by where Chris was sitting. He sits back up. "How are things?"

Chris says, "Good?" He looks down to see a rat drinking from Alexander's soup. It falls over. Chris says, "Um... Is that supposed to happen?"

Alexander sighs. He says, "I have to go through this all the time. Those stupid guards let pretty much anyone walk right in here."

Chris looks nervous. He says, "Um... Just wondering... How old are you?"

"Don't worry," Alexander says. "I have three years left." Chris gives a sigh of relief.

Chris asks, "So what's new?"

Alexander shrugs. "Not much," he says.

"Dating, anyone?" Chris asks, whipping out a notepad.

Alexander shakes his head. He says, "I haven't had time for that. You see, I've had my people build me this giant roller coaster." Chris' eyebrows raise. "I've been riding that most of the time. It's awesome!"

Chris says, "Kids these days."

Alexander goes on, "I conquer other kingdoms by offering other kings and queens a ride on the roller coaster. It totally works!"

Chris looks worried and says, "Okay?"

Alexander stands up and says, "Thanks for stopping by, Chris. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a roller coaster that needs a passenger." Alexander rushes off. A flaming arrow sails into the room, and strikes where Alexander was sitting. Chris sighs. He holds up his time travel device and disappears.

Leopold & Crimson RoseEdit

Chris looks around where he is. He grabs a pirate outfit, and puts it on. He says to himself, "Okay, Chris. You can do this. Leopold isn't that scary." Chris lets out a shudder. He steps out of the cabin of the ship he is on and sees a male and female pirate kissing. He says, "Sorry, folks. This is the wrong place." Chris turns around, and a scabbard sails through the air and hits the wall right in front of Chris. He gulps, and turns around.

Crimson Rose says, "Love, don't you know who that man be? It's Chris!"

Leopold states, "I know! He just tried to get away without a big bear hug!" Leopold excitedly tackles Chris.

Chris stands up and says, "Leopold?" with a surprised expression. "You actually look man-like."

"That be me," Leopold says with a smile, revealing some missing teeth.

Chris asks, "What happened to your mouth?"

"Tooth decay," Leopold answers. "Chris, I'm so happy to see you!" Leopold excitedly squeals.

Chris looks worried. He asks, "Is he always like this?"

Crimson Rose says, "Nay. Only when talking about you." Chris shudders. "What you be doing here, Chris?"

Chris explains, "Checking up with Total... Drama... Time Travel contestants. How have you two been?"

Leopold says, "Hopelessly in love." He smiles at Crimson Rose.

Chris shrugs and says, "That's nice. Sorry about not knowing you were from the same time and all."

"That's alright, Chris," Crimson Rose says. "It be a pleasant surprise." She smiles at Leopold, and they start making out.

Chris looks slightly disturbed, and says, "If you guys don't mind, I'll be showing myself the time rift. Bye."

Chris turns around and sees the singing and dancing male crew members, including Crimson Rose's twin brother. One holds an accordion and says, "You can't leave without a song!" Chris holds up his time travel device and leaves abruptly. The accordion holder says, "Aw."


Chris arrives in Robert's time period. He says to himself, "Okay, that was far scarier than I could have expected." Chris looks around at the abandoned town. He walks around and says, "Maybe this is the wrong place. Nobody seems to be around." Chris' ears perk up. He says, "Ah. I'd know that sound anywhere. Squealing female admirers." Chris walks toward the squealing girls with a smile on his face. He sees the girls in front of a blacksmith shop. They continue to squeal and swoon. He says, "Hey, ladies. I was wondering if you'd seen..."

"Shh!" one girl shushes. She says, "Robert is workin' today." Several girls swoon.

Chris looks into the blacksmith's shop, and his eyes widen. He sees muscular, shirtless, kilt wearing Robert working on a piece of metal. "Rrrrrobert?" Chris asks.

Robert says, "You must wait in line, sir. But I wouldn't, if I were you. These ladies brought plenty of random pieces of metal for me to work on until. I may be free by next Wednesday." Robert wipes his sweaty brow on a rag. He tosses it toward the crowd of girls and they fight over it.

Chris says, "Robert, it's me. Chris McLean."

Robert looks at Chris and his eyes widen. "Chris!" Robert exclaims. "It's great to see you. Pardon the pun." Robert addresses the ladies and says, "Sorry, ladies. I be askin' you to let me talk with this man for a wee five minutes."

Several disappointed 'ah's are heard from the Robert fans. They walk off. One of them says to Chris, "I hate you."

Robert walks up to Chris and gives him a big hug. Robert says, "I have been waitin' for years to be able to thank you, Chris."

Chris blushes. He says, "This is a long hug."

Robert lets go and says, "Sorry, man." He laughs.

Chris looks disgusted as he looks at himself. He says, "You're really working up a sweat, huh?"

Robert nods. He says, "After your show, I learned a valuable lesson."

"What is it?" Chris asks. "The value of not lying to people? That you can be just as effective in a war as a blacksmith? That screaming fangirls give a sense of accomplishment?"

Robert shakes his head. He says, "I'm a lousy warrior."

"Oh, really?" Chris asks. "I would have thought that the sword to the eye would have told you that." Robert laughs.

Robert says, "I'm so grateful to you for letting me return to the time when both of my eyes worked. My father was entirely understanding about my not being cut out for war, pardon the pun. I gave it a few years for me to calm down a little, and I've become quite the blacksmith. I'm the richest blacksmith in the land, out of all three of us."

Chris says, "So you've become quite skilled at it, huh?"

Robert shakes his head and says, "Nah, I'm a lousy blacksmith, too, but all this hard work has made me extremely attractive to the opposite sex." Robert gives a sparkly smile.

"I know how it feels," Chris adds. Robert looks at him with a confused expression. Chris rolls his eyes. He says, "Anyway, this village seems pretty deserted, except for you and your fan club."

Robert blushes. He puts his hand on the back of his head. He says, "The other men were so tired of the girls swooning over me, that they moved to the next village over. Now all the ugly men have a chance at love, too."

"Uglier than you?" Chris says with wide eyes.

Robert narrows his eyes at Chris. Robert grabs a sword and says, "I warn you, I be havin' no idea how to work this thing."

Chris says, "Don't you mean..." Robert narrows his eyes some more. Chris smiles nervously and says, "Can't you take a joke, man? Gee, look at the sundial." Chris looks at a nearby sundial. He says, "It's been nice seein' you, man. I'm glad you're doing well."

Robert nods and says, "Thank you."

A fan girl yells, "It has been five minutes!" The stampede of Robert's fans rushes toward Chris. He holds up his time travel device and vanishes, before they run him over.

Elimination ChartEdit

Alexander SAFE WIN OUT
Jon Pierre OUT


Characters with their names in purple are on Past Tensity.

Characters with their names in red are on The Time Shares.

M.I.A., in yellow, means that the character is "Missing in action". In this instance they are lost in time by the end of the chapter.


I plan on making the trivia more detailed when the story is done. There's one thing I wanted to post about chapter six, though.

Chapter 6

  • TDIwriter helped me come up with the challenge for this chapter.

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