Total Deception Island is the eighth story in Sprinklemist's main canon. It features tweny-two new original characters competing in challenges for prize money. Each contestant holds a secret that if revealed might affect their standing in the competition.


























Chapter 1 - Introducing... The CompetitionEdit

A cloaked figure emerges on the screen. He removes his black cloak and says, "That's the last time I'm going to let Chef Hatchet pick my wardrobe." The figure gestures widely with his arma and says, "Hello, Canada, and wherever this gets rebroadcast... ed. It's me, your lovable host, Chris Mclean!" Chris looks at his fingernails with his eyes half open and says, "I'm sure the majority of my viewing public is wondering where I've been. Don't believe those tabloid rumors. It was just something dealing with... what is that called? The law? I think that's right." Chris laughs. "Something about reckless endangerment of youth, or whatever. Pfffft. Like I just started doing that..." Chris holds up his left hand and says, "I mean, I promise to clean up my act, and be a respectable citizen, or whatever." Chris smiles. "My silver tongue also allows me to be within 50 feet of minors, again. Er, that was a part of that reckless endangerment thing, not to put too fine a point on it. I'm back for another season, with twenty-two brand new contestants. But these aren't your run-of-the-mill contestants, nosiree. Each of them is hiding a secret." Chris stretches out his arms in a maniacal gesture. "A dark, horrible secret that if it gets revealed it might put their entire position in this game in jeopardy!" Chris starts coughing. He says, "Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but there are some doozy secrets this season, and it's not with the occasional contestant like normal. We're back at Camp Wawanakwa, but things are a little different this time, you see..."

"Hey, Mister!" a voice calls out.

Chris jumps. He looks all around himself, and says, "Uh, who said that?"

"Up here!" the voice calls.

Chris looks up and sees an energetic, blond, young man sitting on the limb of a tree above him. Chris looks to the side and says, "Oh, I should have known. Get down from there, Jack, so I can properly introduce you."

"Um," Jack says, pondering. "Okay." Jack leaps out of the tree and falls toward Chris, whose eyebrows go up. After landing on Chris, Jack stands up and says, "That was super cool!" Chris moans from the ground. "Oh! Are you hurt? Oh, yeah. Old people get hurt easier, right?" Jack asks.

Chris stands, and puts his hip back into place. He protests, "I'm not old."

"Oh, right," Jack says. "Sorry about that." Jack looks around and says, "Where are we, anyway?"

Chris explains, "Camp Wawanakwa. The place where this show takes place on occasion?"

"Uh huh," Jack says, not really paying attention. He points to the right and asks, "Did I see an alligator in that lake?"

Chris sighs. He says, "I forgot, you probably were climbing a mountain, or exploring some random catacombs when those seasons were airing."

"I'm gonna assume those are some creepy metaphors," the next arrived contestant states.

"Oh, hey, Zach," Chris says.

Zach replies, "Hey."

Jack drops down from a vine and says, "Oh, hi!" He excitedly shakes Zach's hand. "Your name was Zach, right? That's kinda like my name, but with Zed."

"Mack?" Zach ventures. "Rack? Sack?"

"Um, it's Jack," Jack states. "But you were close. Good job!"

Zach laughs and says, "Thanks, man. I guess my mama was wrong in telling me never to go with the obvious choice."

Jack nods. He says, "Can you hold this?"

"Uh, sure, dude," Zach says. Jack hands Zach his shirt and runs at the lake, diving in once he reaches it. Zach puts down Jack's shirt. Zach turns to Chris and says, "So... That guy has a short attention span, or something?"

Chris looks at Zach. Zach stares back at Chris. "I'm sorry. Were you talking to me?" Chris asks.

Zach says, "Well, with adventure time out in the lake, you are the only person here."

"Haha!" a cheerful girl says. "That is where you would be incorrect in your thinking, yes?"

"Um," Zach says, slowly. "Chris? Is this one of those candid camera programs?"

Chris asks, "Why would you ask that?" He smiles.

Zach says, "Well, the whole... everyone is verging on weird, but me... Wait, am I the normal guy of the season? I always hate that guy."

The newly arrived girl laughs. She says, "You are very funny in your rustic, North American, teen musings!"

"This is Anneliese," Chris introduces.

Anneliese nods, kisses Chris' cheeks, and moves on to Zach's cheeks. "It is my pleasure to be in the making of your acquaintances," Anneliese politely says, before curtseying.

Zach blinks and puts his index finger to his chin. He narrows his eyes and says, "You're not from around here, are you?"

Anneliese begins sweating. She says, "Why would you be in the saying of that?"

"I got it," Zach says.

"You do?" Anneliese nervously asks.

Zach says, "Yup. You're from another country."

"No, I..." Anneliese begins.

"And what's with the tiara?" Zach asks. He snaps his fingers. "Aha!"

Anneliese looks more nervous. She puts her hand on her crown, and widens her eyes. "Oh, this old thing?" Anneliese begins. She laughs nervously, as she removes it and puts it in her large luggage. She points to her shoes. "Do you like my normal person shoes?"

"They're lovely." Zach states, "As I was saying... You're a beauty pageant winner from... New Jersey!"

"Oh, yes!" Anneliese replies. "That is correct! You are smart at the figuring out!"

Zach blushes and says, "Aw, I don't know about all that."

Zach is shown in confessional laughing. He says, "That girl is a laugh riot. It's obvious that she's from some foreign country. The tiara is a little weird, which can be one of three things, but she's cute. I'll let her have her fun." He looks at the poor quality of the confessional, which is also an outhouse. "They're really sparing no expense this year, huh? Ooh! Rotting planks of wood? Fancy stuff."

Chris looks up at an approaching boat. He says, "Oh, our next contestant is of the arriving." He looks at Anneliese. "Oh, great. You got me talking like that."

A red haired girl in sunglasses says, "Au revoir!" as she walks up to the gathered contestants. She says, "Ginger has arrived."

Chris says, "Oh, you refer to yourself in the third person... I guess that means I don't have to introduce you. Makes my job easier."

"Ahaha!" Ginger laughs. "Charmed, I'm sure." The red haired girl looks about. "Where is my luxury suite? A true star, like moi, only deserves the best of the best."

"Wrong season," Zach states.

"I'll show you to where you'll be staying, soon enough," Chris explains. "First, we have to meet the other contestants."

"Well, the star of the season has arrived," Ginger says sweetly. Her tone changes to a far more annoyed one. "Try not to take up too much of my time with these other introductions."

Zach's expression looks blank. Chris says, "Speechless, huh?"

Zach says, "Only four people in? I'm afraid of what's coming next."

"G'day, mate!" a flamboyant, tall, afroed youth states in a thick Australian accent.

"All of my fears have been realized," Zach says, blinking.

"Meet Marcello," Chris says.

"Aye, aye," Marcello says. "That be me, yeah? Thanks for 'aving me, matey."

Ginger laughs sweetly. She says, "Chris? Is this... man? Anyway, is this person supposed to be Australian or a pirate?"

Zach laughs. He says, "Nice." He holds his hand up, expecting a high five.

Ginger says, "Oh, sorry, dear. Ginger doesn't make it a habit of touching the middle class." Zach frowns.

"You sheilas seem to be the kind of girls that are into international celebrities like me, yeah?" Marcello asks. He removes his sunglasses, winks, twirls, and puts the sunglasses back on his face. He puts his arms around Ginger and Anneliese. Ginger and Anneliese giggle.

Zach stares at the situation. He asks, "What does that guy have that I don't?" He looks up and down at Marcello. "I mean, that I would actually want."

"'Ey, what's the bloke's deal?" Marcello asks, pointing his thumb in Zach's direction.

Zach blushes. He says, "Sorry. I wasn't trying to start anything. We cool, bro?"

Marcello spins, and points at Zach. "Marcello is always 'cool', cobber."

Zach blinks. He says, "Right. That's... good." Marcello offers a thumbs up.

Chris says, "Wow... I had no idea that when I cast season that it would be... Nah, I knew it would be like this." He looks over. "Oh, here's Yuko." A petite, Asian girl walks up, and stands to the side.

"It is good to be meeting of you," Anneliese states, while smiling.

"Me?" Yuko says. "Oh, don't mind me." A wide smirk comes across Yuko's face. "I'm only here as an entirely objective observer." Yuko pushes back her glasses.

"Oh, you are are you?" Zach asks.

"Right," Yuko replies. "I enjoy observing drama as it unfolds. You won't even know I'm here."

Zach asks, "Um, couldn't you do that from your living room, assuming you have a television in it?"

Yuko shakes her head. She says, "Would you ask the lover of the theater to watch a recording of a play at home? It's far more thrilling seeing things in person, as they unfold."

Zach nods. He says, "I see what you mean." Yuko stares at Zach. "Um... What is it?"

"I've got you down," Yuko says. "There was a boy I observed a few years ago that was exactly like you. Heh. This should turn out quite interesting." Zach blinks, again.

Jack walks up with a large mouthed bass in his mouth. He removes the fish from his mouth, as most of the others look at him with wide eyes. He says, "I caught a fish."

"We can see that, mate," Marcello says.

Jack says, "There's more people, now."

"Soon to be another," Anneliese says, cheerfully.

Chris looks up. He says, "That's... Uh-oh."

A large, black teen walks up, eying up the other contestants as he does so. "Nice to meet you, 'uh-oh'," Zach says with a smirk.

The new guy looks at Zach. He says, "Is that supposed to be funny?"

"Well, I wouldn't go as far as saying it was funny as more of a..." Zach tries to explain.

"I'm LeVar," the intimidating contestant states, as he sets down his luggage.

"Those are some nice threads, bro," Zach states. LeVar cringes.

LeVar smiles. He says, "That means a lot. Especially from a guy that looks like he got hit in the face with a shovel and stole his shirt from a lumberjack."

Zach looks surprised. He says, "I... uh..."

LeVar looks at Ginger. "I like your boobs," he says. "Your tan is pretty disgusting, though." She glares at him.

Jack stares at LeVar. He says, "You're from Jamaica, aren't you? Beautiful place." Zach puts his hand on Jack's shoulder and shakes his head when Jack looks at him.

LeVar says to Zach, "Why so grabby, stretch? We're all friends, here." He nods at Jack and asks, "How'd you know that?"

"World traveler," Yuko states. "Doesn't enjoy being in the same place for too long."

"I'm sorry," LeVar states. "Did something make you think I was talking to you, big mouth?" Yuko smirks, shakes her head, and steps back.

"Hey, wow!" Jack says. "You're smart," he says to Yuko. "Here's a token of my approval." He holds out the fish he caught with his teeth. Yuko holds up her hand in order to reject the token of Jack's approval. He frowns. Jack holds it toward LeVar and asks, "How about you?"

"Sure, buddy," LeVar says, with a smile. He takes the large fish from the blond guy, and sets it by his things. "So, who do we have next, crypt keeper... I mean, Mr. Mclean?"

Chris laughs and says, "Good one, LeVar." Chris looks at his itinerary. "Hildegarde."

"Hildegarde?" LeVar repeats. "Let me guess. She's the stereotypical..."

A hulking girl with a distinct monobrow walks up. She throws in a front flip. "I am here, now." She drops her heavy bag to the ground, landing on Zach's foot, and causing him to jump up and down.

LeVar looks at Hildegarde with wide eyes. He says, "Hello, mama. Where have you been hiding all my life?"

"I do not take kindly to games, lowlife," Hildegarde states, glaring at LeVar.

"No, babe, I mean it," LeVar assures, putting his hand up. "You're exactly my type... Raow!" He puts his arm around the large woman's shoulder. "How about you and me skip the introductions and we tour the island together?" Hildegarde looks at LeVar's arm. "I'm sure that you..." Hildegarde grabs hold of LeVar's hand, and flips him over her shoulder, and he lands on the ground.

"I don't know what games you're playing, but believe what I tell you," Hildegarde states. She punches a fist into her open hand, and then slowly points at every arrived contestant. "If you mess with me, I will break you."

Zach asks, "Is it just me, or is the front of anyone else's pants soaking wet, right now?"

From the ground, LeVar says, "My kind of woman." He chomps his teeth in her direction.

"Let me help you up, mate," Marcello offers.

LeVar assures, "Nah, Bozo. I think I'll stay down here for a while." He looks at Hildegarde. "Hildegarde is free to join me if she wants..." LeVar smirks. "Something tells me she wants." Hildegarde rolls her eyes and walks to the other side of the gathering contestants.

A guy with distinct Asian features and a kilt walks toward the gathered contestants inland. Chris says, "Our next contestant is here. His name is Douglas."

LeVar stands up after Douglas walks by. The burly young man says, "I was no longer enjoying the view down there."

Douglas laughs and says, "Jealous, huh? Only a special kind of guy can pull off a kilt."

Zach says, "Pretty boy is pretty."

Douglas' face turns red, immediately. He says, "I've seen my bio page, since we all were allowed to at least see what our own said. I'm still not too fond of the label."

"But people are labeled for a reason," Yuko quietly states.

LeVar smiles and offers, "If it bothers you that much, I can make you a lot less pretty." He cracks his knuckles.

Hildegarde grabs hold of LeVar's hand and says, "Don't you harm single hair on his head."

"Fine," LeVar states. Hildegarde lets go. "I won't aim for his hair." Hildegarde puts LeVar in a hold to keep him back, pinning his arms back. "You sure like touching me don't you? Not that I'm complaining." Hildegarde rolls her eyes, lets go of LeVar, and causes him to fall to the ground, again.

"I'm beginning to see how I met him down there," Douglas states.

"What's with the kilt?" Ginger asks. "Though your legs aren't as perfect as Ginger's, it works."

"Who's this Ginger?" Douglas asks, looking at the different girls. He points at Marcello and says, "I hope it ain't be him. Anyway, I wear the kilt, because..."

"Your heritage, am I right?" Jack speaks up. He looks closely at Douglas. "Part Scotch... the other... Korean? South Korea, I'm assuming."

Douglas looks amazed. He says, "Wow, I must say that I'm impressed."

Marcello nudges Yuko with his shoulder. "Looks like you have a kindered spirit. A fellow observer?"

"It's kindred," Yuko corrects. "And I'll be over there." Yuko points, and then walks over to a nearby tree.

"Do you like my knee socks?" Jack asks Douglas.

"Um... sure, dude," Douglas replies, with one eyebrow raised.

Marcello looks at Jack with a confused expression. He says, "Or maybe I'm... wrong?"

Chris says, "Maybe, you are. So... What was I doing, again?"

"Introducing her?" Hildegarde asks, pointing at a newly arrived mousy, young woman.

"Right," Chris says. "I guess it's been a while... This is Ina."

"That is a beautiful name," Anneliese assures. "I'm Anneliese. Do you like my poor person shoes?"

"I thought they were your normal person shoes," Zach says, rubbing his chin as he thinks back.

"Hi," Ina greets, looking embarrassed just to be the focus of attention.

Chris stares at her. He says, "Well, it looks like she's not going to let us know a whole lot about herself." The veteran host holds up an index card and reads off of it. "Mm hm. It says here that Ina is particularly shy."

"We got that part, genius," LeVar states, his arms folded.

"She also has an affection for old people," Chris says. "I have no idea how exactly that would play into a competition like this."

"Oh, you poor dear," Ina says. "You shouldn't be in the sun like this without sunblock."

"Who is she in the talking to of?" Anneliese asks.

Zach blinks at Anneliese. He asks, "You know that little green guy from Galaxy Battles?" Anneliese looks at him with a confused look.

"Here, you poor dear," Ina says. She squirts some sunblock she removed from her bag on Chris' face.

Chris looks surprised. He says, "Wait? You meant me?" Most of the other contestants burst out laughing.

Ina scolds, "It's not nice to laugh at the elderly. We need to make sure that their golden years are comfortable."

Chris sighs. "How old do you think I am?" he asks. "Don't answer that. Oh, here's Trevor, or 'herp-a-derp', as he's known in some circles." A muscular, cross-eyed, young man stands next to Chris, as he introduces him.

Trevor says, "D'aw, yeah. That's right. I'm Trevor." Trevor points at himself with his thumb.

"He kind of just said that," LeVar states, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, yeah," Trevor says.

Ginger extends a hand to Trevor and says, "It's your pleasure." Trevor looks confused, takes hold of Ginger's hand, stares at it, and then licks it. Ginger quickly retracts her hand. "What kind of disgusting perv are you?"

Trevor blushes. He says, "D'aw. I'm sorry... I'm unfamilular with your costumes."

"I'm pretty sure he meant 'customs'," Jack states with one index finger pointing skyward. "Are your eyes really like that?" Jack waves his finger back and forth.

Trevor attempts to follow Jack's finger, but begins to lose his footing. He says, "You make Trevor dizzy... Stop..." Jack stops moving his finger around, and puts it into his pocket, and looks somewhat guilty. Trevor wobbles around.

"Is this moron for real?" LeVar asks.

"Hey," Zach says. "I'm fine with you insulting my plaid shirt, since I know that it's really amazing, but it's not nice insulting this guy's intelligence."

"Nah, it's okay," Trevor assures. "I really am stupid." He holds up one of his thumbs.

LeVar smirks, points to Trevor with his thumb, and says, "See?"

"See what?" Trevor asks. He attempts to look behind himself, and starts spinning in circles in an effort to see what LeVar was talking about.

Chris Mclean laughs, as does LeVar. The host says, "As entertaining as this is, we really should move on to our next contestant."

"That would be me," a smiling, red haired girl states. "My name is Butch, for future voting purposes."

Chris looks at one of his index cards. He looks up and says, "That's not what this says. It says your name is Felicity."

"Way to ruin my plan," the girl states.

Ginger narrows her eyes at Felicity and says to Chris, "Hahaha! There must be some sort of mistake." Ginger's voice gets more angry. "Listen, here, Chris. You promised moi that moi would be the sole female redhead of the season."

"Not exactly," Chris says. "I distinctly stated in a roundabout way that there would be only one natural red haired female."

"What are you implying?" Ginger gruffly states.

Felicity says, "Well, I do dye my hair, in all honesty."

Ginger stops glaring at Chris and tilts her head in Felicity's direction. She says, "Ahaha. Of course you do, darling. Of course you do." Felicity gives a sarcastic smile.

Chris looks toward the water at an approaching boat. He says, "Okay, Vinnie is on his way." He turns to the arrived contestants. "Don't say anything rude, okay?"

"Why?" Jack asks.

"Well..." Chris begins.

A ruggedly handsome young man steps up, his arms, however, are disproportionate to the rest of his body. He asks, "What is everyone talking about?"

"D'aw," Trevor begins, after stopping spinning. "What's wrong with that guy's arms?"

"That's a very good example of rude, Trevor," Chris says with his hand over his face. "Thank you."

"No, it's alright," Vinnie assures. He lifts his short arms as far as he can, which is about parallel to his chest. "I prefer people asking about it, as opposed to staring with their jaws dropped. Well, unless they're not looking at my arms." Vinnie quickly shakes his head to the side, in order to keep the hair out of his eyes. The young man explains, "I have something called phocomelia. It's a birth defect, so this is what I've had to get used to in the last seventeen years."

"D'aw," Trevor begins. "So what happened to your arms?"

Vinnie looks confused, momentarily. "A witch cursed me at birth," Vinnie states.

Trevor holds his head down, and shakes it. He says, "Shame."

Zach lets out a laugh. He says, "Funny stuff. I really like your shirt, man."

"Thanks," Vinnie says. He makes his way over to stand next to Zach. He bends down to set down his duffel bag. He surveys Zach's shirt. "Oh, dude. Seriously? Is that Robot Terror on your shirt? That's only the best b movie about an invasion of eighteen inch robots, ever!"

"I know, right?" Felicity adds. Vinnie and Zach look at Felicity at the same time.

"You know Robot Terror?" Zach asks. "Not many people have seen it, and, presumably, a small number of those were female people."

Felicity smirks and says, "Well, yeah I've seen it, and loved it. The best scene has to be when the tough as nails commando lifts his hand out of the large pile of robots in order to give that little girl back her doll with his last dying breath." Vinnie and Zach look at each other and then back at Felicity.

"Dibs!" Vinnie shouts. Zach stomps his foot.

Felicity folds her arms, smirks, and says, "I'm not some object that you can call 'dibs' on in order to claim me."

"Yeah!" Zach says in Vinnie's direction.

"You're going to side with her, letting a woman come between our friendship?" Vinnie asks.

Zach says, "Dude. I met you, like, twenty seconds ago." Yuko looks in LeVar's direction. His arms are folded as he looks to the side, throughout the entire conversation.

Chris says, "Okay, so that was... maybe five minutes of my life that I'm not getting back. The next contestant is on her way."

A kind looking girl that is on the heavy set side joins the growing number of contestants. She says, "Hello, everyone. My name is Elisabeth." She puts her hand over her heart and looks at Vinnie. "I started a charity for individuals with phocomelia."

"Wait, really?" Vinnie asks. Elisabeth nods. "That's pretty cool."

"It's cool that this show is featuring someone with your disability," the newly arrived female contestant assures.

"I thought so, too," Vinnie assures.

LeVar leans in toward Chris and says, "Nice job casting the babes this season. This is my kind of woman."

Elisabeth looks surprised. She says, "Um... Excuse me?"

"Free hugs?" LeVar asks with a pout.

"Um..." Elisabeth begins. "Okay!" She approaches LeVar with her arms outstretched.

"It's a trap," Douglas says from the side of his mouth.

Hildegarde takes hold of Elisabeth's sweater and says, "Do not fall for it."

"Aw," LeVar says. "No reason to be jealous, baby. There's enough LeVar for the both of you." Hildegarde rolls her eyes.

"Is he serious?" Elisabeth asks.

"I'm pretty sure he is, ducky," Marcello assures.

"Ducky..." Vinnie repeats. "Isn't that British?"

"Aren't British and Australian the same thing?" Felicity says with a smirk.

Vinnie laughs. He stops, and asks, "Wait... Are they?" Felicity laughs.

A muscular, curly haired teen boy joins the contestants. He stands among the contestants after setting his things down. Elisabeth points at the guy, who appears to be embarrassed just being present. She asks, "Who's this guy?"

"Oh, right," Chris says. "This is Michaiah." Everyone looks at him, silently.

"So..." Zach begins. "I like the yarmulke?"

"You talk, a lot," Jack points out, while digging next to a stump.

Zach states, "What? It's a nice yarmulke. Besides, just trying to get some sort of conversation going."

Michaiah writes something down on his notepad and holds it up. It reads 'thnx'.

"That's thanks, right?" Felicity states. Some people nod in realization.

"If you're expecting him to answer you, it won't be too likely," Chris explains.

Trevors says, "D'aw... Is he deaf?"

Zach blinks. He says, "He responded to my question by writing his reply down."

"So..." Trevor begins. "Is he deaf?" Zach slaps his forehead.

Chris laughs. He says, "Not exactly. Michaiah hasn't spoken, since... Well, I'm not exactly sure when. I don't think he can... or maybe he can. He communicates by writing things down on a notepad, as he displayed. Anyway, his hearing is fine."

Trevor nods. He says, "So, is he deaf, then?" The other contestants stare at Trevor. "D'aw... Did I say something dumb?"

"It seems to be your trademark, Trev-durr," LeVar states in a condescending tone.

Trevor lets out a laugh. He says, pointing to LeVar, "He's a funny guy." Trevor blinks, one eye at a time.

Michaiah holds up a piece of paper with 'If you say so' written on it.

"I got my eye on you," LeVar taunts Michaiah, pointing at his own eyes with two of his fingers then at Michaiah.

Chris states, "Okay, next we have Karen."

A pretty blonde walks up. She says, "Hey, everyone."

"Welcome to our forming dysfunctional family," Vinnie states with a slight bow.

"Oh," Karen states, looking at Vinnie. "You poor thing."

"Nah," Vinnie says. "I already have my own savings account."

"Let me tuck in your shirt for you," Karen assures. She puts her hands on the optimistic youth's hips.

Vinnie says, "Whoa! Hey, there. A little close for comfort. I don't need any smothering. I take care of myself." He puts a foot near Karen's face to keep her back.

Karen blushes. She says, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed anything like that. I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I'm kind of emotional, right now. I like guys I can take care of, I guess."

"A little shary there, chica," Marcello assures.

"Wrong continent, laddy," Douglas assures, in a thick brogue. He clears his throat. "Sorry, sometimes my Scotsman comes out without my knowing."

LeVar suggests, "I'd invest in some briefs, pal."

Douglas blushes. He says, "Stop it, you're embarrassing me." He holds his red face down.

"That's kind of the point," LeVar clarifies. Trevor laughs.

"What happened to him?" Felicity asks. "He's usually more composed." Douglas looks at Karen and then to the side.

Karen says, "I'm not sure, but I think it's adorable." She puts two fingers on Douglas' cheek. He quickly shakes his head to give the hint that he's uncomfortable.

"You better get to introducing me, boy," a newly arrived female states. "I don't like not having a proper introduction."

"Shanise," Chris states.

Shanise looks contemplative. She says, "Short, but sweet. I like it. Hey, y'all! Shanise is here to add some excitement to your lives."

"Scottie McKim's already got blondie for that," LeVar states, pointing at Douglas. "I'm LeVar, you chocolate cupcake, you." He looks up and down at Shanise. "Mm."

Shanise looks at LeVar with one eye larger than the other. She asks, "Is this playa for real?"

"We get that, a lot," Ginger says. She rolls her eyes. "Moi thinks he is, unfortunately for our world."

"Mama's got all the right curves in all the right places, uh-huh," LeVar states, making a clicking sound with his teeth.

"Well, I don't want no drama," Shanise states. The sassy girl points at LeVar. "So save it for your mama."

Trevor laughs, claps, and says, "I like rhyming."

Shanise has one eyebrow raised. She says, "Ooookay?"

Shanise is shown in confessional, "Honey boo boo child, I ain't gonna lie. We got some real weirdos up in here... I hope that doesn't make me the normal one. I always hate the normal one." Shanise laughs. "Mmhmm. Like a fine sister child like myself is ordinary." Shanise laughs, and then looks to the side. "I'm anything but."

Chris states, "Another contestant is ready to meet the rest of you, though he may instantly regret it." The young man standing next to the host raises an eyebrow as he watches him speak. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Prescott."

"The pleasure is mine," the preppy states.

LeVar coughs, and quickly says, "Whitewash." He coughs, again.

"What a charming individual," Prescott states, now with his other eyebrow raised. "I hope relations between each of us go swimmingly."

"D'aw," Trevor begins, pointing at Prescott. "Did he just ask me on a date to dah beach?"

Prescott speaks slowly, "I simply said that I would like each of our individual interactions to go well."

Trevor looks confused. Michaiah quickly draws a picture and holds it up for Trevor to see. He says, "D'aw, oh, yeah! Now I gots ya."

Prescott holds his head down and shakes it. He says, "This will not go as easily as I had once hoped."

"I like your sweater," Ina quietly states. "It's like something sweet Missus McGillicuddy would wear, back at the home." The others look at Ina with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, thank you, young lady," Prescott states with a snarl of a smile. "Pardon my smile. I haven't practiced it, lately."

Jack jumps up from digging around in the dirt. He holds his hand out to Prescott and says, "Nice to meet you!"

Prescott looks at Jack's dirty hand, rolls his eyes, and says, "I'll have to beg your pardon, but I'll have to decline the handshake. Maybe the next time, after you've bathed."

"Oh," Jack says. He looks at his hand. "I didn't notice. Sorry about that."

"No harm done," Prescott says. Prescott bends down to set his luggage down next to Elisabeth. He says, "Pardon my reach."

"Don't be reachin' nowhere around any of my ladies, ya hear?" LeVar tauntingly states.

"How droll," Prescott states, rolling his eyes. "I wouldn't dream of it, ruffian. Unlike my present company, I have self control where it deals with my hormones."

"Ruffian?" LeVar repeats. He begins stomping toward Prescott, as the others look on with wide eyes. "Somebody is just asking for their underwear to be pulled over their head." Hildegarde shakes her head in a disapproving manner, holding back LeVar by grabbing onto his vest.

Prescott closes his eyes, gestures by lifting both hands, and shakes his head. He says, "As I said. I have self control when dealing with the female specimen."

Chris states, "Speaking of which, here's the next contestant. Her name is Quimberly."

"Hey," Quimberly states, looking generally uninterested.

Prescott opens his eyes, sees the newly arrived young woman, and his jaw drops. He says, "I've never seen anyone so beautiful."

Quimberly lets out a dramatic sigh. The purple haired vixen states, "It's not like I don't hear that everywhere I go, though it's not hard to with my above average hearing. Being so naturally beautiful is a curse."

"Moi has the same problem," Ginger assures.

"You heard the 'naturally' part of that, did you not?" Anneliese asks.

Ginger grunts, "Why I oughta..."

"I was just being in the asking," Anneliese states, holding her hands up in a peace seeking gesture.

Elisabeth says to Quimberly, "Uh, I like your lipstick. What brand is that?"

"I'm not wearing lipstick," Quimberly states. "This is simply the natural color of my lips."

"Oh," Elisabeth says, nervously. "I knew that. I was just testing to see if you knew."

"That new girl is awesome," LeVar states. The other contestants nod, for the most part. LeVar looks at her with an open mouthed smile.

"What up, bros and bro-ettas?" a somewhat hoarse sounding voice states, in a half shouting manner.

LeVar winces. He says, "Who's the new guy? He sounds like my goober of a..."

"This is Brody," Chris states with a cheeky grin.

LeVar looks from Quimberly to the new contestant who seems to be expecting a hug. "Oh, no..." LeVar begins. "What are you doing here?"

"You know this fine hunk of man candy?" Shanise asks.

"Aw, sorry," Brody states. He points at his wedding ring. "I'm a happily married dude." Brody puts his hand to his mouth and shouts, "Matrimony for the win!"

"So..." Quimberly begins. "How do you know him?"

LeVar mumbles something barely audible, looking to the side. Brody hugs him and says, "Aw, come on, bro. What did I tell you about enunciating your syllables?"

"I got it!" Trevor exclaims. The others look at him. "D'aw... He's his vocal coach!"

The contestants look away from the unintelligent guy. "For future reference, let's not look to the wall of meat for the answers, mkay?" Shanise states. Most of the others nod. "Out with it, boy."

LeVar says, "Don't call me 'boy'."

"That's no way to talk to a lady, LeVar," Brody states. "Say you're sorry."

"LeVar let's that guy talk to him like that?" Douglas asks. "He must have something over him." Brody looks confused.

"Sorry," LeVar states in a half-hearted manner. "And... Brody's my... my..."

"I'm his daddy!" Brody says, excitedly. "Sorry, LeVar. I couldn't hold it in anymore."

The other contestants have wide eyes. Yuko says, "How... unexpected."

"Brody is your father?" Prescott asks, still with wide eyes.

"Step," LeVar clarifies. "Stepfather."

Brody nods and says, "That's right. This bundle of joy was part of a package deal." Brody pinches the larger guy's cheek. LeVar does not look thrilled.

"How old are you?" Felicity asks with a raised eyebrow.

Brody blushes and says, "Aw, don't ask a bro his age. But if you have to know, I'm twenty years old and three months."

"You don't look a day above twenty years and two months," Elisabeth assures. "But what about... LeVar? How old does that make your wife?"

"My shawty boo?" Brody asks. "A gentleman doesn't reveal his honey boo's age."

"A gentleman also doesn't wear skin tight pants," Zach whispers to Felicity, who responds with a giggle.

"I guess she might be considered a bit of a cougar, though," Brody admits, with his hand on the back of his head and a laugh. "She's quite the woman. Right, stepson-bro?"

LeVar looks away from Brody in order to roll his eyes. He mutters, "Uh huh."

"This season just got twenty percent more interesting," Karen admits out loud.

"I have that effect on a season, I guess," Brody admits, holding his ring finger up, again.

"You're married, I get it," Karen states with her arms folded, looking to the side.

Chris says, "I haven't spoken in a while, so I guess I should say something. Oh, look. The next contestant is here. His name is Ollie."

"Hey, everybody," Ollie states.

"That's a cute name," Elisabeth says, with her hands on her cheeks. "And such an adorable little boy."

Ollie says, "I'm seventeen."

"Someone's a late bloomer," Shanise states.

"Er," Chris begins. "Something you should know about Ollie. He's... on the 'slow' side."

"Slower than that guy?" Brody asks, pointing at Trevor. He gets some looks. "What? I'm good at reading people."

"Who are all these people?" Ollie asks.

Chris explains, "These are the other contestants on this season of Total Drama... I mean, Total Deception Island."

"Oh," Ollie says, distracted by the ground. He looks up at Chris and says, "You know a lot about this show. You should host it, or something."

Chris says, "Uh, I do, Ollie."

Ollie responds, "Okay. I like that."

"Um," Elisabeth begins, with her hand over her heart. She asks, "Is Ollie going to be alright in this competition?"

"Oh, sure," Ollie assures. "This is my favorite show! I love Total Drama Island."

Chris nods and says, "I've vowed to make sure he's taken care of. And it's Total Deception Island this time."

"Wait a second," Felicity says. "Total Deception Island?"

Chris looks up and says, "Oh, look. Our final contestant. It's Cheyenne."

"It's Cheyenne," the tall girl with braided hair states, mimicking the show's host.

"That's pretty good impression, for a girl," Prescott states. "I mean, a girl imitating a man."

"Thanks," Cheyenne says. "I'm kind of known for my impressions."

Michaiah's eyes get wide as he gives the biracial girl a second look. He writes something down and holds up his notepad. It reads, 'No way. I've seen your videos on ClipTube.'

Cheyenne points at the silent individual, asking, "Is he alright?"

"Have you seen the rest of the cast this season?" Vinnie asks. "Anyway, you're a celebrity?"

"Hardly," Cheyenne assures.

"Don't be so modest, my dear," Ginger states. "You almost have as many views on your videos as moi."

"Who's moi?" Cheyenne asks.

"Ahaha," Ginger laughs. "Moi is moi." Ginger's voice gets more fierce. "And don't think you're the biggest celebrity this season, just because your videos were less blurry than moi's."

"You have a video, too?" Cheyenne asks.

Zach snaps his fingers and says, "You're that girl who fell down those stairs."

Ginger flips her hair and says, "Ahaha. Some of my best work."

"You were acting?" Cheyenne asks.

Ginger says, "But, of course." Cheyenne looks confused.

Chris says, "So that's everyone. Among you are future friends, enemies, and love interests." Brody holds up his ring finger, again. "I will now take this time to announce the teams."

"Doesn't that usually wait for episode two?" Quimberly asks.

"Right," Chris says, usually.

"That girl is smart," Ollie states. "And pretty. Not that I know anything about that." Ollie laughs to himself.

"And what's with the season title?" Vinnie asks.

"Well, no big deal on that," Chris says. "You all are hiding something, or watever." The contestants look back and forth at each other. Chris laughs. "If the majority of contestants find out your secret... Well, let's just say that there will be repercussions. But that's for another announcement. Let's get to who make up the teams. The first team is made up of LeVar, Ollie, Cheyenne, Trevor, Ina, Marcello, Quimberly, Elisabeth, Douglas, Karen, and Brody."

"Woot!" Brody says. "I get to be on the same team as my step-bro-son." Brody hugs LeVar.

"Just great," LeVar states, dryly. Ollie joins in on the hug. LeVar looks at him with wide eyes.


"Do we get a team name?" Quimberly asks.

Chris nods. He says, "You'll be known as the 'Lying Dogs'."

"Really?" Cheyenne asks.

Ollie claps and says, "I like doggies."

Trevor claps and says, "D'aw. Me, too!"

Chris states, "The other team, for the record, is made up of Hildegarde, Jack, Yuko, Prescott, Shanise, Michaiah, Felicity, Vinnie, Anneliese, Zach, and Ginger. You'll be known as 'The Cloaked Daggers'."

"I am not in the understanding?" Anneliese asks. "Am I a dagger?"

"I'll take a 'stab' at an answer," Zach says, trying to keep his composure and not burst out laughing. Some of the others roll their eyes. "Yes."

Vinnie laughs. He says, "Good one, bro."

Zach gets ready to high five Vinnie. He blushes, puts his hand down, and says, "Thanks. We're on a team together, which is awesome." Vinnie smiles and nods.

"Yeah, it is," Vinnie states.

Chris states, "Let me introduce you to where you'll be living." The contestants pick up their belongings and follow after Chris. He stands between two large cabins and says, "Here they are."

"This place got an upgrade," Cheyenne states.

Chris nods. He says, "I realized that our contestants deserve the best. You're all fantastic young people, and blah blah."

"What's the catch?" Shanise asks.

Chris says, "Why do you assume there's a catch?" Most of the contestants glare at Chris. "Aw, you guys know me so well." Chris reaches behind a bush and pulls out an urn, and he points to a board with pieces of paper on it, each with the name of a contestant on it, as well. He says, "This is how you make a guess as to someone's secret. You can accuse all you want, but if you don't write it on this paper and put it in the urn, it won't count. Also, there's only one piece of paper for each contestant, so no one can overload on guessing for one contestant. There's only one guess for a specific contestant per day. If the secret is revealed and not in the urn, the contestants will have to wait to put the guess in the urn at the next available opportunity in order for the repercussions to set in for the exposed contestant. There are cameras watching, so no one will be allowed to provide a wrong guess for themselves, just to stretch the rules."

"What are the repercussions, exactly?" Douglas asks.

Chris nods and says, "By now, most of you must realize what your own secret is." The contestants begin eying each other. "And you must realize that that in itself is a reason you don't want it to be revealed, as what your secret is might end with you being eliminated. But, to make things more fun, if your secret is revealed, you go from living in these luxury cabins to living in a tent, with absolutely nothing but the piece of canvas."

"That sounds awful," Ginger states, twirling her hair around her finger.

Chris nods. He says, "Oh, it is. You can see why you wouldn't want your secret revealed, don't you?" Some of the contestants look nervous. "So with that, this episode will end, here, and pick up next time with your getting to see your new homes for an indefinite amount of time." Chris turns to the camera. He says, "There you have it. This is just the beginning of Total... Deception... Island. You'll be sure to want to see what's going to happen." The contestants start to eye each other up, again.

Yuko is shown in confessional. The observant, Asian girl states, "I certainly chose the right season to apply for, not that the usual age restrictions leave the way for much of an option. It'll be interesting to find out some of the juicy secrets and how they might effect the contestants. It's only going to add to the drama." Yuko smiles out of her excitement. "It's definitely going to be an interesting season." Yuko smirks. The camera goes out.

The camera turns back on, revealing Trevor in the confessional, facing the wrong way. He says, "D'aw. Is this the rocket car?"

Chapter 2 - Green FreaksEdit

"Welcome to an all-new episode of Total... Deception... Island!" Chris Mclean, the program's host, states. "On our first episode, I introduced you to twenty-two young people, each withholding information about themselves. Then, like a true pro, I explained that they could take guesses at the other contestant's secrets by writing their guess on a piece of paper and placing it inside an urn, and each contestant could only recieve one guess per day. If their secret was guessed, it might possibly damage their position in the contest, as well as causing them a change in rooming." Chris gives a smug smile. "Yeah, I rocked that explanation out. We'll start up where we left off last time, with the contestants being introduced to their new homes."

The Lying Dogs team is shown approaching their cabin. Cheyenne asks, "Is it weird to anyone else that we're all living in the same place?"

"It's a duplex, sheila," Marcello states. "She'll be apples."

"Um..." Cheyenne begins. "Okay?"

Quimberly says in a superior tone, "I took a course in Australian slang before coming out here, I'm surprised that I was the only one. He basically said that things will be alright."

Marcello nods and smiles. He says, "Good on ya."

"Durr," Trevor, the not-so-intelligent jock, begins, pointing at Marcello. "Is he not from around here?"

Marcello says, pointing at Trevor, "This bloke's got kangaroos loose in the top paddock, if you get what I'm sayin'."

Douglas assures, "I'm pretty sure that nobody gets what you're saying."

"Obviously, he's saying that he's not very intelligent," Quimberly explains. Marcello nods.

Douglas looks to the side and says, "I stand corrected."

Trevor blinks in slow motion. He says, "D'aw. Hey! That's not a very nice thing to say, purple haired lady..." The intellectually impaired strong man pauses, and stares at Quimberly. "D'aw. But you're pretty, so I'll allow it." He looks at Douglas and says, "You, too, buddy."

Douglas' face turns red. He says, "I'm not that pretty. My eyes are way too small for my face, and I've got the complexion of a ghost." Trevor screams and hugs Ollie who does some mutual hugging for life. "I didn't mean literally," the pretty boy clarifies.

Karen assures, "You don't need to be so hard on yourself. You look perfectly beautiful."

Douglas blushes and looks down at the ground. He says, "Shucks... I mean... Thanks..."

"Has anyone seen Brody?" Elisabeth asks.

"I think he went ahead to our side of the cabin," Marcello states. "I guess we all better get up there."

LeVar kisses his hand and gestures toward Elisabeth. He says, "I'll see you in the morning, my little snuggle bunny. Unless you want a cuddle buddy for the night?" Elisabeth's eyes are wide.

Quimberly pushes LeVar to the door leading to his side of the cabin. She says, "That's enough, LeVar."

LeVar has a surprised expression across his face. He says, "You're a lot stronger than you look, chica."

Quimberly explains, "I'm only able to lift ten times my body weight. It's no big deal." After pushing LeVar to the entrance of his side of the cabin, Quimberly enters the female side of the cabin, brushing off her hands, and says, "That takes care of the riff-raff, for now."

Cheyenne asks, "You mean, LeVar?"

"No, I meant Dustin Beaver," Quimberly says. "What I put up with surrounding myself with average minds."

Cheyenne raises an eyebrow. She says, "Anyway, LeVar is kind of cute. It's too bad that it's such a waste."

"What do you mean?" Ina asks, in an attempt to be part of the conversation.

Cheyenne looks at the surrounding kitchen, takes hold of a pot, and places it on her head. She raises one eyebrow and says, "Hey, the name's LeVar. Do what I say, or suffer the consequences. A consultation with the fashion 'expert' that told me that incredibly tight pants and a belt were a good combination." The other girls laugh.

Elisabeth, who is slightly distracted by the inclusion of a kitchen, says, "I don't know. He is kind of sweet." The pleasantly plump girl opens the door of a pantry. "Oh! It's fully stocked! I love baking, so maybe I'll whip up something for the rest of you girls. Ooh! How about cupcakes? Those are so hot, right now."

Karen replies with a slight smile, "That sounds nice. But let's get back to LeVar. Sweetie, I've seen that kind of guy, before. Believe me. He's nothing but trouble."

"Oh, I don't know," Elisabeth says with a slight sigh. "But maybe you're right."

Elisabeth is shown in confessional. She says, "Maybe I'm not used to the male attention, but it is kind of nice. I don't seriously take what the chocolate stallion has to say. Oh... I'm sorry." Elisabeth blushes. "'The chocolate stallion' is the nickname I made up for LeVar in my head."

The male contestants from the Lying Dogs team are shown in the upstairs section of their cabin, where their bedrooms are located. Brody is shown sitting on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed in one of the two separate rooms. He sees LeVar walk by the room. Brody calls out, "Hey, step-bro-son! I saved a bed for you!" LeVar keeps walking to the second room. "Huh. Maybe he didn't hear me?"

Douglas and Marcello look at each other and nod. Marcello says, "So, mate, you fine with the top bunk?"

Douglas shrugs his pretty shoulders and says, "Sure, man. That's fine by me." Still in his kilt, he begins climbing the ladder.

Marcello looks up. He winces and says, "On second thought, mate, how about you take the bottom bunk?" Douglas looks back, shrugs again, and climbs back down.

LeVar reaches the second room from the stairs. Ollie is lying on a bed, and Trevor is sitting on the other one, bouncing on it. Trevor says, "D'aw. This bed is bouncy."

Ollie laughs. He says, "You remind me of an imaginary friend I had once. His name was Lumps." Ollie pouts and sadly looks to the side. "I don't wanna talk about what happened to him."

LeVar stands at the door with his arms folded. "Oh, hi, Lever," Trevor says. "Isn't this place magical?" Ollie nods rapidly. LeVar walks over to Trevor, and lifts his mattress, causing Trevor to fall to the floor with a heavy thud. "D'aw. Ow! That hurt my bottom. What was that for?"

"I want this bed," LeVar explains. "I'd prefer a more private room." He looks back at Ollie. "But I guess I have no choice."

"But, uh," Trevor begins. "I picked this bed, first..." Levar sits down on the bed, and simply glares at Trevor. Trevor stands up, holds his head down, with a particularly sullen look, picks up the bag containing his belongings, and walks out of the room.

Ollie looks after Trevor with a confused look. He asks, "Was there some misunderstanding?"

LeVar smiles. He says, "Yeah, man. It was something like that." He sets his bag down next to his newly acquired bed. "If we're going to be roommates, there's some ground rules we'll have to discuss."

"Um, okay," Ollie replies, looking around the room.

"Don't go near my side of the room," LeVar commands. "If I see even one blond hair on this side of the room... Let's just say that you're going to regret it." Ollie continues looking around the room. "Hey? Over here."

"Yeah?" Ollie replies, now focusing on his roommate.

LeVar answers, "Just... stay on your side of the room."

"Okay," Ollie replies, simply. LeVar looks at Ollie, and then away from him.

The following morning, the female members of the Cloaked Daggers team are shown waking up. Shanise sits up in her bed and stretches her arms. Hildegarde is already out of bed and stretching, making grunting noises as she begins to exercise. Anneliese is also sitting up in her bed. She says, "It is time for the rising and the shining is it not? Oh, what a beautiful day!"

"Our room has no windows," Shanise reminds. "There's no way you can even tell, child."

Anneliese clasps her hands together and says, "It is just a wonderful feeling that I be having."

Shanise has one eyebrow raised. She says, "Uh-huh." She looks over at Yuko. "Do you have anything to say?"

"Me?" Yuko asks. "I'm just here to observe." Yuko produces a smirk.

Shanise sighs. She says, "Uh-huh. I definitely should have put more thought into my roommate selection." Thunder can be heard booming from outside. Shanise jumps after hearing the loud noise. She looks over at Anneliese. "Beautiful day, huh?" Rain heavily pounds on the roof of the cabin.

Just outside the cabin, Jack drags Zach outside by the arm. Zach's face is red as he says, "Dude, let me, at least, pull my shorts up." Zach pulls his brown shorts over his boxers, zips them up, and fastens the top button. "Why did you drag me out here? You said something about the rain... adventure... and salamanders?"

The hyperactive blond looks left and right. He says, "Aw. The rain stopped? Bummer." Jack looks skyward. He says, "Ooh! Double rainbow!" Jack begins walking toward the rainbows, violently swinging his arms. Zach takes hold of the back of Jack's shirt, which pulls off with little effort. Zach's eyes widen. Jack turns around and asks, "What are you doing?"

Zach hands Jack's shirt back to him, which Jack puts on. Zach states, "Sorry. Just trying to stop you. Anyway, there's no time to investigate the double rainbow, dude. No matter how cool it is." Zach looks at the natural oddity in awe. "We want to be on hand whenever the challenge starts."

Jack says, in a disappointed manner, "Aw..." Zach and Jack's other teammates come out of the team cabin. Jack stops looking disappointed, and looks at Prescott. He says, "Hey! I like your cape!"

Prescott raises one eyebrow and asks, "My cape?" The snooty teen looks down at himself. He lets out a short laugh, and says, "You seem to be mistaken, my boy. This is my sweater, only made from the finest materials."

Jack strokes Prescott's sweater. He says, "It feels so soft, like one of those exotic sheeps that gets spoon fed caviar since birth."

"Actually, you're exactly..." Prescott begins. He looks at the bright feathers around Jack's neck. He says, "Oh. What a beautifully, exotic necklace you have there." Prescott puts his hand on the feathers. He looks up at the wide-eyed, blond boy. "You must tell me where you found such a gorgeous ornament."

"Okay," Jack says with a smile. "And thanks!" The competition's host joins the contestants, as the Lying Dogs team also walks up.

Shanise looks up at the lingering double rainbow, and says, "Wow." She looks at Anneliese. "You were right about how beautiful the day was going to be. Impressive, girl."

Anneliese leaps and claps. "I am in the statehood of being happy, no?" the cheerful, young woman states. Shanise looks at her with one eye wider than the other.

LeVar asks, "Is there a challenge we need to be getting to, or are you just here to grace us with your presence, Grandpa Moses?"

"Hey!" Chris says. "I'm not that old."

Ina scolds, "Hey! We need to respect the elderly."

"Hey!" Chris repeats.

Brody looks at Chris and assures, "Dude, I'm really sure that LeVar is just joking with you." He looks to LeVar and says, "I know you didn't mean any harm, son, but it'd probably be best for you to apologize to our gracious host dude."

LeVar rolls his eyes and looks to the side. He insincerely apologizes, "Sorry, pruneface."

"Good, LeVar," Brody says with an immensely wide smile. "You're a good kid." He puts his arm around his mismatch of a stepson.

"He is?" Chris asks. "What kind of an apology was that?"

LeVar is shown in confessional, saying, "Believe me." The hulking teenager has his bulky arms folded. "I don't like Brody... at all. But I can't have him think I'm a bully, even though it's the best thing ever, just in case he lets my mom know. And trust me, my mom's not going to watch the show, anyway. I'm not sure if she even knows how to turn our television on, and when she does watch television, she falls asleep within seconds. She's..." LeVar pauses to sniffle. "She's an amazing woman."

Back to the scene outside of confessional, Chris says, "LeVar did raise a good point, though. Your challenge is waiting, right this way."

Chris begins walking to the right. The contestants begin to follow after Chris Mclean. Elisabeth stops at a puddle of mud. She says, "Oh. I can't believe I almost stepped in that."

LeVar says, "Allow me." LeVar looks around him. He grabs hold of the sweater around Prescott's neck and yanks it off of him. He proceeds to push Prescott away. The bully sets the sweater over the muddy puddle, with a smile. He adds, "Milady."

Elisabeth blushes and smiles. She says, "What a chivalrous gesture." She walks across the sweater, which prevents her from getting dirty. "Thanks." She and LeVar smile at each other after walking ahead.

Brody proudly says, "That's my boy."

Vinnie walks by, looking down at the ruined sweater. He says, "Ooh. Tough break, man." He looks back at Prescott sympathetically. "Sorry." After facing ahead, he follows after the majority of contestants.

Prescott looks down at his destroyed designer sweater with his eyes wide. Michaiah, the strong, yet silent, contestant, bends down and picks up the now mostly brown sweater. He holds is out to Prescott. Prescott lets out a sigh and says, "It's beyond repair, I'm afraid. Such a shame. You might as well leave it, or keep it, if you're into that sort of thing. Thanks for the effort, though." Michaiah nods and walks along with Prescott in order to catch up to the other contestants.

Michaiah and Prescott join the other contestants on a side of Total Drama Island cluttered with all sorts of garbage, mostly scraps of paper, aluminum cans, and plastic rings for aluminum cans six packs. Prescott holds his head up slightly, with a confused expression. He asks, "What happened here?"

Michaiah writes something down on his notepad. He holds it up, and it reads, 'A Cap'n Earth challenge?'

Chris shakes his head. He says, "Not quite. Allow me to explain."

"That is your job, isn't it?" Zach asks with an eyebrow raised.

Chris frowns and states, "I'm beginning to regret some of these casting choices. Anyway, let me get back to the point. That little rainstorm left something behind."

"Yeah," Ginger states. "Moi saw the double rainbow."

Trevor places his hands on his face and says, "So intense..."

Brody puts his hand on Trevor's back. He says, "It's okay, buddy. It's gone, now."

"Not that," Chris states. He gestures at the various items of garbage. "I mean this trash. We're going green." Trevor holds up his arm in order to see what color it is. "Your very first challenge is cleaning up this mess. The team that cleans up the most," Chris points to a large scale with the team symbols on either side, "as decided by that scale, will win the first invincibility."

"You're serious about that?" Cheyenne asks with one eyebrow higher than the other. "That's the challenge?"

"Wait," Felicity begins. "Is this part of your community service?"

"What's big deal?" Hildegarde asks. "The man wants cleaner earth for future generation."

Chris nods and says, "Yup. Hildegarde is right."

"I can't believe it," Elisabeth says with a slight smile. "Chris Mclean actually cares."

Chris nods. He says, "This earth has to be here for a long time to house my clones." The conceited host gets several wide eyed stares. Chris points to a barrel full of different tools designed for picking up garbage, as well as garbage bags. "That barrel contains what you need for the challenge. Stuff like those pointy things for stabbing various pieces of trash."

"So, I guess Brody is fair game for the stabbing," LeVar mutters under his breath.

"So when I yell 'go', feel free to run at the barrel at full speed, and try to get what you need," Chris instructs.

"Like one less eye?" Zach suggests. Felicity giggles.

Vinnie looks at Felicity. "You score this round, bro," the deformed teen states, once he looks back at Zach. He narrows his eyes. "You... score... this... round."

Chris shouts, "Go!"

Vinnie says, "Wait? This is starting, now? But me and Zach were bantering."

"Zach and me," Zach corrects.

"See?" Vinnie says in Chris' direction. The majority of contestants run to the barrel full of trash picking tools. Vinnie and Zach look at each other, and then hurry over to the barrel.

Ginger stands with her arms folded. Prescott stands next to her. He says, "Aren't you going to help with the challenge?"

"Aren't you?" Ginger retorts.

Prescott answers, "I am. I'm just waiting for the commotion to die down, a tad. What's your excuse? Ginger, was it?"

Ginger states with a laugh, "You can't seriously expect a celebrity like moiself to pick up garbage. It's unnatural." She flips her hair with her hand. "Besides, Hildegarde will do twice as much work as moi, so it balances out. My talents are better suited for a challenge involving a display of beauty and/or sheer talent."

Prescott gets more serious with his tone as he leans in closer to Ginger. He says, "Look. In a game like this, you never want to give the others a reason to vote for you. Do you want to be the first one voted out?"

"What are you insinuating?" Ginger asks with a slightly peeved tone.

Prescott looks over at the barrel and sees that the others are gone. He says, "Just follow me, and we'll see what tools are left to scrounge up." He smiles and asks, "Shall we?"

Ginger looks to the side. She says, "Fine. Moi supposes that a fine actress like moi could at least convincingly pretend that she is doing the challenge, no matter how beneath her."

"That's the spirit," Prescott assures, swinging his fist through the air to the side. "I mean... I guess." Ginger and Prescott walk over to the barrel, and look over it, both with their noses extended upward as they look down. "Aha!" Prescott exclaims. He reaches down and pulls out two pairs of rubber gloves. "This should help." He picks up a tool. "And this... stick... with a pointy thing on the end. I believe this is what the help uses to pick up things they don't want to put their hands on." Prescott hands a sack to Ginger. He explains, "If you hold this while I pick up the garbage, it'll give the air that you're helping, when you're really only standing around."

Ginger smiles. She says, "Ahaha. Moi likes the way you think, Preston."

"It's Prescott," the rich, young man corrects.

"Don't correct moi," Ginger instructs, again with an annoyed tone.

"I crush you!" Hildegarde can be heard shouting. Prescott and Ginger look over at the strong woman as she punches an aluminum can, effectively crushing it, before tossing it into her trashbag. Prescott and Ginger look at each other, and can't help but laugh.

On another part of the beach, LeVar is shown delegating to Brody, "Pick up that, that, and that over there."

"Right, son," Brody says with a nod. "We make, like, the most awesome sauce team, ever."

LeVar says, "Uh-huh," while looking at his fingernails. Jack emerges from the water with a tire in his teeth.

Yuko mutters, "That seems to be a recurring theme with that guy." She gets back to picking up some trash.

"Oh, man," Brody says, with his hands on his head. "We'll never win the challenge with that guy pulling up garbage with his teeth." Brody puts on a pair of goggles he took from his pocket. "I'm going in."

"With your big mouth, you're sure to come back with an old Buick, or something," LeVar assures, feigning enthusiasm.

"We can only hope, buddy," Brody says as he runs toward the water, still fully clothed.

LeVar waves. He says to himself, "What a tool." Jack stand next to the bigger guy, looking at him with wide eyes. LeVar looks back at him. A drip of water falls from the tire and LeVar watches as it hits his shoe. LeVar's eyebrows arch, as he grabs hold of Jack by the neck. He says, "You're about to know what true pain feels like." LeVar lifts up a fist.

Brody returns. He says, "I didn't find an old car, but I did find a bag of used bandages." He sets the bag inside his trashbag. He looks at LeVar, who is still holding Jack by the neck, who, in turn, still has a tire in his mouth. "Um. What's going on?"

"Oh," LeVar replies while blinking. He sets Jack down, who scampers off. "We were just..." LeVar attempts to think up an excuse, "doing this cool, new handshake. Psht. Everybody is doing it."

Brody laughs. He says, "Oh, you crazy kids and your new-fangled handshakes." Brody laughs, again. "I know how it is. I was a teenager, once."

"Like, three months ago?" LeVar mutters quietly, and looking to the side.

"Anyway, we should get back to work, buddy." Brody slaps LeVar on the back. LeVar produces a fake smile.

Douglas and Karen are shown picking up paper near each other, as they put the paper they pick up into a trashbag that Douglas is holding. One piece of paper remains. Both contestants reach out for it at the same time, and their hands touch. Douglas blushes, looks away, and retracts his hand. Karen lets out a laugh and says, "You're adorable."

Douglas lets out a nervous laugh. He says, "I guess I'm not really used to being around such a pretty girl... I mean..."

Karen laughs, again. She says, "You're sweet, too." Douglas stands, and helps Karen up.

Douglas looks over at Quimberly, who is standing in the middle of an area cluttered with a lot of paper. Douglas says, "It looks like Quimberly could use some help." Quimberly holds her arms up and does a spin on one foot, causing the paper around her to circle, almost like a paper tornado. "N-never mind," Douglas adds in disbelief. As the wind from Quimberly's display reaches Karen and Douglas, the Scotch Korean drops his bag of trash in order to hold down his kilt. His face is bright red.

Zach, who is picking up trash next to his friends, Vinnie and Felicity, looks over at Quimberly's magnificent display, as she manages to get the majority of her paper cyclone into a trashbag. Zach rolls his eyes, and then continues working. Felicity states, "We make a good team."

"Hey, 'Licity," Vinnie says. "Check this out." Vinnie begins picking up pieces of trash with his feet, quite rapidly and effectively.

"Wow, impressive," Felicity states. "You belong in a circus side show, or something." Felicity's eyes widen. She says, "I didn't mean..."

Vinnie laughs. He says, "I know what you meant. There's no reason to be so uptight about my disability. It is what it is. Anyway, I've become pretty skilled with my feet over the years. Two tragically ignored appendages that most people take for granted." Vinnie continues picking things up with his feet, and putting them in a sack.

Zach says, "Pshaw. You think that's impressive?" Zach gets on the ground and begins breakdancing. Spinning on his back, as well as balancing on one hand, at different points.

"That is impressive," Felicity assures. "Also circus sideshow worthy... I'm not exactly sure how practical it is for this current challenge..." the redhaired girl looks to the side, "and you should probably stay clear of that pile of hypodermic needles..."

Marcello is shown picking up aluminum cans with Cheyenne. The tall, flamboyant teen says, "So I understand that you're a bit of a celebrity in your own right, sheila." Cheyenne nods. "How about you grace me with one of your impressions?"

Cheyenne shrugs her shoulders. While still picking up some of the cans, she begins tilting her neck in order to make her braided hair to flip back and forth. She repetitively sings, "I flip my hair to and fro. I flip my hair to and fro. I flip my hair to and fro."

Marcello laughs. He says, "That's good, sheila."

"Thanks," Cheyenne replies. "That took years to perfect."

"Really?" Marcello asks.

Cheyenne laughs and says, "No. And for the record, I had my hair like this before that song became popular."

Marcello smiles. He says, "Sure, you did." Cheyenne playfully sticks her tongue out at him. Nearby, Trevor is crushing aluminum cans with his head. "You think he'll be alright?" Marcello asks while pointing at the muscular teen with his thumb.

Cheyenne crosses her eyes and says, "D'aw, I dunno." Marcello bursts out laughing, again.

Chris walks to the middle of the contestants. He shouts, "That's time. Bring over any extra garbage bags you might have, and place them on your team's side of the scale." The contestants do so. Chris explains, "I will now turn on the scale." Chris pushes a large button. The scale shifts from side to side. The contestants look on in anticipation, as each side of the scale shifts up and down. The scale finally stops, with one side clearly heavier than the other. Chris nods and announces, "The Lying Dogs win invincibility!"

"Aw, man," Zach says in a disappointed way.

Chris says, "That means that the Cloaked Daggers are going to need to vote someone out, tonight. But we have some business to take care of, first." Chris lifts up an urn. "Does this look familiar?"

"D'aw," Trevor begins. "Grandpa?"

Chris goes on, "So... anyway. As I explained, only yesterday, this urn contains the different guesses of secrets. I reviewed some of the guesses, and will review the interesting ones." Chris pulls out one strip of paper. He explains, "This one is targetted at Trevor."

"D'aw, that's me," Trevor states.

Chris reads, "Trevor is actually intelligent." Trevor sniffs one of his fingers. Chris laughs and says, "Way off." The host pulls out another piece of paper. He says, "This one is directed at Brody. It says, 'Shaves his legs'."

"Oh, wow," Brody says, surprised. "Who would know that?" He laughs.

Chris says, "While this 'secret' is true, it's not the one we're looking for, so it doesn't count." LeVar folds his arms and looks to the side. "I'll read one more," Chris states. "It's about Anneliese." Anneliese begins sweating, nervously. "It says, 'Anneliese is a beauty pageant winner'."

Anneliese smiles and says, "Yes. That is definitely my secret I am hiding."

Chris has one raised eyebrow. He says, "Um, no. It's not, actually." Chris says, "I'll stop there. Nobody guessed any of the secrets right, so far. I guess you need more time to investigate. With that, I'll leave you be, and see the Cloaked Daggers at the first elimination ceremony. Be there, or be square." Chris begins to walk away from the contestants, carrying off the urn of secrets. He stops. "Oh, I almost forgot, again." Chris rushes off, and the returns holding a silver briefcase. He explains, "I forgot to mention the matter of prize money." He opens the case, full of stacks of one hundred dollar bills. He says, "There's five million dollars in this baby, and all of this will belong to one of you after the competition ends."

"So beautiful," LeVar says with wide eyes.

Chris goes on, "Well, with that, I'll be off." Chris leaves the area.

Ginger says, "Well, for the record, I helped in the challenge." She begins to walk away. "I think I need a long, hot bath back at the cabin."

Vinnie begins following after Ginger. He asks, "Do you know how many accidents happen around bathtubs? That's why you should always have a bath buddy." The sound of someone being slapped can be heard off screen. Vinnie returns to the other contestants, with part of his face red. He says, "What kind of girl slaps a handicapped dude?"

"One with good reason to," Felicity states with a smirk.

LeVar is shown in confessional. He says, "The other team lost the challenge." The strong, well dressed youth laughs. "They suck on a major level. But I need to make sure that they vote out one of their stronger teammates." LeVar rubs his bearded chin.

LeVar has one of his arms around Hildegarde, who looks at him suspiciously. LeVar asks, "Hey, babe. I was wondering... You wouldn't happen to have a prized MP3 player, or something to that effect?"

Hildegarde lifts one side of her singular eyebrow. She states, "No. Why do you ask?"

LeVar laughs and says, "No reason."

At the elimination ceremony, which takes place at the location from the original Total Drama Island, with torches decorating and illuminating the area. Chris Mclean states, "Welcome to the first campfire ceremony of the season. One of you will be leaving the competition, today. I'm going to hand out ten of these marshmallows to the contestants staying in the game. So, in this game, the marshmallow represents your life in the competition. If you don't receive one, you're out. So I'll begin with handing out the marshmallows." Chris clears his throat. He says, "Felicity, Zach, Shanise, Yuko, Jack, Anneliese, Prescott, Hildegarde, and Vinnie. All of you are safe and staying in the competition." Vinnie gives a sigh of relief, as Chris approaches him with a marshmallow. Vinnie opens his mouth. Chris reluctantly tosses it into Vinnie's mouth, who chews away at the marshmallow. Chris walks back to his official campfire ceremony position. He states, "One marshmallow, two of you." Michaiah and Ginger look at each other. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Michaiah." Chris tosses a marshmallow to the muscular, Jewish teen.

Ginger looks shocked. She puts her hand to her chest and asks, "Moi?"

Chris nods. He says, "There's always hope for you to be on the upcoming losers season." Chris looks at the camera and adds, "Check local listings."

Prescott states, "But Ginger did do her part in the challenge."

"That's true, girl," Shanise states, directed at Ginger. "We just don't like you... or moi... whatever."

"Well," Ginger says, looking to the side.

Prescott assures, "Ginger isn't all that bad, guys." He looks at Ginger and says, "If they had the time, I'm sure their opinions would have changed, had they gotten to know you."

Ginger shrugs her shoulders, and tosses her hair. She says, "Can moi go, now?"

Chris states, "Sure, you can. The Boat of Losers is waiting." Ginger stands up. "But before that, we have some business to take care of. Who wants to know what Ginger's secret is?" Several hands shoot up.

Ginger looks generally embarrassed. She says, "Now, Chris. I don't see the point in doing that..."

Chris holds up a picture and says, "Oops. Too late."

"What's that?" Hildegarde asks. Ginger holds her hands over her face.

Chris explains, "This? It's only a picture of Ginger from two years ago." The picture depicts a school photo of a pale, chubby, brown haired girl in braces. The other contestants either laugh or look surprised.

"No way," Zach says, with wide eyes.

Ginger says, "If you're done humilating moi, I'm going to go."

Prescott asks, "What's the big deal? That's not what you look like, now. You're absolutely gorgeous. You should be proud that you've made so many changes."

"That's just something moi wants to forget," Ginger assures. "But now everyone knows. Thanks, Chris."

"No problem," Chris assures, with a smile. "See ya." Ginger drags her heavy luggage away, and boards the Boat of Losers. Michaiah looks after her, and then at the other contestants. The bulky contestant then holds his head down.

Chris now turns toward the camera and says, "Well, that takes care of the first elimination, but there are sure to be more. Tune in to our next episode to see what's going to happen next."

Chapter 3 - Six Feet UnderwaterEdit

Chris Mclean is shown on camera, between the teams' cabins. He says, "It's time, again, for a brand new episode of Total... Deception... Island!" The host mugs for the camera, a little. "Last time on our program, the contestants got introduced to their cabins, their roommates, and environmental conscientiousness. The first challenge required the contestants to clean up a portion of the island after a storm washed up all sorts of garbage. The team to pick up the largest amount of trash in the time limit were the Lying Dogs. That forced the Cloaked Daggers to vote out the first contestant, Ginger. Michaiah, labeled the strong silent type, was in the bottom two, but he survived to compete another day. How is he handling being in the bottom two? Will the Cloaked Daggers recover from their defeat? Some of those questions may or may not be answered on tonight's episode. Stay tuned, won't you?"

The aforementioned 'strong, silent type', Michaiah, is shown still sitting on a stump at the campfire ceremony location, all by himself. He has his shoulders shrugged forward, and his head held down.

His other male team members are shown in the bedroom of their side of the cabin. It holds a pair of bunk beds and one individual bed. Vinnie lies on top of his blanket, in his scant sleepwear. His friend Zach looks down on him, as he changes his own clothing. Zach has one raised eyebrow as he asks, "Hola Kitty briefs? Really?"

"Don't hate on it, bro," Vinnie states. "Watch this." Vinnie hops out of his bed and walks downstairs.

A female contestant's voice can be heard squealing, "Oh my gosh! That is so cute!"

Vinnie walks back up to his fellow male team members with a smug smile on his face. He says, "See? The ladies love it."

Zach's eyes are wide. He says, "I have so much to learn." Zach pauses. "Wait? Who was that?"

Vinnie vaguely says, "A gentleman never shows off his undies and tells." Prescott, the wealthy, young man, rolls his eyes.

Zach looks at the dark skinned guy, with a sympathetic look on his face. He attempts to comfort him, "Look, Prescott. I know that you and Ginger were friends, or something." He walks over to Prescott, and puts his hand on his shoulder. "If you want to talk about what happened, I think that would be a good..."

Prescott pushes Zach's hand off of him. He scolds, "Don't touch me."

"Sorry, man," Zach apologizes. He holds his hands up. "I was trying to comfort you. I don't like it when people are upset."

Prescott lets out a sigh. He says, "I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little on edge about what happened. Ginger didn't seem like the nicest person, but I like to think that there's a little bit of good in everyone... The whole situation was rather disappointing."

Zach nods. He says, "Yeah... It was really hard to vote anyone out, honestly."

Prescott replies, "I agree. Now, if you gents don't mind, I'd like to head to sleep."

"Have at it," Vinnie states. He looks over at the adventerous Jack, who is already asleep in his bed. "You can join Jack in Slumberland." Prescott nods and his nose goes up as he tries to smile. Prescott attempts to brush the wrinkles out from his individual bed's blanket, before getting into the bed.

Zach has his arms folded, and an eyebrow raised, as he looks at Zach. He asks, "Slumberland?" Vinnie gives a dopey, sarcastic laugh. "Hey? Has anyone seen Michaiah?"

Vinnie looks to be thinking hard. He says, "The last time I remember seeing him was at the elimination ceremony. Somebody should go check up on him."

Jack jumps up in his bed, hitting his head on the top bunk, but ignoring any probable pain. He volunteers, "I'll go look for him! It'll be an adventure!" Jack runs downstairs and outside, without bothering to change out of his sleepwear. The remaining three guys look after him with wide eyes.

Vinnie is shown in confessional with a confused expression. He says, "That Jack guy... Wow."

The reserved and observant Yuko is shown hiding in the bushes, keeping a close eye on Michaiah. Yuko has a frown on her face, she quietly says, "Michaiah obviously has quite the back story... But if he continues to isolate himself, and fails to try to bond with anyone on the team, he'll be following after Ginger in no time."

Jack asks Yuko, randomly at her side, "Hey! What are you doing out here? You're Yuko, right? Why are you talking to yourself? Are you insane or just crazy?" Yuko gets past looking startled.

"Those are the same thing," Yuko states, obviously annoyed by the hyperactive, blond guy. "And neither!" Yuko closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, in order to calm herself down. "This is probably foreign to you, but I find great enjoyment in viewing my surroundings, as well as the people around me."

Jack peeks over the bushes. He says, "You have a crush on that Michaiah guy?"

"Did you listen to anything I just said?" Yuko asks. "I'm just concerned for him. That's all. If only someone would try to get him more involved with the rest of the group. Maybe if something made him feel better, he'd be more willing to try to become part of the team."

"Hey," Jack states, with his usual wide eyed expression. "I can do that!"

Yuko looks at Jack, and then back to Michaiah. She says, "I don't know. I don't really like to interfere with the natural process of..." The Asian girl looks to her side to see that Jack is no longer next to her.

Jack is shown marching toward Michaiah, violently swinging his arms. He reaches Michaiah and says, "Hi!" Michaiah looks up and mildly waves at the energetic guy. Michaiah also looks confused by Jack's outfit. "Do you know that Yuko girl?" Jack asks. Michaiah thinks for a moment, and then nods. "She totally told me that she thinks you're cute."

Yuko jumps up and shouts, "That's a lie!" Jack and Michaiah look in her direction with wide eyes. Yuko blushes and crouches back down behind the bush.

"Okay," Jack says. "That's all I wanted to say." Jack walks back to Yuko, and hides next to her, leaving Michaiah looking bewildered. Jack says to Yuko, "How was that?" Yuko has her hand over her face.

"I guess I might as well head out," Yuko states. "For future reference, I work alone."

"Do you get paid for this?" Jack asks, inquisitively. Yuko shakes her head, gives an annoyed sigh, and leaves.

The downstairs of the girls' side of the Lying Dogs' duplex is shown. Elisabeth is shown sitting on a sofa next to Ina and Cheyenne. Elisabeth says, "Can you believe we won that first challenge? That was amazing!"

Cheyenne nods and says, "It was all thanks to Quimberly."

"Yeah," Karen adds. "You are pretty amazing, Quimberly."

Quimberly states, "I'm going to bed. The constant praise and adulation I recieve got old seventeen years ago." The other female team members look at each other with concerned looks.

"I hope we didn't offend you... your excellency?" Cheyenne says.

A beeping sound goes off. Elisabeth stands up and says, "Ooh! My cupcakes are done!"

Quimberly stops walking. She turns and says, "I suppose I can wait for a cupcake. It's been a few days since I've been away from my bakery."

"You like cupcakes?" Ina asks.

"Yes, I do," Quimberly says. "Is there a problem with that?"

Ina blushes and says, "Well, no. Um. You just don't look like a big cupcake eater."

"I have an extremely fast metabolism," Quimberly explains. "I normally consume twenty thousand calories a day. It's no big deal."

Cheyenne has a raised eyebrow as she looks at Ina. She quietly asks, "Where does she find the time?"

Elisabeth sets the still hot cupcakes down on the kitchen counter. She removes her oven mitts and stands away from the cupcakes, staring at them. "What's she doing?" Ina asks.

"Everyone knows that cupcakes need to cool before you can frost them," Quimberly states.

"Oh..." Ina says. "Right."

"So..." Cheyenne begins.

Quimberly says, "I guess this is where we go through the cliched girl talk."

Elisabeth excitedly says, "Ooh! That's my favorite! Did I tell you guys how cute I think LeVar..."

"Yes," a few of the girls state.

"I do have a similarly related question," Karen says, looking a little bashful. "What do you guys think about Douglas?"

"Never trust a guy in a skirt," Cheyenne states. "Nah, he's okay. A little boring."

"Not every guy can rock a pink streaked afro and skin-tight pants," Quimberly states.

Cheyenne asks, with one raised eyebrow, "What's that?"

Elisabeth holds up a freshly frosted batch of cupcakes. "The cupcakes are ready!" Elisabeth says, happily.

Quimberly takes a cupcake and says, "Now I can leave." She walks upstairs. The other contestants look after the purple haired girl.

"She's amazing," Ina says, quietly. The others nod, still looking after her.

Elisabeth smiles and looks at Karen. She says, "If there's a boy you have your eye on, give him one of these." Elisabeth gives the blonde a cupcake with pink frosting on it. "I don't know what it is, but these cupcakes have brought all sorts of couples together... Of course... that one time it was after Shelly tried to pick it up after dropping one while she was driving and rear ended her future husband, and demolished his car..."

"That's horrible," Karen says, in shock.

"Oh, it's alright," Elisabeth assures. "The cupcake landed frosting side up." The other girls blink. "So, as I was saying. These cupcakes will get you all the male attention you're looking for."

"One could say that your cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard?" Cheyenne asks, while chewing on a cupcake. She gets a few concerned stares.

"Thanks, Elisabeth," Karen says. "I guess it's worth a shot. I'll give it to him, tomorrow. Thanks."

Elisabeth assures, "Oh, don't think anything of it." She offers a smile.

"Uh, can we talk about Marcello, now?" Cheyenne asks nervously.

Karen looks at an imaginary watch. She says, "Oh, look at the time." She forces a yawn. "So... tired..." Karen, Ina, and Elisabeth rush upstairs.

Cheyenne folds her arms and says, "Uh huh. I see how it is."

The next morning, Ollie is shown standing in his shared room with LeVar, while LeVar is still in bed. Ollie pulls at LeVar's arm. He says, "Hey, Roscoe and I want to go play outside, you should come, too!"

LeVar wakes up and looks surprised. He says, "What's going on?"

"Come on!" Ollie says. "Let's go play!"

LeVar rolls his eyes, and turns in his bed. He says, "Please. I'm a little old for that. And stay on your side of the room."

Ollie looks disappointed, as he walks over to the other side of the room. "Sorry. I forgot." He says, "But... you're a kid, too, right?"

"No," LeVar states, gruffly. "I'm all man."

Ollie shakes his head and says, "Sigh. Everyone wants to grow up so fast. At least, that's what I think."

LeVar gives a short laugh. He says, "Yeah." He points at Ollie's shirt, featuring a smiling, bald basketball player. "You like Mitchell 'Backwards Hand' Gordon?"

Ollie looks down at his shirt, and then back up at LeVar. He says, "Uh huh."

LeVar stands and stretches. He says, "Me, too." The larger of the two guys scratches his stomach. "His two left hands really help his game." LeVar pauses for a moment. "Say... you're not messing with us, or anything, are you?"

Ollie tilts his head. He asks, "What do you mean?"

"Never mind," LeVar states. "Forget I said anything."

"Okay," Ollie states. After a few seconds, Ollie looks down and sighs.

LeVar asks, with one raised eyebrow, "What is it?"

"It's a little embarrassing," Ollie says. "At home, I'm not allowed to go outside by myself."

"I see. But you have Roscoe, or whatever, right?" LeVar asks. Ollie looks to the side. LeVar chuckles. "Get dressed." LeVar points at the blond boy. "I'll go outside with you, but this doesn't mean we're friends, or anything like that. Act like you don't know me."

Ollie jumps up and down. He says to the side, "Yay! Did you hear that, Roscoe? We get to go outside!" LeVar looks at Ollie with a concerned, but somewhat sympathetic expression.

In the other room for the Lying Dogs' guys, Brody states, "Douglas, me boy, you gotta give a girl flowers if you wanna ask her out."

"Crikey!" Marcello interjects. "That's too old fashioned, mate. The modern sheila is lookin' for a bottler." Marcello gets some confused looks. The Australian accented teen clarifies, "Something excellent."

Brody has a hand at the back of his head. He says, "That bro needs his own subtitles."

"Anyway, as I was sayin'," Marcello continues. "You gotta get a girl something she can actually use." He slaps Douglas on the chest. "By Jove! I've got it. Get the sheila some chokkie, yeah? Girls like their chokkie." Marcello gets more confused stares. "Chocolate." He folds his arms. "Looks like I gotta explain everything I says."

"D'aw", Trevor adds to the conversation. "I know! How about combinating the two ideas? You know? Chocolate covered flowers?" Marcello and Brody stare at Trevor.

Brody says, "So..." He looks back at Douglas. "Which one of our ideas are you going to go with?"

Douglas blinks. He says, "I didn't even ask you guys about it."

"Dude, a true bro doesn't have to," Brody explains. He gives a hoarse laugh. "Am I right, or am I right?" He holds his hands out. "Come on. High five. Don't leave me hangin'." The other guys leave Brody hanging.

Douglas says, "I think... chocolates seem like a good idea, but I'd have to make them myself... Wait. If I do that will it look like I'm trying too hard?" Marcello shrugs. "But if I go out and pick flowers... Will it look like I'm not trying hard enough?"

"D'aw", Trevor adds to the conversation. "I know! How about combinating the two ideas? You know... Chocolate covered flowers?" The other guys stare at the absent minded jock. "D'aw... What's everyone staring at?"

The intelligent Felicity is shown in confessional. "You know," she begins. "It's pretty strange not having a roommate. Don't get me wrong. I'll miss Ginger, in some way, I'm sure. But it's kind of fun being by myself."

Felicity is shown in her room by herself wearing a blonde wig singing into a hairbrush, "You get the limo Hum V outside. Oh, yeah. Designer bags in every shape and color. When you're well known it can be kinda wild. It's actually you but nobody discovers." Hildegarde is shown in Felicity's doorway with her eyes wide. Felicity holds the brush behind her back. She says, "I was just... Uh... hypothesizing. Yeah, that's it." She looks up, and then removes her wig, quickly, giving a nervous smile.

Hildegarde asks, "Is this some sort Canadian drag queen ritual?"

"What?" Felicity begins. "No. I'm a closet Molly Cirrus fan."

"Molly Cirrus?" Hildegarde asks with a confused expression.

Felicity asks, "You haven't heard of her?" Hildegarde shrugs. "She's this... really cool, totally not lame singer."

Hildegarde frowns and rolls her eyes. She says, "What passes for music in this country."

"Not enough balalaikas in the music for you?" Felicity asks with a smirk.

Felicity is shown in confessional, saying, "Er. I suppose I should explain. A balalaika is, like, an Eastern European guitar. I mentioned it on account of Hildegarde's vaguely implied nationality... Maybe I'm overexplaining this."

Hildegarde continues to frown. She says, "I did not arrive to get stereotyped about instruments I enjoy." Hildegarde rubs her chin. "But I do like good balalaika solo. Anyway, I only here to invite you on excursion with other 'girly girls'." Hildegarde says the last part with her fingers in quote symbols. "You are invited to come with, but don't feel obligated." Hildegarde walks away.

Felicity says to herself, "That... that was actually kind of nice of her." She darts her eyes back and forth. She places her blonde wig back over her hair.

Hildegarde walks back in. "I forgot to mention..." Hildegarde begins. She looks at Felicity, and hesitates. "Never mind." Hildegarde slowly backs out of the room.

The majority of contestants are shown out of doors, mostly doing their own thing. Douglas is shown on his knees, picking flowers. Shanise walks up and asks, "Hey, pretty boy. What are you doing?"

"Picking flowers," Douglas states. He stands up and holds out his small bouquet of pretty flowers. He asks, "Would you... like to go out with me?"

Shanise looks surprised. She says, "I barely even know you... But, okay!"

Douglas puts his chin between his index finger and thumb. He says, "Heh. It worked. Now to try it out for real."

"Wait," Shanise says. "That was part of a test?"

Douglas turns to Shanise and says, "Oh, yeah. Sorry to use you like that. There's this girl I really like, and I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. No hard feelings, I hope." Douglas almost winces, hoping to have Shanise's forgiveness.

"Mmhm," Shanise begins. "Hold my earrings." Shanise holds out her earrings and Douglas takes them with a confused expression. He looks over and sees Karen walking toward him.

The Scotch Korean hands Shanise back her earrings, and says, "I gotta go. Wait. How do I look?"

Shanise rolls her eyes. She says, "Like a turkey."

"That's slang for good, right?" Douglas asks. He strokes his hair with his free hand, in an attempt to make it look better. "I'll talk to you later." Douglas walks off. Shanise glares after Douglas. Douglas walks toward Karen, who doesn't see him, yet, as she's looking down at the ground. Douglas says to himself, quietly, "You can do this."

Karen suddenly stops walking, holding the cupcake from Elisabeth. She looks to her side and sees Michaiah sitting with his head held down. The blonde says, "Um... Is everything okay?" Michaiah holds his head up, and looks particularly sad. He shakes his head. Karen looks at the cupcake in her hand. She holds it out to the physically strong teen and says, "Maybe this will cheer you up." Michaiah looks at the cupcake, and tries to force a smile. "Here." Karen hands the cupcake to him. Karen leans down and hugs Michaiah. She says, "I hope you feel better. Okay?" Douglas looks on from a slight distance. He looks at the flowers in his hand, drops them to the ground, and walks away. Michaiah takes a bite of the cupcake and smiles, with his cheeks full. At first he looks confused, then his eyes get wide. He sticks out his swollen tongue, and his face becomes red and puffy. He proceeds to collapse to the ground, as Karen looks incredibly concerned.

As time ellapses, Chris is present, and the paramedics leave the area. Michaiah stands up, looking flustered, but his allergic reaction has cleared up. Elisabeth guiltily looks at Karen and mouths, "Sorry, I didn't know that would happen."

Karen looks embarrassed, but assures, "It wasn't your fault."

Chris looks around at the gathered concerned contestants. He says, "Well, since everyone is here to make sure Michaiah is okay, we might as well make it worth it and get ready for today's challenge."

"You're sick," Shanise assures.

Chris assures, "We waited too long to see everyone in their swimwear, so it's a swimming challenge."

"Have we not only had just one of the challenges, yes?" Anneliese asks, in her usual broken English.

Chris states, "Yes, and because we waited, Ginger is gone." Chris frowns and looks to the side. "Go get ready," the host commands.

The contestants return in their swimwear. LeVar appears behind Hildegarde and Elisabeth and wraps his arms around them. He says, "Hello, foxy ladies. Lookin' good. Feel free to ogle me, too."

Marcello stands next to Brody and looks down at his tight fitting swimwear. He laughs and says, "That's quite the pair of budgie smugglers, mate." Quimberly sighs and rolls her eyes.

"Um, thanks, bro," Brody says, with a half smile. He looks at Quimberly. "What's with the reaction? What does he mean?"

Quimberly says, "I don't feel like explaining that one."

"It's either that, or a bunch of innocent children looking it up on a search engine," Chris assures.

Quimberly sighs. She says, "I guess with great knowledge comes great responsibilty. It's an Australian slang term for a tight men's swimsuit that looks like someone is smuggling a budgie, the nickname of a budgerigar, a parrot indigenous to Australia." Zach has his arms folded, as he rolls his eyes. Felicity looks at him with a confused expression.

"It is possible to know too much," Cheyenne says with wide eyes.

Chris says, "Back to the challenge, at hand. Each of you will send out two team members at a time. You'll dive into the lake, and try to find different pieces of furniture to complete this lovely bedroom set." Chris points to two empty room displays. "Each set of two can only bring back one item, so think carefully about who you send out and what they bring back. There's one bed, one nightstand, one wardrobe, a lamp, two chairs, and a painting for each team. The challenge isn't over there. Each team will choose one person to decorate the room, as well as diving. The team that gets all the items first gets a twenty-five point bonus, but more points can be achieved through the interior design portion of the challenge. Depending on how good the room is, it can earn a possible one hundred points. The team that gets the most total points gets invincibility and a very special reward."

"Which is?" Vinnie asks.

"A secret," Chris reveals.

Vinnie replies, "Figures."

"So get your roles straightened out, and we can start the challenge," Chris states.

LeVar appears behind Anneliese and Prescott. He says, "You should have girly boy, here, do the interior design."

Prescott rolls his eyes. Anneliese says, "Why are you in the being of on our side?"

LeVar sweetly admits, "I just wanted to wish my favorite rival team good luck."

"That is so surprisingly very nice," Anneliese admits.

LeVar gets a devious grin and snaps the strap on the back of Anneliese's bikini top, as she gives a wide eyed grimace. The bully then pulls down Prescott's shorts. He looks at Prescott, and says, "Seriously, dude? What a nerd." LeVar laughs and returns to his team.

Prescott is shown in confessional. He says, "That LeVar fellow is a true brute, through and through." Prescott folds his arms and looks to the side. "It's a good thing I was wearing briefs under my swimsuit."

LeVar returns to his team members. Brody asks, "Hey, son. What were you doing over on the other team? It's impossible to see anything in this fog."

LeVar smiles and assures, "Just wishing them good luck."

Brody smiles proudly and says, "What sportsmanship."

Chris says, "If everyone is ready, you can... Go!"

LeVar and Trevor run out to the water for the Lying Dogs, and an extra eager Jack runs out ahead of Shanise. "Slow down!" Shanise demands as she tries to run at a steady pace for her.

Trevor dives under water while LeVar wades close to shore. Trevor emerges and calls out, "D'aw, I found the wardrobe, I think." He squints to see LeVar through the fog. "Uh... Are you going to help out?"

LeVar looks at his fingernails and says, "And risk getting my beard wet? You're kidding."

Trevor looks to the side in a disappointed manner. He says, "D'aw... Okay." Trevor dives back into the water.

"Did you find something?" Shanise calls out to Jack as he emerges from the water. He nods his head and swims closer, revealing that he is holding a chair between his teeth. "You are some kind of freaky," Shanise states. She and Jack swim back to shore.

Trevor emerges from the water while dragging the large wardrobe by himself. LeVar smiles and says, "Nice work."

"D'aw, thanks," Trevor says, between heavy breaths. "It was pretty challenging. You want to help me bring it back to shore, maybe?"

LeVar shakes his head and says, "I have a much better idea." LeVar puts his hand on Trevor's shoulder and pushes him into the water.

Trevor says, "D'aw, hey! What was..." LeVar looks down at Trevor with his eyebrows furrowed, and a scowl. LeVar begins dragging the wardrobe back to shore by himself. Trevor sinks down with his mouth underwater while he looks down in a disappointed way.

As Yuko and Felicity run out to the water for the Cloaked Daggers, LeVar carries the wardrobe the rest of the way while Trevor holds his head down. "Wow, LeVar," Elisabeth begins. "Did you carry that all the way from the water all by yourself?"

"D'aw," Trevor begins. LeVar shoots him a wicked glare. Trevor sighs and says, "Yeah, he did..."

"And you kept your hair dry the whole time," Brody states, looking at his stepson. "What can I say? He's an amazing kid." LeVar produces a large smirk. "It's go time!" Brody shouts before running out with Marcello. LeVar looks after Brody until he disappears into the fog. LeVar then looks down and kicks the sand, hitting Douglas.

"Hey!" Douglas shouts.

LeVar smirks and says, "My bad."

Felicity and Yuko return from the water, carrying their team's nightstand together. Their team cheers, and sends out Michaiah and Hildegarde. Hildegarde runs fast as she carries Michaiah out to the water. Brody emerges from the water and calls out, "Marcello? Did you find anything, bro?" He swims in a circle. "Marcello?" Michaiah appears after emerging from the water. "You're not Marcello." Michaiah gives a slight wave.

Hildegarde emerges from the water, with Brody and Michaiah not by her. She says, "I found the bed. Together we can bring it back to shore... Well, I could probably do it alone."

"Do what alone?" another voice asks.

Hildegarde turns around. She lets out a slight scream. "What is this?" she asks.

"I don't know what you mean, sheila," the voice asks.

"I believe senstation is called..." Hildegarde begins. She splashes water and shouts, "Stranger danger! Stranger danger!"

"Hey," the guy states. "Calm down, sheila. It's just me, Marcello," he says, quietly. He puts his hand to his head, and his eyes widen. He says, "Uh oh." He looks to the side and sees his wig float up. He quickly puts the soaked wig back on, over his short brown hair.

"Oh, it is you," Hildegarde states. "You wear wig, after all."

Marcello nods as he paddles in place. He says, "It's part of my image, sheila. The wig is part of my superstar persona. Let's just keep it between you and me, yeah?"

Hildegarde solemnly says with a nod, "You have my word."

Brody and Michaiah swim over. Brody says, "We heard a commotion, and swam over. Is everything okay?"

Hildegarde says with a nod, "Yes." She grabs Michaiah by the neck and forces him to dive along with her.

Brody blinks and says, "Oh, yeah." He laughs. "I totally forgot about the challenge. Let's go, dude! Yeah!" Marcello smiles, nods, and dives along with Brody.

On shore, Hildegarde and Michaiah are shown hauling the bed, and they set it in their display. Brody and Marcello return with a nightstand. Quimberly runs out at full speed, leaving her partner, Ina, behind. Ina looks surprised and runs out to try to catch up. Zach and Vinnie run out, as well. Wading in a little bit of the water, Vinnie says, "Uh..." Zach pauses. "Can you, maybe, do this one yourself?" Vinnie holds his head down. "I don't want to seem like I'm trying to get out of the challenge, but..."

Zach smiles and assures, "I got your back, bud. I understand."

"Thanks," Vinnie assures. "I really appreciate this." Zach nods. Quimberly walks by carrying a bed by herself. Zach looks at her, and then away in an annoyed manner. Ina runs after Quimberly at a distance.

"I should hurry up," Zach states. Vinnie nods.

Vinnie watches as Douglas and Ollie run by him. Zach comes out of the water, lifting the entire wardrobe by himself. Vinnie's eyes are wide. He says, "Whoa, dude." Zach slowly takes one step at a time and sets the wardrobe down to catch his breath. He leans on the wardrobe for a moment. Vinnie walks up to him and says, "You're way stronger than you look, dude. I'm impressed."

Zach says between breaths, "It's nothing." The wardrobe falls away from Zach, and the doors pop open. Zach looks down with wide eyes and then chuckles. He says, "It's part of the fall collection... Get it?" Vinnie laughs and nods. Zach attempts to lift the wardrobe back up. He trips, falls inside, and the doors shut behind him. Vinnie looks on with wide eyes.

Time goes by, and Jack and Shanise are shown bringing back a second chair. Chris says, "And that's the last item the Cloaked Daggers needed. They get the twenty-five point bonus." The team cheers. "But it's not over, yet." The Cloaked Daggers abruptly end their cheering. Cheyenne and Elisabeth bring back the painting for their team and set it in the display room. "Now that both teams have brought everything back, it's time to start the other part of the challenge. Will the contestants selected for the interior design portion of the challenge please step forward?" Chris asks. Prescott and Elisabeth step forward.

LeVar points at Prescott and says to Cheyenne, who is standing next to him, "I called it." Prescott glares at LeVar.

Chris looks around and says, "At least the fog cleared up. So anyway, you two have a half hour to decorate your room. When you're done, I'll judge the rooms." The host holds up an 'Interior Design for Idiots' book. "I am definitely qualified after reading the introduction of this helpful guide. You can begin." Prescott and Elisabeth begin moving around their furniture, pushing the larger items, and lifting and setting down the lighter items.

After the half hour has passed, and some of the other contestants sleep while standing up, Chris says, "That's time." He looks at both rooms. "I'll start judging." He looks over Prescott's room, and refers to the guide. "Uh huh... Uh huh... Hm..." He moves on to Elisabeth's design. Looking at the book, he says, "Hm... Uh huh... Interesting..."

"Is that a bad 'interesting'?" Elisabeth asks, sounding worried.

Chris shuts his guide and stands between the rooms. He says, "Both designs were very well done. I was impressed, given my extensive knowledge of the subject." The contestants avoid eye contact with the host. "Elisabeth... You're design was very nice. There were a few minor mistakes here and there, but nothing too major." He gestures toward the slightly crooked painting, and the chairs being uneven to each other when they were clearly meant to be adjacent. Chris says, "The Cloaked Daggers' room, on the other hand... was perfect!" Prescott confidently blows on his fingernails. "Everything was straight, and it's entirely balanced. They get a perfect one hundred points." The Cloaked Daggers cheer and pat Prescott on the back.

"So that means," Elisabeth begins.

Chris nods. "The Lying Dogs will be one member less by tonight," the host explains.

LeVar looks at Brody, and smirks. He says, "Good, because there's someone I have my eye on." Brody smiles and waves at LeVar.

Chris says, "About that... Remember that reward I mentioned, earlier?"

"I remember!" Jack exclaims. He pats Michaiah on the chest and says, "I remember."

Chris goes on, "Well, the reward is that the Cloaked Daggers get to choose the member of the Lying Dogs that's going home."

"No way," Zach says, with his eyes wide.

"That's not fair!" Karen protests.

Chris stretches out his arms and says, "Welcome to Total Drama!"

"I thought this season was called Total Deception Isl..." Shanise begins.

"Shush!" Chris says with his finger to his mouth. "The Cloaked Daggers will vote, but the campfire ceremony will be the same as always. As for the secret guessing ceremony, or whatever, I'll skip that this week. Another group of wrong guesses. You need to start trying harder. Quimberly is not a robot, and Brody's ability to walk on his hands with his legs behind his head is not the secret we're looking for."

Brody looks around and says, "Man. Who knows all this stuff about me?"

"I wanna see that later," Marcello assures. The other contestants nod.

Chris says, "Okay, people. I'll be back, later." The contestants nod, some more, as Chris walks off.

Shanise says to the other team, "Pardon us, but we have some business to take care of." She and the rest of her team begin to walk off. Ollie follows after them. Marcello, who happens to be standing behind the shorter teen, reaches out and grabs him. Preventing him from following after the other team.

"Stay here, mate," Marcello instructs.

"Um, okay," Ollie replies, shrugging his shoulders. "Thanks, lady."

Marcello blinks. He says, "I'm a bloke, mate."

Ollie blinks. "A what?" he asks.

Marcello sighs. He says, "Never mind."

"Okay, people," Hildegarde says, after clapping her hands, once. "Who we vote for?"

"Quimberly?" Zach suggests.

"Why her?" Prescott asks. "There's someone else that's been getting on my nerves."

"LeVar, right?" Yuko asks. Prescott nods. Yuko smirks after guessing correctly.

Zach says, "I agree. LeVar is a bit of a jerk, but I think Quimberly is a bigger threat to our team."

"There's someone else that I think you're all forgetting," Vinnie begins. He looks over at Michaiah. "Uh... I'll tell you guys, later. Now I need to visit the confessional, if you know what I mean."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris walks up with a tray of marshmallows. He says, "Welcome to your first elimination ceremony, and lucky you, it comes with a twist. The one of you who doesn't receive a marshmallow will be sent home. Now that that's out of the way, I'll start with the ceremony. Ollie."

"What?" Ollie asks.

"You're safe," Chris explains. He hands a marshmallow to the freckled boy. "Next... Elisabeth." Elisabeth claps. Chris tosses a marshmallow to her. "Next is Trevor." Chris tosses a marshmallow to him. The host stares at him. "Why are you still in your swimsuit?" Trevor begins to open his mouth to answer, as he sticks one of his fingers in the air. Instead of waiting for an answer, Chris goes on, "You know. Never mind. I don't want to know. The next batch of safe contestants are... Cheyenne, Brody, Ina, Marcello, Douglas, and..." Chris pauses. Brody still looks nervous. "LeVar." Brody squeals and hugs his less than enthused stepson. "That leaves Quimberly and Karen." Karen looks surprised, as does Douglas. Quimberly folds her arms and looks to the side. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Karen." The blonde girl catches her marshmallow.

"D'aw, that means that purple haired girl..." Trevor begins.

Quimberly says, "I knew this would happen."

Elisabeth tearfully says, "No! Not, Quimberly!"

Quimberly assures, "It's okay. I'm used to everyone feeling threatened by me."

"This team isn't going to be the same without you," Douglas assures in a somber way. Some of the others nod in agreement.

Quimberly says, "Yeah, yeah." She looks at the arriving Boat of Losers. "I guess that means I have to go."

"No!" Ollie cries out.

"Them's the rules, little guy," Chris assures. "But before Quimberly goes, this is where I read the eliminated contestant's secret." Chris holds up a card. "But out of respect, I'm not going to do that this time." Chris tears up the card. Chris bows his head.

Quimberly assures, "I appreciate the gesture. Not that I have anything to be ashamed of."

Chris nods and says, "It's true. Quimberly's secret was that she has no secret."

Brody frowns and says, "My mind... blown."

Quimberly walks to the Boat of Losers, and gets on. Douglas leads the rest of his team in a huddle, putting his arms around them. He loudly, and emotionally says, "We shall overcome."

Chris says, "Stop it, you guys." He puts his fist gently to his mouth. "You're making me emotional." Chris looks up to the camera and says, "We'll see you next time on the next episode of Total... Deception... Island. That is... if you can forgive what happened here, today." Chris holds his head down. "It's... my fault, with this whole 'other team gets to decide the elimination' twist." Chris puts one hand to his face, and the other to the camera, not wanting the camera to see him cry.

"Hands off the merchandise," the camera man states.

Chapter 4 - Good YearbookEdit

The host in the familiar turqoise shirt states, "Welcome to another exciting episode of Total... Deception... Island!" Chris Mclean gives a wide smile. "On our last episode we got to see our contestants in their swimsuits, and we learned what budgie smugglers are..." Chris puts his hand to his face. "Don't... don't ask me about it." Chris looks up, smiles, and says, "The contestants competed in a challenge to see who could retrieve submerged furniture the fastest, and then decorate with it. Thanks to their speed, and Prescott's interior design skills, the Cloaked Daggers won their first challenge. They also earned the right to vote out any member of the opposing team." Chris becomes misty eyed. "They... abused that privilege, and... voted out Quimberly." Chris bows his head and says, "A moment of silence." After a moment of silence, the host continues, "What will happen this episode? Who will win the challenge? Will a secret actually be revealed before a contestant gets eliminated? There's only one way to find out... and that's by watching the episode, in case I didn't make that clear."

Felicity, Zach, and Vinnie are shown walking together. Vinnie says, "So you got your way, man."

"Woo," Zach replies, sarcastically.

Felicity looks over at Brody and Douglas walking by, Brody cries into his hands, as Douglas has his hand on the bro's back in an attempt to comfort him. Felicity smirks and looks at Zach. She says, "I hope you can live with yourself. So what was it that irked you so much about she whose name is too fantastic to be uttered?"

"What?" Zach asks. "I don't mind Quimberly. In fact, I'm starting a fan club when I get home."

Felicity folds her arms and says, "Uh huh. Even Trevor wouldn't believe that."

"Uh, you know," Zach begins. "She was the biggest threat to our team." Vinnie looks toward his team's cabin, and sees Michaiah sitting on the steps, sulking.

Vinnie says, "As interesting as this conversation is. I'm out. Seeya two on the flipside."

Zach lifts a hand and says, "See you, man." Vinnie makes a peace symbol with his fingers and walks off. "He's a good kid."

Felicity says, "You know what I think?"

"Uh," Zach begins. "You're wondering what I would look like in a French maid costume?"

Felicity smiles and says, "Besides that."

"What?" Zach asks.

Felicity smirks and states, "I think you're afraid of powerful women."

Zach shakes his head. The wisecracker insists, "It's not that, at all. It doesn't matter to me that she's a female woman. She could be a manly dude, as far as I care. The truth is that I'm not a huge fan of know-it-alls or show offs. That's all."

"Oh," Felicity replies, looking a little surprised.

"Don't get me wrong," Zach assures, "It's not that I mind genius, all powerful, world class athletes... I forget what I was talking about. Anyway..." Zach pouts, and looks pitiful, in general. "I hope you're not mad with me."

Felicity laughs. She says, "No... I'm not mad, bro."

Zach lets out a sigh of relief. He says, "Good." He kicks the ground, and stand around awkwardly.

"So..." Felicity begins.

Zach says, "Anyway..."

"I should really get going," both teens say at the same time. They let out a laugh.

Felicity says, "Goodnight. See you, tomorrow."

Zach nods and says, "'Night." The pair stand awkwardly. "Uh..." Zach extends a hand, and Felicity shakes his hand. She smiles and leaves. Zach groans, "A handshake? Really, Zach old boy? Get in the game, Zachy!"

"This is getting hard to watch," Yuko says from a few yards away. "I'm leaving." Zach looks after the observant girl with wide eyes.

Vinnie is shown approaching Michaiah. The non-silent one of the two says, "Hey, man. Another rough day, huh?" Michaiah looks up. He looks back down, and nods. "I'm glad you're alright, if that means anything."

Karen walks up and says, "Hi, guys."

VInnie says, "Hi. I'll... uh, leave tou two alone. Nighty night." Vinnie enters his side of the cabin.

Karen looks at Michaiah. She says, "Are you okay?" Michaiah nods, trying not to make eye contact with the pretty blonde. "I feel really guilty about what happened, earlier. I should have asked you for a list of your allergies."

Michaiah writes something on his notepad and holds it up to the light illuminating from an outdoor light. 'I don't blame you. It's alright.'

Karen nods. She says, "Thanks for saying that... Er... writing that. You're really sweet."

Ina walks up and says, "Um, hi... I don't mean to interrupt, or anything, but the rest of our team is holding a candlelight vigil in memory of Quimberly, in case you want to pay your respects."

Karen nods and says, "I'll be right there." Ina nods, and then walks away. Karen turns to Michaiah and says, "I hope I can talk... at you, again, sometime." She leans down and kisses Michaiah on the cheek. "Walk me back to my cabin?" Michaiah blushes, nods, stands, and Karen takes his hand in hers as they walk toward the Lying Dogs cabin.

Ina walks up to Douglas who is sitting on a rock, not too far from where Michaiah was sitting, holding his head in his hands. "Um..." Ina begins. She blushes, a little. "Candlelight... vigil... Quimberly." Douglas remains quiet. "Um... Are you alright?"

Douglas looks up, not looking alright. He forces a smile and then frowns. He says, "Not really." He sighs. "I messed up, and now... this girl I like, like, likes someone else. I, like, don't know what I'm going to do..." Douglas pauses. "Sorry, when I'm not thinking about it, I tend to say 'like', a lot."

Shanise walks by and says, "Looks like my pity party invitation got lost in the mail." The sassy girl keeps walking, as Douglas looks after her with wide eyes.

Ina looks away from Douglas and says, "Well... If it's, um... any comfort, at all... There will be other girls to, like, like... Man, you got me doing it." Ina blushes.

Douglas laughs, momentarily, before putting his hand to his mouth. He stands up and says, "Thanks for trying to comfort me and all, but I'm not a little kid, anymore. I can't let small stuff like this get me down. You know?" Douglas smiles. "Thanks for your words. I appreciate it."

"Um," Ina begins, as she looks away. "No problem."

"I guess I should be going," Douglas states. "Seeya." Douglas begins to walk away.

Ina lifts her hand to wave and quietly says, "See ya." Douglas looks back, nods, and continues walking. He brushes against LeVar, and turns to face him. "Oh, sorry."

"Watch where you're going, Lady Macbeth," LeVar gruffly states, before pushing Douglas' shoulder.

"D'aw, I don't think he meant..." Trevor, who is standing with both LeVar and Ollie, begins.

"I'll tell you when I'm talking to you, meathead," LeVar barks at Trevor. He turns to Douglas and says, "Get out of here."

Douglas smirks, bows, and says, "It'll be my pleasure." Douglas walks ahead to his shared cabin.

LeVar looks after Douglas, he then turns to Ollie and Trevor. "You know why I called you two over here, right?" LeVar asks.

"I was promised a balloon," Ollie says with wide eyes and a wide smile.

"Ooh," Trevor says, while clapping. "I want a balloon, too."

LeVar puts two fingers on the bridge of his nose as he closes his eyes in an irritated manner, "Would you shut your face?" Trevor holds his head down, and looks up timidly. LeVar lets out a deep breath, then smiles. He says, "I was thinking." He puts his arms around the other guys' shoulders. "You guys are the typical lackeys, right?"

"What's a lackey?" Ollie asks.

Trevor says, "I think it means we're lacking something."

"Oh, okay," Ollie says with a nod.

LeVar forces a smile and says, "Right, you're lacking a leader. Someone to watch out for you. You need someone smart, strong, and not socially ignorant."

"D'aw, you mean Hildegarde?" Trevor asks.

LeVar says, "D'aw, could you be any more stupid?" Trevor holds his head down, and looks to the side.

Ollie laughs and says to Trevor, "He sounds just like you. That was a good impression."

LeVar states, "So I'm offering you two a deal. You vote with me, do what I say, and anything else I can think of, and I let you stand within three feet of me."

"Um, okay," Ollie states.

Trevor says, "D'aw, I dunno, Ollie. I don't know if this is a good..." LeVar grabs hold of the collar of Trevor's shirt, and stares him in the eye. Trevor looks away and says, "I... uh... I guess I'll join, too." LeVar smiles and lets go of the cross-eyed guy's shirt.

"Join what?" Ollie asks.

"My alliance," LeVar states, folding his arms.

"What's that?" Ollie asks.

LeVar shakes his head, and states, "I'm going to bed. You can babysit Ollie for the rest of the night."

"Hey," Ollie states, in an annoyed manner. "I don't need a babysitter."

LeVar laughs, holds up his hands, and says, "Cool down, buddy. I wasn't serious."

"Oh," Ollie replies. "I knew that." LeVar parts, eying down Trevor, as he leaves. "Goodnight!" Ollie looks at Trevor and says, "He's nice." Trevor continues to look to the side. "Oh, yeah. What was that... allegiance thing he was talking about?"

Trevor says, "D'aw..." He pauses for a moment. "I think you mean 'alliance'. That's, like, when people vote together, you know? And, like... uh..." He shrugs his shoulders. "They don't betray each other, I guess."

"Oh, yeah," Ollie says. "I remember seeing that before."

Trevor nods. He points at their cabin and says, "D'aw, I think we should go back to..."

"You're exactly my type, sheila," Cheyenne can be heard saying to Marcello.

Marcello laughs and says, "You sound just like me, sheila."

"I do?" Cheyenne asks. "So..." Cheyenne blushes and looks to the side. "If I sounded like you, why don't you say what I said."

Marcello blushes. He says, "Uh, you're exactly my type, sheila."

"Hyuk!" Cheyenne laughs. She looks embarrassed, and says, "I really do not laugh like that."

Ollie whispers to Trevor, "What's going on?"

"I think it's romance stuff," Trevor suggests.

"Yuck," Ollie says, sticking his tongue out. "I hate romance stuff."

Trevor laughs and says, "I know, right?" He looks to his left and sees Yuko watching, while munching on popcorn. Trevor stares at her for ten seconds, and then screams.

Yuko looks at him and says, "Keep it down. This is getting interesting." She looks back at Cheyenne and Marcello.

Marcello says to Cheyenne, as he kicks at the ground. "I guess I'd like it if you would be... my sheila?"

"Lemme think about it," Cheyenne begins. "Um, yeah!" She squeals.

Marcello smiles and says, "You will? I mean, I knew you were the one for me, sheila. You've made me the happiest bloke in the immediate vicinity."

Cheyenne laughs and smiles. "You certainly have a way with words," Cheyenne states.

Elisabeth walks up and says, "I made cookies shaped like Quimberly's head." Elisabeth leaves.

"Gotta go," Cheyenne states. "See you, tomorrow?"

"You bet, sheila," Marcello says with a nod. He leans over to kiss Cheyenne, and misses, as she leaves. He tries to play it off like nothing happened.

Ollie asks, "So that's it?"

Yuko says, "Give it... three seconds."

Three seconds later, Hildegarde walks up to Marcello. Marcello points to Hildegarde and says, "Hey there, sheila."

"My name Hildegarde," Hildegarde says with a confused tone in her voice. Marcello laughs. Hildegarde clenches her fist. She says, "You laugh at Hildegarde? Hildegarde smash!"

"No, no," Marcello says, putting up his hands. "I was laughing because I thought you were cute." Marcello pauses, after Hildegarde starts to blush. "I didn't mean it like that, sheila."

Hildegarde sighs. She says, "Right, because no hunky boy ever gives Hildegarde a second glance."

"No," Marcello insists. "I actually kind of like you. If I didn't already..."

"You like me?" Hildegarde asks, with wide eyes.

Marcello says, "Sure, sheila. I mean, maybe I would have asked you out..."

"Yes!" Hildegarde replies.

"No, I..." Marcello begins. Hildegarde grabs onto Marcello and kisses him, leaving a deep red mark from her lipstick on the majority of his face.

Hildegarde blushes and giggles. She says, "I never have boyfriend before. Sometimes... I feel undesirable." She hugs Marcello. "Thank you. You make me feel like happy school girl, not under surveillance by government."

Marcello hesitates. He says, "No... Thank you, sheila." He forces a smile.

"Goodbye, for now, new boy toy," Hildegarde states. "Kisses." She blows a kiss at Marcello, before parting. After she's out of sight. Marcello holds his head in his hands.

Yuko says, "Wow. This was way juicier than I could have predicted." Douglas is now standing by Yuko, Ollie, and Trevor, with his eyes wide.

"What just happened with that clown boy?" Ollie asks. "I don't understand."

Douglas and Yuko look at the blond young man, and then at each other. "Um," Douglas begins. "I... uh... We should go. It's passed your bedtime."

"Alright," Ollie says, with a teary eyed yawn. "But only because Roscoe is really tired." Ollie wipes his eyes with one of his arms. He takes hold of Douglas' hand, Douglas initially looks surprised, but they walk back to their cabin, together.

Yuko says, "I suppose you have something to say about what we just saw." Trevor has his head held up as he sleeps while standing in place. Yuko shakes her head.

Jack jumps out from behind Trevor. He says, "Ooga booga!"

Yuko slaps her forehead. She says, "Do you mind?"

"Aw, I didn't scare you," Jack says, sounding disappointed. He points toward Marcello. "How has that two timer not noticed us. We're standing, like, ten feet away, and we're not hiding in the bushes, this time."

Yuko shrugs and says, "I think it's because I've perfected the art of being a background type, it cancels out your sticking out like a sore thumb."

"That reminds me," Jack says. He yanks a splinter out of his thumb.

Yuko sighs. She says, "I... I don't even... I just..." The petite Asian girl sighs, again. "Bye." She walks off.

"Uh," Jack begins. "Bye?" He looks around, frowns, and slightly tilts his head down. The adventurous blond reluctantly returns to his cabin.

In the Cloaked Daggers cabin, on the girls' side, Felicity is shown in her room dancing around in her blonde wig. Shanise and Anneliese walk into the room, and look on with their eyes bulging. Anneliese asks, "Who is the weird dancing blonde girl?"

Felicity quickly removes her wig, and blushes. She says, "Sorry, I was just... doing... something?"

Shanise says, not entirely interested in an explanation, "Uh huh. Anyway, we're here to congratulate you on your new roommate."

"New roommate?" Felicity begins. "But I thought..."

Shanise pushes Anneliese forward before leaving. Anneliese claps and says, "I am in the being of your new roommate, yes?"

"I guess so," Felicity replies. She forces a smile. "Welcome to the... room, I guess." Anneliese hugs Felicity.

"What a wonderfully warm welcome, no?" Anneliese asks. "Yes?" Felicity still has a smile plastered on her face.

Marcello is shown in confessional, with a sullen expression. He says, "I could barely sleep at all last night. I don't know what to do about my current... predicament."

Marcello is shown in his room with his roommates, Douglas, Trevor, and Brody. He says, "Hey, mates."

Douglas looks to the side and says, "Good morning."

Marcello puts his hand on the back of his head. He says, "I'm an ace dater back home, and all... But things are different here in Canada... I was hoping I could get some sort of advice?"

"Don't look at me, mate," Douglas states with his hands held up.

Marcello looks at Trevor, who is flicking his cheeks with his fingers. Marcello quickly turns to Brody. He asks, "What about you, mate?"

Brody replies, "I don't know how much I know about dating." Marcello points at his own ring finger. Brody looks confused, and then looks at his own ring finger, with his wedding ring on it. Brody laughs and says, "Oh, yeah! Woo!"

"How did you meet?" Douglas asks. Brody looks confused, again. "Your... wife..." Douglas slowly says.

Brody laughs and nods. He explains, "I've had a lot of odd jobs. Bartender, window washer, cellphone kiosk artist, scientific test subject. You know. Stuff like that." Marcello and Douglas look at each other with wide eyes. "Anyway, my wifey was at a party for one of her girlfriends. I was... the entertainment."

"Entertainment?" Marcello asks.

"Er..." Douglas says, looking worried.

Brody explains, "I was... uh... a dancer."

"D'aw, like ballet?" Trevor asks.

Brody laughs. He says, "Uh, sure, bro. Like ballet."

"Go on with the story, bloke," Marcello insists.

Brody nods and goes on, "Well, wifey left the room when I showed up, I guess my presence made her uncomfortable. But I didn't hold a grudge or anything. Anyway, after my set was over, and I got dressed, I sat at the steps of the hotel to wait for my ride. She was out there, so we got to talking. She was wondering what happened for me to have that as a career choice, and I didn't have a real answer, other than needing the money. She was a real sweet lady, though. She seemed pretty concerned about me. She told me about her dearly departed husband, and I kind of understood why she was uncomfortable before. She gave me her number, innocently enough, since she worked as a career counselor type thing, or whatever." Brody laughs. "But we ended up getting to talking, and I guess the rest is history."

Marcello looks down. He asks, "How did you know she was the one?"

Brody admits, "I guess I didn't at first, but you never know who the love of your life is gonna be, ya know? It kind of just worked out, and I just knew she was the wifey for me."

Douglas looks down. He says, "That's really sweet, man."

Trevor tearfully says, "I told myself I wasn't gonna cry."

In the next room over, LeVar is shown finishing getting dressed. He looks over at Ollie and offers a smile. He says, "Hey, buddy."

"Hi," Ollie says, as he puts his striped shirt on.

LeVar states, "You know that you and me are friends, right?"

"We are?" the innocent teen asks. He says, "I mean. Of course, I knew. I'm not dumb, or anything."

LeVar shakes his head and says, "I wasn't implying anything like that." LeVar smiles and says, "Anyway, good friends share everything with each other."

"Yeah," Ollie says.

"And we don't keep secrets from each other," LeVar continues.

Ollie replies, "Uh huh."

"So, I was wondering," LeVar says. "What's your secret?"

Ollie shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?" LeVar asks. "How could you not know?"

Ollie looks to the side. He says, "I tried to think of something, but I couldn't think of what it might be."

"If that isn't the most ridiculous lie I've ever..." LeVar begins. Ollie looks down, with a sad frown. LeVar holds his head down, momentarily. He looks up and smiles. "It's okay, man. I understand. I guess Chris didn't spell our secrets out for us."

Ollie asks, "So... what's your secret?"

LeVar folds his arms, looks to the side, and says, "That's none of your business."

The contestants are shown outside, with Chris Mclean facing them. Jack whispers something to Zach, Michaiah, and Vinnie. They look over at Marcello with disapproving glares, causing him to hold his head down in shame. The show's host states, "The majority of you are approaching graduation in the coming year. What better time to have a yearbook photo challenge? Each contestant gets one chance at the perfect photo with our photographer, Annie Winter."

A woman with a gray bob haircut, oversized glasses, a flashy coat, and a camera approaches and says, "Hello, young peoples. I am ready to make... the magics."

Trevor claps and says, "D'aw, a magician!"

Chris sighs and says, "I already said she was a magician... I mean, photographer. You even got me confused. Backdrops, props, changes of outfits, and anything else you might possibly need for a yearbook photo are provided in that pile over there." Chris points to the pile of said items. "Each photo will be judged individually, and rated on a scale of fail or win. The team with the most good photos will win invincibility."

Annie Winter states, "Let us get a move on with it."

Chris says, "That's my line... Well, sort of."

Zach points at Anneliese and says, "Sounds more like her line."

"I do not be in the understanding of what you are meaning," Anneliese assures.

Annie Winter points at Zach. She says, "You! Smart mouth boy! You will be in the going of the first." Zach nods. He goes through the props, puts on a dress shirt, neck tie, and suit jacket. He gets in position, stands in front of the camera. Annie takes his picture, and the flash causes him to wince.

LeVar laughs and says, "With my looking like myself, and that team being a bunch of oddballs, we've got this."

"Yeah, sure," Annie Winter states. She lifts up a camera and snaps a picture of LeVar, just as he lets out a sneeze.

LeVar barks, "I wasn't ready."

A montage shows Yuko, Karen, Shanise, and Douglas getting their photos taken, all looking good, for themselves, as the pictures happen. The photographer continues to photograph contestants.

LeVar is shown in confessional with his arms folded. He states, "With my photo ending up as unfortunate as it did, I have to ensure that my photo isn't the worst on the team. Just in case the elimination comes down to that."

After finishing up Prescott, Ina, and Felicity's pictures, the photographer prepares to photograph Brody. LeVar shouts, "Hey, Brody. Your fly is down!"

Brody produces a large, natural smile, and gives two thumbs up. He says, "Thanks for the heads up, son." Annie flashes the photo.

"Such a gorgeous smile," Annie states, in disbelief. "In all of my photography years, I never be in the seeing of such a perfectly flawed model." Brody holds up his ring finger, as LeVar glares to the side.

Chris announces, "We have two images left to go, Anneliese and Marcello."

Anneliese prepares to get her image taken. LeVar makes goofy faces in an attempt to distract her. Annie Winter looks at Anneliese. She says, "Well, princess, it looks like it is your time for the turn."

Anneliese sweats nervously. She says, "Princess? What an endearing term of endearment." She looks nervously, left to right, but by this point, most of the other contestants are no longer paying attention. Annie snaps a picture of the secretive princess. Annie looks at Marcello, who gives a cheeky smile. "I guess disco clown man is last to get picture taken."

"Right on ya, sweetie," Marcello states.

Cheyenne cheers, "You can do this, Marcello!"

Hildegarde cheers, "Yes! Go Marcello!" Marcello looks at the girls nervously and blows a kiss in their direction. They each separately gesture that they are catching the kiss, and they put it to their hearts.

"Enough with that," Annie barks. "Time for photo." Annie holds up her camera as Marcello gets ready to be photographed. He points at the camera. LeVar runs by, snatches Marcello's wig, and keeps running. Marcello's short brown hair is now exposed. Marcello's face shows his panic, as Annie snaps the picture, and immediately walks away, saying, "I'm done, now. I'll send e-mail with photos."

Marcello grabs on to his head and shouts, "Give that back!"

"How you know Marcello wear wig?" Hildegarde asks.

Shanise says, "I'm pretty sure we all knew, honey."

LeVar stands with his arms folded, as he smirks. He says, "If you want your stupid wig, come get it, punk."

Marcello looks around and says, "I, uh..."

"Play nice, LeVar," Brody states.

Ollie starts paying attention to what's going on. He looks at Marcello and says, "Oh. Hi, Mitchell. When did you get here?"

"Mitchell?" Ina asks.

LeVar points at Marcello and asks Ollie, "You know this guy?" Marcello looks down, and to the side.

"Yup," Ollie states. "He's my brother. Hi, Mitchell!"

"You're his brother?" Prescott asks with wide eyes.

"Step," Mitchell stresses. "Stepbrother." Ollie looks at Mitchell, smiles, and nods.

Shanise states, "So they're related. That is so not fair."

"I don't understand all of this," Brody admits.

Chris smiles and says, "Allow me to do the honors. Ollie here was only allowed to appear with the proper supervision. That's where Mitchell comes in." Mitchell puts a hand on his other arm. "His parents only agreed for Ollie to appear if his stepbrother could also compete on the season. That about wraps it up. I'll announce the winning team at the secret reading ceremony, I think this one might be interesting. I'll be waiting." He walks off.

Mitchell looks up. He says, "I feel like being alone." The slender, young man walks away from the group. Hildegarde and Cheyenne look after him with concerned expressions. Jack looks after him, and then whispers something to Michaiah. Michaiah shrugs and nods.

Mitchell is shown sitting on a stump in the woods, holding his head in his hands. The sun has now gone down, by this point. Hildegarde approaches him. She says, "You lie about identity?"

"I'm sorry, Hildegarde," Mitchell assures. "I didn't mean any harm... I really didn't. There's something else I need to tell you..."

"I'm listening," Hildegarde states with her arms folded.

Mitchell looks hesitant. He says, "I don't know if I can say it. I don't want to hurt your feelings." A glaring light suddenly shines on Hildegarde and Mitchell. They look in its direction, squinting at a shadowed figure, obscured by the light.

A strong voice states, "Honesty is a virtue that is meant to be valued. I, the Masked Tuxedo, shall expose the truth."

"Who are you?" Mitchell asks.

"A defender of truth, and of justice," the voice states. "A protector of innocent women, everywhere."

Hildegarde looks at Mitchell and asks, "What voice talking about?"

"I, uh," Mitchell begins.

"Marcello, or Mitchell, rather," the voice begins. "Hasn't only been deceptive about his identity. There's another girl that he gave his affections to, a fact that he kept away from you."

Hildegarde looks at Mitchell in disbelief. She says, "What? Is that true?" Mitchell holds his head down, and nods. "We're over, creep. Be happy I don't maim you." Hildegarde angrily stomps away.

The owner of the mysterious voice tosses a rose toward Mitchell's feet. It lands in front of him, sticking out of the ground at the bottom of the stem. The voice states, "The truth can hurt, but any pain would have been avoided if you were honest from the start." Mitchell looks up, and then holds his head down. The light shuts off, and the mysterious figure seems to vanish.

Mitchell quietly says to himself, "I know."

Cheyenne walks up and says, "There you are. Is everything alright... Mitchell, was it?"

Mitchell shakes his head. He says, "My lying has caught up to me... I have to tell you the truth. After we spoke last night, I sort of... agreed to go out with Hildegarde, too. Something came over me where I just couldn't hurt her feelings. I'm sorry. She found out and broke up with me, and I won't blame you if you do the same."

"I see," Cheyenne states. "Aren't all of us hiding something, though? I mean, it's not cool for you to promise multiple girls that you will date them, or anything."

"I know that," Mitchell assures. "I have next to no experience with dating, because of Ollie..."

"What does he have to do with anything?" Cheyenne asks with a raised eyebrow.

Mitchell explains, holding his head down, again, "Don't get me wrong. I love Ollie. He's a sweet kid, it's just... When my dad married his mom, I wasn't expecting to become a built in babysitter." Mitchell sighs. "It's not that I don't like helping out, it's just... I haven't been able to have time to date or for extracurricular activities. I had to turn down trying out for the basketball team... even though I love basketball... The only reason I'm on this season is because Chris was interested in having someone like Ollie on... I thought, as long as I kept an eye on my stepbrother, I could maybe have... my own life for once... That's why I thought up 'Marcello'."

Cheyenne looks down. She says, "Oh. I guess it makes sense."

Mitchell says, "But I can see why you wouldn't want anything to do with me..." Cheyenne leans in and gives Mitchell a kiss on the cheek.

The funny girl assures, "I see that you've made a lot of sacrifices, and maybe you made some bad decisions while out here, but... I don't think you're a bad guy."

"You don't?" Mitchell asks.

Cheyenne shakes her head. She says, "And I wouldn't mind going out with a not so bad guy."

Mitchell excitedly says, "That's swell!" He blushes.

Cheyenne lets out a laugh. She says, "We better head back to the others." Mitchell nods in agreement, and he has a small smile on his face.

At the secret reading ceremony, in an area illuminated by torches, Chris says, "We got some more wrong guesses. Felicity is not Molly Cirrus." Zach looks at Felicity with wide eyes. "But we do have a correct guess for once. Marcello is indeed Ollie's stepbrother. If he survives the vote, he'll be living in a tent."

"So can we get to the campfire ceremony, already?" LeVar asks, with his arms folded.

"Not so fast," Chris says with a smirk. "There was one more interesting guess." The contestants look at each other with wide eyes, for the most part. Chris reads a piece of paper, "The son of an explorer who lived in an African tribe after his parents' plane went down in the African jungles. He survived the crash, his parents, sadly, did not." Chris looks up and says, "Isn't that right, Jack?"

Jack nods and says, "That's me, alright." The other contestants look at him with wide eyes.

"Jack will also be living outside," Chris says. Jack smiles wide.

"What about Ollie?" Mitchell asks. "We shared a secret, right?"

"Right," Chris states. "However, nobody wrote it down for him, so he gets to stay in the cabin, again."

"So who won the challenge?" Karen asks.

Chris nods. He bends down and picks up some yearbooks, handing them to the contestants. He explains, "It should be obvious who the three contestants that did poorly are. They were Zach, Mitchell/Marcello, and... LeVar. That means the Lying Dogs need to vote someone out."

"You look goofy, dude," Vinnie says, as he laughs at Zach's picture in the yearbook that Michaiah is holding up. "Felicity, doesn't Zach look goofy? His hair is all messed up, and he looks like he has something hanging out of his nose, or something." Zach covers Vinnie's mouth with his hands.

"Aw," Elisabeth says, looking at her yearbook. "Quimberly and Ginger were among the 'no photo available'."

Chris nods and says, "I'll see the Lying Dogs at the campfire ceremony. Be there."

Prescott walks up to Michaiah, holding a pillowcase full of something. He says, "I didn't have a chance to collect your laundry, Michaiah." Michaiah nods, and removes his shirt and sweater, putting them in the bag carried by a befuddled Prescott.

Karen walks up and hugs Michaiah, "You're so beefy!" Michaiah blushes. "Hopefully I'll see you after the elimination sweety boo, but you better put on a shirt. I don't want my little cutie muffin catching a cold." Michaiah nods.

Douglas removes his shirt and flexes. He says, "He can borrow my shirt." Michaiah and Karen look at Douglas with wide eyes. They simply walk away.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris gets straight to announcing the safe contestants. He says, "Brody, Ina, Ollie, Cheyenne, Elisabeth, Trevor, Douglas, and... Karen. You're all safe." The host tosses out marshmallows. "That leaves Marcello and/or Mitchell, as well as LeVar." Cheyenne and Brody look nervous. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"LeVar." LeVar catches his marshmallow.

"Like there was ever any doubt," LeVar assures.

Mitchell nods and says, "I know I deserve it."

Chris says, "Don't worry about Ollie. I'll keep an eye on him."

Mitchell nods and says, "Thanks." He rubs his hand in Ollie's hair. "You take care, okay, buddy?" Ollie laughs, smiles, and nods. Mitchell looks at Cheyenne. He says, "It was a... It was a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise," Cheyenne says with a slight laugh.

Mitchell waves and says, "Bye, everyone. Be good to each other."

Trevor says, "D'aw, wait... So that guy isn't Austrian?" Mitchell laughs and shakes his head. The tall, young man gets onto the Boat of Losers, and rides the boat into the night.

Chris states, "With that, the competition is rolling along. Will anyone else's secret be exposed, next time? You'll need to watch to find out."

Chapter 5 - Mystery BusinessEdit

"I'm Chris Mclean," the beady eyed host states. "And this is Total... Deception... something or other." Chris looks to the side with an annoyed expression. "Is my latte here, yet?"

A female assistant, holding a clipboard, explains, "Oh, sorry, Mr. McClain. I didn't know you asked for one."

"I didn't," Chris says, with an irritated tone. He holds up his hand so he can look at his fingernails. "I thought my annoyed toe tapping made it obvious that I needed one."

"Oh, of course, Mr. McClain," the assistant assures. "I'll go get that for you."

"It's Mclean," Chris corrects. "But don't worry, I get it wrong sometimes, too. And nah, now I want a cappucino with whipped cream and lots of sprinkles," Chris states. "Cerulean ones." The assistant stands around. "Go!" Chris impatiently commands. The assistant looks surprised, before running off. Chris shakes his head. "It's hard to find good help these days." Chris faces the camera and smiles. "On our last episode, our contestants got their fake yearbook pictures taken. The Cloaked Dagger won the challenge, but that wasn't the good part. A big bunch of juicy secrets came out. Marcello, the Australian ladies' man, was revealed to be neither Australian nor much of a ladies' man. He is, however, Ollie's stepbrother. A fact revealed when Ollie saw him without his wig. Theirs was not the only secret exposed, as it was revealed that Jack survived a plane crash that his wealthy parents did not, and he was raised in the jungles of Africa. As for the elimination, Marcello was booted, not for his secret, but for the fact that he liked girl A, and agreed to go out with her, but then he felt bad for girl B, and agreed to date her. Can you believe that girl A decided to forgive him and continue going out with him?" Chris pauses for a moment. "Or was that girl B?" The host shrugs his shoulders. "You're probably not here for the introduction, otherwise this would be Total Introduction Island, or something. Let's get on with the show!"

Jack is shown standing outside with Yuko and Prescott. Prescott says, with a raised eyebrow, "That was quite the secret you have. I'm really sorry that all of that happened."

Jack nods. The adventurous blond says, "I was really young when it happened, so I wonder what my parents were like. I wish I had gotten to know them, but my biological family says there were awesome."

"Biological family?" Prescott, the wealthy teen, asks, inquisitively.

Jack nods and says, "That's what I said. Yeah."

"I think he's wondering what you mean," Yuko clarifies.

"Oh," Jack replies. "Well." Jack looks down at the ground. "I was rescued by members of a primitive tribe, and I was raised like I was one of them. Then, when I was fifteen, my real aunt and uncle found me, and brought me back to Canada." Jack continues to look down at the ground. "I love my aunt and uncle, and cousin Bob, but I miss the jungle and my family there, too... Even though I realized from an early age that I was different. They may not be my flesh and blood, but I do consider them family. I had a difficult time adjusting to things changing so drastically." Jack stops talking, sounding sad.

Yuko states, "I do remember your story in the news. I never thought I'd meet the boy involved in it. I was, however, wondering how long it would take you to crack."

Prescott asks with a confused smile, "What do you mean?"

The observant girl looks at Jack. Jack explains, "Well... I kind of had somebody write my secret for me."

"Why would you do that?" Prescott asks, still confused.

Jack states, "Well... I love it out here. Every night, I would be disappointed with having to go in at night. I'd rather stay outside." Jack shrugs his shoulders. "I guess that's really all there is to it."

Prescott turns to Yuko and asks, "And how did you know he was going to give in, and reveal his own secret."

Jack immediately replies for Yuko, "Yuko likes to watch people when they think they're alone." Prescott's eyes get wide.

Yuko puts a hand to her forehead. She says, "You make me out to be some sort of pervert. The truth of the matter is that I simply enjoy observing human nature at work. That's all."

LeVar walks up, followed by Trevor and Ollie. The leader of the pack states, "If it isn't the planeteers."

Prescott rolls his eyes. He says, "Oh, great. If it isn't everyone's least favorite jerk."

"D'aw," Trevor begins. "I wouldn't talk to LeVar like that if I was you."

LeVar winces and shoots a glare in the bumbling jock's direction. He angrily says, "And why do you instantly assume he was talking about me?"

Trevor looks down at the ground. He quietly says, "D'aw... Sorry, LeVar."

LeVar looks at Jack. He says, "So, jungle boy, looks like your secret is out. Don't think it makes you 'special', or anything. Your still a dork."

"Um, okay," Jack replies, while smiling.

LeVar rolls his eyes. He pauses to think for a moment, and then smirks. He points at Jack's chest and says, "I know a way to wipe that stupid smile off of your face."

"He's got a nice smile," Ollie states.

LeVar puts a hand up and says, "Let me handle this, Ollie." Levar states to Jack. "That necklace must be pretty important to you."

Jack looks down. He says, "My necklace?"

"Yeah, your necklace," LeVar states. "Did I stutter? Fork it over."

Jack narrows his eyes as he looks to the side. He says, "It is pretty important to me."

"That's what I just said," LeVar states. "That's the point. I take that from you, you stop annoying the world with that stupid smile of yours, and you get too depressed to do well in challenges."

Ollie laughs and says, "I think LeVar just thinks your necklace is pretty."

LeVar glares at Ollie. Prescott steps in between LeVar and Jack. "Oh, what's Fancy Pants getting in the way for?" LeVar asks.

Prescott states, "If you want Jack's necklace, you're going to have to go through me, first."

LeVar produces a large smile. He cracks his neck and knuckles. Prescott gulps. LeVar says, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to say..."

Elisabeth, the pleasnt girl, walks up. She says, "Hey, everyone." She looks at the rather tense situation. She looks confused. "Is everything alright?"

"Yup!" Ollie states, with a smile. "We're pretending that we're going to have..." Ollie makes a serious face, "a smackdown!"

Elisabeth looks surprised. "Is that right?" she asks.

LeVar looks at Elisabeth with a smile and says, "Yeah. I was just playing around with these guys. No big deal, my little porkchop."

Elisabeth smiles and says, "Oh. Sounds like a fun. Anyway, Brody said he was just getting worried about his 'fellas'. He said it's passed his cabin's curfew, or something, so you better head home."

LeVar folds his arms and says, "Brody's not the boss of me."

"Oh, well," Elisabeth says with a sigh. "I made brownies."

"Yay!" Ollie says while clapping. Trevor also claps. "Brownies are delicioso!"

LeVar states, "We were kind of in the middle of something, sweet thang..." Ollie looks at LeVar with wide, pitiful eyes, and tugs on the larger boy's shirt. LeVar looks down at him, and then rolls his eyes. He says, "Fine." He points at Prescott and states, "This is not over." He walks off, followed by a confused looking Elisabeth and an excited Ollie. Trevor looks at Jack, Yuko, and Prescott with a sympathetic look, before following after LeVar and the others.

"That was a close one," Jack admits. "Thanks for sticking up for me, Prescott."

"Call me, 'Scott'," Prescott insists. "That's what my friends call me... Well, that's what I would like my friends to call me if I had any." Prescott puts his hand on the feathers around the adventurer's neck. "I knew this necklace had to be pretty important to you."

"Um, Prescott..." Yuko begins, with a concerned look.

Prescott goes on, "Did someone from your tribe make this for you?"

Jack puts a hand on the back of his head. He explains, "Well, Scott... It's not so much a necklace as it is... my old loincloth." Prescott's eyes get large, as he slowly retracts his hand. "Er... I wasn't really sure how to bring that up in conversation. Sorry."

Prescott states, "I... uh... Wow." His left eye begins twitching. "Thanks for telling me, I guess." Prescott points backward. "I'm going to... go. Take care of yourself out here, Jack." Jack nods and waves after the dark skinned boy.

Jack turns to Yuko and asks, "Do you think he was grossed out by the whole loincloth thing?"

"Did you see how fast he bolted?" Yuko asks with a raised eyebrow. Yuko looks back after hearing some giggling. "Ooh. Looks like something interesting is going on. I'll see you, later. Don't get pounced on by a porcupine, or anything."

"Are you kidding?" Jack asks. "That would be awesome!" Yuko looks at Jack with a concerned expression, as she slowly backs away.

The small Asian girl looks on, from behind a cabin post, as Michaiah and Karen walk up holding hands. Karen explains, "So, my father is a famous politician." Michaiah's face expresses his surprise. Karen goes on, "I guess I didn't want the others to know, because I thought they might think we're rich, already, but that's not really the case, since dad likes to give the majority of his earnings back to the community. He thinks that he's overpaid."

Michaiah writes something down and holds it up. It reads, 'He sounds nice.'

Karen laughs and says, "You're so cute. Yes, he is nice. Anyway, I just thought that we shouldn't hold any secrets from each other, you know?" Michaiah nods, and then looks down. He begins writing something down. Karen puts her hand on his, and says, "Look. You don't have to tell me your secret if you don't want to... You're not something horrible, like, a serial killer or anything." Michaiah begins to suspiciously dart his eyes. Karen looks surprised. She says, "You aren't, are you?"

Michaiah writes something down and holds it up to the light in front of the cabin door. 'No, I'm just joking around.'

Karen laughs. She says, "You're so funny, Michaiah. You're such a special guy, and I'm glad I got to know that. I know you've been kind of down, lately, though. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Michaiah looks down, momentarily. He lifts his notepad and begins writing on it. He holds it up. It reads, 'I turned eighteen the other day...'

"Oh, really?" Karen says. "I didn't know."

'It's alright,' Michaiah's writing assures. 'I wasn't expecting anyone to know.'

Karen thinks for a moment. The blonde stand on her toes and gives Michaiah a kiss. She says, "Sorry, that was the best I could come up with on such short notice." Michaiah blushes. She looks at Michaiah and giggles. "Sorry. I got some lipstick on your face." She wipes some of the lipstick off with her thumb. The quiet guy looks embarrassed. Karen laughs, again. "You're so adorable." Michaiah puts his arms around Karen and the pair kiss again.

On the porch of The Lying Dogs cabin, Douglas looks on. Brody walks up behind Douglas, and says, "Hey, man. Everyone else is getting ready for..." Douglas looks back at Brody. Brody looks ahead at Karen and Michaiah. Brody pauses for a moment. He puts his hand on Douglas' shoulder and says, "Oh... Man, it's okay. There'll be other girls." Douglas holds his head down, then nods. Brody shivers. He says, "It's kind of chilly, tonight, bro. Why don't we get inside before you catch a cold?" Douglas nods and follows after Brody, who looks back at the Scotch Korean with a concerned expression.

The scene changes to Hildegarde and Shanise's room. Shanise walks in in a towel. She watches as Hildegarde punches a tattered item, that appears to have once been a mattress. Shanise's eyes are wide as she asks, "What are you doing, girl?"

Hildegarde doesn't take a break from punching the mattress. She answers, "I draw Marcello's lying, cheating face on mattress."

"That doesn't look like that skinny, white boy to me," Shanise states, as she squints at the object that is hooked to the ceiling.

Hildegarde pauses from her workout, with a wipe of her nose. She explains, "It did when I started." Shanise's eyes widen some more.

Anneliese walks into the doorway and says, "It is time for beautiful debut, yes?"

"What weird girl talking about?" Hildegarde asks, pointing a thumb in Anneliese's direction.

"Honey," Shanise begins. "I learned to tune her out days ago."

Anneliese pulls Felicity toward her. She triumphantly declares, "Of the ta-da'ing!" Hildegarde and Shanise look at Felicity and attempt not to laugh. The smart girl's short hair is in multiple small ponytails. "So how does she be in the looking?" Anneliese asks.

"Stunning," Shanise says, stifling a laugh. Felicity glares at the sassy girl.

Anneliese cheers and claps. She says, "This fun we be in the having of is most wonderful!"

"I'll say," Hildegarde states.

"Let us go, most recent roommate," Anneliese declares. "We be in the having of more fun!"

"I hope it's not too much fun," Felicity states, with a raised eyebrow.

Anneliese says, as she claps, "That sounds wonderful!" She drags Felicity away, who mouths, 'Help me', before being out of view.

Hildegarde and Shanise look at each other. Hildegarde says, "So, how you think weather will be, tomorrow?"

In front of the door to the guys' side of the Cloaked Daggers cabin's bathroom, Zach knocks on the closed door. He says, "Hey... Prescott? Is everything okay in there?"

"Yes," Precott answers from within. "Go away."

Zach says, "See, I would, and what you do in there is your business, but we got a line of guys out here, ready to burst." Zach points his thumb backward. Michaiah is on the ground in the fetal position with his hands between his legs.

Vinnie states, as he looks down at Michaiah, "I'd be grabbing my junk, too, if I could reach it."

"Sad story, bro," Zach assures.

Jack walks up from upstairs. He says, "Just getting my essential belongings, before my first night out in the wild."

Zach has his pinkie in his ear as he wiggles it around. He looks at Jack. He asks, "Just your teddy bear?"

"That's all I need," Jack assures with a smile. "Uh. What are you fellas doing?"

"Waiting for Prescott to emerge from the bathroom," Vinnie explains. "He takes longer in there than a girl."

Zach teases, "Like you would know, bro."

"Ouch," Vinnie says with a laugh.

Jack smiles and says, "Well, I get to live out in the wild, where I can use the bathroom wherever I want." Jack embelishes his words with a grand gesture.

Zach looks at the blond boy, and blinks. He says, "Remind me to watch my step out there."

Jack nods and excitedly says, "See ya, guys." Zach waves, Vinnie nods, and Michaiah continues squirming, as Jack walks outside.

Prescott opens the bathroom door in his usual outfit. Vinnie states, "Finally."

Prescott shuts the door. He says, "I forgot my toothbrush." He opens the door, and then closes it, again. "And my retainer." He opens the door, again.

"You sure you got everything this time?" Zach asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Prescott says, "Let me check." He closes the door, again. He opens the door for a fourth time, and says, "Nope that was everything."

"I was kind of joking," Zach states, "but... Whew. You're out." Vinnie rushes by Prescott, closing the door behind him. "Aw, man. Not cool," Zach whines.

Prescott has one hand in his pocket, he asks, "If you lads don't mind, I'll be upstairs getting ready for bed."

"Have fun with that," Zach assures. Prescott nods and parts, looking down at Michaiah, in the process. "Don't worry about him. I'm pretty sure that he's still alive." Prescott looks back with a concerned expression, and nods.

Prescott is shown upstairs buttoning the top of his pajamas. Vinnie walks into the room and says, "Hey, man. Thanks for getting out of there before dawn." Vinnie's eyes gravitate toward one of Prescott's hands. Prescott quickly puts the hand in one of his pockets. Vinnie asks, "Dude, what's up with you hand? It looks raw, dude. Is it some kind of skin condition?"

"No, it's alright," Prescott assures, as he quickly wraps his hand in a bandage.

"Maybe you should go see Nurse Hatchet and get it checked out, just let him know it isn't a personal visit," Vinnie suggests.

Prescott repeats, in a more irritated manner, "I said it was alright. Lay off me. You don't hear me asking about your problems on a constant basis."

Vinnie looks taken aback. He says, "Uh. Right. Sorry, dude. It's none of my business."

Prescott sighs. He says, "No... I'm sorry. I was out of line..."

"It's alright," Vinnie assures. "No harm done. Now that that's over..." Vinnie lets out a heavy sigh. "Dude, I've been in these pants way longer than I would like to be." He sits on his bed, and begins unfastening the button on his pants with one of his feet, as Prescott tries to avoid looking at him in amazement. Vinnie looks up at Prescott. "It's been a while since you hit the flat iron."

Prescott feels his now slightly poofy hair. He digs through his bag, pulls out a flat iron, and plugs it into the wall outlet, pulls the plug out, and plugs it back in several times. Vinnie looks down at him with a confused expression, before the dark skinned boy begins using the flat iron to straighten his hair. Zach walks in the room and says, "I feel twenty pounds lighter. Life is good."

"Did Michaiah survive the wait?" Vinnie asks.

Zach explains, "I think he passed out in the bathroom, bless 'im."

In the Lying Dogs' girls' room, Cheyenne looks over at Karen who is making paper dolls of some sort. "What are you doing?" Cheyenne asks, with one raised eyebrow.

"Making paper dolls," Karen explains. She extends the paper creation. "They're Michaiah. Can you tell?"

"Seeing that they haven't said anything since their arrival, I can see the resemblance," Cheyenne states.

Karen sighs and says, "Yeah."

Elisabeth puts her hand over her heart. She says, "I was just thinking about it. Cheyenne, you must be heartbroken over Marcello/Mitchell's elimination."

"Nah," Cheyenne assures. "I'll see him once the competition is over, in all his tall, lanky glory." Elisabeth continues to sympathetically look in Cheyenne's direction.

Karen hands some paper dolls to Cheyenne, who holds them up with both hands. "I made these for you," Karen insists.

Cheyenne asks, "Are these stick figures supposed to be Mitchell?" Cheyenne pauses for a moment. "It's pretty accurate." Elisabeth sighs, and sadly shakes her head while looking at Cheyenne.

Elisabeth says, "A cry for help if I've ever heard one." Elisabeth thinks for a moment. She says, "Has anyone seen Ina?"

"Um," Ina says, from a few feet away, sitting on a couch. "I'm right over here." The other girls look at her with wide eyes.

The next morning, Michaiah is shown exiting his cabin. He turns around and sees Karen sitting in front of the cabin. She stands up and says, "Michaiah! You're the one I've been waiting for!" Michaiah blushes and smiles. Karen gives her boyfriend a kiss. She holds up something she was holding behind her back. Michaiah's face shows his confusion. Karen explains, "It's a T-shirt I had made before the competition." The tiny pink T-shirt has an 'I', a picture of a heart, and the name 'Karen' on it. "I would have made one for myself, but I didn't know what your name was before the show."

Michaiah writes something on his notepad, and holds it up, 'S'okay.' Karen looks at the silent strong man expectantly. Michaiah writes, again. And winces as he holds up the words, 'I', with a drawing of a heart, and the word 'it'. Karen claps and hugs Michaiah.

The clingy blonde says, "I can't wait for you to put it on. I'm sorry it isn't in your size... I didn't know you were going to be such a beefcake." Michaiah blushes. He stares down the small shirt, that Karen continues to hold up.

Chris Mclean is shown looking at his watch, amidst nearly all of the remaining contestants. He says, "Where's that Michaiah guy? I don't have all day."

Karen looks on, looking worried. She points, smiles, and says, "Here he comes." The silent teenager walks up, wearing the ill fitting T-Shirt, that exposes the majority of Michaiah's midriff. Most of the other contestants let out a laugh, as Michaiah's face becomes bright red. LeVar makes the sound of a cracking whip. Karen assures, "Don't listen to them, they're just jealous of what we have."

Chris wipes a tear from his eye, as he finishes up laughing at Michaiah. He says, "So the reason we're all gathered here today is to discuss the challenge."

Shanise assures, "I'm pretty sure that's why any of us tolerate standing anywhere near you."

Chris glares at Shanise. He states, "You do realize, Miss Thang, that I can orchestrate random, nonsensical eliminations whenever I feel like, right? It helps to be pleasant to me."

"Just get on with explaining the challenge," LeVar impatiently states, with his arms folded.

Chris nods and explains, "Today's challenge is based on all those amazing mystery cartoons I watched growing up."

"They had cartoons in the 18th century?" Cheyenne asks. Chris glares at the girl with the braided hair.

Some other contestants laugh. Zach says, with a laugh, "Nice one."

Chris states to Cheyenne, "I hope you go down, first." Chris looks more congenial. "This challenge is beach themed. Each of you will put on your swimwear and do a Total Dramatization of a swingin' 60's inspired beach party. Your party will be crashed by a creepy tiki dude. If you're tagged by him, you're out of the challenge." Chris gestures by putting his hands up and wiggling his fingers. "His hands represent lava. If you remove his mask, or state who it is after he tags you, your team will be disqualified and automatically lose invincibility. After you're tagged, you can go sit on the Bench of Challenge Elimination." The host gestures at the plain bench with a fancy name. "The winning team will be the one who has at least one member unmask the bad guy that is not disqualified."

"I'm calling right now that it's Chef Hatchet," Vinnie states.

"I'd bet against you," Felicity assures, "but I agree, dude."

Chris states, "If you're all ready to get ready, we can get this party started." The contestants nod, and walk back to their cabins.

The contestants return and set foot on the beach. Chris sits on a lounge chair and sips out of a coconut. Chris says, "Let's start this shindig." He reaches over to a boombox, that is just out of his reach. He calls, "Yo, random dispensible intern." An intern in a shirt similar to Chris', but in purple, arrives. Chris points to the stereo and says, "Turn that on." The intern nods and complies with Chris' command. The intern lingers. Chris sighs and says, "You can leave now, your mere presence is probably killing our ratings." The intern becomes tearful before leaving the area with his head held low. Chris looks at the contestants, who are standing still. "What are you waiting for? Start shindigging."

LeVar asks, "I have a question, is physical violence appropriate for this challenge... against the alleged tiki person, at least?"

Chris puts his hand to his chin and says, "I'd say... about moderate violence is allowed. No mortal wounding, please. I'd hate to have to pay more hospital bills..." LeVar nods, and begins dancing.

The muscular LeVar looks in Elisabeth's direction and says, "Hey, mama. Check it out." He flexes his biceps. Elisabeth blushes. LeVar moves on to flexing his chest muscles. "Let's dance." He begins swinging his arms. "Come on. Do the monkey with me." Elisabeth looks confused. She begins swinging her arms in a similar fashion to LeVar.

Zach holds a cup full of punch. He says, "When is this challenge actually going to start?" Vinnie shrugs. The deformed teen is wearing a lei. He takes a sip from his cup of punch that he holds up with his foot. Zach looks on in amazement. He says, "You have got to show me how to do that."

After he stops dancing, LeVar walks over to the water, and looks down at his reflection. He sighs and says, "I am so hot." He makes a kissing motion with his lips at his reflection. LeVar continues talking to his own reflection, "Hey, good lookin'." LeVar begins to look confused just before a daunting figure wearing a tiki mask and a grass skirt emerges from the water, right in front of him. The mystery figure reaches out and pushes LeVar down.

Chris laughs and says, "And with that, LeVar is out of the challenge."

LeVar frowns. He says, "And I didn't even get a chance to get physically violent." Brody looks on with a confused expression. LeVar covers, "You know... In order to protect my friends." Brody nods, and gives an approving smile, before running from the figure.

"That is definitely not Chef Hatchet," Shanise says with wide eyes as she looks at the light skinned, muscular figure. She runs off.

Hildegarde spits to the side and says, "Please. Hildegarde is no afraid of freaky freak." The large woman runs at the mystery figure yelling, "Hildegarde smash you, monster!" As she approaches the man wearing the tiki mask, he grabs her by the hand and flips her over his tiki mask. The strong girl lands with a heavy thud.

Chris laughs. He says, "Officially, I refer to him as 'Creepy Tiki'. And haha! Hildegarde is out of the challenge."

Felicity says to Zach and Vinnie, "Obviously, we aren't dealing with an average tiki mask wearing psycho. This guy is strong. If we want to win this challenge, we need to do something strategic."

"Right, Rericity," Zach states. Vinnie and Felicity look at him. Zach says, "Rorry." He continues chewing. "Rese kabobs are amazing. You've rot ro ry rem." Creepy Tiki appears behind the trio, with his arms extended, and they look at him and respond by scattering.

Michaiah and Karen are shown in the woods holding hands. Michaiah holds up a piece of paper that reads, 'I'm glad you're alright.'

Karen hugs Michaiah and says, "I'm glad we're together." Michaiah blushes, smiles, and nods.

Shanise and Anneliese are shown in the woods. Anneliese says, "We are in the hiding, right now?"

Shanise nods and says, "Uh huh." She looks at her companion. "How did I end up with you?"

Annelise states, "I do not be in the knowing, but happy coincidence it is."

"If you say so," Shanise says, with an eye roll. Creepy Tiki walks up to the girls and growls. Shanise lets out a scream, and Creepy Tiki chases after the girls. Music starts playing in the background as he chases them through the forest. Shanise and Anneliese are shown running to the left, and Creepy Tiki runs after them. They're shown running to the left past the same trees, again, as Creepy Tiki follows. Creepy Tiki is shown running back to the same area, looking confused, as the girls appear to be out of sight. The two female contestants swing by above on vines. He leaps to try to catch them but fails. When the girls get back on the ground, they continue to get chased. Creepy Tiki chases the girls to a dead end, surrounded by cliffs too steep to climb. The music stops playing.

Anneliese asks, in a panic, "What are we going to be in the doing of?"

Shanise thinks as Creepy Tiki approaches. She says, "I have an idea." She pushes Anneliese forward and says, "Take her. She'll totally make out with you."

"I do not be in the understanding of your definition. What do you mean by the saying of the 'making out'?" Anneliese asks, with a confused expression.

Creepy Tiki continues to approach, not hesitating. Shanise shrugs her shoulders and says, "It was worth a shot. I was hoping that my saying that would buy me some time, so I could escape." Creepy Tiki proceeds to tag both girls, eliminating them from the challenge.

Michaiah and Karen are shown, again, near the team cabins. Karen says to her boyfriend, "Wait out here, while I go get something that might help us in this challenge. 'Kay, babe?" Michaiah nods and smiles. Karen kisses Michaiah on the cheek, making him smile and blush. "You're so cute!" Karen leaves to go inside her side of her team's cabin, as Michaiah is left waiting outside.

Michaiah looks to the side after waiting for a short time, and sees an approaching figure. Michaiah looks nervous. Douglas steps forward and says, "Relax. It's just me." Michaiah nods, recognizing the other guy. Douglas' face becomes serious. He says, "We need to have a little talk, man to man."

The scene changes to Trevor and Ollie hiding in the woods. Trevor hides behind a skinny tree, that fails to hide his bulky frame. He says, "D'aw, I don't think that tiki guy is gonna find us, Ollie." Ollie doesn't reply. Trevor looks down at the ground and asks, "Ollie?" He looks down and sees the smaller boy holding his knees as he leans up against a tree, trembling in fear. "D'aw... Ollie? Are you alright?" Ollie lets out a whimper. "D'aw, Ollie..." Trevor begins. "There's nothing to be scared of."

"How can you say that, when there's a mad man looking for us?" Ollie asks, his trembling voice confirming his fear.

Trevor frowns. He says, "Ollie..." He extends his hand to Ollie, and helps him to his feet. "This is just part of the challenge. There's nothing to be a-scared of. It's all fake. Chris said it was part of the challenge."

Ollie looks at Trevor, who offers a reassuring smile. Ollie nods and says, "Okay. I believe you." Ollie keeps holding onto Trevor's hand.

Rustling can be heard from one of the bushes. Trevor crouches to the ground and puts one of his hands over his head. He says, "D'aw, don't hurt us!"

Brody, the person causing rustling in the bushes, steps out and says, "Hey, boys. It's just me. No reason to be scared."

Trevor stands, again, and nods. Ollie laughs and says, "You were scared." Trevor playfully sticks his tongue out at the smaller guy.

The sound of rustling leaves from the bushes occurs, again, and Brody turns to face it. He states, "Don't worry, that's probably just another teammate." Creepy Tiki emerges from the bushes and lifts his arms in an attempt to scare the three guys. Brody turns his head back, as both Trevor and Ollie look frightened. Brody commands, "Get out of here. I'll try to buy you guys some time to get away." Trevor and Ollie nod, and begin running. Brody turns to Creepy Tiki, puffs out his chest, and states, "Come at me, bro!" Creepy Tiki knocks Brody down almost immediately, and chases after the other boys. Brody calls out with his hand by his mouth, "I think I bought you guys a good three seconds! You're welcome!"

Michaiah and Karen are shown, again. Karen leads Michaiah by the hand, and carrying a fashionable bag in her other hand. They pass through the woods and reach a large secluded tent in the middle of the forest. Michaiah holds up his notepad that reads, 'Where are we?'

Karen looks at Michaiah sweetly, and says, "I think we're lost. We better go inside here to see where we are." Michaiah looks down, but nods. The couple enters the tent adorned with decorations of Chris Mclean, including statues and portraits. "This must be Chris' tent."

Michaiah writes something down in his notepad and holds it up. 'I don't think Chris would like us being in here.'

"I'm sure it's okay," Karen assures. "I think this is probably the best place for us to hide." Karen continues to look around. She sees a bulky object to the side. "Is that a safe?" She approaches it and asks, "You think this has a clue about the challenge... Or maybe the other contestant's secrets?" Michaiah shrugs his broad shoulders. Karen thinks. "If so, that would put us in a really good position in the game." Karen pulls a blowtorch out of her bag, causing Michaiah's eyes to widen. Karen burns the safe, in an attempt to open it. She eventually breaks the safe open, and she and Michaiah look inside. Their eyes get wide.

Michaiah writes something down in his notepad. It reads, 'Is that what I think it is?'

"The case containing the prize money," Karen expresses, still with wide eyes.

'I think we should go,' Michaiah's latest writings state.

Karen reasons, "Well... What's the difference of getting the money this way, and waiting to maybe win in a few weeks?" Michaiah looks concerned. Karen looks at him and smiles. She says, "Come on, Michaiah. I'm going to leave this up to you. I know you can take the case, and together we can get out of here, and..."

"Freeze!" a strong voice shouts. Karen and Michaiah look to the entrance of the tent. Douglas steps forward, holding up a gun. He nods at Michaiah. Michaiah looks down, and then grabs Karen from behind. "My name is Agent Douglas Macalister, undercover agent of the RCMP." Douglas holds out an official badge, briefly. "Karen Sharon Hart, or should I say 'Lotta Gillespie'..." Michaiah's eyes widen. "I am arresting you for the charge of attempting to steal a large sum of money, and a chain of other robberies you were the mastermind behind. It is my duty to inform you that you have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay. You may call any lawyer you want. There is a 24-hour telephone service available which provides a legal aid duty lawyer who can give you legal advice in private. This advice is given without charge and the lawyer can explain the legal aid plan to you. If you wish to contact a legal aid duty lawyer, I can provide you with a telephone number. Do you understand?" Karen nods and looks to the side. "Do you want to call a lawyer?" Karen shakes her head, looking annoyed. "You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be given in evidence."

"I do have one thing to say," Karen states. She holds her head to the side, and elbows Michaiah in the stomach, causing him to let go of her. She runs toward the side of the tent, as Douglas points his gun in her direction. "You'll never catch me."

"There's only one way out of this tent," Douglas states. Karen pulls a knife out of her bag, and cuts a slit through the side of the tent. She leaves through the hole, carrying the case holding the prize money. Douglas blinks. He says, "I guess there is more than one way..." Douglas looks to Michaiah, nods, and says, "Thank you for aiding your country's police, as I said before, Karen is a thief who takes on different identities and targets young men to do her dirty work for her. She has been on trial, but she has never been convicted of her crimes, as she leaves little to no evidence, and the young men she tricks into aiding her take all the blame. I'm glad to have finally caught her in the act of verbally urging someone to partake of criminal activity in her behalf. But if you'll excuse me, my job isn't done." Douglas turns and rushes outside. Michaiah sits down on an ottoman, and puts his head in his hands.

Back at the beach, Creepy Tiki is shown approaching Vinnie, Zach, and Felicity, while the contestants eliminated from the challenge sit on the Bench of Challenge Elimination. Chris recounts, "Ina is the last remaining member of the Lying Dogs to not be eliminated from the challenge, you know, who isn't missing in action, like Douglas and Karen." Chris laughs. "It was hilarious how Elisabeth got several of her team members eliminated in an attempt to subdue Creepy Tiki with an intervention."

Elisabeth has her hand over her heart. She explains, "Creepy disfigured tiki mask wearing men are people too, Chris." Her teammates look at her with disappointed glares.

"Ina's best shot is waiting for the other team to get disqualified," Chris goes on. Ina is shown cowering behind the Bench of Challenge Elimination.

Felicity states, "I have an idea." She does a quick huddle with her friends, Zach and Vinnie. They nod. Felicity runs to the left, while Zach runs to the right. Vinnie stays still, while Creepy Tiki turns toward Felicity, and groans.

Vinnie kicks sand in Creepy Tiki's direction. "Sand attack!" Vinnie shouts. He clears his throat as Creepy Tiki turns in his direction. Vinnie shouts, "Hey, ugly! Come over here and..." Creepy Tiki runs at Vinnie. "Hey! You didn't let me finish my taunt!" Vinnie nods at Felicity on the left and Zach to the right. Vinnie runs forward, leaps into a flying kick, and hits Creepy Tiki in the chest with his foot. Creepy Tiki grasps Vinnie's foot, but stumbles backwards, tripping as he does, falling a good distance away from Vinnie, slamming into the cleared Bench of Challenge Elimination. Felicity and Zach look at each other, being further away from the fallen bad guy than they intended. They run toward him, as the Lying Dogs cheer for Ina to jump into the situation. The meek girl does so, removing the mask. The contestants gasp.

"D'aw," Trevor says. "Ranger Byron!"

Shanise looks at Trevor with a confused expression. She says, "No. It's that... camera guy... Binky, I think it is?"

The camera man corrects, "It's Bucky."

"You're Creepy Tiki?" Vinnie asks.

"Yeah," the blond camera operator answers. "And I wouldn't have gotten involved with it, if it wasn't for that delicious cheesecake."

Cheyenne points at Bucky and asks, "What is he talking about?"

Chris explains, "I promised him a cheesecake if he portrayed Creepy Tiki."

"Which you're totally going to give me, right?" Bucky asks.

"Yeah, yeah," Chris says. "It'll get to you, eventually. You can go, now."

Bucky stands up and rubs his sore chest. He says, "Alright. Hey, what did you do with my clothes, Chris?"

Chris blinks. He says, "When you said 'hold onto this', you were serious? I dumped those rags in the lake. Oh, and I said 'you can go, now'."

Bucky begins mumbling, as he begins to leave, "Stupid challenge... And to think I shaved my chest for this... Rassafrassin' misha masha..." Bucky departs.

Chris turns toward the contestants and says, "The Lying Dogs win invincibility. As that special reward I mentioned earlier, the contestant eliminated from the challenge first from the losing team will have a hint as to their secret revealed."

"That was Hildegarde," Hildegarde acknowledges. "And you never mention special reward."

"I didn't?" Chris responds. "Well, I meant to. So anyway..." He reaches under his lounge chair and pulls out a box. The host explains, "While you were all running around looking ridiculous, I retrieved this little hint... from the mysterious hint room." Chris opens the box and smirks, as he holds up a pair of handcuffs. Most of the contestants look at Hildegarde with wide eyes.

"That's her secret?" Cheyenne asks.

Chris nods and smiles. He says, "Sort of. It's a hint, like I clearly explained."

LeVar smiles in Hildegarde's direction and laughs. He says, "Ooh. Kinky. Daddy like." Hildegarde glares at LeVar with her arms folded.

Chris looks out on the lake as the sun goes down. He reacts to the sunset as he says, "That was almost as beautiful as me. I'll see you soon at the secret revealing ceremony."

"Has anyone seen Michaiah?" Vinnie asks.

Chris looks among the contestants. He says, "I thought he was here... Guess not... Come to think of it, Douglas and Karen are still missing, too."

Douglas runs up soon after. He states, as he holds out his badge, "I'm undercover Agent Douglas Macalister. I have been posing as a competitor this season in order to get close to Karen, who in actuality is a thief. Have any of you seen her, recently?" The contestants have wide eyes. He says, "Don't panic. Karen is a highly dangerous criminal, and she has run off with the prize money. She is armed with a blowtorch, and..."

"What?!" several contestants say, in shock. Some contestants run around in a panic.

Douglas holds his hands up. He states, "Stay calm! I will apprehend the criminal, stay here, and don't..."

"D'aw!" Trevor shouts, looking scared. "Gotta hide!" The big guy runs off.

LeVar shouts, "Hey, get back here! You need to stand in front of me in case that chick tries to assault me!" Brody, LeVar, and Ollie run after Trevor.

Jack shouts, "Oh, boy! This sounds like a real adventure!" The excibatle teen runs off. Most of the other contestants scatter.

Prescott sits down next to Ina and says, "I'm staying right here." He uses his shorts to wipe off the Bench of Challenge Elimination before sitting down.

Douglas looks at Chris. He snatches the pair of handcuffs and says, "Thank you, citizen. I can use these."

Chris says, "You're going to give those back, right?" Douglas runs off. He momentarily looks at Ina and then holds down his head, before heading off into the night. Chris shrugs his shoulders, and leaves. Ina eventually does, too.

Prescott looks around. He laughs and says, "You're not just going to leave me here... by myself... in the dark... are you? Hello? Somebody?"

The scene changes to Karen running through the woods. She looks back with a smile. She says, "That was way easier than I expected. Nobody's going to find me out here, so I have time to rest, and think about..." A bright light flashes. Karen faces the light.

A voice states, "Stay put, evildoer. All of your evil deeds will now come to an end."

Karen squints and looks toward the mysterious figure obscured by the light. She says, "Please. Whoever you are, you're no match for me. I've never been caught."

The mysterious owner of the mysterious voice laughs, and says, "Never say 'never'."

Karen holds up her blowtorch and says, "I'm armed. Stay out of my way, and you won't get hurt." Karen begins to flee, her hand is abruptly hit by a rose with a sharp metal tip at the end of the stem. "Ow!" Karen drops her blowtorch, and it lands on her foot. The case of money also drops. Karen hops around on one foot in pain.

The mysterious voice states, "I'm sorry I had to do that, but that's the risk you took when you decided not to give yourself up, peacefully. I, the Masked Tuxedo, will never rest until truth and justice is brought forth."

Douglas runs up to the scene, and grabs hold of Karen. He puts her in Chris' handcuffs. He says, "You're coming with me." He looks in the direction of the Masked Tuxedo. "Thank you, citizen. I'll take it from..." The light goes out, and the Masked Tuxedo seems to vanish. "Here?"

Douglas is shown escorting Karen to a waiting helicopter with several armed police officers waiting. He nods at one of them who takes hold of Karen, as the other contestants look on. "Thank you, Officer Douglas," the other officer states, as he hands Douglas a stack of papers, before turning around.

Karen states, bitterly, "I never liked any of you, anyway." She looks at Elisabeth. "Your cupcakes were gross." Elisabeth puts her hand over her heart. She moves onto Cheyenne. "Your impressions weren't entirely accurate." Cheyenne pouts. She finally turns to Michaiah. "I never liked you, either. I only targetted you, because of how pathetic you are. The silent act is just... weird, and... pathetic! I thought you'd do whatever I asked due to your patheticness." Michaiah looks down and to the side, obviously hurt by Karen's words. The deceptive criminal is taken away in the helicopter. Vinnie looks at Michaiah with a sad expression.

Douglas turns to the other contestants. He states, "I'm sure all of this has been fairly confusing for all of you. I enrolled in this season, posing as a contestant, after we have been trying to incarcerate that criminal for years. With Michaiah and Chris Mclean's help, we were able to apprehend 'Karen', with proof of her involvement in her attempted crime." Douglas hands the case of money back to Chris.

"You were in on this?" Felicity asks Chris.

Douglas nods and says, "Yes, ma'am. He was." Douglas looks at Chris. "Chris has been involved in some more... minor offenses. His sentence was lessened after he agreed to aid the RCMP in capturing 'Karen'. I apologize for any inconvenience or fear this situation may have caused any of you to feel. After I promptly fill out the needed paperwork, I, like 'Karen', will be leaving the competition, as I was never an actual 'contestant'. I would like to thank Chris and all of you for the involvement you had in this situation." Douglas heads toward the Lying Dogs' cabin.

"What does all of that mean for the competition?" Brody asks.

Chris explains, "With two people leaving, there will be no elimination ceremony."

"That's not fair," LeVar protests. He threateningly points at Chris. "We won that challenge fair and square and we lose two people, while nothing happens to the other team?"

Chris shrugs his shoulders. He says, "It would have happened, eventually. Of course, it was far earlier than I anticipated. At least you have the whole Hildegarde handcuffs thing." Some contestants look at Hildegarde suspicously. She folds her arms and looks to the side.

"So can we go, now?" Cheyenne states, in a disappointed way.

Chris says, "After this. Amidst all the chaos, we did get one guess of a secret. I thought it was pretty interesting." Chris holds up a piece of paper. He says, "It has just three letters on it." Chris turns the paper around. It reads, 'OCD'. "This guess was made about Prescott." Prescott looks to the side. "And it's right on. This should be interesting, as Prescott joins Jack outside."

Jack claps and says, "We're goin to have fun, new roommate."

Prescott looks at Jack and down at the ground. He quietly says, "I tried my best to hide it, at first... Then I just couldn't, anymore."

Vinnie looks over at Prescott and then down at the ground. He says, "I think it's obvious who wrote it down... I hope you're not mad at me. I just thought... Maybe you'll try to get help, now that everyone knows. Sorry..."

Prescott nods, but doesn't look at Vinnie. He holds up his bandaged hand and explains, "I rubbed my hand raw trying to wipe off the loincloth residue..." Prescott shakes in disgust. "Everything went downhill from there."

LeVar laughs. He says, "Oh, man. What a nerd."

Brody looks at LeVar in a disappointed way. He says, "LeVar. That isn't nice."

"Oh," LeVar states. "'Nerd' is new... teen slang... for... somebody totally 'cool'."

Brody says, "Oh." Brody laughs. "You kids and your crazy ever evolving slang."

LeVar states with a smirk, "You're a real nerd, Brody."

Brody smiles wide and points at his stepson. "Thanks, big guy," he says.

"What about Ollie's secret?" Trevor asks.

The host explains, "Nobody submitted anything for him."

"I guess none of us had the heart to do it," Elisabeth states.

Douglas is shown on the lower level of his shared cabin. Brody walks in and says, "Hey, dude. I loved all that awesome spy stuff."

"Thanks," Douglas states. "But it's all just part of my job."

"You're the nerdiest nerd I know, dude," Brody states. Douglas looks at Brody with a confused expression, before finishing up on his paperwork.

Somebody knocks on the cabin door, and Brody goes to answer it. He turns to Douglas and says, "I'll give you two some privacy, but not too much. I'm gonna listen in." Brody walks outside.

Douglas looks up at Ina. He says, "Oh. Ina... It's you. Sorry that I couldn't tell you the truth about what was going on."

Ina nods and looks down. She says, "I understand."

"I'm also sorry if you felt I was leading you on," Douglas assures. "I liked you fine as a friend, but I'm about fifteen years your senior."

"That old?" Ina asks in disbelief.

Douglas states with his hand on the back of his head, "Some of the guys call me 'Baby Face'. I was chosen for the job because of that, obviously. And I portrayed... a character, if you will. One that 'Karen' might have commonly targetted. I had to change strategies after it didn't quite go the way it was planned."

"A character?" Ina asks.

Douglas looks to the side. He says, "I had to play up the 'insecurity' bit, but most of the time I was trying to be myself." He laughs. "I'm more secure, now, but I was really unpopular in high school. I was different from everyone else, awkward, painfully shy, and kind of scrawny... I guess I want to thank you and some of the others for giving me a chance to relive my teenage years. It was nice. I had a lot of fun." Douglas looks down. "I hope you're not angry with me."

Ina shakes her head. She says, "It might take a while to set in, but I'm glad to have met you."

Douglas smiles. He says, "You're a good kid, Ina. One day, you'll meet someone who loves you for you."

Ina blushes and asks, "What?"

Douglas blushes. He says, "It just seemed like the right thing to say... Uh... sorry. I guess I still held on to some of that awkward. Anyway... It was nice meeting you." Ina nods. "I better get going."

Chapter 6 - Sumo No You Didn'tEdit

"Welcome to an all new episode of Total... Deception... Island!" Chris states, with a wide smile. "Last time, Prescott exhibited some unusual behavior, after some stressful events. Vinnie caught on, and revealed to everyone that the snooty rich kid suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He says his motive was for Prescott to get help, but I think he had ulterior motives." The host pauses for a moment. "I say that, mostly because it's more likely to boost ratings than 'genuine concern', or whatever. As for the challenge, the contestants ran around from a dude in a tiki mask. Amidst the chaos, Karen and Michaiah went off by themselves, eventually entering my personal living space. Karen attempted to get Michaiah to steal the show's prize money, but was caught by Douglas, an undercover police officer. As for the actual interesting part of the episode, after Vinnie dropkicked the tiki dude, Ina was the one to win the challenge by removing Creepy Tiki's mask, despite not being on Vinnie's team. The Cloaked Daggers didn't have to eliminate anyone, however, as Karen's arrest kind of put an end to her place in the competition, and Douglas was only here to arrest her, and charm Canada with his boyish smile. The Lying Dogs did receive a clue as to Hildegarde's secret, though." Chris holds up a pair of handcuffs. "How will this little clue effect our beloved Hildegarde? How will Prescott adjust to having to live out of doors? What team will win the challenge? What team will lose the challenge? Watch and find out."

Shanise is shown entering Felicity and Anneliese's room in the middle of the night. She sets down her bags and says, "Hey, guys. How are my two best friends, ever?"

"I don't know," Felicity replies. "Should I text them?"

Shanise glares at Felicity, and then laughs. She says, "Girl, you crazy. I was talking about you guys."

Anneliese claps and says, "Yes. We are most terrific friends!"

"So I'm moving in," Shanise states.

"But we only have two beds," Felicity explains, with one raised eyebrow.

Shanise states to Felicity, "I don't mind. Move over." Felicity sighs, but makes room for Shanise.

Anneliese asks, "Is not Hildegarde and... background girl going to be sad and alone with you in here?"

"Yuko is barely ever around, and Hildegarde...," Shanise begins, nervously looking behind her shoulder. "I have a feeling she can take care of herself."

Felicity blinks. She says, "Hildegarde... Oh... I get it." Felicity ponts at Shanise. "You think that with that hint with the handcuffs means that she's going to hurt you." Felicity laughs.

Shanise folds her arms, and says, "That is not true. I'm not afraid of anybody. Unless they're a bug. Those things are dang freaky."

"Bugs can be most magical friends," Anneliese states. She places a hand over her heart. "When me and my insect friends harmonize with the making of the music, we..."

Felicity and Shanise turn away from Anneliese. Felicity states, "I'm positive that there's nothing to be scared of with Hildegarde. I mean, Karen filled the convict quotient, and I think that it's highly unlikely that two people would share the same secret."

"Like Marcello and Ollie?" Shanise asks with one raised eyebrow, and her arms folded.

"That's different," Felicity assures.

Hildegarde appears in the doorway, in her brightly colored, checker print nightgown. She gruffly asks, "What other girls talking about?"

Felicity and Shanise hug each other, in fear. Anneliese also appears on their bed, looking frightened as she holds the other girls tightly. Felicity assures, "We totally weren't talking about how we think you're a crazed maniac escaped from a local prison after biting through the bars with your teeth, or anything."

Shanise holds her head back with a confused look. She says, "That's actually not what we were talking about."

Hildegarde nods her head, and says, "Good. Clue was most... unfortunate." She points a finger at the girls. "I don't want heads filled with crazy ideas."

"Yes, sir," Felicity nervously replies. Hildegarde lifts one side of her eyebrow. "I mean, ma'am! I totally don't think of you as a big, burly, psycho killer guy, or anything." Hildegarde raises the other half of her eyebrow, before leaving the room.

Felicity smiles and looks at Shanise. She states, with a smile, "I think I handled that pretty well."

"Uh huh," Shanise replies. "Whatever you say." She looks over at Anneliese. "And what's your deal? I didn't think you were afraid of Hildegarde."

Anneliese assures, "I am not. I still have not been in the getting of the used to of that hideous nightgown." Anneliese shivers. "How do common people happen to be able to be in the wearing of such cheap fabric?" Shanise and Anneliese look at each other with confused expressions.

The scene changes to the outside. "Hey, new roomie!" Jack excitedly says, as Prescott approaches their tent, carrying several large bags. Jack looks confused. "What's all this for?"

"This is my stuff," Prescott clarifies. "Having it with me will bring me comfort... I'm dreading the idea of having to stay out here. Besides, if I don't know where my things are, I can get a little tense."

"Oh," Jack replies, still with a bewildered look on his face.

Prescott enters the small canvas tent. Prescott gasps. He says, "You cannot expect me to stay out here. I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Mclean."

Jack asks, "Why? What's wrong with it?" Jack sticks his head inside the tent.

The snooty teen states, bent over, "It's entirely too small. I feel like I'm going to suffocate." Prescott begins hyperventilating.

Jack raises an eyebrow. He says, "I stayed in here, last night." Jack takes a deep breath. "Plenty of fresh air." Jack smiles wide and points at himself. "I'm perfectly alright."

"Debatable," Prescott states with a raised eyebrow. Jack's smile fades into a frown. Prescott looks down. He lets out a shriek. "There's no flooring in here? You can't expect me to sleep on... dirt."

"It'll be perfectly fine," Jack tries to assure, with a reluctant smile.

"No, it won't be 'perfectly fine'," Prescott mocks. "Do you know the level of..." Prescott gulps, "dirt in dirt?"

Jack looks confused, again. He says, "Not off the top of my head..." Jack begins to back out of the tent. "I was planning on exploring, tonight. I'd invite you to come along, but... You're acting a lot different from how I remember."

Prescott's eyes get wide. He says, "You expect me to stay here, alone... by myself? In the dark?"

Jack continues to look confused, as Prescott taps the side of the tent repeatedly. "You're not a little kid... right?"

Prescott looks at Jack. He says, "You're right." He holds his head down.

Jack asks, "Is everything alright?"

"You heard what Chris revealed, that I have OCD," Prescott states. "It's been ruining my life for the last four years."

Jack stares at Prescott. The blond boy fully enters the tent, and sits down. He says, "I'm a little embarrassed." Jack's slightly red face displays his embarrassment. "There's a lot of things I don't know about. I've never heard of OCD."

Prescott looks taken aback, but after thinking about it, he says, "I suppose I understand. You've been out of the loop for a long time." Jack nods. "It stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It basically means that I have certain tasks that I become obsessive about, repeating rituals that I logically have no reason to do. I also am a bit of a germaphobe."

Jack replies, "I don't care what religion you are," Prescott looks confused, "but I don't know if I understand completely, but maybe I do a little more. How did you catch it?"

Prescott laughs, Jack laughs, too, though he doesn't seem to know why. Prescott explains, "It's not exactly something you catch... It tends to be brought on by a... traumatic experience, to people who might be disposed to obsessive behavior."

Jack asks with his eyes wide, "What happened?" Prescott looks to the side. "Never mind."

Prescott begins laying out a cloth to sit on. He states, "Weren't you planning to go out on some sort of kooky adventure?" Jack looks behind at the opening in the tent.

After turning back around, the more adventurous youth replies, "I guess I'd rather stay in here with you."

Prescott assures, "I appreciate the gesture, but it's not necessary. I'll really be fine by myself." Jack stares at Prescott, not moving from his spot. Prescott sighs. He says, "Alright... Thanks." Jack nods rapidly, while smiling.

Cheyenne and Ina are shown sleeping in their room. With her eyes still closed, Cheyenne sniffs the air. She sits up in her bed, and Ina does, soon after. Cheyenne asks, "Do you smell that?" Ina shrugs. "That's probably not the best question to ask in the middle of the night, but I'm tired." Cheyenne stretches her arms, and proceeds to look at a nearby digital clock. "Two in the morning?" She asks with wide eyes.

Ina looks around. She asks, "Where's Elisabeth?"

Cheyenne shifts her head from side to side and says, "Obviously, we have an abductor in Camp Wawanaka."

"I think Elisabeth's just baking something," Ina suggests.

"That was my next guess," Cheyenne assures.

The girls carefully make their way downstairs. They hold their heads out to look beyond the stairs. Elisabeth removes something from the oven. As she walks to set them down, she waves and says, "Oh, hi, girls."

Cheyenne wipes her eyes and says, "What are you doing up so late?"

Elisabeth sighs and puts a oven mitt clad hand to her heart. She says, "I couldn't sleep, thinking about what happened last night. I just had to make cookies."

"I'm not sure that it's the best idea to send Karen cookies in prison," Cheyenne replies.

"Oh," Elisabeth replies. "Not that. I was thinking about those poor boys, all alone out in the wild."

Cheyenne looks at Ina and asks, "Do you know what she's talking about?" Ina shakes her head.

Elisabeth explains, "I mean, that guy with the unfortunate disorder, and that other one that likes to swing on vines, and stuff."

"Oh, them," Cheyenne replies. "Aren't they out of our jurisdiction? I mean, they are on the other team"

Elisabeth assures, "I know that. But sympathy transcends team divisions."

"Can't argue with that," Cheyenne says with a shoulder shrug. Cheyenne reaches out to pick up a cookie. "So how does baking help the situation?" Elisabeth slaps Cheyenne's hand.

"These are for them," Elisabeth states. "I'm going to bring them to them to maybe make them feel better."

Cheyenne states, "I'm pretty depressed, too." She reaches for a cookie, and Elisabeth slaps her hand, again.

Elisabeth shakes her head in shame. She expresses, "I can't believe that you would turn a sad situation into an attempt at personal gain." Elisabeth sighs. She suddenly smiles and says, "I'm going to bring these to the boys, myself." After putting on a coat, she says, "See you."

Cheyenne looks to Ina and says, "That was disappointing. All that investigating and no cookie." Ina laughs. "Hey, how are you feeling about that whole Douglas thing?"

Ina looks to the side. She says, "It was a surprise, but I'm alright. I guess it's to be expected that not everyone here isn't exactly who they say they are."

"Ain't that the truth," Cheyenne states, looking to the side. She looks back at Ina and says, "So..." Ina is sleeping while standing. Cheyenne's eyes widen. Her surprised expression is interrupted by a yawn.

Back outside, Jack and Prescott are shown inside their shared tent. Jack continues, "Then, it was me, two panthers, and a walrus. Only one of us could get out of that situation alive, but the panthers lost interest, and I just walked away... So I guess all of us got out of that situation alright." Prescott holds his hand to his mouth, as he laughs. Jack laughs, too, not really sure why. "So... I don't really know much about you..."

"I'm really not that interesting," Prescott explains.

"I don't think so," Jack insists. The more hyperactive boy looks around the tent. "I like to know about people's heritages. That's something that always held my interest for more than eight seconds."

Prescott shrugs his shoulders. He says, "What do you want to know?"

Jack thinks, momentarily. "What part of Africa is your family from?" Jack asks. Prescott looks surprised. "I'm sorry... Did I say something I shouldn't have?"

Prescott shakes his head. He says, "No. Nothing like that. I was just surprised. Most people mistake me for east Indian. As for where I'm from... I think it's... the... left side? Wait... maybe it was the right." Prescott looks to the side, in an effort to remember.

Jack raises his eyebrows. He says, "I meant, like, the country..."

Prescott replies, "Oh... I... uh... I guess I'm not really sure."

"Huh," Jack says, still looking surprised. "I thought everybody cared about where their ancestors came from, and their history, and stuff."

Prescott looks down. He says, "I guess I never put a lot of thought into it."

Jack smiles, and assures, "Maybe I do, because I wondered for a long time where I came from. I found out when my relatives found me. I guess that's one good thing that came from being taken away..." Prescott looks at Jack, sympathetically.

Elisabeth sticks her head inside the guys' tent. She says, "Oh, good! You two are up!" Prescott lets out a scream. She says, looking embarassed, "Sorry."

"What are you doing here?" Prescott asks.

"Right, you want an explanation," Elisabeth states. "I was concerned about you guys having to stay outside, alone."

"That's nice, right?" Jack states, as he nudges Prescott's arm with his elbow. Prescott looks at Jack and nods.

Elisabeth goes on, "I brought cookies. I hope you guys like them." She hands a plate of cookies to Jack.

"Thanks, nice lady," Jack states.

"You're so welcome, sweetheart," Elisabeth replies with her hand over her heart. "I should go. Take care of yourselves."

Prescott says, "Thank you." Elisabeth smiles and nods, before exiting.

Jack looks down at the plate of cookies. He asks, "What are... coo... kies?"

Prescott looks at Jack and laughs. He says, "You're funny, Jack." Jack looks at Prescott with a confused expression. Prescott blinks. "They're baked goods. Try them. They're good."

Jack nods and picks up a cookie. He takes a bite and says, "Mm. This is good!"

"Told ya," Prescott replies, with a smile. Prescott takes a cookie from the plate, and starts eating it. "These cookies are magical." The guys lie on their backs, side by side.

Jack states, as he goes through another cookie, "When I turn eighteen, I'm going back to my old tribe, if they'll have me back."

"I'm sure they will," Prescott assures.

"You'd love it there," Jack assures.

Prescott asks, "Oh, really? You think so?"

Jack says, "Yeah! There's all sorts of nice people, and lots of jungle, and no minivans."

Prescott laughs. "That certainly sounds wonderful," he says. "But I don't think they'd welcome just anyone... And I don't think my disorder is 'livin' in the jungle' friendly."

"Oh, yeah," Jack says. "But maybe you need to get out of the stressful modern world, for a while. That might help."

Prescott quietly says, "It might."

"Hey, I know," Jack states. "When I move back, you should come with me!"

"I don't know," Prescott responds.

"Oh," Jack states. "I guess that sounds pretty silly."

Prescott laughs. He says, "No, it doesn't." Prescott thinks for a moment. "Fine. You have a deal, man."

"Really?" Jack asks, with wide eyes, as he downs another cookie. "You mean it?"

Prescott smiles, and puts his hands under his head. He says, "Sure..." He eyes Jack's loincloth, displayed around his neck. "Of course, I'm gonna need a bigger loincloth."

Jack laughs. He points at another cookie, before eating it. He asks, "What's in these things?"

"I don't really know," Prescott replies. "That's usually up to the help. But if I were to venture a guess, I'd say... eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and chocolate chips?"

"Sugar?" Jack says with wide eyes, after eating another cookie. "I don't know why, but I'm not supposed to have sugar. I had a bag of it once, though, and I kind of blacked out after that."

Prescott's eyes get wide. He says, "You ate a bag of sugar?"

Jack nods, rapidly. "Uh huh. It was an amazing feeling. My uncle said that I ran through the streets at full speed. The police said they drove as fast as possible, but they couldn't stop me. I broke through fences, and stuff." Prescott's eyes get wide, as he looks at Jack. "Did you ever swim down a waterfall?"

"Uh, no, I can't say that I..." Prescott begins.

"What's your favorite animal?" Jack asks, really fast, as he eats another cookie. "I like cheetahs, but I like pandas, too. I can't really decide on a favorite, but if there was some sort of cheetah panda hybrid, that would totally be my favorite." Jack begins shaking. "If I was a girl, what do you think my name would be? I think it would probabbly be 'Jackie', but I'd like it to be something more exotic, like Chantal, or Jubilee Jumbles." Prescott's eyes are still wide. He takes the plate of cookies away from the blond boy. Jack says, "Hey! I wasn't done with those." Jack quickly stands up. "I'm going to go for a run. I'll be back, later!" Jack runs outside, as Prescott looks on with wide eyes. Prescott eats another cookie, with a concerned look on his face. Jack can be heard shouting, "Wooooooo!" from outside.

The next morning, in the Cloaked Daggers guys' cabin, Zach is shown in his shared bedroom standing in front of a mirror in his boxers. He quietly says to himself, "Zach, my man, lookin' good, lookin' good." He smiles, and flexes. He gets more serious. "There's no way that Felicity will be able to take her eyes of you, my friend. You're funny, you're smart, and you're quite the fox, if I should say so myself."

Vinnie looks on with a raised eyebrow. He states, "Dude? What are you doing?"

Zach jumps, before turning around. He says, "You're... awake. I was... uh... just..."

Vinnie laughs. He says, "I know what a self-peptalk sounds like."

Zach gives a sigh of relief. He says, "You have them, too? I thought I was weird, but it's good to know..."

"Whoa," Vinnie states, lifting his short arms as high as he can. "I never said that. I was talking about... a friend, back home."

Zach chuckles. He says, "Sure you were." Zach stretches. He says, "So... you wanna go for a run before breakfast?"

Vinnie shrugs. He says, "Yeah, sounds good to me."

"Cool," Zach replies. He looks down, and then back at Vinnie, who begins to get dressed. "You didn't happen to hear... everything I said, did you?"

"Not all of it," Vinnie assures. Zach gives a sigh of relief. Vinnie lets out a smirk. "Just the part about the Felicity's imaginary attraction to you."

Zach's face turns bright red. He says, "I was hoping you didn't here that part... I know you like her, too. I mean, what's not to like. I don't want there to be any awkwardness between you and me, though."

Vinnie smiles, and assures, "Dude, it's alright. Go for it. Don't let me hold you back."

"You mean that?" Zach asks.

Vinnie nods and gives a reassuring smile. He states, "You two are perfect for each other. And besides, when you inevitably break up, I'll be there to pick up the rebound." Zach's eyes get wide. Vinnie laughs. He says, "I'm kidding."

Zach laughs and says, "Of course, you were. I knew that." Zach puts a sweatband on his head. "You ready, dude?"

Vinnie nods and says, "Yeah, man. I..." Vinnie looks over at Michaiah, who slightly moves around in his bed. Vinnie pauses. "Uh... You know, man... I'm going to have to take a raincheck. Is that alright?"

Zach nods. He assures, "Yeah, man. I'll see you, later." Zach waves before leaving. Vinnie nods in his friend's direction.

Vinnie sits down on his bed. He asks, "Michaiah, are you awake?" Michaiah doesn't answer. Vinnie blinks. He says, "I, uh, don't know why I'm waiting for a response." Vinnie goes on, "Dude... Can I call you 'dude'? Anyway, I know you have to be hurting, right now... I guess you're the type of guy who has all kinds of crap happen to him." Vinnie looks down. "I know we don't really know each other, like, at all, but if you want to talk... or drop me a note, I want to help in any way I can."

Michaiah turns around in his bed and looks at Vinnie. He reaches down and picks up his notepad. He writes, 'And what guarantee do I have that you won't betray me like everyone else?'

Vinnie reads Michaiah's note. He says, "I guess I can't give you any concrete evidence..." Vinnie lifts his arms, slightly. "But I know what it's like to get crap from people. Well, not literally. Figurative crap. I try my best not to dish it out, you know?"

Michaiah writes something down and holds it up. It reads, 'Thanks for the concern, but you don't have to worry about me. You can go hang out with your friends.' Michaiah sets his notepad down, after Vinnie reads it. Michaiah turns in his bed, and faces the wall. Vinnie doesn't get up.

Zach is shown jogging outside. He sees Felicity from afar, and starts walking toward her. He hesitates, and turns around, walking into Yuko. Zach apologizes, "I'm sorry. I didn't see you there."

"Good," Yuko replies. "And I'm fine. Where are you going?"

Yuko is shown in confessional. She states, "So far, a lot of interesting things have been happening." Yuko grins. She then frowns, "But I think it's time for some serious romance, Karen and Michaiah didn't count, and Marcello/Mitchell and Cheyenne was one of those 'let's date and get separated instantly' romances." Yuko nods. "I don't like getting involved in the story, but sometimes I'm required to help things along." Yuko sighs.

Back outside, Zach looks to the side and asks, "What do you mean? I'm just on a run." Zach begins running in place to prove his point. "See?"

Yuko shakes her head. She says, "You saw Felicity, and turned around. Everyone knows you have a crush on her."

"Everyone?" Zach repeats, with his face red. "You didn't see that little 'talk to myself in the mirror in my boxers' episode, did you?"

Yuko raises her left eyebrow, and says, "Gladly, no." Zach looks embarrassed. "Go talk to her."

"You think I should?" Zach asks.

Yuko sighs. She says, "I suggested it, didn't I?"

Zach nods. He says, "I guess I can't get the girl by just hypng myself up in the mirror. Thanks, Yuko."

"Don't thank me," Yuko states, looking flustered. "This isn't about me."

Zach looks confused. He says, "Alright, then." He turns toward Felicity, and begins walking in her direction. "I'll see you..." Zach trips and falls flat on his face.

Yuko looks down and sees that he tripped over Jack, who is sleeping while curled up into a ball. Yuko sighs. She says to Zach, "Don't you ever look where you're walking."

Felicity runs over, and helps Zach up. The bridge of his nose looks red. Felicity says, "Oh... goodness. Are you okay? I'm bringing you to Nurse Hatchet."

Zach says, with his eyes pointing in different directions, "It's okay, Mr. Marbles. I've gotten hitten by worse stuffs." Zach slouches down, as Felicity struggles to hold him up.

Jack stands up and stretches. He scratches his chest, and looks at Yuko. He says, "Man... What a night." Jack has heavy bags under his eyes, as he yawns. He holds his head, "Ow..."

Yuko looks at Jack. She says, "What happened to you?" Jack shrugs. Yuko looks down. She looks away, quickly. Her face is red as she asks, "Where are your pants?"

Jack looks down with wide eyes. He says, "I don't know."

Chef Hatchet can be heard ringing a dinner bell and yelling, "Breakfast!"

"Oh, boy!" Jack excitedly says. "I like breakfast! Seeya." Jack runs off.

Jack sits on a bench next to Prescott. Prescott holds up Jack's shorts. He says, "I thought you might want these."

Jack smiles, and says, "Thanks." Jack quickly puts his shorts on.

At a table across from the one Jack and Prescott are at, LeVar complains, "I'm still not happy about the fact that the other team didn't have to vote someone out."

His stepfather Brody states, "This kind of thing happens all the time, son." He smiles. "You just have to stay optimistic for next time." LeVar glares at Brody and then away from him, as he eats some of Chef Hatchet's slop.

Shanise is sitting across from Jack. She asks, "With fully stocked kitchens, remind me why we have to eat this garbage?"

Brody answers with a wide smile, "I think it has to do with Mr. Hatchet's self esteem. We all want to feel useful, am I right?" LeVar glares at Brody, and then looks away from him.

Prescott states, "Jack and I have no choice."

LeVar rolls his eyes. He says, "Ugh. That guy reminds me that one of them should have been voted out."

Elisabeth says, "Ooh! I have an idea!"

"You just want to start making out with me, right in front of everybody?" LeVar says, with a smirk. "I mean, I'm fine with it, but..."

"Not that," Elisabeth says, while blushing and frowning. "We should stage a sit in."

"D'aw, what's a sit in?" Trevor asks.

Elisabeth explains, "It's a way to protest. Like, we sit down and refuse to do what Chris asks of us, until he reverses his decision."

"I kind of like that," LeVar states. "That'll show that Chris guy that we won't go along with whatever he says... That guy is full of bologna."

"Ooh," Ollie says. "I like bologna. Are they serving that?"

Jack yawns, and suddenly falls forward on his table, spilling his bowl of slop. As the slop makes it's way toward Prescott, he jumps up and back, with a scream. "Boy, you alright?" Shanise asks. "It's just a little disgusting slop... I guess I see your point." LeVar smirks. He lifts some of his slop in a spoon and flings it at Prescott, hitting his shirt. LeVar laughs as Prescott panics. Jack lifts his head up, as Prescott quickly whips off his shirt and runs off. Jack gets up and follows after him.

LeVar continues laughing. His present team members look at him with disapproving stares. Brody says, "LeVar, you should be ashamed of yourself. That wasn't very nice, at all."

LeVar rolls his eyes, and says, "What do you care? You're not my dad, so stop acting like you are." Brody looks to the side.

Shanise continues to eat her slop. "That ain't right," she says. "Mm... This stuff isn't as bad as they say." Hildegarde walks up with a tray of food, and sets it down on a table. Shanise tells Hildegarde, as she slides her slop in the muscular girl's direction, "You can have the rest of my breakfast, girl. Love what you did with your hair."

"Hair looks same?" Hildegarde states with a confused look.

"You're consistent," Shanise assures. "I like that. I was just... going..." Shanise suddenly rushes off. Hildegarde turns around and sees that the Lying Dogs team members have all gone, as well. Hildegarde sighs and looks to the side.

The contestants are shown approaching Chris, who is standing in the middle of a sumo wrestling ring. He is wearing his usual shirt, but his pants are replaced with a traditional sumo costume. Cheyenne says, "Promoting your adult diaper line, again, I see."

Chris shakes his head and says, "Nope. This is challenge related."

"Please say changing your diaper isn't the challenge," Zach pleads, who seems to have recovered from his fall from earlier, despite a small white bandage over his red nose.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "Obviously the challenge is sumo wrestling." Several contestants give sighs of relief. "I came up with some pretty good matchups. The Lying Dogs only have a pathetic seven members, so whichever team wins the first four out of seven matches will get invincibility. So get into your challenge diapers, and we'll..."

LeVar sits down. He says, "We refuse to take part of this challenge, after what happened last challenge." Most of the Lying Dogs also sit down. Ollie stands, looking up. Trevor tugs at Ollie's shirt, and Ollie sits down, too.

Ollie asks, "Why are we sitting? Is this a sitting challenge?"

Trevor shakes his head. He explains, "D'aw... I think we're protesting, or something."

"What's protesting?" Ollie asks.

Trevor blinks. He says, "D'aw... How do I explain it... It's like... not doing something... for some reason."

Ollie says, "Oh, I get it."

"You do?" Cheyenne says, in disbelief.

Chris sighs. He says, "I hate protests."

"We won't give in, until you meet our demands!" Elisabeth strongly states.

"Which are?" Chris asks.

"A challenge win, I guess," LeVar states.

"And all the celery we can eat," Brody chimes in. The other members of the team look at him with confused looks. "What? I like celery."

Chris folds his arms and says, "I don't think so."

"Well, then," Elisabeth states. "We're not doing the challenge. Sorry."

Chris smirks, and says, "Well, we're still doing the challenge. Chef Hatchet!" Chef Hatchet rides out on a forklift. Chris points at Elisabeth, and smirks. Chef Hatchet nods.

Shanise is shown on the sidelines in her usual outfit, with her other team members also dressed in their usual clothes, as Chef Hatchet sets Elisabeth down across from her opponent, Jack. Chris looks over at Shanise. He says, "Where's your sumo diaper?"

"If they don't have to wear them, we're not," Shanise states.

Jack is shown to be wearing the sumo costume. He smiles and says, "I like it." He lets out a large yawn, and rubs his eyes.

Chris sighs. He says, "Fine. Let's start the match."

Jack charges at Elisabeth. Elisabeth says, "Eep!" She ducks, while sitting in the same spot, Jack yawns, and then collapses.

Jack gets up, runs at Elisabeth, again, yelling, "Hold still!", but misses her and runs out of the ring.

Chris blinks. He says, "The first point goes to the Lying Dogs."

The next match is shown. Anneliese approaches Ina, who is also sitting still. Anneliese bends over to lift Ina, but splits her pants. She says, "Uh oh. I cannot be in the believing of the embarrassment." Anneliese runs out of the ring.

Brody yells out, "Go Ina! What, what!"

Chris blinks, some more. He says, "A second point for the Lying Dogs."

LeVar is shown being set down by the forklift, his arms folded. Michaiah runs at him, and attempts to lift the big bully. He successfully lifts LeVar, but LeVar struggles, causing Michaiah to lose his balance. Michaiah falls backwards, as LeVar lands on top of him with a heavy thud. Chris announces, "Wow... If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't think the Cloaked Daggers were trying, either." Chris blinks. "Michaiah fell first. Three points for the Lying Dogs. One more point and they win."

Trevor is shown sitting in the sumo ring. He asks, "D'aw... How do I sit in, again?"

"Just sit still," LeVar instructs, with his fingers over the bridge of his nose.

Hildegarde runs at Trevor, shouting, "I will break you!" Trevor gulps, ducks, and sweats nervously. Hildegarde lifts Trevor over her head, as the others look on with wide eyes. She effortlessly tosses Trevor out of the ring.

Chris smiles and says, "That's what I like to see. Senseless violence. One point for the Cloaked Daggers. Next match!"

Vinnie is shown lying on his back, as he lifts Ollie with his legs, juggles him a little, and gently tosses him out of the ring. The other contestants applaud at Vinnie's display. Ollie yells, "Weeeee!" and is caught by Trevor. "That was scary... but fun." Trevor smiles and nods.

Chris states, "The Cloaked Daggers have two points, now, to the Lying Dogs' three. Next up... Brody and Zach."

Brody is set down in the ring. Zach approaches Brody, and picks up the bro, with little effort. Brody says, "Whoa, bro! You're strong." Brody feels Zach's bicep.

Zach frowns and says, "What's up with you, dude? You're really slippery."

"Cocoa butter," Brody explains. "And moisturizer... And suntan lotion..."

"You're pickling yourself, dude," Zach states, with a raised eyebrow. Brody slips out of Zach's grasp. Zach steps on some slimy residue from Brody and slips out of the ring.

Chris states, "That's the fourth point for the Lying Dogs." His eyes are wide. "They win the challenge."

Brody holds up his tan arms and shouts, "Yeah, boy! That's how you protest!" The rest of his team cheers.

Chris turns to the Cloaked Daggers. "That was pathetic," he assures. "As for the secret guessing, Shanise is not Leshawna. Vinnie's arms are that short. Hildegarde has not maimed anyone, lately."

"What do you mean by 'lately'?" Felicity asks with a raised eyebrow.

Chris continues, without answering the question, "And LeVar is not in the mafia."

"Who tried to guess my secret?" LeVar asks, after cracking his knuckles and neck, and looking annoyed at the others.

"No right guess this week," Chris states. "So... meet me at the elimination ceremony, Cloaked Daggers. You guys deserve it."

Zach folds his arms and looks to the side. He says, "That could have gone better."

At the campfire ceremony, Chris states, "This is your second campfire ceremony. One of you will be leaving, tonight." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Vinnie, who catches it in his mouth. "You're safe, Vinnie. Next safe are Yuko, Anneliese, Michaiah, Felicity, Shanise, Zach, and... Jack." Chris tosses out marshmallows. "That leaves Hildegarde and Prescott, and one marshmallow. It goes to..."

"Hildegarde." Hildegarde angrily catches her marshmallow, and crushes it into dust with her hand.

Jack looks confused. He says, "So... wait."

Prescott stands up, carrying his things. "Bye, everyone."

Jack says, "Hold on. I don't understand. You were doing a lot better... kind of."

"It was all thanks to you," Prescott assures. "Thanks, Jack."

"Why did you guys vote for Prescott?" Jack asks. "Sure he has his issues, but..."

"I asked them to vote for me," Prescott clarifies. "I just... don't want to be here, anymore."

"You don't mean that," Jack assures. "You were making a lot of progress... kind of."

Prescott shakes his head. He says, "I know you see me some way other than how I am, but I just couldn't deal with the stress, the dirt, and the... LeVar. Besides, I got all I wanted out of the competition."

Jack looks confused. He says, "That bandage?" Jack asks, as he points at Prescott's hand.

Prescott laughs. He says, "I met you, Jack."

Jack smiles wide. He replies, looking somewhat confused, "What does that mean?"

Prescott laughs, again. He explains, "I wanted to make a friend."

"Oh," Jack replies. "Well, you did, buddy." Jack goes to hug Prescott.

Prescott slowly backs away and says, "We'll hug after you bathe at some point. No offense." Prescott heads to the Boat of Losers before getting on.

Vinnie calls out, "Bye, man!"

Shanise opens her eyes, and looks around. She says, "Oh, good. The sap fest is over."

Chris nods. He says, "Yes it is." He turns to the camera, "No big secrets revealed this time, but there's always next week. Besides, last week's episode had a couple of doozies revealed that carry over to this week. Anyway, thanks for tuning in. We hope to see you next time."

Chapter 7 - Eaters DigestEdit

"I'm Chris Mclean," Chris states, sitting at a fold up table.

"I know!" an excited, strong looking guy states, wearing a shirt depicting Chris' face. "I'm your biggest fan!"

Chris looks smug, despite trying not to look too flattered. He says as he signs a picture for the guy, "You have excellent taste. Thanks for coming out to my signing." The fan nods.

"The whole fan club was so excited to hear you were doing this," the young man insists.

Chris smiles, and says, "How nice. Where is the rest of the fan club? I mean, I'm a busy man, but I do like to take the time to provide my fans with the best moment of their lives."

The fan says, "Er... I'm... kind of... the entire fan club."

Chris raises an eyebrow. He asks, "What do you mean by 'kind of'?"

The fan explains, "My brother drives me to club meetings... But he usually waits outside."

Chris looks to the side, hands the fan his picture, and says, "Here. Get out of here."

The fan looks at the signed photo. He says, "Er, Mr. Mclean? I don't want to cause a fuss, but... My name is Abdul, not Alicia."

Chris glares at his sole fan, and says, "I said get out of here. I have an introduction to record."

"Right," the fan replies. "Alicia is close enough." The excited fanboy squeals. "The introduction is my favorite part."

Chris smiles and says, "I guess you can watch it in person." Abdul excitedly claps. The host clears his throat. "Welcome to an all new episode of Total... Deception... Island!" Abdul lets out an excited squeal. Chris smiles wider. "On our previous episode," Abdul squeals, again, "the contestants battled it out in a series of epic sumo wrestling duels."

"What?" Abdul asks. "Again?"

"I like sumo wrestling," Chris states with his arms folded.

Abdul sheepishly replies, "Yes, sir."

Chris goes on, "Due to Elisabeth's urging, the Lying Dogs refused to do the challenge via a protest, but with a little help from Chef Hatchet, they had no choice. Ironically, the Lying Dogs won the challenge without putting any sort of effort into it. Prescott was eliminated, after he requested to be, the competition proving to difficult for him."

"Hey," Abdul states. "Spoiler alert!"

"Sorry," Chris replies. "Wait, why am I sorry?" Chris looks to the side. Chris raises his voice. "Anyway, after this guy gets out of here..." Abdul sighs. The big guy begins to walk away, waving at Chris. "We can begin the show."

Elisabeth is shown lowering her binoculars. She says, "Oh, my gosh. They voted out Prescott, the poor dear. I bet that adventurer kid is devastated." Elisabeth puts a hand to her heart. "With that whole challenge thing, I can't help but feel responsible." Elisabeth is surrounded by the other six members of her team.

"That's kind of because you are entirely responsible," Cheyenne states.

"And what's with this 'worrying about the other team' garbage?" LeVar asks. "That Prescott dork had 'early out' written all over him. Anyway, if you want to concentrate on something, look at me." LeVar flexes his chest muscles. Elisabeth looks at LeVar through her binoculars. Most of the others look at her with wide eyes.

Elisabeth holds her binoculars down, again. She says, "I know that I probably shouldn't be so concerned over the other team, but I can't help it. I don't like seeing people suffer, so it's just sad for me to know that they have to vote someone out after we figuratively destroy them."

"It's better them than us," LeVar assures. "Besides, we deserved that win after they didn't have to vote anyone out when we won that other challenge."

Trevor nods and says, "D'aw. Yeah. LeVar is right."

LeVar rolls his eyes and says, "Nobody asked you, Trevurrrr."

Ollie says, with a confused expression, "Wait. Did somebody ask you to talk, LeVar?" Some of the others laugh.

"Nevermind, Ollie," LeVar states with his arms folded, looking over to the side.

LeVar is shown in confessional, looking at his fingernails. He states, "Most people have probably noticed that I treat Ollie a little differently from the other rejects." LeVar looks to the camera. "I have a heart. It's hidden behind my thick, muscular pecs, but it's there. I... uh..." LeVar looks toward the side, with a shrug, "just have to draw the line, somewhere."

The Cloaked Daggers are shown after their elimination ceremony. Jack stands up, while looking down at the ground. He says, "I think I want to be alone for a little while." The usually excitable blond boy walks down toward the dock.

Felicity says, "The poor guy. That elimination seems to have hit him pretty hard."

"Someone shoulld really go talk to him," Yuko states.

Zach smirks. He says, "Ooh! Someone has a crush on somebody." He winks in Yuko's direction.

Yuko's face turns red as she says, "I do not. I just think that it would help his story along if someone intervened. He's not the type to mope." Yuko raises an eyebrow. "And you're one to tease someone over an alleged crush." Felicity and Zach blush, and look in opposite directions.

Vinnie shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I guess I'll try talking to him, even though we haven't interacted a whole lot."

Zach slaps Vinnie's butt, causing Vinnie's eyes to widen. "That's my boy," Zach states. "Always willing to help out." Vinnie smiles and nods. "You're a regular Elisabeth. But don't strain yourself, dude. I worry about you."

Vinnie nods, again. He says, "I'll be alright. I'll see you guys, later tonight." Vinnie walks away.

"Ooh," Yuko states with a wide grin. "Foreshadowing." Michaiah looks at her with wide eyes.

"Huh?" Zach asks with a confused expression.

"Never mind," Yuko replies.

Shanise looks around with a nervous expression. "Uh, has anyone seen Hildegarde, lately?"

Zach thinks back. "I don't think so," he says.

"Are you sure?" Shanise asks.

"She's pretty hard to miss," Zach responds. "No offense to the party in question." Zach turns around quickly. "She's not behind me, is she?"

"We should be in the finding of her!" Anneliese insists.

Shanise assures, "No, no. She can stay missing." The others look at her with wide eyes. "What?"

Vinnie is shown in confessional, saying, "I guess I'm not too surprised that I was volunteered to try to comfort Jack. I mean, I guess it shows that I don't like to see other people too upset. But I like helping people, not that I feel like I do anything major." A heavy crash is heard from outside. Vinnie looks confused. He says, "Anyway... I guess I should hurry up and talk with him. I just felt compelled to explain myself, a little." Vinnie leans down and attempts to open the confessional door with his hand. He says, "Huh. It's, uh, not opening." He attempts to open the door with his foot. It still doesn't open. "That's weird..." He attempts to kick the door open, but that doesn't help either. Vinnie blinks. He puts his ear to the confessional door, and hears some movement outside. He shouts, "Hey! Is somebody out there? I got trapped in here. If you could help me out of here..." Vinnie can hear the sound of someone running off. Vinnie shouts, "Hey!" Vinnie's voice gets quieter. He says, "Come back..."

Jack is shown sitting on the dock with his feet in the water. He looks across the water, and then down. Jack notices a bright light shining from behind him. He turns around, and sees a bright light shining in his face. He asks, "Is someone there?"

A voice calls out, "Yes."

"Who are you?" Jack calls out, placing his hand over his eyes in an attempt to see better.

"That's not important," the voice states.

Jack blinks. He says, "Are you too shy to tell me?"

The voice laughs and says, "I laugh in the name of shyness."

Jack laughs and says, "Me, too."

"But I suppose sharing my name will be of no consequence," the mysterious voice states. "I'm known only as The Masked Tuxedo."

"Catchy," Jack replies. "I like it. So... what are you doing here?"

The Masked Tuxedo explains, "I believe in truth, and in justice. But I also believe in helping those in need."

"Ooh," Jack states. "You brought me a coconut? I could really use one, right about now. You know I know how to open those just by using my teeth? It's easy. Just stick your tongue..."

The Masked Tuxedo lets out a laugh, before saying, "I wanted to tell you that Prescott wouldn't want you to mourn over him."

"He told you that?" Jack asks, with a confused expression.

"No," The Masked Tuxedo replies. "I know that, and you do, too."

Jack looks back at the water. He says, "You're right. I'm gonna miss him, but he wouldn't want me to stop having a good time on his account. He wouldn't want me to worry about him, either. I'll just see him, later." Jack turns back around and says, "Thanks, I..." The bright light, and the mysterious figure are now gone. Jack looks down and sees a rose lying next to him on the dock. He stares at it. He then picks it up, bites off the petals, and chews them for a while. "Mm, that's good stuff." He looks out at the water. He says to himself, "I know Prescott wasn't happy here... But I don't think he's going to be happy anywhere..." Jack looks up. "Ooh! A bat!"

A knock is heard from outside the girl's side of the Cloaked Daggers cabin. Anneliese wipes her tired eyes before opening the door. She asks, "Can I be in the helping of the you?"

Zach has his hands in his pockets. He looks up and says, "Hey... You wouldn't have happened to have seen Vinnie, have you?"

"It is being in the middle of the night," Anneliese states. "What would he be in the doing of in here?"

Zach looks to the side and says, "I don't want to talk about where my mind went." Zach shrugs. "I guess I'll just have to keep looking for him. Come on, Michaiah." Michaiah, who is standing close by, nods, and follows after Zach. Anneliese looks confused as she backs into her shared side of the cabin.

Anneliese goes back into her room. Shanise says, "Someone did not just knock on our door at this hour."

"Was it Vinnie in his underwear, again?" Felicity asks, with a yawn.

"Don't you wish?" Shanise says with a smirk. Felicity responds by blushing.

Anneliese looks to the side. She says, "I think that something is happening to be wrong. I think that the Vinnie is not to being in the founding of."

"You mean he's missing?" Felicity asks, with wide eyes.

Anneliese says, "That is what I had said." She blinks. "Michaiah and Zachary were in the searching of him attempts."

"We need to help them," Felicity states, getting out of her bed, and putting on some shoes.

Shanise turns in her bed and says, "Be sure to give Vinnie my regards."

Felicity looks at Shanise. She then grabs Anneliese by the arm, and says, "Let's go." Felicity drags Anneliese outside of the cabin.

Zach and Michaiah are shown approaching Yuko, who is standing outside. "What are you doing out here?" Zach asks.

"Waiting for something to happen," the observant girl states. "Which I'm assuming it has, on account of your presence."

Zach nods. He asks, "Have you seen Vinnie around?"

Yuko shakes her head and says, "Not lately. Did you talk with Jack about it?"

"Oh, yeah," Zach says. "I forgot that. He went to go talk to him. Let's go, big guy." Michaiah nods, and follows after Zach.

Yuko looks after them. "They're going in a random direction to find Jack?" She asks herself. She nods. "Good strategy."

Zach and Michaiah are shown walking passed the trail leading to the confessional, not giving it a second look. Zach has a hand to his chin. He says, "If I were Jack, where would I be?" He looks to Michaiah, who responds with a shoulder shrug. "That's it!" Zach looks up, and sees Jack on one of the cabin roofs.

Jack waves and says, "Hi, guys!"

"Hey, Jack!" Zach states. "We were just looking for... Wait, why are you on the roof?"

Michaiah holds a piece of paper illuminated by the moon. It reads, 'You did look up there for him.'

Zach looks to the side and says, "I was... looking at the moon, actually." Michaiah puts a hand over his face.

Jack explains, "I saw an eagle up here, earlier, and found its nest." Jack holds up a shiny object. "Is anyone missing a retainer?"

"Er, no," Zach responds. He asks, "We were out here looking for Vinnie. He wanted to go comfort you, so we thought you might have seen him."

Jack shakes his head and says, "No, I can't say that I did. Wait... was that him?"

"What do you mean?" Zach asks.

"Well, somebody did comfort me," Jack states, "but I couldn't see who it was."

Zach asks, "O-kay. Where did that mystery person go?"

Jack shrugs. He answers, "As an assumed fellow adventurer, he left in a mysterious, untracable manner. It was awesome!"

Zach sighs. He says, "Well, thanks for the help, I guess. We're going to keep looking."

Jack smiles and nods. He yells, "Good luck!" The other guys leave. Jack looks to the side. He says, "At least... I think that was a he..." Jack looks down at the eagle's nest. "Ooh! A dog collar!"

Zach sighs, and leans up against a tree. He says, "I don't know where else we could look." Michaiah holds his head down. Zach assures, "But we're not going to give up."

Felicity walks up with Anneliese. Felicity says, "There you guys are. Have you found Vinnie?"

Zach shakes his head and says, "Not yet."

"We are here to be in the helping to look for him," Anneliese states. "Let us keep looking."

Yuko says, "You should split up. You'll cover more ground. Felicity can go off with Zach, and Michaiah can go with Anneliese."

"That is sounding like a plan!" Annelise states. She takes Michaiah by the hand, and they walk off. Michaiah looks particularly frightened.

Zach calls out, "We'll meet back here." Zach looks back to Yuko, who has disappeared. His eyes widen.

Felicity shrugs and says, "I've gotten used to it. Anyway, we should..." Felicity and Zach look at each other, blush, and look away, "look for Vinnie." Zach nods. The pair quietly walk off together, nervously looking down at the ground. Yuko, who is behind a tree, looks at them. She shakes her head and puts a hand on her forehead. She walks after them at a respectful distance.

"So..." Zach begins.

Felicity replies, "So..." Zach and Felicity look at each other and their faces turn red. They quickly look away.

Yuko tosses her head back and moans, "Gah!"

Zach jumps toward Felicity and says, "What was that?" He looks down, as his arms are wrapped around Felicity. They both blush, and Zach lets go. He says, "I, uh..."

"We should, uh..." Felicity begins

"What are you doing?" Jack asks, randomly appearing behind Yuko.

Yuko jumps. She glares at Jack. She says, "I don't have to explain myself to you, but I'm watching Zach and Felicity." Jack looks confused. "Not in a perverted way. Think of me as a... chaperone."

Jack blinks. He asks, "Is that a fancy sort of pervert?"

"No," Yuko states, with a red face.

"Oh," Jack replies. "Is it a type of bunny?"

"Why would it be..." Yuko begins. "Ugh. Never mind. Why are you here? I told you I work alone."

"Do you like tapirs?" Jack asks.

"What?" Yuko asks with a raised eyebrow.

Jack explains, "Tapirs. They're like tiny elephant..."

"I know what tapirs are," Yuko states. "I meant..."

Jack explains, "I'm here because I wanted to help find Vinnie."

Yuko nods and says, "You can't help but feel concern over your team member, I see."

Jack says, "There's that. It also sounds like an adventure."

The group meets up with Michaiah and Anneliese. Zach asks, "Did you guys find him?" Michaiah responds by shaking his head.

Anneliese points at Michaiah and explains, "He is in the meaning of the 'no'." Michaiah nods. "Now he is in the meaning of the..."

"We get it," Zach assures. "I wonder where he is." Zach sighs.

"Don't worry," Felicity states. "We'll find him." Zach looks at her and nods.

LeVar walks up to the contestants, from the path to confessional. He asks, "What's with the traveling circus?"

"We are in the searching party for our missing team member," Anneliese explains.

"You don't need to explain what we're doing to him," Zach states. "This guy is nothing but..." LeVar grabs hold of Zach's lips, causing the smart aleck to widen his eyes.

LeVar states, "The assumption was made that I actually care. Newsflash. Your team being down a member would be a good thing for my team." LeVar lets go of Zach's lips, and begins walking away.

Jack states, "Poor Vinnie. It might take a whole twenty minutes to find him."

LeVar stops walking. He says, without turning around, "Try the confessional. It was blocked off when I went out there to take a whiz. He might be in there."

"It was blocked off?" Zach begins.

"D'aw, did I stutter?" LeVar asks, in a mocking tone.

Zach blinks. He says, "So where did you..."

LeVar says, "You might want to watch your step." LeVar heads back to his cabin.

Zach asks, "Is it just me, or have I been getting interrupted, a..."

"So are we going to trust what LeVar was being in the telling of us about Vinnie?" Anneliese asks.

Felicity shrugs her shoulders and says, "I don't know, but we haven't looked over there. It definitely won't hurt to check it out."

"Right," Zach says. "It sounds like a plan." Michaiah rushes ahead of the others, in the direction of the confessional. Zach says, "Wait up, dude! I'm supposed to be the most concerned about finding Vinnie!" Zach tries to catch up to Michaiah.

Michaiah reaches the confessional first, followed by Zach. They see a fallen tree blocking the door to the confessional. "How did that get there?" Zach asks, as he blinks. Michaiah shrugs and shakes his head. Zach rolls up his sleeves. "I'm not sure if Vinn is in there, or not, but we need to..." Michaiah lifts the fallen tree by himself, and takes a few steps back, setting the tree down.

The other search party members run up. "Did we find him?" Felicity asks.

Zach states, "We haven't checked, yet, but we were about..." Zach opens the confessional door. Vinnie is shown to be inside with his pants around his ankles, but his legs covering what he might want covered. Vinnie's eyes get wide, as the others look in on him. Zach quickly shuts the door, and turns to face the other wide eyed contestants. He says, "Uh..." He holds a thumb up. "He's okay! Good work, people!"

After the search party disbands, Zach and Michaiah are shown waiting outside of the confessional. Vinnie eventually emerges, his face still bright red. Zach says, "Hey, man. Sorry about that."

"It's alright," Vinnie assures. "Thanks for rescuing me."

Zach points at Michaiah and says, "It was all him."

Vinnie smiles at Michaiah and says, "Thanks, man." Michaiah nods, looking down.

"Dude, do you have any idea what happened?" Zach asks.

Vinnie shakes his head. He explains, "I don't know, man. I came out here before I went to talk to Jack. I heard a loud noise, I was trapped, and I heard someone run off."

"Hm," Zach replies. "Sounds suspicious... Dude, I'm just glad you're alright." Zach hugs his friend. Michaiah nods.

"Thanks," Vinnie replies, with a smile.

"I'm sure you want to head back," Zach states, as he points toward their cabin. Vinnie nods.

LeVar is shown in the room he shares with Ollie, doing push ups on the floor. Ollie wakes up and stretches. He looks at LeVar excitedly, and says, "LeVar! Hi!"

LeVar stands up, cracks his neck, and says, "Good morning, or whatever."

"Where did you go, last night?" Ollie asks. "I missed you."

LeVar smirks. He says, "Thanks, kid. Didn't you have Roscoe to keep you company?" LeVar puts a hand to his chin. "Come to think of it, I haven't heard from Roscoe, lately. You two still tight?"

Ollie looks to the side. He says, "I'm going to look through my stuff." Ollie gets out of his bed, and starts going through his things.

LeVar raises an eyebrow, and says, "Okay. So what about Roscoe?" Ollie remains quiet. "Oh, you don't want to talk about it. I get it."

"Are we friends, LeVar?" Ollie asks. "For real?"

LeVar looks taken aback. He says, "Uh... Sure, man. Yeah." Ollie produces a large smile.

Ollie happily says, "I don't have a lot of friends." Ollie looks down. "That's why I make them up."

LeVar puts a hand on his own shoulder. He quietly says, "Oh."

Ollie runs to LeVar and gives him a big hug. He says, "Thanks for being my friend."

LeVar's face turns a little red. He says, "Uh... You're welcome." LeVar barks, "And stay on your side of the room!" Ollie laughs, nods, and goes back to his side of the room.

Outside, Brody is lying on the beach in his swimwear. Cheyenne, Elisabeth, and Ina walk up to him. Brody lowers his sunglasses. He says, "Hey, ladies. Sorry about the sexiness. Still off limits."

"You're a weird dude," Cheyenne assures.

Elisabeth explains, "We wanted to go out for a swim. How's the water?"

"I think it's about as wet as usual," Brody states, with a hand to his chin.

Cheyenne states, "What the man lacks in brains, he makes up for in teeth."

"Yup," Brody says, with a laugh. "I has a strong set of teeth." Cheyenne and Ina look at each other, shrug, and run to the water.

Elisabeth stays behind. She says, "About what happened with LeVar, yesterday."

"What was that?" Brody asks.

"When he told you you weren't his real dad," Elisabeth explains.

Brody looks confused. He says, "Er... I knew that."

"No, I mean that he doesn't respect you as a parent," Elisabeth clarifies. Brody frowns. "No, I didn't mean it that way. I'm sure you're a great dad."

Brody looks to the side. He says, "Thanks. It's kind of a difficult role to take on, but I do love the kid, and his mama." Brody shakes his head and says, "Teenagers."

Elisabeth laughs and says, "Don't I know it."

Trevor emerges from the water, notices Brody and Elisabeth, and runs over to them. He says, "D'aw, hey, guys! What'cha talkin' about?"

"How difficult parenthood is," Elisabeth explains.

Trevor looks confused. He says to Elisabeth, "D'aw, I didn't know you was pregnant." He gives a thumbs up. "Congrats."

Elisabeth's face turns red. She says, "I, uh... Well, I'm not." She rushes off. Trevor looks after her.

Trevor looks at Brody, with his face red. He says, "D'aw... I said something stupid, again, didn't I?"

Brody assures, "It's okay, man. Assuming pregnancy is never a good idea, but I'm sure she knows you didn't mean anything by it. And we all say something stupid at times." Brody looks back and forth. "Don't tell anyone, but I've been known to say something stupid every once in a while."

Trevor's eyes widen. He asks, "You? D'aw, no way."

Brody assures, "It's true."

LeVar and Ollie walk up. Ollie says, "Hey, guys!"

"Hey," Brody states. He looks at LeVar, and then away from him.

LeVar looks at Brody, and then away from him, quickly. He says, "Agh. Nobody wants to see that." Brody blinks at LeVar. LeVar holds his head down. "About what I said, yesterday... I'm sorry, okay?"

"Apology accepted, big guy!" Brody excitedly says.

LeVar kicks at the sand. He says, "It can be tough to be a stepkid, at times."

"Yeah," Brody assures. "I can understand that."

"And I know it's not easy on your side of things, either," LeVar assures. Brody smiles wide.

"D'aw, that was a nice thing to say, LeVar," Trevor assures.

LeVar barks, "Shut it, meathead."

Trevor frowns, and looks to the side. He quietly says, "D'aw... Sorry, LeVar."

Brody looks at LeVar, and begins, "Anyway, I appreciate your..." LeVar walks off by himself.

LeVar is shown in confessional. He says, "That apology? Insincere. I still don't like Brody, but I'm not stupid. I'm not about to do anything to get him to vote me out. His blind devotion to me, added to his wanting to be the perfect stepdad, is something I can use to my advantage." LeVar smirks with his arms folded.

Zach is next shown in confessional. He says, "I've been thinking about last night, and I still have a bad feeling about it. Who would do that to a nice guy like Vinnie? I've got to get to the bottom of things." Zach pounds his fist in his hand.

Zach is shown outside, consulting with Vinnie, Michaiah, Felicity, and Anneliese. He says, "Who would have anything to gain from trapping Vinnie?" The others shrug.

Felicity suggests, "Maybe it was someone from the other team."

Zach nods. He says, "I was thinking that. They would have the most to gain, but it would take someone strong to lift that tree."

"Like LeVar?" Vinnie asks. "Or... what about that Trevor guy?"

Felicity says, "I don't think Trevor would do something like that, unless LeVar told him to."

"And LeVar was the one that helped us find him," Zach recollects. "If it was him, he would have pointed us in the wrong direction."

"But according to you guys," Vinnie begins, "he was at the scene of the crime."

"Is there anyone else who was strong enough?" Zach asks.

Felicity says, "Well, besides Michaiah... there is one other person..."

Hildegarde walks up. She asks, "What's team talking about?"

"We were in the speaking of who might trap Vinnie, and how they might be in the gaining from it," Anneliese explains.

Felicity cautions, "Anneliese!"

"What are you in the wanting of?" Anneliese asks.

Hildegarde looks at Vinnie. She says, "Well, why it matter? He seems to be safe."

"That he is," Zach assures. "Thanks for the concern." Hildegarde looks confused. The others look away from her. She turns and walks away. Zach lets out a deep sigh. He says, "It was her. It's gotta be."

"What could she have gained from it?" Felicity asks.

Zach explains, "What if she is worried about that little handcuff clue we got regarding her secret? With Vinnie missing, it takes the focus off of her."

Vinnie states, "That's a convincing line of reasoning, dude."

"I will admit that it makes sense," Felicity assures.

Shanise walks up. She says, "Hey, people! I saw Hildegarde over there, so I thought I'd see what you all were up to."

Vinnie asks, "Did she mention what we were talking about?"

Shanise says, "Nah. We didn't talk. I'm here because there's strength in numbers."

Felicity smirks. She says, "I didn't take you for the type to be afraid of anyone."

"I'm not stupid," Shanise assures. "I know to stay out of fights I can't win."

Chris walks up. He says, "What are you guys doing over here? It's time for the challenge."

"We were in the discussing of why Hildegarde was in the sabotaging of Vinnie by the trapping him in an enclosed space with his pants down," Anneliese recaps.

"No secret is safe with you, is it?" Vinnie asks, his face red.

Chris laughs. He puts his hand over his mouth. He says, "Wait. You guys are serious? You think..." Chris laughs, again.

"Why are you laughing?" Felicity asks.

Zach blinks. "The cameras caught what happened, didn't they?" Zach asks.

"That's right!" Felicity states. "Good thinking, Zach."

Zach blushes and says, "Nah, it was nothing. So what happened, Chris?"

Chris replies, "You think I'm going to tell you? This paranoia thing is comedy gold."

"Chris," the camera man asserts. "What was with that 'I have to be nicer' deal?"

Chris sighs. He says, "Fine, but you're getting a pay cut."

"What?" the camera operator replies in a shocked manner.

"The truth is," Chris begins, "That bear that hangs around the area was chasing some small woodland creature. It ran into a tree with a particularly weak foundation, it fell, and blocked off the door to the confessional. Vinnie started yelling for the bear to help him, it got scared, not realizing that Vinnie would be easy prey, and took off."

"That's what happened?" Vinnie asks, sounding astonished.

"Yup," Chris replies. "I bet you all feel pretty stupid accusing people, don't you?" The present members of the Cloaked Daggers look guiltily down at the ground. Chris says, "Great. Channel that feeling for the challenge. I don't know how it will help you, but it'll help ratings, no doubt. Let's go get that challenge started."

The contestants are all shown gathered around Chris. He explains, "The challenge for the day is... a pie eating contest!" Some of the contestants clap. "There are twenty pies for each team. The team to clear out every pie, with no use of their hands, will get invincibility. Since the Cloaked Daggers lead with two contestants, they'll need to sit two people out."

The Cloaked Daggers huddle together. Zach asks, "Who should we sit out?"

Yuko suggests, "Jack shouldn't be allowed near sugar."

"There's sugar in pie?" Jack asks with wide eyes.

"Point taken," Zach states. "We need Yuko in this challenge, on account of small, Asian people being fantastic competitive eaters."

"I like your logic," Vinnie states. Yuko rolls her eyes.

The team steps in front of Chris. Felicity states, "We're sitting out Jack and Anneliese."

Chris nods and says, "Let's get ready." The contestants sit down at a picnic table, with pies placed in front of them. Chris explains, "When you finish a pie, another will be set in front of you. With all that said... Go!" The contestants dive into their pies, face first.

LeVar looks over at Elisabeth. He says, "Mm. Eat that pie, ba-bay. I could watch you eat pie, all day."

Elisabeth looks concerned. She says, "What?" LeVar smiles, his teeth covered in boysenberry.

Chris oversees the contest. "The Cloaked Daggers are leading, thanks to Yuko."

"I told all ya'll," Zach states, taking a brief break from pie eating.

Vinnie clears his second pie. He says, "See what I can do in a hands free challenge?" An intern put a new pie in front of Vinnie. After clearing his first pie, Michaiah rest his head on the table. "It's okay, Michaiah. I'm sure you're not used to eating unhealthy stuff like this. We've got you covered." Michaiah smiles in Vinnie's direction, before crossing his eyes, and sticking his tongue out.

Ollie is shown with half of his first pie eaten. He sticks his tongue out and says, "This is gross."

Trevor says, "Hang in there, buddy." Ollie nods.

Brody finishes his third pie. He says, "Keep them coming!"

LeVar says from the side of his mouth, "Finally putting that big mouth of yours to use."

"What was that, son?" Brody asks.

LeVar takes a big bite of pie and mumbles, "Mmffa muffin maft migf mouf..."

Brody laughs and says, "Oh, you. Don't talk with your mouth full, LeVar. You know better than that."

Chris surveys the progress. He says, "The Lying Dogs are catching up, now that the Cloaked Daggers are beginning to give out."

Most of the Cloaked Daggers are shown with their heads in empty pie pans, moaning. Zach sighs. He says, "Guys... we can't give up... We're almost there." Zach sighs and lets out a moan. "Hoo boy." Hildegarde continues eating. The final pie is put in front of her.

Chris looks at Hildegarde. He says, "Hildegarde's on the last pie for the Cloaked Daggers." Chris looks at Brody as another pie is placed in front of him. "Ooh. This is gonna be close." Brody begins digging in. Chris looks back and forth. He states, "We have a winner. Congratulations to... the Cloaked Daggers!" Jack and Annelise cheer, as the other members of the team let out moans. "That means that the Lying Dogs are going to the campfire ceremony. See you all at the secret guessing ceremony."

LeVar is shown to the side wiping pie from his face. Cheyenne walks up to him and says, "Hi, LeVar."

"Hey, boo," LeVar states. He looks at Cheyenne, and says, "Oh, it's you. Sorry, you're not my type."

Cheyenne explains, "That's not what I'm here to talk about. I want to join whatever alliance you have going on."

LeVar smirks. He asks, "What alliance? It's just a series of people who love me."

Cheyenne says, "Save it. It's obvious to everybody, except maybe Ollie and Trevor, even though they're part of it."

"You've got spunk," LeVar states. "I'll see if I can work you in."

"That's all I ask," Cheyenne assures, before walking away.

LeVar says to himself, "Oh, yeah. The ladies love them some LeVar."

Ollie walks up. He says, "Hi, LeVar... You have an imaginary friend, too?"

LeVar replies, "No, man. I was just talking... to myself. Cool guys don't have imaginary friends."

"Oh," Ollie replies. "Me, neither." Ollie puffs out his chest and flicks his lip. LeVar lets out a laugh.

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris states, "Another batch of wrong guesses. You guys are pretty bad at this secret guessing business. Brody did not wrestle an alligator to make a living..."

"I did, actually," Brody responds, while blinking.

Chris replies, "Well, it's not his secret. Elisabeth is not a bikini model."

"D'aw, but she should be," Trevor states.

Elisabeth looks confused. She says, "Thanks?"

"Back off my woman, man," LeVar states with a glare.

"And finally..." Chris states. "Hildegarde's brother's in prison." Hildegarde looks to the side. "Ding ding ding! That is correct." Some of the other contestants' eyes widen.

"That is an awful thing, yes?" Anneliese asks.

Shanise looks down. She says, "Sorry about the hard time we gave you, girlfriend. We didn't know."

"With clue wicked host gave, I can't blame you all for how you have been treating me, but I am nothing like my waste of a brother," Hildegarde states.

"I'm sure he's not all bad," Zach assures. "He probably just made some bad..."

"Okay, save this for a plot point for next episode," Chris states. "We've got an elimination to get to."

At the Lying Dogs' campfire ceremony, Chris states, "This team has dwindled down to seven, and it's about to dwindle some more. The first safe contestant is... Brody." Brody claps before catching his marshmallow. "Next is... Elisabeth." Elisabeth catches her marshmallow, and looks at. Her expression becomes sickly. "LeVar is also safe," Chris announces, "followed by Ollie and Trevor."

"As usual," LeVar states, with a smirk.

Chris goes on, "That leaves us with Ina and Cheyenne." Chris clears his throat. "The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Cheyenne." Cheyenne catches her marshmallow. "That means that Ina is out, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't do anything to hurt anyone."

"Or much of anything, at all," LeVar quips. "But if you're not with LeVar, that means you're against him." LeVar smirks. "Sorry, sweetheart. We could have made some beautiful music together."

Chris blinks. He says, "What a tie in."

"What do you mean?" Cheyenne asks.

"It's time to reveal Ina's secret," Chris states.

"Oh, I forgot about that," Brody says.

Ina blushes. Chris holds up a poster and unfolds it. He says, "Ladies, gentlemen, and LeVar, you are in the presence of international superstar... Molly Cirrus!"

Trevor picks up a bottle of water, drinks the contents, and spits them out. He says, "D'aw, what?!"

Cheyenne looks back and forth at Ina and the poster of Molly Cirrus. She says, "You mean with a wig, and nothing else, you transform into one of the biggest guilty pleasures in existence?" Ina blushes and nods. "I do a mean impression of you, girl."

LeVar folds his arms and looks to the side. He says, "Big deal. I hate your music."

"That's not nice, LeVar," Brody reprimands.

LeVar rolls his eyes, folds his arms, and says, "I'm the only one with the 'beef meatballs' to say it in her presence."

Chris says, "Thank you for that, LeVar." He looks to Ina. "And thank you so much for gracing us with your presence, even though you were only competing on our show as your shy alter ego. You can go, now." Ina nods, and heads to the Boat of Losers, after Chris pushes her off to start her off on her way.

"What?" Elisabeth asks. "No free benefit concert?"

"Maybe that'll happen later," Chris states. "We're out of time." He looks to the camera. "Another episode has come and gone. Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you on the next Total... Deception... Island!"

Chapter 8 - Hero and NowEdit

Chris Mclean opens the show with, "Welcome to a brand new episode of Total... Deception... Island! I'm your dashing host, Chris Mclean. But enough about me, and my chiseled features, let's get on with the exciting... recap of our previous episode. The Cloaked Daggers went on a search for the mysteriously absent Vinnie. They were able to find him, trapped in the confessional. They were also able to cast suspicion on some of their other contestants. In a gallant gesture, I revealed that the contestants were entirely wrong and misguided, as footage of the scene revealed that it was a clumsy bear that knocked the tree in front of the confessional door. At the pie eating challenge, the Cloaked Daggers proved victorious, sending the Lying Dogs to another elimination. But before that, it was revealed that Hildegarde's brother is in jail at the secret revealing ceremony. The Lying Dogs sent Ina packing, since she was the only contestant not under LeVar's influence. They were stunned to find out that Ina is also international singing something or other, Molly Cirrus! The ratings skyrocketed at the revelation." Chris looks to the side. "Too bad it was in the last fifty seconds." Chris shrugs his shoulders. "But enough about that, for now. Enjoy the show."

Hildegarde is shown walking ahead of her teammates toward their cabin. Jack calls out, "Wait!"

"We're sorry about the little misunderstanding, girl," Shanise insists. Hildegarde enters the cabin, and slams the door behind her. "Shoot. I don't go around throwing out apologies all willy nilly."

"Willy nilly?" Jack repeats. "He sounds nice." Shanise glares at Jack.

Felicity says, "With all the assumptions made about Hildegarde, I feel pretty stupid, now."

"Don't say that," Zach quickly asserts. "You're not stupid, at all. You're really smart..." Zach says from the side of his mouth, "and pretty." Felicity looks at Zach with wide eyes, right before she starts to blush. "And... I said that last part out loud, didn't I?" Zach is the next to blush, as he nervously looks away from his obvious crush.

"Those two are so cute," Jack whispers. Michaiah and Vinnie nod.

Yuko sighs. She says, "I just wish they'd speed things up, a little. It's not like they're in grade school."

Jack stares at Yuko. He looks away from her, and says, "I was right. You are a pervert."

"You're the pervert," Yuko states, folding her arms, and looking away from him.

Anneliese looks over at the returning Lying Dogs members. She says, "Oh, lookie! Hello the other team! Who do you happen to be missing?"

"Is she still talking like that?" Cheyenne asks, pointing at Anneliese.

"Talking like the what?" Anneliese asks, while blinking.

Cheyenne makes her eyes wide. She states, "I am not in the understanding of what you happen to be asking?" Some of the others laugh, while Anneliese looks confused.

Vinnie looks at the remaining members of the Lying Dogs. He says, "I've been staring at you guys for the last few minutes, and I have to ask... Who is missing?"

Elisabeth raises an eyebrow. She says, "Ina? Remember? She was about yay tall, and yay mousy." Elisabeth produces some descriptive gestures.

Trevor quickly states, "D'aw, you guys aren't gonna believe this, but..."

LeVar puts up a finger and states, "I want to tell it."

Brody laughs and looks at Trevor. He asks, "Dude, what did you say?" He tries to stifle laughter. Trevor looks at Brody and blinks.

"It turns out that that Ina girl was actually... get this... Molly Cirrus," LeVar states.

"Is he for real?" Shanise asks, pointing a finger in LeVar's direction. The other members of the Lying Dogs nod. The members of the Cloaked Daggers can't help but widen their eyes.

"No way," Felicity states, perhaps her eyes widest of all.

"Way," Brody replies. "I couldn't believe it, either. I was like... Whoa."

Felicity asks, "She isn't still here, is she?"

Brody points back, and says, "She took a one way ride on teh Boat of Losers."

"Gah," Felicity responds. "I can't believe I didn't realize it." Felicity looks to the side. "I didn't get a good enough look at her. I would know Molly Cirrus, anywhere."

One of LeVar's eyes is larger than the other. He points toward his cabin. He explains, "Ollie is kind of getting freaked out, so we're going to leave." He walks away, leaving Ollie behind. Ollie chases a moth around a short distance from the other contestants.

Brody forces a smile. He says, "Uh. I think LeVar has the right idea." Brody diplomatically puts his hands out. "Not because you're entirely creeping us out, or anything. We need our rest if we want to win the next challenge and rub your guyses faces in it. I, uh, mean that in the good sportsmanliest way possible." Brody awkwardly stands for a moment, and turns around. "Let's go, team." Cheyenne and Elisabeth also go toward their cabin duplex.

Tevor begins following, but looks back. He says, "D'aw. I'll be right there, Mr. Brody." Brody nods, and goes ahead. Trevor rushes over to Ollie who begins drifting away from the others, a little. Trevor says, "Hey, Ollie." He points back. "We should head back to the cabin for the night."

"Oh, okay," Ollie states. He pauses for a moment. "Why?"

Trevor looks confused. He says, "Because it's bedtime, Ollie."

"Oh, right," Ollie states, in realization. "I kind of got distracted. It's a good thing I have you around, Trevor."

"D'aw, why's that?" Trevor asks, still with a confused expression.

Ollie lets out a laugh. "'Cause you're smart," Ollie responds. "Let's go!" Ollie skips ahead toward the shared cabin. Trevor stands still, looking after the blond guy. Trevor's expression looks particularly sad. He starts walking toward his team's cabin, holding down his head.

Trevor is shown in confessional. He continues to hold his head down. He says, "D'aw... That was the first time anyone ever called me smart... I mean, that meant it..." Trevor puts a hand to the back of his head.

As Hildegarde packs up her things, she is joined by Shanise and Anneliese. Shanise says, "Hey." Hildegarde looks up, momentarily, and then back down at her things. Shanise's voice become sweet, "Aw, you know I'm sorry about that widdle misunderstanding. Can't we act like nothing happened?" Hildegarde glares at Shanise. Shanise sighs. She says, "I know that'll be impossible, but you can't say I didn't try to mend things."

"You were in the trying of that," Anneliese chimes in.

Shanise insists, "Whatever your brother did to land himself in jail has nothing to do with you. I don't even know why you were trying to hide it."

Hildegarde states, "Oh, yes? You no hear the expression 'the apple no fall far from tree'?"

"Something like that," Shanise replies, with a raised eyebrow.

"Everyone would have assumed that I was like brother," Hildegarde states. "But I am nothing like criminal scum brother."

Anneliese and Shanise look at each other. Anneliese says to Hildegarde, "But he is in the being of your brother, yes? Through thick and..."

"No," Hildegarde states, after folding her arms. "He betrayed me, as well as family. I have no brother."

Shanise says, "Girl... If you want to talk about..."

"No," Hildegarde replies. "Criminals are meant to be punished. If you'll excuse me, you will no longer have to be bothered by presence."

Anneliese frowns and says, "But I be in the liking of presents..." Hildegarde walks out of the room.

Shanise shrugs her shoulders. She says, "At least I'm getting my own room out of the deal."

Outside, Felicity and Zach are shown together. Felicity says to Zach, "I wonder if Ina knows who I am! That would be amazing!"

Zach looks at Felicity with a raised eyebrow. He says, "Why do you care so much? I mean, Molly Cirrus has a catchy tune, or two, but... Wait a second... You're, like, one of those types that are in a fan club, aren't you?" Felicity blushes and looks to the side. Zach holds his hand to his mouth, as he laughs. "No way! You are, aren't you?"

"Maybe I'm the president," Felicity says as she looks to the side, dramatically. She looks at Zach. "I bet that makes me the biggest dork in existence."

"Are you kidding?" Zach asks. "I think it's kind of cute, actually." Both of them look at each other, blush, and quickly look away. Zach puts his hands in his pockets. "So... was that your secret?"

Felicity thinks. She says, "I don't know, but I wouldn't think so. I mean, I've got a real doozy of a secret that..." Felicity blushes. "Anyway... Uh..."

"Yeah," Zach replies, looking in the other direction. "So..."

"Bye," Felicity says.

Zach nods and says, "Seeya." They walk in different directions. Zach walks into a post.

Inside their shared room, Vinnie is shown drawing with Michaiah's pencil on his notepad, using his foot. As he finishes drawing, he explains, "And that's how you draw a smokin' bikini model with your foot."

Michaiah takes the notepad back from Vinnie and writes, 'That's way better than I can draw with my hands'.

"Thanks," Vinnie states, clearly looking flattered. Zach walks into the room. Vinnie looks up at him. He says, "Hey, man. How'd things go with Felicity?" Vinnie notes Zach's red face. Vinnie's eyes widen. He asks, "Did she hit you?"

Zach feels his face. "This?" he asks. "No." He laughs. He puts his hand on the back of his head. "I kind of walked into a post. I'm telling you, it came out of nowhere."

'Smooth' Michaiah writes, quickly.

Vinnie laughs and says, "Nice, dawg."

Zach looks closely at Michaiah's notepad. He points at it and asks, "What's with the dude in the bikini, and why is his left leg so much bigger than his right?"

Vinnie shrugs and says, "Michaiah's not the best at drawing." Michaiah glares at Vinnie. "I take it that you failed to impress Felicity?"

"I don't know, dude," Zach replies with a hand to his chin. "When I walked into the post, I think she was really into it."

Vinnie shrugs. He says, "If you're just going to squander your chances with her, I'm gonna have to get in on the action, dude."

"No, no," Zach assures. "I'm going to ask her out. I just haven't found the right moment, yet."

"Are you waiting for rose petals to precipitate, and another double rainbow?" Vinnie asks with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Ideally, yes," Zach replies.

Vinnie insists, "Come on, dude. You have to make your move." Zach looks down, but nods.

'No pressure, though,' Michaiah writes on his notepad.

"If you don't hurry," Vinnie begins, "someone else is gonna snatch her up." Vinnie points at Michaiah. "I saw Michaiah here eying up Felicity. He was all..." Vinnie rotates his eyes in random directions.

Michaiah shakes his head, profusely. He quickly writes something down and holds up his notepad, 'I had enough romance this season, hank you very much.'

Zach laughs and says, "You wrote 'hank you very much'. Haha." Vinnie laughs, too.

Michaiah blushes, and quickly writes, 'Shut up!'

The next morning, LeVar is shown getting out of bed. He looks over at Ollie, who is just waking up. Ollie wipes his eyes and asks, "What time is it?"

LeVar looks at the clock. He states, "Early. Go back to bed."

"Why?" Ollie asks. "What are you doing?"

LeVar looks down as he gets dressed in a tracksuit, as he explains, "You get a body this perfect through rigorous exercise. I'm going to..." LeVar looks toward Ollie, who is asleep and drooling on his pillow. LeVar lets out a small laugh, and smiles. He catches himself, frowns, and clears his throat. After zipping up the top of his fancy tracksuit, he exits the room.

Elisabeth is shown outside looking at Brody sitting under a tree as he whittles something. She looks at him with a sympathetic look. LeVar walks up to Elisabeth, now with the top of his tracksuit unzipped partway. He says, "Hey, sweet thang."

"Oh, hi, LeVar," Elisabeth states, as she turns toward the bulky bully.

LeVar frowns and points at his chest. He states, "My pecs are down here." Elisabeth looks over her shoulder at Brody. LeVar whistles in an attempt to get Elisabeth's attention. "Hey. Babe. Over here."

Elisabeth turns to LeVar. She says, "Sorry. It's just that Brody seems a little lonely."

"And that's my problem, why?" LeVar asks, with a raised eyebrow.

"He's your stepdaddy, right?" Elisabeth questions.

"Don't say 'stepdaddy'," LeVar commands. LeVar folds his arms, and looks to the side. "And it wasn't my choice."

Elisabeth says, "Sorry." She gives a reassuring smile. "But that is the hand you've been dealt in life, and someone needs to talk to him." She shrugs her shoulders. "And who better than his favorite stepson?"

"How about that psycho with a chainsaw and a hook?" LeVar suggests, dryly.

"Oh, come on," Elisabeth replies. "This is a perfect time for stepfather stepson bonding." Elisabeth crosses her eyes, and her voice sounds goofy when she says 'bonding'. She blushes, clears her throat, and repeats normally, "Bonding."

LeVar looks at Elisabeth with a raised eyebrow. He says, "Anyway, why should I..." LeVar blinks. He gives a wicked grin. "You know... you're right. Thanks for the suggestion." LeVar holds out his arms and says, "Now give daddy some sugar."

Elisabeth attempts to think. She says, "I think I still have some in the pantry. Let me go check." Elisabeth walks off, leaving LeVar with his arms held up. He puts his arms down, trying not to look weird, while his face turns a little red. He looks toward Brody, rolls his eyes, but proceeds to produce a smile.

Brody looks up, and smiles. He says, "Hey, buddy boy. Good to see you."

"Uh huh," LeVar quickly replies. He says, "So, I've been thinking. We haven't been able to bond the way we should have. I haven't given you much of a chance, so... How about some quality time? Getting to know each other, you and me."

Brody smiles even wider. He says, "I was thinking the same thing, son." The blond stepdad holds up an unidentifiable wooden object he had been whittling. "That's why I made you this." LeVar takes the item, momentarily looking at it.

LeVar mutters, "That's nice. I want to get to know more about you."

"What do you want to know?" Brody asks. "My life is an open box."

"It's 'open book'," LeVar replies.

Brody looks confused. He says, "I don't think so."

LeVar puts a hand up. He states, "That's not important. I was thinking we should be able to share anything with each other, you know?"

Brody puts a hand to his chest. He says, "You want me to tell you about the miracle of life? I've prepared for this moment, stepson bro. I didn't know this day would come so soon."

LeVar quickly and worriedly says, "No!" He regains his composure. "I meant that we should talk about ourselves... Off hand, and totally for example, our deepest, darkest secrets?"

Brody nods. He says, "I get it."

LeVar smiles and says, "You do? That's great. Now... let's start with you."

Brody smiles and says, "I guess I do have something you should know. I didn't mean to keep it from you..." Brody pauses. "Oh, I get what you're doing."

"You do?" LeVar asks, quietly.

Brody nods his head. He says, "You want me to reveal my secret, like some sort of game of which of us will reveal it first." Brody laughs. "But you won't get me that easily. You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that to figure out. Good try, sonny boy." LeVar looks to the side before rolling his eyes. "So what secret are you..."

LeVar responds with, "That's none of your business," before walking away. He throws the unidentifiable, whittled, wooden item over his shoulder. Yuko can be heard screaming in pain, after an assumed strike by the wooden item.

Chris is shown among the majority of contestants. He says, "Hey, guys. You've all been gathered here for the challenge..." Chris pauses. He looks at the contestants and asks, "Is somebody missing?"

Trevor looks among the contestants. He says, "D'aw, you're right! Where's Ollie?"

LeVar thinks. He says, "The last I saw him, he was in our room. I'll go get him... Not that I care, or anything."

"We'll go with you," Brody states, with his arm around Trevor.

"No," LeVar barks.

Chris says, "Somebody go, before I get mad."

"Aren't you always in the being of mad?" Anneliese asks, with a confused expression.

"We won't take no for an answer, stepbro-son-dude-man-playa-playa," Brody asserts. Trevor looks down at the ground.

LeVar rolls his eyes, and says, "Fine. You can come with. Just don't get in my way. And don't say or do anything." LeVar begins walking while Brody and Trevor follow after him. "And don't breathe through your mouths... And don't..." LeVar is no longer within earshot.

Jack looks after LeVar and the other two guys. He comments, "Going off with LeVar sounds like a lot of work." Some of the other contestants nod in agreement.

Inside their side of the cabin, Trevor looks for Ollie in a drawer, in his and Brody's room. "D'aw, he's not in here," Trevor says with a sense of discovery.

"Stop being stupid," LeVar states. Trevor looks down at the floor, while Brody looks over at him, sympathetically. Brody starts to say something. "And don't tell me not to call Trevor stupid."

Brody laughs and says, "You got me. But it isn't nice to..."

"Why are we in here, anyway?" LeVar asks. "We should be checking my room for the little scamp." LeVar's face turns red. "I mean... Let's just go." LeVar walks ahead to his room.

Brody looks to Trevor. He says, "Sorry, man. LeVar can be pretty abrasive, but what he said wasn't true. You know? I'll talk with him about it, later."

"Thanks," Trevor replies, softly. A loud scream can be heard from the next room over. Trevor's eyes get wider. He asks, "D'aw, what's that?"

Brody shakes his head. He says, "I don't know. Let's go find out." Brody rushes out of their room, followed shortly by Trevor.

They get to the other room, just in time to see LeVar push Ollie back. Ollie says, "Hey? Why'd you do that?"

LeVar barks, "I told you to stay on your side of the room!"

Brody looks confused. He says, "What's going on?" He looks down at the floor, and sees an open duffel bag, surrounded by a few torn trading cards, action figures taken out of the now ripped boxes, as well as one broken action figure.

"D'aw," Trevor begins. "Are these your toys, Ollie?"

"I don't know," Ollie replies.

"They're mine," LeVar barks. Trevor looks down at LeVar's things with a confused expression. "I told Ollie to stay away from my things!"

Ollie looks to the side. He says, "You said not to go on your side of the..."

"Shut up!" LeVar shouts. Ollie's countenance falls. The blond boy looks down, and to the side. "You couldn't even follow one simple command? I'm just..." He looks at Ollie. LeVar lets out a deep sigh. "I brought all this here, because I didn't want to risk them getting damaged out of my watch... But now it's all trash."

"D'aw, why do you care so much?" Trevor asks.

LeVar glares at Trevor. He states, "Because I secretly collect this kind of stuff. I never told anyone, because I don't want to look like a giant dweeb. I have a reputation to upkeep."

"If it means anything," Brody begins, "I don't think it makes you look like a dweeb."

LeVar rolls his eyes. He says, "That means pretty much nothing."

"I'm sorry," Ollie weakly musters.

LeVar looks away from Ollie and says, "Whatever. We have a challenge to get to." LeVar points to the other guys. "If you tell anyone about this, you'll all be sorry." LeVar kicks passed his cards and action figures on his way out.

Trevor looks at Ollie, who is obviously fighting back tears. Trevor says, "Did LeVar hurt you, Ollie?"

Ollie forces a smile. He insists, "No. I'm not a weak, little kid, or anything, if that's what you're thinking."

Trevor looks confused as he says, "D'aw... I don't think that's what I meant."

Brody has his head held down. He lifts it up and says, "We really should go, guys."

As Trevor, Ollie, and Brody join the other contestants, the host states, "There you guys are. I thought you were trapped in a hole, somewhere. We can finally begin the challenge." Chris looks at Ollie, who continues to try to fight back his tears. "Is he alright?"

"I'm fine," Ollie assures. "Mind your own business." Elisabeth looks at Ollie with a sympathetic look, putting her hand over her heart.

"Alright, touchy," Chris replies with his hands held up. He says, "As for the challenge, today you'll be given the materials to create your own superhero personas. Each team will design and execute three superhero ideas along with exciting power ideas."

"Didn't you do a challenge like this before?" Cheyenne asks, with one raised eyebrow.

Chris states, "That was so long ago, no one remembers. Besides, I can't be expected to have an unending wealth of challenge ideas. I'm incredibly good looking, not a challenge making expert. You can't have both. So with that out of the way, does anyone have any questions?"

Trevor raises his hand and says, "D'aw, yeah." He looks at Ollie for a moment, and back at Chris. "Where do babies come from?" Most of the other contestants let out a laugh. Ollie continues to look sad, causing Trevor to frown.

Trevor is shown in the confessional. He says, "D'aw, is this thing on? Anyway... I only said that thing about the babies to make Ollie smile... It didn't work..." Trevor looks up, and takes a defensive position, holding his hands up. "It's not like I don't know where babies come from. That stork dude brings them after the mommy's belly gets big. That's how he knows who to, d'aw, deliver them to."

Back at the Challenge Explanation Ceremony, Chris' face is still red. Vinnie looks at him, then whispers to Zach, "It looks like no one gave Chris 'the talk'."

Chris states, "You guys can start the challenge, you know." He impatiently taps one of his feet. "I'm waiting."

The Cloaked Daggers team huddles together. "Who looks good in spandex?" Zach asks. The others look at him.

Felicity smiles and says, "No offense, but I think a better question would be 'Who has any ideas?'"

Zach nods and says, "Good. Who has any ideas?"

Jack suggests, "I've been itching to run around in the old loincloth, again."

"Okay," Zach responds, while blinking. "Are there any other ideas?"

On the other team, LeVar states, "I already am kind of like a superhero, so I'm an obvious choice. Cheyenne can be one of those shape... changers, or whatever, and..."

"Ooh!" Brody says. "I want to be one of the heroes!"

LeVar states, "Being super annoying isn't a good superpower." Brody frowns.

Elisabeth says, "Aw. Let 'im."

LeVar rolls his eyes and says, "Fine."

Elisabeth states, "I can sew pretty fast. I don't mind being in charge of costumes."

"Is there anything you can't do, babe?" LeVar asks.

"You're sweet, LeVar," Elisabeth replies with a slight giggle.

Cheyenne states, "She's not the best judge of character, for one..." LeVar glares at Cheyenne.

Chris is shown in a director's chair in front of a small stage. He's fanned by an intern equipped with a palm frond. Chris insists, "I'm ready for the first hero!"

LeVar comes out on stage in a purple spandex costume, with a flexing bicep depicted on his chest, and a matching pair of purple glasses over his eyes. Trevor speaks into a microphone as he looks at an index card. He reads, "Meet Strongman!" LeVar walks toward the front of the stage and flexes his muscles. "Strongman was hit by gamma rays, for some reason, and now is the strongest man in the world! Thank you, Strongman." LeVar nods and walks down and sits down in the audience.

"Next up," Trevor reads, "we have..." Trevor pauses for a moment. He sounds out, "D... Dop... Doppelgänger." Trevor smiles as he successfully says the difficult word. Cheyenne steps out on stage in a mostly white costume with a blue cape.

Chris states, "I like the theme song lyrics." Chris bobs his head and sings, "D-Dop-Doppelgänger... Catchy."

Trevor blushes. He goes on, "Doppel... Dop..." Trevor continues to blush. "She can imitate anybody."

"How is that useful?" Chris asks.

"How is that useful?" Cheyenne repeats.

"Okay?" Chris says.

Cheyenne repeats, "Okay?"

"Stop that," Chris says in annoyed tone.

"Stop that," Cheyenne repeats in the same annoyed tone.

Chris narrows his eyes and says, "You win this round, Doppelgänger." Cheyenne exits the stage. "I guess I see how that could be useful..."

"Finally," Trevor reads, "we have Speedy Bro." Brody runs out on stage.

Brody quickly says, "Hey, kids. Stay in school. Drugs aren't cool. Don't be a bully. Ask a teacher or responsible adult for help if you are being bullied, or know a bully on drugs."

"D'aw, I guess I don't need to explain his powers," Trevor states. Brody runs off the stage at full speed. Trevor looks down and reads, "That's all. Thank you for being a lovely audience. Trevor walks over to the audience, and sits down." Trevor pauses. "Oh." He walks over to the audience, and sits down.

Felicity takes Trevor's place to introduce her team. Chris instructs, "You can begin."

Felicity nods. She explains, "First, we have Jungle Boy." Jack runs out in his loincloth with mud under his eyes. "He's a wild man that has the power to swing on any vine-like object, as well as being able to speak with animals, in order to get them to do what he commands. Thanks you, Jungle Boy."

Anneliese narrows her eyes, and says, "I cannot be in the remembering of mud being a part of this young man's costume.

Zach raises an eyebrow and states, "I hope that's mud."

Jack jumps off the stage, and shouts, "Wooo!" He calmly sits in the audience.

Felicity introduces, "Here is the mighty Footboy." Vinnie walks out, wearing a neon pink costume with a small metallic foot on his belt buckle, and he does several indescribable feats with his feet. Felicity reads, "He can do crazy stuff with his feet. That's it." Vinnie leaps off the stage.

"Finally," Felicity states, "we have Observant Girl." Yuko walks out, in her usual clothes. "She has the ability to observe what you're doing. You never know when she has her eye on you. She knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness' sake." Yuko nods, and steps off of the stage. "That's everyone," Felicity announces. "Thank you." She goes to the audience and sits down next to Zach, who lifts his legs off of the spot he reserved for the red haired girl.

Chris nods and steps in front of the contestants. He says, "I've put forth a lot of thought, and I've decided on a winning team... I choose, being the authority on everything, as I am... The Cloaked Daggers!"

LeVar shouts, "What!? They barely did anything with their costumes, and their powers were stupid."

Chris shrugs and says, "I thought their power ideas were more creative."

"Creative?" LeVar asks. "They just made up stuff that applied to them, and slapped an adjective in front of 'boy' or 'girl'. Our team went with some solid, standard, useful choices."

Zach leans toward Vinnie and whispers with a smirk, "Is 'foot' an adjective?"

Brody says, "LeVar, there's no point in arguing with Chris, now."

LeVar responds, "Don't tell me what to do..."

Chris nods and says, "Listen to Brody. I'll see you guys at the elimination ceremony, and I'll see you all at the secret guessing ceremony." Chris leaves.

LeVar folds his arms and says, "I still don't think it was fair." LeVar marches off, as the others look after him.

Ollie says, "LeVar isn't that nice, is he?" The others look in other directions. "Someone should stand up to him, you know?"

Later, at the secret guessing ceremony, Chris states, "Okay, so the secret guesses of the day are... Zach is a supermodel."

Zach smiles and says, "Aw, how flattering. Whoever guessed that is so kind."

"It doesn't count since Zach made that guess himself," Chris states. "But for the record it's not true."

"Shocking," LeVar adds.

Chris goes on, "As for LeVar... no guesses for his secret."

"How it should be," LeVar states, eying some of his team members.

"Finally," Chris says, as he holds his head down, slightly. "Someone guessed that Ollie is Mitchell's stepbrother... which we all know is his secret." LeVar has his arms folded as he looks to the side.

LeVar states, "It's not going to mean anything, anyway. He's not going to have to sleep outside, anyway."

Chris says, "No matter your reasoning, I don't think it's cool."

"Thank you, authority on cool," LeVar states.

"I'll see you guys at the elimination," Chris states before leaving. Elisabeth puts her hand on Ollie's back. The wide eyed boy looks at her.

Chris Mclean is shown at the capmfire ceremony location. He says, "Another visit to the campfire ceremony. Surprise, surprise." Chris goes on, "Elisabeth, you're safe." Elisabeth catches her marshmallow. "So are Cheyenne, Trevor, and Brody." The three catch their marshmallows. "That means that it's between LeVar and Ollie. One of you will be leaving the competition. The last marshmallow belongs to..."

"LeVar." LeVar catches his marshmallow. "That means that Ollie will be leaving the competition."

"What?" Ollie asks, surprised. "That means that other people voted me out? Why would they do that? If it's about what happened with LeVar, I said I was sorry."

Brody says, "I'm sorry, Ollie. Really, sorry... But this competition doesn't seem right for you. Keeping you here seems kind of... cruel." Ollie looks down with a frown. Trevor holds his head down, not looking toward Ollie.

Chris explains, "Mitchell is here to take you to the loser's resort. It should be fun there... or something."

Elisabeth assures, "We're going to miss you, Ollie."

Ollie looks down at the ground. He begins walking to the Boat of Losers. He looks directly at LeVar and says, "Let's get out of here, Roscoe." Ollie turns back toward the Boat of Losers, and continues to walk to it. Mitchell stands up and helps Ollie onto the waiting boat.

"What did that mean?" Trevor asks, while looking confused. LeVar looks to the side, and remains quiet.

Chris says, lacking enthusiasm in his voice, "So that takes care of another episode. Join us next time, for another thrilling edition of Total... Deception... Island."

Chapter 9 - Nostalgia DroppersEdit

"This is Chris," the show's host states. "Chris Mclean. Thank you for joining our humble little program..." Chris hols up a mirror. "Still as handsome as always, handsome." The vain host looks to the camera. "I suppose you want a recap of the previous episode. I'm always willing to give the people what they want." Chris clears his throat. "LeVar and Ollie continued to bond, but when Ollie was late to the challenge, LeVar and a select few others went to check up on the little guy, only to find him going through LeVar's belongings, essentially destroying the much larger guy's prized nerdy possessions. LeVar pushed Ollie back in a fit of anger, and hurt his feelings. At the challenge, the contestants had to make up some superhero counterparts. The Cloaked Daggers won for their creativity, while the Lying Dogs had to send someone home. For whatever reason, Brody, Trevor, and Ollie didn't reveal LeVar's secret. Ollie got sent to the loser resort when his teammates felt like the competition wasn't the right place for him." Chris looks to the side. "But I don't like dwelling on the past. Let's see what everyone is up to this time."

The Cloaked Daggers are shown outside of the confessional. Shanise raises an eyebrow and asks, "Why are we out here, again?"

"Jack said that we needed to see how the full moon made the outhouse glisten," Vinnie recalls. Jack nods rapidly.

"But we were just out here the other day," Zach states. "You know. When we were out here to rescue Vinnie from certain doom?"

Vinnie admits, "I didn't get a good look at it from the other side. And, aw, bro. You thought I was doomed? That's so sweet of you... You know, in a manly way."

Anneliese turns to Hildegarde and asks, "So how is it to be living off the great outdoorses?"

"Fine," Hildegarde shortly answers.

Jack says, "Are you kidding? It's like a kaleidoscope of everlasting wonder and beauty!" Jack ads a grand gesture.

"Huh," Shanise replies. She shrugs her shoulders. "I always thought it was something that buildings were made to keep us from having to look at."

Vinnie continues looking on at the outhouse with a frown. He says, "Yeah. It's really not that different from the day time."

Jack admits, "Moonlight makes everything look more beautiful." Jack points to Hildegarde. "Even Hildegarde." The others wince or widen their eyes.

"Oh, snap," Shanise states. "You did not just go there."

Hildegarde frowns. She states, "I only agreed to follow after you others for team bonding. I will see the rest of you at the challenge." Hildegarde walks off.

"Nice going, dude," Zach says to Jack.

"What?" Jack asks.

VInnie explains, "Saying that moonlight makes anything look better, even Hildegarde, is not the smartest thing to say to any girl."

Zach nods, points at Vinnie, and says, "That."

"I do not be minding if he is saying that of me," Anneliese insists.

"You're one weird chick," Shanise insists.

Anneliese says, "Why are you happening to say that?"

In confessional, Anneliese states, "The blond jungle man was obvious in his meaning that Hildegarde was already in the being of beautiful and the moonlight would only make her look in the more beautiful enhancement." Anneliese blinks, then awkwardly smiles.

Yuko shifts her glasses. She says, "Well, Vinnie, Jack, Shanise, Anneliese, Michaiah and I were just heading out. We'll see you two back at the cabin." Yuko drags the others away.

"Was she talking to us?" Zach asks Felicity.

The intelligent red haired girl shrugs her shoulders and says, "Judging by the fact that we're alone, I guess so."

"So..." Zach begins. "What do you think we're supposed to be talking about?" Both contestants look down at the ground.

"What do you like doing in your free time?" Felicity asks.

"I like to look at lingerie catalogs," Zach states. "D'oh. That's the wrong answer." He hits himself in the forehead.

Felicity laughs. She says, "That's funny..." She pauses for a moment, and looks up at Zach. "You were joking, right?"

"Joking?" Zach asks. "Yeah, yeah. I was totes joking. I cancelled my subscription to that catalog when I was eleven." Felicity laughs, again. The pair starts walking together. After a few minutes of silence, Zach adds, "So..."

"Did you see the game last night?" Felicity asks.

"There aren't any televisions out..." Zach begins. The wiseguy pauses, blinks, and laughs. "Ooh. Cheeky." The pair continues to awkwardly stand. "Um..."

"Yeah," Felicity replies. She looks to the side. "So... I should really go. I don't want the others to be all worried about me."

"Why should they be worried?" Zach asks with a raised eyebrow.

Felicity admits, "It's not you, it's me."

"Why?" Zach asks. "Is there something wrong with you?" His eyes are wide. "Er... I didn't mean that..." Both of the contestant's faces are red. "I should go, before I mention something I regret, like that childhood bedwetting..." Zach's eyes widen. "Like I said, I should go..." Zach quickly runs away.

Felicity puts her hand on her forehead and says, "That could have gone a lot better."

Zach is shown running from the area. He stops just before his cabin in order to breathe, a little. "Let me guess, another failed attempt?" Yuko asks.

Zach screams and turns around to see the petite, Asian girl. He says, "When did you get here? Anyway... Yeah... Wait, were you watching us, again?"

Yuko shakes her head and says, "I don't have to, anymore. I kind of know how things are going to end up."

Zach lets out a sigh. He asks, "What's wrong with me? I usually don't have a problem talking to girls I really like... not that it's a frequent thing, or anything."

"I don't think anything is wrong with you," Yuko admits.

"You don't?" Zach asks.

"Well, nothing dealing with this immediate subject," Yuko goes on. Zach frowns. "Anyway, I do have an idea as to what's taking you so long to make any sort of move."

Zach's eyes get wide. He asks, "You do? How could you? I don't even..."

"It's this whole 'everyone has a secret thing', isn't it?" Yuko suggests. Zach looks taken aback. He holds his head down, slightly. "You're wondering what Felicity's secret is, and not knowing has been bothering you."

Zach slumps his head down a little lower. He puts his hands in his pockets and says, "Yeah... I mean, not knowing has been, like... It's not that I care what it is. It's this not knowing, and the fact that we're hiding things, right off the bat. I want to be able to be honest with her."

"I think that if you ask her about it," Yuko begins, "you'll find that she's been having a similar feeling."

"You think so?" Zach asks. "How do you know?"

"How do you know what?" Felicity asks, as she walks up.

Zach responds, "Felicity! What are you doing here?"

Felicity explains, "We live in the same building. You left me out in the wilderness. It's not like there's a lot of ways to get back here."

"Oh, right," Zach admits, slightly blushing. "Sorry. Anyway, I was just talking to Yuko, here..." Zach points behind him, and then looks back. "Oh... She's not there, anymore. But that's beside the point. Felicity... I like you... a lot." Felicity smiles, slightly, and blushes. "But there's something holding us back, isn't there?"

"I've been thinking about that," Felicity admits. "I agree... I like you, too. It's just that this whole secret thing has me wondering what you might be hiding, and how you might react to mine..."

Zach smiles wide. He says, "That's what I was thinking... But if you don't want to reveal your secret to me... I'm cool with that..."

Felicity shakes her head. She says, "It feels weird keeping it from you, anyway." Zach looks down and nods.

"Let's sit down," Zach suggests. Felicity nods, and sits next to Zach on the steps of their cabin. Zach begins, "So... which of us goes first?"

Felicity sighs. She says, "The truth is, Zach..." She looks Zach in the eye. "I'm... kind of... a recent college graduate." Zach's eyes get wide.

"Wow," Zach responds, still with his eyes wide.

"I don't like to talk about my education," Felicity admits. "I don't want people to have this impression that I think I'm smarter than anyone else... I guess you could say is that I'm the seventeen year old byproduct of one of those 'child geniuses'."

"Wow," Zach repeats.

Felicity looks down. She says, "I understand that you must feel weird about hearing that. It tends to scare most guys my age away, when they find out."

Zach puts his hand on Felicity's hand. He says, "I don't think that, at all. Those 'wows' were because our secrets are so similar. I wasn't expecting that."

"They are?" Felicity asks.

Zach nods. He states, "I mean, I haven't graduated, yet, or anything. But I'm in college, too, right now. Well, not rigt now. Right now, I'm here."

Felicity says, "I can't believe it. Here we were so concerned about how the other would react, and it was practically the same thing."

"I know," Zach replies. "I can't believe it, either. It's kind of a load off."

Felicity leans in and hugs Zach. She says, "I'm glad we got that out of the way."

"Me, too," Zach kisses Felicity's forehead. "Anyway, we should get back, for reals this time."

"You're probably right," Felicity replies. "I'll miss you."

Zach smiles and replies, "I'll miss you, more." Felicity gets up and goes into her side of the cabin. Zach looks after her. He stands up and looks to his left. He lets out a scream, as he sees Yuko. "When did you get there?"

"I was here pretty much the whole time," Yuko replies. "Pretty interesting secrets. Who would've thought two people would have separate secrets that were so alike?"

Zach shrugs. He says, "I was surprised, too." Zach begins to head toward his cabin door. He stops and says, "Thanks for the advice. You're not going to..."

Yuko shakes her head and says, "Your secrets are safe with me."

Zach smiles and says, "Thanks." He opens his cabin door to see Vinnie and Michaiah inside waiting for him.

Vinnie loudly asks, "So dude, did you seal the deal?" Michaiah looks at Vinnie with wide eyes.

The strong, silent Michaiah writes, 'I think he means 'did you ask her out?''

Zach lets out a laugh. He turns back to Yuko and says, "Goodnight." He closes the door and states, "Vinnie... dude. Put some pants on! You don't know who might see you from outside." Zach can be heard loudly whispering, "There could be ladies out there."

"I know," Vinnie cheekily responds.

Yuko blinks. She walks away, and says to herself, "I stood around a few seconds too long."

Trevor is shown throwing rocks at the ground from outside his cabin while sitting on the steps. Elisabeth is shown walking up to him with her hand over her heart. She says, "Trevor, honey... What's wrong?"

"D'aw," Trevor begins. "The opposite of right... Or is that a trick question?"

Elisabeth forces a smile. She observes as he continues to throw rocks at the ground. The kindhearted girl asks, "What are you doing, exactly?"

"Trying to skip rocks," Trevor explains. "I think these rocks are broken, though." Trevor throws another rock at the ground.

"Are you upset about Ollie?" Elisabeth asks.

Trevor holds his head down. "Kind of... He was one of the nicest people I, d'aw, ever met."

Elisabeth puts her hand on Trevor's shoulder. She assures, "He's a good kid. We're all going to miss him." Trevor looks up at Elisabeth and gives a reassured nod. Elisabeth looks up after feeling a raindrop. She says, "I guess it's going to start raining..."

LeVar walks outside and grabs Trevor by the ear. "D'aw, ow!" Trevor lets out.

"Oh, quit complaining," LeVar states. "What are you two talking about, out here?"

"Nothing important," Elisabeth insists. "Really."

LeVar states, "A likely story." He turns to Trevor. "Don't talk to her when I'm not here."

"D'aw, okay," Trevor replies.

"Let's get out of here," LeVar commands as he drags Trevor out into the darkness. Elisabeth looks after them with concerned expressions.

Trevor asks LeVar, after they're some distance from the cabins, "D'aw, why did you drag me out here?"

"I'm sure you're used to being a loser, but I'm not," LeVar states. "I'm sick of losing all these challenges."

"So we try our best, tomorrow?" Trevor asks.

LeVar rolls his eyes. He says, "Like that's worked for us, so far. I need to take action, and you're going to help me."

"I am?" Trevor asks. "D'aw, but I don't even know what you're thinking. Do I?"

"Just keep your mouth shut and follow my lead," LeVar states.

"Okay," Trevor says, quietly. "But LeVar... I was wondering if you felt bad about what happened with Ollie."

LeVar pauses, and looks to the side. He replies, "I don't want to talk about that." Michaiah is shown walking toward the guys. LeVar slaps Trevor on the chest. LeVar states, "If it isn't 'Silent Treatment'. What brings you out here?"

With his arm not carrying a bundle of blankets, Michaiah holds up his notepad that says, 'With the oncoming rainstorm, I wanted to bring some extra blankets to Jack.'

"What a guy," LeVar states. He nudges Trevor, who responds by nodding. "But don't bother. Trevor and I will bring these to Jack."

"That's nice of you to offer, LeVar," Trevor insists, looking a little surprised.

"Hand them over," LeVar states with his hand out. Michaiah shrugs his shoulders, and hands the blankets to LeVar, before turning to leave. "One more thing." Michaiah turns back around. LeVar snatches Michaiah's notepad away from him. Michaiah's eyes widen, and he tries to grab the notepad back from LeVar. "You want to start something?" LeVar asks, as he puffs out his already bulky chest. Michaiah's expression becomes sullen. He looks down, and shakes his head. "That's what I thought. Now, get out of here." Michaiah turns around and slouches as he heads back to his cabin.

LeVar and Trevor begin walking into the night, again. Trevor says, "That was a nice thing to offer to bring those blankets to Jack. D'aw... Then it was mean, again, when you took... that quiet guy's papers." Trevor throws the blankets and notepad to the side. "D'aw, aren't we going to bring those blankets to..." LeVar glares at Trevor, who becomes quiet. Trevor holds his head down. "D'aw, we aren't bringing those to him, are we?"

"D'aw, you think?" LeVar replies. "Come on. We have more work to do."

After time passes, LeVar and Trevor are shown walking into their cabin. Trevor has a wide assortment of items in his arms, including Yuko's glasses, Jack's loincloth, and Zach's bag. "This should do it," LeVar states with a smirk.

Brody looks up from where he is lying on the guys' couch. He says, "What's all that stuff? Ooh... Are you collecting things for a yard sale, or something?" LeVar walks upstairs without responding to Brody. Trevor looks at Brody for a moment and blinks, before heading upstairs.

Outside, Anneliese is shown walking through the mud from the newly stopped rain, wearing a sequined parka. She comes across a tent, and sticks her head inside. Her eyes widen, "Oh. I am in being in the sorry. You are not Hildegarde."

Jack takes a small pair of nosehair trimmers out of his nose. Jack looks down his shirt, nods, and says, "You're right." He looks at the trimmers. "This is the sort of modern technology that I'm really going to miss."

"If you will be excusing me, it is improper being of the alone with someone who is an unwashed masses of a boy," Anneliese slowly backs out of the tent.

Jack's eyes widen as he smiles, and says, "She noticed!"

Anneliese puts her head through the opening in Hildegarde's tent, and says, "Hello! It is in the being of me!"

Hildegarde looks up from a book she's reading entitled 'Inflicting Injuries for Dummies'. She looks back down and says, "Goodbye."

"Why are you happening to say that when I am not going to be in the action of leaving?" Anneliese asks with a confused look. "I am here to say I am sorry for anything bad that has ever been in the process of happening to you. I think you are coincidentally a nice person. I was just wanting to be telling you that."

"Okay," Hildegarde states. "You go, now?"

Anneliese shrugs. She says, "Okee-day. I will be in the absence, momentarily. Goodbye!"

"Wait," Hildegarde states. Anneliese pauses. "Thanks... for saying that."

Anneliese nods and says, "You are in the being welcome." The more cheerful girl exits the tent.

LeVar is shown in his bed with his eyes wide open, as he stares at the ceiling. He lets out a heavy sigh, before getting out of his bed. His eyes widen, as he steps on the pointy side of a plastic sword from one of his action figures, everything still scattered across his floor. He lets out a short scream, before quickly covering over his mouth. He kicks his broken action figures to the side, after removing the plastic sword from his foot. He picks up his duffel bag before tiptoeing out of his room. He peeks into the other guys' room and sees Trevor in his bed, facing the wall, and Brody sleeping with his mouth wide open, hanging out of his bed, with his head on the floor, and mostly uncovered by his blanket. LeVar rolls his eyes before sneaking downstairs. Once there, he looks at his bathroom door, and rolls his eyes, as it has an 'out of order' sign over the handle. "They still haven't fixed that?" the big bully mutters, before heading outside.

Once outside, LeVar looks left and right, before walking forward. He continuously looks around at the ground. After walking some distance, LeVar notices a bright light from behind him. He turns around and sees a shadowy figure behind the bright light. LeVar puts his hands over his eyes and squints, in an attempt to see the figure better. LeVar barks, "Who's there?"

"I am known only as 'The Masked Tuxedo'," the figure's voice responds.

"What do you want, anyway, chump?" LeVar asks. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"I know what you've done, LeVar," the voice states.

"You do?" LeVar responds quietly. He pauses for a moment. "So what? Mind your own business."

The Masked Tuxedo says, "I want you to return the items you took from Michaiah, Zach... and whoever else."

LeVar barks back, "Nobody tells LeVar what to do. Nobody."

"You may be headstrong and stubborn, LeVar," the mysterious figure states, "but I still like to have faith in the human race, and that you'll do that right thing."

LeVar begins stepping forward. He says, "I'm going to do the right thing. I'm going to find out who you are, punk." The light is shifted directly toward LeVar's eyes, temporarily blinding him. After stumbling for a moment, regaining his eyesight, and after shaking his head, for a while, LeVar looks up and sees that the mysterious figure has parted. LeVar looks back and forth. After seeing that the mystery individual has left, LeVar quietly says, "Roscoe?" LeVar shakes his head and adds, "Can't be. That's stupid." LeVar looks down at his duffel bag, Jack's feathery loincloth sticking out from the top, before moving on.

The next morning, in the Cloaked Daggers guys' cabin, Zach is shown sittin up in his bed, before stretching his arms. He stands up, and looks around. He asks, "My bag hasn't shown up, yet? That sucks..."

"You think you got it bad?" Vinnie asks. "They took my..." Vinnie looks to the side. "Oh, wait. There it is. My bad."

Zach glares at Vinnie. He says, "Thanks for the concern, bro."

"Anytime," Vinnie replies, with a smirk. Michaiah is shown holding his head down. Vinnie looks over at him. "We'll get your notepad back from that bully, man." Michaiah continues to look down. "It's gotta be hard having your one line of communication cut off..." Zach has one of his fingers in his ears. Vinnie looks over at him. "Bro, that's nasty."

Zach shrugs and says, "Don't judge me."

Michaiah nudges Vinnie with his elbow and points at the clock in the room. Vinnie says, "It's that late? Guys, we better get ready for the challenge."

"At least you guys have clothes," Zach says, as he looks to the side.

"I'd lend you my stuff, but I only packed one outfit," Vinnie admits. Michaiah nods. Vinnie points at Michaiah and adds, "Michaiah, too."

"It's alright," Zach admits. "I'll just parade around in my boxers. That'll look totally sane."

Once outside, Vinnie looks down at the steps. He says, "Hey, look at that!" Michaiah leans down and picks up his notepad, the pages warped by the rain. It was lying next to Zach's bag.

Zach says, "That's awesome!"

Michaiah, Vinnie, and Zach are shown walking up to the others waiting for the challenge. Some contestants snicker as Zach walks up in his boxer shorts. Felicity looks at him, blushes, and looks away. As some other contestants continue to chuckle, Zach states, "Lay off me. Someone stole my clothes."

Michaiah raises an eyebrow and writes, 'Um... You did see your bag on the stairs of the cabin, right?'

Zach's eyes widen. He says, "I need to go." He prepares to run back to his cabin.

Chris Mclean says, "Hold up. I'm not waiting around, any longer." Zach sighs and waits for Chris to explain the challenge. "Most of you probably barely remember the original season of Total Drama Island, as you were tiny infants when it debuted."

"I was eight," Cheyenne admits. Some of the others nod.

Chris says, "Yup, you were all practically fetuses, at that point."

"Not me," Brody states. He points to himself with his thumb, and gives a wide grin. "I was a preteen."

"So anyway, before this spin-off series began, there was the original Total Drama Island," Chris explains. "You all owe your places on this show to that original piece of masterful programming."

LeVar folds his arms and looks to the side. He says, "It was a pretty good season, wasn't it?"

Chris nods. He says, "Mostly everyone remembers it fondly. That's why it inspired today's challenge. Each of you will give your own interpretation of the contestants. The Cloaked Daggers can choose from the Screaming Gophers, and the Lying Dogs can choose from the Killer Bass. You will be judged by me in your depiction of the contestants you chose to represent. No doubles. Well, I guess Katie and Sadie are okay, though. But who would pick those two?" Chris lets out a laugh. "You can begin discussing who you'll impersonate, and then go through the costumes."

Trevor is shown looking at Jack, who is wearing his feathered ornament around his neck, again, and Yuko wearing her glasses. Trevor turns to LeVar, before they join their teams discussion about the challenge, and asks, "Hey, LeVar? You gave those guys back their things? You are a nice guy, after all?"

LeVar rolls his eyes and says, "Shut your gap toothed face." Trevor frowns. "I only gave that stuff back to them, because I'm going to win this challenge fair and square. That'll cause them more emotional scars, knowing that they could try their hardest, and still lose."

"Oh," Trevor responds. The guys join the rest of their team's huddle.

Chris is shown sitting on an intern on all fours in front of a stage. The host is holding a bucket and snacking on some popcorn. He says, "Let's get this show on the road. We'll start with the Cloaked Daggers."

Felicity walks out on stage in a turquoise and black wig. She says, "My name is Gwen. I'm a broody loner, that is surprisingly social and into new types of relationships. However, I try to hide that with my brash demeanor. Nobody's going to know that I have any sort of emotion..."

Zach walks on stage in a green shirt with a handprint on it. "Hey," he says. He poorly strums some strings on the guitar he is holding.

Felicity looks at him and blushes. She says, "Hi. I like you, a lot, even though all you said was 'hey'." She looks to the side. "I mean, your such a poser."

Zach shrugs. He says, "I'm only here to act cool for one season, and serve as a plot point, as opposed to getting any individual development."

Chris laughs and says, "So true." Chris looks at the next contestant to approach the stage. "Ooh, who is this?"

Shanise walks on stage and says, "I'm Heather. I don't like you two." She looks at Felicity. "You have a diary I can read publicly, or something, sister friend?"

Chris frowns. He says, "This role seems entirely miscast."

"I refuse to be typecast, boy," Shanise states in Chris' direction.

Anneliese swings by on a vine, and lands on her face, wearing a green top, and a greep wrap around her waist. "I am in the hurting state," she says, failing to get up.

Vinnie walks up with his hair parted, wearing a polo shirt and long sleeved shirt combination. He looks at the female contestants and says, "Mm. I'm liking some of my prospects, here. Hey, ladies."

"Get lost, dweeb," Shanise responds.

Vinnie looks at Felicity dressed as Gwen. He says, "Homina! Heya, gorgeous. How about you and me go get lost in the woods, together?"

"How about you go by yourself?" Felicity suggests.

Chris blinks. He says, "Who is that supposed to be?"

"Uh, I'm Cody," Vinnie answers.

Chris blinks, some more. He asks, "Who's Cody?"

Jack walks out in an oversized white shirt with a blue maple leaf detail on it. He is wearing pillows to make him look more bulky. He yells, "Fart joke!"

Chris laughs. He says, "That's spot on!"

Yuko walks in, dressed in a red sweater vest. She says, "Hello. I'm Noah, and I just made the vicinity 99 percent more intelligent."

"Oh, wow," Jack replies. "That's impressive... Um... Haha... What's a vicinity?" Yuko looks down and shakes her head.

Chris frowns. "Hm," the hosts begins. "Something is different about Noah, though I can't quite figure it out... Oh, yeah. He didn't wear glasses..."

Hildegarde walks out, doing curls with a weight. She says, "Get out of way, or I crush you."

"Haha!" Chris laughs. "That's spot on Eva."

Felicity whispers to Yuko, "She's just talking like she always does."

"Just be happy that Chris doesn't seem to remember what team Eva was originally on," Yuko whispers back. Felicity nods.

Michaiah proceeds to walk on stage in a green shirt, which he removes once he gets on stage. He proceeds to pour water from a bottle on his body. Jack stares at Michaiah. "That is a good looking dude," Jack states. The other contestants on stage nod in agreement. Michaiah blushes.

Chris laughs. He says, "That one's me, right?"

"He's Justin, brainiac," Yuko points out.

Chris says, "Oh... In that case, he sounded just like him on season one. Alright. Good job, Cloaked Daggers. Now, let the Lying Dogs have their turn." The contestants nod and leave the stage.

Cheyenne is the first to leap on stage. She says, "Oh, my gosh, Sadie! We're at a summer camp!"

Elisabeth walks up, wearing the same outfit as Cheyenne. She says, "Eeee! I've never been to summer camp, before." The girls say 'Eeeee!' together.

"We're going to have so much fun!" Cheyenne states.

Chris laughs. He says, "That's good."

LeVar is next to walk on stage, dressed as DJ. He says, in his normal voice, "Hey. I'm DJ."

"Oh, my gosh!" Cheyenne replies. "Do you play music at parties?"

"Oh, my gosh," Elisabeth replies. "Parties are, like, so fun." Chris lets out another laugh.

Cheyenne states, "I need to go visit the confessional, already. Be back, later!" Cheyenne runs off.

Elisabeth's eyes widen. She calls out, "I miss you!"

"I miss you, more!" Cheyenne responds.

Elisabeth looks at LeVar with a pout. She says, "I don't know what I'm going to do. I've never been away from Katie more than twenty seconds."

"I'll keep you company, sweet thang," LeVar assures. Elisabeth looks at him with a confused expression. LeVar says, "Uh, I mean... I like bunnies."

Trevor runs toward the stage, dressed as Tyler, and proceeds to trip on the steps, falling on his face. He says, "D'aw, I meant to do that." He stands up and looks at an index card he is holding. He reads, "I'm Tyler. I don't do much, this season, but I do not like them freaky chickens, but that will randomly brought up later on. I do, on the other hand, like making out with hot blonde girls. I also have a habit of..." Trevor walks forward, trips over his shoe laces, and falls off the stage. Chris laughs.

Elisabeth whispers to LeVar, "Was that in the script?"

LeVar says, "No, but Chris seems to be buying it." LeVar looks up and down at Elisabeth. "Mm. Daddy like." Elisabeth responds by blushing.

Brody walks on stage in a cowboy hat, and an open pink shirt. He says, "Hey, party people! Who's ready to get this party started?! Woo!" Brody pauses. "Does anyone find it odd that I was labeled as 'The Funniest Guy Around' and Owen was labeled as 'The Party Guy'? That always bugged me, you know?"

"Oh, my gosh!" Elisabeth states. "Here's our last team member."

Cheyenne gets back on stage, this time dressed in an ensemble including a gray sweater and green pants. She says, "What are you all doing standing around? We should be gathering pine cones. I know, because I was a CIT!"

Brody asks, "Uh, does anyone here know what a 'CIT' is?"

Cheyenne says, "Ugh. I'm surrounded by incompetence. It stands for 'Counselor in Training'. Duh."

"Oh," Brody replies. "Whew. I thought it was some sort of a disease, or something." The contestants bow.

"And scene," Cheyenne states.

Chris applauds. He says, "Wow. I was pleasantly surprised by both teams." He stands up from his intern, who proceeds to collapse. "This is going to be a tough call." Chris scratches his chin. "The winners of the challenge are... The Lying Dogs!" The team cheers and hug each other. LeVar pushes the others away as he hugs Elisabeth tight. Elisabeth gives a concerned look. Chris goes on to explain, "The impressions were good, for the most part, but Cheyenne, pulling off two contestants perfectly was truly impressive. Anyway, I'll see you all at the secret guessing ceremony, and the Cloaked Daggers at the elimination ceremony."

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris announces, "So, everybody... Thanks for coming out to see me."

"Yeah, sure," Shanise states. "Like we're here to see you. Just get on with the secret revelations, already."

Chris shrugs. "If you insist," the host replies. "Somebody made a guess about LeVar." LeVar raises a eyebrow. "It says here that LeVar is into dolls and the 'Torture Chambers and Wyverns' trading card game." LeVar's eyes get wide. Some contestants let out laughs. "It's totally true, by the way."

"They're action figures," LeVar defensively states. LeVar momentarily looks at Trevor, but then sets his glare on Brody.

"No way," Zach states with wide eyes.

Vinnie looks at LeVar and whispers to Michaiah, "Who would have thought he was a complete nerd?" Michaiah nods.

LeVar looks at Michaiah. He asks, "Are you talking about me?" Michaiah quickly shakes his head. "Good."

Chris says, "Well, that ends this week's secret guessing ceremony. LeVar gets to enjoy the wonders of living out in the outdoors." LeVar continues to frown.

Chris is shown at the elimination ceremony. He says, "Welcome to your third elimination ceremony. The first marshmallow goes to Vinnie." Michaiah catches the marshmallow for Vinnie, and hands it to him. "Alright, the next safe contestant is... Michaiah." Chris tosses a marshmallow. Vinnie catches it in his teeth, and spits it out in Michaiah's hands. Michaiah looks a little grossed out, but forces a smile. Vinnie nods. "Felicity and Zach, you're safe." The contestants catch their marshmallows. Zach smiles and puts his arm around Felicity. "Next... Anneliese and Jack." Chris tosses out the marshmallows. "The penultimate marshmallow goes to... Hildegarde." Hildegarde catches her marshmallow. "So there's one final marshmallow to hand out. Who will it go to, Shanise or Yuko?" Chris looks at each girl.

"Shanise." Shanise catches her marshmallow.

The sassy girl says, "Mm-hmm. You better toss me my marshmallow."

Jack blinks. He says, "Did Yuko do something she shouldn't have?"

"Not really," Zach says with a shrug.

"She asked to get voted out," Felicity explains.

Jack asks, "Another one?"

Yuko shrugs and says, "This story was never about me. I was afraid that my selfishly staying here might end some of the more interesting story arcs, robbing everyone from seeing what might happen, if they were to stay longer." Jack frowns and looks down.

Chris says, "As for Yuko's secret... Her father is in the military."

"How is that a devastating secret?" Shanise asks.

Yuko admits, "It isn't. It stands to reason that my secret not be entirely interesting, I have worked hard not to aquire any extra baggage."

"Yeah, I noticed you only brought one bag," Jack admits.

Yuko says, "I wasn't ashamed of my so-called secret, nor did I see a reason to gain any unwanted attention."

"With that," Chris says. "Stop taking attention from me, and get out of here." Yuko nods, and heads to the Boat of Losers. Zach and Jack wave at the observant girl.

From on board the Boat of Losers, Yuko states to the camera, "I think most people forget about the loser's resort, and all the unseen events that go on." She smirks. "I'm excited to see what happens, there." She looks back at the island. "I can't believe no one is thinking about that 'losers season' Chris mentioned. It's not easy to leave, or anything, but there's sure to be even more to observe there. Besides. I never like staying in one place for too long."

Chris is shown on Total Drama Island. He says, "Thanks for watching. We'll see you on the next, all-new Total... Deception... Island!"

Chapter 10 - Total Drama AuctionEdit

Chris Mclean appears on camera, lounging in a comfortable looking armchair, with his bare feet up on a footrest. A male intern proceeds to put socks on the hosts feet. Chris frowns, and authoritatively says, "What is this cheap fabric? I demand that I only wear the finest silks, that the world has to..."

"Uh, Chris?" The off-screen camera person interjects. "We've started filming."

Chris smiles, and laughs. He says, "Thank you, kind intern." Chris pushes the intern out of the camera's view with his foot. "Thanks for telling me we were rolling," Chris directly says to the camera operator. "But no one interrupts Chris Mclean. You're fired."

"What?" the stunned camera person lets out. "But I need this job. I have a wife, and thirteen dogs to feed."

Chris folds his arms. "You should have thought of that, before you said something. You can leave my sight, now." The camera operator can be heard crying and running off, leaving the camera on the ground, pointing at Chris' feet. "Pffft. Camera operators... Such babies. Who needs them, anyway?" As the camera continues to point at his feet, Chris begins his intro, "Last time, on Total... Deception... Island, the contestants were asked to do impressions of the original Total... Drama... Island cast. They were so excited. Their faces were like this. Then they were all like this. Yeah... Best challenge idea, ever. Both teams did well, despite their obvious limitations, but a winner had to be decided. The Lying Dogs actually won a challenge. The Cloaked Daggers had to send someone home, and they went with Yuko, who volunteered to be eliminated, not wanting to hinder any possible storylines from her team members. On top of that, LeVar's secret got revealed. The big bully turns out to be a big nerd." Chris lets out a laugh. "Er... Don't tell him I said that... er... and that I proceeded to laugh..." The host pauses. "So I got through another masterful introduction by myself. I think I'll give myself a little raise. Oh, yeah, let's see what's going on with those contestant... people."

LeVar is shown as he packs his things into his bags, angrily. Brody enters the room and squats down next to him. "Are you upset, stepson bro?" LeVar's stepfather asks him. LeVar simply glares at Brody, before getting back to his task at hand. "I'm sorry about what happened... You don't need to feel ashamed, or anything... There are a lot worse secrets you could have been hiding... I think yours is actually pretty cool." LeVar responds with a roll of his eyes. Brody looks down at the scattered pieces of action figures, and other items that were once prized by LeVar. "Here. Let me help you clean these up." Brody begins picking up the different broken, intact, and torn objects.

"I know it was you," LeVar states.

"What was me?" Brody asks, as he continues to clean up. "Oh, you mean in the Geoff costume? I know it was pretty convincing, but it really was me! No joke!" LeVar rolls his eyes, again. Brody leans down, as he picks up some final pieces of an action figure. He looks under one of the beds. He exclaims, "Hey, what's this?" Brody reaches under the bed, eventually with just his legs sticking out from under it. He crawls back out, holding a box. "Hey, this one is still not opened." Brody looks at the contents of the box. "This guy's pretty cool. Ooh! He's got kung fu grip!"

LeVar's eyes get wide as he quickly snatches the box from Brody's grasp. LeVar looks at the figure for a while. He quietly says, "My dad got this one for me..."

"He did?" Brody responds. "Wow! It must mean a lot to you... It's a good thing Ollie didn't get to it." LeVar puts the boxed action figure into his bag. Brody looks at LeVar with a sympathetic look. "Look, LeVar... I want you to know that, if you want to talk... I mean, I've offered before... But I want to be there to listen to what you might be concerned about. You know? I know that it can be hard to talk about feelings and stuff, but I'll always be there if you need to talk to someone."

LeVar abruptly stands. The secret nerd begins to walk out of the room. He stops in the doorway. He coldly states, "You're never going to replace my father."

"LeVar, I..." Brody begins. LeVar walks out of the room. Brody looks after him, and then proceeds to look down.

On the girls' side of the Lying Dogs' cabin, Cheyenne sniffs the air. "What delicious morsel are you making this time?"

Elisabeth answers, "I'm making a pie."

"Didn't we just have a pie eating challenge?" Cheyenne asks, with one raised eyebrow. "Not that I'm complaining. I'm game for anything you bake."

Elisabeth looks apologetic as she explains, "I'm sorry, but this isn't for you." Cheyenne folds her arms, and looks to the side. Elisabeth pulls the pie from the oven, takes in a deep breath, and smiles.

"Then who is it for?" Cheyenne asks. "Starving Ethiopian children?"

Elisabeth laughs. She then looks more serious, and puts her hand over her heart. "Never joke about the Ethiopian children. I started a canned food drive back home for them. But anyway, the pie... it's for LeVar."

"LeVar?" Cheyenne says, her voice showing her surprise.

Elisabeth nods. She explains, "I feel bad that he has to stay outside, and that his secret got revealed." Elisabeth puts her hand over her heart. "To think that the public knows about his weird interests. They're bound to judge him, but nerds are people, too."

Cheyenne insists, "Elisabeth, I'm telling you. LeVar is bad news. I wouldn't waste your baked goods on a guy like that."

Elisabeth replies, "I know he has a rough exterior, but I see someone who's gone through difficulties in his life. It's a cry for help, and a cry for pie. I know he's a nice person deep down."

"I guess it was worth a shot," Cheyenne states with a shrug. "Can I at least have a little sample?"

Elisabeth fails to respond to the question. She says, "I have to bring this to LeVar. See ya!" Elisabeth heads outside.

LeVar exits his side of the cabin seconds after Elisabeth left her side. LeVar looks in the pleasant girl's direction. He smirks and flirtatiously says, "Hey, sweet stuff. Your chocolate teddy bear is here."

Elisabeth lets out a slight laugh. As she looks to the side, she says, "Oh, LeVar." She looks back in LeVar's direction. "You were just the person I wanted to see."

"I get that, a lot," LeVar admits. "But I only have eyes for you, babe."

Elisabeth blushes, before saying, "That's sweet, LeVar." The accomplished baker holds out a pie. "I felt bad that you've been forced to sleep outside."

LeVar smirks and propositions, "You can always join me."

Elisabeth's face turns red. She explains, "Er, I don't think that would be appropriate."

LeVar shrugs his large shoulders. "It was worth a shot. So... what's with the pie?"

"I baked it for you, LeVar," Elisabeth explains.

LeVar gives a wide smile. He says, "That's so sweet of you. It looks delicious. You know... Most people can't look past my... gruff demeanor, but you know the way to my heart. Thanks, babe." LeVar takes the pie from Elisabeth.

"I should go," Elisabeth insists. "Take care of yourself."

LeVar nods. He begins to walk away. He stops to say, "Thanks." LeVar continues to head out into the night. Elisabeth smiles and returns to her living quarters.

LeVar continues to look back as he walks forward. Trevor greets, "Oh, hey, LeVar." LeVar proceeds to walk into Trevor, knocking Trevor to the ground.

LeVar turns and looks down at Trevor. He asks, "Why don't you watch where you're going, Trev-durr?"

From his position on the ground, Trevor replies, looking toward the ground, "D'aw... Sorry, LeVar..."

Zach, Michaiah, and Vinnie rush over to the guys. "What's going on?" Vinnie asks.

Trevor explains, "D'aw, I got into LeVar's way. It was my own fault."

"You got that right, herp-a-derp," LeVar responds, while crossing his eyes.

"Hey, I don't like your tone with him," Zach states.

LeVar barks, "Well, I don't like your face!" LeVar looks at the pie in his hand, smirks, and tosses it in Zach's direction.

"Zach, look out!" Vinnie quickly shouts. Zach jumps out of the way in time.

Zach looks down at the ground. "Was that a pie?" he asks in disbelief. "You wasted a perfectly good pie? You are heartless."

LeVar looks at the now destroyed pie for a moment. He proceeds to look up and then rolls his eyes. He says, "Whatever. I'm out of here. Too many losers, for my taste." LeVar walks off.

The three present guys from the Cloaked Daggers team approach Trevor. "You alright?" Zach asks the still collapsed Lying Dogs team member.

"Let me help you up," Vinnie insists. He offers a foot toward Trevor. Trevor looks at Vinnie's foot with a confused expression. Vinnie says, "Er... Michaiah, buddy. Why don't you help Trevor up?" Michaiah quickly nods, as Vinnie retracts his foot.

Trevor stands and says, "D'aw... Thanks, guys..."

"You bet, dude," Vinnie assures. Vinnie nods in the direction that LeVar walked. "Why do you let him treat you like that?"

Trevor looks down at the ground. He insists, "D'aw... It's not like I like the things he says and does, I just don't get the point of making him mad. And... I'm not the most boldest guy out here..." Jack can be seen in the background with two boards strapped to his arms as he glides through the air.

Zach offers, "Hey, Trevor, you want Michaiah, here, to take LeVar on for ya?" Michaiah profusely shakes his head.

"Nah," Trevor assures.

"Suit yourself," Vinnie replies. "See ya, later." Vinnie, Michaiah, and Zach begin to walk away.

Trevor calls out, "Hey, fellas!" The guys stop to look at Trevor. "Thanks for looking out for me..."

Vinnie smiles and says, "You bet." Vinnie and his two friends walk away. Trevor nods. He heads toward his cabin.

Vinnie and Michaiah enter their side of their cabin. As Zach tries to follow after his friends, Felicity calls, "Zach! There you are."

"Oh, hey," Zach replies with a smile.

Felicity smiles back at him. "I've been looking for you."

Zach says, "Oh... Sorry. I was just hanging out with the guys. What's up?"

Felicity blushes. She replies, "I was hoping we could go on a walk, or something."

"Sounds good," Zach assures. "Can I schedule you in for tomorrow morning?"

"Tomorrow?" Felicity asks. "Ah, yeah. I guess that's fine."

"Oh..." Zach begins. "You meant right now?" Zach lets out a loud yawn. He blushes and says, "I'm glad you understand." Zach bends down slightly and kisses Felicity on the forehead.

Felicity smiles. She says, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Zach replies. Felicity goes into her side of the cabin. Zach looks on with his hands in his pockets.

From behind, Jack states, "You missed her lips, I think."

Zach jumps. He looks behind him, and asks, "When did you get there?"

"I don't remember," Jack says with a shrug.

"Oh," Zach says, as he snaps his fingers. "I get it. You're filling Yuko's role, aren't you?"

The adventurous Jack sniffs the air. He puts a finger in the air and states, "I smell adventure." Jack runs into the night at full speed. Zach stares after Jack for a few moments with wide eyes, before he shrugs, and heads into his side of the cabin.

LeVar is shown mumbling and dragging his feet on his way to the tent he is required to live in. "Stupid outdoors," LeVar mutters. "I'm too good looking to live outside."

"You, there!" a voice calls out.

LeVar turns around, to be faced with a flashing light. He says, "Oh, look who it is."

"It is I, The Masked Tuxedo," The Masked Tuxedo powerfully states. The mysterious figure throws a rose in LeVar's direction.

LeVar looks down at the red flower, for a moment, after it lands on the ground. "What's the moral of the day?" LeVar asks with his arms folded, and an overall disinterested demeanor. "Don't take candy from strangers? Don't eat yellow snow?"

After a few moments of silence, The Masked Tuxedo responds, "LeVar, bullying is never the answer."

"It's not?" LeVar replies with a sarcastic tone.

The Masked Tuxedo answers, "No. Our actions are a reflection of our character, as well as molding other people's views of us. How we treat others is how we can expect to get treated in return."

LeVar puts his hand to his heart. He says, "Oh, gosh. I really learned my lesson."

"You did?" The Masked Tuxedo replies, sounding astonished. The mysterious individual clears his throat, before repeating in a more confident manner, "You did?"

LeVar nods. He insists, "I'll never bully, again. You taught me a valuable..." In a fast, fluid motion, LeVar bends down, picks up a rock, and throws it at the source of light. As he does so, he runs toward the mysterious figure at full speed. The light source tips to its side. LeVar leaps toward The Masked Tuxedo, tackling him to the ground. LeVar smirks. "Looks like I caught me a vigilante. Caught you off guard, didn't I, punk?" LeVar looks down at the Masked Tuxedo, shrouded in the darkness of the night. He raises an eyebrow, and mutters, "It can't be..." He pulls the pointed mask off of the mysterious figure. "No way..."

Hildegarde, Jack, and Shanise run over to the scene. "What is commotion?" Hildegarde asks.

LeVar smirks. He says, "I caught that wannabe superhero, Masked Tuxedo dweeb." He stands and lifts the dejected looking individual by the cape.

Shanise says, "That's... Trevor?" Trevor looks up at the others, and then down at the ground in an ashamed manner.

"Is that what you wanted, punk?" LeVar asks. "Is this your way of growing a backbone to try to stand up to me? You're a real joke, if I've ever seen one. You can only stand up for yourself by hiding in the dark." LeVar lets out a laugh.

Jack looks down. He lifts his head up and offers a reassuring smile. He insists, "I don't think you were a joke, at all. It meant a lot to me that you took the effort to comfort me, when I was feeling down."

Hildegarde nods. She adds, "I also appreciate your showing that my ex-boyfriend was lying to me. I wanted to properly thank you."

"Me, too," Jack insists. "I think you're a good hero." Trevor looks up at Jack.

LeVar rolls his eyes. He says, "I have somewhere to be. It figures that you would take this psycho's side." LeVar forcefully thrusts down as he lets go of Trevor, causing him to fall to the ground. "Parading around in a full tuxedo, cape, and mask... And people think I'm a nerd..." LeVar walks off into the night.

Hildegarde and Jack hurry over to Trevor. Hildegarde helps Trevor to his feet. "Are you, alright?" Jack asks.

Trevor nods. He quietly says, "D'aw... just a little spooked, I guess."

Hildegarde insists, "You don't have anything to be ashamed about. You did what you thought necessary to help people. I find it noble." Hildegarde adds a nod.

"Thanks," Trevor replies, his face red as he looks down at the ground.

Hildegarde looks at Shanise. She asks, "What you doing out here?"

Shanise shifts her neck in a sassy manner, as she answers, "That's my business." Hildegarde shrugs and begins to walk off. Shanise looks to Trevor. "I don't know what all went on, but I find it pretty awesome that you stood up to Levar. I'll see you later." Shanise walks toward the cabins, as Hildegarde heads in the direction of her tent.

Trevor looks at Jack. He says, "You can go, too, if you want."

Jack smiles and says, "Okay." He looks down at the bulky overturned light. "Let me help you clean up this mess."

"You don't have to," Trevor insists.

Jack lifts up the large light, with some difficulty. He looks at the light. "This thing is so cool!" He shifts it around, lighting up different parts of the wooded area. Jack points the light at a paper object on the ground. "What's that?" He steps into the light, and picks up the paper item. "What's this?"

Trevor looks up at Jack. He explains, "It's a comic book." He looks down at the ground.

Jack reads the cover, "A very special issue... The Masked Marvel confronts Jack and Susan's bully." Jack laughs. "My name is Jack, too!" Jack flips through the pages. He reads, "Bullying is never the answer." He looks down at a lower part of the page. "Our actions are a reflection of our character, as well as molding other people's views of us. How we treat others is how we can expect to get treated in return." Jack smiles and looks up. He says, "This is pretty cool!"

"That's exactly what I read to LeVar," Trevor explains.

"You mean..." Jack begins. "You were just reading off the words of your comic when you'd talk to people?" Trevor looks down and nods.

"I wasn't even courageous enough to, d'aw, speak with my own words," Trevor replies, still looking down at the ground.

Jack shrugs. He says, "I think it was pretty courageous."

Trevor looks up from one eye. He says, "Thanks."

The next morning, Zach is shown exiting his cabin with his arm around Vinnie. Felicity walks up, after getting up from her position on the steps. Felicity looks at the guys. She coyly says, "I see you found someone else."

"Vinnie?" Zach asks. "Nah, he's not my type." Vinnie looks at Felicity with a particularly sulky expression.

Felicity assures, "Well, you look good together." She pauses to look at Vinnie. "What's wrong with him?" Felicity asks.

Zach explains, "He refuses to sleep with clothes on. Can you believe this guy? He got a chill last night, and he's not feeling the best. I was on my way to bring him over to Nurse Hatchet."

"I'm fine," Vinnie insists. He begins coughing violently.

"He's..." Zach begins. Vinnie lets out a cough. "He's just..." Vinnie coughs, again. "He's just..." Vinnie proceeds to cough. "Saying that," Zach quickly finishes. He pauses. "Oh, great. Now you stop coughing?"

"I said it was fine for Michaiah to bring me when he wakes up," Vinnie insists, before coughing some more.

Zach assures, "It's alright, man." He looks at Felicity. "I'm going to have to ask for a raincheck on that walk. Sorry."

Felicity assures, "No, no. I understand." Zach nods. The brainy girl looks at Vinnie. She says, "Get better, Vinnie."

Vinnie nods, as some liquid begins to leak from his nose. "Thanks," he insists. Zach and Vinnie head toward Nurse Hatchet's tent. Felicity looks after the guys.

Felicity is shown in confessional. She insists, "I'm not saying that I blame Zach for looking out for Vinnie... What happened couldn't be helped. I just keep getting this feeling that he's been avoiding me, ever since we shared our secrets... I know that sounds stupid, but this wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened with a guy I liked. That's part of why I didn't want everyone to know about the whole child genius thing." Felicity pauses. "I'm just being paranoid..."

Anneliese is shown frolicking outside, as she sings in a foreign language. Elisabeth steps out of her cabin to see what's going on, and smiles and watches as Anneliese skips about. She steps on the back of a pie plate, slips, and falls to the ground. Elisabeth runs over and asks, "Oh, my gosh! Are you alright?"

Anneliese assures, "I am being in the state of okay." She looks at the dark blue stain from the pie on the back of her pants. "But my pants have been of the seeing better days."

Elisabeth holds out her hand to Anneliese. She insists, "Let me help you up."

Anneliese takes hold of Elisabeth's hand and begins to pull herself up. Anneliese begins, "I will now be thanking..." Elisabeth lets go of Anneliese's hand as she looks down at the pie in a surprised manner. Anneliese falls back to the ground with a thud.

Elisabeth looks at Anneliese and says, "Sorry." She helps the thickly accented girl to her feet.

Anneliese looks down at the pie. "Is that happening to be a friend of yours?"

Elisabeth smiles. She says, "It's nothing. Leave your pants by my steps and I'll get that stain out for you."

Zach and Vinnie walk by, with Vinnie looking better. Vinnie says in passing, "That's a good pick up line. I'll have to remember that one." Elisabeth watches after Vinnie with wide eyes.

Anneliese says, "Okay, I will go get changing my pantaloons." Anneliese rushes off. Elisabeth turns toward her cabin. She pauses for a moment, and looks back at the ground where the ruined pie remains. She turns back around and heads into her cabin.

A few moments later, Chris can be heard over loudspeaker saying, "It's challenge time, children. Meet me in the usual challenge area."

The contestants are shown on benches divided by team. A table full of covered items is set up behind the show's host. Shanise points behind Chris and asks, "What's all that for?"

Chris explains, "I thought that I've put you guys through a lot of grief, so I thought it'd be nice to treat you to a little reward challenge." Chris hands out tokens to each team. He explains, "There are fifteen tokens for each team to spend as they see fit. I'll offer different items, and the team with the winning bid gets the prize."

"Ooh," Jack says. "That sounds fun."

Chris nods. He says, "It does, doesn't it? Let's start things up with the first item." Chris removes a lid from one of the trays. He reveals a cheese pizza. "It's a pizza pie. We'll start the bidding at one token." Brody quickly puts his hand up. "We have one token."

LeVar nudges Brody. He instructs, "We can't waste our tokens on stupid stuff like that. If there's a big prize, we have to have enough tokens to win it."

"Aw," Brody replies. He looks down. "I like pizza."

Chris points to the Cloaked Daggers. He says, "That's a bid of two tokens from the Cloaked Daggers. Do we have any other bids?" He points to the Lying Dogs, who all shake their heads. Chris shrugs. "That means the pizza goes to the Cloaked Daggers." Chris hits the pizza with a gavel, and splatters some of it. He looks down, shrugs, and tosses the pizza pie to the team.

Vinnie says, "I call a piece that wasn't hit by a gavel." Vinnie picks up a piece of the pizza with his foot.

Felicity looks at Vinnie. She asks, "You seem better."

Vinnie nods. He says, "Nurse Hatchet gave me this pill and I got magically better, at least for the next few hours." Vinnie laughs as he takes a bit from his pizza. "You know... I have this weird feeling that Nurse Hatchet is Chef Hatchet in a different outfit."

Felicity laughs. She assures, "I'm glad you're feeling better."

Chris announces the next item, "It's a plate of cookies!"

"Ooh!" Brody reacts.

LeVar says, "Stop that. If we want cookies, we'll have Elisabeth make them." LeVar looks toward Elisabeth. "Right, babe?" Elisabeth looks down and nods. "Remember what I said earlier about saving up for a useful prize."

As time passes, Chris says, "Sold to the Cloaked Daggers." Chris carries a tray of milkshakes to the contestants, adding to their collection of cookies, chocolate, peanut butter, pizza, root beer, and rubber duckies. Chris goes on, "The Lying Dogs still have fifteen tokens, the Cloaked Daggers are down to eight. Let's just hope that this auction doesn't end abruptly before they get anything. The next item you can bid on is..." Chris pauses and smirks. "I will reveal the secret of any competitor you want."

'No way,' Michaiah quickly writes on his notepad.

"Yup," Chris replies. "I'll start the bidding at one token."

"This is the kind of prize I was talking about," LeVar says with a smirk.

"Seven tokens!" Shanise shouts out.

LeVar's face turns red. He says, "Eight tokens. We bid eight tokens. Right, team?" LeVar looks at Trevor who nods his head, as he looks down.

Chris shrugs. He says as he hits the table with his gavel, "Since the Cloaked Daggers don't have enough to bid more... Sold to the Lying Dogs!" Some of the Lying Dogs cheer. LeVar does a fist pump. Chris asks, "Whose secret would you like revealed?"

The team huddles together, they nod, and disband. LeVar points ambiguously at the other team. "We pick... Zach!"

"Me?" Zach asks with wide eyes.

Felicity whispers toward him, "Your secret isn't that bad, Zach. It'll be alright." Zach looks at Felicity, as she offers a reassuring smile.

Chris says, "I'll reveal that one at the secret guessing ceremony. Now for the final item." Chris smirks and lifts a lid off of a tray, revealing what looks like a certificate. Chris explains, "It's an invincibility pass."

"What?" Cheyenne says, with surprise.

LeVar states, "You said this was a reward challenge."

Chris nods. He explains, "And what better reward is there than team invincibility? I'll start the bidding at one token."

"Eight tokens," Zach quickly says. The team smiles and nods.

Chris says, "That's that. Since the Lying Dogs can't bid any higher than that, that means they will be visiting the elimination ceremony. The Cloaked Daggers get invincibility." The team cheers. Chris says, "I'll see you all at the secret guessing ceremony." Chris walks away.

Cheyenne folds her arms and says, "Good going, LeVar."

LeVar barks, "How was I supposed to know we could bid on invincibility? We got a good prize thanks to me." Elisabeth sympathetically looks at LeVar for a moment, before leaving with Cheyenne.

LeVar turns to Trevor. He says, "Good thing I have you here to take the fall for me."

"D'aw, what?" Trevor asks.

"You can't ask him to do that," Brody assures. "If we vote out one of the girls together, we'll be fine."

"Would you stop telling me what to do?" LeVar barks. "I'm tired of you trying to take my dad's place..."

Brody begins, "LeVar..."

"I'm going back to my... tent," LeVar states. He marches off. Trevor looks after LeVar, before holding his head down. Brody looks at Trevor with a look of compassion, before following after LeVar.

LeVar is shown in his tent. He says to himself, "Trevor should be out, for that whole superhero nonsense. I want him gone... I..." He sighs. He turns to his bag and pulls out the action figure his dad had gotten for him. He holds it up and looks at it. "I wonder what dad would think about me, if he was still here." LeVar lets out another sad sigh.

Brody sticks his head through the opening in the tent. He says, "Knock, knock."

"Get out," LeVar barks, while blushing as he quickly tries to put away his action figure.

"Sure," Brody replies. "I... just want to say one thing."

LeVar impatiently asks, "What is it?"

"LeVar," Brody begins, "I'm not trying to replace your father. That was never my goal... I know you love him, a lot. I know I could never fill that role."

"Oh, really?" LeVar asks. "Then what's with that 'trying to be a perfect dad' act?"

"It's not an act," Brody insists. Brody looks down. "I just... always wanted to be a dad, I guess."

"Uh huh," LeVar replies. "I'm not sure that a teenager is the best place to start."

Brody continues to look down. He says, "The truth is..." Brody lets out a sigh. "I never had a dad growing up."

"Did he walk out on you, or something like that?" LeVar asks.

Brody shakes his head. He says, "Nah... I... never had a dad."

"You just said that," LeVar replies. "Doesn't clear things up."

Brody sighs, again. "My paternal father donated his... daddy... cells to a clinic, or whatever, and marked the little box that says he didn't want to be contacted. So... I never met him, and I don't know what he's like."

"So... you're one of those test tube babies?" LeVar asks. "Huh. I guess with how you've acted since I've known you... it makes sense."

Brody admits, "I always dreamed about what the perfect dad would be like, so I wanted to do my best. I never meant to make it seem like I was replacing your dad or smothering you..."

"Isn't 'bonding' why you signed up for the show?" LeVar asks with a raised eyebrow.

Brody says, "Kind of... It's also... Your mom has done a lot for me. I come from a humble background... I never was given a lot, and I never felt like I had a lot to give. I wanted to be on the show and win it to show that... I'm not worthless." Brody wipes his eyes. "Your mom has done a lot for me, I wanted to do something for her."

LeVar looks down. He mumbles, "You're not worthless..."

"I don't know, man," Brody begins.

"You aren't, okay?" LeVar barks. LeVar looks to the side. "You love my mom... That's what she deserves from someone. As much as I can't stand your stupid face... You're not worthless."

"You mean that?" Brody asks, with his eyes widened.

"Sure," LeVar replies. "Whatever." Brody tackles LeVar with a hug. "Get off of me!"

Brody does as LeVar asked. He says, "Thanks, LeVar. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'll see you later, big guy." Brody quickly leaves.

LeVar looks after him. He says, "Maybe Brody isn't so bad..." LeVar pauses. "Or maybe he's playing me..." LeVar looks to the side. "No one plays LeVar. He had me going there, for a minute..."

The contestants are shown gathered around Chris Mclean and the secret guessing board. He states, "I reviewed the secret guesses. As you all have probably heard, by now, Trevor is the masked crusader."

"Um, yeah," Vinnie says. "I wish my secret was that cool..."

"Trevor sleeps outside," Chris announces. "Somebody also guessed that Brody is what is known as a 'test tube baby'."

"Like genetic engineering test tube?" Felicity asks with wide eyes.

Chris raises an eyebrow. He says, "No. Like artificial insemination test tube."

"Oh," Felicity replies. She looks at Zach and says, "One of my stupid moments."

Chris goes on, "That one is also right. Brody gets to stay outside. But now the secret we've all been waiting for."

Felicity looks at Zach, who has his head held down. She assures, "It'll be alright, Zach." She puts her hand in his.

Chris states, "So... Zach... is..."

"Just spit it out, already," Zach insists.

Chris smiles and nods. "Zach, here, is what one might call a 'high school dropout'." Felicity's eyes get wide as she looks at Zach. "Oh, is that not what he told you?" LeVar smirks and shakes his head, as most of the others look at Zach with wide eyes.

"Are we done here?" Zach asks, as he keeps his head held down.

Chris shrugs and says, "Yup, that's about it." Zach nods. He momentarily looks at Felicity, holds his head down, lets go of her hand, and walks away.

LeVar folds his arms. He says, "Someone is a little sensitive. And he tries to act so much smarter than he actually is."

"What's your problem, LeVar?" Vinnie asks, as he rolls his eyes.

LeVar shrugs, smiles, and says, "Just trying to take as many down with me, as possible. You know, on account of someone feeling the need to reveal my secret to everyone." LeVar looks over at Brody, who has his hand on his shoulder as he looks down.

The show's host is shown holding a tray of marshmallows at the campfire ceremony site. He says, "Only four marshmallows to hand out to the incredibly shrinking Lying Dogs. Let's start with... Elisabeth." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Elisabeth. "Next is... Cheyenne." Cheyenne catches her mamrshmallow. "The next goes to... Brody." Brody looks at the marshmallow that he freshly caught. "That leaves LeVar and Trevor... Trevor and LeVar... and one marshmallow." Chris holds up the marshmallow, looks at it, and says, "It goes to..."

"Trevor." Trevor looks down in shock at the marsmallow as it lands in his hands. LeVar looks up at Chris, his face showing his surprise. He then proceeds to frown and hold his head down. Elisabeth looks at LeVar, and then sadly looks away from him.

Brody stands up. He insists, "Chris, I don't want to stay here if it means that LeVar can't."

"For paperwork purposes, what are you saying, exactly?" the host asks.

Brody explains, "I want to go, and I want LeVar to stay. I don't belong here, anyway..." LeVar looks up at Brody.

"Why are you saying that?" LeVar asks. "After you voted for me, and revealed my secret to everyone, in a sick effort to try to bond with me, or something..."

"It wasn't me," Brody insists. "Er, not that I'm trying to throw anyone under the metaphor bus."

Trevor reveals, "It was me, LeVar... D'aw, it turns out that I learned to be a lot braver... At least when no one is looking..." LeVar looks over at Trevor. Trevor panics, and holds his head down.

"So, Chris," Brody goes on. "I'm ready to go." LeVar grabs hold of Brody's wrist.

LeVar says, "I had you wrong all this time... You were never out to get me..." LeVar puts one of his hands on his forehead, then he looks up at Brody. "You need to stay here."

"But LeVar, I..." Brody begins.

LeVar stands up. "Don't you have something you wanted to prove?" LeVar asks with a smirk. "I'll be fine. After I was being an entire a..."

"LeVar, this is a kid's show," Brody scolds.

LeVar says, "Er... butt... I deserved to be voted out." LeVar claps his hands and demands of Chris, "You better send my stuff to the resort, and nothing in it had better be damaged, you hear me?" Chris nods rapidly. "Good. With that, I'm out of here." He looks at Brody. "I guess, if I had to say it, you're not the worst possible stepdad there is, after all. And maybe you actually do care about me..."

Brody tearfully says, "That's the nicest thing you ever said to me." He lifts up his shirt to blow his nose on it. LeVar lets out a slight laugh, makes it to the Boat of Losers, and looks back at his team, before holding down his head, and getting on the boat.

Chris looks on with wide eyes. He assures, "I thought he was going to let you take the fall for him for sure... But what actually happened was even more surprising..." Chris turns to the camera. "We'll see on the next Total... Deception... Island!"

Chapter 11 - Fortress FireEdit

"Okay, Chris is late," a nondescript, male intern in a purple shirt, similar to Chris', states. "What do we do?"

One of the cameramen explains, "We don't really have a choice but to wait and film him. But the longer we wait for him, the more footage of the contestants we might miss, since I'm about the only human camera operator that Chris hasn't decided to randomly fire. Let's just hope nothing too exciting happens."

The intern laughs and says, "Thanks, Bucky. You seem to know the ins and outs of this job."

"Thanks," Bucky replies. "But it's nothing. I just know how Chris works, after the years we've spent together. Er... On a professional level."

"Was he always such a..." the intern begins.

Chris walks up, as Bucky quickly points the camera in the host's direction, and asks, "Was who always such a what?" The intern's face turns red before he hands some index cards over to the host. "Thanks. You're fired."

"What?" the intern responds in disbelief. "Why?"

"Interns are supposed to be seen and not heard," Chris explains. The intern holds his head down as he slowly walks away.

Bucky holds his camera down. He defends, "Chris, come on. That kid didn't do anything wrong."

"Watch it, Bucky," Chris replies. "You're lucky I let you become a recurring cast member. You don't want me to do something I'll end up regretting. And keep the camera focused on me." Bucky points the camera back up at the host.

"Oh, you're going to fire me, too?" Bucky asks. "Then what are you going to do? Strap cameras to the wild animals? You've been so harsh with the staff this year, and there's barely anyone left. Chris, we're people, too. We need these jobs. You should really start..."

"Look, it's hard being in my position, too," Chris explains. "I have a lot of work I have to do, and I expect only the best from my staff." The host looks to the side. "Where is my morning latte? I swear, what I put up with."

"You fired your latte girl," Bucky explains. "I mean your 'assistant'."

Chris sighs. He says, "I guess I'll have to wait for you to get me one after we're done filming this recap."

"Chris, that is not my job," Bucky replies, bewildered.

"Well, it is now," Chris responds.

"But..." Bucky begins.

Chris holds up a finger to signal that Bucky be quiet. "I have to put on my game face." The host closes his eyes, before putting on his 'game face'. He smiles and says, "Welcome to an all new episode of Total... Deception... Island! On the previous episode, everyone's favorite host oversaw an auction with an amazing twist, or two. The Lying Dogs saved their tokens, meant for bidding, for a big item, the revelation of an opposing team member's secret. They selected Zach. I then surprised the teams with the chance to bid on immunity. With the larger amount of tokens, the Cloaked Daggers were able to receive immunity without any opposition. In a determined effort to take down as many people as possible, LeVar was, in different degrees, responsible for the revelation of Trevor's secret superhero act, Brody being the product of a single mother and donated... ahem... 'daddy cells', and Zach's secret of being a high school dropout, and, in reference to that, he conveniently told his lady friend Felicity something entirely different. With all these secrets being revealed all at once, how will it effect the competition? Let's find out!" Chris blows his fingernails. "Nobody rocks an intro like me."

Zach can be shown leaving his cabin after gathering his belongings. His friend Vinnie rushes up to him, "Dude, what's the rush."

"I got kicked out with the secret reveal," Zach reminds. "I have to go."

"Yeah, but we can still talk," Vinnie insists. "You don't have to be in a rush."

Zach looks down at the ground. "What is there to talk about?" he asks.

"I can think of a few things," Vinnie replies. Zach looks to the side. "For example, the whole high school dropout thing. It seemed like it hit you really hard when it was revealed." Michaiah walks up. Zach looks at the silent newcomer to the conversation. Vinnie suggests, "Don't mind him. He won't say anything."

Zach says, "I don't want to talk about it."

Vinnie replies, "Come on, Zach. You know me well enough that I wouldn't judge you. I don't know what the big deal is."

"How could you, Vinnie?" Zach asks. "It's not something to be proud of." Zach pauses. "I don't want to talk about it."

Vinnie responds, "Okay. I can respect that. But Felicity has been wanting to talk to you. Dude, why would you lie to her? She likes you, a lot. You owe her to at least talk to her."

"Can you stop telling me what to do?" Zach requests.

Vinnie proceeds to furrow his eyebrows. Vinnie agressively states, "You have a great girl that's crazy about you, that wants to work things out. You know, I wish my arms were long enough so I could slap some sense into you." Zach and Michaiah's eyes get wide. "If you want to feel sorry for yourself, that's your decision. But I can't stand around and let you hurt someone else in the process. Talk to her, or else I'm revoking my friendship."

'Can someone do that?' Michaiah writes, still with his eyes expressing his surprise.

Zach looks down at the ground, again. He says, "I guess I do owe it to her to at least talk to her, I mean, if she even wants to..." He looks up at Vinnie. "Bro, I don't want anything to come between our friendship."

Vinnie nods. He says, "Me neither. So don't let it. Okay? Go talk to her."

Zach nods. He playfully punches Vinnie's shoulder, and begins to walk away. He pauses and looks back. "We're cool, right, man?" Vinnie smiles and nods. Zach walks away.

Michaiah looks at Vinnie for a little while. "What is it?" Vinnie asks, after noticing Michaiah staring at him. "Do I have something on my face... You know... Besides handsome?"

Michaiah writes something down, and holds up his notepad. It reads, 'You're a good guy.'

"I don't know about that," Vinnie asks, obviously embarassed by the compliment. He nods his head toward their cabin. "It's going to be weird without Zach, here. We better head in for the night." Vinnie begins walking into the cabin, but Michaiah stops him by putting his hand on his shoulder. Vinnie looks back.

Michaiah finishes up writing something down. He holds it up, 'Thanks for looking out for me.'

Vinnie looks down. He says, "Hey. Forget about it. You're the coolest... entirely silent guy I know." Michaiah pats Vinnie on the back before they head inside.

Zach is shown approaching Felicity and Anneliese as they approach their cabin. Anneliese says, "Oh, look who it is being, now."

"Hey," Zach states. He sets his things down before putting his hands in his pockets. "I was hoping I could talk to Felicity... privately?"

"Oh," Anneliese replies. She looks toward Felicity. "Are you wanting me to leave you to talk with this Zach person?"

"I guess it's fine," Felicity replies.

"After that meteor was happening to be landing five feet from where we were happening to be standing, that no camera operating person was present to record, you said that you weren't sure if you'd be able to forgive that Zachary person for lying to you?" Anneliese states in one breath.

Felicity blushes. She replies, "It's alright. Thanks for the concern." Anneliese nods before leaving, giving Zach the evil eye as she does.

Zach looks down. He asks, "You don't think you can forgive me?"

"Er... I didn't use those exact words," Felicity responds.

Zach looks at Felicity. "Look, I'm really sorry for what I did."

"Zach, you could have just told me the truth," Felicity insists.

Zach lets out a sigh. "I wanted to, and I was ready to," Zach assures, "but I couldn't... After I found out that you already graduated from college... I don't know... I thought you'd think I was too stupid for you."

"Zach, I would never think that," Felicity insists. "Your schooling has nothing to do with how smart you are. Some of the stupidest people I've met were in my college classes... Er... Not that I was judging them and their nightly drinking binges, or anything."

"Whenever someone finds out that I had to drop out of school," Zach begins, "I feel like I'm treated different... I can't always keep up with an intelligent conversation, and there's a lot I don't know."

"But there's a lot I don't know," Felicity assures. Zach looks up at her. "I'm afraid to tell the guys I like about my education. It seems like it intimidates them, and scares them off. But you, Zach... I thought you were different, and that I could trust you."

Zach replies, "I'm so sorry... it's not that I didn't like you, anymore, it's just that I felt like I'm not good enough for you."

"Zach," Felicity says, as she puts her hand on his cheek. "I don't think that way, at all."

"You don't?" Zach responds, with his eyebrows raised.

"I don't," Felicity assures. "And I can understand why you were nervous to tell me. But if we continue our relationship, we need to be able to be honest with each other."

Zach states, "Yeah... You're right."

"So," Felicity begins, "can I ask what happened?"

Zach replies, "I owe you that much, don't I?" Zach lets out a sigh. "It wasn't something I wanted. I did fine in school, but I had no choice." He holds his head down. "My dad died about when I turned fourteen, and my mom couldn't work. I'm the oldest, so I had to do a special program set up by the government where I could still learn without going to school full time. I had to do that until I was sixteen. I worked in different factories, and as of now I'm holding down two jobs... One in a factory and the other is mostly lifting things in a warehouse." Zach holds up a bicep before sighing, again. "It's been a dream of mine to be able to go back to school, to be able to, but my family has to come first."

"I see," Felicity responds.

Zach nods and looks down. "That's all there is to it. I guess I'll get going. Again... I'm sorry about what I did. I guess I'll see you at the next challenge." He starts to walk away.

"Zach?" Felicity calls out. Zach turns to face her. "If you still want to by my BF... I'm willing to give you another chance."

"You are?" Zach asks, with his eyes wide.

Felicity blushes. "Well if it's up to me."

Zach quickly says, "Yeah, that would be okay with me."

"Just okay?" Felicity asks, with a smirk.

"Nah," Zach answers. "It'd be awesome." He looks down, momentarily, before looking back up. "Thanks for the second chance. I'll promise that I won't lie to you, again."

Felicity nods. She says, "Me, neither. I should tell you that my secret is actually that I'm part lobster."

Zach smirks. He asks, "Oh, really? What part?"

"You'll have to wait and find out, big boy," Felicity teases. Zach lets out a laugh.

Zach hugs Felicity. "I'll see you, tomorrow," he says. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Felicity replies with a smile. Zach heads out into the night, as Felicity stands behind and watches after him.

Trevor and Brody are shown getting their things together. Brody folds up one of his shirts and puts it in his bag. He says, "So you used that big light to obscure yourself in the dark?" Trevor nods as he doesn't look up from focusing on his packing. Brody puts a hand to his chin. "I guess that explains that oversized battery you were always charging in our electrical outlet." Brody pauses for a moment. "I wish LeVar was nicer to you... You're a nice kid, to look out for everyone like that."

Trevor replies, "I dunno... D'aw, I was never brave enough to stand up to people normal like. I need a costume and a blinding light to hide behind to do something."

"But you did it," Brody says. "Most people stand by and watch, instead of doing the right thing."

Trevor says, "Thanks."

Brody goes on, "Maybe some day you'll be able to stand up to people all normal like, bro."

Trevor nods. He assures, "D'aw, and maybe some day you'll have a dad."

Brody lets out a laugh. "Maybe some day."

Trevor looks down. He says, "Sorry. That was another dumb thing to say."

"It's alright," Brody assures.

Trevor asks, changing the subject, "I was surprised about LeVar liking action figures and stuff like that."

"Er," Brody begins. He puts his hand on the back of his head. "I kind of already knew."

"D'aw, you did?" Trevor asks, his eyes wide.

Brody nods. "Yeah," Brody answers. "But I wasn't going to reveal it to everybody. At home, I knew LeVar was embarassed about it. He'd usually hide a trading card under his matress, or an action figure on the bookshelf behind his dirty magazines." Trevor's eyes get wide, again. "But he didn't know that I knew all along."

"You knew and you didn't reveal it?" Trevor asks.

Brody shakes his head. He says, "No way. What kind of dad... stepdad would that make me? I wouldn't do anything to hurt LeVar on purpose. He wanted it kept secret, so I kept it secret."

Trevor smiles. He says, "D'aw, I'd be lucky to have you as a stepdad."

"Thanks, Trevor," Brody says with a laugh.

"D'aw, Brody?" Trevor asks.

"Yeah?" Brody responds.

Trevor commands, "D'aw, stay away from my mom!" Brody looks at Trevor with wide eyes.

Outside, the sun is shown rising. The show's host, Chris Mclean, is shown approaching one of the tents in the wilderness. He sticks his head inside and says, "Hey, Hildegarde. Apparently your humble abode out here isn't within earshot of the loudspeaker. I have a major announcement to make about..."

"What you doing here?" Hildegarde yells. "I could have been changing!"

Chris shrugs. He replies, "I have a cousin built like you, so it wouldn't have bothered me. Nice guy. Captain of his rugby team back in high school." Hildegarde throws her bag in Chris' direction.

The contestants are gathered around Chris. "No way," Hildegarde says. "Other team voted out LeVar?" Cheyenne nods. Hildegarde folds her arms and looks to the side. "What took you so long?"

"So, Chris, why are we here?" Cheyenne asks.

"Is it time for the challenge?" Jack asks. "I like challenges. I was just telling Zach about it, last night. Remember, Zach?"

Zach says, with bags under his eyes, as he puts a hand on Jack's shoulder, "I remember, Jack. I remember."

Chris shakes his head. He explains, "It's not quite time for the challenge, yet. You've been competing as two teams, so far, but no more!"

Elisabeth says, "Ooh, goody! It's the merge! Now we can finally stop losing challenges and making my heart sad."

"Oh, cool," Vinnie adds. Some of the others nod.

"Hey, now," Chris scolds. "I never said you were merging. My announcement is... your two teams are now becoming three."

'Orly?' Michaiah writes, with his eyes wide. Some of the other contestants look at each other.

Chris holds out a burlap sack. "Each of you will pick out a team name from the sack. Then that's the team you'll be stuck with. Everyone ready?"

"We have choice?" Hildegarde asks, with her eyebrow partially raised. Chris shakes his head before walking in front of the contestants, as they pick their teams. Vinnie finishes taking the last team name from the sack with his teeth.

"This isn't bobbing for teams, but I'll allow it," Chris explains. "Everyone hold up your team names." The contestants try to look at each other's choices. Chris surveys everyone, before nodding. "Here are your new teams. The new Cloaked Daggers are made up of Cheyenne, Zach, Shanise, and Anneliese."

Anneliese lets out a squeal and hugs Shanise. "We will never be apart," Anneliese cheerfully says.

"Oh, joy," Shanise replies, with a particularly nervous expression.

Cheyenne walks over to her new team members. She says, "Hey. I guess we're on a team together." Zach lets out a sad sigh. "Well, if you're that happy about it..."

"No, no," Zach insists. "It's not you. I'm just not on a team with my closer friends." Zach looks over at Vinnie and Felicity.

Cheyenne suggests, "If you want, I can impersonate them for you."

"Nah, I..." Zach begins. He stops in the middle of his sentence. "I'd like that."

Chris goes on, "The next team, The Lying Dogs, will be made up of Trevor, Michaiah, Brody, and Elisabeth."

Brody puts his arm around Trevor and Elisabeth. He smiles wide and says, "We're still on a team! This is so cool." Michaiah walks toward his three new team members, and waves. Brody looks at Trevor and then Elisabeth. "Who is this?" Michaiah widens his eyes and looks back at Vinnie.

Chris says, "So that leaves Felicity, Hildegarde, Vinnie, and Jack as the final team."

"Okay," Felicity says. "We'll make this work."

"Right," Hildegarde and Vinnie say at the same time.

Jack says, "Did you guys know that jaguars can run faster than a treefrog?"

"I'm pretty sure everyone knows that," Vinnie replies with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Trevor says with his hands on the back of his head. "No way." Jack smiles and nods, while some other contestants look at Trevor with wide eyes.

Felicity asks, "So... wait a second. Do we have a team name?"

"Oh, yeah," Chris says, with a hand to his chin. "Give me a second to think of something." The host rubs his chin for a moment. Chris points his index finger skyward. "From this point on, you'll be known as The Secret Society."

Jack lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh, good," the adventurous blond guy states. "We got a good name!"

Felicity nods. She insists, "We could have gotten a worse team name."

"Yeah," Vinnie admits, with a laugh. "We didn't get something stupid, like the Cloaked Daggers, or Lying Dogs." Vinnie gets some glares from some other contestants. "Oh, come on, guys. You know you're just jealous."

Zach holds his head down and says, "I'm a little bit jealous."

"Alright," Chris says. "With that out of the way, we can begin your first challenge as your new teams."

Trevor puts a fist in the air, and another arm around Shanise. He shouts, "D'aw, let's do this, team!"

Zach, Shanise, Anneliese, and Cheyenne look at Trevor with confused expressions. Zach says, as he points to the new Lying Dogs team, "Trevor, buddy. Your team is over there." Trevor blushes and steps over to his other team members. Brody lets out a laugh as he puts an arm around Trevor and pats him on the stomach with his other hand.

Chris explains, "Today's challenge will require you to take a pile of blocks and build it so that it can stand up against an assault. After the time for building runs out, each team will have a catapult that they will use in an attempt to knock down one of the other fortresses. No rebuilding is allowed, after the catapult round starts. I forgot to mention. Each fortress will be built around an extremely fragile vase. Whoever's vase gets knocked down, first, will be visiting tonight's campfire ceremony, where one of their team members will be eliminated. Things will keep going after that, though. The team that knocks down the other team's vase, first, will get a special reward. If everyone understands, we can get started." The teams respond to Chris' cue by beginning to build their fortresses.

On the Lying Dogs team, Brody informs, "Okay, guys. When I was a young man, I worked on house construction. So if you don't mind, I think I can lead the team to victory, this time."

Elisabeth nods. She says, "Sounds good to me. What's first?"

Brody removes his shirt, and tosses it to the side. "Tanning evenly," Brody explains. Elisabeth's eyebrows go up. "Okay. Next, we need to start working on a strong base." The rest of the team nods. Elisabeth, Michaiah, and Trevor begin building a base with Brody.

The Secret Society is the next team to be shown. "Any suggestions?" Hildegarde asks. Jack shrugs.

Felicity suggests, "We pretty much have an unlimited amount of blocks. We can try to fortify the walls by placing two blocks side by side."

"I don't understand," Vinnie admits.

"Okay, let me show you what I was thinking," Felicity suggests. She puts two blocks side by side for a thicker wall.

"Oh, I get it, now," Vinnie assures. "But... uh... I don't know how useful I'll be with stacking blocks."

Hildegarde assures, "It's alright. You work on gathering for rest of us."

Felicity commends, "Good idea. Are you okay with that, Vin?" Vinnie smiles and nods. Jack also smiles and nods, though he doesn't seem to know why he is.

On the Cloaked Daggers, Shanise asks, "Do any of ya'll have any ideas?" Zach puts a hand to his chin.

Anneliese offers, "Oh, I am in the know! We can be in the creating a magical rainbow of fortification." Anneliese makes an arching gesture.

"Or," Zach begins. "We can criss-cross the blocks. Like, one horizontal, one vertical, and so on. That'll make it so they're almost interlocking." Zach interlocks his fingers, to demonstrate his meaning.

"Yeah, sounds good to me," Cheyenne admits.

"Let's do this, girlfriends," Shanise says. "Er... and Zach." The team nods before they begin constructing their fortress.

After the teams work on their fortresses for a while, Chris calls, "Time!" The contestants stop working on their fortresses. Chris has an intern push a catapult forward. Chris glares over at Bucky, who sets his camera down on a stand, and rushes to help the intern with the other catapults. Chris continues to explain, "When I leave the battlegrounds, you can begin firing at the other forts. You can't leave the vicinity marked by white paint, otherwise you'll need to sit out of the challenge from then on." Bucky is shown pushing a large container full of soccer balls and footballs, as well as pulling one behind him. The scrawny intern struggles to pull one container to the remaining team. Chris looks at the intern and shakes his head in a disapproving manner. Chris explains, "There will be no getting in the way of the ammo, if it accidentally happens, it'll be allowed, but there will be no intentional blocking of shots with your bodies permitted. Understood?" The teams nod, for the most part. Chris leaves the area, and sits on a bench. "Go!"

Hildegarde is the first to get a ball into a catapult. She launches it at the Cloaked Daggers fortress. It makes contact, but simply bounces off of the strong, foritified wall. Cheyenne compliments, "Nice work, Zach."

Zach smiles. He says, "It's common sense, and besides... it's not over, yet." Zach launches a football at the Lying Dogs fortress, breaking off part of the top of the wall.

"Aw, man," Brody laments. In an act of vengeance, Brody places a soccer ball in his team's catapult and launches it at the Cloaked Daggers fortress. It simply bounces off of the wall. Brody sighs. "Why didn't I think of that idea?" A ball from The Secret Society whizzes passed Brody's head, hitting the fortress, and knocking some blocks loose.

Another ball bounces off of the Cloaked Daggers' fortress. Anneliese jumps up and claps. She says, "I am happening to be so excited. Our wall is still all intact!" Shanise launches a ball at the Secret Society's wall.

"This ain't over, yet, girl," Shanise insists. Anneliese nods. "Everyone keep trying your hardest."

Cheyenne launches a ball. She says with a Scottish accent, "Captain, I'm giving it all she's got!" Zach lets out a laugh.

Shanise rolls her eyes and says, "Cute."

At The Secret Society's fortress, Vinnie leans into his team's container and pulls a football from it. "Keep up the good work, Vinnie," Jack compliments.

Vinnie laughs. He says, "I'm not doing any better than anyone else, but thanks." Jack nods. Vinnie places a ball in the catapult, aims it with his feet, and fires it at the Lying Dogs' fortress, making contact, and knocking some blocks down. "Okay. I am pretty great." Jack lets out a laugh.

On the other side Zach is shown launching another football, as it hits The Secret Society's wall, knocking down a good number of blocks. Anneliese jumps up and down, excitedly saying, "Good way to hit down blocks as part of the challenge, yes?" Anneliese jumps up, again, and, as she lands, loses her footing, stumbling back.

Shanise shouts, "Anneliese, be careful!" Anneliese falls back and hits her own team's wall, knocking down the majority of their wall, leaving their vase fully expose.

"A little late for that," Cheyenne quietly says.

Zach's face drops, as he looks at his team's collapsed wall. He shakes his head and says, "Quick. Hand me a ball so I have time to launch another one." Cheyenne tosses a soccer ball to Zach. He doesn't waste time adjusting his team's catapult, and launches the ball at The Secret Society. Michaiah looks over as the ball flies through the air at high speed. Vinnie doesn't look to the side, as he walks toward his catapult with a football in his hands. The launched ball heads directly toward Vinnie.

Michaiah's eyes get wide. He cries out, "Vwiddie! Wook out fow da thocca bah!" The captions read, "Vinnie! Look out for the soccer ball!" Vinnie is already facing the approaching ball. He drops the ball he is holding, and lifts his arms as much as he can, successfully catching the soccer ball. Everyone else stops what they're doing, and stares at Michaiah. Some of the contestants burst out laughing. Vinnie looks over at Michaiah with a sympathetic look, as the normally silent guy covers his mouth with his hands, his face bright red.

Brody puts his hand on Michaiah's shoulder. He says, "Come on, buddy. Let's keep going."

After the brief pause in the action, Vinnie continues to his catapult, and fires the ball launched by Zach at the Cloaked Daggers' vase, successfully hitting it, and causing it to shatter as it hits the ground. "Alright team, we're not last," Vinnie states. "But we still need to take out the..." Brody launches a football at The Secret Society's wall, hitting a block, that flies through the air and hits the team's vase. The vase falls to the ground and shatters.

Chris calls out, "That's it! It came down to a few seconds, but The Secret Society got second before I could announce that the Cloaked Daggers will be visiting the campfire ceremony, and the Lying Dogs get that special reward that I mentioned earlier." Michaiah continues to hold his head down.

"What is it, Chris?" Elisabeth asks.

Chris explains, "You can pick a member of the second place team, The Secret Society, and get a clue as to what their secret is. So if you want to discuss your choice, I'd like it in the next couple of seconds."

Brody, Elisabeth, and Trevor huddle together. Brody says, "Who should we pick?"

"Hildegarde?" Trevor asks.

"She had her secret revealed already, sweetie," Elisabeth reminds.

"D'aw, oh, yeah," Trevor says, while blushing.

"Our choices are Vinnie and Felicity," Elisabeth says. "Who should we pick?"

Chris asks, "Have you reached a decision?" The huddle disbands, and Elisabeth nods.

Brody states, "We pick Felicity." Chris nods.

The host says, "Good choice. I'll reveal that clue, later, unless her secret gets guessed. Then the clue will be changed to Vinnie, since he hasn't had his secret revealed, either, on that team. I'll see ya'll at the elimination ceremony." Chris walks away.

Michaiah also begins to walk away. Brody says, "Hey, dude. Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't think..." Michaiah continues to walk away.

Vinnie says to his team, "Hey, guys. I'll catch you, later, okay? Um... You don't mind that I'm..."

"Go talk to him, Vin," Felicity insists.

"We do not mind," Hildegarde assures.

Vinnie nods and says, "Thanks for understanding." He jogs in Michaiah's direction.

Over by the Cloaked Daggers, Shanise says, "Thanks a lot, Anneliese."

"I am being sorry," Anneliese insists.

Zach lets out a sigh. He says, "It was a disappointing end to the challenge, but it's alright, Anneliese. I mean, you didn't do it on purpose."

"Thanking you," Anneliese says. "But it was still being my fault that we were losers." Cheyenne folds her arms and looks to the side.

In confessional is shown in confessional. She says, "It's not that I'm mad at Anneliese, but I'm the only original Lying Dog on this team. I'd hate to take the fall for someone else's mistake, just because I don't have the numbers."

Michaiah is shown sitting on the steps to his cabin, with tears in his eyes. Vinnie walks up and asks, "Can I sit here?" Michaiah gestures at the spot next to him. Vinnie nods and sits down next to Michaiah. "Hey, man. How are you doing?"

Michaiah writes something down. He holds up his notepad. 'Not the best.'

Vinnie nods, looks ahead, and says, "Yeah."

Michaiah writes something on his notepad and holds it up for Vinnie to see. It reads, 'Everyone was laughing at me.' Michaiah continues to cry. He wipes his eyes.

Vinnie assures, "I wasn't, man."

Michaiah writes something down, quickly. 'You weren't?'

Vinnie shakes his head. He says, "No, man. What kind of guy would I be to laugh at someone with a disability?" Vinnie tries to lift his arms as far as they go.

Michaiah writes something down on his notepad. 'Thank you,' it says.

Vinnie nods. He assures, "The way you're feeling will pass. I know you feel embarassed, but it'll get better. And I should be thanking you for trying to help me out during the challenge." Michaiah looks at Vinnie, who offers a reassuring smile. Michaiah continues to cry. "It's alright, big guy. Let it out." Michaiah rests his head on Vinnie's shoulder. Vinnie looks down at him. He quietly says, "If I could put my arm around you, I would, dude." The camera pans out.

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris walks up with the official secret guessing urn. The host says, "Welcome to all of you, and thanks for coming out. I'll start with an obvious guess." Chris holds up a slip of paper, illuminated by surrounding torches, that says, 'speech impediment'. "That one's right. Sorry, Michaiah." Michaiah looks down at the ground. "We had another interesting guess." Chris holds up the paper. "It says, 'Felicity is part lobster'. Not true..." Chris looks up. "What's that about?"

Zach smirks and looks over at Felicity. "Just verifying," he says. Felicity playfully sticks her tongue out at him.

"Now," Chris says, "onto that hint about Felicity's actual secret." The host pulls out something that looks like a green headband. His face turns red. He says, "Whoops, wrong one. That was Vinnie's clue that I brought, just in case." He innocently whistles while quickly puts the item back in the urn. Some people look over at Vinnie with confused looks. He shrugs his shoulders, also with a confused look. Chris pulls out a diploma. "Here it is. Get a good look at it. What could it possibly mean?" Chris puts the clue back into the urn. "Okay, that's enough. I'll see the Cloaked Daggers at the elimination ceremony." Chris carries off his urn.

Brody pats Michaiah on the back. Cheyenne walks up. She looks down. "Michaiah?" Michaiah looks up at her. "I'm sorry I laughed at you earlier. That wasn't okay. I just wanted to apologize."

Michaiah nods. He holds up the page of his notepad that reads, 'Thank you'. Cheyenne nods and walks over to her team.

Elisabeth is shown walking, captured by a tree camera, toward her cabin. She comes across Bucky passed out on the ground, with his camera a few feet from him. Elisabeth's eyes get wide as she rushes to his side. She flips him on his back and prepares to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation. Bucky awakens and says, "Whoa, whoa. I'm alright."

Elisabeth blushes, and says, "Sorry. Bunky, wasn't it?"

"It's Bucky," the blond camera operator corrects.

"Sorry," Elisabeth replies.

"It's alright," Bucky assures. "No one seems to remember. But it's better than my real name, 'Coriander'."

Elisabeth laughs and nods. She says, "Why don't you just have people call you 'Cory'?" Bucky's eyes get wide in realization. "Anyway, are you sure everything's alright? Why were you passed out?"

Bucky rubs the back of his head. He says, "Chris has been firing people left and right. I'm one of three remaining camera operators. I've had to do a double shift, as well as fill in other roles..."

"Did you think about quitting?" Elisabeth asks. "Not that we'd want to lose you."

"I did think about it," Bucky admits. "But I do love this job. Lately, I've just felt overworked and underappreciated. I think all of the remaining staff has been feeling like that."

"I'm sorry," Elisabeth assures. "I wish there was something I could do." Elisabeth thinks for a moment. She says, "Hey. Have you thought about protesting?"

"A strike?" Bucky asks. Elisabeth nods. Bucky thinks. "It may come down to that... I'll talk it over with some of the others... Thanks." Elisabeth nods.

The kindhearted girl hugs Bucky and says, "I hope whatever you decide works out for you."

The hug ends, and Bucky says, "Me, too. Thanks."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Welcome to your first elimination ceremony as a team. I don't have to throw as many marshmallows, as usual."

"Is that why you made the teams smaller?" Zach asks with a smirk.

"Quiet, you," Chris instructs. "The first marshmallow goes to Shanise." Shanise smiles as she catches her marshmallow. "Followed by Cheyenne." Cheyenne lets out a sigh of relief. "So, as usual in these situations, that leaves two people and one marshmallow, the two people being Anneliese and Zach." Zach and Anneliese look at each other. "The marshmallow goes to..."

"Anneliese," Chris states. He tosses a marshmallow to the upbeat girl. Zach's eyes are wide.

"Sorry, Zach," Cheyenne admits.

"Hey, it's okay," Zach assures. "Looks like girl power won out. I mean, I shouldn't expect original team loyalties when I haven't interacted with Shanise and Anneliese all that much, but I am surprised. I don't really get what I did wrong, but it's fine. I've had some tough stuff happen in my life, and this isn't even in the top five. I'll be alright."

Cheyenne admits, "I'm surprised it wasn't me."

Zach insists, "I'm glad it wasn't, though. You shouldn't be voted out, just because we weren't on a team together earlier on." Zach thinks for a moment. "And if I were in your position, I'd vote off the guy with friends on other teams, too."

"You're a smart guy for figuring that out," Shanise assures. "Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't."

Zach chuckles. He says, "Thanks. There's people here that made me stop doubting my intelligence, because I didn't finish school." Zach stands up. "It's been fun. I'll see you all, later. Tell Felicity, Vinnie, and Michaiah bye for me."

"I will be in the doing of that," Anneliese assures. Zach lets out a laugh, before leaving the area.

Chris nods and smiles at Zach as he leaves. The host turns toward the camera and says, "Thanks for tuning in. Next time will probably be pretty much more of the same, so if you liked what you saw, be sure to watch."

Chapter 12 - Bumper to Bumper CarsEdit

Chris Mclean is shown on camera. The host introduces, "I'm Chris Mclean, and this is Total... Deception... Island! On our last episode, the contestants were split up into three teams of four. Genius idea, right? Zach proved himself as an asset in the fortress building challenge, building a nearly indestructable wall. I say nearly indestructable, as a clumsy action from Anneliese brought it down, ultimately causing their team to place last. In the end, apparently due to his close friendships with contestants on other teams, Zach was voted out. But before that, due to a moment where he was afraid for his friend Vinnie, Michaiah's secret speech impediment was revealed when he called out to warn him of an oncoming projectile. There were also a couple of hints to other secrets revealed, one was a vague green thingy for Vinnie, and the one that wasn't a forgivable mistake as a result from a stressful job was a diploma to represent Felicity's secret. There's more Total Deception Island to come, so watch what happens next."

Cheyenne, Shanise, and Anneliese are shown returning from the elimination ceremony, Anneliese looking particularly saddened. Anneliese admits, "I do not quite understand why I am the one who is not on the riding of the Loserdom Boat. I was only voting for him, because I did not think that anyone else would be happening to be doing that."

Shanise admits, "Shoot. Zach is a nice guy, but he was probably the biggest threat, here. If we didn't vote him out, now, he would have made it to the final two."

Anneliese looks over at Shanise. She replies, "I guess you are being right about that." She looks ahead. "Everyone is liking of the Zach."

Cheyenne puts her arms around Shanise and Anneliese's shoulders. She says, "I'm just glad that I was given a chance."

"It's not that I particularly like you," Shanise states, with one eyebrow raised. "You were just the extra vote I needed to take out a big threat."

Anneliese blinks. She asks, "Be waiting for a moment, is this not the stage of this competition reality show where teams are only being benefitting from having strong threatening people on their team? Are we not only being happening to put our entire team in jeopardy?" Cheyenne and Shanise look at each other, and then at Anneliese, wide eyed.

The entire team of The Secret Society approaches the trio. Shanise says, "Girlfriends, I need a bubble bath. I'm out of here." She walks off.

In an obvious imitation of Anneliese, Cheyenne insists, "And I need to be in the process of removing my belongings from the cabin I was happening to be residing in, yes?" Cheyenne also walks away.

The Secret Society reaches Anneliese. Vinnie looks around, and asks, "What happened to Zach? I'm assuming he had to do something bathroom related, while Cheyenne is packing to go."

Anneliese frowns, and looks down at the ground. Felicity looks at Anneliese. She asks, "He was voted out, wasn't he?" Anneliese looks up and nods.

"No way," Vinnie says, in disbelief.

"I did not notice that he was doing wrong," Hildegarde says, with her arms folded.

"He did not be doing what you just said," Aneliese admits. "I am being sorry for the loss of your friend, who was wanting me to tell you all goodbye to you, when it was being my fault that we lost."

Vinnie has his head held down. He looks up to say, "Don't beat yourself up over it. Zach isn't the type of guy to blame people for stuff that happens to him, so you shouldn't blame yourself, either."

"Vinnie is right," Felicity assures. "We'll see Zach, again. You're still here so you should enjoy it."

"Thank you," Anneliese begins, with a smile, "all of you very beautiful, happy, good peoples. I will be in the process of going, now, so I will be seeing you all at a future time." Anneliese skips away.

Vinnie admits, "For a second, there, I thought that was going to be a normal sentence."

Jack explains, "I like her speech pattern. It reminds me of the royal speech pattern from this small country that you all probably have never heard of."

Felicity blinks. She begins, "Hey, you guys don't think that Anneliese is..." The Secret Society members each look at each other. "Nah," they say in unison. She turns her attention to Vinnie. "Looks like you're the only guy without any roommates."

"Oh, that's right," Vinnie remembers. "That's exciting."

"Why?" Jack asks. "Is this like your dream of inviting 'fine honeys' to your own place? That is what you privately said to the other male teammates, right?"

Vinnie blushes. He answers, "Um, no, dude." Vinnie looks at Felicity and Hildegarde, nervously. "I don't know what he's talking about." Vinnie nods in Jack's direction, to gesture at who he was referring to.

"But I remember, that was what you..." Jack begins.

Vinnie quickly says, "Uh, have you guys heard about the buried treasure in the secret catacombs under the island?"

Jack's eyes get wide. Before he runs off, the blond shouts, "Adventure!"

Vinnie lets out a sigh of relief. He looks at his female team members, and pleads, "Dont listen to anything he said." Vinnie lets out a nervous laugh. Hildegarde raises part of her eyebrow.

Vinnie is shown in confessional. He admits, "I admit that I talk a big game, but I don't have as much experience with the ladies as I let on... There was this one time, I got pretty close to this girl. She sent me a box of chocolates, and everything." Vinnie looks to the side of confessional. "But after she moved to a different school during the third grade, I never saw her, again." Vinnie shrugs his shoulders. "There have been plenty of girls I liked, or have even humored me, but I haven't met one that would seriously consider going out with a guy with appendages that are smaller than the average guy's." After a moment, Vinnie's face turns red. "You know what I mean."

Back to the conversation at hand, Hildegarde is shown with her arms folded. She says, "I will ignore awkwardness."

"Thank ya, kindly," Vinnie replies.

"Mm-hm," Hildegarde grunts, looking to the side. "What you say to Anneliese was kind."

Vinnie shrugs and says, "I don't remember what I said, but thanks." Vinnie gestures back with his head. "I should head back. I'll see you girls, later."

Hildegarde nods, while Felicity responds, "Take care, Vinnie."

Felicity is shown in confessional. She explains, "After the tribe swap, living arrangements have changed around. Vinnie and I are in the same cabin... Er... opposite sides, of course." Felicity thinks as she puts her hand under her chin. "Elisabeth is the only one on her team without her secret revealed, so the guys are living outside, while she's in the other cabin. Shanise, Anneliese, and Cheyenne are all in the other side of that cabin. It was fairly convenient that the teams ended up with the right amount of genders to stay in each available cabin."

Brody and Trevor are shown in their shared tent, without Michaiah. "We're getting a new roomie!" Brody exclaims. "It's going to be tight!"

Trevor replies, "D'aw, is there going to be room for all of us in here?"

Brody blinks his eyes. He says, "Dude. I just said it was going to be 'tight'."

"Oh," Trevor says. "Sorry."

Brody lets out a laugh. He assures, "No big deal."

Trevor looks toward the opening of their tent. He says, "I feel bad about Michaiah... Do you think he'll be okay?" Brody shrugs, as he looks down. "I wish there was something I could do for him."

"Why don't you put on your superhero costume and talk to him?" Brody suggests. "That would make me feel better, bro."

Trevor shrugs. He explains, "D'aw, now that everyone knows it was me, I don't get the point."

Brody nods. He suggests, "You know. As cool as it is, you don't need to put on a costume in order to encourage someone." Trevor looks over at Brody. Michaiah puts his head inside the tent. Brody offers a large smile and says, "Welcome to the family, bro. Make yourself at home." Michaiah responds with a nod as he enters, and brings his belongings inside, too.

"Um," Trevor begins. "Yeah."

Brody looks over at Trevor, and then back at Michaiah. "There's not a lot of room, but we're happy to have you. Aren't we, Trevor?" Trevor nods. Brody blinks. "Do you have something you want to say..." Trevor looks down. "Never mind. We should try to get some shut eye."

Michaiah is shown in confessional. He holds up his notepad, which says, 'It was nice of the guys to welcome me, but sleeping arrangements could have been better.'

Michaiah is shown sleeping. Brody begins to sing in his sleep, in varying volumes, "I feel great... like potatos and steak, yo... So great... so great... I got..." Brody proceeds to snore instead of sing. Brody then lets out a loud laugh. Michaiah's eyes are wide open, as he looks over at Brody. Michaiah proceeds to get kicked in the face by Trevor's foot, the action unintentional on Trevor's part, as he is still sleeping. After Trevor moves his foot away, Michaiah clutches his eye and lets out a heavy sigh.

After the sun rises, Elisabeth is shown leaving her cabin with a batch of muffins. She looks toward the camera and says, "Bucky! Hi! Did you strike, yet?"

"I'm here, aren't I?" Bucky comments.

"Oh, right," Elisabeth realizes.

Bucky looks at Elisabeth's muffins with hungry eyes, and asks, "So what's with the muffins?"

Elisabeth looks down at them briefly, and back up at the camera operator. She explains, "I felt bad for the guys on my team that they had to spend the night outside. Would you like any?"

Bucky puts a hand on his stomach and says, "I'm trying to cut back on my calorie intake, so... three should be good."

"Okay," Elisabeth replies, with a surprised expression. Bucky grabs a handful of muffins. "Have you put any thought into my suggestion?"

"The strike?" Bucky replies, with a mouthful of muffin. "Oh, sure. I don't know if it's the right decision, even after talking it over with the guys. But if something else happens, I don't know if we have a choice."

Elisabeth nods. She looks down as Bucky takes another muffin. The kindhearted girl begins to take a step back. She says, "I want to make sure there are enough muffins for the guys, so... I hope everything works out for you." Elisabeth begins walking into the forest.

"Thanks!" Bucky calls out, muffin crumbs shooting out of his mouth as he does. Chris Mclean walks up, and Bucky quickly points the camera at the host.

"Hey, Bucky," the host states. He looks at the muffins in Bucky's arms, for a moment. "Ooh, can I have one have those?"

Bucky slowly says, "Well... I don't know if I have enough for..." Chris glares at Bucky, before taking a muffin from him.

Chris eats the muffin, and moans, "Mm... That's good." Bucky watches the host with wide eyes.

Bucky quietly mutters, "But that was my muffin..."

"Wah wah," Chris replies, with a roll of his eyes. "Grow up."

Bucky's face turns red. He shouts, "That's the last straw. I've stood and watched as you disrespected your staff, fired my friends, and demanded outrageous working hours from us. But no one! No one messes with Bucky's baked goods. I tried to be patient when the other guys insisted that we strike, but that's it. Try running this show by yourself." Bucky walks off.

Chris shouts, "I don't need you! I've been running things by myself, anyway. I have plenty of automated cameras operating, too. You should be honored that I even bothered to let you work for me!" Chris folds his arms and looks to the side. "That was a great muffin, though."

Elisabeth is shown reaching the guys from the Lying Dogs' tent. Michaiah emerges from the tent. The quiet, strong guy blushes as he covers his underpants with his hands. Elisabeth smiles and says, "Hello, Michaiah. Welcome to the team. Muffin?" Michaiah looks at the muffin tray with a reluctant expression. "It's okay. I kept your nut allergy in mind." Michaiah smiles and nods, before taking a muffin. "How was your first night, out here? Did everyone get along? I know the guys are really fun..." Michaiah frowns and turns, revealing his black eye. Elisabeth grimaces. "Well... they seem nice."

Michaiah writes something on his notepad and holds it up. 'Trevor is a sleep kicker', it reads.

Trevor exits the tent. Elisabeth says, "Speak of the devil."

Trevor looks shocked and looks behind himself, then says, "D'aw. Is he here?"

"No, sweetie," Elisabeth assures. "It's an expression." Trevor looks relieved. "I brought muffins. There's one left for you and one left for Brody." Trevor picks up a muffin, and accidentally drops it on the ground.

Trevor looks down at it with wide eyes. He says, "Aw, man... That one was Brody's... Poor guy." He takes the other muffin and starts chewing on it. "Mmm... Yummy."

Elisabeth smiles and says, "Thanks." She points back. "I'll leave you guys, alone. See ya."

Trevor and Michaiah wave after her. Trevor says, "Bye! Thank you!" Trevor looks at Michaiah. He asks, "How are you doing?" Michaiah looks down and shrugs. "D'aw, I hope you aren't still sad about that everyone laughing at your voice thing." Michaiah frowns and looks down. "Er... Sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up, again." Michaiah looks up at Trevor. "I don't know what it's like to go through that, but I know what it's like to be laughed at, anyway, in a mean way. I know it doesn't feel good, but there are nice people, too, that wouldn't laugh at you." Trevor shrugs. "I didn't think it was funny." Trevor pauses. "D'aw, I just wanted to let you know."

Michaiah nods. He quietly says, "Thonk you..." Michaiah blushes.

"You're welcome," Trevor assures, with a reassuring smile. He blinks as he gazes at Michaiah. "D'aw, what happened to your eye?"

Elisabeth is shown leaving the woods, as Bucky and various interns and cameramen approach her. Bucky profusely shakes her hand, and says, "Thanks for the advice. We're not going to stand for Chris' ill treatment, anymore, and it's all thanks to you." Several others shout, 'Yeah'. "Now we just have to come up with some clever protest sayings... How's 'Chris Mclean is an unfair employer'?" He looks over at his unimpressed colleagues. "It's okay. We'll work on it." Bucky looks down at Elisabeth's empty muffin pan. "No more muffin?"

"No, sorry," Elisabeth answers. She thinks back for a moment. "Well, there was that one that Trevor accidentally dropped over by the guys' on my team's tent."

Bucky points toward the wooded area and asks, "That was this way, right?"

"Yeah. Why?" Elisabeth asks with a raised eyebrow.

"No reason," Bucky insists. "Let's go, team!" The others nod, as they head toward the Lying Dogs guys' tent. Elisabeth looks after them with a confused expression as they leave.

Chris Mclean is shown surrounded by the three recently formed teams. The host is holding his own camera. Some of the contestants look around. Cheyenne asks, "What happened to the cameramen?"

"Those ungrateful jerks?" Chris asks. Cheyenne shrugs, and then nods. "I don't need them anymore, not after I came up with the 'Chris McCam'. Now, viewers will be able to pretend they're me, without much extra fantasizing. And they get to see the action from my standpoint. Any idiot could do this job." Chris immediately drops the camera, and it breaks apart. He looks down with wide eyes. He insists, "And... that proves that I'm not just any idiot." The host shrugs. "The treecams are good enough." Chris walks over to the center of the contestants. He explains, "Today's challenge is a bumper car battle. Each team will have three representatives fight it out on a platform above the water. They'll try to knock off other contestants. The represented team to be eliminated first will need to vote someone out. The teams will continue the challenge until one team is left with any representatives."

"Isn't this really dangerous?" Felicity asks with wide eyes.

In a mocking tone, Chris asks, "Isn't this Total Drama?"

"Well, foo'" Shanise begins. "If you want to be technical, it's Total Decep..."

"Let's get ready to begin!" Chris interrupts.

The contestants are shown in position above the lake. Elisabeth, Michaiah, and Brody are shown in brown bumper cars, representing the Lying Dogs team. Shanise, Anneliese, and Cheyenne shown in dark blue bumper cars, representing the Cloaked Daggers team. Felicity, Hildegarde, and Jack are shown in green bumper cars to represent the Secret Society. Chris shouts, "It looks like everyone is ready. If so, we can begin! Go!"

The participating contestants charge at each other. The first to be knocked into the water being Anneliese. Anneliese shouts, "I am being of the regretting nothing!" She safely gets out of her bumper car after it goes into the water. Anneliese safely swims to shore.

"Hildegarde bump you!" Hildegarde taunts, as she steers toward Brody. He drives around in circles in an effort to avoid Hildegarde. She makes contact with his bumper car, but her bumper gets caught on his, and both of them fall into the water. They also swim to shore. Hildegarde asks, "What was that about?" She glares at Chris.

The host answers, "I never said the bumper cars weren't bought from a junk yard at a huge discount. I guess you get what you pay for." Chris shrugs. Felicity and Cheyenne are shown walking toward Chris, both looking particularly traumatized. Chris asks, "What happened?"

"The horror," Cheyenne mutters.

Chris sighs and says, "I missed the horror." He rushes to a camera stand that toppled over in order to point it at the action.

Jack is shown on the corner of the platform. Michaiah and Elisabeth look at each other and nod. They charge at Jack at the same time. Jack looks up and says, "Ooh! I haven't explored that side of the platform, yet!" He drives over to the other side, causing Elisabeth and Michaiah to crash into each other, falling into the water with a heavy splash. Jack looks back as it happens.

Chris announces, "The Lying Dogs have come in last place. They'll be voting someone out."

Jack proclaims, "That looks like fun!" He drives off of the platform and into the water. "Weee!"

Chris looks on with wide eyes. "Shanise wins the challenge without any effort!"

Shanise sits up in her cart after finishing cowering and asks, "I did?"

Chris nods, and says, "That means that the Cloaked Daggers win a limited time offer to help film the series."

"Okay," Cheyenne says. "That's lame."

Shanise calls out, "We reject your reward."

Chris frowns, and looks to the side. "Fine," he says. "Meet me at the secret guessing ceremony."

Trevor whispers to Brody, "Why did we have Elisabeth in the challenge, again?"

Brody explains, "We assumed that no one would go after her." Trevor nods. "Hey." Trevor looks at Brody. "What you said to Michaiah was really cool."

"You heard that?" Trevor asks, with wide eyes. "D'aw, how?"

"Dude, our tent cloth is like paper thick," Brody explains.

Trevor blinks. "D'aw, is that bad?"

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris reads, "'Graduated high school already' in regards to Felicity. Close, but no." Chris reads another guess. "We want more muffins." He blinks. "Those muffins were awesome..." The contestants look at each other. "Alright, next up is the elimination ceremony."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "The Lying Dogs are back at an elimination ceremony, just like old times. The first marshmallow goes to Elisabeth, baker extraordinaire." Elisabeth catches her marshmallow. Chris suggests, "Hey, maybe you could use marshmallows in your next baked creation! That sounds good, right?"

"I guess," Elisabeth replies, with a shrug. The host smiles and tosses a bag of marshmallows to Elisabeth.

"Next up," Chris begins. "Brody." Brody catches his marshmallow. "That leaves Trevor and Michaiah, and the final marshmallow."

"I could just give one of them one of the marshmallows from this bag," Elisabeth suggests. "I hate to see anyone go."

Chris holds up a hand and says, "No, no. Those are for something important. Anyway, the official, final marshmallow goes to..."

"Trevor." Chris tosses a marshmallow to the cross-eyed jock.

Michaiah looks down at the ground with a disappointed expression. "Don't feel bad, Michaiah," Brody assures. "You're awesome, bro... It's just that the rest of us have been together since the beginning."

Michaiah writes something down, and then holds up his notepad. It reads, 'I understand. Thanks for everything.' The others nod and hug Michaiah, before he gathers his things and leaves.

Chris looks on and says, "Alright, that was a short goodbye." He looks at the camera on the stand. "I still have a lot of battery life in the camera, I think. So I could have kept filming for another..." The camera cuts off.

Chapter 13 - Winter Takes AllEdit

Chris Mclean is shown on camera. He offers a large smile and says, "Welcome to an all-new, staff-free, 109 percent better Total... Deception... Island! Yeah. I'm way happier, now, and things our running way more smoothly without those needy cameramen and interns around." The camera stand used to keep the camera up falls to the side. Chris hurries as he lifts the camera, continues to hold it up, and points it at himself. He attempts to laugh off the incident. "Last time, on our humble, amazing program, the teams were asked to compete in an epic bumper car battle to the doom, and/or to falling off of a platform and into the water. The new Lying Dogs team lived up to their team's former reputation, as they lost the challenge. Michaiah was voted out, due to his being the only original member of the Cloaked Daggers on the newly formed team. So what will happen with our contestants this episode, while..." The camera clearly falls down to the ground. Chris exclaims, "My foot! Graahahah! And where's my latte... Oh, yeah..." Chris picks up the camera, again, and places it back on the stand. The host mumbles, "I'm beginning to miss... having my own personal barista... I mean, assistant."

The contestants are shown gathered around the show's host. "Why are we here, and why do we have to look at you?" the saucy Shanise utters.

Chris forces, "Oh, you. I always liked you, Shanise. Did I mention that I'm looking for someone to bring me my coff..."

"Fat chance," Shanise replies, with a roll of her eyes.

"Excuse me, but do you mind my bringing the coversation back to 'why are we here'?" Jack impatiently asks.

"That's quite the philisophical question," Felicity says with a smirk.

Chris explains, "I'm here to tell you that your teams of three are no more. You are officially merged."

Some contestants give celebratory cheers. "That whole three team thing was rather short lived," Felicity expresses.

Chris further explains, "The boys without their secrets revealed will be living in their own cabin while the qualifying girls get to reside in the other cabin."

"You mean, I get to live with Elisabeth, again?" Cheyenne excitedly asks. Chris nods. Cheyenne cheers, and all of the girls, excluding Hildegarde, hug Elisabeth.

The host goes on, "I'm also taking applications for servants... I mean... latte retrieving technicians if anyone is interested in..." The majority of contestants begin walking away. Chris rolls his eyes and heads toward his own residence. Vinnie stands for a moment, looking after the others, before also walking away.

Vinnie is shown in confessional, holding his head down. He looks toward the camera and says, "Zach and Michaiah were voted out one after the other. I thought the three of us were going to make it to the end." Vinnie holds his head up and assures, "I'm going to give it my all, for them." Vinnie pauses for a moment. He excitedly says, "On the other side of the spectrum, I have never been away from home for as long as this." He gives a confident smile. "I like to think of myself as an independent guy, so it's been cool to live by myself. Last night was awesome. I hope I can stay in the cabin for a long time..." Vinnie pauses. "You know, for Michaiah and Zach." Vinnie forces a laugh, looks down in a somewhat solemn manner, and exits the confessional.

Felicity, Anneliese, Cheyenne, and Shanise are shown excitedly waiting outside of the oven. "I wonder what she's going to be in the process of making of," Anneliese states.

Cheyenne puts her arms around the other girls and says, "Whatever it is is sure to be a gastronomical delight to the taste buds." Cheyenne smiles. "I look forward to all of your faces at the moment you get to first enjoy a freshly baked Elisabethan masterpiece." The other females have various anxious expressions on their faces.

Elisabeth walks downstairs and sees the girls eagerly looking at their shared oven. Elisabeth raises an eyebrow and asks, "What are you girls doing?"

Without looking back, Shanise explains, "Anticipating what delectable morsel we're going to soon enjoy.

Elisabeth blinks. She says, "I thought I would take a break from baking for tonight."

"So why do you have the oven on?" Felicity asks.

"I'm cleaning the oven..." Elisabeth replies. She points at the oven. "Look. It's set on broil."

The girls look at each other. Cheyenne looks back at Elisabeth and says, "Tease."

Outside, Trevor and Brody are shown tossing a football back and forth to each other. Brody insists, "This is just the kind of quality bonding time I always wanted to have with LeVar, my baby boy."

"D'aw," Trevor responds.

"Are you all excited for the merge?" Brody asks.

"D'aw, yeah," Trevor replies with a nod. "I don't know why, though."

Brody laughs. He says, "Don't ever change, bro." Trevor blushes. "The merge is when things get real."

"Aren't, d'aw, things already real?" Trevor asks, with a confused look, as he looks closely at his hand before he throws the football back to Brody.

Brody tries to think. "That's deep, man," he responds. "But I mean, like the end starts to be closer... you know?" Trevor stares at Brody with an extremely confused look, as he gets hit by the football. "N-nevermind, bro. Just focus on the ball." Trevor gives a sigh of relief, picks up the football, and tosses it to Brody. Brody wipes his forehead with his forearm and asks, "Is it just me, or is it really hot out, tonight?"

Jack is shown swimming, being chased by freshwater sharks.

Vinnie is shown walking down the stairs of his cabin. He lets out a yawn as he uses his foot to try at the handle to his cabin's restroom. The handle breaks off of the door. Vinnie lets out a sigh. He sticks out his tongue as he uses his foot in an effort to reattach the handle. As he tries to reinsert the handle, it goes to the side before falling to the floor. Vinnie's foot gets slammed against the piece of metal the handle is meant to attach to. Vinnie groans in pain, before he lets out an annoyed sigh. "Stupid handle..." He kicks at it, and it slides under the cabin's refrigerator. He looks on with wide eyes. Vinnie blinks. "Guess I'm visiting the confessional, instead..." he says to himself. Vinnie limps on his still sore foot as he exits the cabin.

Later, a sweating Vinnie is shown lying on top of his bed, over the sheets and blankets, looking generally miserable as he remains awake. He looks over at a nearby, closed window. He shimmies to the side. His eyes widen as he fails to grasp the mattress, and his sweat causes him to slide off of the bed and onto the floor. He lets out another loud sigh. He gets up and heads toward the window. Vinnie attempts to push the window up with his hands, as he presses his face against the glass. The jammed window fails to budge. Vinnie lets out another deep sigh. Sweat continues to drip from his forehead. He gets down on his back and tries to push the window open with his feet. The window continues to not budge, despite his efforts. Vinnie eventually gives up and gets back into his bed. His eyes remain open as he lies in bed.

The following morning, Elisabeth is shown walking outside, wearing a tracksuit and fashionable headband. Jack emerges from a trapdoor leading from the ground. Elisabeth looks shocked. She says, "Where did you come from?"

Jack shrugs his shoulders and answers, "I dont know, but it was awesome!"

Elisabeth lets out a laugh. She says, "You're so adorable."

"Thanks," Jack replies, nonchalantly. "So what are you doing? Baking something?"

Elisabeth responds, "There's more to me than baking, you know. But I admit to not exercising as much as I should."

"Oh, yuck," Jack replies. "I hate exercising."

Elisabeth looks surprised. She says, "You do?"

Jack nods. He begins, "It's so totally boring, and I don't get what the point..." A howling noise can be heard froma distance. Jack's eyes widen. "I wonder what that is? I hope it's carnivorous." Jack runs off at full speed.

Elisabeth looks after Jack and laughs to herself. The trapdoor from the ground opens, again. A muscular, young man emerges from the tunnel wearing a helmet with a flashlight on it, he is also holding a shovel. He looks around, and then down at the map he is holding in his other hand. Elisabeth's eyes get wide, again. She asks, "Who are you?"

The young man looks up at Elisabeth and replies, "Oh. I didn't see you, there." He climbs out of the tunnel and sets down his equipment, in order to shake Elisabeth's hand. "My name is Abdul. It is a pleasure to meet you, whoever you are."

"Likewise," Elisabeth replies. "Um... Should you be here?" She looks down at Abdul's shirt, which features a large image of Chris Mclean's face. She says, "Oh. You're a fan of Chris? I didn't know he had... Never mind."

Abdul nods rapidly. He assures, "Chris is amazing. He's a great role model."

Elisabeth blinks. She replies, "Okay."

"Is Chris around?" Abdul asks. He holds up a digital camera.

Elisabeth rubs her chin. She replies, "It's still early, yet, so he might be still in his tent."

"Where might that be located?" Chris' fan asks. "You know, for curiosity's sake."

Elisabeth thinks for a moment. She points toward the woods and explains, "I think it's over in that direction."

Abdul nods. He holds up a pen and his map and says, "If you were to mark the location on this map, where would you do so?" Elisabeth looks confused, but she circles the location on the map for Abdul.

Abdul hugs the map and says, "Thanks. You're the best! I mean, next to Chris Mclean, anyway. Thanks, again!" Abdul runs toward the forest.

Elisabeth cups her hands over her mouth and calls out, "You're welcome!" Elisabeth puts her hands down and smiles as she looks after Abdul.

Elisabeth is shown in confessional. She smiles and says, "I enjoy helping people. No matter how hopelessly disillusioned they might be." Elisabeth pauses for a moment. "Not that I think anyone who's a fan of Chris is disillusioned. Abdul seems like a perfectly nice and normal guy." Elisabeth blinks, and then smiles.

Trevor is shown catching a football tossed by Brody. "Nice catch, bro!" Brody shouts.

"D'aw, thanks!" Trevor responds with a smile.

"Hey, do you think it's almost time for the challenge?" Brody asks, as he catches the football. Brody tosses the ball, again.

Trevor stops to think. He puts a hand to his chin and says, "D'aw, I dun..." The football sails past Trevor and into the bushes. Trevor looks behind him. "D'aw, I'll get it!"

"Alright, bro," Brody replies. He points behind himself and says, "I'll meet you at the challenge place area... thing. 'Kay?" Trevor responds with a nod. Brody smiles before leaving the area.

Trevor crawls into the bushes, and looks left and right. "Here, bally, bally, bally!" the jock calls out. He looks to the side. "D'aw, where'd that little scamp get to?"

Trevor's football search is interrupted by an ear piercing cry of, "Eeeeeeee!"

Trevor's eyes get wide. He stumbles backward, looking somewhat scared. He attempts to crawl backward, before pausing. He whispers to himself, "D'aw, c'mon, Trevor. You may have almost soiled yourself, but, d'aw, you can't live your life in fear. Somebody could be in trouble. What would, d'aw, The Masked Tuxedo do?" Trevor attempts to motivate himself with a nod. He begins crawling forward in an effort to investigate. Trevor reaches a clearing, where he believed the noise was coming from. He stands up, and looks back and forth. He says to himself, "D'aw... I could have sworn I heard something over here..."

The contestants, excluding Trevor, are shown gathered in a circle. Chris approaches with a scowl across his face, as he drags a muscular, young man behind him by the ear. "Who's that guy?" Jack asks, with his head tilted to the side.

"Hello," the man greets. "My name is Abdul. It is a pleasure to meet you." Chris squeezes Abdul's ear, out of frustration. "Ow!"

"What you doing to this young people?" Hildegarde asks.

Chris answers, "Physically harming him."

"I'm no expert," Shanise begins. "But I'm pretty sure that that's uncalled for."

"Uh, yeah it is," Chris replies. "I woke up to this psycho digging through my clothing, and when I inspected his camera, I found this." Chris holds up Abdul's camera to reveal an image of Chris sleeping, holding his teddy bear, with Abdul in front of him giving a thumbs up.

"I apologize, Mr. Chris," Abdul assures. "I only wanted a picture with my idol... And you were sleeping, so I didn't want to wake you."

"Aw!" Anneliese squeals. "He is an overgrown version of adorable, human, puppy, no?"

"No," the show's host replies. "This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a stalker looks like. He'll be receiving a restraining order as soon as I get a hold of my legal team. It might be difficult, since my assistant set my cell phone on fire... and the camera operators weren't present to get any evidence..."

Shanise suggests, "What about the picture on this fool's camera?"

"Genius!" Chris exclaims. He looks at the camera. "And I just deleted the evidence... Stupid camera... Camera..." Chris' eyes get wide. He turns to Abdul. "Do you have any ecperience operating a camera, like, a video camera?"

"I had a toy camcorder as a kid," Abdul explains with a shrug.

Chris shouts, "You're hired!" Abdul claps and squeals. Chris rubs his chin and looks to the side. "I'll be needing a gofer, too. Kid, do you have any friends?"

Abdul smiles wide and responds, "No! But my brother Rahul is waiting for me in his rowboat."

"Tell him he's hired, too," Chris insists.

"I'll tell him right away, sir!" Abdul replies. He rushes off.

Jack whispers, "What does he mean by 'gofer'?"

Felicity explains, "You know. 'Go fer this', 'go fer that'?" Jack nods in realization.

Chris says, "Now that I introduced that precious youth to his purpose in life, I'll get ready to start the challenge..."

"Wasn't he a 'psycho' and a 'stalker' a couple of seconds ago?" Cheyenne asks, pointing after Abdul.

Chris ignores the question and asks, "Has anyone seen the one contestant that looks about as smart as a brick wall?" Trevor walks up. "Oh, there he is."

Trevor is scratching his head. He asks, "D'aw, did anyone else hear a weird noise?"

"Not anything besides Chris flappin' his gums," Shanise replies. "Why? What did it sound like?"

"D'aw... It sounded like a high pitched scream, or something, but when I went to see what it, d'aw, was, there wasn't anything there. Not a bloody crime scene, and not even a single dead body." Trevor lets out a sigh. "I was so disappointed... D'aw, I mean, that I couldn't help."

Brody pats Trevor on the back. He says, "Don't worry, buddy. There'll be other horrible things to investigate, in life. If it means something, I'm proud that you tried to help." Trevor smiles. "Uh, hey. Did you find my football?"

Trevor frowns. He shakes his head and says, "The poor guy is forever lost to the wild."

Brody drops to his knees and shouts, "No!"

Cheyenne raises an eyebrow and says, "It's alright. We can hold a funeral for him, later."

Brody sniffles. "He'd like that," he assures.

Chris rubs his forehead. He says, "Of all the stupid... Look. Let's just get on with the challenge, shall we?" The contestants shrug and nod. The host points to several small wooden platforms. "You will be standing on these small wooden platforms."

"That sounds straightforward enough," Felicity states. Some others nod.

Chris nods and says, "It does, doesn't it?"

"Well, yeah," Felicity replies. "That's what I just..."

Chris holds up an index finger. "Well, it isn't!" he shouts. "What is Canada most known for?"

"Maple syrup?" Brody suggests.

Chris replies, "Besides that."

"Mooses?" Cheyenne suggests, with a shrug.

"Their cold unforgiving winters," Chris clarifies. "That's what they're known for." Chris looks to the side. "I should really stop opening these things up for audience participation." Chris explains, "While standing on your individual platforms, you will be subjected to harsh, synthetic winter elements. The last person standing will win invincibility! If everyone is ready, you can begin standing... on your platforms." The contestants step onto the small wooden platforms, with their feet not even fitting on the platforms, for the most part.

After several unsuccessful tries, Vinnie gets his balance, and remains on his platform. Felicity looks at Vinnie, who proceeds to keep his head held down. "Vinnie? Is everything alright?" Vinnie looks up at Felicity.

Chris says, "We can talk about feelings after the challenge is over. Since everyone seems to be ready, let's begin the challenge."

"D'aw," Trevor replies. "You mean, we didn't already start the challenge?"

Chris starts a snow making machine. He stands and stares at it. He looks over at the contestants and explains, "This might take a while. Make yourselves comfortable."

"Is that possible?" Shanise asks, as she visibly struggles to remain on her platform. She looks over at Jack, who is shown juggling rocks, while remaining on his platform.

"This is fun!" Jack exclaims. Shanise rolls her eyes and looks away from the rambunctious blond boy.

Chris smirks. "How fun is it, now?" the host asks. He launches a snowball in Jack's direction. The snowball sails by Jack. Chris blinks.

"Yeah," Jack replies, with a raised eyebrow. "Still fun." Chris blushes.

Anneliese, jumps and claps, landing back on her platform. "This is quite the fun challenging," Anneliese insists.

"I know, right?" Jack replies with a wide smile. Brody shakes and sweats, as he attempts to keep his balance and concentration.

"I don't know about you, all," Shanise begins, "but my dogs are tired."

"You have doggies?" Trevor asks. "What kind?" Shanise glares at Trevor. "D'aw... I'm no vegetarian, but maybe they should sleep more, if they're tired, I mean." Shanise continues to glare at Trevor. "D'aw... What?" Shanise is hit by a snowball, and she falls to the ground.

Chris cheers, "I got one!"

Shanise looks over at Chris. "Is voting you out an option?" she asks. Chris sticks his tongue out at Shanise.

Chris tosses snow in the air. Jack looks up as the snow approaches him. "So pretty!" he says. As it lands on him, he frowns, for a moment. His eyes get wide. "Gah! It burns!" Jack covers his eyes, jumps off his platform, and runs out toward the lake, before jumping in.

Felicity looks after Jack with wide eyes. She looks at Chris. "What's in that 'snow'?"

"It's entirely synthetically natural," Chris explains. "Water... white dye number six... various chemicals..." The contestants look at Chris with wide eyes.

Vinnie loses his balance and falls off of his platform. "Oh, well," he says. He drags his feet over to a bench on the sidelines, before sitting down. Felicity looks over at him with a frown. She is hit in the face with a snowball, knocking her off of her platform. Cheyenne laughs and points at Felicity. She proceeds to get hit by another snowball, falling off of her platform.

Felicity states, "That was your best imitation, yet." Cheyenne gives a sarcastic smile.

Hildegarde folds her arms, looking as though she will not budge from her position. "Looking pretty hardcore, there, Hildegarde," Brody comments, still shaking on his platform. Chris hits Hildegarde with a snowball. She remains on her platform, as she glares at Chris.

"Sorry," Chris nervously says. "I was aiming for Anneliese." Chris hits Anneliese with a snowball, knocking her off of her platform. "See?"

Brody continues to teeter back and forth. "I could do this all day," he insists. He is hit by a barrage of gingerbread men, thrown like throwing stars.

Elisabeth jumps off of her platform and rushes over to a dazed Brody. She looks up at Chris. "How could you?"

"Thanks," Brody says.

"Wasting perfectly good baked goods, like this," Elisabeth goes on. She proceeds to sweep up the broken pieces of cookies. She looks back up at Chris. "You should be ashamed of yourself." Elisabeth is hit by another snowball.

Chris announces, "The challenge is down to Hildegarde and Trevor."

Trevor removes his hands from covering his eyes. "D'aw, I'm still in it?" he asks.

Hildegarde looks over at Trevor, and says, "No one more surprised at your performance than Hildegarde."

"Thanks," Trevor states, with two thumbs up. Chris throws several snowballs at the remaining two competitors. Hildegarde glares at Chris.

"You don't scare me," Chris taunts, his voice trembling. He throws another snowball at Hildegarde. She catches the snowball, causing Chris to cower behind the snow machine. Hildegarde quickly throws the snowball at Trevor, causing him to sail through the air before falling to the ground. Chris stands up. He announces, "Hildegarde is the winner of the challenge! I was rooting for you, by the way." Hildegarde glares at Chris before stepping off of her platform. "That means that this wonderful, young woman is not elligible to be eliminated. I'll meet you all at the secret guessing ceremony." Chris walks off.

Brody announces, "We're going to be holding a funeral ceremony for..." Brody sniffs. "Carl Pigskin Jr. for anyone who would like to join us." The majority of contestants follow after Brody. Felicity and Hildegarde remain with Vinnie.

"Is everything alright, Vin?" Felicity asks.

Vinnie insists, "Everything is fine. Don't worry about me." Vinnie forces a smile.

"Vinnie," Felicity replies. "I can tell that something is wrong. I have a good idea that it has to do with Michaiah and Zach, but..."

Anneliese walks up and asks, "Has anyone been happening to see Jack, in a recent moment?"

Felicity's eyes widen. She says, "Jack! I hope he's alright." She rushes off with Anneliese.

Hildegarde sits down next to Vinnie. She says, "What is with frowny baby attitude? This not Vinnie I know."

Vinnie admits, "Sometimes I get down, too. I really miss those guys. I feel like I'm all alone."

"Nonsense," Hildegarde insists. "Felicity seems to care about well-being."

"Yeah," Vinnie reflects. "She's a good kid."

"I have feeling that this not all about friends," Hildegarde goes on.

Vinnie looks up at Hildegarde. He looks down, and sighs. "You're right."

"Hildegarde knows," the burly young woman states.

"The truth is," Vinnie begins, "I like to fashion myself as sort of an... independent person. Finally having to face the world by myself has been a lot tougher than I imagined."

"What Vinnie mean?" Hildegarde asks.

Vinnie admits, "The world wasn't built for a guy with my proportions. I had a rough night."

"That is all?" Hildegarde asks. Vinnie shrugs and nods. Hildegarde shakes head. "I did not take you for giant baby." Vinnie's eyes widen. "You seem like strong person, who would not let bad night weaken resolve." Vinnie looks down and nods. Hildegarde pauses for a moment. She puts her hand on Vinnie's back. "So... it must have really bothered you." Vinnie nods. "Don't get down. I like upbeat personality, much better."

"Me, too," Vinnie assures. "I try to look at things from a positive perspective, but I can't help but think about it sometimes. Soon enough, I'll get my mind off of my limitations, and be back to my normal..." Hildegarde leans over and kisses Vinnie. Vinnie blinks. "What were we talking about?"

Anneliese is shown walking up to Shanise. Anneliese asks, "Has anyone been finding of Jack?"

Shanise shrugs and says, "Why would I know? What am I his babysitter?"

Anneliese raises an eyebrow. She replies, "No? I am not being thinking so. He is still needing of a sitter of babies?"

Shanise shakes her head. "Before you continue to look for him, you should know the game plan." Anneliese looks confused. "Who we need to vote for." Anneliese nods in realization. "This is the point of the game that we need to take out the big threats, girl."

Most of the contestants are shown gathered around Chris at the secret guessing ceremony. Jack swings down on a vine. "There you are," Felicity lets out, with a sigh of relief. Jack nods and smiles.

Chris states, "It's time for another secret guessing ceremony." Chris holds up a piece of paper. He reads off, "Felicity is a college graduate. There you go."

"That's right?" Cheyenne asks with wide eyes. Chris nods. "Wow."

"Yup," Chris says. "I'll let you all stare at her with wide eyes before we get on with the elimination ceremony." Chris walks off. The contestants look at Felicity with wide eyes. She responds by blushing.

"Alright," the host states, at the elimination ceremony, as Abdul stands a few steps away from the host, pointing his camera at him. Chris blinks. "You want to take the lens cap off of that thing?"

"Oh, yeah," Abdul replies. He removes the lens cap. "Rolling, boss."

"Boss... I like that," Chris responds. The host turns toward the contestants. "Welcome to your first merged elimination ceremony. Congrats. Although, don't get too proud of yourselves. One of you is universally despised, and will be leaving the show, for good." The contestants frown. Chris tosses a marshmallow to Hildegarde. "Hildegarde, here, earned her own safety. Now on to the rest of you." Chris looks back and forth at the contestants. Abdul lets out an excited squeal. "The next safe contestants are... Cheyenne, Vinnie, Elisabeth, Anneliese, Brody, Shanise, and... Jack." Chris quickly tosses out the marshmallows. Abdul claps, dropping his camera. He quickly picks it back up. Chris gives a disapproving look to the makeshift camera operator. The host turns his attention back to the contestants. "Anyway, that leaves Trevor and Felicity. The brains versus... whatever Trevor has to offer. The final marshmallow belongs to..."

"Felicity," Chris announces. He tosses a marshmallow to the smart girl.

Trevor blinks, and looks down at his empty hands. He says, "I'm leaving, huh?"

Chris nods. He says, "Sorry, big guy."

Trevor sighs. He assures, "It's okay."

"I'm really gonna miss you," Brody insists. "You're a good kid. I guess some of the others thought you would be a big threat in the challenges, or something."

"D'aw," Trevor responds. "That's pretty nice of them." Trevor stands up. "I wish I made it further, but what can I do, now?"

Elisabeth wipes her eyes on her sweater. She insists, "You did great, Trevor. You placed better than a lot of other contestants."

"That's true," Trevor says with a nod. He says, "Thanks, everybody. I ended up having a pretty fun time." Trevor begins to walk away. He stops, and looks back. "Bye." Trevor heads to the Boat of Losers.

Chris turns to Abdul and says, "That wraps up episode thirteen. Be sure to watch next time for more Total... Deception... Island!"

Abdul puts a hand to his heart and says, "I feel like he was talking to me."

Cheyenne raises an eyebrow and replies, "He kind of was..."

Chapter 14 - Visiting Quimberly... and the OthersEdit

Chris Mclean, the show's host, is shown, as he holds the camera to his face. In addition to his usual ensemble, he is also wearing a hat that might suggest that he is on safari. In a bad Australian accent, Chris explains, "Crikey. Chris Mclean here, at the loser resort, hoping to catch action shots of the eliminated contestants. I plan to film the interesting creatures in their natural habitat in order to show..." One of the eliminated contestants is shown, accidentally walking into Chris. "You're fired!" Chris shouts. Chris looks at the tall, lanky, young man. "Oh... It's you Marcello... I mean, Mitchell."

"Hey," Mitchell replies. "What are you doing here, and what's with the bad Australian accent? That's my thing."

Chris clears his throat, and says in his usual accent, "Just trying something different. I'm here to interview the eliminated contestants, in order to see what they've been up to, as well as their deepest thoughts on the competition."

"Cool, cool," Mitchell answers. The formerly disguised stepbrother of Ollie points at the host's camera. "What's with the action shots?"

"This?" Chris asks, pointing to his camera. "I thought it would make things more dramatic if I..."

"The camera operators finally had enough, didn't they?" Mitchell asks.

Chris looks to the side and insists, "That's unimportant." The host looks at Mitchell as he begins removing his shirt. Chris raises an eyebrow and asks, "What are you up to?"

"Oh, me?" Mitchell responds. He points backward. "Ollie's over at the pool. I plan to go to check on him, and get my swim on in the process." Mitchell removes his pants, revealing his small, gold colored swimwear.

Chris blinks. He states, "Still smuggling budgies, I see."

Mitchell shrugs. He explains, "Well, it was one thing I liked about my old disguise. Makes me more aerodynamic in the water."

"I guess that makes up for the fact that most viewers will want to gouge their eyes out," Chris states.

"What?" Mitchell asks, with one eyebrow raised. "I think I look good."

"Never mind," Chris states. "I can always get my censor guy to blur it out... Unless he decides to stay on strike, or something... Anyway, is everyone at the pool?"

"I think just about," Mitchell replies, with a shrug.

"History does have a way of repeating itself," the hosts acknowledges. "I'll walk with you there. Let's walk and talk." Mitchell nods. The two begin walking in the direction of the pool. "How was life free from caring for Ollie?"

Mitchell admits, "It was kind of nice, you know? I still had my eye on him, but I did have more time to myself. But... I ended up feeling like I was being kind of selfish..."

Chris tries to assure, "Don't feel like that. You do give a lot of yourself for your stepbro." Chris looks up and down at Mitchell. "Unfortunately, you've chosen to show a lot of yourself, too." Mitchell sticks his tongue out at Chris.

Ollie walks up to the two. He says, "Hey, Mitchell. Where were you?"

"Just getting back from our room, Ollie," Mitchell explains. Ollie nods. "Is everything alright?"

"I saw a seagull fly by," Ollie recollects. "It made me feel happy, until I saw stupid LeVar."

Mitchell states, "Ollie. You know it's not nice to call people stupid."

Ollie looks down and says, "I know."

"It's true," Mitchell insists, "but it isn't nice." Ollie lets out a laugh. "So did you get yourself a smoothie?"

"What smoothie?" Ollie asks with a confused look.

Mitchell explains, "By the side of the pool. There's a smoothie bar there."

"You're so smart," Ollie assures. "I'm gonna go over there." Ollie begins to rush off.

Mitchell calls out, "Careful. Don't run." Ollie turns back, nods, and slows down, though he still walks at a fairly fast pace.

Chris looks over at Mitchell. He assures, "You're a good egg, after all." Mitchell looks down, and then over at Chris.

Mitchell insists, "I better follow after him. I'll see you ahead at the pool, I guess." Mitchell moves on, as Chris meets up with another eliminated contestant.

"If it isn't Ginger," Chris states.

Ginger flicks her hair. She replies, "It is moi."

"No, I mean..." Chris begins. "Never mind. So... how are things?" Ginger shrugs, looking generally disinterested. Chris blinks. He asks, "This isn't about exposing you as a former fatty, right? It was nothing personal, purely business."

Ginger rolls her eyes, before looking to the side. She responds, "Whatever."

Chris laughs to himself. He goes on, "It was pretty hilarious, though."

"Are we done, here?" Ginger asks, fairly annoyed.

"Hold up, hold up," Chris pleads. "I have some questions I want to ask you."

Ginger taps a foot. "Ginger is waiting."

Chris nods. The host asks, "What did it feel like to be the first eliminated loser... I mean... No, I mean, loser."

"Moi imagines that it felt a lot like life as a reality show host," Ginger replies.

Chris glares at Ginger. He says, "Moving on to the next question. Who would you like to see win the competition?"

Ginger tilts her head to the side. She replies, "Pardon moi, but Ginger is unaware of who is even still competing."

"Ouch," Chris responds. "You are bitter."

A dark skinned, well groomed, young man joins the bantering pair. Prescott asks, "Is everything alright?"

"It's alright, Prescott," Ginger insists. "Chris was just leaving."

"I was?" Chris asks, looking dumbfounded.

Prescott smiles at Chris. He insists, "I think Ginger would rather be alone, right now." The young man turns to the red haired vixen. "He didn't touch you, did he? If so, I have plenty of hand sanitizer that will disinfect anywhere he might have..."

"It's okay, Prescott," Ginger assures. "Thank you." Prescott nods.

"Looks like Prescott is a little protective of somebody," Chris says with a smirk. The host pauses for a moment. "Wait a minute. Disinfectant? I'll have you know that I shower once a week, whether I need it or not."

Prescott covers his mouth with his inner elbow. He says, "Let's leave the immediate premises at once, Ginger... Not because we fear infection from Chris, mind you... Because we have... elsewhere to be." Prescott and Ginger awkwardly walk away.

Chris puts a hand to his chin, as he reaches the pool. "I think those two were trying to get away from me. I can understand, though. Being around so much greatness can be hard to handle. Kind of like staring at the sun."

"Quiet," LeVar demands, laying on a lounge chair in his swimwear. "We're trying to watch Quimberly."

"Why?" Chris whispers. "What is she doing?"

"Does it matter?" Ina asks, in a beach chair next to LeVar. Quimberly walks toward the pool. Zach looks up from a book he is reading, as he sits in the chair next to Ina's. Quimberly jumps into the pool.

Zach looks back down at his book. He dryly states, "I was half expecting her to walk on water."

"I bet she could if she wanted to," Ina assures.

"Why you gotta hate on Quimberly, dumb... I mean, dude?" LeVar asks. "There's two people in this world that no one... no one can insult with me around. Quimberly, and..." LeVar sniffles. "My momma."

Zach assures, "Look. I don't really care about Quimberly, anymore. She's alright, I guess. I could just do without showoffs." Zach looks over at LeVar who is admiring his own bicep.

LeVar looks over at Zach, generally disinterested looking. He asks, "Were you saying something?"

"I was saying how much I dislike your mom and Quimberly," Zach states. It's clear that Zach is inside a confessional at the resort. "I would have said that to him, if I didn't value breathing."

At the poolside, Trevor walks up with his luggage. He sets it down. "It's about time," LeVar mutters to himself.

"D'aw, hi everybody," Trevor greets. "It's me. Trevor."

"Like we don't know that," LeVar states with an eyeroll.

"LeVar, shut your face hole," Zach states. LeVar's eyes widen. He then glares at Zach. Zach stands up. "Welcome to our humble home, Trevor. Sorry to hear about your loss."

"It's alright," Trevor assures. "D'aw, thanks." Trevor looks over at Ollie at the smoothie bar. "I wanna go say hi to Ollie." Zach nods. Trevor walks over to his friend.

As Trevor approaches, Mitchell, who is sitting on the stool next to Ollie at the smoothie bar, stands up. He smiles and says, "I'll leave you guys alone."

"Thanks," Trevor states, as Mitchell nods, and dives into the pool. Trevor sits next to Ollie. He says, "Hi, Ollie."

Ollie looks over at Trevor. He replies, "Hi."

"How've you been?" Trevor asks with a smile.

"Good," Ollie replies.

Trevor nods. "D'aw, that's good," the most recently eliminated contestant states. He waits for Ollie to say something. After a few moments of silence, he goes on, "I got voted out. It was sad, but I did want to see you, again."

"Uh huh," Ollie replies. He stands up. "I'm going to walk over there, for now." Ollie points to the left, before he walks in that direction.

Mitchell comes out of the water, and steps over to Trevor, before taking the seat that Ollie formerly sat in. He says, "Hey."

"Hey," Trevor replies.

"How'd it go?" Mitchell asks.

Trevor looks down. He says, "It didn't really seem like Ollie even remembered me. I thought we were friends."

"Hey, man," Mitchell begins. "Don't worry about that. He remembers you, he talks about you all the time."

"He does?" Trevor asks.

Mitchell nods. "All the time. It's just that, sometimes, Ollie gets a little bit uncomfortable, and it's easier for him to walk away. It has nothing to do with you. I'm sure that when he gets more comfortable with you being around, again, things'll be fine."

"D'aw, you think so?" Trevor asks.

Mitchell nods. He says, "Yeah. Trust me."

Trevor nods. He says, "Thanks."

"You want a smoothie?" Mitchell asks.

"D'aw, they serve smoothies, here?" Trevor asks. "How do you know?"

Mitchell looks up at the sign that reads 'Smoothie Bar'. He looks down at Trevor and says, "Call it a hunch." Mitchell turns to the worker at the smoothie bar. "Can I get my friend a smoothie?" Mitchell turns to Trevor. "What kind would you like?"

"Don't worry about it," the smoothie maker states. "I know what kind he wants."

"How could you know that?" Mitchell asks, as he turns back to the worker. He blinks. "Hey... Aren't you that Yuko girl?" Yuko smirks and nods. "Why are you working here?"

"Nobody notices the smoothie girl," Yuko insists. "It's a perfect place for the objective observer." She finishes up making the smoothie for Trevor.

He takes a sip. "Mmm," he lets out. "Pomegranate and rhubarb. My favorite." Mitchell looks at Trevor and blinks.

"Can I have everyone's attention, please?" Chris asks. The former contestants gather around Chris. "It's been a pleasure talking to all of you, again."

"Guys, don't believe him," Zach insists, with his hands up. "It's a trap."

Chris rolls his eyes. "Why do I even..." The host lets out a sigh. "I thought it would be fun for all of the eliminated people to take part in a challenge."

"All of us?" Ina asks. "You mean Douglas and Karen, too?"

"Not exactly," Chris replies.

LeVar leers at Ina. He says, "It's a good thing you're famous. How is Karen supposed to be here if she's in prison, genius?"

Chris nervously says, "Funny that you mention that. Um... No reason to panic... Karen may or may not have broken out of prison." Zach's eyes widen, as he hides under a lounge chair. Most of the contestants look frightened. Chris bursts out laughing. "You guys thought I was serious. Buahaha!"

Zach emerges from under the lounge chair, and points at Michaiah. "Dude, you were so scared," Zach says, with a laugh. Michaiah glares at Zach.

Chris says, "I'd like each of you to pick the name of a contestant you would like to see win the competition. Since there are two more of you than competing contestants, two of you that don't get a name will have to sit out." The host points at a table with each remaining contestant's name on a plate. "It's first come, first serve." The eliminated players rush to the table in order to pick a name. Chris directs, "Don't show that name to anyone else." The eliminated players return to their original positions. Chris nods. He continues to explain, "You will all be competing for a very important prize for your chosen contestant."

"This sounds like fun," Prescott states. He gets some confused looks. He turns to them. "I'm trying to sound more like Jack. How was it?"

Chris rolls his eyes. "Leave the impressions to Cheyenne," the host suggests. "So, as I was saying, you'll be competing in a challenge for one of the remaining contestants." He looks at Ollie and LeVar. It looks like you two didn't get a name."

"I wasn't fast enough," Ollie admits, looking down.

LeVar admits, looking at his fingernails, "I didn't care enough."

Chris shrugs and says, "I didn't ask for your life stories. Go take a seat on that bench, over there." LeVar shrugs. He walks toward the bench, and sits down.

Ollie approaches and sits down. "Blech," he lets out. "I don't want to sit by LeVar."

LeVar looks at Ollie for a moment, and then looks to the side. LeVar stands up. "Whatever. I don't have to stay here."

"Um, you do, actually..." Chris begins.

Yuko calls out, "You can take my place. I don't know why I grabbed a plate... I would rather just watch from the sidelines..." LeVar walks off. "Or not."

Chris blinks, before saying, "I guess he doesn't technically need to be here. Anyway, on to your challenge. Each of you will need to balance your plates while standing on a small platform. If you drop your plate, or fall off of your platform, you will be out of the running to get a prize for your represented contestant."

Trevor looks confused. He says, "D'aw. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't this a lot like the challenge I did before I got voted off?"

"He wouldn't recycle a challenge, so early on, bro," Zach assures.

"Nah," Chris says. "Trevor is right. You can't expect me to waste an original challenge idea on a losers episode." Zach's eyes are wide.

"D'aw, but my feet still hurt," Trevor states, with a sigh. He looks down at the ground.

Chris claps his hands and says, "Yeah, yeah. Tragic. Now, if everyone is done complaining, and by everyone, I mean Trevor, we can get this challenge started." The contestants begin to get into position on their tiny platforms.

"Out of curiosity," Prescott begins, "what was that reward that you mentioned?"

"You'll see," Chris insists. "Now, let's start the challenge. While we do the challenge, I'll be asking you some questions, to throw off your concentration... I mean... to get insight on your thoughts and feelings."

"Nice save," Zach sarcastically insists.

"First question," Chris states. "Who is everyone rooting for... to lose?"

"This challenge, or the competition?" Quimberly asks.

Chris lets out a sigh. He says, "Good question. Thank you for gracing us with it." Some other contestants nod. "I meant the whole competition."

"I dunno," Zach begins, concentrating on his plate. "Everyone left seems pretty cool, honestly."

"Really?" Chris asks, with a smirk. "You hold no ill feelings toward the three girls that voted you out of the competition?"

"Well, no," Zach admits. He shrugs with one shoulder. "They deemed me a threat. I'd like to take that as a compliment."

"That's what they told you, anyway," Chris replies.

Zach looks confused. He says, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"What about you Michaiah?" Chris asks, moving on. Michaiah shakes his head. "Really? You aren't mad at anyone for laughing at you?" Michaiah's face turns red, as he looks down.

"That's not, d'aw, very nice to say," Trevor says. He adds, "Mr. Mclean, sir."

"You're right," Chris replies. "It's not like you guys have anyone you really need to be upset at. It's not like Brody stole your pudding cup, or anything."

Trevor blinks. He says, "It was him?" Trevor's face shows his horror.

"It may or may not have been," Chris states, with a smirk.

Quimberly rolls her eyes. She explains, "It's obvious what Chris is doing. He's just trying to rile us up, so we mess up in the challenge."

"You got me," Chris says, with a smirk.

"It was fairly obvious," Yuko insists. "I didn't want to say anything, though."

Chris says to Quimberly, "I'm sure you hold no bad will against the entire team that decided to vote you out, so early on." Quimberly shrugs her shoulders. Chris turns to Yuko. "And I at least know that you wouldn't want a certain vine swinging, loincloth wearing blonde out of the competition."

Yuko blushes. She insists, "My relationship with Jack is nothing more than acquaintanceship."

"So whose plate did you feel compelled to pick up," Chris asks, still with a smirk. Yuko continues to blush, and look to the side.

Prescott mumbles, "I tried to wrestle that one from her."

"Oh, Prescott," Chris calls. "You wouldn't happen to be mad at Vinnie for outing your OCD, would you?"

"No," Prescott insists, his face red. "It was bound to come out, and he was only trying to help. I never once felt that way, at all."

"Uh huh," Chris responds. "Likely."

"Leave Prescott alone," Ginger assures. "He doesn't think that way. And if he did, that's up to him." Chris stares at Ginger. She blushes. "What are you staring at moi for?"

Chris explains, "I was trying to think of a taunt for you... I guess being the first out is bad enough. Let's move on to someone more interesting." Ginger looks annoyed, as she looks to the side.

Prescott rolls his eyes and says, "Don't listen to Chris." Ginger nods.

"Alright, I'll move on to... Mitchell," Chris states.

"Oh, boy," Mitchell replies.

"I'm sure you can't be happy about..." Chris begins. He is interrupted by a crashing plate. Chris lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh, good. I was grasping for straws there. Challenge over."

"What do you mean?" Ina asks.

"Yeah," Trevor adds. He falls from his platform. "We didn't even, d'aw, determine a winner."

"Eight of you won the challenge for the contestant you are representing," Chris explains.

"I don't get it," Zach admits, stepping down from his platform.

"Eight of you won invincibility for the contestant you were representing," Chris admits. "That means..."

"The person eliminated from the challenge caused their choice to be eliminated from the whole competition?" Prescott asks, with wide eyes.

"I did not see that coming," Zach admits.

"It was entirely obvious," Quimberly states. Yuko nods.

"Ginger's choice is out of the competition," Chris explains. Ginger looks down at the ground, the shattered plate face down. "I'll inform the eliminated contestant, next time on Total... Deception... Island."

Prescott steps off of his platform. He approaches Ginger, and says, "Are you alright?"

Ginger shrugs. "Why wouldn't moi be?" she asks. Prescott blinks. "Oh. The whole 'being responsible for someone's elimination on the show' thing? It's not like moi got my first choice, or anything."

"But still," Prescott begins. "Don't beat yourself up over what happened."

"Thanks, Prescott," Ginger assures with a smile.

Prescott looks down. He looks back up at Ginger, and says, "I was wondering if you and I could..." Ginger looks to the side. Prescott follows her gaze, and it lands on Michaiah, as Zach talks to him.

GInger looks back at Prescott. She asks, "What were you saying, sweetie?"

"Never mind," Prescott replies. "It's not important."

"Suit yourself," Ginger responds. "I'll see you later." Prescott nods. He looks after Ginger, as she walks away.

LeVar returns, and sits next to Ollie and Mitchell. "Is there something you want?" Mitchell asks, in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Privacy would be nice," LeVar replies.

Mitchell looks at Ollie. He stands up and says, "I'll be a couple of feet away."

Ollie looks after Mitchell and waves. He looks over at LeVar. He says, "Oh, you." He quickly stands up. LeVar grabs Ollie by the wrist.

"Hold it," LeVar states. "I want to talk to you for five seconds. Okay?"

Ollie sighs, and looks to the side. "Fine," he says. "I don't like you, though."

"Hey," LeVar says with a shrug. "I'm used to people not liking me. But with you... it actually bothers me, a little... Anyway... I wanted to apologize for how I acted."

"I don't believe you," Ollie replies.

"I don't expect you to," LeVar admits.

"Can I go, now?" Ollie asks.

LeVar says, "Wait." He reaches into his bag. "I wanted to give you this." LeVar hands a box to Ollie.

Ollie looks at the action figure in the box. He asks, looking at LeVar in a confused way, "What's this?"

"My prized possession," LeVar replies. "My dad gave it to me. I just thought..." LeVar sighs. "I don't need it, anymore. I thought long and hard about growing up, and I don't need this to remember my dad. I wanted to gice it to you to make up for how I treated you. Just... don't rough it up, too much. It's limited edition."

"This is so cool!" Ollie says. "Thanks!" LeVar nods.

"I'm glad you like it," LeVar assures. He looks down and to the side.

Ollie looks at LeVar, and back at the action figure. He holds it out to LeVar, and says, "I can't accept this."

"What do you mean you can't accept it?" LeVar reacts. "I want to make up for..."

"It means a lot to you, I think," Ollie replies. LeVar takes the action figure back. "I don't think you're that bad, anymore."

"Thanks, I guess," LeVar replies.

Ollie stands up. He says, "I don't get what the point is of growing up, sometimes. Having a couple of action figures isn't hurting anyone, and if it's what you like... Why not collect them? Who cares about what anyone thinks?" LeVar looks down at his action figure, before he puts it back in his bag. Ollie points at the pool. "You wanna go play?"

LeVar shrugs his shoulders. He says, "I guess I'd like that."

Ollie puts his hand on the back of his head. "LeVar?"

"Yeah?" LeVar replies.

"I'm really sorry about messing up your stuff," Ollie apologizes. He sniffles. "I wasn't thinking about that they might be yours."

LeVar replies, "Don't worry about it, anymore." He playfully punches Ollie on the arm. "Being your friend means more to me than any toys... Those trading cards might take a while to get over... But we're cool, again?" Ollie smiles and nods.

Chapter 15 - Take a BikeEdit

Chris Mclean's new camera man, Abdul says, "Rolling, Mr. Mclean."

Chris responds, "There's no need to cue me. I'm a professional."

"I know, sir," Abdul replies. "But I always wanted to say that." Abdul produces a bit of a pout.

Chris sighs and looks away from him, "Fine. I'll allow it this one time."

Abdul squeals. "Thank you, Mr. Mclean. You're so kind, and I'm so undeserving of your grace." The Chris fanboy bows.

"I know, but I'm feeling pretty generous," Chris replies. "Anyway, on to the recap." Abdul squeals, yet again. Chris winces. "If you squeal again, I'll be forced to give you a paycut."

"You're not paying me anything," Abdul reminds. "The satisfaction of assisting my hero is enough for me." Abdul gives a dreamy sigh.

Chris nods. "That's how it should be. Anyway, on to the intro. On our last, real episode, the non-loser episode..."

"You visited the losers without telling me?" Abdul sadly asks.

"Quiet, you," Chris commands.

Abdul nods and salutes. "I'm over it."

"As I was saying," Chris goes on, glaring at Abdul. "The contestants were presented with an endurance challenge. Hildegarde and Trevor both did well, but Hildegarde ultimately won the challenge. Trevor was eliminated after the contestants were convinced that he was a big, physical treat... I mean, threat."

"Nice save, sir," Abdul says with a thumbs up.

Chris nods, smiles, and goes on, "After that episode, I visited the losing contestants. It was all pretty standard, until I introduced a challenge to the contestants, where they would represent a contestant currently in the game." Chris gives a wide grin. "After Ginger lost the challenge, it was revealed that she was responsible for the elimination of one of the contestants." Abdul's eyes widen. "Who it was will be announced later, tonight. So let's get on with the show." Chris walks off. Abdul holds his camera down, as he looks at the ground, momentarily. After a few moments, he follows after Chris.

"Eeeeeeee!" Shanise can be heard squealing. She hugs Cheyenne. "We did it, again, girl!"

"Yeah, we did," Cheyenne replies with a smirk.

"Nobody suspects a thing, either," Shanise says with a smile.

"Why would they?" Cheyenne replies. "I still can't believe everyone bought that Trevor was a threat. But I do feel kind of bad for the big lug."

"Hey," Shanise responds. "It was his own fault. His snooping almost got our whole plan revealed."

Cheyenne shrugs. She admits, "That is true."

"We better get back to the others," Shanise states. "We don't want anyone to get suspicious."

Cheyenne nods. She hugs Shanise and says, "It's awesome that we made it this far together."

"You know it, girl," Shanise replies, with a wide smile.

Hildegarde is shown lifting large rocks, and setting them down next to each other. She wipes her brow on her arm. Vinnie walks up. He says, "Hey."

Hildegarde looks embarassed, as she quickly sets down a heavy rock. She says, "I prefer you not seeing me all lifting and sweaty."

Vinnie lets out a laugh. He insists, "It's pretty hot. I like it." Hildegarde blushes and looks to the side. "Uh... What happened yesterday... does that mean you want to go out with me?"

Hildegarde bows her head forward. She explains, "I understand if you do not like me in that way. I should not have been so forward."

"No, no," Vinnie insists. "You're an awesome kisser." He blushes. "I mean... I just was thinking that... I don't know... You just felt sorry for me, or something."

Hildegarde looks surprised. She asks, "What you mean?"

Vinnie's face turns red. He says, "Never mind. I like you, a lot."

"I like you, too," Hildegarde replies. The pair leans into kiss.

"Yo," a voice from the side says.

Hildergarde and Vinnie blush. "Hey," Vinnie replies.

"That Mclean dude wanted me to tell you to meet him for a very special announcement, or some such bullpoopy," the pompadour sporting guy insists.

"Thanks," Hildegarde says. The pompadoured guy nods, and runs off, making full use of his tracksuit and sweatband. Hildegarde and Vinnie look after him. Hildegarde blinks. "Who... was that guy?" Vinnie shakes his head, looking bewildered.

The nine remaining contestants gather around the show's host. He says, "Thank you for coming out. It's not like you had any sort of choice, but I do appreciate your efforts."

"Just tell us why we're here," Vinnie requests, with a frown. "I'm missing out on a prefectly good make out session."

"Your pillow can wait a few minutes," Cheyenne replies. Vinnie glares at Cheyenne.

Chris explains, "You're all going to love this. I just got back from visiting the eliminated contestants."

"You did?" Felicity asks. "Is Zach doing alright?"

"Yeah," Chris assures. Felicity gives a reassured smile. "Wait... Who is Zach, again?" Felicity frowns. "Anyway, everyone is fine, there were no traumatizing accidents, or fights, unfortunately for the ratings." Chris lets out a light sigh, looking to the side. "But one interesting thing did happen that I'm sure you would all like to know about."

"What?" Jack asks, scratching the back of his head. "Someone discovered a dinosaur egg?"

Jack's question goes ignored, as Chris goes on, "I thought it would be fun to have a little challenge at the loser resort."

"What is that having to be happening to do with us?" Anneliese asks.

"Oh, Anneliese," Chris says with a chuckle. "Always good for a laugh." Anneliese blinks. "I'll explain for your benefit, as well as the viewers that no doubt skipped the episode when they realized it was spent visiting the losers. Nine of the eliminated contestants got a chance to represent someone still in the competition. They were told by moi that the winning contestant would get a special reward."

"Ginger told them?" Brody asks, his face showing his confusion.

Chris slaps his own forehead. He explains, "No, my dear, simple minded spot filler." Brody responds by blinking. "I did."

"And what was the catch?" Felicity asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Elisabeth scolds, "Felicity, it's not nice to assume that Chris was being devious."

Chris nods. He says, "I agree. Anyway, the catch was that the contestant to be eliminated from the challenge first would cost the game for the contestant they chose to represent."

"You're kidding," Elisabeth says, with her eyes wide.

"No," Chris replies. "It's awesome, isn't it?"

"Chris, that's hardly fair," Vinnie insists, his eyes wide.

"Cool your jets, you're safe," Chris declares.

Vinnie gives a relieved sigh. "Thank goodness for me," Vinnie lets out. He gets several disapproving glares. "What?"

"So who was eliminated?" Jack asks.

Chris nods. He says, "I'll get to that. Vinnie was represented by his buddy, Michaiah. Yuko also proved victorious for her unspoken love interest, Jack."

"Cool!" Jack exclaims. He tilts his head to the side. "Unspoken love interest?"

Chris lets out a laugh. He goes on, "Marcello/Mitchell passed the challenge, keeping Cheyenne safe, and Zach kept Felicity in the competition. Trevor represented Brody, and also kept him safe."

Brody smiles and says, "That's my non-LeVar boy."

"Prescott saved Elisabeth, likely choosing her due to her baking skills, and Quimberly saved Anneliese," Chris goes on to explain.

Anneliese puts a hand to her heart. "It is being an honor to even have been selected by such an individual, yes?"

"So that leaves..." Chris begins.

Felicity finishes, "Hildegarde and Shanise?"

Chris nods. "Precisely," he says. "And don't finish my..."

"Sentences," Felicity says with a smirk. She pauses and looks sympathetically at Hildegarde and Shanise, as Chris glares at Felicity.

"Ginger confirmed how deserving she was to be eliminated first and lost the challenge," Chris explains.

"And who was she representing?" Felicity asks, nervously.

Chris announces, "Ginger officially lost the game for..." Hildegarde puts her hand on Vinnie's back. He looks at her with a worried expression. Cheyenne looks at Shanise for a moment, and quickly tries to avert her glance, not wanting to draw attention to her concern.

"Shanise." Cheyenne looks down at the ground, while Shanise's eyes are wide. Chris looks at Shanise with a wide smile. "Anything you want to say, Shanise?"

"This is the part where you tell us you were joking, right?" Shanise asks, in a rather lighthearted tone.

"'Fraid not," Chris states. "Pack your things and get a move on."

"Chris, this isn't fair," Felicity chimes in. "Shanise didn't do anything."

"Things were going so well," Shanise admits, looking down at the ground.

Chris shrugs his shoulders. "Expect the unexpected," Chris suggests.

"That warning would have been more helpful, earlier on," Shanise states, in an annoyed tone.

"We will miss you," Hildegarde insists. "It could have been any one of us." Some of the others nod, looking disappointed for Shanise.

Chris nods. He says, "Yeah, yeah. You can get going." Shanise sighs and nods. Chris puts his hand to his chin, as Shanise begins to depart. "Oh, yeah. There is something I was forgetting. Shanise's secret." Shanise and Cheyenne's eyes get wide, as they look at each other.

"What's with the simultaneous eye widening?" Vinnie asks, looking back and forth at Shanise and Cheyenne.

Chris smirks. "These two?" the host asks. "They've been doing their best to keep things under wraps, but the truth is..." Shanise and Cheyenne look to opposite sides, "Shanise and Cheyenne are cousins."

"What?" Vinnie asks, now with his eyes wide.

Shanise nods. She continues to look to the side. "It was bound to come out at some point, though we had been doing so well to keep our secret from the rest of you."

"What difference does it make?" Hildegarde asks, with part of her eyebrow up.

"I'll let you stew on that," Chris says. "Shanise should be going."

"Yeah, yeah," Shanise replies. She pushes Chris out of the way. Shanise pauses to look back at Cheyenne, with a sympathetic, almost apologetic, look. Shanise proceeds to prepare to leave the island.

"I will be missing you, mutual friend person!" Anneliese shouts. Shanise stops, glares back at Anneliese, and then offers a timid wave.

The scene changes to Felicity entering her new home, the tent she is to share with Hildegarde. Hildegarde greets Felicity with a nod. Felicity smiles and says, "Hi there. Hope I'm not intruding, or anything."

"What choice we have?" Hildegarde asks. Felicity nods and shrugs. "Tonight's events were quite surprising."

"They were," Felicity admits. "But I guess those kinds of twists can only be expected." Hildegarde nods.

"What about Cheyenne and Shanise's relation?" Hildegarde asks.

"That was surprising, too," Felicity admits. "I can understand their wanting to keep that hidden."

"Why?" Hildegarde asks, with a surprised look.

"The two were a pair," Felicity explains. "If no one new, they'd have the advantage of not being targeted for being a pair. It is ironic that they were put on a team together, when we were in three teams of four. It was smart of them not to let anyone know," Felicity admits. "I suppose they were responsible for..." Felicity pauses for a moment. "Never mind. We should try to get some shut eye."

Hildegarde looks confused. "Pardon my unfamiliarity with expression," she apologizes.

"Shut eye?" Felicity repeats. "It means sleep." Hildegarde nods in realization, looking slightly embarassed. "And there's no reason to be so polite."

"My apologies," Hildegarde insists. "I am no used to being in the presence of someone so intelligent."

"Hildegarde, I'm no different from anyone else here," Felicity insists.

"Forgive me," Hildegarde states, bowing her head.

A flustered Felicity shouts, "Stop that!"

Brody is shown waking up. He proceeds to yawn, stretch, and scratch. He emerges from his tent, to see Jack. "Hey, Jack!" Brody calls out.

Jack turns around. He smiles wide and says, "Hi!"

"What you up to?" Brody asks.

"Adventure," Jack explains.

"Oh, I see," Brody says with a frown. Jack tilts his head to look at the slightly older guy. "I was just hoping to hang out, chat it up, maybe do some male bonding, or something."

Jack points behind himself. "Do you want to go adventuring with me?" Jack asks.

"Do I?" Brody asks, looking particularly excited. Jack looks back at Brody, equally as excited looking.

Outside of her cabin, Elisabeth is shown walking with Anneliese. Anneliese explains, "So then I was being in the process of biting the apple. It was a most enjoyable experience I was happening of having."

"Uh huh," Elisabeth replies with a smile, trying not to look disinterested in the conversation. She looks over at the camera man. "Oh, hi, Abdul!" A rather tired looking Abdul responds with a wave. "Ohmigosh. Are you alright, Abdul? It looks like you haven't slept in weeks."

"I'm just a little bit sleepy," Abdul admits. "But it's worth it. I want to do anything I can to help Mr. Mclean. He's done a lot for people like me."

Elisabeth looks surprised. She asks, "Chris does charity work? I had no idea." The kind hearted girl looks over at Anneliese. "Oh! Where are my manners? Have you met Abdul?"

"I am not believing that I have had the pleasure," Anneliese admits.

"Abdul, this is Anneliese," Elisabeth introduces.

"Good to meet you," Abdul politely says, his eyes half open.

A muffled beeping noise can be heard. Elisabeth's ears perk up. "Oh, that must be my cake. If you'll kindly excuse me." Elisabeth rushes into her cabin.

After a few moments of awkward silence, a young man with an impressively large pompadour hairstyle walks up, holding a cup of coffee. He looks toward Abdul, and says, "Yo, bro, whatya know?"

Abdul looks up at his brother, "Oh, hi, Rahul. What are you up to?"

Rahul holds up a tiny shirt. He explains, "Chris asked me to do his laundry. I think I messed it up. You think he'll notice?" Rahul, whose square jaw contrasts Abdul's more round face, looks in Anneliese's direction. "Raow," he lets out. "Who's the hottie, brother?" Anneliese looks confused.

"That's one of the contestants," Abdul explains. "I think her name was Anneliese."

Rahul nods. He says, "I see. Nice to meet such a beautiful young mama as yourself, Anneliese." Rahul pauses for a moment. "Anneliese... Anne..." Rahul's eyes get wide. He quickly kneels down. He barks, "Bro, you didn't tell me this was Princess Anneliese!" He turns to Anneliese, but does not raise his eyes at her. "Please pardon my insolence, your highness."

Abdul's eyes get wide. He admits, "I didn't make the connection." He also gets down on one knee.

Anneliese nervously looks to the left, and then to the right. She urges, "No, no. I am not who you are referring to as Princess Anneliese."

"Yeah, you are," Rahul states. "Unless you... have amnesia! Quick, Abdul. Go fetch a hammer to knock the princess' memories back into her head." Rahul puts a hand to his chest. "We will be regarded as heroes."

Anneliese protests, "That will not be a necessary thing for you to be doing. I am being the princess that you are speaking of." Rahul and Abdul drop to one knee each, yet again. "No, no. Stop being doing that. I command as such." Rahul and Abdul look at each other with confused looks, but they stand. "I am also being commanding the both of you to not being treating me like everyday princess person. I do not be wanting my secret identity to be evident to the other people that are also competing on television program, no?"

"If that is what you want, princess," Abdul replies.

Rahul nods and says, "As you wish." The brothers bow their heads.

"Do not be doing that," Anneliese commands, in a nervous manner.

Elisabeth is shown taking her cake from the oven. She notices Cheyenne walking down the stairs, and greets her. "Hi, Cheyenne. How are you feeling?"

"Not great," Cheyenne admits. "I'm only down here because I smelled baked goods."

"That's good, because I made baked goods," Elisabeth replies.

The girls are shown sitting on their couch eating cake. "This is so good," Cheyenne admits.

"Thanks," Elisabeth says, while blushing. "I'm sorry about what happened to your cousin, by the way."

Cheyenne replies, "Thanks." Elisabeth nods and smiles. "We were hoping to make it to the end together. The surprise elimination kind of put a damper on things."

"I can imagine it being hard without your cousin here, anymore," Elisabeth admits. "But remember that I'm always here to help. I want you to get through this tough time."

Cheyenne nods. She smiles and says, "Thanks, Elisabeth. It'll take a little time to adjust to Shanise being gone, but I'm glad to know I can count on you."

Brody and Jack are shown lying on the beach. Brody looks somewhat exhausted, as he laughs and says, "That was awesome! Who knew there was an underwater cavern beneath the island?"

"I know, right?" Jack replies.

Brody holds up a necklace with a gem in it. "And I can't believe we actually found the Zikara stone," Brody recaps. "Today was fun. I was thinking earlier that I didn't know a whole lot about you, and since we're roommates, we should know some stuff about each other, you know?"

Jack nods. He says, "I agree. I like coconuts."

Brody lets out a laugh. He says, "That's cool. I meant more like background stuff."

"Oh, I like backgrounds, too," Jack admits. "Don't tell anyone." Jack looks to the right for no particular reason. "I notice a lot about people. I think it's kind of fun. Not as fun as climbing things, but a different kind of fun."

"That's cool," Brody says. "What have you noticed about me?"

Jack puts a hand to his chin. He guesses, "Your tan is mostly fake." Brody frowns. "And... you don't like being alone."

Brody blinks. He looks down. He admits, "I'm not alone very often... I'm a people dude. I like people."

"That's real deep," Jack admits. "You like people as much as I like wrestling alligators, and swinging on things."

"Exactly, bro!" Brody responds.

Rahul walks up. He strokes his pompadour, before saying, "I hate to interrupt the no doubt intelligent conversation going on over here, but that Craig guy says it's time for a challenge, or something." He puts a hand to the side of his mouth and whispers, "I think it's a mid-life crisis."

"We better get over there," Brody says. Jack nods in agreement.

Brody and Jack are shown joining Chris and the other contestants. Chris nods and says, "Now that everyone is here, I can start explaining the challenge."

"You do that," Cheyenne responds, looking generally annoyed at Chris.

"Why is she mad at me, more than usual?" Chris asks, pointing at Cheyenne.

"It could be that you unfairly eliminated her cousin," Elisabeth suggests.

"Nah, I don't think so," Chris responds. "Anyway, today's challenge is a stationary bike race."

"Like paper stationery?" Brody asks.

Chris looks confused. "No. Not going anywhere stationary." Brody blushes, looking embarassed. "Each of the stationary bikes is set up to a device that will measure distance. The first of you to reach one kilometer in distance will win precious, precious invincibility. There's not much else to explain, so everyone can get into position, and we can begin the challenge."

The contestants are shown pedaling on their individual stationary bikes. Chris holds a device that apparently shows him how the contestants are doing. Hildegarde fiercely and powerfully rides her bike. Hands free, Vinnie also appears to be doing well with the challenge. Brody looks over at Vinnie. He laughs and says, "I used to ride that way when I was a kid. That's how I chipped my toofie."

"Run into a brick wall?" Cheyenne asks, as she continues pedaling.

"Yeah, actually," Brody replies with a laugh. "I bet my friend I could ride my bike with no hands, as well as no eyes."

"No eyes?" Vinnie asks, his eyes wide.

"Blindfolded," Brody clarifies.

Vinnie lets out a sigh of relief. He says, "Oh, good. I thought you had someone gouge out your eyes." Brody looks over at Vinnie with his eyes wide, now.

Chris announces, "Hildegarde is almost there, everyone." Hildegarde nods, and gives an extra push, increasing her speed. Hildegarde's extraordinary efforts cause her bike to skid forward, before falling to the side. Chris looks on with wide eyes. Hildegarde hurries to try to get her bike back in position. Chris looks down at his device. He explains, "It's no use. Someone has overtaken Hildegarde and won the challenge. Congratulations, Vinnie!"

A sweaty Vinnie responds, "Me?"

"Awesome job, man!" Brody lets out.

"Yeah, Vinnie," Felicity assures. "That was impressive."

"Thanks, guys," Vinnie replies. Hildegarde looks over at Vinnie and smiles at him. He responds by blushing.

"Alright, I'll see you kids later on," Chris begins, "be sure to get your secret guesses in."

The next scene shows the contestants at the secret guessing ceremony. Chris Mclean says, "It's the secret guessing ceremony, already? Time flies when you edit everything else out, as they say. We got a guess of Cheyenne being Shanise's cousin, which we all know is right. She is kicked out of the cabin." Cheyenne frowns and looks to the side. "Other than that, no other correct guesses. We're down to three unguessed secrets, those of Elisabeth, Anneliese, and Vinnie." The contestants nod. "Next up is the elimination ceremony. See you, there." Chris walks off.

Elisabeth looks over at Cheyenne, who holds her head down a little bit. Elisabeth speaks up, "Everyone. Cheyenne has been having a tough time dealing with Shanise's elimination, which is understandable. She planned to make it to the finals with her, but that didn't work out. I don't want you guys to be mad at her for being so secretive about their relationship. That's the whole theme of the season. We've all had secrets we've been hiding."

"That is true," Brody replies.

"We better get ready to cast our votes," Cheyenne admits. The others disband. Hildegarde and Vinnie walk off together. Cheyenne looks at Elisabeth and says, "Thanks for the attempt." Elisabeth nods and smiles.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Welcome to the elimination ceremony. One of you will be booted. It's going to be great. Vinnie won the challenge in an impressive display. He gets marshmallow number one." Chris tosses out a marshmallow, which he catches in his mouth by leaning to the side. "Elisabeth, Felicity, Brody, Jack, and Anneliese are all safe." The contestants catch their marshmallows. "That leaves Hildegarde and Cheyenne. One marshmallow. The last one goes to..."

"Hildegarde," Hildegarde catches the last marshmallow. Vinnie stops holding his breath, as he lets out a sigh of relief.

Elisabeth frowns. She says, "I was hoping it wouldn't be you."

"It's alright," Cheyenne insists.

"It was hard to overlook their plan being exposed," Felicity admits.

Cheyenne stands up. "And I thought everything was going so perfect for us, too," Cheyenne says. "Things sure changed quick."

"Goodbye, Cheyenne," Elisabeth says with a slight frown. "You'll be missed."

"Thanks," Cheyenne says. "I'll see you guys, later."

Chris says, "I love a happy ending."

"I'm not happy," Cheyenne admits. "I'd rather be staying."

"Okay, okay," Chris says, pushing Cheyenne away. "Such a drama queen." Chris addresses the camera. "I'll see you next time on Total... Deception... Island!" The host pauses. "Where is my prune juice? I can't trust Rahul with any task... I swear, I'd cut his pay if he wasn't working for free. I'd make him pay me to let him work for me, if I could."

"Uh, sir?" Abdul lets out. "What are the contents of that canteen you've been carrying around?"

Chris looks down. He blushes and says, "Cut filming!"

"I don't have any scissors," Abdul admits.

"Turn the camera off!" Chris retorts.

"Oh, yeah," Abdul replies, before turning off the camera.

Chapter 16 - High Roller DerbyEdit

"Welcome to an all new..." Chris begins. "What's the name of this season, again?"

"Total... Deception... Island, sir," Abdul, Chris' voluntary camera man, answers.

"Oh, right," Chris remembers. "Once you film a lot of these they all start to blend together."

Abdul blinks, and then nods. "Do you have a favorite season?" the fanboy asks.

Chris puts is hand on his chin and contemplates. He says, "I guess I'd have to say Total Drama Wilderness..." Abdul lets out a smile. "I looked pretty awesome that season." Abdul's smile fades into a frown. "I should get on with the intro." Abdul nods. "On our last episode, it was revealed that the eliminated contestants took part in an endurance challenge in the name of a contestant that was still in the competition. That is, until Ginger screwed up, losing the challenge first and then causing her represented contestant's elimination. It was revealed that she represented Shanise and Shanise was removed for the competition. Before that, her secret was revealed, and pretty much everyone was shocked to learn that she and Cheyenne were cousins."

"Were cousins?" Abdul asks, looking confused. "They still are, aren't they?"

Chris rolls his eyes, and says, "'Are' cousins. Is that better?" Abdul nods rapidly. "After that was revealed, Cheyenne was unable to bounce back. After Vinnie won the challenge, Cheyenne was voted out. With three secrets left to be revealed, stay tuned to see what..."

"Chris Mclean is unfair!" can be heard being chanted. "And... something, something there!"

Abdul looks over and asks, "What's that?"

Chris rolls his eyes, again. "Of all the nerve... Nobody interrupts Chris Mclean's recaps." Chris turns around, and fiddles with something for a little while. He turns around, revealing that he is holding a firehose. He sprays at the protesters, who respond with surprised screams, as they attempt to disperse. Chris produces a satisfied smile, as he says, "That's better." Abdul looks at Chris with his eyebrows raised all the way.

Hildegarde and Felicity are shown talking together. Vinnie walks up and says, "How are my two favorite girls still presently competing in this particular season of Total Drama doing?"

"Thanks for narrowing it down," Felicity replies with a smirk. Vinnie nods, also smirking.

"What's with all the smirking?" Hildegarde asks, with part of her eyebrow raised.

Vinnie lets out a laugh. He says, "Nothing."

"Good," Hildegarde replies, folding her arms.

Vinnie insists, "That's why I like her." He gestures toward Hildegarde with his head. "Anyway, what was you girls talking about?"

"How we still surprised at Shanise and Cheyenne's secret," Hildegarde explains.

"I realized that they must have teamed up against Zach when they were on a team together," Felicity admits. "It seems like that was when they were starting to play the game. And Elisabeth didn't exactly help matters when she said that Shanise and Cheyenne were gunning to make it to the end together."

"So we was being played?" Vinnie asks. Felicity shrugs and nods.

Hildegarde raises part of her eyebrow. She asks, "When do you start talking like that?"

Vinnie smiles and asks, "Why? Do you like it?" Hildegarde smiles as she and Vinnie lean toward each other.

Felicity blinks. She says, "So this is what it's like to be the third wheel." Hildegarde and Vinnie pay no attention to Felicity. "And I'm talking to myself, aren't I?" Brody and Jack walk up to the group. Felicity looks at them and says, "Oh, hey, guys."

"Hey," Brody says.

"Hey," Vinnie replies.

Brody looks at Vinnie, smiles, and says, "I still can't get over you in that challenge, bro. That was sweet." Jack nods in agreement.

Vinnie blushes, a little, and says, "Thanks."

"Yeah," Jack goes on. "You want to go on an adventure with us, man?"

Vinnie looks at Hildegarde, for a moment. He says, "Uh, I don't know."

Brody looks at Vinnie, then at Hildegarde. Brody nudges Jack with his elbow. "Ouch," Jack responds. "Why'd you do that?"

"Er, sorry, bro," Brody apologizes. "I just thought that we should leave Vinnie and Hildegarde alone for a little while. It looks like Hildegarde is enough 'adventure' for him, right now."

Felicity puts her hand over her face. She suggests, "Maybe you could have worded that a little differently for our benefit."

"The night is calling me," Jack announces, before walking away.

Brody runs after him, shouting, "Hey, bro! Wait up!"

Abdul's brother Rahul is shown walking, holding a cup of coffee. He says to himself, "Delivering coffee like a boss, yo."

Anneliese steps toward Rahul with a confused expression. She asks, "I was not believing that bosses were the ones that were the ones doing the delivering of the coffee."

Rahul looks over at the princess in hiding, and quickly bows his head, as he realizes who she is. "Your majesty," he says.

"How many times am I in the needing of telling you not to be calling me that?" Anneliese's expression is particularily annoyed looking. "I do not wanting you to be treating me in any different way than how you would anyone else."

"My apologies," Rahul begins. "I will do whatever you ask."

Anneliese sighs. She asks, "That is what I am speaking of. Would you be treating any normal girl in the manner that you are being treating me?"

Rahul blinks. He says, "Actually, I... maybe." Rahul looks to the side. He looks back at Anneliese, and smiles. "You said you wanted to do normal girl things, yeah?"

"That should obvious being by this moment," Anneliese replies, looking to the side.

"I am going to help you have the normal girl experience," Rahul insists, with a smile.

"Be staying back," Anneliese protests, making a martial arts style pose.

Rahul lets out a laugh. He says, "My motives are the opposite of ulterior... Interior, I think it is, yeah?" Anneliese shrugs. "Besides. I have nothing better to do."

Anneliese tilts her head to the side and points at the coffee cup in Rahul's hand. "Aren't you supposing to be delivering that beverage?"

Rahul looks down at the cup of coffee in his hand, shrugs, and says, "That can wait." Rahul tosses the cup over his shoulder. Anneliese looks on with wide eyes as the coffee cup hits the ground, splattering its contents.

Hildegarde and Vinnie are shown sitting on the ground, across from each other. Hildegarde suggests, "It's getting late. You should return home."

"You mean, back to the cabin?" Vinnie asks, as he looks behind him. "Nah. I'm alright. I'd rather hang out with you." Hildegarde shrugs and nods. "Anything you feel like talking about?"

Hildegarde shrugs. She admits, "I still shaken up over what happened with Shanise and Cheyenne. What they did did not seem fair, but I did feel bad over what happened. They seem upset."

"Yeah," Vinnie agrees. "I guess there are worse things that could have happened, though."

Hildegarde nods. "That is truth," she replies. "What's the worst thing that ever happened to you?"

"The worst thing?" Vinnie asks. "I'm not sure... I haven't put a ton of thought into the bad things that have happened to me. I guess... I never like to look at myself as being disabled, but there are people who can be pretty mean." Vinnie reflects back. "There was this one kid back in middle school that would bully me. I didn't let him get to me, very often, and I had my share of friends that would stick up for me. The worse thing that he did to me was his tripping me. I don't have a whole lot of defense against a fall, and I landed flat on my face."

"I'm sorry," Hildegarde sympathetically says. "That it happened, I mean."

"Thanks," Vinnie replies. "No major damage was done, to me, at least. The bully got reported to the principal, and he ended up getting expelled. I felt good about that, until I found out that he wound up in the hospital soon after." Vinnie explains, "Turns out that when his parents found out... Let's just say they weren't happy about what he did. I felt worse for him than I did about what he did to me. He had his own problems at home, and I was who he picked to take it out on. I guess I learned that there were two sides to every story. My end of what happened could have been worse." After finishing his story, Vinnie pauses for a moment. He asks, "That was kind of a weird question, no offense. What about you? What's the worst thing that has happened to you?"

"My brother," Hildegarde answers, looking to the side.

Vinnie says, "Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. I'm sorry." Hildegarde nods. "I mean... it's none of my business, really, but what happened?" Vinnie pauses. "Never mind. You don't have to..."

"He's a drug addict," Hildegarde explains. Vinnie's eyes get wide. "I have no brother. He wasted all potential, and opportunity. Our parents want only best for their children, and he got involved with bad people. Tthey got him involved in drugs. He felt he needed to rob convenience store to support habit."

Vinnie apologizes, again, "I'm sorry... I mean, that that happened."

"He threw everything away," Hildegarde goes on, "including his family."

Vinnie holds his head down, a little. He asks, "Don't you ever miss him? I mean... Even if he's done bad things... He's still your brother."

Hildegarde remains quiet. She asks, "Your secret... It isn't anything I should be worried about, is it?"

"That's right," Vinnie remembers. "I forgot that it hasn't been found out. But... no. I don't think it's much of a big deal, I mean, if it's what I'm thinking that it is. If you want to know what it is, I don't mind..." Hildegarde puts a finger to Vinnie's lips.

Hildegarde assures, "I trust you." She puts her hand down, and looks at it. "My apologies. I haven't washed hands since I been made to live outside." Vinnie looks at Hildegarde with wide eyes.

The scene changes to Rahul wearing a wig. He gets hit by a pillow thrown by Anneliese. Anneliese lets out a laugh. "This evening has been a most enjoyable one," Anneliese admits. Rahul rubs his head, opens the pillow case, looks inside, and pulls a spray cheese can from it. "You certainly know exactly what it is to be a normal girl."

"Thanks," Rahul replies. He blinks. "I think." Rahul looks to the side, as some distant yelling can be heard. "That must be Chris. I better bring his coffee over to him, now."

"I am understanding," Anneliese assures.

Rahul lets out a simultaneous smile and laugh. He looks at Anneliese for a moment. He turns away from her, and stoops down in order to scoop some dirt into the cup. "I will be going, your majesty," Rahul says, with a polite bow. He turns and leaves.

Anneliese calls out, "I told you not to be in the calling of me that."

"Who are you talking to?" Elisabeth asks, as she walks up. She looks after Rahul. "Oh, that guy. What did he call you?"

Anneliese begins, "Your m... I mean... He was calling me a... screwball person. Yes. That is quite correct."

Elisabeth puts her hand to her heart. She says, "The nerve of some people."

"Er," Anneliese begins. "It is being quite alright. I do not think he had the intention of any sort of animosity."

Elisabeth puts her hands on Anneliese's shoulders. She says, "I came to check on you, but I never imagined that I would arrive to find my friend on the receiving end of verbal abuse. I'll have a talk with Chris about that guy. He is seriously bad news."

Anneliese blinks. She says, "Er... I... should be obligatorily thanking you, now?" Elisabeth hugs Anneliese.

"No need," Elisabeth assures. "It's what friends are for." Anneliese looks after Rahul with a guilty look. From a distance away, Rahul can be seen as he struggles to get his foot out of a stump.

The next morning, the contestants generally look sleepy, except for Hildegarde, as they are gathered around the Total Deception Island host. He assures, "Thank you for joining me for our early morning challenge."

"Ahem," Elisabeth adds.

Chris looks at Elisabeth. The host says, "Oh, right. Elisabeth brought it to my attention that one of my staff has been hurling uncalled for insults at one of the contestants." Elisabeth folds her arms and smirks. Anneliese looks concerned. The host continues, as he wipes a tear from his eye, "I couldn't be more proud of the guy. I thought of giving him a raise, but then I remembered that I wasn't paying him." Elisabeth continues to look at Chris, now with a general look of disbelief.

Felicity nudges Elisabeth's elbow and assures, "This is Chris Mclean we're talking about, sweetie." Elisabeth thinks for a moment, sighs, and then nods.

The host says, "Anyway... On to the challenge explanation." Chris pauses. He looks at his cameraman. "This is where you zoom in on my chiseled features."

Abdul nods and says, "Right." The fill in cameraman steps closer to the host.

"I meant with the camera..." Chris complains. Abdul looks confused. "Never mind." Chris addresses the contestants. "Today's challenge is the institution of..." Chris sniffs, "roller derby."

"Institution?" Felicity asks. "Isn't that that thing where girls beat up other girls?"

"No," Vinnie states. "It's that thing where girls beat up other girls on... wheels! What could be more awesome?" Felicity puts a hand over her face.

"I can't think of anything," Brody admits.

Vinnie says, "That's right, bro." He stares at Brody, who is wearing a jewel encrusted crown. "Dude... what's with the crown?"

"We found it," Jack admits.

"Shouldn't you bring it to the authorities, or maybe a reputable museum, or something?" Felicity asks, with one eyebrow raised.

Jack explains, "We're using my tribe's ancient rule when it comes to discovering treasure and artifacts."

"What's that?" Elisabeth asks.

"Finder's keepers," Jack answers. Some of the other contestants blink.

"Wow, I didn't know that kind of logic went beyond the playground," Felicity admits, bewildered.

Chris blinks, "What's going on here, people? Remember that challenge I mentioned?"

"Vaguely," Jack replies with a shrug.

Chris lets out a sigh. He gestures toward a track. "This is where you'll be doing the challenge. Race around the track in roller skates. Hit each other. Knock each other to the ground. Get up. Get revenge. It's that simple... Oh, yeah. Whoever finishes the race in first place wins."

"That is general rule in races," Hildegarde assures.

"You, too, with the backsass, Hildegarde?" Chris asks, looking betrayed. "Just get suited up for the challenge."

Anneliese asks, "Wait, was there being a reason for us to wake up so early for the challenging?"

Felicity blinks. "She raises a good point," Felicity admits.

Chris folds his arms and looks to the side. He says, "Not really, no."

Abdul's eyes get wide. He says, "Er... Chris, sir? One is never to say 'not really' to royal blood."

Anneliese's looks surprised. She nervously laughs and says, "That is good to be knowing for future reference that is not this particular instance." Some of the contestants look at each other with confused expressions.

The contestants are shown in their gear, ready to start the challenge. Chris lets out, "Let there be gore!" The contestants look either confused or concerned. "Okay, fine. Go!" The contestants begin going around the large round track.

Brody pulls ahead, right from the start. The eldest contestant lets out an excited "Wooo!"

Hildegarde squints her eyes, and strokes under each of her eyes, leaving behind a black substance. Vinnie looks over at her and says, "Babe, where'd you get the eye black from?"

"A lady is always prepared," Hildegarde ominously replies. She grabs hold of Jack's hand, causing his eyes to get wide.

"Uh, babe?" Vinnie asks.

Hildegarde spins and thrusts Jack forward. He crashes into Brody, causing both of them to stumble into the center of the ring, limbs entangled. Hildegarde looks over at Vinnie and asks, "What is it?"

"Forget about it," Vinnie assures.

Chris announces, "Hildegarde and Vinnie are in the lead."

"We are?" Vinnie replies. He turns around, still rollerskating at full speed. "Oh, hey. Look at that." He pauses. "Where's Elisabeth?"

"Helping the needy," Felicity answers, from close behind the leading two contestants. She points to the center of the ring, where Elisabeth has dropped out of the challenge in order to help untangle Brody and Jack.

"How are you up here?" Hildegarde asks Felicity.

"I measured the trajectory of..." Felicity begins. Hildegarde pushes Felicity to the side. She crashes into Elisabeth, and the two girls join the entangled mass of Brody and Jack. Hildegarde looks over with a concerned expression.

"It's all good, giirl," Brody insists, from somewhere within the pile of bodies. "Keep going." Hildegarde nods.

Chris announces, "Hildegarde and Vinnie are nearing the end of the track. Which of these unlikely lovebirds is going to end up the victor?"

"Funny story," Vinnie begins. "My name was almost going to be Victor. My aunt stole the name before I was born, though." Hildegarde begins slowing down. Vinnie looks confused. He asks, "Hey, babe. What're you doing?" Vinnie pauses for a moment. "Babe, you don't have to slow down so I can win. I don't want to be handed a challenge win, especially if it keeps you from winning."

"How romantic," Chris states, not sounding like he cares too much. "Oh, look at that." Anneliese has her eyes covered as she continues skating out of control. She manages to pass by Hildegarde and Vinnie who look at each other with wide eyes. The pair picks up speed in an effort to regain the lead. Chris shouts, "Anneliese passes the finish line first!"

"I was being did?" Anneliese asks, in a surprised manner, uncovering her eyes. Hildegarde crosses the finish line next, followed shortly after by Vinnie.

Chris nods and calls out, as Anneliese keeps moving, "Yup. Unfortunately, you were off course when you did so." Annelise looks at Chris and frowns. "Hildegarde wins invincibility!" Anneliese crashes into a bush.

Felicity, Brody, Elisabeth, and Jack rush over. "That was quite the display, Hildegarde," Felicity assures.

Elisabeth giggles and says, "Girl power, and all that."

"And you Vinnie," Brody insists, "that was awesome." The others nod in agreement.

Vinnie shrugs. "What's second place worth?" he asks.

"Are you kidding?" Felicity asks. "You're doing great at these challenges."

Elisabeth puts her hands together. She insists, "Kids around the world are going to have you to look to as an inspiration and even a role model."

Vinnie blushes, as he looks down. He insists, "It's nothing, really. I mean, compared to when I won the gold in the Olympics, this..." Vinnie pauses for a moment. The other contestants looks at with him with wide eyes. "I've... uh... said too much haven't I... Whoops..."

As time has shown to elape, the contestants are gathered around Vinnie as he admits, "Obviously, I was in the special Olympics, specifically on the soccer team... Uh, my team won and all that."

"That's awesome, man," Brody assures.

"I don't get why you tried to hide that from us," Felicity admits. "It's pretty awesome, if I were to say so myself." Some of the others nod.

Vinnie continues to blush. He says, "I didn't get the point of bringing it up, I suppose."

Chris walks up. "Time to put an end to the love fest. I'm here for the secret guessing ceremony." Chris looks through his guesses. "These things have been pretty scarce, lately. We have a guess for Anneliese, though." Anneliese begins to look nervous. "'Water skiing champion'..." Anneliese lets out a sigh of relief. "Yeah, I don't know what that's about. That's it... Oh, wait. I forgot about the 'Olympic medalist' guess about Vinnie, which is right." Vinnie looks down. "These are way more fun when they're a surprise, though. I'll see you all soon at the elimination."

Later, Felicity walks up to Vinnie. She says, "Hey, Vin."

"Hey," Vinnie replies. He continues to look down.

"Don't worry about that secret reveal," Felicity comforts. "You seemed kind of embarrassed, or something."

"Embarrassed?" Vinnie responds. "No. I'm not embarrassed... Though it is... the Special Olympics of the Olympics. Is that metaphor too literal? But, nah. I am proud of it. I was concerned about something else, I guess."

"I see," Felicity replies. "So what were you..."

"Nothing," Vinnie quickly says. Felicity looks at her friend with her eyes widened.

Chris explains, "There you go, Hildegarde." Hildegarde catches her marshmallow. "Next up, Brody, Anneliese, Jack, and Elisabeth. Y'all are safe." Chris tosses out marshmallows. "That leaves Vinnie and Felicity... The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Felicity." Felicity catches her marshmallow. Her eyes look particularly wide.

Vinnie looks down. "I knew this was going to happen," he admits.

"What do you mean?" Brody asks.

"I go from 'role model' and 'inspiration' to 'threat' in a matter of seconds," Vinnie explains. Some of the others look to the side. "I'd be lying to say I wasn't disappointed, but I guess it's true what they say; loose lips sink ships."

"Speaking of ships," Chris interjects. "You've got a Boat of Losers to ride."

Vinnie nods. He smiles and assures, "It was good to meet all of you. You is some cool kids."

"We'll miss you, Vin," Felicity insists.

"Likewise," Vinnie says. He looks at Hildegarde, who seems to be holding back tears. "Don't be sad, babe. You're gonna do great." Hildegarde nods, and attempts a smile. "I should be going." Vinnie gets a hug from Hildegarde before he goes toward the Boat of Losers.

Hildegarde calls out, "Keep lips tight."

Vinnie looks confused for a moment. He then lets out a laugh. "Oh, you mean loose lips sink... Babe, that's just a metaphor."

"Oh," Hildegarde lets out. Vinnie frowns once he reaches the Boat of Losers. He turns to the others and gives them a reassuring smile. He turns back and boards the boat.

Chris says to the camera, "One more down, with six contestants left. We'll see you next time on another all-new Total... Deception... Island."

Chapter 17 - Virtual Reality BitesEdit

"Hey, I'm Chris Mclean," the show's host states.

"I know, right?" Abdul excitedly says.

Chris slaps his forehead. He explains, "I was hoping I could get through an intro without any interruptions." Abdul motions like he's zipping his lips closed. "That's more like it. On our last episode, the contestants fought for roller skating supremacy. Hildegarde and Vinnie did well in the challenge, but Hildegarde was the one that proved victorious. Vinnie accidentally let it out that he was a medalist in the Special Olympics. This revelation turned Vinnie into a challenge threat, and he was the latest contestant to get eliminated. There are only six contestants left. What will happen as the show gets closer to the final episodes? Be sure to watch it all go down." Chris pauses. After a few moments, he looks over at Abdul. "So... How was that for an intro?"

"Oh," Abdul responds. "Top notch, Mr. Mclean. Nobody could do it better."

Chris blushes and smiles, clearly looking flattered. The host says, "Stop, stop. You're too kind." Chris pauses. He gestures for more. "More flattery, please."

Abdul nods. "Your the best reality host, ever."

"Go on, go on," Chris says.

"You hav e the whitsest teeth of anyone I know," Abdul says as he forces a smile.

Chris smile gets wider. "And?"

"Um... your shirt is really nicely pressed?" Abdul compliments. Chris nods. "And you trim your fingernails on a regular basis?" Chris continues to grin.

Hildegarde and Felicity are shown on the way to the tent they share. "That elimination was a definite surprise... I miss Vinnie, already," Felicity admits. She looks to Hildegarde, who sadly looks down. "Er... I mean, I'm sure he's having a great time at the loser resort without us." Hildegarde looks at Felicity with a teary eyed expression. Felicity lets out a slight laugh. "Sorry. I'm sure he misses us, you most of all." Hildegarde starts to cry. "There, there." Felicity encourages Hildegarde to rest her head on her shoulder, and the strong girl does so. "Let it out." Hildegarde blows her nose on Felicity's shoulder. Felicity lets out a laugh. "I never took you for a softy."

Jack and Brody walk up, Jack with a frown. Brody says, "Hey, girlies." He looks at Hildegarde, and frowns. He looks down at the ground. "Sorry about your boy. He's a good kid." Hildegarde throws a rock in Brody and Jack's direction, causing the guys to seek shelter.

Felicity is shown in confessional. She says with a laugh, "Hildegarde will be alright. I understand how it is to be apart from the one you like, but this isn't permanant. She'll see the medium sized lug, soon enough."

Brody is shown hiding behind a tree. He lets out a laugh. "That certainly was a close one. Reminds me of that boulder we outran the other day. Remember that?" Brody looks over at Jack, who looks down at the ground with a sullen expression. "Jack, bro? Everything alright?"

"I thought this was going to be an adventure," Jack replies. "I know it had the ocassional elimination and challenge that interrupted everything, but I didn't know it was going to make me feel so crumby."

Brody puts a hand at the back of his head. He asks, "You're upset about Vinnie, huh? He's a cool bro, so I can understand why you feel guilty, or whatevs."

Jack shrugs his shoulders, still looking down. "Not just that," Jack admits. "Everybody must have been disappointed with being eliminated... I just never really thought about it until Vinnie was voted out."

"And I'm sure it didn't help matters with Hildegarde's reaction," Brody suggests with a hand to his chin. Jack nods. Brody puts a hand on Jack's shoulder. "But I hate to see you down, like this." Brody puts his hand to his chin and attempts to think. He gets an idea and raises an index finger to the air. "I know what will get you out of this funk."

"Funk?" Jack repeats with his eyes wide.

Brody explains, "We should go on an adventure." Brody points back with his thumb. "I overheard that Rahul guy talking about an abandoned mine on the other side of the island where this spooky old timey prospector was creeping around. We should go check it out."

Jack shrugs. He admits, "I don't know if I feel like it." Brody looks at Jack with his eyes wide. "I'm going to just go to bed for the night. See ya." Jack walks off.

"Uh, okay, bro. Laters." Brody stares off at Jack in disbelief. He lets out, "Whoa."

Brody is shown in confessional. He says, again, "Whoa. I still can't get over Jack turning down adventure." Brody points at his face. "Look at how stunned I am, right now." Brody looks to the side. "I didn't actually believe that old timey prospector thing, but I was thinking Jack would bite, for sure."

From outside, someone can be heard moaning, "Ooooooo! I'mma pan me some gold, I reckon!"

"Whuzzat?" Brody lets out, with his eyes wide. He lifts his knees, hugs them, and shivers out of fear.

The next morning, Anneliese walks up to the confessional. She approaches Rahul, who wears a fake grey beard, suspenders, and long johns. He calls out, "Oooooo! I got meself a new pickax." He looks over at a bewildered Anneliese, before holding down his pick ax behind his back. "I'm not up to anything."

"I wasn't in the processing of asking," Anneliese replies with a raised eyebrow.

"Cool," Rahul replies. "By the way, this is entirely a current trend among the Canadian young people."

"It is being?" Anneliese replies.

Rahul looks down. "I am sorry," Rahul states. "I cannot being lying to you, princess." Rahul coughs. "I mean, I can't lie to you, princess."

Anneliese puts her hand to her heart. She says, "You are caring that much about our acquaintanceship that you will not utter untruthfulness?"

Rahul blinks. He replies, "No. Don't you remember the law against lying to the royal family in our home country? I don't exactly feel like getting beheaded." Rahul touches his neck, and then strokes his pompadour with both of his hands.

"We are not being in our home country at this present moment," Anneliese replies.

Rahul looks up at Anneliese, and nods. "Thank you, your highness," Rahul says. He looks back. "Well, Chris isn't going to wax himself." Rahul holds up a bucket of wax, as well as a stick. "I know. I begged him." Anneliese lets out a laugh, causing Rahul to smile. He makes a more serious expression, and bows his head. "I'll see you, later."

"I will be looking forward to it," Anneliese assures. Rahul smiles, again, and waves as he departs. After a few moments, Anneliese leaves, as well.

Brody sticks his head out from the confessional door, with a slightly guilt stricken expression. He leans back into confessional, and says, "I kind of wish I didn't hear all of that... Especially the part about the waxing." Brody shudders.

"Chris Mclean is a substandard boss!" is heard being chanted. Elisabeth walks toward the group of protesters as they carry around various picket signs.

Bucky takes a break from protesting and approaches Elisabeth. He greets, "Hey, Elisabeth. What brings you out here?"

"I wanted to see how you guys were doing," Elisabeth admits. "And I brought baked goods." Bucky looks particularly enthused. Elisabeth hands a sack of baked goods to Bucky, who quickly takes some out and begins snacking on them. "Er..." Elisabeth begins. "I brought enough that each of you could get one." Bucky munches on an apple fritter while looking suspiciously back at his fellow protesters. Elisabeth ignores Bucky's consumption and asks, "Making any progress with the strike?"

Bucky nods and replies, "Oh, yesh. I fink Chrif if beginning to come awound." Elisabeth winces as Bucky talks with his mouth full. Bucky swallows. "Er... Sorry, Elisabeth. These babies are just crazy awesome good."

"Thanks," Elisabeth says.

"Yeah," Bucky says. "Things are going great. I think Chris is just about to crack." Brody looks over. "There he is, now." Bucky hands the sack that once contained the baked goods made by Elisabeth back to her, as he holds his picket sign back up. "Chris Mclean is really mean!" Bucky pauses for a moment. "Nah... That one doesn't sound right."

Chris approaches with a smirk. Followed closely by Abdul, who holds the camera toward him. Chris says, "Hey, ex-employees. I thought I should see how things are going with you. That's the kind of guy I am."

"Things are going..." Bucky begins.

"That's nice," Chris replies. "Things are going perfect with my new staff. They don't complain, and best of all they don't interrupt me when I..."

Abdul says, "Hey, Chris." He bends down. "Look. I found a three leafed clover!"

Bucky attempts to hold back a laugh. "Sounds great," he assures. "Chris, I understand that you're still severely understaffed. The guys and I are willing to negotiate..."

Chris looks to the side. He says, "Pssht. Things are so much better, now."

"Chris, we..." Bucky begins.

"What do you care, anyway?" Chris asks. "This is all about wanting more money, and I find it interesting that you seem to be leading this strike when you're dating a millionaire."

Bucky's eyes get wide. "I don't get the point of bringing that up," Bucky replies, with his face red. "Besides, I'm not interested in sponging off of anybody... Anyway, his is about unfair work conditions, and how you've been firing the staff with little to no reason."

"Sure it is," Chris replies. "I'm sure it feels nice to stand up for something, when you don't have anything to lose."

Some of the protesters look over at Bucky. Bucky's face turns red. Bucky lifts his sign back up. "Chris is an unfair employer! Chris is an unfair employer!"

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Let's go." Abdul nods. The host calls out, "It's almost time for the challenge, Elisabeth." Abdul follows after Chris as he leaves, looking on at the protesters with a frown, stopping for a moment, and then hurrying to catch up with Chris.

Bucky looks after Chris while repeating his protest slogan. The former camera operator looks down for a moment, before continuing his chant. Elisabeth puts her hand on Bucky's arm and says, "You know my motto?"

Bucky takes a break from his protesting and suggests, "Make Bucky more muffins?"

Elisabeth shakes her head, causing Bucky to frown. Elisabeth answers, "My motto is 'Don't ever give up'."

Bucky nods. "Thanks." The protesting cameraman begins shouting another protest slogan. Elisabeth winces and rubs her ear. "Er... Sorry, Elisabeth."

Elisabeth is the last to join Chris and the other waiting contestants. She looks at the high tech looking equipment around the contestants. She asks, "What's all this?"

"Part of the challenge," Brody answers. "It's going to be tight!"

"What is it?" Elisabeth asks.

Abdul explains, "It's virtual reality! These visors and stuff are going to show you some video game, and allow your real life actions to appear in game, Chris will be watching, and what's going on in the game will be recorded via some doodad thingie so the viewers can see."

"Well said," Chris says, with his arms folded.

Felicity explains, "Chris explained the challenge before you got here."

"He was in the art of being saying something about 'everyone already being here', or something," Anneliese explains. "He was argue with us about your existing." Elisabeth puts her hand over her heart, obviously hurt by the revelation.

"Let's just get on with the challenge," Chris suggests. "As everyone seems to know, this is a virtual reality challenge. Put on your virtual reality visors, gloves, and boots."

"Host could say 'please'," Hildegarde states with her arms folded. Chris stares down Hildegarde. She finally gives in and puts on her visors, gloves, and boots.

The virtual versions of the contestants are shown inside the game. Brody waves his hands around as he looks at his hands. He says, "This is so awesome! I can move my hands around."

Elisabeth blushes, after looking at Brody. "You're naked."

Brody's eyes widen as he looks down. He looks relieved. "Oh, sweetness! I'm part pony! I've had dreams like this. I love me some My Diminuitive Pony."

"You're a centuar," Jack explains. "It's the mythological amalgam of human and horse... I saw it explained on some ruins, once."

"Well, it's cool, either way," Brody explains. He turns to attempt to look at his plot. "What does my cutie spot look like?" Brody turns around in circles in an effort to look at his own rear.

"Everyone looks so cool," Felicity gushes. "Hildegarde's a giant... Jack's a satyr... Elisabeth is a fire elemental... and Anneliese is a princess, it looks like?"

"What?" Anneliese says, with wide eyes. "I most definitely am not, I can be assuring you..." Anneliese's avatar looks around nervously. The other avatars look at her with confused expressions, except for Brody, who continues turning.

In the real world, after hearing Felicity's descriptions, Rahul slaps Abdul in the back of the head. "Dude! You're goin to give away Anneliese's secret."

Abdul blushes. He admits, "I programmed the first thing that came to mind."

Chris is shown in between the contestants in the virtual world. His extremely muscular, sleeveless armor wearing avatar, that looks like him only in the face, asks, "How do I look? Pretty much like my normal self, huh?" Chris flexes his virtual muscles.

"Everyone... except Chris, looks so cool!" Felicty goes on. Chris glares at Felicity. "What am I? Something cool, I hope."

"Uh, I think you're an elf," Hildegarde's voice booms.

Brody stops turning in circles and looks up at Hildegarde. "Whoa! You're huge!"

"That's not very nice to say," Elisabeth says with a disappointed frown. Brody looks confused.

"So..." Felicity says. "About my avatar? What kind of elf am I? A dark elf? Woodland? Do I have any distinguishing traits, like butterfly wings?" Felicity attempts to look at her virtual self.

"Um," Jack begins. "Your ears are pointy?"

"Let's get on with the task, okay?" Chris suggests. "So... you will run around... fight monsters... and try to survive, I guess. Each of you has been given properly allocated skill points that reflect your actual selves. If you're defeated by a monster, some random event, or another contestant, you'll be brought back to the real world when your visor shuts off. If you... I'm sorry... I just can't get over how good looking I am... You'll be given ten minutes to move before the monsters are released, and before you can fight each other. An alarm will sound when that can start. Alright. Have fun, kids. I'm going to go find a reflective surface so I can go admire myself." Chris' avatar walks off, and the contestants scatter, as well.

The roughly nine foot tall Hildegarde avatar and the elfen Felicity avatar are shown walking next to each other. Hildegarde asks, "What is plan of attack?"

"I don't know about you," Felicity replies, "but I'm not much of a fighter. I'll be trying my best to avoid conflict." Hildegarde shakes her head in disapproval. "Don't you judge me."

"I plan to crush all who oppose me," Hildegarde states, while punching her hand with her fist.

Felicity blinks. She says, "Er... I'll be somewhere else. See ya."

Hildegarde nods as she looks after Felicity. "I cannot blame her. Wise beyond years."

Elisabeth's fire elemental avatar moves along, floating on the air. The alarm sounds. Elisabeth thinks out loud, "The others seemed to be equipped with some sort of weapon... I wonder if I have any powers to make up for my lack of equipment." Elisabeth holds her arms up. After a few moments, a flaming projectile emits from her hands. "Oh, hey. That's cool. It's kind of like a flare." Elisabeth thinks for a moment, and blinks. "Uh-oh." Jack and Brody are the first to make it onto the scene.

"Jack and I have teamed up for the time being," Brody explains.

Jack looks confused. "For the time being?"

"Never mind that, now," Brody insists. Jack nods. "Let's do this thing."

"I shall distract the enemy with my trusted pan flute," Jack announces. He puts the pan flute up to his lips before being engulfed by flames produced by Elisabeth's avatar.

Brody looks on. "Noooooo!"

"I agree," Elisabeth agrees. "Baking is fun. Baking someone else? Not as fun..." Brody tosses a spear in Elisabeth's direction.

In the real world, Elisabeth is shown removing her visor. "I guess that means I'm out of the challenge," she reflects. She looks down at Jack who is in the fetal position. "Oh, sweetie! Are you alright?"

"That was awesome!" Jack shouts. "Short, but still awesome."

Rahul is shown typing on his laptop. He complains, "Aw, man. My laptop's battery is almost dead..." He looks around. "Aha." He unplugs a cord attached to Felicity's virtual reality equipment, and plugs the charger for his laptop into it. Jack and Elisabeth walk over to him.

"What are you looking at?" Jack asks.

"No looky," Rahul protests, as he closes his laptop partway, to prevent peeking.

"Aw, come on," Elisabeth says with a sigh.

Rahul rolls his eyes. He says, "Fine." He opens his laptop. He excitedly lets out, "It's Anneliese's profile on the official Total Deception Island website!" He scans the page. "Relationship... None! Awesome!"

"Go to my page," Jack insists. Rahul rolls his eyes, and reluctantly goes to Jack's page. "Scroll down." He looks around the page. "Yup. Just as I thought... My butt looks awesome in my sleepwear pic. What's that picture?" Rahul shrugs and clicks on the image. Jack's eyes get wide. "Who's that girl sneaking up on my sleeping baby self?"

"Ooh, go to my page," Elisabeth requests.

"I knew I shouldn't have gone on here," Rahul laments. He complies, and goes to Elisabeth's profile.

In the game, Felicity's perspective of the game is surrounded by static. "What's going on?" she asks.

"I heard something," another player can be heard saying.

Felicity looks back and forth to find a place to hide. Felicity dives toward a glowing white area on the corner of the area. She emerges in a completely different place. "Where am I?" Felicity asks. She turns around to see animage of Elisabeth, as well as a short bio. "What's this?" She reads for a little while.

"What's on the screen?" Jack asks.

"It's a bug!" Elisabeth lets out.

"No," Jack replies. "It looks like Felicity. What's she doing on Elisabeth's profile page?"

"I don't know," Rahul admits. "But I know what to do." He quickly shuts his laptop computer. Elisabeth and Jack look at him with surprised expressions. Rahul looks back at the two contestants. "What?"

Felicity removes her visor. She asks, "That was strange."

"Welcome to losing," Rahul states. "Population three."

Brody shouts, "I found you, Anneliese! You're going down!" The eliminated contestants look over at Brody. Rahul runs toward him, and trips over his cord. Brody frowns. He asks, "What happened?" He removes his visor. "I was doing so super, too."

Rahul looks up, with the cord that connects to Brody's visor in his pompadour. He shrugs and says, "Accidents happen, brah."

"So it's down to Hildegarde and Anneliese?" Brody asks. The others nod. Brody puts his hand over his heart. "That poor unfortunate girl." The others hold their heads down.

Anneliese is shown in the game, as several frightening monsters surround her. She says, "What am I to being doing?" She looks around nervously. "My great granny was alys sayinging that I should always sing whenever I am being scared." Anneliese sings a melody. The monsters look at her in a confused manner.

Giant Hildegarde is shown walking through a grassy area. Anneliese says, "Oh, it is being you, Hildegarde. Hello! Are you supposing that we are being the last two individual peoples still challenging?"

Hildegarde looks at the growling monsters, surrounding Anneliese, and facing Hildegarde. "Where did monsters come from?" Anneliese shrugs. "And how did you not get attacked?"

Anneliese shrugs. She says, "They are happening to being my friendly animals, now. They seemed to respond positively to my singing."

Hildegarde blinks. She shakes her head, and says, "I am sorry, but we need to end challenge." Hildegarde's avatar looks to the side. She lifts a large boulder, and prepares to throw it toward Anneliese. Sensing danger, the various monsters surrounding Anneliese, run toward Hildegarde.

In the real world, Chris and the others look on as Hildegarde and Anneliese remove their visors. Chris announces, "Anneliese wins invincibility!" Rahul excitedly squeals. "I'll see all of you at the secret guessing ceremony, to be followed by the elimination." Chris puts his visor back on. He proceeds to flex and grunt. The others slowly back away.

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris states, "We had another guess for Anneliese." The host reads off, "Most beautiful eyeballs." Chris blinks. "That's not right, and I'm not sure how such a thing is determined. That's all for guesses. Come on, people. Put some effort into this, again." Chris leaves, as well as the majority of the contestants. Brody looks on while scratching the back of his head.

"Welcome to the elimination ceremony," Chris states. "Anneliese got invincibility, somehow defeating Hildegarde." Hildegarde folds her arms and looks to the side. "Here's your marshmallow, girl." Anneliese catches the marshmallow. "Elisabeth, you're safe, too. As is... Felicity." The girls hug and then catch their marshmallows. "The next safe contestant is..." Brody, Hildegarde, and Jack nervously look at each other. "Hildegarde." Hildegarde catches her marshmallow. "There's one marshmallow that represents your place in this game, and it goes to either Jack or Brody. It goes to..."


Brody looks over at Jack. "Sorry, dude," Brody sincerely says.

"It's fine," Jack assures with a smile. "Everyone knows I wasn't having fun out here... Well... Besides when I'm catching stuff with my teeth, or wrestling wildlife."

"You don't even care about prize money?" Hildegarde asks.

Jack shrugs. He admits, "I don't need money to tackle wildlife, or to catch stuff with my teeth. That's where my joy lies. Usually under a pile of rocks." Jack stands. "I'll see you guys, later. Try to have fun." Jack approaches the dock, and dives into the water as he swims into the night.

Chris blinks. He says, "That was... interesting."

"To say the least," Felicity states. "I'm gonna miss the litte guy, though." Brody looks down, and then looks up at Felicity and nods.

Chris turns toward the camera. "That ends another episode of Total... Deception... Island. Thanks for tuning in."

Chapter 18 - Goo Tell the TruthEdit

"This is Chris Mclean," the show's host states. Chris folds his arms, and looks to the side. "I had to set up the camera myself. I don't know where that lazy cameraman is. It's hard to coerce good help to serve you these days."

Abdul hurries toward Chris, and begins to pick up the camera. "Sorry, I'm late, Chris. I tried to get here as soon as I could."

Chris glares at him. "Be glad I've decided not to fire you," Chris states. "If you decide to go AWOL, again, let me know, first."

Elisabeth walks up. Her eyes widen and she says, "I'm sorry. I'm interrupting something, aren't I? I'll go." Elisabeth begins to walk off.

Abdul looks back at Chris and scratches the back of his head. He says, "I did. Remember how I said I was going to my great great granny's funeral?"

"Yeah, that's the oldest excuse in the book," Chris states. "I'll keep you on the show, but you'll have to sleep outside, and I can't guarantee any meals for the day." Abdul blinks. "Understood?"

"But, I..." Abdul begins. He nods. "Yes, Mr. Mclean."

"Now, I've got a recap to get to," Chris states. He looks at Abdul. "Where's the excited squeal?"

"Eee?" Abdul musters.

Chris shrugs and says, "That's good enough for me." Chris smiles at the camera. "On our last episode, the teens went on a crazy, kookoo, virtual adventure." The host wiggles his fingers in the air. "Felicity wandered the official website, while Anneliese actually won the challenge with her monsterous minions. In the end, Jack felt guilt over the elimination side of the game, what a wimp." Abdul looks at Chris and blinks. "He got sent home. Who will be next on this all new episode of Total Deception Island?"

After Chris leaves the area, Abdul is shown sitting down on a stump. Elisabeth approaches him. "Hey, Abdul... How are things going?"

Abdul looks up at her and then back down. "Alright," he insists.

Elisabeth frowns. She asks, "I heard you mention about your great great granny... I'm sorry."

"Huh?" Abdul asks. He looks up at Elisabeth, again. "Oh, that. I thought it was real, too, but it turns out that great great granny was pulling one of her pranks."

"Oh, that's..." Elisabeth begins. "Interesting?"

Abdul laughs. He nods. "Yeah. She's quite a lady."

"Is Rahul here?" Elisabeth asks with a raised eyebrow.

Abdul nods and says, "Yeah. He's not one for nostalgia or mourning."

"O... kay," Elsiabeth repsonds. "So how are things going with..."

"Abdul!" Chris can be heard shouting. "Over here, now!"

"I gotta go," Abdul says, pointing after Chris. "Bye!" Abdul rushes toward Chris. Elisabeth looks after him with a frown.

Brody is shown sitting in his tent by himself with a frown. He says, "I'mma miss you, Jack." He hits his chest with his fist two times, and then points to the sky. After a couple of seconds of silence, Brody complains, "I'm bored." He lets out a sigh. "I wish I had someone to talk to..." Brody thinks for a moment. He then reaches into his bag, pulls out a marker, and draws eyes on his hand. He smiles and says, "Hey, l'il Bro." Brody says from the side of his mouth, obviously speaking for 'l'il Bro', "Hey, big Bro." Brody asks, "What's new with you, l'il Bro?" Brody answers for 'l'il Bro', "I didn't exist until a couple of seconds ago..." Brody lets out a laugh and says, "Good one, l'il Bro." Brody looks at his hand for a moment, then puts l'il Bro to the side, and lets out a sad sigh. Brody whimpers from teh side of his mouth. He holds up l'il Bro and says from the side of his mouth, "Can't I rest my head on the pillow, big Bro?" Brody nods, places his hand on the pillow, while he sets his head on the ground. Brody lets out another sigh.

The next morning, Felicity is shown waking up while humming. Hildegarde wakes up, soon after. She glares at Felicity and says, "You humming one of those Milly... whatever poppy songs?"

"It's Molly Cirrus," Felicity corrects. "And... maybe? Anyway, I've been thinking."

"You discover way to make world better place?" Hildegarde asks, sounding hopeful.

"Huh?" Felicity replies. "No. Nothing like that. I just wandered onto the official website recently..." Hildegarde looks confused. "Don't ask. It's a long story. I saw something pretty interesting..."

Hildegarde grabs hold of Felicity by the shirt. "You better no look at Vinnie in swimwear," Hildegarde says, in an intimidating manner.

Felicity blinks, and quickly shakes her head. "I'm not into Vinnie."

"Oh, Vinnie no good enough for you?" Hildegarde responds. Felicity's eyes widen, and she quickly shakes her head.

Outside Rahul is shown walking forward, holding some flowers behind his back. As someone else approaches, Rahul holds up the flowers. He looks down and says, "These are for you. Please accept my humble offering to make up for my being in your presence."

Brody holds up his hand and points to his ring finger. He apologizes, "Sorry, bro. I'm not on the market."

Rahul looks up. He frowns and says, "Oh, it's you. Later, brah. I have no interest in talking to other dudes."

"Wait a second," Brody calls out, before Rahul can leave. Rahul keeps walking.

Anneliese walks forward. He says, "Hello to the two people that I am entering the accompanying of." Rahul stops and faces Anneliese, slightly blushing. "What were the two of you being talking about with the each others?"

"The each others?" Brody repeats.

"She means us, dude," Rahul explains. "And him?" Rahul points at Brody. "I was just ignoring him..." Anneliese frowns. "Out of respect for the elderly."

Brody blurts out, "I know Anneliese is a princess, or whatever." Anneliese and Rahul look over at Brody with wide eyes.

"I have to do what I have to do," Rahul says, while rolling up his sleeves.

"What's that?" Brody asks, looking confused.

"I'm gonna make you forget," Rahul replies, as he approaches Brody, punching his open hand with his fist. Brody's eyes get wide.

"No, no," Anneliese insists. Brody gives a sigh of relief. Anneliese looks around at the ground. "Maybe we can be finding a hammer for hammering upon him."

Rahul nods and says, "Sounds good."

"What?" Brody responds. He holds his hands up. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. I wasn't planning on revealing it, anyway."

"You weren't?" Rahul asks, as he and Anneliese look at each other.

"Nah," Brody assures. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Wow," Anneliese replies. "That is very nicing of you."

"Nicing?" Brody repeats.

Rahul explains, "She means it's nice of you."

"Oh," Brody replies, in realization.

Elisabeth walks up. She says, "Hey, folks."

"Hey," Brody replies.

Elisabeth looks over at Rahul, who looks at Anneliese, momentarily. He then catches Elisabeth looking at him, and looks away, whistling innocently. Elisabeth frowns. She takes Anneliese by the hand and says, "Hey, girl. Let's go talk." Elisabeth drags Anneliese way. Rahul waves after Anneliese.

Brody points behind himself. He explains, "I'm going to go, man. It was nice talking to you."

"Wait a second," Rahul says. "I want to ask you something."

"I thought you didn't talk to other dudes," Brody asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Shut up about that," Rahul commands. "What's the deal, man? What do you have to gain by not spilling the beanios about Anneliese?"

Brody shrugs. He admits, "Nothing." Brody puts his hand to his chin. "I guess it'd be good for me to spill the beanios... Do you mind if I use that?"

"So what's up, yo?" Rahul asks, after raising one of his eyebrows.

Brody shrugs, again. He says, "Honestly? I was going to... But something funny happened."

"What was that?" Rahul asks, looking to the side.

"Somebody else had put down a secret for her," Brody admits. "It ended up being something that didn't make any sense. With the whole 'only one guess per contestant' thing, it seemed like someone was trying to protect Anneliese... It was you, wasn't it?"

"Why would I get involved?" Rahul asks, still looking to the side.

Brody gets in line with Rahul's line of vision. He says, "You got a mad crush on her, bro." Rahul's face turns bright red. "I knew it!"

Rahul insists, "Keep it down! She can't find out."

"Man, why not?" Brody asks, with his head tilted to the side. "It wouldn't hurt to let her know. When I proposed to my boo..."

"I don't care about that," Rahul assures. "Anyway, back to me. I can't tell her. She's a princess, and I'm..."

"A ninja?" Brody suggests.

"What?" Rahul asks. "No... That would be wicked sweet, though."

"I know, right?" Brody replies. "So what were you saying?"

Rahul shrugs and looks down. "I'm just a commoner, bro," Rahul admits. "It's not proper for me to have such feelings for some royal chick." Rahul blushes. "I mean, some royal princess chick. We'd both be shunned by our entire homeland."

Brody shrugs. He admits, "You know, a lot of people told me I couldn't love my boo, on account of our age difference."

Rahul rolls his eyes. "There you go, talking about yourself, again."

Brody lets out a laugh. He puts his hand on Rahul's shoulder. He suggests, "Do what you want. If you don't tell her, you might waste your one chance." Rahul looks Brody in the eye. "This reminds of the time I..."

Rahul begins to walk away. "See ya," Rahul calls out. Brody blinks.

Anneliese lets out a breath. She asks, "What are we being doing of? Where are you having tooken me?" Anneliese looks around.

Elisabeth also looks around. She admits, "I honestly don't know. But, girl, I had to take you away from that Rahul person."

"Why should you be doing that actioning?" Anneliese asks, with a confused look.

"He just gives me a bad vibe," Elisabeth admits. "Especially when he's around you."

Anneliese asks, "He is vibing you in the incorrect manner?"

Elisabeth shrugs and says, "In a nutshell? Yes, he is." Elisabeth takes one of Anneliese's hands in hers. "I'm worried about you. Promise me you'll stay away from him."

Anneliese looks to the side. She says, "I... If you are believing he is a bad news boy, than I should being listening to your advice words. I will be not getting too closely with that young man person." Elisabeth smiles and hugs Anneliese.

Elsewhere, Chris is shown shouting, "Everybody, get over here! It's time for your challenge!"

Hildegarde scratches the back of her head and says, "We already here."

"Oh," Chris says, with a blink. He looks over at Abdul. "Why didn't you tell me they were here?"

"But I did, Mr..." Abdul begins.

"That's not important, now," Chris states, as he waves his hand. "Where's Rahul at?"

"Yo," Rahul greets, from a couple of feet away.

Chris looks at Rahul and blinks. He says, "Uh... I knew he was there all along." Rahul rolls his eyes. "We're all here for the challenge, so lets get to it." Chris points to five chairs above a large tub. He instructs, "We have a special final five challenge prepared, so if each of you could get into position in one of them there chairs." The contestants comply, and sit in te chairs. Chris explains, "You will each be given a series of yes or no questions, one at a time. If you answer truthfully, you will move on to the following round. If you don't, you will be taking a dive." The contestants look at their feet, where a trap door can be seen underneath their feet. Chris nods at Rahul, who nods back at the host, and then pushes a button. The button pushing causes metal cuffs to come out of the chairs, strapping the contestants hands and feet to the chairs. "Rahul is in charge of a control panel. Those metal thingies are part of a lie detector. Rahul will see whether you're lying or not, and if you are lying, he will drop you into the lurking abyss below."

"That sounds promising," Felicity states with her eyes wide.

"I'm going to start with the first question, in alphabetical order. "Anneliese. Do you consider the other contestants still here all your friends?"

"Yes," Anneliese expresses, "most assuredly!"

Chris looks at Rahul, who gives him a thumbs up. Chris says, "Alright. You last another round. But for future reference, just give a simple 'yes' or 'no' response." Anneliese looks at Chris with a confused expression. "Next question. Brody. Who do you miss most, LeVar or your wifey?"

Brody begins to sweat nervously. He says, "Yes... I mean, no... I mean... I don't understand how this is a yes or no question!"

Rahul gives a thumbs down. Chris smiles and says, "That was easy enough. Let 'im have it, Rahul." Rahul nods and pushes a button. The cuffs on Brody's chair disappear, and the seat falls out from below Brody, and the trap door opens. Brody falls.

"Is he going to be alright?" Elisabeth asks with wide eyes.

"I don't know," Chris replies, with a shrug. "That brings us to you, Elisabeth. Are you nervous about your secret being revealed?"

"No," Elisabeth nervously insists. Rahul looks at his computer screen with a frown. He gives a thumbs down, and then proceeds to push a button, causing Elisabeth to drop down. A few seconds later, Brody emerges from the tub. He opens his eyes, offsetting the brown muck he is covered in. He says, "Yuck. What is this?"

"I'm not really sure," Chris admits. "On to... Felicity. Do you think Vinnie is handsome?"

Felicity begins to answer. Then she looks at Hildegarde, who gives her an intimidating glare. Felicity answers, "No." Rahul shakes his head and pushes the button. Felicity attempts to explain, "Well, he isn't ugly. It's not the I'm attracted to him, I like Zach, but Vinnie does have his share of appealing features. Not that I gave that a good deal of consideration. I mean..." Felicity drops down into the muck. Elisabeth emerges from the substance, and Felicity emerges, soon after.

Felicity asks, "This stuff is going to leave a stain, isn't it?"

"I can get that out for you," Elisabeth insists.

"Next up is Hildegarde," Chris states. "Are you jealous of Felicity?"

"No," Hildegarde quickly answers. Rahul looks at his monitor and then produces a thumbs up. Felicity gives a sigh of relief.

"Back to Anneliese," Chris says. "Are you nervous about your secret being revealed?"

"Yes," Anneliese replies. "I am being quite nervous about that." Rahul holds up one of his thumbs.

Chris frowns and says, "Okay, that's right, but anser the questions in the form of just 'yes' or 'no', yeah? Hildegarde." Chris turns to face Hildegarde. "Do you miss your brother, even the tiniest bit?"

Hildegarde blinks, obviously taken aback by the question. After a moment, she admits, "Yes."

Chris looks over to Rahul, who gives a thumbs up. Chris frowns and says, "I thought I'd get you on that one..." Hildegarde glares at Chris. "Anneliese, you're up. This is a question submitted by a concerned staff member." Chris puts on a pair of reading glasses, as he looks down at a card. "He reads, 'Do you find Rahul the least bit attractive?'" The host looks confused, and then he looks over at Rahul. Rahul whistles innocently.

Anneliese blushes. She admits, "Yes, maybe just a tiny bitting." Rahul pumps his fist, pauses, refers to the monitor, and then pumps his fist, again. He then gives a thumbs up.

Chris says, "Looks, like the answer was correct, for some strange reason."

"Thick torsos, skiny legs, and huge pompadours are quite popular in my... where I am from," Anneliese admits.

"That may be all well and good," Chris begins, "but I told you several times to just answer 'yes' or 'no'." Chris directs his attention to Rahul. "Drop her. Hildegarde wins the challenge."

Rahul's eyes get wide. He looks at the button, then at Anneliese, then at the filthy contestants. Rahul responds, "Nah, I don't think that it's necessary."

"Excuse me?" Chris asks. "It doesn't matter what you think. I know what the viewers want, and they want contestants dunked in gross stuff." Chris holds up a posterboard. "See? Look at that pie chart. Now push the button."

Rahul shakes his head. He states, "I refuse, jerk face."

Chris glares at Rahul. He says, "Fine. I can push a button myself, if it means humiliation for an emotional teenager. Get out of my way."

Rahul does not get out of Chris' way. Instead he blocks his path, and says, "If you want to humiliate somebody, I'll take her place. Is that cool with you?"

Chris thinks for a moment. He says, "Alright." Rahul quickly turns around, and pushes a button that releases Hildegarde and Anneliese from their bonds.

Brody frowns and says, "Bro, I thought we was tight. Why didn't you protect me? We should hang out some time." Brody goes ignored, as Rahul takes Anneliese's place in the chair.

Chris goes to push the button. Before he does, he says, "By the way, your a horrible employee. You're fired, and will be required to immediately leave the premises, after you get the dunkage." Chris pushes a button, though it drops the wrong trapdoor. Chris frowns, as Rahul lets out a laugh. Chris proceeds to press the right button, causing Rahul to drop down into the mystery substance. He emerges from the muck, and climbs out of the tub. "The Boat of Losers is waiting," Chris states. Rahul rolls his eyes, and nods. He looks at Anneliese for a moment, and then looks down. He proceeds to the Boat of Losers. "Alrighty, now that that awful guy is out of here, we'll move on to the secret guessing ceremony. See you all, there." Chris walks off, whistling a happy tune.

Elisabeth looks after Chris. She quietly says to Anneliese, "Maye I was wrong about Rahul... He doesn't seem so bad, after all..." Elisabeth looks up at Abdul, who looks down at the ground, and points his camera at the ground, as well. Elisabeth says, "Oh my gosh! I just remembered that Rahul is your brother. Are you alright?"

Abdul responds, "I... I dunno. Maybe... Maybe Chris isn't as great as I thought."

"This display wasn't exactly out of character for Chris," Felicity admits, still covered in the muck. "You have seen him on other seasons, right?"

Abdul nods. He admits, "I thought that was part of a character. And I was in his fanclub, because..." Abdul pauses. "We both have beady eyes." The remaining contestants blink at Abdul. Abdul rubs the back of his head. "I guess I was ignoring how he acted, because I thought he was a hero for people with similarly shaped eyes, but maybe... I'm not such a big fan, anymore."

"Maybe?" Hildegarde asks, with part of her eyebrow raised.

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris announces, "Strangely enough, there was no guess at Anneliese's secret, this time." Brody looks over at Anneliese, who appreciatively smiles at him. "But... we do have a guess for Elisabeth." Chris reads, "Unintentional antagonist." The other contestants blink. Chris nods his head and says, "Yup, that's right."

Elisabeth blinks. She asks, "What? I don't understand that. I'm not an antagonist."

Chris says, "Whoever made the guess, care to explain?"

Felicity admits, "I got a look at your official bio. It mentioned how you helped a friend who got expelled, and after your sister broke her leg, something about leaving her somewhere overnight."

"The bus stop," Elisabeth recalls.

"Right," Felicity replies. "Anyway, it made me think about some of the things that happened on this season. Like, how you had Karen give Michaiah that cupcake that he was allergic to, and how that started their whole 'relationship'."

"I didn't know he was allergic," Elisabeth insists.

"I realize that," Felicity admits.

"Oh, yeah," Brody says. "That reminds me of how she encouraged LeVar and I to bond, and he used that 'bonding time' and tried to eliminate me..."

"RIght, and that pie she made LeVar that he threw at the guys," Felicity recalls.

"And that whole strike started over her muffins," Chris recalls.

Felicity explains, "All that made me think that those thins mentioned in her bio were actually her fault. The expulsion and the broken leg."

Elisabeth insists, "I really didn't mean any harm. I really did mean well." Elisabeth looks down. "My friend got expelled for eating some of my baked goods in class, and then my sister broke her leg after she didn't realize that I was polishing the stairs as a present to my dad..."

"Ouch," Brody lets out.

"Whether you meant well, or not," Chris begins, "your secret was correctly guessed." Elisabeth looks down with a frown. "Well, on that note. I'll see you all at the elimination ceremony. Laters!" Chris walks off.

The contestants are shown gathered for the elimination ceremony. Chris announces, "Hildegarde earned her invincibility." Chris tosses the first marshmallow to Hildegarde. "As for the rest of you, you had to survive by being well liked, or whatever. Brody and Anneliese are also safe." The two safe contestants catch their marshmallows. "That leaves Felicity and Elisabeth, and one final marshmallow. The last marshmallow is for..."

"Felicity." Felicity catches her marshmallow.

Elisabeth frowns. She says, "I really didn't mean any harm."

"We know that, Elisabeth," Brody insists. "We still think you're awesome."

"But if we keep you here, you will cause more bad to happen," Hildegarde admits.

Felicity assures, "What Hildegarde really meant was that... um... you'll feel bad, if anything else happens?"

"That's kind of nice, Hildegarde," Elisabeth admits. "Thanks."

"We'll see you later, Elisabeth, thanks for playing," Chris states.

"Bye, Chris," Elisabeth says.

Chris shouts, "Don't talk to me, you jinx!" Elisabeth frowns. "I mean... Nah, that's what I meant." Elisabeth frowns and heads toward the Boat of Losers.

"There goes another show," Chris says to the camera. "We're now down to our final four. Who will survive our next episode? Be sure to check it out, as we approach the end of Total... Deception... Island!"

Chapter 19 - Prom WonderfulEdit

The show's host is shown looking at his watch. He looks back and forth, and says out loud, "Where is that good for nothing cameraman?" Chris grumbles. "I guess I have to do this myself... I need to have a long talk with... whatever his name is... He's worse than the entire staff that I fired for emotional distress, or whatever." Chris clears his throat, and then produces a large smile. The camera on the stand proceeds to fall over. Chris frowns, as he props the camera back up. He says, "On our previous episode..." the camera falls over, again. Chris holds his head down, for a moment. He picks the camera up and holds it out, pointed toward his face. He forces another smile. "The contestants were subject to the ultimate lie detector test. Hildegarde won another challenge, after my former assistant refused to let Anneliese drop into a waiting cesspool. Obviously, I had to fire the guy. In the end, after Elisabeth was revealed to have displayed unintentionally antagonistic behavior, she was sent home. We're down to the final four, and drawing to the exciting conclusion of..." Chris holds the camera above his head for a dramatic angle. "Lemme try something cutting edge with my camera angle..." Chris clears his throat. "Total... Deception... Island!" Chris proudly smiles. "I think I deserve a raise. Yessir, Chris Mclean can do anything he sets his..." The camera slips from the host's grasp, as he watches it drop toward him, his eyes showing his concern.

Brody is shown walking with Anneliese, as captured by one of the cameras set up in a tree. Brody asks, "Are you alright, Anneliese? That whole Rahul thing must have been upsetting."

"He is being of an honorable peasant," Anneliese expresses.

"Yeah," Brody agrees, as he nods his head. "He's not a half bad dude. It's too bad he went out how he did." Anneliese nods.

Anneliese assures, "Thank you for not doing the revealing of my secretive."

Brody nods. He says, "I'm a man of my word. I'm also a man of spinach juice. That stuff does wonders for your insides. I'm tellin you."

Anneliese looks at Brody and blinks. She says, "Haha. Well... Despite your present company being entirely full of charmingness..." Brody holds up his ring finger. Anneliese looks at the ring, and replies, "Yes. What a shaming... I should be getting to the going, now." Brody nods and waves after Anneliese.

Brody is shown lying on his back in his tent with his eyes closed. An owl can be heard calling out from outside. Brody's eyes shoot open. He asks, out loud, "Whuzzat?"

Hildegarde and Felicity are shown outside their tent. Hildegarde is shown doing push ups. Felicity asks, "How's your workout going?"

"Sit on back," Hildegarde commands.

"Do I have to?" Felicity asks. Hildegarde glares at te smart girl. Felicity sighs and sits on HIldegarde's back. "So... are we cool about the whole Vinnie thing?"

Hildegarde answers, "Yes. Hildegarde admit that I jealous, at points. Apologize."

"Er, I'm sorry," Felicity insists.

"No," Hildegarde responds with a slight laugh. "Apologize to you."

"Oh," Felicity responds with a laugh. "Thanks for the apology."

Hildegarde launches Felicity to her feet, before she stands up, as well. Hildegarde wipes her hands, and says, "We best get to sleep, at this moment." Felicity nods.

After getting inside their tent, Felicity says, "I must admit that I'm not friends with a lot of athletes. It's pretty coo..."

Brody sticks his head inside the girl's tent. He says, "Hey, girls. I heard this mad scary noise, so I was hoping I could hang out here for a little while." Brody forces a hopeful grin. He is hit in the face with a pillow.

The next morning, Chris is shown walking up to the group of protesters. Abdul is sitting among them, sipping from a tiny cup of juice. He looks up and says, "Oh, hey Chris." He waves at the host.

The hosts asks, "What are you doing out here? I've been looking everywhere for you."

Abdul points at one of the strikers and explains, "Kevin here was saying how he became a proud new papa three weeks ago... He just found out two days ago, though, because you didn't let him take phone calls on 'company time'."

Chris frowns and says, "That's nice. Let's go, Abdul. It's time to get away from these bad influences."

Abdul shakes his head. He says, "Uh... Sorry, Chris. I've decided to join the protest. I think you could have been treating them a lot more fairly."

"Oh, no, they got to you," Chris says, as he grabs hold of Abdul's shoulders. "Are you too far gone?"

"I'm afraid so, Mr. Mclean," Abdul admits. "I see what this job meant to these people. They have families they need to support, bills they have to pay, and..." Abdul looks at Bucky, "whyever Bucky is working here." Bucky folds his arms and looks to the side. Abdul blinks as he looks at Chris. "What happened to your eye?"

"That's not important, now," Chris answers, looking to the side. "Wait. You can't join the protest. You're not part of the union."

"Well, uh..." Abdul replies. He pauses to think. "I'm here for moral support?"

Chris grumbles as he walks off, "Stupid morals."

Chris walks up to the four remaining contestants. As he braids Hildegarde's hair, Brody says, "Oh. What up, Chris?"

"Stupid contestants," Chris grunts, as he looks at the last four contestants. They look at each other with wide eyes. Chris takes a deep breath and says calmly, "Hello. And how are my five favorite contestants doing?"

"There's only four of..." Felicity begins.

The host hands a camera to Felicity. He commands, "Here. Hold this."

"Abdul guy walk out on you?" Hildegarde asks. She folds her arms and looks to the left. "Best decision he make."

"Uh huh," Chris states. "If anyone's interested, I'm holding camera person auditions." He hands business cards to the remainging contestants, who quickly toss the cards behind themselves, as Chris turns his back to them. The host turns back around, holding four garment bags.

"Those aren't body bags, are they?" Brody asks with wide eyes.

"Oh, you," Chris dryly says, with a roll of his eyes. "These are garment bags." Chris gestures at the bold letters on the bags that read 'garment bag'. Brody gives a sigh of relief. Chris tosses a garment bag to each contestant. "Since this show is inevitably going to be delayed in broadcast in some country or the other, it's bound to be prom season, somewhere."

Anneliese lets out an excited squeal. She thinks for a moment and asks, "What is this promming thing you just said of?"

Chris sighs. He responds, "I don't feel like explaining." He snaps his fingers. "Felicity?"

Felicity explains, "It's a formal dance, where kids wear obnoxious clothing, and ride in oversized transportation." Felicity looks down sadly. "I couldn't go to mine... It was passed my eight o'clock curfew..."

"Obnoxious clothing and oversized transportation?" Anneliese repeats. "That is sounding like my home..." Brody's eyes get wide, before he makes a 'cut it out' motion with his hand across his neck. Anneliese looks at him with a confused look.

"I'll let you put on your outfits before we begin the challenge," Chris announces.

Brody excitedly says, "This is gonna be tight." He unzips his garment bag. He blinks. He holds out a zebra print dress.

Hildegarde lets out a laugh and says, "It suits you."

Chris' eyes get wide. "That's not yours," he explains. Brody lets out a sigh of relief. "That's Hildegarde's." Hildegarde's eyebrow rises up.

The contestant's are shown returning in their gawdy outfits. "Vomit green," Felicity states while she looks down at her dress. "Nice." Hildegarde's arms are crossed, as she looks generally annoyed about the gown she was forced into wearing.

"I don't know 'bout y'all," Brody begins, "but this aqua suit is totally something I'd wear 'irl', as the kids say."

"We really don't say that," Felicity assures.

Chris says, "Let's reel it in, people. Back to the challenge. You will each be blindfolded for a series of prom related activities. First, we're gonna play 'pin the corsage on your date'." Chris gestures at several mannequins. "The top three performing contestants will move on to the second stage. Are you all ready for this?" The contestants nod.

The contestants are shown blindfolded, and walking toward their mannequins with their arms outstretched, each facing a different direction. Anneliese calls out, "Come here, Mr. Mannequin! I will being to impaling you, at this moment!"

Chris shouts, "Get away from me!" Chris runs from the blindfolded princess, who is remarkably able to keep up with him.

After the challenge, Chris rubs his chest and glares at Anneliese. He says, "Let's look at how you all did." He looks at Felicity's attempt. The corsage is pinned a little below her mannequins chest. "Pretty close. Let's see how the others did." He looks at Brody's attempt. "The corsage ended up on her wrist."

Brody blushes as he explains, "I didn't feel right putting my hands all up on the female curviness of this here model. I love my wifey, and all that."

Chris blinks. "It's a mannequin."

"With simulated female lady curves," Brody insists.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "Let's see what Hildegarde..." Chris looks at Hildegarde's mannequin, and widens his eyes. "You pinned him in the... uh..."

"That's his crotch, Chris," Brody explains, with his eyes wide.

"I know that," Chris says with his hand over his face. Chris looks at Hildegarde's mannequin. He says, "I feel your pain, bro. However... Anneliese is the first one out of the challenge, for accosting me."

"Accosting is being good thing, yes?" Anneliese asks, with her head tilted to the side.

Chris shakes his head, points to a waiting bench, and commands, "Just sit on the bench." Anneliese sighs, nods, and heads to the bench. Chris goes on to explain, "We're on the second round of the challenge. Blindfolded prom photos! There's a backdrop set up near you. You can all take a peek." The contestants lift their blindfolds and acknowledge the location of the backdrops. "Okay, put your blindfolds back on." The contestants nod, and do so. "You will carry your designated mannequin in front of the backdrop, and try to take the best photo. The one to take the worst photo will be eliminated from the challenge, and the two others will compete in the final part of the challenge. WIth that, go get your photos taken... You have thirty seconds." The contestants give audible surprised gasps at the stated time limit.They each grab hold of their mannequins and run toward where they assume the backdrops are. Brody feels around to make sure he is in front of his backdrop. He turns to face away from it. "Times up." Chris snaps pictures of each contestant quickly. "Alright, let's take a look at how they turned out."

"We're still blindfolded, right?" Brody asks.

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah. You can remove your blindfolds." The host holds up the instantly printed out images. The contestants widen their eyes. Chris points at Brody's image. Brody is facing out from the backdrop, however his mannequin is facing the backdrop. In Felicity's image, she is also facing the correct way, but her mannequin is missing his torso.

"Er, that's not good," Felicity states.

Chris points at Hildegarde's photo, and her mannequinn is facing the right direction, but she is not. Hildegarde puts her hand to her face. Chris explains, "Well, all three images were awful."

"I blame the time limit," Felicity assures.

Chris shrugs. He says, "No matter. It's like the old saying goes 'half a mannequin is worth less than a backwards mannequin'."

"That saying?" Hildegarde asks with a confused look.

"It's down to Hildegarde and..." Chris begins. He stares at Brody.

"Brody," Brody reminds.

Chris nods and says, "Thanks. You two will be taking part in the final part of the challenge." Felicity frowns and walks over to the bench, where she is hugged by Anneliese. Chris explains, "In the final part of the challenge, three girls will be brought out, and you will decide which one should be the prom queen. Only one contestant can pick a single candidate. If no one picks the right girl, who was actually voted as prom queen, neither of you will get invincibility. You will each do this blindfolded."

"How?" Hildegarde asks with her eyebrow partially pointed upward.

"By asking a series of questions, and a general vibe," Chris says with a shrug. "Now get your blindfolds back on." Hildegarde and Brody nod, as they put their blindoflds back on. Three pretty girls walk forward. Chris looks at an inde card in his hand. He says, "Welcome contestant number one, Hailey."

"Hey, y'all!" Hailey says. "I'm super excited to be here!"

"That's nice," Chris answers with an eye roll. "Here's contestant number two..." Chris squints at his index card. "Genequisha."

"Uh-huh, that's right," Genequisha answers.

Chris assures, "You know, you aren't required to speak." Genequisha folds her arms and looks to the side. "And finally Mindeee, with three 'e's." Mindeee waves at Brody and Hildegarde. "They're blind... Nevermind."

"Oh... my gosh," Mindeee lets out. "That's, like, so empowering."

Chris sighs. He says, "Okay, then. Hildegarde, you may ask the first question."

Hildegarde nods. She says, "Contestant one. What are your thoughts on the death penalty?"

Hailey looks surprised. She says, "Um... I think it should be allowed, I think... Except not for hot people. That would just be a waste."

"Wow," Felicity says, with wide eyes.

"Brody, next question," Chris directs.

Brody asks, "Genequisha, I think it was?"

"Uh-huh, that's right," Genequisha responds.

"Yes," Brody replies. "My question is, 'What's your favorite baby animal?'"

Genequisha thinks for a moment. She answers, "It would have to be a baby spider. THose things are so adorable with their many beady eyes."

Felicity looks at Chris and asks, "Chris, where did you find these people?"

Chris shrugs. "They just got lost and wandered onto the island. One of them happened to be a prom queen."

"They're lucky this wasn't like a horror movie," Felicity suggests.

Chris says, "Hildegarde, your next question, please."

Hildegarde asks, "Contestant three. What is last book you read?"

Mindeee tilts her head to the side and repeats, "'Book'?"

Chris nods and says, "That's enough questions."

Brody frowns. "But I only got to ask one question."

"Yeah, now we're done with that," Chris responds. "Make your decisions."

Hildegarde picks, "Choice two."

Brody says, "One... Wait, three... No, I'll stick with one. On second thought... three. Yeah, I'll stick with choice three. But on the other hand..."

Chris says, "You're sticking with three." Brody frowns, again. "Is there a winner for the challenge?" Chris pauses. "Yup, Brody was right."

Hildegarde removes her blindfold. She asks, "Really? But her answer was poor."

Chris shrugs. He says, "Most prom queens are chosen based on their looks. Mindeee's defintely the least intelligent, but she's also the hottest." Genequisha and Hailey run off crying. Chris rolls his eyes and says, "It's not like they didn't already know." Chris faces the contestants. "I'll see you three at the secret guessing ceremony." Chris walks off. The contestants also walk away.

Mindeee looks around. She asks, "Am I supposed to be somwehre, no... or something?"

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris announces, "Anneliese, surprisingly is the last remaining contestant without their secret revealed." Anneliese claps. "That is... until now." Chris reads off the guess for Anneliese, "I have no idea." The host blinks. "Come on, people! It couldn't be more obvious."

"What couldn't?" Hildegarde asks with a confused expression.

"Oh, nevermind," the host states. "I'll be at the elimination cermeony thing..." Chris walks off. Brody also walks off.

Anneliese leans in toward the other girls. She asks, "So whom will we being voting offing?"

"Well, we can't vote out Brody," Felicity replies. "Unless we convince him to give us his invincibility... Nah. He'll probably think we're hitting on him, and he'll bring up his wife, or something."

Hildegarde thinks. She says, "So it can only be one of the three of us?" Felicity, Anneliese, and Hildegarde look at each other.

"Yeah," Felicity replies. "I'm afraid so." The girls, all from the same original team, share a group hug.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris waits as the contestants walk in. He hands a marshmallow to Brody as he passes by. The host says, "Only three of you will move on from this point. Brody is one of you that will be. Anneliese is also moving on." Chris tosses a marshmallow out to the girl. "That leaves Felicity and Hildegarde. The last marshmallow belongs to..."

"Hildegarde." Chris tosses a marshmallow to Hildegarde. "It came down to what was worse, being a physical threat, or a... mental threat... or whatever."

Felicity frowns. She looks down and says, "I understand." She looks up at the other contestants and assures, "I figured it would happen, at some point, but still. I don't have any hard feelings towar any of you." She hugs the remaining contestants.

Chris rolls his eyes, "Oh, no. Not a 'feel good moment'. You're welcome to leave, Felicity." Felicity glares at Chris.

Felicity waves at the contestants as she begins to leave. She says, "I'll miss all of you... Just not Chris." The contestants wave as Felicity exits.

Chris looks down. He says, "That... That hurt more than I thought it would." He looks back up the camera. "Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time on Total... Deception... Island." Chris lets out a sigh before manually turning off the camera.

Chapter 20 - Strike BackEdit

Chris Mclean is shown as he holds up the camera, again. He frowns and whispers to himself, "You can do this, Chris. Who needs other people, or any kind of support?" Chris frowns. "That was a pretty depressing motivational speech." Chris lets out a sigh. He then forces a smile. "Welcome to an all new, all exciting episode of Total... Deception... Island!" Chris looks to the side and repeats, "All exciting? Come on, Chris. You can't be a worst host than Nolan." Chris gives a nod, and forces another smile. He goes on, "Our final four of Felicity, Brody, Anneliese, and Hildegarde competed in a series of blindfolded prom related challenges. Brody proved victorious in the challenge, earning invicibility, and the girls were forced to decide which of them would be the next to go. Felicity was booted for being considered a big threat, or something. We're down to three, and we'll see who will make up our final two." Chris smiles and says, "Well done, Chris. Well done." Chris frowns. "I earned a latte... I guess I need to make it myself. But I also need to get to the editin room, and get the challenge ready..." Chris lets out a sigh as he sets down the camera and slouches off screen.

Anneliese and Hildegarde are shown walking together. Anneliese asks, "Can you be believing we were escaping that assault from those hungrier bears and seagulls?"

Hildegarde shakes her head. She expalins, "I also not believe that no camera was there to see it."

Anneliese nods in agreement. Brody walks up. He says, "Hey, girls. I just got back from this crazy chase scene with these psycho pirate dudes. I had to give them their booty back."

"With no camera to capture footage?" Hildegarde asks.

"Now that you mention it," Brody begins, "yeah."

Anneliese blinks and asks, "Booty?"

"Um, yeah," Brody replies. "It was this wicked sweet chest full of gold dubloons and gems, and stuff. I was gonna dump it out and just keep the chest. I'd probably be able to make some coin off of it on some internet auction."

"Um, okay," Hildegarde responds while blinking. "So what are you girls up to?"

"We were planning to be sleeping in bed peoples soon," Anneliese explains.

Brody looks confused. He looks to Hildegarde, who explains, "We were planning to get to sleep." Brody nods in realization.

Brody looks down for a moment. He expresses, "I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm appreciative that you kept me around."

Hildegarde raises part of her eyebrow. Anneliese tilts her head to the side and states, "We were not having any choices."

Brody blinks and says, "Huh?"

"You had invincibility," Hildegarde clarifies.

Brody's eyes get wide and he says, "Oh, yeah."

"We leave now," Hildegarde insists. Anneliese nods. The girls slowly back away.

Brody is shown in confessional. He admits, "I feel like the odd man out. You know... Since I'm the only man left in the competition?" Brody blinks. "Is that metaphor too literal?"

The next morning, Chris is shown attempting to repair a broken camera. He says to himself, "Just put that thingy there..." Chris looks over at an instruction manual. He looks back to the camera. "And this doodad like so..." The host sticks a wrench in the camera, cranks it, and the gives a satisfied smile. After a few moments, the camera explodes.

Chef Hatchet is shown wearing a swimsuit, two leis, a beret, and snowshoes. He sets his bags down next to the groupd of protesters, who are in various stages of waking up. Chef looks around and asks, "What's all this?" He sniffs the air. "You guys doing some hippie related challenge."

"We're striking," Abdul explains.

Chef nods. He says, "I see. Thanks for the answer, Kyle."

Bucky looks confused and says, "Uh, this guy's name is Abdul. He's new."

Chef Hatchet looks at Bucky. Chef leans toward Abdul and whispers to him, "Who's that guy?" Bucky frowns and shakes his head. Chef asks the group, "So what's with the strike?"

Bucky begins, "Well, we..."

Abdul interrupts, "Chris was treating staff all mean like. Then the guys were all 'no way, Chris', and that's everything that happened."

"Well said," Bucky states, looking to the side.

"Thanks," Abdul smiles widely as he replies.

Chef nods. He admits, "I know what happened."

"You do?" Bucky asks.

Chef nods, again. "Yup. You're a bunch of pansy maggot babies. I'm out of here." Chef Hatchet begins walking away.

A former female assistant to Chris walks up holding several bags. She says, "I brought food."

"What are we having, tonight?" Bucky asks, as he rubs his stomach.

"Burger Bell McQueen's," the assistant answers. "Uh-duh. I accidentally bought some extra, though..."

"Okay," Chef responds, as he stops walking. "You talked me into it. I'll join your cause." He walks over to the former assistant and snatches a fast food bag from her.

Chris is shown yawning, as he approaches a tent in the wilderness. He proceeds to open it, and says, "Hey, Brody. Time for the challenge..." Chris yawns, again, wipes his eyes, and his eyes proceed to widen once he sees Hildegarde in her bra. Both of them scream.

Hildegarde covers herself up with one of her tops, and shouts, "Chris! What you doing, vile human being?"

"What?" Chris retorts, covering his eyes. "I'm the victim, here!" Hildegarde hits Chris with a large pillow, which knocks him back. From the ground he moans, "What's in that pillowcase? Bricks?"

After pausing for a moment, Hildegarde answers, "My weight collection looks much like my pillow... Must be pillowcase?"

"Besides, what are you doing in Brody's tent?" Chris asks with a groan.

"This no Brody's tent," Hildegarde states.

Chris lets out a sigh. He says, "I've got to get my tents straight..." He falls backward.

Hildegarde is shown in confessional. She explains, "I had no intent injurying Mr. Mclean in tent, for the record." The strong young woman, raises part of her eyebrow. "I believe I must win invincibility challenge to stay in game. Others will view me as 'threat' and be voting me out." Hildegarde folds her arms and looks to the side. "I hope that does not happen."

The contestants are shown standing in front of Chris, who has an arm in a makeshift sling, along with his black eye from the previous episode. Anneliese asks, "What was happening to your person?"

"My person?" Chris weakly replies. "Oh, you mean my gorgeous bod? One word: Hildegarde." Chris shivers, while Brody and Anneliese nod in an understanding manner. Hildegarde's eyes get wide as she looks at the other contestants.

"So, what's challenge, Mcleanster?" Brody asks.

Chris begins, "It's a... thing with... ice sculptures, maybe... and gumbo..." Chris puts his head in his hands. He says, "I can't take it, anymore. I'm tired, hurt, and I haven't even thought up a challenge, yet. You people are so demanding."

Brody frowns. He says, "I think it's time for you to put an end to the strike."

"I've been thinking about that," Chris admits. "But I can't risk any more assault and battery charges."

Anneliese raises an eyebrow. She explains, "I am believing that Mr. Brody was having of the meaning that you resolving could be doing?"

"Resolve it?" Chris asks. "But they should resolve things with me..." Chris gets several disapproving glares. Chris lets out a sigh. "Maybe you're right. But I just can't go up to the strikers and be all 'hey, guys... I could have treated you less scummy.'" Chris shudders. "The idea makes my skin crawl. Maybe if I had someone..." Chris blinks. He smiles. "Hey, how's my favorite final three doing."

"Quite swimmingly, thank you for being asking," Anneliese responds.

"I have an idea for the challenge," Chris begins. "Get the staff to agree to work for me, again. Okay, go on ahead. Oh, and don't make any promises I can't keep. Also, no raises. I'm not made of money. That's just my boxers." Chris pushes the contestants forward with his good arm. "Move along, move along. Hurry up."

Brody, Hildegarde, and Anneliese are shown in a huddle. Brody asks, "How are we going to go about this, y'all?"

"I think we should be promising for their own ponies, that would make me wanting to go to working, if that were possibiling," Anneliese suggests.

Brody adds, "I like that idea! Let's go with that idea." Hildegarde puts a hand on each other remaining contestant's shoulder, and gently shakes her head. Anneliese and Brody let out disappointed sighs. Brody admits, "I guess we were supposed to try to fix things without any help. So I guess we should try to do this separately." The other two reluctantly nod.

The contestants walk up to the protesters. Abdul waves and says, "Hey, guys. What brings you over here?"

"Chris is wanting us to being striking negotiators," Anneliese explains.

"You mean, Chris wants to resolve the strike?" Bucky asks, with a fairly surprised expression.

Abdul claps his hands. He says, "That's great! We accept!"

Bucky puts a hand on Abdul's shoulder. "Hold on, Abby." Bucky looks at the contestants. "So why exactly is Chris not here?"

"Uh," Brody lets out, looking at the female contestants for ideas.

Hildegarde states, "Chris made strike negotiation challenge."

Bucky rolls his eyes and says, "That figures. He so does enjoy leaving the dirty work to other people." Bucky looks back at the contestants. "So... is Chris planning on improving work conditions?"

"Uh," Brody begins. "A little help here, ladies?"

"I am believing he was saying that you would work the same as before," ANneliese explains.

Abdul claps and says, "That is sounding perfect!"

"Hold up," Bucky replies. "So he just wants things to go back to how they were?"

"Pretty much," Brody replies with a shrug.

"That can't happen," Bucky insists.

"It can't?" Abdul asks.

Bucky shakes his head. "We started this protest because Chris was treating us unfairly. Is he just going to keep randomly firing us, or cutting our pay?"

Brody rubs the back of his head. He says, "What if... he paid you more?"

"And added a 'no firing' clausing to your contractions?" Anneliese suggests. Hildegarde looks at Brody and Anneliese with a disapproving look.

"Uh, what?" Bucky asks with wide eyes.

Abdul explains, "She means your contracts would say that Chris can't fire you." Bucky nods in realization.

"Well... what else?" Bucky asks.

"Um, he promised a year long vacation," Brody blurts out.

"With paying," Anneliese adds. Bucky's eyes get wide.

"Also, he promised a vacation to Cancun," Brody continues.

"Really?" Bucky asks, while he and some other protesters look on with wide eyes. "That doesn't sound like the Chris Mclean I know. Did he mention anything else?"

"Ponies for everyone," Anneliese adds.

"Yeah!" Brody exclaims.

Bucky grabs Anneliese's hands. He lets out, "That sounds awesome!" The other protesters cheer. Hildegarde shakes her head.

"So you agree to come back to work?" Brody asks.

Bucky looks to his other protesters. He opens his mouth. Hildegarde reaches forward and grabs hold of Bucky's shirt. "You come back to work for same pay, and more reasonable hours and that's all."

Bucky nervously replies, "A-agreed." Hildegarde smiles and nods.

Chris jumps out of the bushes and says, "Yes! I was not looking forward to giving up my pony farm... Hildegarde wins invincibility, and I earned some rest!"

"Nah," Bucky replies. "There's a boatload of paperwork you'll need to fill out." The Boat of Losers can be seen moving nearer, in the distance. "Oh... I guess I meant that literally."

Chris lets out a groan. He looks at Chef Hatchet and asks, "When did you get here?" Chef shrugs.

Anneliese is shown in confessional, saying, "I am friends with both the Mr. Brody, alonging with Miss Hildegarde. I am hoping to stay to the finals, but Brody is also being a very nice human." Anneliese thinks. "That is, unless he is going to being revealing my secret to every person. Then he is no good scum of earth."

At the secret guessing ceremony, Chris slouches forward. He admits, "This is the last of the secret guessing ceremonies." He sighs. "My fingers are sore from signing all that paper work, so rather than drag this on by reading a blank piece of paper, I'm just going to say that nobody guessed Anneliese's secret." Anneliese looks at Brody and smiles. He nods. "I'll see you at the elimination ceremony where Hildegarde will make the final decision as to who to eliminate." Chris hands a marshmallow to Hildegarde. "You have a lot to think about, or whatever." The host walks off. Hildegarde looks down at the marshmallow, and then at Bordy and Annelise who look at her with sad, wide eyes, and pathetic looking pouts. Hildegarde lets out a sigh.

Chris welcomes the contestants to the final campfire ceremony of the season. Chris explains, "There's one marshmallow to hand out, and that weighty responsibility was given to Hildegarde." Chris looks at Hildegarde and says, "I'll leave the rest to you." HIldegarde nods, and reluctantly stands and walks in front of the other contestants.

Hildegarde states, "I am fond of both of you, though I have been in this competition with Anneliese since the beginning." Anneliese smiles. "However, we have no real loyalties beyond that." Anneliese frowns. "As for Brody... He's nice, I guess." Brody smiles. "But he's more threat for final challenge." Brody frowns. "But I have come to decision. I will give marshmallow to..."

"Brody." Hildegarde tosses the marshmallow to Brody. Brody looks surprised, and fails to catch the marshmallow. Hildegarde addresses Anneliese. "I am sorry. I decided to keep Brody because of whole 'threat' thing. I have been viewed as threat all along, and do not like that reasoning. Second, I want to prove I can beat strong competitor in final test."

"Aw, shucks," Brody expresses, as he hugs Hildegarde. She pushes him away from herself.

Annelise nods. She admits, "I was mainly being hoping that my secret was not ever going to being revealed."

Chris snaps his fingers, and says, "Ow!" He goes on, "I almost forgot. Anneliese's secret." Anneliese gulps. Chris refers to an index card as he reveals, "Anneliese wears hair extensions."

With her face buried in her hands, Anneliese admits, "It is being true! I was just liking idea of normal girl treatment... Wait..." Anneliese looks up. "What?"

Chris nods. He explains, "We chose something other than you know what, since we thought it'd be way too obvious."

"More obvious than hair extensions?" Hildegarde asks, while pointing at Anneliese.

Anneliese leaps to her feet, smiles, and says, "I will be seeing the both of you from sidelines of final challenge. I am wishing that both of you are winners. Good day to you!" Anneliese cheerfully skips off. Brody and Hildegarde look after her.

Brody looks at Chris, points at Hildegarde with his thumb, and says, "Wait. We can't both win, can we?"

Chris turns toward the camera operator, and says, "So that's our final two. Who will prove victorious, the youthful stepfather in the too tight, skinny jeans?"

"Is he talking about me?" Brody loudly whispers to Hildegarde. Hildegarde shakes her head and shrugs.

"Or the latest contestant to join the ranks of previous 'challenge kings' with four individual challenge wins that she earned?" Chris asks.

"I'm challenge king?" Hildegarde asks. "I am humbled... Yet, at same time... insulted."

Chris holds his arms out and says, "Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Total... Deception... Island!"

Chapter 21 - Obstacle ForceEdit

"I'm Chris Mclean, the best part of the episode," the host states. "On our previous episode the contestants were whittled down to two, when Hildegarde, the challenge winner, decided to eliminate Anneliese and keep Brody, who she deemed as more of a threat. In the mixed up planet that Hildegarde is from, apparently people want to win against the more challenging opponent. As for the challenge itself, the strike has ended! The workers futile efforts to get more money and ponies have been..."

"Ahem!" the off-screen camera man interjects.

"Right," Chris responds. "Camera people have feelings, too... Anyway, everyone is happier, and stuff. As for today's episode... it's the finale, y'all! Who will come off victorious? WIll it be the vaguely eastern European strong woman, Hildeagarde, or will it be... whatever Brody is? Stay tuned to find out!"

"Can you believe you and I ware final two?" Hildegarde asks Brody, as they walk away from the elimination ceremony.

"I still can't believe Anneliese wears hair extensions," Brody responds. Brody looks over at Hildegarde. "Thanks for picking me." He puts a hand at the back of his head and admits, "I feel like I have a lot to prove."

"Like... what?" Hildegarde asks.

Brody shrugs. He admits, "I feel like I haven't brought a whole lot materially to the table for my new family."

Hildegarde forces a smile. She assures, "I believe you must... bring other good qualities to proverbial table?"

"I don't know," Brody quitly replies.

"Well, you hang in there... buddy," Hildegarde assures. She walks in the direction of the confessional.

Within the confessional, Hildegarde admits, "I was not sure how respond to Brody's feelings. I hope what I say not too damaging to psyche."

Brody is shown in confessional with tears in his eyes. He insists, "Thanks, Hildegarde. What you said meant a lot." Brody looks to the side. "And yet... I still feel like I have something to prove..." Brody looks up. "I don't know."

The next morning, the sun is shown rising. Chris walks up to his staff members as they work on putting together the props for the final challenge. Chris compliments, "This looks nice."

Bucky wipes his brow after taking a break from hammering. He says, "Thanks, Chris. I thought it looked good, if I had to say so my..."

Chris frowns. He interrupts, "You missed a spot. You're going to repaint that aren't you? And that picture of Hildegarde is too pretty."

"Er..." Bucky replies. "That's Brody's charicature." Bucky blinks. "And if I didn't know better, I'd think that you settled the strike so you could get us to work on the challenge set."

Chris lets out an awkward, nervous laugh. He assures, "What? No. That's crazy talk. Oh, by the way. My shirt has a hole in it. Be a bro and sew it up for me." Chris removes his shirt and tosses it at Bucky. The host walks off. His shirt slides off of Bucky and falls onto the ground. Bucky rolls his eyes, before getting back to work.

Bucky admits, "Well, at least this will let me add 'carpenter' to my resume." Bucky hits his thumb with the hammer. His eyes water before he lets out a whimper. Abdul runs up with a box of bandaids. He salutes Bucky, who sucks his thumb as he stares at the energetic intern. Bucky takes his thumb out of his mouth to say, "I see why Chris speaks so highly of you, dude."

"He does?" Abdul asks. "Really?"

"Nah," Bucky responds. "Now that I think about it, I think he was talking about himself."

Abdul nods. He says, "That makes much more sense." Abdul and Bucky blink at each other. "Um... Is this conversation awkward, or is it just me?"

"I'd say little bit of both," Hildegarde states, as she walks up with Brody.

Bucky and Abdul hop forward to block the final two's view. "Hey!" Bucky shouts. "This challenge is supposed to be a surprise."

"Aw, come on, bro," Brody whines, as he tries to look behind the bulky guys. "Just a little peek?"

Bucky shakes his head. "No, means no," the cameraman insists. Hildegarde and Brody pout and make their eyes wide. "I mean it!"

Hildegarde tells Brody, "These two not going to budge.. Let's get out of here." Brody sighs, and then nods. He and Hildegarde walk off.

Bucky looks after the contestants until they're out of sight. He says, "Let's get back to wo..." He looks at Abdul and steps back.

Abdul's eyes shine as he stares at Bucky. Abdul insists, "That was awesome! You're like... so cool! Would you mind being my new hero?"

Bucky puts a hand over his face. Another staffer walks by carrying a two by four. He says, "Looks like old Bucky's got 'imself a fanboy." Bucky glares after the other worker.

Chris is shown waiting next to the set for the final challenge, the host welcomes Hildegarde and Bucky as two interns lead them toward him, "What took you two so long?"

"We were told not to be near challenge, until..." Hildegarde begins.

"I'm not interested in your excuses," Chris states, with his arms folded. "We need to move along with the contestant support stuff. Let's bring out the loser parade. Let's start out with Ginger." Ginger walks out and looks at Hildegarde and Brody. Chris impatiently says, "What are you waiting for?"

"Moi is trying to make a decision," Ginger explains. "I don't recall either of these people."

"Well, just flip a coin, or something," Chris suggests.

"I guess moi'll pick the blonde guy, because he's more handsome," Ginger admits. "Marginally." Hildegarde glares to the side. Brody flashes his wedding ring before Ginger sits down. Ginger rolls her eyes. "Moi changes moi's mind." She gets up from Brody's section and moves over to Hildegarde's.

Chris shrugs and says, "Next up is Quimberly."

The purple haired, entirely awesome girl walks up. Brody and Hildegarde bow their heads out of respect. Quimberly asks, "I am indifferent toward both contestants. I'm going to ask why I should support one of you over the other."

Brody offers, "If you support me, you'll make me the happiest man in the world."

Hildegarde offers, "With support, my life will be complete."

Quimberly looks back at Brody. He says, "If you support the Brod-ster, I'll buy you a pony."

"If you support me, I will give you all prize money if I win," Hildegarde blurts out. Brody's eyes get wide.

Quimberly nods. She walks over to Brody's section and sits down. "I don't understand," Brody admits. "Hildegarde's offer was way better... You could buy loads of ponies with all that dough."

Quimberly explains, "Money isn't everything."

Brody blinks. He says, "I feel like I've become a better person." Hildegarde nods.

"Next, let's welcome Marcello... or Mitchell," Chris introduces. "I don't know, anymore."

Mitchell walks up, dressed as his Marcello persona. He says, "Chris says I'm contractually obligated to appear like this... mates."

Bucky holds his camera down. He insists, "After proofreading your contracts, and not being paid for it, I can assure you that that isn't in your contract. I would have noticed if there was something unique about it."

"Wait, so Chris is messing with my head?" Mitchell asks. Bucky shrugs, and then nods. With that shonky show pony, that'd be right." The gathered contestants, and host stare at Mitchell with confused looks. They look at Quimberly.

Quimberly begins, "He means... Nah, I don't feel like being an Australian to Canadian dictionary, anymore."

"She's so brave," Hildegarde admits, tearfully.

Chris nods. He goes on, "Let's welcome back Douglas."

"Hey!" Mitchell protests. "I didn't even pick my contestant of choice, yet." Chris glares at Mitchell, who frowns, looks to the side, and sits in Hildegarde's section.

Douglas rubs the back of his head. He asks, "Is it my turn, now?" Chris nods. Douglas admits, "I didn't have much time to focus on anyone but Karen, but..."

"Speaking of which," Chris announces, "as a special surprise, here she is!" The contestant's look back with wide eyes. Douglas pulls a gun out of his kilt and points it in the direction that the former contestants would walk up. Chris laughs and says, "I totally fooled you guys. You think I'd intentionally allow a convict on the island?"

"Why not?" Quimberly asks. "You're here."

Chris looks to the side. Brody stares at Douglas. He asks, "You brought a gun?"

Douglas blinks. He looks at the gun he's holding. He says, "This... Uh... It's not an actual gun, just a lighter. See?" Douglas pulls the trigger and a flame appears.

Hildegarde asks, "You smoke?"

"Huh?" Douglas asks. "No... I just... I just thought this lighter was really cool..."

Chris has a hand over his face. He says, "Just pick a contestant to support." Douglas nods, shrugs, and sits in Brody's section. Prescott walks up. Chris looks at him and says, "Here's Prescott. Please make your selection." Prescoot nods. He spreads a handkerchief across the bench and sits in Hildegarde's section. Hildegarde nods in Prescott's direction to express her gratitude. Chris looks over, "And here's Ina, and she's dressed as her alter ego 'Molly Cirrus'."

Ina, in her trademark blonde wig, says, "Hey y'all! Good to see you!"

"I love you, Molly!" Ginger shouts, and jumps out of her seat. Some others look at her with surprised looks. She blushes, and sits back down.

"I love my fans," Ina assures. "I would never turn my back on my fanbase to pursue my own selfish desires, y'all."

Chris says, "I wouldn't normally rush a celebrity, but we do have to keep on schedule."

Ina nods. She says, "I will make my decision... after I lead y'all in a line dance. Come on!' She claps and begins doing a line dance. Chris nods at Chef, who forcefully escorts Ina to a spot on Hildegarde's bench.

Chris says, "Here's Ollie." Ollie walks up. He waves at everyone, before sitting in Brody's section.

"Thanks, little dude," Brody assures with a smile.

Chris looks down at a note card. He reads, "Welcome... Yuko."

"I've been in Hildegarde's section for the last half hour," Yuko explains.

Chris insists, "You're supposed to wait until you're introduced."

Yuko puts a handful of popcorn in her mouth. "And miss all the action?"

LeVar walks up and asks, "I missed the action? What happened?"

"Nothing really," Chris assures. "Make your choice, LeVar."

LeVar nods. He says, "Even though Hildegarde has all the right curves in all the right places, Brody is my stepdad... We;re still not BFF's or anything, but I feel obligated to serve him."

Brody tearfully assures, "That means... like... so much, stepson bro."

"Yeah, yeah," LeVar replies, as he sits in Brody's section. He removes his shirt and tosses it to the side. His chest reads 'Go Brody!' He gets several surprised looks. He defensively states, "What? I like to go all out." LeVar stands back up, and removes his pants, revealing a fur barbarian style loincloth. He then puts some red war paint under his eyes.

Brody puts his hand to his heart and says, "Aw. Red. My fifth favorite color. You do care."

Chris shakes his head and sighs. He says, "We need to move on to Zach."

Zach walks up, looking at LeVar. He says, "I'm not sure how I'm going to follow that up." He looks at Brody and Hildegarde with his hands in his pockets. "I like both of you. Brody's a cool dude, but Hildergarde and I were on the Crouching Daggers, or whatever, together, so I'm gonna root for her." The wiseguy sits down in Hildegarde's cheering section.

"Michaiah is up next," Chris announces.

Michaiah steps forward and moves his lips. "Hi, everyone," a deep, sultry voice states. "It's me, Michaiah. After my secret was revealed to everyone, I was determined to correct my speech problem, no matter how difficult it was." The gathered contestants look at Michaiah with surprised looks. Michaiah holds up a recorder which says, "Just kidding."

"Dude, you're such a troll," Zach assures. "I totally fell for it."

Michaiah takes a seat in Brody's cheering section. Trevor is next to walk up. He asks, "D'aw, did we fool 'em, 'Chaiah?" Michaiah nods.

"That was your voice?" Ollie asks. "You could totally be a voice actor for cartoons!"

LeVar slowly says, "That's... my... dream... job... You'd be perfect as the voice for Vegetu from Dragon Ballsy, which I happen to know is casting... Anyway... Do it!"

Trevor folds his arms and says, "D'aw... You're not the boss of me." LeVar rolls his eyes. Trevor sits down in Brody's cheering section, as well. Brody gives him a thumbs up.

Chris introduces, "Say hello to Shanise and Cheyenne. Since they were eliminated in the same episode, we're going to treat them like one person."

"Oh... no... you... din't," Shanise sassily responds.

"Gee, thanks, Chris," Cheyenne says with a roll of her eyes.

"You're welcome," Chris replies, ignoring the sarcasm. "You girls are going to pick... who, exactly?" Shanise and Cheyenne sit in Hildegarde's cheering section. "Next up, we have Vinnie."

"I think it's pretty obvious who I'm supporting," Vinnie explains as he walks up. He sits down in Brody's support section.

"Uh..." Chris says. "Brody?" Hildegarde looks down.

Vinniw looks back at the painted image of Brody meant to differentiate the section. Vinniw says, "What? D'oh!" He gets up to walk over to Hildegarde's section.

"No backsies," Chris insists, with a finger up.

"Aw, man," Vinnie laments. "Sorry, babe." Vinnie hesitates before sitting back down in Brody's cheering section.

"Next is... uh-oh," Chris says.

"Shouldn't it just be Jack?" Prescott asks. "What's with the uh-oh?"

Chris explains, "Anytime Jack is involved in anything, something crazy happens."

"That makes like more exciting," Prescott says with a shrug.

Jack walks up. He quietly sits down in Brody's section. Chris asks, "What, no wild bears or snakes chasing after you?"

Jack shakes his head. He leans back in his seat. "By the way, if some international paintintg smugglers show up, you never saw me." Jack holds up a large newspaper in an effort to obscure himself.

Douglas holds up his lighter and assures, "I got your back, buddy."

Chris blinks. He says, "Um... Yeah..." He looks up at Elisabeth approaching. "Here's Elisabeth."

Elisabeth addresses the contestants, "I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to each and every one of you. I'm sorry that my actions led to your inevitable demises. I assure you that that wasn't my intent."

LeVar folds his arms and says, "You only apologized about twenty times, already."

"Well, that's because I'm really sorry," Elisabeth insists.

"I'm still pretty upset about it," Cheyenne assures, folding her arms, and looking to the side.

Elisabeth sighs. She says, "That's too bad... I thought I'd bring various baked good to share with everyone once they accepted my apology..."

Cheyenne says, "Okay, I'm totally over it." Chris, Bucky, Abdul, and the others take baked goods from Elisabeth's sack of baked goods, before she sits in Brody's cheering section.

"Apowogies awe a beautifaw fing," Chris states with a mouth full of crumb cake. "Oh, wook. It's Fewicity."

Felicity approaches with a raised eyebrow. She says, "Thanks, for the warm welcome."

Zach holds up a half eaten cupcake. He says, "I saved this for you."

"I've dreamed of this," Felicity assures. She sits next to Zach in Hildegarde's cheering section.

Chris looks up and says, "Hey, it's Anneliese."

"Hello, everyone being in my fellow peer group," Anneliese says with a wave.

Rahul walks up after her. "Yo," he greets.

Abdul asks, "There you are, brother. I was wondering where you have been."

"Just stalking Ann..." Rahul begins. "I mean... I've been hanging out in shrubs, outside of Anneliese's window."

"Nice save," Zach assures, with one of his eyebrows raised.

Jack smiles and looks at Yuko. "Hey! Rahul is just like you, now!"

Yuko begs, "Don't group me with him!"

After Anneliese takes a seat in Hildegarde's cheering section, Chris says, "Simmer down, now. We have a challenge to get to."

"Another obstacle course?" Felicity asks. "You're originality astounds us."

Chris shrugs and says, "Obstacle courses always take first place in the polls on the official website."

"Yeah, I've been to your website," Cheyenne states. "Obstacle courses have been the only option in those polls of yours. Including best past contestant."

Chris nods and proudly says, "I pride myself in my obstacle courses, as do those fans as proven in those stunning statistics."

"He... really didn't hear anything I said, huh?" Cheyenne asks.

"So... challenge?" Hildegarde asks.

Chris nods. "Thanks for the reminder, but brown nosing will not aide you in the challenge... Unless it's about how good looking I am." Chris gets several blank stares. "Anyone?" Chris lets out a disappointed sigh. He explains, "Today's challenge will require the two finalists to run on a treadmill until they light up a light thingy attached to the treadmill. It only goes on if enough energy is exerted. Once that happens, the contestants can make their way to the 'bobbing for keys to open a gate out of a tub of chocolate pudding' obstacle."

Brody shouts, "Yes!"

Chris looks at Brody. "As I was saying..." Chris goes on. "Once you find the right key and it opens the gate, you can move on to the next part of the challenge. It's a gear puzzle. You'll find a series of gears that fit into a puzzle a certain way. When you're finished, pull the lever, and it will open another gate that will lead to the next part of the challenge, if you get the puzzle right. The final task is to break pinatas that hang above your heads with a provided stick. Only one pinata contains confetti. The one of you to find that Pinata will be the winner of Total... Deception... Island."

"Most... epic... final... challenge... ever..." Brody says, leaving is mouth wide open after finishing.

Hildegarde shrugs her shoulders and says, "It sound alright." Brody looks over at Hildegarde in disbelief.

Vinnie shouts, "You got this, babe!"

Chris looks over at Vinnie. "You're contractually obligated to root for Brody."

"Who says he wasn't?" LeVar asks with a coy smile.

Vinnie glares at LeVar. He then looks at Hildegarde, "I was totally talking about you, babe!"

Chris directs his attention to Hildegarde and Brody. He says, "With the lull in commentary from the sidelines, we'll get this challenge underway." Brody and Hildegarde nod. Chris shouts, "Go!"

Brody and Hildegarde run to their treadmills and begin running on them. Brody goes at a full sprint, but quickly loses his breath. He says, "Whew... I can't run as fast as I could in my younger days..." Brody pants as he continues to run as fast he can, now that he's tired out.

Chris announces, "Hildegarde is moving on to the second part of the challenge." Brody looks over to see Hildegarde's shining light. He attempts to speed up his run.

Hildegarde is shown emerging her head from the bobbing for keys obstacle with a mouth full of keys. Chris shrugs and says, "I guess I never said they had to go one key at a time. I'll allow it." Hildegarde begins working with the keys she gathered to open the first gate.

Brody is shown finishing his first obstacle, and he moves to the next obstacle. LeVar shouts, "Go, Brody! Put that big mouth of yours to good use!" He gets several angry looks. "What?"

"That wasn't very nice," Ollie admits. LeVar blinks.

Brody emerges from the chocolate pudding, with a large number of keys sticking out from his mouth. "See?" LeVar defensively says.

Brody spits out his keys and admits, "I think I swallowed one... Hopefully, it's not the one I need..." Brody begins trying to unlock his gate. Just as he begins, Hildegarde successfully opens her first gate, and moves to the next part of the challenge. Her support section cheers.

"Thank you," Hildegarde says as she bows her head in their direction.

"It ain't over, yet," the show's host reminds. Hildegarde nods and continues on to the gear puzzle.

Brody struggles to find the right key. He frowns and says, "Aw, man!" He drops another key and moves on to the next one.

Hildegarde is shown nearly completing her puzzle. Once she places the last gear, she attempts to pull the lever on the side of the puzzle. The lever fails to budge. "What wrong with lever?"

"Maybe the puzzle is wrong," Felicity suggests.

Chris looks closely at the puzzle. He says, "That's right."

"So it's malfunctioned?" Vinnie asks with wide eyes.

"Looks like it," Chris says. "Oh, well." The host shrugs.

"Oh, well?" Vinnie repeats. "That's not fair."

"It's not my fault that Hildegarde picked the faulty side of the course," Chris replies. Bucky holds his head down, looking embarrassed at his failed prop design.

"Well, is there anyway we can help her?" Vinnie asks.

Chris shakes his head. He explains, "This challenge is for final two contestants, only. If you try to interfere, Hildegarde will be disqualified." The host holds up the competition's rule book for emphasis.

"This isn't fair," Felicity insists. Hildegarde looks at her supporters with a frown, and then turns back to the lever, not giving up in trying to make it move.

"Brody is catching up!" Chris announces, as Brody makes it through the first gate. He begins work on his own puzzle. The contestants in the support sections boo the host. Brody looks over with a frown, but continues work on his part of the challenge. After several minutes of trying to place the pieces of his puzzle correctly, Brody pulls his lever, which works with ease. His second gate opens, and he produces a wide grin. "Brody is moving on to the final part of the challenge!" Hildegarde looks over in a disappointed manner.

Brody walks forward and mouths 'sorry'. Hildegarde looks down and nods.

Jack rubs the back of his head, looking from over his newspaper. He says, "I'm rooting for Brody, but even I have to admit this isn't very fair." Some of Brody's supporters nod.

Brody stops walking and looks over at Hildegarde. He lets out a sigh, and then walks over to her. Hildegarde asks, "What you doing?" Hildegarde asks.

"They're right," Brody assures. "This isn't fair. I can't win if I didn't earn it... I'm going to try to help." Brody grabs part of the lever, and he and Hildegare pull together. "Pull!" The lever doesn't budge. "Pull!" This time, the lever pulls back and Hildegarde's gate opens.

Hildegarde says, "Thanks." Brody nods. "Let's keep moving." Brody nods, and rushes to his side of the challenge. Both contestants grab a stick and begin swinging at the hanging pinatas. Brody takes aim at the a My Diminuitive Pony pinata, first. Hildegarde aims for one shaped like Dustin Beaver's head. None of those pinatas contain the challenge winning confetti. Brody and Hildegarde aim at a second pinata, each, and take aim. One of the pinatas breaks open, and the confetti pours down from it.

Chris announces, "The winner of Total... Deception... Island is..."


The contestants in the support sections run forward, and lift Hildegarde in the air. Brody cheers for her, too, before walking to the side. LeVar walks over to him and says, "Hey."

Brody replies, "Hey."

"So about what just happened..." LeVar begins. "Even I think you did the right thing."

Brody nods and says, "I know I did. I just feel like I let down you and your momma."

LeVar looks down. He says, "Hypothetically, if I were to say I were proud of you... Would that mean anything?" Brody's eyes light up. He excitedly hugs LeVar, and fails when he tries to lift him off his feet. "St-stop that! I was being hypothetical!"

After being let down by the others, Hildegarde hugs Vinnie. Hildegarde blushes and asks, "Are you happy I won?"

"I'm now dating a millionaire," Vinnie responds. "Why wouldn't I be happy?" Hildegarde glares at him. Vinnie laughs. He assures, "I'd be just as happy and proud of you if you placed second."

Zach wipes a tear from his eye. He says, "That's so sweet, bro." Elisabeth hands Zach a tissue, as she wipes her eyes on her own.

Chris turns from the celebrating and assures, "Thank you for watching another season. I hope you enjoyed this season and the group of dirty liars we assembled." Some of the contestants glare at Chris. "We'll see you on our next season."

Chapter 22 - Reunite and DayEdit

Chris Mclean appears in front of the camera in a swimsuit with a reproduction of his face scattered about it. The host stretches out his arms and announces, "Welcome to the Total... Deception... Island... Reunion!" Chris walks over to the contestants who are sitting on several rows of benches, also dressed in swimwear, or clothes suitable for warm weather. "We're coming to you from beautiful Antigua! I thought it'd be nice of me to bring the contestants to a gorgeous, tropical location for all the trouble they went through."

Ollie takes a break from sipping from a coconut to say, "I thought this trip was provided by Prescott... Isn't this his beginning of summer home? And didn't you jump at the chance to drop the original location for the reunion? Where was that... Oh, yeah. Wasn't it a dark alley, someplace?"

Chris looks to the side. He asks, "Do you ever stop talking?"

Trevor and LeVar stand, there muscular frames particularly intimidating. "Daw, don't you talk to him like that."

"Or else you'll have to answer to us," LeVar insists. MItchell also stands, folds his arms, and nods. LeVar looks over at him. "A little slow on the draw, Stretch."

Mitchell insists, "I was going for dramatic effect."

Chris holds his hands up. "Calm down, calm down. I didn't mean anything about it. Ollie is incredibly charming, and one of the most adorable contestants we've had the pleasure of showcasing. Is that better?"

Mitchell admits, "Now it's sounding a little creepy."

"That sounds about right for Chris," Cheyenne admits. Marcello laughs, and snorts. He looks embarassed as some of the other contestants look at him and laugh.

Chris interrupts the awkward situation by explaining, "No matter the reason, we're here to get to know what the cast has been up to, as well as answer some of your questions." Chris points to the camera.

Bucky holds the camera and asks, "You're finally going to answer one of my questions."

Chris rolls his eyes. He explains, slowly, "That was directed at the viewer. Duh."

Bucky blushes and puts his camera back up. Abdul walks up and says, "Hey! You can't talk about my hero like that!" Some of the contestants chuckle.

Bucky blushes even more, as he insists, "It's alright, buddy. I wasn't offended." Abdul nods, and walks back off."

Chris sighs and says, "Man. What's with the people defending other people, today?"

"Must be something in the coconuts," Felicity suggests. She takes another sip from her coconut.

"Can we back to me?" Chris asks.

"If we're going for dull," Shanise says with an eye roll.

Chris nods and says, "Thank you. Let's start with... Ginger."

"Moi?" GInger asks. "Moi is flattered that you decided to begin with the biggest star of the season."

Abdul admits, "Actually, these question sessions always start with the first loser." Ginger glares at Abdul, who responds by looking down, clearly ashamed of his explanation.

Chris states, "The first question for Ginger is as follows. How did you lose all that weight, and how long did it take?"

GInger laughs, nervously, and insists, "Moi has no idea what you're talking about."

Chris stares at Ginger. He says, "But we..." Ginger glares at the host in a threatening manner. "Moving on... Have you done any quote unquote 'acting' since the season wrapped?"

Ginger flips her hair with her hand and responds, "Surely you've heard of 'Girl walks into door' and 'Girl swarmed by angry flying squirrels at zoo!!1!' on ClipTube. Some of moi's best work."

"Uh huh," Chris replies with an eyebrow raised. "Some of our viewers were curious about your 'friendship' with Prescott."

Ginger blinks. She asks, "They were? Why?"

Chris smirks and says, "You know." Ginger looks at Prescott, who waves at her, and then back at Chris. The host sighs. "Did you find him attractive," Prescott blushes, "repulsive," Prescott frowns, "or somewhere in between?"

Ginger blinks. She answers, "Yes."

"Oh, okay," Chris replies. He pauses for a moment. "Whatever, never mind. Next question. What's your strategy for the new Total... Drama:... Worst of the Worst?"

Ginger's eyes get wide. She excitedly asks, "I'm going to be on another season?! I'll have to pack my things!"

Chris lets out a laugh. He says, "Nah. I'm just messing with you. You should have seen yourself." Ginger squints her eyes in order to give the sadistic host a piercing glare. "Er..." Chris responds, taken aback. "Let's move on to Quimberly, shall we?" Ginger stops looking angry, and now looks particularly excited, along with the rest of the cast.

Quimberly folds her arms and coolly states, "Let's get this over with." Some of the male contestants swoon.

"Random Fan #17 asks," Chris begins, as he reads from an index card, "'If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?" Chris looks over at the perfect girl, who raises an eyebrow. Chris laughs and says, "I wasn't serious. You don't have to answer that, not that you could." The host moves on to the next question. "Mr. Bruno asks, 'How does it feel to be such an amazing person?'"

Quimberly shrugs. She admits, "I don't know what it feels like to be 'average'. I can't make an honest comparison."

Prescott wipes away a tear. He says, "She's so awesome." Jack nods and pats his friend on the back.

The host says, "User:The Anonymous User:A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous..." Chris shudders. "Who is that guy? The way he lives his... or her... life anonymously... It freaks me out, a little." Chris shrugs it off. "Anywho, he wonders if you have ever encountered anyone who can rival you in anything you do?" Chris looks at the index card he's holding. He tosses it over his shoulder and assures, "We all know the answer to that one." Chris holds up another index card. He says, "Finally, this one reads, 'Dear Quimberly, Even though you didn't win the competition... You won in everyone's heart. How do you feel about that? Signed, The World." Chris looks up at the violet haired wonder.

Quimberly shrugs and says, "It's okay, I guess."

Chris puts a hand to his heart and sighs. He says, "Alright. Unfortunately, we need to move on. Mitchell, you're up. Also, to spend more time with Quimberly we cut your questions down to one. Please respond to your question with either 'yes' or 'no'." Mitchell folds his arms, looks to the side, and nods. "Where did you learn your Australian accent?"

Mitchell blinks. He looks over at Cheyenne. He admits, "Ironically, it was from watching Cheyenne on Clip..."

"Uh uh," Chris says, while wagging his finger. "'Yes' or 'no'."

Mitchell sigh sand says, "Yes."

"Thank you," Chris replies. "Douglas."

"Yo," Douglas responds.

Shanise laughs and whispers to Cheyenne. "Nobody says 'yo', anymore." Cheyenne laughs and nods. Douglas glares at the cousins.

Chris goes on, "How far do you think you would have made it had you been an actual contestant?"

Douglas shrugs and admits, "I think I could have done pretty well. I'm in decent shape, I guess, and Asian guys make it into the final two pretty regularly on this show."

"You noticed that, too?" Yuko asks. Douglas nods. Yuko blushes and looks away from Douglas.

Chris laughs. He points at Yuko and asks, "Do you find it awkward that thousands of teenage girls now have a crush on you?"

"Uh, yeah," Douglas admits. "It's pretty weird." Douglas puts one of his hands at the back of his head. "They tend to run up to me while giggling... Of course, they usually ask me where I buy my 'skirts'."

Chris nods. He asks, "Uh, where do you buy your skirts?" Douglas glares at the host. "Fine, 'kilts'."

"The local kilt store," Douglas answers. "It's called 'Off Kilt-er'." Chris stares at Douglas. "Hey, I didn't name the place."

"And now," Chris goes on, "we brought Karen out of prison to answer a few questions. Come on out, Karen!" The contestants nervously look around. Chris lets out a laugh. "Oh, man! That never gets old." The host slaps his knee.

Michaiah holds up a page from his notepad that reads, 'You mean you were trolling us?'

"It's Chris," Shanise reminds. "What did you expect?" Shanise also throws in a sassy finger snap.

'Touche', a note that Michaiah holds up reads.

"Next up, Prescott," Chris turns his attention to Prescott. The host blinks. "Uh... Have you been in that loincloth all this time?" Prescott nods.

Jack insists, "Looks pretty natural, huh?" Chris shudders and then shakes his head. "Mamo... She's kind of the village mommy, anyway, she sewed that for Scotty. She used a snake skeletion for the waistband. Isn't she awesome?"

Chris admits, "I'd have to say yes, judging only on the fact that he's at least adequately covered." Ollie fails to resist poking Prescott's chubby side of his torso. "I mean, at least to keep the PG rating. Anyway, on to the questions. I take it you took up Jack's offer to join him in the jungle."

Prescott nods. He says, "I wasn't entirely serious when I accepted his offer."

"You weren't?" Jack asks with wide eyes.

Prescott frowns. He admits, "Honestly? Yes."

"Aw, you're so honest, Scotty!" The wild boy says as he hugs Prescott.

Prescott laughs. "Then I thought, why not? Sure, I'm out of my comfort zone out there, but it has been a major help. Tackling my OCD head on has helped me progress, though." Prescott looks over at a stray hair on Ina's sweater, and removes it. He looks over at the show's host. "Uh... I'm not claiming to be completely cured, or anything."

"Right," Chris responds. "I didn't ask for yourlife story, or whatever." Prescott looks to the side. "One last question. Do you miss your old sweater that LeVar ransacked?"

Prescott folds his arms. He insists, "I put behind my material possessions to live in a jungle for the last few months." Prescott scoffs. "You think I miss my old sweater?"

Jack looks confused. He asks, "Isn't that the one that you held an elaborate funeral ceremony for out in Africa?" Prescott begins crying into his hands as he slouches forward. "Too soon, buddy?" Jack pats Prescott on the back. "There, there. Let it all out."

Chris turns to Ina. He asks, "So, Ina... Can I call you that, or are you gearing to put on your Molly Cirrus wig to boost ratings?" The host looks generally hopeful. Ina blushes and shakes her head. Chris sighs. "It was worth a shot. So... How's your mom's nursing home doing?"

"Still trying to make ends meet," Ina sadly admits. "A lot of the money I make goes to my record label, and then the rest for other expenses."

Felicity suggests, "Couldn't you hold a benefit concert, or something?"

Ina's eyes get wide. She says, "That's a great idea. I never thought of it. Thank you!"

Felicity smiles wide. "I can totally organize it if you want. It'd be no problem, at all."

"No, that's okay," Ina replies. "But thanks for the idea." Felicity frowns and looks to the side.

"What inspired you to live a double life?" Chris asks the former secret identity of a pop superstar.

Ina admits, "I got the idea from something I saw on television."

"I got it!" Trevor exclaims. "D'aw, you mean that hit TV show about that one girl who pretends to be a car?"

Ina blinks. She answers, "No. I think it was a cat food commercial. I don't remember, anymore."

"D'aw, I thought my guess was right on," Trevor admits, while he sadly looks to the side.

"Before anyone says anything else about this," Chris begins, "let's move on to fan favorite, Ollie."

"That's me!" Ollie excitedly says.

Chris puts his hand to his face. "So darn cute." The host clears his throat. "So, man, were you upset with your team for how you were eliminated?"

Ollie looks down. He says, "I was a little sad. I mean, I felt like they viewed me like I was weak, and I didn't like that."

Elisabeth assures, "I didn't think that, at all." Ollie looks over at Elisabeth and nods.

"Are things alright with you and LeVar?" Chris asks.

Ollie looks at LeVar. He says, "Yeah. I was pretty mad at him, but I'll like him. As long as he's nice to me and buys me action figures, that is."

LeVar smiles, laughs, and says, "Fair enough."

"Aw, LeVar, you big softie," Chris says, mockingly.

LeVar barks, "Don't mess with me, vulture bait."

"Vulture bait?" Vinnie whispers to Zach. "That's a new one." He turns to Michaiah and whispers, "Write that down." Michaiah nods before complying.

"Yuko," Chris says, as he turns to face the highly observant girl. "Where did she go?"

The contestants look around. "I know not," Hildegarde admits.

Vinnie looks at Hildegarde, and lets out a girlish scream. He points and says, "Behind you!"

Hildegarde puts up her fists as she turns. Yuko puts her hands up, shakes her head, and says, "It's just me. I just found this to be the best spot to observe the rest of you."

Zach puts a hand on his opposite shoulder. He admits, "I feel violated." Yuko rolls her eyes, and looks to the side.

Chris says, "Now that we found you, mind answering some questions?"

"About myself?" Yuko asks.

"No, about Mitchell," Chris responds. Mitchell looks hopeful. "Of course I meant you." Mitchell lets out a disappointed sigh.

"Fine," Yuko concedes. "Make it quick. I want to hear what everyone else has been up to." Yuko looks to the side, and gives a mischievous smile. "As if I didn't already know."

"Have you kept in contact with any if the other contestants?"

Yuko nods and says, "All of them... From a comfortable distance."

"Wait, what?" Brody asks with wide eyes.

"Especially Jack?" Chris asks with a coy smile.

Yuko responds, "I knew you were going to say that, so I prepared a clever response."

"Which is?" Chris asks with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't deserve to hear it," Yuko insists.

Chris pouts and looks to the side. "I... totally don't care." Chris' response sounds forced. "Next question. Which past contestant would you like to observe first hand?"

Yuko answers, "Tommy."

"Tommy? Total Drama: Boney Island Tommy?" The host blinks. "Why him?"

Yuko admits, "There must be something somewhat interesting about him. I'd try to figure out what it is."

"Aw, snap," Zach responds, half chuckling as he bites his fist.

Chris continues the questioning, "LeVar, how did people react to your special... interests?"

LeVar folds his muscular arms. He answers, "They accept it. If they don't accept it, I make them accept it." LeVar accentuates his point by punching his empty palm.

"Uh, that's..." Chris begins. "Wait, weren't you trying to be nicer?"

"Yeah, yeah," LeVar answers looking to the side. "I don't plan to be a goody goody, but my moms was pretty disappointed in me. I still want to make her proud without sacrificing what makes me LeVar."

"Like your scraggly chin beard?" Chris asks, with a smirk.

LeVar points at the host. "The old me would have wiped that smirk off your face with maximum impact... The new me is thinking about it."

Chris clears his throat. "Next question. Do you feel bad about how you treated Trevor?"

The bulky jock folds his arms and looks at Trevor. He admits, "Maybe a little..." LeVar sighs and says, "Okay, yeah... I do regret it. He didn't deserve that... I apologize... I guess." Trevor looks in LeVar's direction, and smiles. LeVar looks over at Chris. "Can we get on with the next question?"

Chris nods, and then asks, "Have a favorite Transmorpher?"

"Definitely Solar Screech," LeVar quickly answers.

"Solar Screech?" Douglas asks. "Isn't that that nerdy kid from 'Rescued by the Whistle'?"

LeVar points at Douglas and states, "Solar Screech is only the most awesome Transmorpher in existence. If you value your pretty, don't get him confused with anyone else, again." Douglas raises his hands defensively.

"To conserve ratings and Douglas's pretty, but mostly to conserve ratings due to Douglas' pretty, let's move on to... Zach," Chris asks.

"Oh, boy," Zach responds.

"First question," Chris begins. "What kind of reaction have you gotten back home over your appearance on the show?"

"Pretty good," Zach assures. "With my schooling situation, a lot of people assured me that it didn't matter as much as I thought it did... I'm slowly starting to believe that."

"Have you thought about getting a GED?" Chris asks.

"I haven't had the time," Zach admits. "Still supporting the fam."

"Speaking of fam, I hear you and Felicity are engaged," Chris says with a wide smile.

"What?!" Zach replies with wide eyes. "Who told you that?" Felicity blushes. Chris points at Abdul. "Well it isn't true. We're still together, but I think we're a little young for marriage... Who am I? Beau, Cary, Kendall, or Fiona?"

"Don't forget Celia," Cheyenne adds.

"Thank you," Zach replies. He lets a deep breath out of his nostrils.

"Remind me not to trust anything Abdul says," Chris says while glaring at the lingering temporary employee.

Abdul says, "Sorry. It was wishful thinking on my part." The muscular foreigner clasps his hands together and assures, "You two are so cute together!"

Chris shakes his head, to express his shame. He then asks, "Do you regret lying about your secret? Zach looks down for a moment. When he looks back up he responds with a nod. Chris nods back at him. The host looks to the right of Zach and says, "Michaiah, you're up."

"No he's not," Jack says. "He's sitting."

"D'aw, good point," Trevor compliments.

"Thanks," Jack replies with a smile. He looks at Trevor. "You're nice. How would you feel about wearing a loincloth and living in the jungle?"

Trevor blinks. He says, "D'aw... Probably pretty exposed, I'd think."

"You get used to it," Prescott assures.

"Can we get back to Michaiah?" Chris asks. The host turns to the usually silent teen. "So, Michaiah..."

Michaiah holds up a piece of paper that reads, 'Yeah?'

The show's host asks, "Have you received any treatment for your speech condition thingy?"

Michaiah takes time to write something down. He holds up his notepad, 'I've gone to therapy... Maybe not as regularly as I could, but it hasn't helped too much.'

"Give it time, bro," Vinnie suggests. Michaiah looks over at Vinnie, nods, and then looks down.

Chris looks back and forth at Michaiah and Vinnie. He asks, "So... do you regret speaking up in order to help Vinnie?"

Michaiah continues to look down. He writes something, and then holds it up. 'Kind of.'

Vinnie insists, "Even though... there wasn't really a point, since, I wasn't in any real danger... Well... Anyway, I appreciate that you cared enough to try to save me. If that means anything."

After writin it down, Michaiah holds up a piece of paper that reads, 'Maybe I don't regret it, so much...' Vinnie looks over at Michaiah and smiles.

"So," the host continues, "have you been involved in any romantic relationships since..."

Michaiah quickly holds up a page from his notepad that reads, "No!" in a large font.

"Okay, okay," Chris responds, folding his arms, and looking to the side. He then looks over at Trevor. "Hey, Trevor. Do any role playing since the show wrapped?"

"D'aw... What?"

Chris rolls his eyes. He clarifies, "Have you returned to acting as The Masked Tuxedo since the show?"

Trevor shakes his head. He explains, "I, d'aw, got informed that my idea was already something from Japan... So I wasn't, d'aw, legally allowed to dress up as... you know who, anymore." Trevor smiles. "Now I go by The Three Piece Suited Avenger."

Chris blinks and says, "It's... catchy. Next question. Our audience wonders how big your comic book collection is."

Trevor looks confused. He puts his thumbs and index fingers at an angle in order to represent a rectangular shape. "D'aw, the comics are about this big."

"No," Chris replies. "I mean..." Chris rubs the bridge of his nose. "Never mind. Have you tried to help people since you appeared on the show?"

Trevor nods rapidly. "Oh, yeah! I figured out that I can help people in a lot of ways, with out putting on a mask and cape."

"Like how?" Chris asks.

"D'aw," Trevor responds. "I read to deaf kids at the local library, oh and I wash fish tanks for the local pet store... D'aw... That's about it."

Chris blinks. He assures, "I'm sure you help people in ways that you don't even know." Trevor smiles. "Okay, moving on to someone more interesting..." Trevor frowns. "Shanise... and Cheyenne. You'll be lumped together, again."

"I can't say I expected much else from this fool," Shanise admits. Cheyenne nods.

"Do the two of you regret your strategy?"

Cheyenne explains, "We talked about that. We were able to work well together, and it wasn't really our fault that our plan got foiled. So, no, we don't regret it."

"Shanise," Chris begins, "have you found a way to support your family?"

"I got a job as a gogo dancer at a local night club," Shanise replies.

LeVar's ears perk up. He takes Michaiah's pencil and notepad from him and asks, "Where is this night club, in case any fans might want to know?"

Shanise looks at LeVar and says, "I was being sarcastic, foolio." LeVar grumbles and forcefully gives the pencil and notepad back to Michaiah. "I'm going to college in order to be able to support them when I finish," Shanise explains.

"Good luck finding a job in this job market," Chris says with a scoff. Shanise glares at him. "I mean... Good luck finding a job in this job market?" The host forces a smile.

"Gee, thanks," Shanise replies with an eye roll.

"Next... Vinnie," Chris addresses. "How's your little fling with Hildegarde been?"

"Fine," Vinnie says, while blushing. "Great, actually."

"I had to fight off fan girls," Hildegarde explains.

Vinnie blushes some more, and laughs. He says, "That's why I love you, babe." Vinnie blushes some more, as does Hildegarde.

"Ooh, the 'L' word," Chris coos. Chris looks own at an index card. "J-lo asks, 'Are you planning to go to the next Special Olympics?'"

Vinnie shakes his head. He says, "Are you kidding? I'm eighteen, now. I'm way too old to be any serious competition in the Olympics."

Chris nods. He smirks and asks, "Do you have any feelings for Felicity, any at all?"

"Nah," Vinnie replies quickly. "I mean, I liked her, at first, but I could recognize the spark between her and my main man, Zach. I let it go, with no hard feelings, and met someone better." Felicity and Zach glare at Vinnie, who looks back at them, and then blushes. "I mean for me."

"What attracted you to Hildegarde in the first place?" Chris asks.

Vinnie answers, "I'm attracted to strong women." He looks over at Hildegarde and smiles.

"All this romance stuff is starting to gross me out," Chris admits, as he sticks out his tongue. Vinnie and Hildegarde glare at the host. "I'm starting to agree with Michaiah on the subject." Chris looks toward Jack. He says, "Hey, Jack."

"Hey," Jack replies, looking around the area.

"So... any big adventures since you left the show?" Chris asks.

Jack answers, "Before going back home, I went on a cross country trip. I met a lot of Interesting people... Including this awesome trucker named Slim Jim." Jack looks to the side. "But now that I think about it... He was pretty hefty."

"That's fascinating," Chris says with a yawn. "What has been your favorite adventure?"

Jack thinks for a moment. He says, "I have a lot to choose from... Finding that weird Egyptian statue in that ancient pyramid... Discovering Atlantis... Fighting that steam powered dragon in China... Oh, I know! My answer is friendship! Yeah. Definitely friendship!" Jack pauses. "Are we done here? There's a side of this island that I didn't get to explore, yet..."

Chris rolls his eyes and says, "Fine, you can go."

Jack runs off and yells, "Yippee!" The others look after him with wide eyes.

Chris looks over at Elisabeth. "Ah. Elisabeth. The villain of the season."

Elisabeth blushes. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't reefer to me that way, Chris," Elisabeth requests.

"Fine," Chris replies. "If only for the fact that my doing so might save me from your weird voodoo. Here's your first question. Have you considered entering a baking competition?"

"Oh, heavens no," Elisabeth says with a hand to her heart. "I bake out of concern for others, not with the spirit of competition in mind."

"Er, by the way," Chris begins, "you didn't happen to bring any baked goodness with you, did you?"

Elisabeth smiles and nods. She says, "I did! I brought enough for everybody. Pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, and more." Elisabeth looks around. She asks, "Where's my sack of baked goods?" The contestants look around in an effort to find the rogue baked goods.

"Has anyone been seeing them?" Anneliese asks.

"Whoever took them, I want the first punch!" Felicity shouts.

Chris looks around. He turns to Bucky and asks, "You've been manning the camera, Bucky. Did you see what happened to them?"

Bucky answers, "I haf no cwoo wut yur talking aboft... Mmm..." The cameraman looks back, and pushes something behind him with his foot.

Chris scratches the back of his head. He says, "Huh. I guess we'll never know what happened..." Chris looks back at Elisabeth. "So, were you ever really interested in LeVar, or were you put off by his... advances?"

Elisabeth answers, "I found LeVar pretty charming, at first, but I couldn't take him all that seriously."

"Why's that?" Chris asks.

"Well, he's the kind of guy that's willing to flirt with any girl," Elisabeth answers. "I can't imagine him in a serious relationship, especially right now." LeVar folds his arms and looks away.

Chris asks, "So... any 'incidents' happen due to your indirect involvement since Total Deception Island?"

Elisabeth smiles and says, "I'm happy to reply 'no' to that question." A cell phone starts ringing. Elisabeth blinks. "Oh. That's me." She answers her phone, "Hello?" After a few moments of silence, she says, "I did? But I thought... Oh, no... I... uh... I'll get back to you as soon as I can." Elisabeth hangs up and smiles nervously. She says, "Uh... Can we wrap this up, relatively quickly?"

"Why?" Chris asks.

"Uh, no reason," Elisabeth assures, with a nervous laugh.

Chris shrugs. He says, "Fine." He turns to Felicity. "Felicity. Are you and Zach still an item?"

Felicity answers, "Yes." Zach waves at his girlfriend. "I figured that was obvious from his answers to your questions."

Chris rolls his eyes. "Whatever, know-it-all."

Felicity blushes. She says, "No, no. I mean, I just thought it was obvious."

"Did you miss him, once he was eliminated?" Chris asks.

"Of course," Felicity assures. "I knew I'd see him after the show was over, but I still really wanted to see him, again."

Chri nods. "Moving on to Anneliese."

"Yes." Anneliese replies. "I am being ready to be in the position of answering your questionings."

Chris asks, "As a princess..." Trevor looks shocked. "Didn't you have more important things to do than compete on a Canadian reality show?"

Anneliese tilts her head and says, "I was not being elligible to compete on an United Station reality showing."

Chris looks to the side and mutters, "Never mind. How do you feel about that Rahul jerk?"

Anneliese blushes. She says, "He was doing many unselfishly things for me on the contesting. He, and his impressive pompadour, were in the winning over of my heart. We are engaged to be married persons, as royalty in my landing are not being allowed to marry after turning twenty years of ages."

"Is Rahul here?" Chris asks.

"No," Anneliese answers. "Sadly, he is not being here. He needs to be signing much paperwork in order to bypass laws of peasant marrying royal blood... I do not be caring that he comes from goat farming family background."

"Ouch, that has to be a major step down among your normal suitors," Chris says with a laugh.

Anneliese turns her head to the side. "What are you meaning of? Goat farmer only topped by royal family persons. Oh. Rahul is also getting fitted for tight royal wedding pants. Ultimate test for one in process of marrying into royal family."

"Sounds... something," Chris responds. The host says, "Brody is next up." Brody gives two thumbs up. "How has fatherhood been going, has your 'little boy' matured, at all?"

"It's been going even awesomer than before," Brody replies. "Thanks for asking. LeVar has been so helpful, lately, too. Yeah, things are going great... and soon to get better."

"What do you mean?" Chris asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Brody explains, "Well... I'm happy to announce that wifey and I have a baby in the oven!" The other contestants look mostly pleased by the news.

"That's great news," Chris says with a smile. "Congratulations."

"Wait," LeVar states. "You were serious about that?" LeVar's mouth slips open, slightly.

"Yup, your gonna be a big bro, stepson bro," Brody says with a wide smile. LeVar looks dumbfounded.

Prescott has a raised eyebrow. "Does anyone else take issue with the whole 'baby in the oven' thing? I hope you meant a 'bun in the oven'..."

Brody blinks. "Why? What did I say?"

"Never mind," Precott replies.

Chris says, "Moving on to our big winner. Hildegarde." Some of the others clap. "First off, I'll ask about Vinnie. When did you know he was the one for you, or whatever?"

Hildegarde thinks back. She says, "When I saw how nice person he was."

"Aw, thanks, babe," Vinnie replies, while blushing.

"Ack," Chris reacts. "I forgot how nauseating you two were." Hildegarde glares at the host. "Uh... Never mind. Next question. How does it feel to be the undisputed challenge king... er... queen?"

"It feels..." Hildegarde begins. "Good. Like I knew that it would, now."

"You knew?" Chris asks.

Hildegarde shrugs. She admits, "I thinking I would do well in challenges. I did not know I would have chance to do so."

"Mind if I ask about your brother?" Chris requests. Hildegarde shrugs, and then shakes her head. "Have you had any contact with him since the show ended?"

Hildegarde admits, "Not quite. We have written to each other, though. He saw show, and admits that he not realize how much I was effected by his actions. I hope he tries to change life."

Chris nods and says, "I hope so, too." He turns to the camera. "See? I am a nice guy." Chris turns back to Hildegarde. "One last question. How did it feel to win the entire competition?"

Hildegarde replies, "It felt..." Hildegarde looks at her fellow competitors. "It felt pretty amazing."

"Well said..." Chris replies. "I guess." He turns back to the camera. "Well, that's all for this season. Be sure to tune in for Total... Drama:... Worst of the Worst! I have a beach calling my name."

Prescott looks concerned. He says, "I'll have our live in doctor take a look at you... That is defintely not natural."

Chris insists, "I'm fine... It's a figure of speech." The host turns back to the camera. "Thanks for watching Total... Deception... Island!"

Elimination ChartEdit

Quimberly WIN OUT
Ginger OUT


  • The name of this season was determined by the combined efforts of Sprinklemist and TDIwriter.

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