Sandsvendor100 Do you really have to guess who this is
sandsvendor100 the fuck
sandsvendor100 @ this
sandsvendor100 ChrisTheSmartGuy who I'm p sure is Muffine going off the deep end
sandsvendor100 Vitas BasKausKass
sandsvendor100 Do I Get It
sandsvendor100 EpicProbst Small Fun Gentleman
sandsvendor100 My Tribe Name Is...
sandsvendor100 "Tapir"
sandsvendor100 Quake At The Power
sandsvendor100 I Am Voting "David" He Is A Bad Bad LittleMan
sandsvendor100 I Vote "Chris" Because He Is Trying To Take Out Seym And I Will Not Allow It!
sandsvendor100 I Now Vote "Roy" Because His Presence Unnerves Me
sandsvendor100 I Am Voting "Aldo" I Am Sorry You Are A Very Good Man
sandsvendor100 But Seym Must Be Strategy Oriented And Bad
sandsvendor100 I Vote "Sloth" Now

Sandsvendor100 suh du
magic_carpet ufhuuh
magic_carpet send
sandsvendor100 Somthing Coming Even Larger Than Ape Or I… Must Make Prepare
magic_carpet oh no12
magic_carpet wat do!?
magic_carpet WAT DO????????/
sandsvendor100 We Must Take Shelter
sandsvendor100 Under Cosign Giuseppe's Fleshy Chest
magic_carpet (im dying @this cast)
sandsvendor100 (omg <3)
magic_carpet #winers
magic_carpet join!
magic_carpet JOIN!!!!!!!!!
sandsvendor100 Okay Do Not Rush Me
sandsvendor100 I Cannot Be Troubked
sandsvendor100 Troubled I Mean
sandsvendor100 Even Tapir Makes Typos
magic_carpet o i kno the fel

sandsvendor100 Hello My Friend Would You Like Some Fresh Sands
sandsvendor100 Only 100000 Coin For One Purchase Of Nice Sand's
sandsvendor100 You Cannot Resist My Feature's
BallsyBlue hi dra
sandsvendor100 Who Is That Man You Call "Dra"
BallsyBlue giggles violently
BallsyBlue I would love some fresh sands!
BallsyBlue I can give them to my boyfriend Avery as a present!!
sandsvendor100 What Is This "BoyFriend" You Speak Of
BallsyBlue His name is Avery! aka Ramsey!
BallsyBlue He's my favoritest person ever!
sandsvendor100 Me And The Cosigns Do Not Gnow Modern Love
sandsvendor100 Look At This Wonderful Army Of Men

DavidCameron Would you like to assist in my political campaign?
sandsvendor100 Who Are You
sandsvendor100 I Do Not Know What A Politic Entails
DavidCameron David Cameron!
DavidCameron Prime minister of the UK!
sandsvendor100 Is It Twelve Large Tapirs, Swinging From Side To Side With Their Large Phallus
sandsvendor100 If Not Then I Am Not Interested.
DavidCameron It involves that at times, yes!
DavidCameron I just need your enthusisasm!
sandsvendor100 What Is The Point Of This
sandsvendor100 Do You Want Rare Sands
sandsvendor100 If So Just Ask Me And I Will Peddle Them To Your Wretched Soul
DavidCameron If by rare sands, you mean minerals, sure!
DavidCameron How much for your most exquisite sands?
sandsvendor100 Hands.
DavidCameron Okay.
sandsvendor100 Take Me
sandsvendor100 The Hands
DavidCameron I gave you my hands!
DavidCameron Where are my sands
sandsvendor100 Where? I Do Not See Hands
DavidCameron I gave them to you after the immunity challenge!
sandsvendor100 Good Good Good
sandsvendor100 Seymour Likes That A Lot Mmm Yes
sandsvendor100 Gives David The Sands But Not The Too Powerful Sands Just The Mildly Good One's

Roy__ vote....?
sandsvendor100 Hor Hor Hor Look Who Is Crawling To Me Now!
sandsvendor100 What Is Up My Friend
Roy__ breathes heavily
Roy__ 1d3c2f103193ed99e3f25e1f5bcb4f64.jpg
Roy__ i made card
sandsvendor100 Seyms Reaction
sandsvendor100 Pictured Above Is Large Giuseppe Looming Over My Small Body
Roy__ ...who vote for?
sandsvendor100 I Do Not Know
sandsvendor100 You Tell Me A Suggest
Roy__ my friend is say aldo for vote....
Roy__ stares
sandsvendor100 Okay I Will Consider

TiredGaySloth so
TiredGaySloth save me???
sandsvendor100 Did He Truly
sandsvendor100 Forg Is Genius MasterMan
sandsvendor100 I Will Consider It
sandsvendor100 Even More If You Buy These Good Sands Right Here
TiredGaySloth u can ask magic
sandsvendor100 Holds Up Glistening Sands In His Paw
TiredGaySloth he did the same for magic and we both said no
TiredGaySloth only reason he voted aldo
TiredGaySloth tbh
sandsvendor100 Wow He Is A Sneaky Sneaky Man....
sandsvendor100 He Will Be Punished Accordingly
TiredGaySloth [22:33] <TiredGaySloth> who do u want 2 vote out [22:34] <forg> tapir?
sandsvendor100 Wow......
sandsvendor100 He Is A Bad Man I Can See With Mine Eyes

forg rare sadns
=== forg <4454f3a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> “”
=== forg: member of +#EpicvivorCagayan
=== forg: attached to “Webchat”
--- End of WHOIS information for forg.
Sandsvendor100 You Want These Rare Sands?
Sandsvendor100 I Want Your Cashes Foolish Babyboy
forg bsbiboi
forg boi
forg B O I
Sandsvendor100 Who Are You Saying "BOI" To With Your Mischievous Rambling's
Sandsvendor100 Seym Does Not Approve
forg u boi
forg imm forg
forg i won a hunr5g gam
forg that u
Sandsvendor100 That Is Not Me That Is Cosign Giuseppe
Sandsvendor100 Doughy Guiseppe In The Pond…
forg ho
forg who
forg who
forg who????????????????
Sandsvendor100 Cosign Giuseppe
Sandsvendor100 Silence!!!!!!!
Sandsvendor100 You Fool
Sandsvendor100 You Do Not Gnow True Talent
forg >gnow
forg u spelrd that wrogn
Sandsvendor100 What Do You Have To Say About Wrong Spelling's You Nitwit
forg hey thatsmean
sandsvendor100 Sorry I Am Not True
sandsvendor100 You Are Good Man Forg
sandsvendor100 Hor Hor Hor
forg hor hor hor
forg . u .

YOU (sandsvendor100) have joined #Brawn
-->| forg (4454f3a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Brawn
sandsvendor100 Ha Ha Ha I Am Here First
sandsvendor100 *Looks At Epicprobst*
forg . H .
sandsvendor100 Who Are You And Why Are You Taking Away My Winning's
forg i am fORG
-->| magic_carpet (440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Brawn
magic_carpet yus
forg hoI
magic_carpet iu1
sandsvendor100 Good
sandsvendor100 Only The Strong Will Join The #Brown
forg wheres aldo
forg boi
-->| Aldo (32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Brawn
forg brown
forg bren
forg bran
forg byot
forg . H .
Aldo we are brown tribe
sandsvendor100 Good To See You Here
Aldo Her mentor
sandsvendor100 Fan!
Aldo rots
forg o no
forg do nt
magic_carpet o
Aldo me wil
sandsvendor100 What A Good Browny Tribe
sandsvendor100 Lifts Very Heavy Log
sandsvendor100 I Weight 100000 Lb
Aldo no
Aldo No stop
Aldo Stop spy spy slot ssptd ssptd stop
Aldo makes sands stop
forg . H .
|<-- Aldo has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
forg o-oh
-->| Aldo (32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Brawn
sandsvendor100 He Will Be Back Do Not Fret
Aldo back KKK 6
sandsvendor100 Oh I Predictd The Future
Aldo no no nodvfbgn o afn o nao non
forg . u .
Aldo . n .
forg i wil sit
forg is gud
Aldo is bad
Aldo did no her chore hinge
forg . ^ .
sandsvendor100 We Will Not Let Intruders Come Into The Competition
forg i wil sit
sandsvendor100 Tapirs Face Tests Of Hugest Size
sandsvendor100 To Walk Across These Endless Skies
sandsvendor100 (Though These Are Tests Of Brains And Brawn
sandsvendor100 Not Tests You Fill In Circles On).
sandsvendor100 When Seymour Was Yet Young-But-Old
sandsvendor100 He Passed His Tests, Aced Them Stone Cold
sandsvendor100 But Foolish Gerold Was Not So
sandsvendor100 His Test Scores Wavered To And Fro
sandsvendor100 He Failed Out Of Tapirs School!
sandsvendor100 A Huge Big Dolt, Gigantic Fool…
sandsvendor100 But Gerold Take His Test Once More
sandsvendor100 He Score Far Better Than Before
sandsvendor100 Gerold Return His Shattered Pride
sandsvendor100 And Now He Serves Me At My Side.
sandsvendor100 If Dullard Gerold Manage Test
sandsvendor100 You Too Can Score Among The Best.
forg yUS
Aldo nus
Aldo @ sand
magic_carpet carpet is redy
magic_carpet 4 winning
magic_carpet i am rely
forg over and over
magic_carpet no jack luke zangief to weig me down no
forg y tems if only 10 tho
magic_carpet no muliar to trick me now
magic_carpet no anna to backstab me now
magic_carpet i win
forg i HATE muliar
Aldo anna fun
Aldo anna strng
forg anna
Aldo lik brown
forg personal
forg hrlht
forg . H .
magic_carpet x_W
forg i HATE muliar!
Aldo muliar?
sandsvendor100 I Do Not Know
sandsvendor100 What Muliar
sandsvendor100 Is
sandsvendor100 Educate The Seym
forg i H A T E muliar!
sandsvendor100 Tapirs Eat Fruit To Stay Healthy And It Tastes Good
Aldo edicate m
Aldo unfnded hate is MEN
forg yay
forg ME N
Aldo pls stop
forg : <
forg forg is rot
Aldo : >
forg sorry
forg oops
Aldo ur not rot
forg . H .
forg . u .
Aldo u r lot
Aldo hug
forg yus
sandsvendor100 Not!!!!!!!!!
Aldo rot?
forg . u .
forg 1-1-1 tie plz
forg hawt
Aldo boo
sandsvendor100 That Was Bad And Not Funny
Aldo brown tribe issuperior
forg . m .
magic_carpet AAAAAAAG
sandsvendor100 Not!!!!!!!!!
Aldo psl stop!!!!
Aldo @ sands
forg SIS
forg SITS
forg . u .
magic_carpet i can paly
forg ysus
sandsvendor100 Good
sandsvendor100 I Will Not Stop @Aldo
sandsvendor100 You Must Utter Secret Command For Me To Stop
sandsvendor100 Secret Command Is:
sandsvendor100 ...
sandsvendor100 ...
sandsvendor100 "Tapir"
forg . H .
magic_carpet o1!
forg . o .
magic_carpet - ~ -
forg = - =
magic_carpet ( 8 )
Aldo ( 9 )
sandsvendor100 ( 66 )
sandsvendor100 ( 666 )
sandsvendor100 I Make Mistake
Aldo gasp
Aldo nus!!
Aldo ( 10 )
Aldo try agAIN
forg we win?
magic_carpet * ^ *
forg ^-^
Aldo : D
forg :B
magic_carpet & _ &
magic_carpet $ D $
forg we wiers
forg yUS
magic_carpet WEIYNERS
sandsvendor100 Wieners
sandsvendor100 Good Job To The Clan
forg w-woah
forg . H .
Aldo whoa oh OH whoa oh ohhhhhhh
forg wowowowowowwowowowow
forg woah naby a triple!
Aldo a quaple
forg no
EpicProbst k brawn
EpicProbst the
EpicProbst mess that you are
EpicProbst You get a clue to the idol
EpicProbst 1 guess per round
forg . o .
forg .O.
forg how do
EpicProbst It is a male contestant from a season with Redemption Island
Aldo yey
Aldo sent giss
forg o-oh
Aldo omf
sandsvendor100 Oh Good
sandsvendor100 I Will Guess
sandsvendor100 It Is "Seymour"
Aldo i found idol
sandsvendor100 Do I Win
sandsvendor100 That Is Not My Real Guess By The Way
forg fail
forg . n .
magic_carpet o
magic_carpet ok!
forg v n v
Aldo ^ u ^
forg ya
sandsvendor100 Shut Fuck Up!
sandsvendor100 I Am No Fail
Aldo sand rot?
Aldo sand rot.
forg rot
forg . u .
Aldo do any u want idol
Aldo we share
forg yis
forg plz
forg . H .
sandsvendor100 Yes I Want It
Aldo ok
sandsvendor100 It Gives Me The Sand Rot Power In This Game
sandsvendor100 Hands.
Aldo i give forg
Aldo forg give sand
Aldo sand give carpet
forg yay
Aldo carpet give me
Aldo shiurr
sandsvendor100 Yes
magic_carpet no
forg woah
Aldo wo
Aldo skip carpe
Aldo sit on carpe
Aldo forg give sand sand give me
Aldo C:
sandsvendor100 Listen Here Friend's
sandsvendor100 We Will Make Finals
forg c:
forg yus
sandsvendor100 If We Stick Together With The Power Of Tapir
forg bron final
-->| TiredGaySloth (43564621@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Brawn
TiredGaySloth hi im joining you guys
TiredGaySloth we vote out the brains and then roy deal?
forg hi
forg yus
magic_carpet yas
sandsvendor100 Of Course
sandsvendor100 It Will Be Good
forg gud
sandsvendor100 My Fellow Friends: Who Do We Vote Of
forg idk
TiredGaySloth chris
TiredGaySloth for being a moron
forg k
forg even tho hes smrt
TiredGaySloth but also david like
TiredGaySloth isnt entertaining idk
sandsvendor100 I Want To Vote David
sandsvendor100 I Said "Hey Hey David Do You Want Sands"
TiredGaySloth ok good with me
forg piggle is berrer
sandsvendor100 He Said "Yes" And Then He Did Not Anwser
forg les vote pigge
sandsvendor100 David Is Bad Bad Man Who You Cannot Trust With His Sands
forg thats dave
TiredGaySloth roy told me u guys are going after me btw
sandsvendor100 That Is A Filthy Lie
forg wut?
TiredGaySloth if u r its fine just like get rid of me after roy/david/chris please
forg kk
TiredGaySloth i just wanna outlast them tbh
forg the brans r dum
forg lets boot em
sandsvendor100 Okay I Am Voting "David" My Cosigns You Must Assist Me
TiredGaySloth my bussy can't take them anymore
forg . u .
TiredGaySloth oh wait nvm its not you guys
TiredGaySloth it's david/chris/forg
TiredGaySloth wait
TiredGaySloth o
forg huh?
TiredGaySloth idk
forg wut di i do????
TiredGaySloth just what roy said
forg is a fake
magic_carpet sloth can DECODE IT
forg i don like brans
sandsvendor100 He Is Being A Dumb Man
sandsvendor100 Do Not Listen To The Roy Boy
magic_carpet who do u wants to vote 4
forg roi is dumb
forg but so is bran
magic_carpet let's vote david!
forg kk!!
Aldo okkkkkokokokkokokokooooook
Aldo OK
forg NO\
sandsvendor100 O Kay We Will
Aldo Y
magic_carpet hey saymore
magic_carpet they r voting u
forg the brans r dum
sandsvendor100 Why Are They Voting Me
sandsvendor100 Who Is "They"
sandsvendor100 We Will Get RedVenge
forg the dum smrts
TiredGaySloth they is chris
sandsvendor100 Okay Well We Will Get "Chris" Out
sandsvendor100 With The Power Of Tapir
forg yus
magic_carpet yaS!
forg hes smrt but bule
sandsvendor100 I Agree
forg ye
magic_carpet so
magic_carpet ro
magic_carpet i
magic_carpet right?
TiredGaySloth mhmm
sandsvendor100 Roy
forg mhmh
sandsvendor100 Yes I See
sandsvendor100 Good Idea
Aldo roi boi
forg boi roi
magic_carpet wow that rhymes TEHE!!!
forg yUS

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