Shadowbutt is the tyrant lord who took over Woldumar.


Shadowbutt looks mostly like a demented Hooga Hooga with 3 black horns, red eyes, a muscular blue torso, pink legs, a very, very long orange tail with maroon spikes, an orange lightning bolt in his head, and a very dark purple butt which is how he got his name.


Shadowbutt was first seen when Zeke was walking to Woldumar. He just muttered something about "the rise of Negamar" and vanished into a big black cloud. He also created a shadowy swirl in the sky known as "The Void." He later sent Barnbeast, Jerex, Camo, Big Snake, The Triapodon Trio, Gargantua, Fishby, Zoozs and The 9th Boss to terrorize Woldumar. Surprisingly, his plan was to have all those characters defeated, because any time a boss was defeated, their dark energy went into the Void, and made it bigger, After The 9th Boss was un-brainwashed, the dark energy that was inside him went to the Void and it filled up the sky. Then, Shadowbutt's plan was revealed. The WolduWarriors were sucked into the Void, which then closed. The 4 WolduWarriors were in a demented version of Woldumar called Negamar!!! After defeating Will's clone, Jerex again, Adi for the 4th time, and ORT, the Warriors came to Shadowbutt and defeated him with the help of Jixx the Hooga Hooga. They were finally transported back to Woldumar and Shadowbutt was apparently gone. He actually turned into an almost microscopic bug who scuttled around biting people and possessing them. Shadowbutt's true form bit the giant pig, Adi, turning her into an unstoppable creature named Shadi who had Adi's body and Shadowbutt's brains. But the WolduWarriors, once again, defeated Shadi and sent Shadowbutt scuttling away. Now he is in a diamond jar from which he can't escape.


  • Shadowbutt looks like a very unusual Hooga Hooga in his human form, but his real species is possibly a Shellbutt because they look almost identical when Shadowbutt is in his bug form.
  • Shadowbutt is in the third game, trying to release the Triapodon King.
  • The only evil twins that Shadowbutt didn't create are Lliw and Beana.