Simulavivor: BorneoEdit


Commander Shepard- The Guy Who Makes Lots Of Key Choices

Steve Novak- The Awkward White NBA Player

Jack Sparrow- The Pirate

Michaelangelo- The Fun Ninja Turtle

Anne Hathaway- The Actress Everyone Hates For Some Reason

Princess Leia- The One With The Buns... In Her Hair, That Is

Mary- Who?

Beyonce- Jay-Z's Wife


Martin Luther King Jr.- The Civil Rights Dude

Carter Williams- The INV Spicolli

Seth Rogan- The Same Character In Every Movie

Satan- The Bad Guy

Ursula- The Villain From The Little Mermaid

Yoko Ohno- The One Who Is Very Bad At Singing Yet Is Famous Because She Was Married To John Lennon

Maeby Funke- The Rebel

Mrs. JER- Julian's Lovely Wife

Teh GameEdit

Episode OneEdit

The male Soggys, Mikey, Shepard, Steve, and Jack, all form an alpha-alliance. Anne hears of this, and tries to form a counter-alliance with the girls, who all laugh at her and ignore her offer.

On Kabong, Maeby, Carter, and Seth form a young people's alliance, which Yoko joins without asking. They want to vote the overbearing Mrs. JER out. Meanwhile, MLK, realizing those four are a threat, makes a deal with Satan and starts to lead a charge against Carter, who he assumes is racist cuz he's from Kentucky or wherever. The vote ends up tied, and Mrs. JER wins the tiebreaker challenge- Saying stuff on-camera.

Episode TwoEdit

On Soggy, Anne continuously tries to tell her female tribemates about the alpha-alliance, only making them want Anne out more and more. Mary does nothing of interest. Beyonce and Leia compare their buns. Steve tries to fit in with the cool kids, Mikey, Shepard, and Jack, but fails.

On Kabong, Yoko decides that she wants to be an old person again, as the young people are down in numbers. Seth makes a lot of jokes, convincing the old people to keep him over Maeby.

Teh VotesEdit

TC 1- Kabong

Carter- 4 (MLK, Mrs. JER, Satan, Ursula)

Mrs. JER- 4 (Yoko, Maeby, Seth, Carter)

No past votes.

Carter loses tiebreaker.

TC 2- Kabong

Maeby- 5 (Mrs. JER, Satan, MLK, Ursula, Yoko)

Ursula- 2 (Maeby, Seth)

TC 3- Kabong

Mrs. JER- 3

MLK- 2

Seth- 1

TC 4- Kabong

Satan- 3

Yoko- 2

TC 5- Kabong

Seth- 3

MLK- 1

TC 6- Soggy

Steve- 4

Leia- 3

Jack- 1

TC 7- Rattata (Jack immune)

Shepard- 6

Yoko- 4

TC 8- Rattata (Beyonce immune)

Jack- 3

MLK- 3

Mary- 3

MLK goes due to past votes.

TC 9- Rattata (Ursula immune)

Mary- 5

Leia- 3

TC 10- Rattata (Leia immune)

Beyonce- 5

Jack- 2

TC 11- Rattata (Mikey immune)

Leia- 3

Anne- 2

Yoko- 1

TC 12- Rattata (Anne immune)

Jack- 3

Ursula- 1

Yoko- 1

TC 13- Rattata (Ursula immune)

Mikey- 3

Anne- 1

TC 14- Rattata (Anne immune)

Anne brings Ursula to the finals.


Ursula- 4

Anne- 3

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