Steven official

Steven's official art for WolduWarriors 2.

Steven is the lazy, cheese-loving 4th member of the WolduWarriors who loves to hang out with Zeke and Jarl.


Steven is extremely lazy. He likes cheese sandwiches, but not blue cheese. He has long brown hair and lots of freckles. In the first game he wears a long red shirt and blue shorts. In the second game he wears a turquoise shirt and blue jeans.


Steven is the funniest of the four WolduWarriors, with Zeke, Will and Calvin being the best, strongest and fastest, respectively. Steven throws cheese-related items at enemies to hypnotize them. His special attack is Sandwich Rumble, which he can learn by training with Mo. Steven is playable starting in Chapter 2-3 in WolduWarriors and Chapter 1-4 in WolduWarriors 2.

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