This was MrE's idea.


  1. Trey
  2. Fire
  3. Dylan
  4. Epic
  5. Bruno
  6. Mika



Yes, it is I, Trey. I will nominate completely emotionally. Based on my gut, like Lex.

I nominate you, Dr. Mario, you, Wii Fit Trainer, you, Rosalina, you, Pichu, you, Ganondorf, you, Wolf, you, Dark Pit, you, Duck Hunt, you, ROB, you, Bowser, you, Robin, and you, Lucina, for eviction.


I'm saving Rosalina & Luma because they're glorious and look hella fun to play, and I'm cutting Ganondorf. vomit.


I would like to save Wii Fit Trainer because she's amazing and cut Dark Pit because he's probably one of the most unecessary SSB characters of all time and could have just been an alternate costume instead of a whole new character. Kbye.

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