My next project, where I take absurdly large casts and make minifics that take thousands of years to create! There may or may not be edgics, and they may or may not consist of 75% of the people being UTR.

Survivor: Greenrock 2013 - The Unabridged VersionEdit

The Sausages


Edward - One Of The Random Dudes With Not Much Of A Personality Other Than Being Cool

Peter - The Asian Dude Who Wrote A Freakishly Long Story That Made No Sense

Joe - The Really, Really Boring Guy Who Is The Embodiment Of The MOR Edgic Rating

Eric - The Black Dude Who Is The Opposite Of Every Black Stereotype

Kevin - The Asian Guy Who Pretended To Be Gay Because He Secretly Has A Hot Girlfriend And Took Many Selfies During Greenrock (And there are many other things about him, but we won't list them because the stereotype would be too long)

Njoh - The Tall Skinny Black Dude Who Helped Me Find My Dorm Room After My Mom And I Got Lost For 20 Minutes Trying To Find It

Eynnus - The Massive Black Guy Who Always Sang The Krusty Krab Pizza Song And Wore Sweats When It Was 90 Degrees Out

The G.oddesses


Janae - The First Of Many Girls Who Have No Parodyable Traits Except She Was Kinda Tasia-Ish One Day

Kristina - The Girl Who Knows This Hot Girl From The Whale Club Trip We Went To Last Year

Jessica - The Kinda Generic Girl

Shelby - The Really Nice Girl Who's Lauren's Friend And Doesn't Really Have Many Parodyable Traits But Is Really Nice

Caroline - The MORP Girl

Zeke - The Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Hot and Attractive Guy

Lauren - The G.oddess

The Random Girls Who Were Kinda Lumped Together


Natalya - The Girl Who Owns A Hamster Farm And Dreams Of Burning Every Fedora In The World

AnnJel - The Girl Who Has A Stereotypically Black-Sounding Name But Is Very White

Iris - The Asian Girl Who Has Sent Multiple Guys To The Hospital And Who I Thought Was A Boy

Hayley - The Kinda Nerdy But Cute Girl

Zoe - The Girl Who Has The Exact Same First And Last Name As One Of My Sister's Friends And Likes Post-Hardcore Music

Kalina - The Girl Who Is The Only Other Person I Know Whose Parents Combined Their Last Names

Lauryn - The Black Girl Who Was Apparently Homophobic And Very Religious

Bella's Gang


Bella - The Other G.oddess

Rob - The Fat Guy Who Makes Duckfaces And Dreams Of Being A Pokemon Master

Emmanuelle - The Twerker Who Posts Selfies On Instagram That Look Like Stick Insects

Nickie - The Girl Who Is Obsessed With Obscure Bands And Smokes Weed And Also Goes To My School

Mary - Who? The Really Really Disturbing Girl Who Has A Massive Crush On Me

Sarah - The Blonde Who Is Very Good At Drawing

Jackie - The Girl Who Has No Parodyable Traits But Was Friends With Bella And Whose Brother Looks Like JE

The Whovians (plus some poor girls who were lumped in with them)


Raechel - The Girl Who Has A Really Weird Spelled Name And Is Also Obsessed With Dr. Mary

Ali - The Girl Who Seems Kinda Nerdy But IDK

Anna - The Girl Who Is Obsessed With Ed Sheeran

Ashlee - The Nerdy Girl Who Wore Adventure Time Tights

Harmony - The UTRNN Presence Who Apparently Talked About Skinning Other People Alive Last Year And Is Obsessed With Doctor Who

Megan - The Weird And Extremely Nerdy Dr. Who Fan

Molly - The Really Nerdy Dr. Mary Fan Who Shared A Dorm With LoRenn And Was ALWAYS On Her Laptop Writing Fanfiction And Looks Like A Grandma

The Popular Ones, The Popular Chicks


Liz - Probably The Funniest Person I Know

Carlee - The Really Short Girl

Angel - The Girl Who Is Very Good At Writing Poems

Monique - The Female BB

Allison - The Ginger

Haley - The Fierce Hotness Queen

Jamie - The Quite Hot Girl Who Has No Other Parodyable Traits

Survivor: Greenrock 2014 - The Unabridged VersionEdit

Antwain - The Black Guy Who Always Wore Bright Green Sunglasses

Kristina - The Girl Who Knows This Girl Who I Met On A Whale Club Trip Who Has A Very Attractive Boyfriend

Lauren - Do I Even Really Need To Say Anything?

Shelby - The Really Nice And Funny #greenrocktwerkteam Member Who Left One Day Early This Year :(

Zeke - The Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Hot and Attractive Guy

Josh - The Flamboyant Theatre Guy Who Looks EXACTLY Like My Friend Charles And Wrote Really Really Really Really Obnoxiously Long Stories (Like Six Pages On Word... And He Read All Of Them!) And Always Said He'd Read Last To "Save The Best For Last"

Kalina - The Jewish Girl Who Has 83583843 Siblings And Is The Only Other Person I Know Besides Myself Whose Parents Combined Their Last Names To Make Hers

Caroline - The MORP Girl Who Is Obsessed With John Green And Is An Extra Like On All Of My Instagram Posts

Bre'Auna - The Girl Who I Don't Think I Ever Talked To? But She Seemed Nice

Grace - The Girl Who I Never Talked To Except For A Short Conversation About Shrek

Liz - The Funniest Person Alive

Bella - The G.oddess

Rob - The Pokemon Master Who I Am In An OTP With Called (Corn On The) Zob

Jessica - The Really Obnoxious Girl From Indiana Who Always Said Really Weird Shit And Pronounced Milk "Melk"

Hannah - The Other Really Obnoxious Girl From Indiana With Weird Eyebrows

Megan - The Quiet Strange Nerdy Girl Who Lives Down The Street From Lauren

Andra - The Bisexual Girl Who Said And Did Some EXTREMELY Strange Things And Excessively Flirted With Every Single Person There (And Made Out With Some Of Them)

Max - The Chubby Mexican Dude Who Flirted With Andra Constantly Despite Having A Long-Term Girlfriend At Home

Mary - The Really Scary Girl Who Had An Obsessive Crush On Me (And May Still)  And Has A Borderline Erotic Obsession With Joey Fatone From *NSYNC (No Idea Why)

Carly - The Nice And Fairly Quiet Girl Who, For Some Horrible Reason,  Listens To "Post-Hardcore" Like Pierce The Veil And Falling In Reverse

Zoe - The Girl Who Has The Same Name As Some Girl Olive Knows And Has Cool Hair And Listens To Post-Hardcore Too And Lauren Calls Her "Scene Queen"

Harmony - The UTRNN Presence Who Apparently Talked About Skinning Other People Alive Last Year And This Year Legitimately Made A Cannibalism Handbook And Is A Massive Fan Of Harry Potter Which Makes Me Feel Bad That I Am Too

Bria - The Short Girl With A Blonde Skrillex-Esque Hairdo

Robin - The Potentially Lesbian Hipster G.oddess With Amazing Hair

Drew - The Gay Doctor Who Fan Who Is REALLY Good At Cards Against Humanity And Who Was Our Third Roommate Due To His Original Roommate Not Showing Up

Scoot - The Girl From Ohio With A Weird Nickname... Yeah, That's All I've Got

Owen - My Roommate Who Vaguely Resembled Benedict Cumberbatch And Who Is Very Liberal But Everyone Started Calling Him Rush Limbaugh And I Accidentally Called Him Noah Once

Skye - The Girl Who I Discussed Music With And She Likes Electro Swing And Marina

L - The Enigmatic Lesbian Who Has 2010!Zeke Hair

Ali - The Really Funny Small Nerdy Girl

Roger Apricot - Our Companion

Alexa - The New Camp Director Who Was 100% Done With Our Shit On The Second Day And Pouted For The Rest Of The Time And Cringed Any Time Someone Said "Fuck"

Dan - The Really Cool Other Camp Director Who Is In A Band And Also Stole My Phone And Took Selfies On It

Ben Woodcock - The Deity

Survivor: MIPA 2014 - The Abridged Version (because I did not meet all 450 people)Edit

Zeke - The Tall Sarcastic Jewish Nerdy Guy Who Is Obsessed With Weird Music And Video Games

Logan - My Extremely Cool Bearded Guitar Playing Bisexual Roommate With A Great Taste In Music Who Moonlights As A Tumblr SJW

Erin - The Girl From My School Who Is Nice And Fancy And InstagramFamous

Kendall - The Goddess (Who I Actually Barely Talked To At MIPA)

Lauren - The Really Cool Jewish Girl With Giant Eyebrows Who Has A Strange Twitter Feed

Gabi - Lauren's Friend Who Said Extremely Weird Shit And Sounds/Laughs Exactly Like Trish Hegarty

Devlin - The Extremely Loud Hilarious Douchey-Seeming Guy Who People Gossiped About On Yik Yak

Maddie - The Fairly Cute Girl Who Was In My Class Who Definitely Had A Crush On Me (for some reason)

Will - The Odd, Mysterious Guy Who Is Invisible On All Social Media And Who Is Actually Very Funny

Noah - The Even More Hilarious Guy Whom I Bonded With Over The Song "All About That Bass" And Who Told Me To Send Knife Emojis To Bernice And Who Was Frequently Seen With Hordes Of Girls

Michelle - The Girl Who Is Definitely Cool But I Can't Really Think Of Any Extremely Interesting Things About Her

Sarah - The Quiet Nerdy Bespectacled Girl Who Is Obsessed With One Direction

Christiana - The Ginger Freckly Lesbian G.oddess

Mercedes - The Jewish? Girl Who Strongly Resembles RC

Aelish - The Really Funny And Cool Girl Who Worships Joey (See Survivor: People At Toad's School)

Maddy - The Girl Who I Had Hour-Long Conversations About Harry Potter And Good Music With And Everyone Shipped Us Hardcore Even Though She's Dating Some Guy From Arkansas Whom She Met On Tumblr

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