Survivor! With people who were in/worked on my fall play.


  • Mrs. Adler - The Play Director Who Has Been Working Here For Like 20 Years And Has Made All The Shows Awesome
  • Bill - The Tech Director Who Looks Like Walter White And Tells Awesome Stories/Jokes
  • Grace - The Assistant Tech Director Who Went To School Here Five Years Ago And Looks Like A Lesbian
  • Jack - The Gay Guy Who Used To Be The Stage Manager And Randomly Hangs Out Backstage
  • Aaron - The Former Lighting Designer With An Unnaturally High Voice


  • Bethany - The Only Girl From Conservatory That Never Actually Said Hi To Me Before The Show
  • Caitie - Mrs. Adler's Daughter Who Is Also In My German Class And Is Generally Nice
  • Carolyn - The Girl With Glasses Who Got A Lot Of Lines And Hung Out With Bethany And Danni
  • Zoe - That Girl I Never Met Who Barely Had Any Lines
  • Sarabi - The Girl From Conservatory Who's Pretty Nice But The Freshmen In The Play Said She Wasn't
  • Charlie - The Guy Who Likes To Insult Everybody And Is Kind Of A Dick But Is Also Hilarious So I Love Him Anyway
  • Sydney - The Girl From Conservatory Who Is 16 Years Old But Shorter Than Me Somehow Considering I'm REALLY Short
  • Chania - The Black Girl Who Kinda Sucked At Acting But Whom I Never Met
  • Juliana - The Other Girl I Never Met Who Barely Had Any Lines
  • Jacob - The Guy From Conservatory Who The Freshmen In The Play Said Was Really Nice To Everyone
  • Manny - The Black Guy Who Had Terrible Diction But Was A Golfer And A Rapper And My Dad Thought That Was Hilarious
  • Rachel S. - That Girl Who I Never Actually Talked To But Seems Nice And Was Good At Acting
  • Jewel - The Black Girl Who's Shorter Than Me And Also Might Be Related To A Friend Of A Friend But I'm Not Sure
  • Taylor - The Girl In My Grade Whom I've Known Since Elementary School And Who Always Overacts Onstage But Is Kind Of A Bitter Bitch In Real Life
  • Alex - The Freshman Guy Who Sounded Very Gay But I'm Not Sure If He Is, He's Also Slightly Bitchy But He Was Nice
  • Danni - The Cute Sophomore With Short Blonde Hair Who Was Awesome At Acting But Seemed Kind Of Like An Asshole When I Met Her
  • Ryan - The Guy Who Plays The Trumpet And Whose Brother Is My Friend But He (Ryan) Always Hangs Out With His Girlfriend Which Is Irritating


  • Sabrina - The Awesome Stage Manager Who Was Nice To Everyone Including Me
  • Ruby - The Assistant Stage Manager Who Always Hung Around Jack And During The "Porno Style" Warmup They Always Faked Having Sex
  • Kylah - The Other Assistant Stage Manager Who I Heard On Headset But Otherwise Never Met
  • Monica - The Girl Whose Brother I Used To Be Friends With And Who Is Normally An Actress
  • Shaelyn - The Girl I Never Talked To But Whom I Always Thought Had A Weird Name For A White Person
  • Tori - The Fat Blind Girl Who Was Too Blind To Do Anything But Fold Programs And She Cursed Way More Often Than Anyone Else
  • Maeve S. - The Girl Who's Friends With Some Of The People In The Cast And Who I Never Met
  • Ahmed - The Awesome Sound Designer Who Dressed Nicely And Who Only Ever Listened To Jazz So Whenever He Asked To Play Some Jazz On The Radio Bill Would Always Groan
  • Katie V. - The Other Sound Person Who Had A Broken Leg And Had A Nice Face (That Sounds Weird) And A Cool Last Name (Virostek)
  • Conor - The Fat Guy With Black Hair Who Was Basically Bill's Other Assistant And Who Was Always A Dick To People Who Couldn't Lift Heavy Stuff
  • Jackie - The Girl Who Was Surprisingly Awesome At Running The Spotlight And Who Talked To Me Occasionally Since We Were The Only People On Lights
  • James - The Short Jewish Freshman With Glasses Who Ran The Light Board And Who According To Bill Told Awesome Jokes
  • Maddy - The "Head Scenic Artist" Who Has A Cool Last Name (Dozat) But Whom I Never Met
  • Praharsh - The Indian Kid Who Hung Out With Conor And Who Was Often Sarcastic
  • Kaitlyn - The Girl Who I Literally Don't Remember Ever Seeing
  • Maeve M. - The Irritating Girl Who Wore A Fedora And Loved All Those Stupid British Shows And Who Liked To Draw
  • Dorothy - The Girl Who I Went To Middle School With Who Can Be Nice But Often Snaps At Me If I Ask A Question Or Do Something Wrong, Which Makes Me Sad :(
  • Katie C. - The Freshman Who Had A Job Even Though She Was Like 14
  • Natalie - The Other Girl Who I Literally Don't Remember Ever Seeing
  • Darcy - The Nice Props Manager Who Was Friends With Sabrina And Occasionally Said I Was Funny
  • Rachel C. - The Girl Who Wore Glasses Who Continues To Say Hi To Me When She Sees Me, Even Though The Show Is Over, Which Is Pretty Nice Of Her
  • Maggie - The Other Girl Who I Literally Don't Remember Ever Seeing Who Is Apparently President Of The Class Of 2016
  • Bridget - Shaelyn's Sister Who I Never Met
  • Nate - The Irritating Freshman Who Hung Out With Maeve And Who Pretty Much Nobody Liked

The Makeup And Wardrobe PeopleEdit

  • Jazmyne - The Girl With The Weirdly Spelled Name Who I Never Met
  • Solomia - The Only Girl In This Section I Actually Know, AKA Ryan's Girlfriend Who Is Literally Joined At The Hip With Him I Swear
  • Hadley - The Girl I Never Met
  • Caroline - The Girl Whose Sister Is In Some Of My Classes
  • Nilu - The Other Girl I Never Met


Season 1Edit



1: Aaron | Danni | Sabrina | Shaelyn

2: Aaron | Sabrina | Danni | Katie V

3: Sabrina | Danni | Manny | Carolyn

4: Sabrina | Manny | Danni | N/A

5: Sabrina | Danni | Manny | N/A

6: Sabrina | Danni | Carolyn | Manny

7: Danni | Sabrina | Manny | Aaron

8: Manny | Sabrina | Danni | N/A

9: Sabrina | Danni | Manny | N/A

10: Sabrina | Danni | Manny | N/A

11: Sabrina | Manny | Danni | N/A

12: Danni | Manny | Aaron | N/A

13: Manny

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