I'mma need multiple pages for all this crap. All the teams that won last round now have an idol hidden. Enjoy. Refer to original page for team rosters.

ROSTER CHANGES: Of Exile Island peeps, Jonas joins January Showers, Stephannie joins Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot, Paloma joins the Fighting Owls, and Jeremiah joins T.


Match One

Team Razzle Dazzle vs. The Milkmen

Challenge: Puzzle of Shields

Tom Westman leaderships Team Razzle Dazzle to victory once again.

Over at The Milkmen, Laura is treating Ibrehem like crap because of his religion. Sean and Brook get into a fight because Brook said something loosely percieved as racist. Taj and Michelle hate each other because a positive times a negative equals a negative. It becomes the blacks vs. the whites among those pairs, and Brooke and Joe, who have coupled up, find themselves in the awkward spot of not wanting to seem racist, but also not wanting to seem like they're trying too hard not to seem racist. They eventually decide that they need to avoid being called racist, and they vote Michelle out with Sean, Ibrehem, and Taj.

Laura- Sean

Brook- Sean

Ibrehem- Michelle

Taj- Michelle

Brooke- Michelle

Joe- Michelle

Michelle- Sean

Sean- Michelle

Match Two

The Colorado Marijuana Legalizers vs. The Chicken Littles

Challenge: Africa 102

Rodger's nature knowledge along with Brian's knowledge of African warlords lead The Chicken Littles to victory.

At the Legalizers' camp, Sarge is pissed at Jenn and Dawn for putting votes on him. He treats them like crap and goes a little power-crazy. Dawn just cries about it but Jenn fires right back at him and snarks him up real good. JT, Alex, and Bobby Jon use this oppurtunity to pull in Jenn and Dawn and take out Sarge, ending the power struggle for the official alpha male position with Tyrone.

JT- Sarge

Jenn- Sarge

Sarge- Jenn

Dawn- Sarge

Bobby Jon- Sarge

Alex- Sarge

Tyrone- Sarge

Match Three

Leaky Lakey Leak Lake vs. Team Team Team

Challenge: Spear-It Hunt

Richard, Reynold, and Julie's competence overcomes Crystal's incompetence and Brandon's throwing a spear through a cameraman in anger to win for Team Team Team.

At Leaky Lakey Leak Lake, Kathy and Kass are some sort of match made in heaven, yet they end up hating each other anyway. LJ operates as a very middle-of-the-road leader, and finds an idol in a very middle-of-the-road way. Adam's douchiness bothers the women, especially Marissa, who leads an insurrection against him. LJ wishes to keep Adam for his strength, and tries to get the older women on his side, but Kass' grudge against Kathy leads her to vote against Adam just to oppose Kathy.

Adam- Marissa

Marissa- Adam

LJ- Marissa

Kathy- Marissa

Kass- Adam

Roxy- Adam

Ashley- Adam

Morgan- Adam

Match Four

The Diddly Bops vs. The Washington Redskins

Challenge: Outrigger Fire Quest

The Diddly Bops are overall more athletic by like a mile, win.

At the Redskins' camp, Lindsey is thoroughly considering punching Denise for what happened. Dan really hates Christina for reasons nobody can explicitly state but EVERYONE understands. Sekou continues to blusterfully lead. Lindsey attempts to lead an insurrection against the Denise-Cirie-Ruth-Marie triad. She gets Christina, but fails to get Sekou, who still thinks Dan doesn't despise him, which he kinda does. Sekou tells Dan, who tells the ladies, and Lindsey goes.

Lindsey- Denise

Dan- Lindsey

Denise- Lindsey

Christina- Denise

Sekou- Lindsey

Ruth-Marie- Lindsey

Cirie- Lindsey

Match Five

The Bland Jefras vs. Charlie and the Muffins

Challenge: Float Your Boat

Matty and surprisingly-good-in-the-water Dan lead the Muffins to victory.

At Jefra camp, Terry is the leader. Joel and Colby both WANT to be the leader. They're real jealous of Terry. Artis just disapproves of the power struggle as a whole. Terry finds and idol, which Jeff literally hands him. Linda and Shambo are fast friends, driving just about everyone crazy. Danni has paired up with Terry and is puffing him up every so often. Sarah is CERTAIN Artis is a cop. When it comes to a vote, Shambo and Linda, being rather insane, are willing to work with Joel and Colby, and this puts Artis in a position where he either goes with those four or he goes to rocks. Terry does not play his idol, and he is voted out despite all the rigging in the world.

Terry- Linda

Artis- Terry

Colby- Terry

Joel- Terry

Linda- Terry

Shambo- Terry

Sarah- Linda

Danni- Linda

Match Six

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot vs. January Showers

Challenge: Marquesas Menu

Gervase cannot get the fafaru down, loses for Team Chris.

Sabrina's alliance of women and Jon's alliance of men fight for the loyalty of newcomer Stephannie. Stephannie, being ultimately fairly boring an uneventful, agrees to go with the women if they vote Gervase, who cost them the challenge, off. Easy.

Sabrina- Gervase

Katie- Gervase

Jolanda- Gervase

Stephannie- Gervase

Gervase- Sabrina

Jon- Sabrina

Boo- Sabrina

Amber- Gervase

Match Seven

Diversity vs. Team Africa

Challenge: Raft Rescue

Team Africa's a bit more athletic, wins.

At Diversity, Phillip tries to form a Stealth R. Us 3.0. Michael is the only one who wants to humor him, but Mike decides to just stay out of it and Bobby actively undermines Phillip at every oppurtunity. Jane and Sandy hit it off really weirdly and Melinda struggles to be relevant. Phillip wants to target Katie because she's a young female, but Mike leads a core group of him, Bobby, Katie, and Melinda to oppose Stealth R Us. Michael uses his manly charms to bring in the horrid pair of women, who because they love horrible things work with Stealth R. Us. Bobby taunts Phillip into getting the votes put on him instead of Katie, while Mike's group puts votes on Jane so that Phillip will draw a rock. Rocks are drawn and Melinda goes, so nobody cares.

Mike- Jane

Bobby- Jane

Jane- Bobby

Sandy- Bobby

Phillip- Bobby

Katie- Jane

Melinda- Jane

Michael- Bobby

Match Eight

The Cereal Killers vs. Sum 41

Challenge: Coconut Maze Race

This challenge is a crapshoot, Sum 41 wins.

At the Killers' camp, Jean-Robert and Rory are real cocky, thinking they're in charge now with Russell gone. Tina isn't ready to be in the minority, so she begins talking with Ami and Trish, still swingvotes. Ami and Trish know that Tina's the biggest threat on the tribe, but don't want to risk fighting over sweet innocent little Eddie with Jean-Robert and Rory, since Eddie would be likely to side with them. Jolanda yells at Ami for being a lesbian, though, and that ultimately seals Jolanda's ally Tina's fate for her.

Eddie- Tina

Rory- Tina

Ami- Tina

Tina- Jean-Robert

Jean-Robert- Tina

Jolanda- Jean-Robert

Trish- Tina

Match Nine

Doctor Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution vs. The Top Five

Challenge: Life's A Tapestry

Vee and The General have already won this challenge, win for The Top Five.

At The Family Band Solution, man does every single woman on this tribe hate each other. Jenna and Ghandia are at each other's throats, everyone's tired of RC, especially Chelsea, Candice is just pissed at Brad the whole time, Wanda loves everyone but annoys everyone, and Butch just collects firewood awkwardly. Brad tries to get a voting bloc together but is largely annoyed. At tribal, there is one voting bloc, and it's Chelsea and Candice, who get along alright. They get rid of Brad.

Brad- Candice

Chelsea- Brad

Candice- Brad

Wanda- RC

Ghandia- Jenna

Jenna- Ghandia

Butch- Wanda

RC- Chelsea

Match Ten

The Dharma Initiative vs. OTTNN6

Challenge: Tiki Towers

Clay makes a shockingly good caller, OTTNN6 wins.

At The Initiative, Rob's blind following of the edit and dismissal of Jefra and his correct dismissal of J'Tia as players leads him to seek a big move. He leads a charge against the charming yet threatening Yau-Man. It sadly works.

Rob- Yau-Man

Yau-Man- J'Tia

J'Tia- Rob

Jefra- Yau-Man

Jenna- Yau-Man

Clarence- Yau-Man

Sean- Yau-Man

Match Eleven

Jeff's Jaspers vs. Carlos Danger

Challenge: Distress Signal

The producers give Carlos Danger the win to preserve Russell.

At the Jaspers' camp, Rocky and Smashley are pretty much ready to fistfight. Corinne and Alicia sit in the background and are terrible to people together. Tyson decides he can deal with that and bashes with them a bit. John Kenney tries to open a coconut for like, six hours. Jacquie tries to work with Smashley, John, and Jim to take out a legit threat, like Tyson, but only Jim really listens. The Tyson-Corinne-Alicia triad put their votes on Smashley, as well as John who Tyson brings in by giving him a graham cracker.

John- Ashley

Ashley- Rocky

Rocky- Ashley

Tyson- Ashley

Jim- Tyson

Jacquie- Tyson

Corinne- Ashley

Alicia- Ashley

Match Twelve

Oh No It's Wobbuffet! vs. The Deadly Seals

Challenge: Jungle Relay

The Seals are more athletic, win.

The chicks are mad at Matt for turning on them, happy with Chet for pussying out and flipping to them. Wes has a #tacooverload, which is weird since they didn't win a reward or anything. Hope almost has a confessional, but then doesn't. Amanda, Ciera, and Jerri is a super-g.oddessy alliance. They pick of Matt rather uneventfully, with Chet and Wes both hopelessly trying to gain some of their trust.

Chet- Matt

Matt- Chet

Wes- Matt

Amanda- Matt

Ciera- Matt

Jerri- Matt

Hope- Matt

Match Thirteen

Sook Jai vs. Tribe Number Three

Challenge: The Maze

Challenge is crapshoot, Sook Jai wins.

Austin and Erik sign a deal where Erik will illustrate Austin's next book, it becomes an alliance sorta too. David tries SUPER hard, finds an idol. Edna annoys the shit out of Yasmin. Ryan Aiken has no real clue what's going on, teams up with David. Trish joins Austin and Erik, as well as Edna and Bruce, in voting for David, who has been making deals with everyone and very cockily doesn't play his idol, thinking he has a guys' alliance going.

Edna- David

David- Yasmin

Ryan- Yasmin

Yasmin- Edna

Erik- David

Austin- David

Bruce- David

Trish- David

Match Fourteen

The Only One I Ever Loved vs. Popped-Collar

Challenge: Flying Your Flag

TOOIEL is more athletic, wins.

At Popped-Collar, Kel realizes that he and Robb are outsiders, and need to do SOMETHING. Robb has trouble grasping this concept. Missy is a bitch to Coby for being gay. Coby wants to vote out Missy, because at least Robb is amusing. Andrea and Ashley want to #stickwiththeplan, but Nina is fine with taking Missy out. Coby and Nina approach Kel, who is so happy that this oppurtunity was just handed to him. Robb doesn't want to vote for Missy, however, as she's been his mother figure this whole time. He spills the beans to her, and now Missy wants to take Coby out. She goes to Ashley and Andrea, who are forced to choose between the two, and they choose to keep Missy because she's been more straight up.

Andrea- Coby

Missy- Coby

Robb- Coby

Ashley- Coby

Kel- Missy

Coby- Missy

Nina- Missy

Match Fifteen

Fuckingrayne vs. Joaq's World

Challenge: Palanquin Slalom

Lisi fucks up as a caller, Joaq's World wins.

Gabriel doesn't want to make any alliances, because he wants to ignore strategy. Alicia doesn't want to make any alliances... but that IS her strategy. Danielle and Morgan get along, and bully Lisi and Janu for being old and fat and ugly. Jaime and Brady are just kinda ashamed of their tribe. Gabriel finds the idol and straight-up burns it. It becomes Jaime and Brady choosing between Danielle-Morgan and Lisi-Janu. They side with Danielle-Morgan, the more bearable pair. However, Gabriel and Alicia both coincidentally vote for Morgan, thinking she's the laziest. This forces a tie. They force rocks, and Brady is somehow out now.

Jaime- Lisi

Brady- Lisi

Janu- Morgan

Lisi- Morgan

Alicia- Morgan

Gabriel- Morgan

Morgan- Lisi

Danielle- Lisi

Match Sixteen

Utopia State of Freedom vs. The Bomb Squad

Challenge: Floating Puzzle

Patricia slows The Bomb Squad Down, they lose.

Grant and his impressionable girls still have the edge on Natalie, Tracy, and Patricia. Natalie and Tracy realize it may be best if the tribe cuts off some fat challenge-wise (and literally) by voting Patricia out, and so they reluctantly agree.

Grant- Patricia

Julia- Patricia

Kelly- Patricia

Mary- Patricia

Patricia- Julia

Natalie- Patricia

Tracy- Patricia

Match Seventeen

A Series of Unfortunate Tribemates vs. District 12

Challenge: Pilfering Pirates (ATTACK ZONE!!!!)

The combined bruteness of James, Erik, Jonathan, and Ian wins for District 12.

At the Series of Unfortunate Tribemates, Bubba finds the idol, but makes his possession of it painfully obvious. A core, sane group of Tyler, Cristina, Michelle, and Brendan want to take him out. Bubba's new buddy Judd, though, is brought in on the plan, and he wants to save his buddy. The group of four planned to split the vote 3-3 with Judd and Angie, putting three votes on Lisa who wasn't fitting in with anyone. Judd and Bubba bring Lisa in to vote for Brendan with them. At tribal, however, Bubba makes his plan exceedingly clear to everybody, and he plays his idol when everyone in the core four switches their votes to Judd. Judd goes.

Judd- Brendan

Brendan- Judd

Michelle- Judd

Cristina- Judd

Angie- Lisa

Lisa- Brendan

Bubba- Brendan

Tyler- Judd

Match Eighteen

The Oscars vs. BLU Team

Challenge: Temple Transfer

Dave Johnson assumes a rocket scientist could figure the puzzle out ("it's not rocket science!") but it's Kelley's ORG experience that wins for the Oscars because she's done this puzzle millions of times.

At the BLU Team, Penny and Whitney together form a pretty feisty, southern minority. Kathy begins showing signs of "the crazy", scaring close ally Ramona. Dave gets power-drunk even though he totally got his ass saved through no deed of his own last time. Caleb is quiet and pensive. Chad has one leg. Whitney is voted out after she spits on Dave in anger.

Penny- Dave

Whitney- Dave

Dave- Whitney

Ramona- Whitney

Kathy- Whitney

Chad- Whitney

Caleb- Whitney

Match Nineteen

vs. Skins

Challenge: New Tribe Member

wins after Rodney gets into a fight with the dummy and breaks it.

Rodney, Osten, and fan favorite Jeff Wilson all become friends and start getting BRUTE together. Brandon is terribly bitchy about the trio. The older people on the tribe; Chris, Cassandra, and Cao Boi, decide this trio needs to be broken up. Nick is too lazy to work out with the trio, but he likes them, so he tells them of this plan. It becomes four vs. four, but Chris isn't about to have loyalties, so he flips to the young men and votes Brandon out for, in Rodney's words, "bein' too queeyah".

Rodney- Brandon

Cassandra- Rodney

Osten- Brandon

Brandon- Rodney

Jeff- Brandon

Chris- Brandon

Cao Boi- Rodney

Nick- Brandon

Match Twenty

The Tribe Formerly Known As Bayoneta vs. Team Vortex

Challenge: Tan-Dy Gram

The challenge is tangrams. Joe wins for The Tribe Formerly Known As Bayoneta cuz it seems like the kinda thing he'd know how to do for some reason.

On Team Vortex, Josh and Brian are in the minority, but Jed's laziness is beginning to wear away at Gary, Nick, Jeanne and Jimmy. Brian decides to play "Bait Jed", somehow baiting him into not doing works. Also, it somehow works, so like, good for Brian. Jed goes.

Josh- Jed

Jed- Brian

Brian- Jed

Gary- Jed

Jimmy- Jed

Jeanne- Jed

Nick- Jed

Match Twenty-One

The Mario Lanza Bros. vs. Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

Challenge: Catch of the Day

A challenge seemingly built for fish-mongerer Lydia, The Mario Lanza Bros. easily come out on top.

On the Hitler tribe, Dirk, Chase, and Neleh have a Christian thing going on. Sandra doesn't trust them. She, Rita, and Mia form a group. Burton is looking to get revenge on Sandra for Pearl Islands, so he tries to work the Christians. Pete, however, wants to be the alpha-male, so he begins working with the Sandra group, telling the Queen of Burton's plan. It's looking like it's gonna be 4-4, but Mia manages to tempt virgin Dirk with her womanly charms into switching and voting Burton.

Burton- Sandra

Dirk- Burton

Sandra- Burton

Mia- Burton

Chase- Sandra

Neleh- Sandra

Pete- Burton

Rita- Burton

Match Twenty-Two

Two Percent Milk vs. The Final Team

Challenge: Wicker Flicker

Gregg and Matt pull it out for The Final Team.

At Two Percent Milk, the ladies+Spencer alliance is looking to boringly take out Daniel, who's been too busy posing for the camera to do anything. Ever. They do, quite uneventfully.

Daniel- Stephanie

Papa Smurf- Daniel

Spencer- Daniel

Stephanie- Daniel

Sydney- Daniel

Cecelia- Daniel

Tanya- Daniel

Match Twenty-Three

Survivor Smash Bros. Melee vs. Walmart Tribe, Sponsored By Walmart

Challenge: Thai 21

Max Dawson uses his extensive knowledge of all-time worst Survivor challenges to win for his team.

On Survivor Smash Bros. Melee, David and Nadiya find themselves both looking for the idol. Little do they know Katie actually found it. Katie wants to form a girls alliance to take out cweepy Matt, but Dolly is hesitant to commit. Michael and Kenny pair up and approach Katie, wanting to take out David. It is deemed that leader-y idol looker-y David is a bigger threat than cweepy, cweepy Matt, and David goes.

Matthew- Heidi

Dolly- David

David- Nadiya

Katie- David

Michael- David

Kenny- David

Nadiya- David

Dolly- David

Match Twenty-Four

The Sacramento Kings vs. The Mighty Mattresses

Challenge: Jail Break

Savage leads the Kings to victory with his leadery leadership.

On The Mattresses, it seems like Joel is the clear choice to get out, but Gretchen and Kelly see his strength as too valuable. They try to flip Julie over to their side to take out former winner Sophie, but Sophie and Laura solidify a foursome with Stacy and Julie, and they vote Joel out.

Joel- Sophie

Gretchen- Sophie

Kelly- Sophie

Julie- Joel

Stacy- Joel

Laura- Joel

Sophie- Joel

Match Twenty-Five

The Rock 98.8 FM vs. Queen Mary the Eleventeenth

Challenge: Breathing Space

Marcus wins for Queen Mary.

On The Rock, the three SJDS boys quickly form a group. Troyzan and John butt heads, both wanting to be the leader of the tribe. They quickly campaign against each other. Paschal tries to recreate his father-daughter bond he had with Neleh with Kourtney, but she ain't having it. Jon trips over the idol, thereby finding it. Jill and Edgardo decide that they need to break up the SJDS trio, so they go to Troyzan, bringing Paschal and Kourtney in as well. They all vote John, who Troyzan sees as his rival.

Troyzan- John

John- Troyzan

Jon- Troyzan

Jill- John

Paschal- John

Drew- Troyzan

Kourtney- John

Edgardo- John

Match Twenty-Six

Nipples vs. The Keyboard Catz

Challenge: Unchained

Shamar weighs too much, breaks the balance beam, losing for Nipples.

T-Bird realizes that the bro contingent of Fabio, Keith, and Bill are too stupid to break up, so she and Kim bring Skinny Ryan in, and realize they have to work with on-the-outs Shamar. They do so, reluctantly as possibly could be done, and vote Keith out, as he was the brains of the trio.

T-Bird- Keith

Keith- Shamar

Shamar- Keith

Bill- Shamar

Fabio- Shamar

Kim- Keith

Skinny Ryan- Keith

Match Twenty-Seven

The Teen Titans vs. YASSSSS

Challenge: Flip Out

With the combo of Natalie's yelling and Dave's puzzling, The Teen Titans win.

At YASSSSS, Charlie and Shirin are a quick pairing. They are amused enough at Coach to kinda want to work with him. Jeff has confessionals about what a blowhard Coach is. Keith is pretty content. Stacey tries to make a girls' alliance, but only Christa's really interested. Stacey ends up going for being useless altogether. Jenn finds an idol cuz she rocks.

Stacey- Coach

Jeff- Coach

Coach- Stacey

Shirin- Stacey

Charlie- Stacey

Keith- Stacey

Christa- Coach

Jenn- Stacey

Match Twenty-Eight

The Fighting Owls vs. T

Challenge: Total Recall

Bob already knows all the answers without looking at the Amazon home (for some reason). Owls win.

Jeremiah joins the mess that is T, and Sash immediately convinces him to join him and Kat in the minority, because they're not as lame as Diane/Zoe. Carolyn is so happy to be in such control of Yve, Diane, and Zoe, all fairly incompetent. Dawson is willing to flip back to the young people, they force a tie of Carolyn and Sash. Diane's character is weak, and she flips on a revote.

Carolyn- Sash

Diane- Sash/Carolyn

Zoe- Sash

Yve- Sash

Dawson- Carolyn

Kat- Carolyn

Sash- Carolyn

Jeremiah- Carolyn

Match Twenty-Nine

The Mathletes play for individual immunity.

Challenge: Survivor Archery

Carolina wins because everybody sucked.

Michelle is still pissed that her flirtmance is out, but John tells her to stay calm, because he has a plan. They try to lure Dan to their side with a graham cracker, but that plan is dumb because Dan doesn't want a graham cracker. John is voted out unceremoniously.

John- Jaison

Susie- John

Michelle- Jaison

Dan- John

Jaison- John

Carolina- John

Nina- John

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