Round 3 begins. This round's twist is that all seven member tribes will be playing for individual immunity.

Match One

Team Razzle Dazzle vs. Team Team Team

Challenge: Matchmaker

Richard outsmarts the challenge, wins for Team Team Team.

On Razzle Dazzle, Tom and Hunter manage to work effectively as joint leaders, to literally everyone's surprise. Misty feels vulnerable as the only woman, so she finds an idol. JP and Benry are ready to take down the leaders, because they want to be in charge. Jamie and Jay are both on board, and although Big Tom is loyal to the better leaders, Tom Westman is taken out.

Tom- Misty

Jamie- Tom

Benry- Tom

Big Tom- Misty

Hunter- Misty

JP- Tom

Jay- Tom

Misty- Tom

Match Two

The Colorado Marijuana Legalizers vs. The Washington Redskins

Challenge: The Great Escape

The Legalizers are way stronger, win because of that.

On the Redskins, Dan and Sekou realize they need to strike against the three women, so they begrudgingly approach Christina, who they both despised. However, Christina takes this oppurtunity to tell on the guys, and Sekou gets taken out, finally relieved from his blustery leadership.

Sekou- Denise

Christina- Sekou

Cirie- Sekou

Dan- Denise

Ruth-Marie- Sekou

Denise- Sekou

Match Three

The Chicken Littles

Challenge: End of the Line

Brian wins cuz he's #icecold.

Brian forms a final three with Chicken and Debb, because they're both awkward enough to lose even to him. He takes out young Mikey B, using his three along with foolishly-loyal Rodger and Maralyn, who are not aware of the Iceman's plans.

Brian- Mikey B

Darrah- Debb

Mikey B- Debb

Rodger- Mikey B

Debb- Mikey B

Chicken- Mikey B

Maralyn- Mikey B

The Milkmen

Challenge: Out On A Limb

Joe blandly wins.

Laura and Brook are on the outs in this race-war of a tribe. Laura refers to Ibrehem as "the terrorist" exclusively. Joe and Brooke are considering switching to Laura and Brook, but Sean reminds them that that would make them appear racist. Not ones to risk looking racist, Joe and Brooke stay loyal to Sean, Taj, and Ibrehem, and vote Brook out.

Joe- Brook

Brooke- Brook

Brook- Taj

Ibrehem- Brook

Laura- Taj

Sean- Brook

Taj- Brook

Leaky Lakey Leak Lake

Challenge: Squared Off

Kathy wins, whatev.

LJ takes Kathy and Kass aside, saying they need to all work together to oppose Marissa's womens' alliance. Kass tells him to fuck off, and joins Marissa in voting him out. LJ, however, plays his idol, resulting in Marissa's departure.

Marissa- LJ

LJ- Marissa

Kathy- Marissa

Ashley- LJ

Roxy- LJ

Kass- LJ

Morgan- LJ

The Diddly Bops

Challenge: Bamboozled

Tasha wins cuz she be quick.

Tasha and Brice are a final two deal, being old Cagayan buddies. They notice that Yul and Erik have been super-enabling Crazy Naked Dave as a leader, and so they get Jessica and Val to join them in ousting extremely threatening Yul, who was trying to get Brice/Tasha out. Jessica and Val find themselves in the middle, and side with the more likable pairing.

Yul- Brice

Brice- Yul

Tasha- Yul

Erik- Brice

Dave- Brice

Jessica- Yul

Val- Yul

The Bland Jefras

Challenge: Fast Fire

Colby wins, because if there's one thing he can still do, it's start a fire.

Sarah tries to bond with Shambo, suspecting she's a cop. Colby and Joel have realized they can't both be the alpha male, and quickly turn on each other. Danni sides with Joel, who she sees as dumber. Shambo and Linda get into a big fight about the merits of Africa, breaking up that pairing. Artis disapproves of just about everything. Sarah forms a cop alliance with Shambo, who just accepts because she's batshit. The previous minority become the kingmakers, as Linda, Colby's sole remaining supporter, is taken out.

Joel- Linda

Colby- Joel

Linda- Joel

Sarah- Linda

Shambo- Linda

Danni- Linda

Artis- Linda

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot vs. The Cereal Killers

Challenge: Light My Fire

Team Chris is slightly more competent, win.

At The Killers, Jolanda blames Ami's lesbianism for the loss of Tina. Jean-Robert is so cocky it's ridic. He decides it's time to take out another REAL threat, in this case Ami. Ami and Trish try to work Eddie, but Eddie has been fooled by Jean-Robert's tales of grandeur as a pro poker player/bad boy. Ami goes, as Jolanda is eager to help Jean-Robert and Rory's cause.

Jean-Robert- Ami

Ami- Jean-Robert

Jolanda- Ami

Trish- Jean-Robert

Rory- Ami

Eddie- Ami

January Showers

Challenge: Survivor Quiz Show

Cochran wins cuz that's like, his thing.

Stephen and Cochran had both been planning to betray each other, thereby gaining total control of the group, but Stephen suddenly seems to want to stick together now that Cochran's immune. The Lindseys have ceased fighting and are now friends. Cochran has Anthony and Aaron, but Stephen desperately grabs the Lindseys, who Cochran had assumed were obsolete. This leaves Jimmy T as the swing, and he agrees to side with Stephen if they take Aaron out, who he percieves as "the other alpha" on the tribe. New-to-the-tribe Jonas just goes with the majority, not being sure of his place yet.

Stephen- Aaron

Cochran- Stephen

Aaron- Stephen

Lindsey- Aaron

Lindsey- Aaron

Anthony- Stephen

Jimmy T- Aaron

Jonas- Aaron

Charlie and the Muffins vs. Team Africa

Challenge: Gone Fishin'

Fishing being the ultimate dad activity, Lex wins for the Muffins.

At Team Africa, Stephenie and NaOnka have been getting in huge blowouts constantly. Everybody hates Wendy, since she went back to the strategy of "talking". Vytas and Spencer form a very boring alliance, while Ethan and Ryno form an old school alliance. Monica finds the idol and pairs up with NaOnka. Monica tries to convince everybody to keep NaOnka over Steph, but Ethan and Ryno bring Steph in, liking her heart and determination. Vytas and Spencer are willing to merge their alliance with Monica's, and after convincing Wendy, Steph goes.

Stephenie- NaOnka

NaOnka- Stephenie

Ryno- NaOnka

Monica- Stephenie

Ethan- NaOnka

Vytas- Stephenie

Spencer- Stephenie

Wendy- Stephenie


Challenge: Walk The Plank

Mike wins because that's what Mike does to challenges.

Michael is getting freaking cocky now that he has an alliance with three insnae people. Phillip is somehow more cocky, forming Stealth R Us 3.0 and letting EVERYBODY on the tribe in. Mike, Bobby, and Katie find themselves in the minority. Bobby goes OFF on Phillip cuz he figures he's done. Phil, however, sees this as an oppurtunity to blindside Michael, seeing as Mike is immune, Katie is a woman and therefore nonthreatening, and Bobby is emotionally spent. He does it.

Phillip- Michael

Michael- Bobby

Bobby- Phillip

Mike- Michael

Jane- Michael

Sandy- Michael

Katie- Michael

Sum 41

Challenge: Mud Pack

Hayden wins cuz whatever this is a toss up.

Aras, Hayden, Steve, and Sylvia are a comfortable majority, and Krista and Sierra feel they need to start hustling. They go to Willard, but he tells them to "go away", because Willard could really care less. Sylvia and Steve particularly become annoyed with Willard's lack of work ethic. Aras and Hayden just want to break up the pair of girls, but when Sylvia threatens to go to the girls, they agree to take Willard out.

Willard- Krista

Krista- Steve

Sierra- Steve

Sylvia- Willard

Steve- Willard

Aras- Willard

Hayden- Willard

Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution

Challenge: Witch Hunt

Candice wins due to her general competence.

Chelsea and Candice are the only two people with a formal alliance, until Wanda and Butch decide they'll never vote against each other. RC tries to unite herself, Ghandia, and Jenna, but when Ghandia and Jenna can't agree, she tries going to Chelsea and Candice. Chelsea hates RC with every fiber of her being, and tries to get her out because she's "scheming." Goes well.

Chelsea- RC

RC- Ghandia

Ghandia- Jenna

Jenna- Ghandia

Wanda- RC

Butch- RC

Candice- RC

The Dharma Initiative vs. Oh No It's Wobbuffet!

Challenge: Up The Creek

Oh No It's Wobbuffet are dangerously horrible, Dharma wins.

Hope is desperately bored and begins flirting with Wes. This concerns Jerri, who brings in Chet, and figureheads a final four with him, Amanda, and Ciera. Ciera, however, is close with Hope, so she warns her about this development. Hope assures everyone that she's only flirting with Wes for fun, and they vote him out.

Hope- Wes

Wes- Chet

Jerri- Wes

Amanda- Wes

Chet- Wes

Ciera- Wes

The Top Five vs. Carlos Danger

Challenge: Log Jam

James Miller is a state-champ log roller, Carlos Danger wins.

The Top Five have been stewing for a long while. Leann has the idol. Robert and Vecepia have a Marquesas-alliance. Dale is fighting with GC. Mikayla is taking shots at Sophie of all people. Christy is deaf. Leann and Fran are also together, as the sane people. GC, Mikayla, and Christy find themselves on the outside of a very hardworking tribe, and Mikayla is picked off, being viewed as the most savvy of the three.

Mikayla- Dale

GC- Dale

Christy- Dale

Dale- Mikayla

Francesca- Mikayla

Robert- Mikayla

Vecepia- Mikayla

Leann- Mikayla


Challenge: Hands on a Hard Idol

It comes down to Greg and Erinn, but Greg doesn't super care enough, so Erinn wins.

Kelly, Erinn, and Sarah form a deal, and Marty gathers the older people, Sonja and Clay. Greg finds himself in the middle. He decides he doesn't care about the vote all that much, but the amount Marty cares about the game and is overplaying annoys him, so he sides with the girls to take him out.

Marty- Sarah

Sonja- Sarah

Clay- Sarah

Sarah- Marty

Greg- Marty

Erinn- Marty

Kelly- Marty

Jeff's Jaspers

Challenge: Perch

John Kenney does what he does best; stands still doing nothing.

Tyson now has the idol. Jacquie and Jim try desperately to convince John that Tyson is no good for him. Rocky is ready to go against Tyson's group after overhearing Alicia and Corinne calling him "gay and retarded". Tyson gives John a heart-to-heart to try to keep him on his side. John does end up sticking with his good buddy Tyson, but Tyson wastes his idol, just in case, while his alliance takes Jacquie out.

Jacquie- Tyson

John- Jacquie

Jim- Tyson

Corinne- Jacquie

Rocky- Tyson

Tyson- Jacquie

Alicia- Jacquie

The Deadly Seals

Alina decides this dirt squirrel isn't going down without a fight. She goes to John and Kelly, and proposes they break up the Monica-Debbie-Lill group, who may bond over being older women who cry. Lill is upset that they voted someone out, takes two days to get over it. Carter sits staring at the same coconut for eighteen hours straight at one point. John and Kelly flip, due to fear of the women's group, and Lill is voted out, for crying all the time.

Lill- Alina

John- Lill

Alina- Lill

Kelly- Lill

Carter- Lill

Debbie- Alina

Monica- Alina

Sook Jai vs. Joaq's World

Challenge: Pirahna Feast

Mike has a lot of experience tearing animals apart just with his teeth, Sook Jai wins again.

At Joaq's World, Albert and JP bond over their douchey faux-alphaness, and also JP's crush on Albert. The two find an idol -"our idol"- and try to bring Mike in. Mike has bonded more with the older guys, BB and Jerry. Todd sees the alphas all working together, so he's teamed up with Liz and Erica. Erica has a bond with Jerry, so they manage to bring in the older fellas and Mike to split the vote on the two unsuspecting douches, who were trying to take out former winner Todd. They do it, and Albert goes, getting a surprise kiss from JP as he leaves.

JP- Todd

Albert- Todd

Jerry- Albert

Mike- Albert

BB- Albert

Erica- JP/Albert

Liz- JP/Albert

Todd- JP/Albert

The Only One I Ever Loved

Challenge: Return To Sender

Matt boomerangs with the power of God, wins.

The young group and the old group are forced to do battle. Dana finds herself the swing now, rather than the outsider. She hates Jeff for his homophobia, so she's quite open about how she's siding with the young folk. Woo and Matt form a final two deal. Jeff finds an idol. Margaret cares for a sickly Keith. Using sick Keith as bait, acting like they were gonna vote him out, Jeff plays the idol for Keith and the old people take out Dana, who had been kinda ass-y to them.

Dana- Keith

Keith- Dana

Matt- Keith

Natalie- Keith

Margaret- Dana

Jeff- Dana

Woo- Keith

Tribe Number Three

Challenge: Don't Fence Me In

Bruce wins because he taught a class on this game for 30 years.

Yasmin and Edna have a huge blowout (well, Yasmin does most of the blowing). Ryan Aiken is on the outs, but this kind of saves him, as everyone is ready to choose sides. However, Ryan's awareness is lacking, and he ends up the only one siding with Yasmin. Trish works her way in with Austin and Erik, and Bruce tries to lead or whatever. He doesn't poop, notably.

Yasmin- Edna

Ryan- Edna

Edna- Yasmin

Bruce- Yasmin

Austin- Yasmin

Erik- Yasmin

Trish- Yasmin

Popped Collar vs. The Bomb Squad

Challenge: Cannon Carry

Popped-Collar are a bit more athletic, win.

Natalie and Tracy are pretty desperate minority members now. The boring threesome of Mary, Julia, and Purple Kelly aren't budging from Grant, so they have a throwing-eachother-under-the-bus-off. Tracy very barely wins, using the fact that Natalie won against her.

Natalie- Tracy

Tracy- Natalie

Grant- Natalie

Mary- Natalie

Julia- Natalie

Purple Kelly- Natalie


Challenge: Double-Play

Gabriel and Alicia are one of the random pairs, crush it together.

Janu and Lisi continue their battle against the forces of Danielle and Morgan. Gabriel and Alicia still refuse to strategize, especially since they're immune, so Jaime goes into tribal terrified, once again. She attempts to side with Danielle and Morgan against Lisi, but Gabriel screws it up by voting Morgan again. Alicia becomes the tiebreaking vote in the revote, and she votes out Lisi for her racism, luckily for Jaime.

Lisi- Morgan

Gabe- Morgan

Janu- Morgan

Alicia- Janu/Lisi

Jaime- Lisi

Danielle- Lisi

Morgan- Lisi

Utopia State of Freedom

Challenge: Hanging In The Balance

After a very elaborate seven person tournament, Rebecca comes out on top.

Peih-Gee and Shane are a very angry minority, and they decide to spite blustery leader Peter by burning the fucking camp down. Campless and sad, the entire tribe is in a horrible physical state, especially Rebecca. Rebecca ends up giving away her immunity and asking to be voted out.

Rebecca- Rebecca

Peih-Gee- Rebecca

Shane- Rebecca

Helen- Rebecca

Sherri- Rebecca

Peter- Rebecca

Ted- Rebecca

A Series of Unfortunate Tribemates

Challenge: Fire and Water

Michelle wins, cuz whatever.

Michelle and Cristina decide they don't need no man (Tyler/Brendan) to tell them what to do, so they attempt to gather the women in the tribe. Lisa, the biggest outcast, tells her only real connection, Bubba, about it. Bubba is eager to get revenge on Brendan, so he joins the women in blindsiding him.

Brendan- Bubba

Tyler- Bubba

Bubba- Brendan

Lisa- Brendan

Michelle- Brendan

Cristina- Brendan

Angie- Brendan

BLU Team vs. Team Vortex

Challenge: Bountiful Chest

Team Vortex is slightly better, wins.

Penny seems like the obvious person to vote off, but when Kathy bites the head off of a seagull, they decide to vote her out instead, much to Penny's happiness and Ramona's chagrin. Chad has one leg.

Chad- Kathy

Penny- Kathy

Dave- Kathy

Kathy- Penny

Ramona- Kathy

Caleb- Kathy

The Oscars

Challenge: End of the Line

Brenda wins.

Jenny, Brad, and Sundra have formed a Cook Islands alliance, and Brenda is looking to oppose them. However, Briana decides she really dislikes grumpy Mitchell and tryhardy Kelley, who Brenda had recruited, so she joined the Cook Islanders, who she gets along better with, to take out Kelley, who had been playing way too hard.

Kelley- Jenny

Sundra- Kelley

Brenda- Jenny

Brad- Kelley

Jenny- Kelley

Briana- Kelley

Mitchell- Jenny

District 12 vs.

Challenge: All Tied Up

Rudy slows down his team by refusing to let any of the queer guys on his team touch him to untie him. wins.

Kim has District 12 under her thumb. She has an idol, she has an alliance of Erik, Ian, James, and Sierra, and Shii Ann, Rudy, and Jonathan are rather content outsiders, all thinking they have an in with the real group. They vote out Rudy unanimously with little fanfare, because he's weak in challenges.

Kim- Rudy

Rudy- Shii Ann

Jonathan- Rudy

Shii Ann- Rudy

Ian- Rudy

Erik- Rudy

Sierra- Rudy

James- Rudy

The Tribe Formerly Known As Bayoneta

Challenge: Blue Plate Special

Everyone teams up on Sarita and Twila, let golden Joe win.

Sarita and Twila are on the outside, but they're also now the only ones doing any work around camp. They bitch about this. Sugar begins crying, a lot, annoying even Kimmi and especially Colton. Joe is considering taking Sugar out for being so useless, but Colton tries to convince him otherwise. Dreamz supports Joe's idea of taking Sugar out, so he tells Sarita and Twila. Twila uses this oppurtunity, and she tells Sugar what Joe was plotting. Sugar and Kimmi flip to the women, and they vote out Dreamz.

Dreamz- Sugar

Joe- Sugar

Colton- Sugar

Sugar- Dreamz

Twila- Dreamz

Sarita- Dreamz

Kimmi- Dreamz



Nick Brown's family is kinda smart, win.

Rodney finds an idol, gets wicked excited about it, tells Osten and Jeff about it. Chris overhears this conversation while sitting in the hammock, and decides that trio ought to be broken up. He offers Cao Boi and Cassandra a lifeline, and they bring in Nick, who kinda liked the older folk, thinking those three were "getting douchey". They vote out Jeff, worried Rodney might play the idol.

Jeff- Cassandra

Chris- Jeff

Cassandra- Jeff

Cao Boi- Jeff

Rodney- Cassandra

Nick- Jeff

Osten- Cassandra

The Mario Lanza Bros. vs. The Walmart Tribe, Sponsored By Walmart

Challenge: Sprung A Leak

Siska sinks both his teams own boats. Lanza Bros lose.

The real idol is still unfound, although Siska has found like eight sticks. Tina and Amy are an awesome pair of tough old broads. Siska, Alexis, and Frosti are the young alliance, and the old people band together against them. Jason pulls out three sticks and tries to pull a Three Amigos-esque move to save everyone. Jan is fooled, somehow, and a tie is forced. Jan then realizes that no idol was played, so on revote she switches back to Jason.

Jan- Tina/Jason

Jason- Tina

Amy- Jason

Frosti- Tina

Tina- Jason

Papa Bear- Jason

Lydia- Jason

Alexis- Tina

Two Percent Milk vs. The Mighty Mattresses

Challenge: Pull Your Weight

The Mattress ladies are a bit stronger.

At Two Percent Milk, the girls and Spencer once again unanimously and boringly pick someone off, namely Papa Smurf.

Spencer- Papa Smurf

Stephanie- Papa Smurf

Cecilia- Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf- Stephanie

Sydney- Papa Smurf

Tanya- Papa Smurf

The Final Team

Challenge: Survivor Pentathalon

Gregg is best at challenges overall, wins.

Carl tries to make an uprising, trying to get Gillian, Liliana, and Leslie to go against cocky young Matt. Matt finds out, says "yeah, you four vote for me, I'd still have majority". Gregg corrects him, does major work to keep them with him, and they vote Carl out.

Carl- Matt

Liliana- Carl

Matt- Carl

Gregg- Carl

Leslie- Carl

Semhar- Carl

Gillian- Carl

Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

Challenge: Memory

Dirk has very good memory, from remembering all those Bible passages.

The three Christians are now the outsiders, and Sandra, Mia, and Rita all get very comfortable and Mean Girls-esque. Pete decides now that he should try to work the Christians again, since Christians make great allies. Pete and the Christians unite to finally take down the queen.

Pete- Sandra

Sandra- Neleh

Neleh- Sandra

Mia- Neleh

Rita- Neleh

Chase- Sandra

Dirk- Sandra

The Sacramento Kings

Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours

Savage carries the not-a-team to victory, wins.

It's Savage's team of Tijuana, Rick and himself against the insurrection of Rafe, Becky, and Allie. Kelly is the swing vote, and she doesn't really want to join any alliances. She decides she's going to vote for the person who does the least around camp. Everyone works really freakin' hard around camp for a day. Kelly decides Becky did the least work, but Savage's alliance mispredicts and votes Allie. It's 3-3-1, Allie-Tijuana-Becky, and on the revote Kelly decides Allie actually worked harder than Tijuana, Tijuana goes.

Tijuana- Allie

Becky- Tijuana

Kelly- Becky/Tijuana

Andrew- Allie

Allie- Tijuana

Rafe- Tijuana

Rick- Allie

Survivor Smash Bros Melee

Challenge: Stomp-Ede

Matthew wins cuz he's a low-key challenge beast.

Matthew had been the next to go, but now some scrambling occurs. Kenny and Michael assure Matthew that they're bros, and a final three deal is born. Dolly doesn't want to commit to a final three with Katie and Heidi, enraging both of them. Nadiya decides to work with the guys, since she doesn't like Katie and Heidi, and they take Heidi out, unaware of Katie's idol.

Katie- Kenny

Dolly- Kenny

Heidi- Kenny

Michael- Heidi

Matthew- Heidi

Kenny- Heidi

Nadiya- Heidi

Nipples vs. The Mathletes

Challenge: Float-It Notes

Bill and Fabio find the pieces rather quickly for the Nipples, but they're too dumb to solve the puzzle. Dan uses analytical thinking to solve the puzzle quickly.

Bill and Fabio are now a very non-threatening pair, so T-Bird and Kim P are willing to work with them again. It comes down to whether to get rid of Shamar, who is good in challenges but horrible around camp, or Ryan S., who's terrible in challenges, but at least they like and trust him. T-Bird chooses Ryan S.

Ryan- Shamar

Shamar- Ryan

T-Bird- Shamar

Bill- Shamar

Fabio- Shamar

Kim- Shamar

The Rock 98.8 FM

Challenge: Box Your Mind

Jill wins cuz she's the smartest.

Troyzan now sees himself as the inarguable leader of the tribe. Drew starts very poorly planning a coup against him, with Jon firmly by his side. The Jill-Edgardo partnership want to keep blowhardy Troyzan in power, but Paschal and Kourtney both hate Troyzan, so they reluctantly join Jon and Drew in ousting him.

Jill- Drew

Troyzan- Drew

Paschal- Troyzan

Kourtney- Troyzan

Edgardo- Drew

Drew- Troyzan

Jon- Troyzan

Queen Mary The Eleventeenth vs. The Teen Titans

Challenge: Boarding Party

Queen Mary is a bit more physical overall.

Natalie finds the idol. Ace tries to make an alliance with his... usual type... Ashlee, Nicole, and Angie. Natalie and Dave notice this, and they decide to take out that smug douche. They go to the Africa pair, Frank and Kim J, and they all agree they don't trust Ace (Frank because of the accent). They have to flip one of the girls, and they do so with Ashlee, who's Mormon and therefore definitely won't fuck Ace.

Ace- Natalie

Ashlee- Ace

Frank- Ace

Kim- Ace

Nicole- Natalie

Natalie- Ace

Angie- Natalie

Dave- Ace

The Keyboard Catz

Challenge: Obstacle Course

Random Betsy-Zane pair win.

Everybody had been planning on taking out six-faced Zane, but as he won, everyone's kinda pissed at Betsy for letting that happen. Mike and Dan are lazy around camp and weak in challenges, so Betsy and Stacey want to take them out. The form a foursome with Lisa and Holly, who both broke down simultaneously on Day Four, and they all vote out Mike. Zane, however, throws a single vote at Holly, cuz, whatever.

Dan- Stacey

Mike- Stacey

Zane- Holly

Holly- Mike

Lisa- Mike

Stacey- Mike

Betsy- Mike


Challenge: Light It Up

Zoe wins, as she's literally the only one of the contestants who ever started a fire on their season.

Dawson and Sash both want control of the very influencable Kat and Jeremiah, who are kinda showmancing now. They both try to get the old people on their side. None of them trust Sash very much, so they all side with Dawson. Kat and Jeremiah are actually never told who to vote for, so they both vote pretty randomly.

Kat- Diane

Jeremiah- Yve

Yve- Sash

Sash- Dawson

Dawson- Sash

Diane- Sash

Zoe- Sash


Challenge: African Folklore

Keith bumblefucks his way to victory with mad guessing skills.

Jeff decides he's tired of Coach's "leadership" that's being enabled by Charlie and Shirin, so he leads an insurrection against him. Christa and Jenn join quickly, but Keith is the swing. Keith is so amazed by Coach's stories that he sides with him, and Jeff goes.

Jeff- Coach

Jenn- Coach

Christa- Coach

Coach- Jeff

Shirin- Jeff

Charlie- Jeff

Keith- Jeff

The Fighting Owls (Individual)

Challenge: Know Your Loved One

Brett wins because it's a challenge.

Marisa and Kristina are determined to take a winner out, and they get Brett on board quickly. Candace is hesitant, due to her closeness with Earl, but Earl tells her to join them, and just make sure it wasn't him going. They'd be fine. Parvati goes.

Parvati- Marisa

Bob- Marisa

Earl- Marisa

Marisa- Parvati

Candace- Parvati

Brett- Parvati

Kristina- Parvati

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