Four person tribes combine into eight-person pre-merge tribes. Nevermind on that last 8-person tribe having immunity.

Merged Tribes (12)Edit

The Redskin Killers 

Denise Stapley (Phillippines)- The Sex Therapist

Dan Barry (Panama)- The Astro-PALE PALE PALE

Christina Cha (One World)- The Doormat

Joanna Ward (Amazon)- Jesus' Warrior (276th)

Rory Freeman (Vanuatu)- The Guy on the Auction Block

Jean-Robert Bellande (China)- The Frenchman

Trish Dunn (Pearl Islands)- Fairplay's First Lieutenant


Eddie Fox

Ruth-Marie Milliman

Oh No It's The Bomb Squad! (Idol Available)

Jerri Manthey (Australia, All Stars, Heroes vs. Villains)- The Black Widow (275th)

Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains)- The Dead Eyes

Hope Driskill (Caramoan)- The Irrelevantest Irrelevant Caramoan Blonde

Tracy Hughes-Wolf (Micronesia)- The Minor Badass of Micro [IDOL]

Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua)- Purple Kelly

Julia Landauer (Caramoan)- Vanilla

Mary Sartain (Micronesia)- Who?


Ciera Eastin

Chet Welch

BLU Milk 

Ramona Gray (Borneo)- The Chick Who Was Out of Her Element (274th)

Caleb Bankston (Blood vs. Water)- The Gay Good Ol' Boy

Spencer Duhm (Tocantins)- The Awkward Gay Kid

Stephanie Valencia (Redemption Island)- Russell's Bi- Girl

Cecilia Mansilla (Cook Islands)- The One I Recall Nothing Of

Sydney Wheeler (Tocantins)- Inarguably The Hottest Girl In Survivor History

Tanya Vance (Thailand)- The One John Tried To Snuggle Up To Too Much


Penny Ramsey

Chad Crittenden


Teresa Cooper (Africa)- T-Bird

Kim Powers (Africa)- The Girl... Who's Married To Alex Bell Now

Ryan Shoulders (Pearl Islands)- The Limp Noodle (273rd)

Bill Posley (One World)- The Bad Comedian

Fabio Birza (Nicaragua)- The Goofy Bro Who Won Somehow

Kat Edorsson (One World, Blood vs. Water)- The Top-Heavy One

Diane Ogden (Africa)- The One Who's Nothing Like Clarence's Mother

Jeremiah Wood (Cagayan)- The Secret Model


Zoe Zanidakis

Leaky Lake Marijuana Lake Leak Lake (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Tyrone Davis (Nicaragua)- The Abrasive Firefighter

Alex Bell (Amazon)- The Popular Triathlete

Bobby Jon Drinkard (Palau, Guatemala)- The Insane Southern Gentleman

Ashley Underwood (Redemption Island)- The Girl Who Somehow Almost Won A Season

LJ McKansas (Cagayan)- The Boring Beauty (272nd)

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas)- The OG Badass Mom

Roxy Morris (Phillipines)- The Chick Who Spoke In Tongues

Morgan McDevitt (Guatemala)- The Fricken MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT


Dawn Meehan

Bland Diversity

Shambo Waters (Samoa)- The Chicken Whisperer

Sarah Lacina (Cagayan)- The Cop Who Took A Power Trip

Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)- The Secret Keeper (271st)

Artis Silvester (Phillippines)- The Disapproving One

Joel Anderson (Micronesia)- The Bulldozer

Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water)- Tina's Wonderful Daughter

Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)- The Hard-Working Texan [2 IDOLS]

Sandy Burgin (Tocantins)- The Weird Bus Driver Lady


Jane Bright


Jefra Bland (Cagayan)- The One Who Isn't Pooping

Rob Cesternino (Amazon, All Stars)- The Podcaster

Clarence Black (Africa)- The Bean Thief

Jenna Morasca (Amazon, All Stars)- The Model Who Bullied A Deaf Girl

Sean Kenniff (Borneo)- The ABC Doctor

Sonja Christopher (Borneo)- The First First Out

Sarah Jones (Marquesas)- Cleopatra (270th)

Clay Jordan (Thailand)- The Sexist, Racist Dwarf


Erinn Lobdell


Kelly Bruno (Nicaragua)- The Girl With The Audacity To Have A Prosthetic Leg

Debbie Beebe (Tocantins)- BUBBLESSSSSS!!!!

Alina Wilson (Nicaragua)- The Dirt Squirrel

John Cody (Blood vs. Water)- Captain America

Carter Williams (Phillippines)- The Surfer Bro Dude Bro

Robb Zbacnik (Thailand)- The Spastic Skater Bro (269th)

Ashley Trainer (Samoa)- The One With The Pink Muumuu

Kel Gleason (Australia)- The Jerky Smuggler


Missy Payne

The Oscars of Freedom

Sherri Biethman (Caramoan)- Sandra Bullock

Shane Powers (Panama)- The Psycho Spaz Boy

Peih-Gee Law (China)- The Awesome Asian Chick

Ted Rogers, Jr. (Thailand)- The Rapist

Brad Virata (Cook Islands)- The Nancy Boy

Mitchell Olson (Australia)- The Absurdly Tall Musician

Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)- The Aitu Four Member Who Was There

Briana Varela (Guatemala)- The Fieriest Irrelevant Guatemala Girl (268th)

JURY: Jenny Guzon-Bae

The Tribe Formerly Known As Skins (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)- The Blunt Lady

Colton Cumbie (One World, Blood vs. Water)- The Gay Republican

Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia)- The Loud Long Islander

Sarita White (Redemption Island)- The One They Kept David Over(????)

Cao Boi Bui (Cook Islands)- The Eccentric Old Dude (267th)

Nick Brown (Australia)- The Lazy Harvard Student

Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart)- The Boston Pahty Guy [IDOL]

Cassandra Franklin (Fiji)- The Underrated Older Lady


Sugar Kiper

The Smash Kings 

Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)- The Rafting Persona Queen

Allie Pohevitz (Caramoan)- The Cool Kid Fan

Becky Lee (Cook Islands)- Yul's Boringer Ally

Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)- The Rather Bland Gay Mormon [IDOL] (266th)

Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands)- The Leadery Leader

Katie Hanson (Phillippines)- Sunny's Fave [IDOL]

Dolly Neely (Vanuatu)- The Indecisive Goat Farmer

Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon)- The Cweepy Guy


Michael Snow

The Mathletez 

Zane Knight (Philippines)- The Guy Who Hates Logic (265th)

Dan Lembo (Nicaragua)- The Rich Guy Who Doesn't Give A Fuck

Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua)- The Lady Who Ruined Dan's Shoes

Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)- The Mad Religious Former Child Star

Stacey Powell (South Pacific)- The Mushmouthed Mortician [IDOL]

Michelle Tesauro (Pearl Islands)- The Hot Librarian

Susie Smith (Gabon)- The Lady Who Somehow Almost Won Survivor Once

Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins)- The Bossy One Who Was Engaged To David Murphy


Jaison Robinson

8-Person Tribes (3)Edit

Sook Jai

Sherea Lloyd (China)- The IDK Bitchy One?

Kelly Goldsmith (Africa)- The Snarky College Girl

Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific)- The Challenge God

Alec Christy (San Juan Del Sur)- The Meat Collector

Jessie Camacho (Africa)- The Most Popular Contestant Ever

Blake Towsley (Guatemala)- The Golden Boy

Sue Hawk (Borneo, All Stars)- The Redneck Trucker Lady

Mike Skupin (Australia, Phillippines)- The Guy Who Hurts Himself A Lot

January Showers combines with A Series of Unfortunate Tribemates

A Series of Unfortunate Showers

Cristina Coria (Cook Islands)- The Annoying Cop

Angie Jakusz (Palau)- Alternative Angie

Lisa Keiffer (Vanuatu)- The Lady Who Just Wants To Be One of The Girls

Michelle Yi (Fiji)- Asian Colleen

Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua)- JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE

Anthony Robinson (Fiji)- The Bullying Victim (264th)

Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)- The Wizard

Jonas Otsuji (One World)- The Likable Sushi Chef

Fuckingrayne and The Final Team combine

The Fucking Final Team

Jaime Dugan (China)- The Unintentional Villain

Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama, Heroes vs Villains)- The Boston Chick

Morgan McLeod (Cagayan)- The Mad Vain Girl

Jimmy Johnson (Nicaragua)- The Legendary Coach

Semhar Tadesse (South Pacific)- The Weird Poet Lady

Gillian Larson (Gabon)- The Elephant Dung Lady

Leslie Nease (China)- The Religious Tribe Mom

Liliana Gomez (Fiji)- The One With The Devious Mexican Mind

7-Person Tribes (5)Edit

Team Team Team

Erin Collins (Thailand)- The One With The Adam's Apple, I'm Sure It's Nothing

Shawna Mitchell (Amazon)- The Girl Who Was Probably Found Murdered By Matteo Eventually

Reynold Toepfer (Caramoan)- The Optimistic Puppy

Crystal Cox (Gabon)- The One With Beauty, Brains, Brawn, and Blazing Speed

Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu, Micronesia)- The Mouthy Lawyer (263rd)

Richard Hatch (Borneo, All Stars)- The Fat Naked Fag With A Million Dollars

Julie Wolfe (Redemption Island)- The Firewoman

Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands, Micronesia, Phillippines)- The Storyteller

Laura Boneham (Blood vs. Water)- Rupert's Mad Awks Wife

Alexis Maxwell (Cagayan)- The Serial Twerker

Rachel Foulger (Blood vs. Water)- Tyson's Cool Wife

Malcolm Freberg (Phillipines, Caramoan)- The Flashy Player

Mookie Lee (Fiji)- The Vaguely Douchey Asian Dude

Ken Stafford (Thailand)- The New York Cop

Walmart Tribe, Sponsored By Walmart (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Silas Gaither (Africa)- The Smug Douche With The Downfall

Jeremy Collins (San Juan Del Sur)- The Bawston Fiyahfitah

Jim Rice (South Pacific)- The Marijuana Dispenser (262nd)

Shawn Cohen (Pearl Islands)- The Biggest Puss Christa Has Ever Seen

Leif Manson (One World)- The Short Guy

Denise Martin (China)- The Lunch Lady Who Sucks At Life

Elyse Umemoto (South Pacific)- Ozzy's Hammock Buddy

Team Razzle Dazzle

Tom Buchanan (Africa, All Stars)- The Big Ol' Goat Farmer

Jay Byars (One World)- The Beautiful, Beautiful Man

Jamie Newton (Guatemala)- The Evil Bobby Jon

Misty Giles (Panama)- The Lady Rocket Scientist [IDOL]

Benry Henry (Nicaragua)- The Girls Gone Wild Cameraman

Hunter Ellis (Marquesas)- The Really Good Leader Guy

John Palyok (Vanuatu)- The Greatest Villain In Solitary History

District 12

James Clement (China, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains)- The Mushmouthed Gravedigger

Shii Ann Huang (Thailand, All Stars)- The Shii-Devil

Kim Spradlin (One World)- The Gamebot [IDOL]

Jonathan Libby (Palau)- The Guy Who Was Apparently A Humongous Douche

Erik Huffman (China)- The Nicest Human Being On Earth

Ian Rosenberger (Palau)- The Innocent Dolphin Trainer

Sierra Thomas (Worlds Apart)- The Barrell Racer

6-Person Tribes (10)

Charlie and the Muffins

Caryn Groedel (Palau)- Lucille Bluth

Christine Shields Markoski (South Pacific)- The Tough LI Chick

Lex van den Berghe (Africa, All Stars)- The Dad Voice- [IDOL] (261st)

Matty Whitmore (Gabon)- The Shit Eater

Gina Crews (Marquesas)- The Watermelon Seed Spitter

Sally Schumann (Panama)- Queen of Knee Socks

Queen Mary The Eleventeenth

Tammy Leitner (Marquesas)- The Bulldog

Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)- The Kinda Insane Pageant Girl

Marcus Lehman (Gabon)- The Winner Prototype

So Kim (Worlds Apart)- The Devil Incarnate

Deena Bennett (Amazon)- The Strategic Older Lady

Hali Ford (Worlds Apart)- The Aspiring Lawyer

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot

Boo Bernis (Fiji)- The Construction Guy Who Casts Half of The People Who Get On Survivor Nowadays

Jon Dalton (Pearl Islands, Micronesia)- The Wrestling Villain

Sabrina Thompson (One World)- The Inner City Teacher

Amber Brkich (Australia, All Stars)- Boston Rob's Smokin' Wife

Jolanda Jones (Palau)- The Bossy Lady

Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)- The One With The Offhand Comment

Joaq's World

Jerry Sims (Tocantins)- The Funny Guy Who Got Med-Evaced

BB Andersen (Borneo)- The Grumpy Hardworking Old Guy (260th)

Todd Herzog (China)- The Tiny Gay Flight Attendant

Mike Chiesl (Redemption Island)- The Marine

JP Calderon (Cook Islands)- The Bossy Guy Who Came Out Post-show [IDOL]

Erica Durousseau (Fiji)- The Girl With The Best Hair Ever

The Fighting Owls

Bob Crowley (Gabon)- The Adorable Old Science Teacher

Earl Cole (Fiji)- The Pimp [IDOL]

Brett Clouser (Samoa)- The CGI Guy

Candace Smith (Tocantins)- The Questionable Cook

Marisa Calihan (Samoa)- She Who DARED Mistrust Russell Hantz

Paloma Soto-Castillo (Gabon)- The Anti-Ace (259th)

Sum 41

Aras Bauskauskas (Panama, Blood vs. Water)- The Yoga Bro

Sierra Reed (Tocantins)- Tyson's Scapegoat

Sylvia Kwan (Fiji)- The Architect

Steve Wright (Redemption Island)- The "Racist"

Krista Klumpp (Redemption Island)- Russell's Religious Gal

Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water)- The Big Brother Winner

'The 'Mighty Mattresses

Julie Berry (Vanuatu)- Jeff's Love Interest

Stacy Kimball (Fiji)- The One Who Wins Freakin Everything

Gretchen Cordy (Borneo)- The OG Tribe Mom

Kelly Remington (Worlds Apart)- The Undercover Cop (258th)

Sophie Clarke (South Pacific)- The Lowkey HBIC

Laura Alexander (Caramoan)- Everyone's Obscure Favorite

Hitler Did Nothing Wrong (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Pete Yurkowski (Phillippines)- Petebro

Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)- The Mormon Princess

Mia Galeotalanza (Vanuatu)- The Greek Volcano

Jill Behm (Nicaragua)- Marty's Partner In Crime

Edgardo Rivera (Fiji)- El Doucho

Paschal English (Marquesas)- The Old Southern Judge

The Only One I Ever Loved

Matt Elrod (Redemption Island)- God's Chosen Warrior

Jeff Kent (Phillippines)- The Baseball MVP

Margaret Bobonich (Guatemala)- The Nurse

Butch Lockley (Amazon)- Head Firewood Bitch

Jenna Lewis (Borneo, All Stars)- The One With The Sex Tape

Wanda Shirk (Palau)- The Singing Lady

The Chicken Littles

Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands)- The Cute Mortician

Brian Heidik (Thailand)- The Iceman

Debb Eaton (Australia)- The One That Hung Herself

Dave Cruser (China)- Naked Dave

Tasha Fox (Cagayan)- The Foxy Lady (257th)

Erik Cardona (Samoa)- The Guy Who Dressed Like A Minister

5-Person Tribes (13)

Carlos Danger

Jake Billingsley (Thailand)- The Respected Old Guy

Cindy Hall (Guatemala)- The Awkward Zoologist

Cliff Robinson (Cagayan)- The Ballplayer (256th)

Mick Trimming (Samoa)- The Feckless Guy

Courtney Yates (China, Heroes vs. Villains)- The Lil Spitfire

The Teen Titans

Natalie Anderson (San Juan Del Sur)- The Successful Twin [IDOL]

Kim Johnson (Africa)- The Really Bland Older Lady We're Supposed To Root For

Ashlee Ashby (Palau)- The Mormon Girl With The Tits

Frank Garrison (Africa)- The Loner Conservative Dad

Dave Ball (Samoa)- DANGER Dave Ball, To You


Laura Morett (Samoa, Blood vs. Water)- The Religious Mom

Joe Dowdle (Tocantins)- The Irrelevant Med-Evac

Taj Johnson-George (Tocantins)- The Bubbly Former Pop Star

Brooke Struck (Guatemala)- Yes, She Did

Sean Rector (Marquesas)- The Black Panther (255th)

Tribe Number Three

Austin Carty (Panama)- The Writer With The Poots

Bruce Kanagai (Panama)- The Zen Dude Whose Pooper Stopped Working

Erik Reichenbach (Micronesia, Caramoan)- The Ponyboy

Trish Hegarty (Cagayan)- Lord Skeletor

Edna Ma (South Pacific)- The Weird Doctor Lady

The Rock 98.8 FM

Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur)- The One Who's Basically A Badass

Jon Misch (San Juan Del Sur)- The Goofball [IDOL]

Kourtney Moon (One World)- The Hipster Chick

Chase Rice (Nicaragua)- The Country Star

Rita Verreos (Fiji)- Earl's Spoiler (254th)

Doctor Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Ghandia Johnson (Thailand)- The Denver Diva

Chelsea Meissner (One World)- The Country Girl

Candice Cody (Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water)- The Flopper

Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island)- The Nineteen Year Old Nothing

Woo Hwang (Cagayan)- The Honorable Ninja

The Mario Lanza Bros. (IDOL AVAILABLE)

Amy O'Hara (Guatemala)- The Badass Cop Lady

Frosti Zernow (China)- The Real Young Parkour Guy

Alexis Jones (Micronesia)- The Recruited and Proud

GC Brown (Gabon)- The Horrific Leader

Robert DeCanio (Marquesas)- The General (253rd)

Team Africa

Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands)- The Pelican Slayer

NaOnka Mixon (Nicaragua)- The Prosthetic Leg Hater

Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water)- The Reformed Bad Boy

Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)- Doogie Houser

Monica Padilla (Samoa)- Galu's Weak Link [IDOL]

Jeff's Jaspers

Jim Lynch (Guatemala)- The Old Dude From Guatemala

John Kenney (Vanuatu)- The Incompetent Model

Tyson Apostol (Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water)- The Hilarious Mormon [IDOL]

Alicia Rosa (One World)- The Terrible Human Being Who Is Also A Special Ed Teacher

Corinne Kaplan (Gabon, Caramoan)- The Terrible Human Being


Keith Nale (San Juan Del Sur)- The Good Ol Dad

Charlie Herschel (Gabon)- The Guy With A Crush On Marcus

Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart)- The Quirky Chick

Jenn Lyon (Palau)- The UTR Goddess (252nd)

Christa Hastie (Pearl Islands)- The Strange One

Team Vortex

Josh Canfield (San Juan Del Sur)- The Bland Gay Christian

Brian Corridan (Guatemala)- The Platinum Boy

Nick Stanbury (Panama)- The Guy With The Randomly Amazing Final Words

Janu Tornell (Palau)- The Vegas Showgirl

Alicia Calaway (Australia, All Stars)- The Tough New York Personal Trainer

The Diddly Bops (the only 4-person tribe)

Val Collins (San Juan Del Sur)- Failure Cirie

Brice Johnston (Cagayan)- The Freaky Freak

Jessica deBen (Fiji)- The Extremely Irrelevant First Boot

Rodger Bingham (Australia)- Kentucky Joe

The Top Five

Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)- The Holy Roller

Francesca Hogi (Redemption Island, Caramoan)- The Girl With The Worst Luck Ever

Tina Scheer (Panama)- Timber Tina

Lydia Gonzales (Guatemala)- The Fishmongerer With A Great Story

Mark Caruso (South Pacific)- Papa Bear (251st)


The Redskin Killers

Challenge: Weapons

Rory wins because he wins random challenges such as this sometimes.

Jean-Robert is pretty pissed about all the votes he got, and he and Rory have gotten into a huge blow-up. Denise sees this oppurtunity and she goes to Jean-Robert and Trish wanting to take out Rory. Jean-Robert accepts. When Rory wins immunity, they settle on taking out Rory's number two, Joanna.

Trish- Joanna

Joanna- Jean-Robert

Rory- Jean-Robert

Denise- Joanna

Jean-Robert- Joanna

Dan- Jean-Robert

Christina- Joanna

Oh No It's The Bomb Squad!

Challenge: Amazon Menu

Amanda's had way grosser things in her mouth, wins.

Tracy and Mary are all alone, and Mary abandons Tracy to go back with Hope and Julia and Kelly, and Tracy is out unanimously... BUT SHE PLAYS HER IDOL AND JERRI TAKES THE FALL!!

Tracy- Jerri

Hope- Tracy

Amanda- Tracy

Julia- Tracy

Kelly- Tracy

Jerri- Tracy

Mary- Tracy

BLU Milk

Challenge: Q and A

Spencer wins, he's smart I guess.

Caleb is all alone, but everyone loves him. Inner-alliance machinations begin to turn. The Milkmen alliance turns on Ramona, who was not an original member but has been working to get in there.

Caleb- Ramona

Ramona- Caleb

Spencer- Ramona

Tanya- Ramona

Stephanie- Ramona

Sydney- Ramona

Cecelia- Ramona


Challenge: Paddle

Fabio wins, he's quite athletic.

It's a four-four split between the idiots and the Africa-lliance plus Skinny Ryan. Ryan goes in rocks.

T-Bird- Kat

Ryan- Kat

Kim- Kat

Diane- Kat

Fabio- Diane

Bill- Diane

Kat- Diane

Jeremiah- Diane

Leaky Lake Marijuana Lake Leak Lake

Challenge: Shoot 'n' Shuffle

Alex wins idk it's a crapshoot.

LJ is very uneventfully picked off because he himself is uneventful.

Tyrone- LJ

LJ- Tyrone

Alex- LJ

Kathy- Tyrone

Ashley- LJ

Roxy- LJ

Morgan- LJ

Bobby Jon- LJ

Bland Diversity

Challenge: Try Again

Challenge=Mike wins.

Sandy and Shambo are beyond angry that Jane was betrayed. They try yelling at Artis, but he stares them down, so they settle for yelling at Joel. They go to Mike and Katie and offer their allegiance. They go in ready for a 4-4 tie, Katie plays her idol, but Danni, Artis, Joel, and Sarah saw that coming and put their votes on Shambo. Danni gets #rockedout

Sandy- Joel

Shambo- Joel

Danni- Shambo

Artis- Shambo

Joel- Shambo

Sarah- Shambo

Mike- Joel

Katie- Joel

The OTT Initiative

Challenge: Out On a Limb

Jenna wins, she's done this before.

Sarah decided since she's on the outside she's just gonna do zero things at camp. This works to seal her fate, at least. Also Jenna finds the idol.

Jefra- Sarah

Rob- Sarah

Sarah- Clay

Sonja- Sarah

Clay- Sarah

Jenna- Sarah

Clarence- Sarah

Sean- Sarah


Challenge: Braille Maze

Kel wins because he would know braille for some reason.

John and Kel want to keep Robb because he's lowkey loyal to them, but Alina and Kelly want him gone because he's an exhausting guy. Debbie and Ashley quickly jump on the -vote for Robb- train, and since they don't want a tie, John, Kel, and Carter do so too.

Carter- Robb

Robb- Ashley

Ashley- Robb

Debbie- Robb

Alina- Robb

John- Robb

Kelly- Robb

Kel- Robb

The Oscars of Freedom

Challenge: Will Power

Sherri wins her second endurance challenge in a row.

Briana, Brad, and Sundra are pissed, and Briana shows her aggression by blowing up at Ted. Brad and Sundra go to Peih-Gee and act all pissy. Peih-Gee, Shane, and Mitchell now hold the power. Brad and Sundra want to try to work with Sherri and Ted to get one of those three out, but after Briana's blow-up, Ted tells the Peih-Gee trio about the plan, and Briana goes.

Briana- Peih-Gee

Peih-Gee- Briana

Brad- Peih-Gee

Ted- Briana

Sherri- Briana

Sundra- Peih-Gee

Mitchell- Briana

Shane- Briana

The Tribe Formerly Known As Skins

Challenge: Keel Hauling

Nick Brown somehow is the immunity beast on this tribe.

Rodney wants to flip AGAIN, but Colton is resistant, not wanting to flip too many times. Rodney says "fine, don't flip you fawk" or something to that nature, and they agree to vote with Cassandra/Cao Boi/Nick against Twila. At TC, Rodney plays his idol on Twila, shouting "POWER MOVES ONLY" and eliminating Cao Boi.

Cao Boi- Twila

Rodney- Cao Boi

Twila- Cao Boi

Colton- Twila

Nick- Twila

Cassandra- Twila

Kimmi- Cao Boi

The Smash Kings

Challenge: Signal Fire

It comes down to Savage and Matt, and Matt pulls it out.

Katie decides it's time for a move, goes with Dolly to Savage and Kelly, the outsiders. Rafe-Allie-Becky are voting for Savage, but those four and Matt vote Rafe out. #blindside #Katieisgreatie

Katie- Rafe

Rafe- Savage

Savage- Rafe

Kelly- Rafe

Becky- Savage

Allie- Savage

Dolly- Rafe

Matthew- Rafe

The Mathletez

Challenge: Mixed Nuts

Carolina wins because she knows her useless facts.

Lisa has her epiphany, and she's ready to betray Zane. Holly happily pulls in Susie and Michelle, and they're about to do it... but they make the mistake of telling Stacey the plan. Stacey is with Dan and Zane, and she gives Zane her idol to flaunt at Tribal. Zane threatens Susie and Michelle, and tells them to vote for Lisa instead. He doesn't play the idol, it doesn't work, Zane isn't great at Survivor.

Zane- Lisa

Lisa- Zane

Holly- Zane

Susie- Zane

Stacey- Lisa

Dan- Lisa

Michelle- Zane

Carolina- Zane

Sook Jai vs. A Series of Unfortunate Showers vs. The Fucking Final Team

Challenge: Spooling Around

Sook Jai dominate, The Fucking Final Team is slightly more teamworky than the Unfortunate Showers.

It's four vs. four, guys vs. girls. The girls quickly tire of Jimmy T's blowhardy attempts at leadership, and the guys think Cristina's mad annoying. Anthony gets rawked.

Anthony- Cristina

Jimmy T- Cristina

Stephen- Cristina

Jonas- Cristina

Cristina- Jimmy T

Michelle- Jimmy T

Lisa- Jimmy T

Angie- Jimmy T

Team Team Team vs. 

Challenge: Tomb Raider


At Team Team Team, Reynold's pretty shocked ot be on the outside. Crystal is less shocked, more angry. The two of them work together, and Crystal yells at Julie and Eliza pretty hard. Reynold tries flirting with Shawna to get her on his side. Richard works hard to keep Shawna and Erin on his team. Shawna and Erin ultimately flip to vote off Eliza, who they just don't like.

Crystal- Eliza

Reynold- Eliza

Eliza- Crystal

Richard- Crystal

Shawna- Eliza

Julie- Crystal

Erin- Eliza

Walmart Tribe, Sponsored by Walmart vs. Team Razzle Dazzle vs. District 12

Challenge: Skull Crush

It's Hunter vs. Silas vs. Ian, and Silas' luck is the shittiest, so Walmart Tribe loses.

Jeremy, Shawn, and Silas are pissed at Jim for working with Max to blindside Jeremy. Jim is tribe pariah, so he finds the idol. He works with his sole remaining ally, Leif, to use it to effectively sway Denise and Elyse. Elyse and Denise shrug that off and tell the guys, and they agree to split the vote between Jim and Leif. Jim is so confident in himself that he doesn't play the idol, and he gets out.

Jim- Jeremy

Leif- Jeremy

Jeremy- Jim

Silas- Jim

Shawn- Jim

Elyse- Leif

Denise- Leif

Charlie and the Muffins vs. Queen Mary the Eleventeenth

Challenge: 4x4

Marcus is a doctor, wins for Queen Mary.

Lex is eager to pick off Sally, but the ladies, Christine, Gina, and Caryn, are tired of Lex's cockiness and want him out, and even Matty, Lex's protege, is too close with Sally to want her out. They all vote Lex out, and he sees not it coming.

Lex- Sally

Sally- Lex

Christine- Lex

Caryn- Lex

Gina- Lex

Matty- Lex

Team Chris is Really Really Hot vs. Joaq's World

Challenge: A Reptile Dysfunction

BB slows Joaq's World down too much, they lose.

Todd and Erica are pissed at Mike for his move, and now that BB lost the challenge for them, Mike is sad that it's too late to turn back. JP has now ingratiated himself to Todd, with the two flirting a bit but both transparently trying to use each other, and Mike and Jerry sadly flip over to them for the sake of tribe strength and to avoid a tie.

Erica- BB

Todd- BB


Mike- BB

BB- Erica

Jerry- BB

The Fighting Owls vs. Sum 41

Challenge: Anchor Management

Sum 41 are a bit stronger, win.

Marisa and Paloma are pretty pissed at Candace, though Brett takes it all pretty well. Bob and Earl still have that idol, and Bob's fake one. Marisa, Paloma, and Brett place their votes on Candace to avoid this, but Earl plays his idol on Candace to secure her loyalty and also a Paloma exit.

Paloma- Candace

Bob- Paloma

Earl- Paloma

Candace- Paloma

Brett- Candace

Marisa- Candace

The Mighty Mattresses vs, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

Challenge: Cross Fire

Pete and Edgardo carry the Hitler tribe to victory.

Sophie, Laura, Stacy and Julie are the ones in power, but everyone really gets along great. There's a pretty tearful tribal council in which Kelly is picked off since Gretchen's a bit of a better worker around camp.

Stacy- Kelly

Gretchen- Sophie

Kelly- Sophie

Laura- Kelly

Julie- Kelly

Sophie- Kelly

The Only One I Ever Loved vs. The Chicken Littles

Challenge: Battle Dig

The combined digging of Jeff Kent and Wyatt Nash is remarkable, Littles lose.

Darrah is ready to flip to the other tribe, but finds Tasha at odds with Dave and Erik. Brian successfully pumps up both Dave's and Erik's egos, and carrying along Debb, they vote Tasha out.

Tasha- Brian

Darrah- Brian

Debb- Tasha

Erik- Tasha

Dave- Tasha

Brian- Tasha

Carlos Danger vs. The Teen Titans

Challenge: Puzzle Paranoia

Dave Ball is PUZZLINGLY good at the puzzle. Carlos Danger loses.

Cliff is the outsider, and he gets picked off easily.

Courtney- Cliff

Cliff- Courtney

Jake- Cliff

Cindy- Cliff

Mick- Cliff

The Milkmen vs. Tribe Number Three

Challenge: Sea Level, Tree Level

Austin and Bruce have been there, AND done that, The Milkmen lose.

Sean yells at Brooke and Joe for being racist and voting Ibrehem out. Laura uses this as leverage to get them on her side to vote Sean out, now that they're racist they might as well continue to do so.

Sean- Laura

Brooke- Sean

Taj- Laura

Laura- Sean

Joe- Sean

The Rock 98.8 FM vs. Doctor Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution

Challenge: For Cod's Sake

Ghandia rocks at slicing fish, The Rock loses.

Drew/Jon and Kourtney/Rita are supposed to be taking Chase out, but the girls decide to betray Jon and Drew, who are energetic and annoying. Chase, however, has a better bond with the guys, so he tells them of the plan and they all vote Rita out.

Rita- Drew

Jon- Rita

Drew- Rita

Kourtney- Drew

Chase- Rita

The Mario Lanza Bros. vs. Team Africa

Challenge: Buried at Sea

GC drowns, Lanza Bros lose.

Robert is the outsider. Amy tries to convince Frosti and Alexis to vote useless GC over him, who she likes, but they just vote The General out.

Robert- GC

Amy- Robert

Frosti- Robert

Alexis- Robert

GC- Robert

Jeff's Jaspers vs. YASSSSS

Challenge: In-Cog-Neato

YASSS as a tribe sucks at challenges, lose.

Jenn and Christa remain the outsiders and despite their best efforts, Jenn is picked off.

Charlie- Jenn

Keith- Jenn

Shirin- Jenn

Jenn- Shirin

Christa- Shirin

Team Vortex vs. The Top Five

Challenge: Lock, Load, and Light

The Top Five are weak as shit, lose.

Tina and Lydia have a pre-existing alliance with Papa Bear, but also a new woman's alliance with Fran and Vecepia. Tina ultimately decides on girl power, and they betray Papa Bear.

Papa Bear- Vecepia

Vecepia- Papa Bear

Tina- Papa Bear

Fran- Papa Bear

Lydia- Papa Bear