"I've seen it before..." - Toadgamer80.

"No, you haven't!" - SpaceWeather.

Survivor: Brazilian High-SchoolEdit

Alexandre N. - The Annoying Nerd Who Talks Really Fast And Is an Ass.

Amanda V. - The Girl Who's Kinda Annoying and Thinks She's Hot But She Isn't.

Bruno M. - srsly.

Camilla R. - The Really Really Really Hot Girl Who's a Bitch But Can Be Nice Sometimes.

Carol F. - The Hot Girl Who Swears a Lot and Acts Like a Boy.

Carol G. - The Popular Hot Girl Who I Thought Was a Bitch But Is Actually Nice.

Cesar R. - The Douche "Jock" Whose Girls Have a Crush On.

Diego - The Perverted Guy Who Takes Everything as A Joke.

Gabriela V. - The Girl Who's Really Popular But Is an Annoying Bratty and Is a Bitch.

Isabella B. - The Opiniated Indie-Hipster Chick Who Loves Movies and Music.

Joyce - The Bookworm Asian Girl Who Can Solve a Rubix Cube in Two Minutes And Is Obssessed With Justin Bieber and Ian Ian Somerhalder.

Lucas B. - The Guy With an Extremelly High-Pitched Voice So His Nickname is "Helium".

Lucas R. - The Cool Geek Who's Really Popular

Patricia C. - The Quiet Girl Whose Only Talks With Her Friend Stefhany And Loves Yu-Gi-Oh and Shares A Last Name With The Second Boot From Survivor: Africa.

Rodrigo F. - The Nerd Guy Who Loves RPGs And Makes Jokes All The Time.

Thaynna M. - The Complaining Hipster Girl Who Shares A Last Name With A Certain Survivor Contestant Who Has Returned 4 Times and Had a Season Rigged For Him

Thiago M. - The Really Quiet Guy Who Never Talks Unless You Talk to Him And Even Then He'll Probably Answer You By Noding His Head.

Vinicius L. - The Fat Douche Who Never Goes to School.


Survivor: Bruno's TeachersEdit

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