Haley - Some Girl Who I Liked In Seventh Grade Only Because She Liked Adventure Time

Lindsey - Some Weird Girl Who I Liked In Like Sixth Grade For No Reason Really

??? - The Girl Who Always Stares At Me In The Hallway And I Have No Idea Who She Is

Micah - The Stoner Who Always Talks About Having Sex And Chews Tobacco In The Bathroom But Is Actually Kind Of Cool Sometimes

David - The Other Stoner Who Constantly Talks About Pooping

Diego - The Annoying Lazy Douche In Biology Who Asks Me For Every Answer To Everything

Matthew - The Other Annoying Lazy Douche In Biology Who Asks Me For Every Answer To Everything

Mauricio - The Loud Kid In Orchestra Who Annoys Everyone With His Lame Puns

Destie - The Girl In Orchestra Who Is Loud

Stephanie - The Girl In Orchestra Who Can Get Loud Too (WTF)

Jessie - The Weird Girl With An Obsession With Adventure Time and One Direction

Carlos - The Weird Quiet Kid Who Secretly Hates Everyone

Adam - The Stupid Douche In Geometry Who Thinks He Knows Everything

Ireland - The Girl Who Liked Me For Some Unfathomable Reason

Brett - A Girl Named Brett For Some Reason Who I Liked In Seventh Grade

Natasha - Some Girl Who Had Abhorrent Music Taste Who I Liked In Eighth Grade Even Though She Liked Blood on the Dance Floor

Christopher - The Loud Kid From World Geography Who Is Somehow The Teacher's Pet And Her Worst Enemy At The Same Time

Benedict - Sadly Not Cumberbatch, but Some Junior In Orchestra Who Is Really Cool

Julianna - Sadly Not Homicide, but Is Only Notable Because She Referenced TDI Once

Nicole - Some Cool Sophomore Girl Who Gives Me Candy Sometimes

Morgan - The Religious Courtney-Type Overachiever

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