Advanced BandEdit

literally 72 people in this class not doing them all

Physical EducationEdit



  • Austin - The Guy Who Is Most Likely To Come Out By The Time We Reach College 
  • Michael W. - The Very Very Very Very Smart And Intelligent Guy
  • Celine - The Girl Who Sucks At Math But Sits Next To Me And Is Kind Of School Also I Dated Her In Kindergarten I Think
  • Sohum - The #Sassy Indian Who's Amazing And Sits Behind Me
  • Seohyun - The Korean Who Hated Me In 6th Grade I Guess
  • Kathy - The Eccentric Asian Who Always Sings And Is Good Friends With Vikram For Some Reason
  • Prithvi - The Secondary Character Who Is Friends With Nicolas (see: Science)
  • Tony - The Weird-Ass Asian Who I'm Really Good Friends With For Some Reason
  • Jacob - The Funny, Cool, And Apparently Popular Asian
  • Michael C. - No Words Can Describe This Math Genius
  • Vikram - The EXTREMELY Flamboyant Indian Who Has A Girlfriend Now 
  • Anand - The Buttchinned Indian
  • Brandon - The Other Swimmer
  • Andrew - That Might Not Be His Name Actually But The Asian With Allergies That Is Smart
  • Yamini - The Nice-Turned-Bitch Indian
  • Mikael - The Most Annoying Guy Ever

that's all I can remember


  • Laura - The Quiet Overweight Mexican Who Hangs Out With The Same People I Do Yet I Don't Know Her At All
  • Allie - The Hottest Girl In School Who Thinks I'm "Chill"
  • Desi - The Alpha Popular Chick Who I've Had A Gigantic Crush On For The Past 2 Years
  • Jessica - The Somewhat Normal Popular Girl Who My Friend Thinks Is Hot But Is Clearly Really Ugly
  • Michelle - The Girl Who Has A Pretty Damn Decent Personality But Can Also Be Really Mean And Used To Be My #NORPSBUDDY But Now This Is Becoming Obscure Inside Jokes
  • Emily - The Other Mexican Girl Who Hangs Out With The Same People I Do Yet I Don't Know Her At All But Slightly Less Quiet
  • Ahna - The Girl Who I Owed A Bag Of Chips Until Today When I Bought Her Some But Apparently They Were The Wrong Kind And She's Also My Brother
  • Haley - The Extremely Perverted Girl Who Is Also Really Funny And Is Currently Atheist But Was Christian, Buddhist, And Hindu In The Past And She's Also My Mom
  • Foster - The Guy I Sit Next To (I Think He Longboards Or Something)
  • Venkata - The EXTREMELY Pre-Pubescent Indian Who Is Unintentionally (Or Intentionally, Kid Is Sort Of A Genius) Hilarious
  • Helen - The North Korean Spy Who Happens To Be My Swing Dance Partner
  • Joanna - The Token Female Math Wiz
  • Leo - The Asian That Always Comes To Class Sweaty Because of PE And Has Facial Hair
  • Leonard - The Asian That Swims At The Same Place I Do And I Always Take Food From
  • Pamela - The Shy Girl That Sits Behind Me
  • Lanie - The Semi-Popular Girl Who I Can't Think Of Any Adjectives For
  • Shira - The Semi-Popular Girl Who I Find Weirdly Sexy Despite Not Being Able To Think Of Anything That Attractive About Her
  • Dana - The Token Jewish Girl
  • Izzy - The Semi-Popular Funny Mexican Who Was In My PE Class Last Year
  • Nicolas - The Mexican Guy Who Is Really Good At Cards And Has Been My Friend For 3 Years Now
  • Mikael - The Most Annoying Guy Ever 
  • Evan - Mikael's Friend For Some Reason Even Though He's Okay
  • Swapnil - The Extremely Smart Indian Who Can Be Extremely Unintentionally Hilarious 
  • Elias "Turbo" - The Semi-Popular Guy Who Made Fun Of My Voice Once


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