Survivor: TDIFF
Survivor TDIFF
Season 1



Survivor: TDIFF is the first competitive season of the same name. Eighteen castaways have been sent out on an island off the coast of Brazil to survive for 39 days to win a million dollars. The big twist? Everyone in this game knows each other. Will impressions be helpful or harmful to these competitors?


  • First Impressions -- Tribes will vote out one person soley based on first impressions. These two players will be forced to battle it out in a one-time only Redemption Island duel. The winner will be sent to Exile, the loser is out of the game for good.
  • Exile Island -- This season, one person will be sent to Exile after winning the one-time Redemption Island duel. They will rejoin the losing tribe upon the first tribal council.
  • Tribe Swap -- A tribe swap will occur at some point of the game.
  • One Time Redemption Island -- In some instances, two players will be left out of the tribes and will go to a small arena. The two will duel, and the winner will continue their game while the loser is out for good without attending tribal council to have their torch snuffed.

Season SummaryEdit

Episode One: Rules of Tumblr

Jeff Probst arrives on screen in a helicopter. Beneath are two identical boats heading for different areas on one massive island. " are coming off the coast of Brazil to play in one massive game of Survivor. The twist? All of these people know each other -- and most importantly, they know how the others play the game. This is: Survivor TDIFF!"

On the first boat beneath, Avery, Bruno, Dyna, Jax, Liam, Mika, MTDM, Nalyd, and Reddy sit back and relax.

"This is a strong tribe, but I think our weakest link is MTDM," Nalyd says, giving the opening confessional.

"I fintkn thaaat the fdneakest lonk on oer trbei is brn oe bc he is not me lil xD," MTDM mutters.

"I'm pretty sure MTDM is possessed by satan because he keeps speaking in weird mutters and grumbles that mean literally nothing," Dyna says in a third confessional.

"Already conflicts are arising and the game hasn't even started!" Jeff announces.

On another boat below, CK, Dakota, Fanny, Nate, OHF, SG, Snow, Trey, and Zanna bicker and fight.

"Can we NOT play with Zanna?" SG intimidates the entire boat.

"Twerk it," OHF replies.

"You are all getting on my nerves! I hate it here! You all suck! Die die die!" Zanna shouts.

"I don't think I fit in here," Snow says, giving a confessional.

In the center of the island is a small wooden platform arena. Jeff stands atop it and welcomes the two tribes to the game. "So, to kick us off, welcome to Survivor TDIFF!"

Both tribes clap.

"Anyone willing to admit they didn't expect someone from the other tribe to be here?"

"I'm surprised they let Zanna on the show," Avery replies.

"Why?" Jeff asks back.

"He's Zanna."

After a few more moments of questioning, Jeff gets to the tribal introductions. "Our first boat and tribe, consisting of Avery, Bruno, Dyna, Jax, Liam, Mika, MTDM, Nalyd, and Reddy is now known as ---- Natal!"

The Natal tribe claps and cheers.

"Our other tribe, consisting of CK, Dakota, Fanny, Nate, OHF, SG, Snow, Trey, and Zanna --- now known to be Teresina!"

"What a stupid name. Let's be the Zannaberries!" Zanna suggests.

"No," Jeff retorts. "Now then -- time to play a little game I like to call first impressions. Right now, both tribes will get some parchment and a pen. You will vote for someone on your tribe to kick out and send up here to this arena with me. Let's get started."

In a confessional, Reddy ponders who to vote for. "This game right now is about to change. Not because we're voting out the noobish players, but because we're trying to get rid of the ones we know will go far and hurt out game. Avery is useless without Dra, but what about Mika? She always goes far because she is tied up with these alliances trying to vote out strong people. Nalyd is also really popular and might use that to his advantage."

In a second confessional, Trey also ponders who to vote for. "Fanny and Dakota are on the same tribe together, as well as OHF and CK. The two pairs right there are immediate threats because of how good they are in competitions. I imagine they will both be voting each other out, but I wonder which one I should vote for. I'm pretty much the odd one out with SG, since the noobs will obviously team up."

"It's time to reveal the votes," Jeff says.

He aims at Natal with his cap. "Kick it off, Avery."

Avery turns his board and reveals a vote for Jax.

"Why Jax?" Jeff asks.

"He's a really good swimmer, and I mean, that's kinda threatening considering this is a game about strength."

"But this is also a tribal phase and you might need be to get food," Jax replies. Avery nods his head in disappointment.

Bruno turns his board and reveals a vote for MTDM.


"One vote Jax, one vote MTDM."

Dyna reveals a vote for Nalyd. "Too friendly."

Jax reveals a vote for MTDM. "Two votes MTDM."

Liam reveals a vote for Nalyd. "Two votes on Nalyd."

Mika reveals a vote for Avery. "Already trying to backstab me? I'll remember this," Avery replies. Mika shrugs.

MTDM reveals a vote for Nalyd. "Three votes Nalyd."

Nalyd reveals a vote for MTDM. "Three votes MTDM. This means that Reddy's vote must be for either of you two or we have a tie."

Reddy sighs and reveals a fourth vote for Nalyd. "Nalyd, that's four votes and that's enough. Step off your mat and come up here with me." Nalyd sighs and does so.

"On to Teresina."

CK reveals a vote for Dakota.

Dakota reveals a vote for CK.

Fanny reveals a vote for CK. "Two votes CK."

Nate reveals a vote for Snow. "Too annoying for me."

OHF reveals a second vote for Dakota.

SG reveals a vote for Snow. "Two votes Dakota, Two votes CK, Two votes Snow."

Snow reveals a vote for Nate.

Trey reveals a vote for Dakota. "Three votes Dakota. If Zanna's vote is for Snow or CK, we have a tie. If it is for anyone else, Dakota is out of this."

Zanna turns his board and reveals a vote for Fanny. "That's one vote for Fanny, therefore, Dakota is out of this. Drop your buff and step off your mat."

Dakota and Nalyd meet up by Jeff. He announces that this is not over for them, and that they are still in the game. The two exchange high fives and hug. "But--" he stops them, "only one of you will rejoin this game."

He explains that the arena he stands on is for the one time redemption duels. For this one time, Nalyd and Dakota will compete in a challenge to rejoin the game. The winner will go to exile where they will join the losing tribe after tribal council on day four while the loser will be eliminated instantly on day one.

The tribes sit back and watch.

Nalyd and Dakota take opposite positions. "This challenge is called 'Redeeming Logo'. The logo of this season is spread out into several smaller sliding puzzle pieces that you must assemble. When they are all in their correct positions, you will hear the board snap. It will release a key which you must use to unlock the idol behind me." Jeff turns around and reveals a Buddha statue. "When it is unlocked, take it and place it on your puzzle. Doing so grants you safety in the game. The trick is that several locks have the statue tied down, and only one will release it. You may steal the idol if you are finished with the puzzle and can get your hands on it. Understand?"

Nalyd and Dakota nod. "Survivors ready...go!"

Nalyd slides through the puzzle while Dakota takes his time. Nalyd confuses himself as he gets trapped in the corner.

As time passes, Dakota finds his way through the puzzle. He has the path mapped out. This triggers panic in Nalyd.

He turnes over and notices the path Dakota is following and attempts to copy it. Dakota finishes the puzzle and unlocks his key. He grabs it and dashes back to the Buddha idol.

"Dakota is almost free from redemption!" Jeff shouts.

Nalyd begins to panic and sweat, and he unlocks his key after copying Dakota. He grabs the key and dashes back to the statue. Dakota is furiously trying every lock at his disposal. Nalyd continues on the right side of the statue podium.

"Got it!" he shouts. He unlocks the chain and unwraps the statue. He grabs it and runs off, but Dakota trips him and scrambles to his feet. The idol flies to the edge of the arena.

"It's a fight to the finish!" Jeff exclaims.

Nalyd jumps up and pushes Dakota out of the way while he grabs the idol from the ground. He dashes over to his puzzle station and slams down the idol.

"Nalyd stays alive!" Jeff announces. Fanny and the rest of the Teresina tribe sigh at losing a member. CK, however, is happy that he and OHF will be able to stay in the majority.

"And with that, Dakota, you are the first person eliminated from this competition."

Dakota sighs and a single tear is shed from his eye.

"Do you have any regrets? Any second thoughts about who you should have voted for?"

"You know, Jeff, I think it would have been smarter to just not come. I always get out early in these things and it's so tiresome to know that nobody wants to give me a chance to prove myself."

"Toss your buff in the fire and head on out."

Dakota waves goodbye and steps out of the arena. He leaves the area.

"Nalyd -- congratulations, you're still in this but you will not rejoin your original tribe. You will go to Exile Island where you will rejoin the losing tribe after the first tribal council. Take your stuff and head out to the area on this map," Jeff says, handing over the map and sending him off.

On the Natal tribe, Mika tries to apologize to Avery for voting him out at first impressions. "We should form an alliance!"

"Not after what you pulled out there."

Mika then approaches Bruno. "Hi bubbliboobs! We should form an alliance and vote out Averypoo. He sucks!"


"Good for you MTDM," Mika replies.


"We shouldn't get rid of Avery right now. We should get rid of someone else -- someone annoying," Bruno recommends.


On Teresina, Nate refuses to do any camp work until Snow quits the game. Zanna decides to side with Nate and sits back with him. Nate decides to do camp work then because he thinks Zanna smells like rotten cheese.

OHF swims in the ocean and floats gently along with CK. He recommends booting Fanny next. CK, however, decides against it because Fanny is the only one doing work. He says to boot Zanna instead, because Zanna annoys everyone.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff reveals that the first ever challenge will be a relay race. "What I would give for Toad to be here," Avery says after Jeff reveals the race.

"He was too busy dating his girlfriend Bernadette to come," CK replies.

"Isn't her name Bailey?" Mika asks.

"Pretty sure it's Janice," Fanny replies again.

"Everyone shut up. Pick who will race and let's get started!"

The race begins with CK and Reddy racing to a post to untie a baton. CK manages to do so first and race to OHF, who then must slide down a mudslide and sift through sand to find a key to unlock another baton. Reddy arrives and unlocks it to pass to Jax.

OHF slides through the sand and begins digging, but Jax manages to find it before him. He passes it off to Avery.

Avery brings the baton back to the team, and they insert it onto a lever. It releases a puzzle box.

OHF eventually delivers to Nate, who delivers to Zanna.

Their puzzle box is unlocked, and the challenge is on.

At the end of the hour, Teresina manages to lock in the last puzzle piece. "Teresina wins immunity!"

Teresina is given the Buddha idol, while Natal looks around in disappointment.

"Good news Natal, you will be getting Nalyd back, but he will be replacing one of your own members. I'll see you at tribal council tonight."

On Exile, Nalyd is given a clue to a hidden immunity idol buried somewhere in the sand. He takes the clue and heads off to look around for it. By the end of day two, he manages to find it buried by the tent. "Yes! This is totally gonna save my butt if I'm trouble."

"Vote out Avery," Mika orders Jax on the beach. He nods in agreement, but goes off to Avery and orders him to vote out Mika.

"Someone is going home tonight, and it's one of those two," Jax says in the confessional.

At tribal council, Avery, Bruno, Dyna, Jax, Liam, Mika, MTDM, and Reddy come in and dip their torches in the fire.

"So, has there been talk about what to do when Nalyd rejoins?"

"We plan on keeping him around to see how he is at camp life. If he can't help us out he's going immediately once we lose the next challenge," Liam dictates.

"I say he goes immediately. We've been members since day one, he will be a member starting day four. It's not fair to boot someone loyal to the tribe," Avery replies.

"He was on our tribe to begin with," Jax retorts to him.

Avery rolls his eyes.

Jeff sends them off to vote. When he returns, he opens up the urn. "The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately; I will now read the votes."

"First vote...............Mika."

"Second vote...........Mika."

"Third vote..........Avery."

"Fourth vote......Avery. Two votes Mika, two votes Avery.

"Fifth vote........MTDM."

"Sixth vote.......Mika. Three votes Mika, two votes Avery, one vote MTDM, two votes left."

"Seventh vote........MTDM."

"Eighth vote.......MTDM. We're tied with three votes MTDM and three votes Mika. Reddy, Liam, Jax, Dyna, Bruno, and Avery will now revote."

Mika gulps and hopes Avery would save her.

After revoting is finished, Jeff reveals the votes again.

"First vote.....MTDM."

"Second vote.....MTDM."

"Third vote......Mika."

"Fourth vote......Mika"

"Fifth vote....first person voted out of Survivor TDIFF: Mika. Bring me your torch."

Mika cries as she delivers her torch to Jeff. He snuffs her promptly, and she heads out.

"Nalyd will rejoin you tomorrow. Head back to camp."


Mika - | Avery | Jax | MTDM | -- | Avery | Jax | Bruno |

Avery - | Mika | Bruno |

MTDM - | Dyna | Liam | Reddy -- | Dyna | Liam |


Final Words - Mika: "They voted me out over Avery or MTDM. Truth me told I don't know why. Hopefully there will be outcasts so I can have my revenge?"

Final Words - Dakota: "I'm shocked they blindsided me at first impressions. Voting me out was the worst mistake they ever made. I was gonna provide for my tribe, but nooooooo they got rid of me because of who I am!"

Episode Two: You're Bothering Me Already

The episode opens with Natal returning from camp after voting out Mika. "That was incredibly predictable," Avery says.

"That's awfully cocky of you to say considering you almost got voted out," Dyna replies.

"What? She's annoying so she got voted out first. Pretty sure that's gonna happen to Zanna, MTDM, Nate, and Snow too. We're like, guaranteed the final twelve."

Nalyd walks in on them in the middle of night. He tosses his stuff down and takes a seat. He glares at Dyna. "Too nice, huh?"

"Dude you're probably the illest person I know. I don't know why I voted for you," he responds.

"Illest," Avery mocks.

"Alo Alo," Bruno finally speaks.

On Teresina, CK and OHF relax in a corner and actually feed each other pieces of coconut as part of a midnight snack. Everyone else is asleep.

In a confessional, CK talks about eating without his tribe. "When it comes time for challenges, you need to be strong. If you and your friend are strong, you can win more challenges. Make sense?"

SG sits up and turns to them. "Sleep is too mainstream so I've been spying on you," he whispers.

"I forgot you were a hardcore hipster," OHF says.

"I forgot that being mainstream was too mainstream, so I'm going back to sleep."

"What?" CK asks.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff announces that they will play for an extra bag of beans and bed/sleeping supplies. The challenge is to stack crates on top of each other according to height so they balance, and have a player climb up them to reach a key. The key will unlock a hookshot which must be used to retrieve a raft. All players must get on the raft and make their way to the immunity statue, in which they must all cross the finish to win.

After the challenge begins, Zanna walks behind the Teresina tribe as the rest race up to the unstacked crates.

Natal gets to stacking them quickly and balances them on a flat area near the key post. Zanna pushes his crate along while the others race with them. Snow reluctantly pushes things along, but gets a splinter and shrieks.

Natal manages to finish stacking the crates. They send the tiniest member, Jax, up to climb. He reaches the next-to-last box and trips and topples off the stack, knocking the two off with him. They are forced to re-stack them.

Teresina finally begins stacking when Jax finishes the re-stacking.

He grabs the key and climbs down to meet his tribe. They unlock a chest nearby containing a rope and hook. Avery unwravels it and tosses it out to the river aside them.

CK climbs up the stack and grabs the key. He dives down and heads for the chest.

Trey takes the hookshot and tosses it out.

"Teresina makes a huge comeback on Natal!"

Avery finally hooks the raft and begins yanking it back to the beach. Trey continues to struggle.

Trey finally manages to hook it and pull it back.

The raft reaches the beach and Natal begins to get on. Bruno and MTDM take oars and begin paddling.

Trey drags it to the beach, and they pile on.

"Teresina finally makes it on the raft, but it's too late!"

Natal arrives at the beach and the entire tribe piles onto the sand. They race to the statue and grab onto it.

"Natal wins immunity! Teresina, you and I have a date at tribal council tonight."

"We need to align or like...we're doomed," Zanna says to Snow and Nate.

"Sorry you are just the most annoying person in the world and should probably go die somewhere," Nate replies to him.

"That's so rude," Zanna says back. "Maybe we'll vote you out for that."

SG approaches Fanny and Trey. Fanny tells them that Dakota being gone has ruined his plans and will do anything to stay in the game.

"It's either Zanna, Snow, or Nate tonight I would say," Trey replies. "Zanna gets on my nerves but Nate..."

"What about work ethic?" Fanny asks.

"Zanna probably puts less out than Nate," SG says back.

At tribal council, the eight Teresina members walk in, CK, Fanny, Nate, OHF, SG, Snow, Trey, and Zanna sit down. Jeff questions how life at camp is, and Zanna states his concerns.

"We barely have fire or a shelter to sleep in."

"I would like to comment," Fanny says, raising his hand. "Life sucks because certain people on this tribe don't do anything productive. Normally we would be working through our votes strategically, but tonight, one of the suckier people is going home."

"I'm sure that strategy thing was aimed at CKOReebs," CK says while relaxing back in his seat.

"You guys are definitely threatening," Zanna says.

"With that, it's time to vote."

"Nate, you get on my nerves and junk. CK should be happy you messed up," Zanna says in his voting confessional.

"I will now read the votes."

"First vote.........Nate."

"Second vote.........CK."

"Third vote.........Nate."

"Fourth vote........Nate."

"Fifth vote........Nate."

"Sixth vote........second person voted out of Survivor TDIFF -- Nate. You need to bring me your torch."

"I'm done with all you fake biches! Bich bich bich bich!" Nate exclaims in anger as he brings his torch to Jeff.

He snuffs it, and Nate walks off.

"It's clear this tribe is unified for this vote, but will you be unified for the next? Head back to camp."


CK - | Nate |

Nate - | CK | Fanny | OHF | SG | Snow | Trey | Zanna


Final Words: "Those biches voted me out instead of Zanna. Zanna is the worst person in this world and I'm so done with all of this crap. I'm never associating with these people again."

Episode Three: Drama!

CK and OHF sit together in a confessional at midnight on the beach. "We will totally be running this game by the end of the night," OHF says.

"Twerk it hunny," CK replies.

Snow sits in the corner of the shelter and picks away at the bamboo flooring. "It's day six and I'm really hungry and stuff. I hope a tribe swap comes soon."

"I'm stoked that we won that challenge. I know that the next one we lose will send me right out the door -- this time for good," Nalyd says on the beach the next morning.


Natal opens the tree mail and reads it aloud. They will be competing in their first reward challenge.

Both tribes gather around Jeff. "Today's challenge grants several rewards to you all. The winning tribe will win fishing gear and some seasoning to make the fish less bland. In addition, the two players that do the best in this challenge will win Diplomatic Immunity -- they will be immune and will choose the new tribes in this upcoming tribe swap after this tribal council and as well is immune if their tribe goes to tribal council next."

Everyone on their tribes look shocked.

"This challenge is the classic bucket challenge."

Everyone has a bucket with half of their body weight above them. They must hold it for as long as possible. If it drops, they are out of the challenge. The last one standing from each tribe wins Diplomatic Immunity.

Natal elects Liam to sit out, and he agrees.

After five minutes of play, MTDM and Dyna drop out.

After thirty minutes of play, Avery has dropped his significantly but is not out. SG, Snow, and Zanna drop theirs and destroy the tribe's lead.

After an hour, OHF drops his.

After only two hours of play, Avery, Nalyd, and Reddy are still playing for Natal and CK, Fanny, and Trey are playing for Teresina.

After thirty more minutes, Fanny finally drops his.

After another hour, Reddy and Avery drop theirs.

"Nalyd is now the last one standing on Natal. He wins diplomatic immunity -- but if he hangs in there he can also win for the tribe."

Trey drops his bucket.

"CK is now the last one on Teresina. He too has diplomatic immunity."

After another hour, CK finally drops. "Nalyd wins reward for Teresina!"

Nalyd returns to camp wearing an immunity necklace made of bones. "So," Jax asks, "Who are you considering bringing onto the new tribe when we swap?"

"I'll think about that after we win immunity," Nalyd replies. Jax nods.

"We should throw the challenge," CK suggests to OHF.

"Why would we do that?"

"We can completely troll those noobs and get rid of Snow or Zanna."

"Sounds like a plan."

At the immunity challenge, Nalyd is told to sit out because he has immunity. The challenge is to swim out to sea and grab discs floating in the water. Once all are gathered, they must be assembled to form a code. This code must be entered into the flag safe, which when cracked, will raise the tribal flag.

When the game begins, Jax takes off first to collect discs. He brings back one and tags someone else to go in.

Natal gains 2 discs out of three while Teresina struggles on getting one since OHF is a slow swimmer.

Eventually, Avery gains the third disc and assembles a code using the images on the discs. They get ' 3 4 5'. Reddy races to the safe and inputs the code in, releasing the flag.

"Natal...quickly...wins immunity!"

Everyone on Natal cheers, and CK fist bumps OHF as they head back to camp.

"We need to work together to get rid of OHF," Snow says to Zanna and SG. SG nods and agrees to whatever they say.

CK walks back to camp and, before anyone else can see he has arrived, he kicks over a bucket of fish captured by him the previous morning.

"Who dumped out my fish?" he begs the question to the tribe.

Eventually, Zanna says that he saw SG over by there a few moments ago. He claims he had no idea there was even any fish, and CK takes the opportunity to blame him and vote him out to save OHF.

At tribal council, Jeff questions the ethics of the tribe. Why would they let OHF swim first? CK only responds with the idea of a cycle being in place.

"It's time to vote."

After votes are cast, Jeff reveals them.

"First vote......SG the fish killer."

"Second vote......OHF."

"Third vote.......OHF."

"Fourth vote.....OHF. Three votes OHF."

"Fifth vote.....SG."

"Sixth vote...SG."

"Seventh vote....third person voted out of Survivor TDIFF -- SG. Bring me your torch."

SG sighs and brings his torch up to Jeff. He snuffs it and turns back. "I didn't dump out your fish."

Eyes wander as they anticipate the upcoming tribe swap.


SG - | Fanny | OHF | CK | Trey

OHF - | SG | Snow | Zanna


Final Words: "They said I dumped out their fish and I didn't. Oh well. Survivor is too mainstream for me anyway."

Episode Four: The Swap

"If you pick me we can rock the other Teresina players," Dyna whispers to Nalyd in the mid of night.

"I'm thinking about it," Nalyd replies.

In a confessional, Nalyd talks about his feelings toward immunity. "At least I won't be left out this time. I have a feeling, since tribes are uneven now, that there might be another duel. I really don't want to be out on that arena again."

"I know we can destroy those Natal people if we pick some of them that suck," CK tells OHF and Fanny. Fanny groans.

"I know you're just gonna pick me off," Fanny tells them.

"This is a final three game, and we can take you along if you stop being a jerkish sexual deviant," OHF responds to his groans.

"So who do we drag onto the tribe?" CK asks.

"Trey. Leave Snow and Zanna to the other losers," OHF responds.

In a confessional, CK reveals he is in control of the game yet again.

The tribes meet with Jeff in front of the arena from first impressions. "Come on in, guys!"

They align themselves in front of the arena. "As you all know, I announced yesterday that we are swapping tribes. Nalyd and CK, for winning immunity, you will get to select your tribes. CK, for losing and going to tribal council, you will receive your member first. Step up here -- you too Nalyd."

Jeff hands them their own colored buffs. Everyone else drops theirs. "CK, pick a Natal member."

CK aims and points down to MTDM. "MTDM."

"im so hap u r selec me"

"Nalyd, pick a Natal member."

Nalyd points down to Dyna. "I have the obligation."

MTDM and Dyna receive their new buffs.

"Now we're picking Teresina members. CK you start."

"OHF!" he quickly shouts. OHF is thrown a Teresina buff.

"I'll take Snow," Nalyd says. Snow is given her new buff.

"Here's where we stand. Natal now has Nalyd, Dyna, and Snow. Teresina now has CK, MTDM, and OHF. We're picking Natal again."

CK aims for Liam. Nalyd aims for Avery. They get their buffs.


CK picks Fanny. Nalyd picks Trey.

"We have our three but we won't be strong since he took Trey from us," OHF whispers. CK gives Nalyd a dirty look.

"Zanna is the only one on Teresina that has not been chosen. Reddy, Jax, and Bruno have not been chosen on Natal. It is now a free for all. You can select whoever you want to. Keep in mind that the last two people standing will not be on a tribe."

CK chooses Jax. Nalyd chooses Reddy.

"Why didn't you pick me!?" Bruno jokingly teases them.

"Bruno and Zanna, you were not chosen for your tribes. Please come up here with me."

Bruno and Zanna approach the arena.

"I would like to apologize, Bruno, for not picking you. This was strictly a strategic selection," CK apologizes to him. Bruno nods in acceptance.

"As you both can probably tell, we're about to have the second duel of the season. One of you will be sent home here on day ten and the other will be safe until the next tribal council where they will rejoin the losing tribe on day thirteen."

Bruno and Zanna take their respective spots in the arena.

In this duel, the combatants must stack dominos in order from size. They must knock a domino off of the start to knock down all dominos. If correct, it will knock a ball onto a tile to break it. Upon breaking it, a rope will snap and release a key. The key must be used to unlock a chest containing puzzle pieces. The pieces will arrange to be a picture of the island. Once finished, the player stays alive.

Bruno and Zanna begin by strategically placing their dominos. Bruno starts at the back, Zanna starts at the front.

As they both reach the mid point, Bruno trips and shakes his stand. His dominos fall off and topple onto the arena floor.

"Go Bruno Go!" Jax cheers.

Bruno races back and begins to re-stack his dominos. Zanna finishes his stack and knocks off his dominos. They manage to knock the ball onto the tile and release the key.

"NO ZANNA SUCKS!" Dyna shouts out to them. Bruno tries to regroup his dominos.

Zanna unlocks the chest and removes the puzzle pieces. He brings them back to his stand and begins to assemble them.

"This is a fifty piece puzzle. Can Bruno catch up?" Jeff questions.

Bruno finally releases his key and unlocks the chest. By then, Zanna only has ten pieces to go.

Bruno empties his bag and begins to assemble the puzzle.

Zanna only has five to go.

Bruno has forty.

Zanna has three.

Bruno has thirty eight.

Zanna locks in his puzzle. Jeff scans it for errors. "It's right. Zanna stays alive!"

Bruno lets out a deep sigh. Teresina and Natal are distraught by Bruno losing to Zanna.

"I told you people from day one I would prove myself and I did! Now I'm safe until the next tribal council!" Zanna cheers.

"Bruno, your time in this game is up. Drop your buff in the urn and head on out."

Bruno waves goodbye and dumps his buff in the urn.

Back at camp, Natal ponders whether their alliance can stay strong. Avery, Dyna, Nalyd, and Reddy sit together in the shelter while Snow and Trey are out playing in the water.

"I cannot stand Snow. She is a complete moron," Dyna says to them.

"Agreed," Avery responds.

"That's not really nice," Nalyd says back to them.

"You have no idea, Nalyd. You aren't around when Snow is," Dyna says.

"We're tied three to three the way I see it," Fanny says to OHF and CK. "We need someone to flip."

"I could convince them to vote out MTDM because he's annoying," CK responds.

"If they're smart they would align with him and force rocks providing we lose."

The two tribes arrive for the immunity challenge. They must dig up three keys, two people per sand pit, by matching coordinates and digging them up from the sand. Using the three keys, the duos on their tribes must unlock a safe (three safes per tribe, one per duo). Each safe has a piece of a map. The tribe must assemble the map and send one person out with it to find a colored immunity statue. Once returned, the tribe wins immunity.

On Natal, Avery and Dyna work to assemble the rope to find the coordinate of the key.

Teresina quickly snags their first two keys while Jax and MTDM struggle to locate the last key.

Natal emerges victorious and hunts down the safes. They get the map pieces out and assemble them to find that their statue us located on the beach. Dyna takes off to go find it.

Teresina arrives at the safes and arrange their map pieces. Jax takes off to go find it, but it's too late. Dyna returns and hands it to Jeff who confirms it.

"Natal wins immunity!"

Jax, MTDM, and Liam sit on the beach and discuss who to vote out. "CK and OHF are the hugest threats in this game. One of them needs to go."

"i say ceksi goez"

"I'll get them to vote out MTDM," Fanny says to OHF and CK. He approaches the opposing alliance with the idea, and they agree. However, Jax meets with MTDM and says that the plan has changed to vote out CK. They now target Fanny.

At tribal council, Jeff questions the new formation of the tribe. Jax says that there are two solid alliances going on, and that the night will prove this.

After voting is read, Jeff announces the votes.

"First vote.....Fanny."

"Second vote.......MTDM."

"Third vote.....MTDM. Two votes MTDM."

"Fourth vote..........MTDM."

"Fifth vote........Fanny."

"Sixth vote.........Fanny. We're tied. Jax, Liam, CK, and OHF will revote. Jax, you're up first -- take this with you."

After revoting is finished, Jeff reveals the votes yet again.

"First vote......MTDM."

"Second vote......Fanny."

"Third vote.....Fanny."

"Fourth vote......MTDM. We're deadlocked. You two need to plead your cases, and, if we cannot come up with a decision, we will draw rocks."

After a few moments of pleading for safety, nobody budges.

"Very well. In this bag are three red rocks and only one blue rock. If you are the person that draws the blue rock, you are out of this game. Fanny and MTDM, you are immune from the drawing. Everyone else is fair game. Stick your hands in and pick a rock."

Jax, CK, OHF, and Liam reach in for rocks.




They open their palms, and it is revealed that Liam has drawn the blue rock. "Liam, you have drawn the blue rock and are out of this competition. Bring me your torch."

Liam has his torch snuffed, and he leaves.

"Clearly this tribe was divided once, but not anymore. Last time rocks were drawn it was shown to be a bold move. Was it the same way this time? We'll found out soon. Grab your torches and head back to camp. G'Night."


MTDM - | Fanny | CK | OHF | -- | CK | OHF |

Fanny - | Jax | MTDM | Liam | -- | Jax | Liam |

Liam - | ROCK |


Final Words - Bruno: "I'm sad they didn't pick me for the tribe but I completely understand their decision. I'm upset I couldn't beat Zanna but from now on I'll learn from this experience. Who knows? I could come back for Second Chances."

Final Words - Liam: "Both eliminations so far were extremely unexpected. It sucks that this happened to me, but we lost two people by duel and rock respectively. This season's gonna be crazy and I wish my buddies back at Teresina the best of luck."

Episode Five: You're Such a Moron!

Zanna approaches the losing Teresina tribe just as they arrive back from Tribal Council. "I know I'm on the outs," he says in the confessional, "but I know I can get those other two people from Natal to work with me. They may not want to, but boy they're gonna!"

"Look, it's Zanna," Fanny says as Zanna approaches the camp. He throws his stuff down and approaches Jax.

"Does anyone know where I can flab??" Snow asks the tribe of Natal.

"What in the actual hell is a flab?" Avery asks, confused.

"Sorry I meant to say somewhere I can pee."

"You can pee anywhere?" Dyna inquisitively says.

"I don't have to pee, haha!" Snow laughs.

"Oh my god you are such an annoying moron!" Dyna explodes. "You are such a brat--you are literally an embarrasment to this tribe and to theater. Do you not understand that?"

"Well since you feel that I way I might vote you out."

"We all feel this way, am I right?" Dyna turns to ask the rest of his tribe. Everyone stares blankly at Snow.


Snow leaves the camp site and goes off in the water to cry.

The two tribes walk into the immunity challenge. Jeff begins to explain it, when Snow raises her hand. "Yes, Snow?"

"I have been bullied by everyone on my tribe including that big fat stinky loser face jerk head penis Dyna and I quit."


Snow then takes her things and just...leaves the arena.

"Well then, Teresina, since Snow just quit or something, you need to sit someone out."

Teresina agrees on sitting out Zanna.

The challenge is to push an opponent off of a platform. The first tribe to three points wins immunity.

The first round is CK versus Trey.

Trey swipes at CK's legs, but CK retaliates by pushing Trey's chest. CK, however, falls off of the platform. "Trey scores for Natal!"

The second round is Dyna versus Fanny. Fanny quickly shoves Dyna off. "Fanny scores for Teresina!"

The third round is Jax versus Reddy. Jax, pushes Reddy off after some struggle.

"Jax scores again for Teresina!"

The fourth round is OHF versus Nalyd. Nalyd quickly pushes the squishy competitor off. "Nalyd scores for Natal! This is it -- the tie breaker round. MTDM versus Avery."

Avery quickly shoves MTDM off of the platform.

"Natal wins immunity...again!"

Zanna approaches Jax and MTDM. "You may not like me, but I think we can work together and get rid of Fanny, CK, or OHF. How about you guys pick?"

"Let's vote out OHF. CK could have some kind of idol and he knows he's a target. Voting out OHF could cause him to waste his idol," Jax suggests.

"Sowns liek a good idedna 2 me!"

Zanna approaches a camera and records a confession. "I was on Exile and got a clue to an idol, but upon looking for it it was gone. I think Nalyd got it."

Fanny, CK, and OHF meet away from the other alliance. "Voting out MTDM again just so he can have like, a billion votes by the end of this," CK says.

"We're gonna draw rocks again," OHF suggests.

"As long as it isn't me," Fanny then speaks.

At tribal council, Jeff questions each individual player as a whole. Which people will ever stray from their alliances? Which people will form new bonds to get rid of old ones?

After votes are cast, Jeff reads the votes.

"First vote........MTDM."

"Second vote.......OHF."

"Third vote.........OHF."

"Fourth vote........OHF. Three votes OHF, one vote MTDM."

"Fifth vote......MTDM."

"Sixth vote.....MTDM. We're tied yet again on this tribe. MTDM and OHF are now stuck at three votes each; CK, Fanny, Jax, and Zanna will now revote."

After votes are cast again, Jeff approaches them and reads them.

"First vote........MTDM."

"Second vote.....OHF."

"Third vote.......OHF."

"Fourth vote......MTDM. We're deadlocked again. You all know the rules -- if we cannot come to a decision, Fanny, CK, Jax, and Zanna will draw rocks."

"I'm not changing. Let's go ahead and pick rocks. I'm feeling lucky," CK cockily says.

"You know, Jeff, I'm tired of CK being this cocky little punk he thinks he is. I'm changing my vote now from MTDM to OHF. See ya!" Fanny says, stunning OHF and CK.

"We had a deal, Fanny!" CK exclaims in anger.

"Very well -- OHF, bring me your torch. You are the fifth person voted out of this competition."

OHF sighs and grabs his torch. He approaches Jeff and has it snuffed. CK gawks as his only friend leaves the game.

"I would say that the power in this game just shifted. I'll see you back at immunity. Head back to camp."


OHF - | Jax | Zanna | MTDM | -- | Jax | Zanna | -- | Fanny |

MTDM - | CK | Fanny | OHF | -- | CK | Fanny | -- | ~None~ |


Final Words: "I know Fanny will get what's coming to him. He's a trashy stripper and I refuse to not be avenged by my husband -- I mean friend -- CK."

Episode Six: How Many Votes Will I Get This Season?

CK returns to camp extremely angry at Fanny. He calls him out and cusses him in front of Jax, MTDM, and Zanna. Zanna simply laughs and walks off.

On Natal, Nalyd proposes a toast of coconut milk to the tribe. Everyone cheers knowing that they are going into the final ten and a possible merge.

Natal and Teresina walk into the reward challenge located deep in the heart of the island on the Redemption Island Arena. "Today's reward challenge is called 'Touchy Subjects'. I'm going to ask a question and you will respond on your boards with who you think best matches the description. The most popular answer scores, and anyone with it will get to eliminate someone from the challenge. For this reward, the prize will be individual. The winners of this will get to go on a five star vacation for the next two days, and will get several hearty meals before returning to the island."

Everyone is given a board and a pen.

"First question...who is the most likely to be voted out next?"

On Natal, the popular answer is Avery by a vote of 2-1-1-1. Trey and Reddy get to chop. Reddy eliminates Fanny and Trey eliminates Zanna.

On Tersina, the popular answer is CK by a vote of 4 - 1. Since Zanna and Fanny answered it, he gets to chop.

Zanna chops out Trey.

MTDM chops out CK.

Jax chops out Nalyd.

Fanny chops out Dyna.

"Avery, Jax, MTDM, and Reddy remain in this challenge. Next question: Who has the most tribe spirit?"

The popular answer on Natal is Nalyd by a vote of 2-0. The popular answer on Teresina is Jax by a vote of 2-0.

"Well, Nalyd and Jax both seem to have the most tribe spirit.'s only fair they remain on their original tribes, right?"

"What," Fanny gawks.

"This reward challenge was a dud. Nobody is going anywhere. Nalyd, Jax, come get Natal and Teresina buffs. We're swapping tribes yet again!"

Nalyd and Jax approach the buff box and grab their respective buffs.

"Now, as you can all see, there are ten of you but only six buffs in here. With Jax and Nalyd picking tribes, two people will not get buffs. Guess what happens to those two?"

"They get to duel," Trey guesses the obvious answer.

"Be happy that this is definitely the final duel of the season. This go around we'll start by picking from opposite tribes. Nalyd will pick first, Jax second -- everyone drop your buffs. Nalyd will pick from Teresina, Jax from Natal, and when it goes back to Nalyd he will pick from Natal. Got it?"

Everyone nods in agreement.

Nalyd aims and chooses Fanny.

Jax aims and chooses Trey.

They get their buffs.

Nalyd chooses Dyna from Natal.

Jax chooses MTDM from Teresina.

"Nalyd and Jax, you can have one more person on your tribe. You will pick now from an opposing tribe. Nalyd, it is up to you who goes to the duel. Pick either CK or Zanna."

Nalyd takes a moment to think. "I know how to play a game of Survivor. I've watched nearly every season and I've seen how these people work. I'm choosing Zanna, sorry CK."

CK nods and steps away next to Jeff.

"Jax, you must now pick Reddy or Avery to join your tribe. Remember the one you do not pick will duel against CK."

Jax ponders who to choose for a moment. "On my tribe, I know that Trey would align with Reddy over Avery. So, I'm picking Avery. Sorry, Red."

Avery walks over to Jax and hugs him.

Everyone steps off of the arena.

"CK, Reddy. It's time for the duel. One of you will go home today on day sixteen while the other will remain on exile until...the merge. The person that loses this duel will be the first member of the jury, however. They will be the first of seven to vote for one of you to win at the final tribal council on day thirty nine. Let's get to the duel."

The duel requires the players to undo several knots to escape from an obstacle course of poles. Once escaped and detached from the rope line, they must grab a machete and slash a rope to release a flag. The first to do so stays alive.

The duel begins, and Reddy races off to undo his first knot. CK fails to undo his knots quickly.

Reddy moves onto the second of five stages while CK struggles on the first knot. When he finally gets it undone, Reddy moves onto the third.

Reddy now struggles to undo the third knot, which is even tighter. CK manages to speed through the second.

CK finishes the third knot before Reddy and moves on, and Reddy begins to panic.

Reddy finally finishes the third as CK moves onto the fifth rope.

Reddy quickly undoes the fourth rope and jumps ahead to the fifth.

CK undoes his fifth rope and jumps out of his tangles. Reddy follows right behind.

However, CK trips on his way and stumbles up to the post. Reddy arrives and begins to untie the machete.

CK begins to untie the machete as well.

Reddy undoes the knot first and slashes the rope, raising his flag.

"Reddy stays alive! CK, you had a rise of power and now that power has fallen."

CK sighs and looks up at his tribe mates who rejected him. "Believe me, if any of the Teresina family makes the final tribal council, they will not get my vote. You hear that Natal? All you have to do is make it to the end."

CK leaves off in bitterness.

On the new Natal tribe, Nalyd introduces Fanny and Zanna to the camp. Dyna decides to align with Nalyd in secret to ensure a Natal merge. Nalyd accepts.

On the new Teresina tribe, Jax, MTDM, and Trey meet off in the ocean while Avery rests in the shelter. "We need to bring back the old Teresina alliance, MTDM, and bring in Trey to boot Avery if we lose. Trey, you along with Fanny and Zanna are the last surviving Teresina members in this game. If you want any hope at merge I would suggest working with us. If we're smart, we can completely decimate Natal at merge."

"sownddds like a plen"

They enter the immunity challenge arena. "Today's immunity challenge requires the tribe to complete a puzzle. That's it. Lock it in and we'll check it."

Both tribes begin on this 50 piece puzzle that must be completed standing straight up vertically. Teresina gets a massive lead on Natal, but Natal quickly catches up.

Teresina only has 20 pieces left, Natal only has 25.

Teresina, after ten minutes, has 10 left. Natal has 11.

After five minutes, Natal has 6 and Teresina has 8. The puzzles now begin to snap together.

Natal snaps it in at last. "Natal wins immunity again!"

Jax speaks with Trey and MTDM about blindsiding Avery. They all completely agree. However, before they head out to tribal council, Trey approaches Avery and is informed that (apparently) MTDM spoke to Avery about blindsiding Trey.

At tribal council, Jeff questions how Avery has gotten along with his new tribe. He says that he's doing fine, and thinks he knows who is going home.

After votes are cast, Jeff reads them.

"First vote..........MTDM."

"howww manygt sevotds am i guna get ths sesn tho'

"Second vote.....Avery."

"Third vote.......MTDM."

"Fourth vote......Avery. We're tied. Trey and Jax will now revote."

After the votes are re-cast, Jeff reads them.

"First vote.....MTDM."

"Second vote.....Avery. We're deadlocked for the third time in a row. Since we are a tribe of four, Avery and MTDM will now make fire."

MTDM and Avery take their places at the fire making kits. They begin to rub their sticks together.

However, MTDM builds his fire first and the flame slices through the rope.

"Somehow, and rather quickly too, MTDM survives yet another tribal council. Avery, you are the sixth person voted out and the second member of the jury. Head on out, you will join CK at Ponderosa."

Avery bitterly flips off Jax, Trey, and MTDM.


Avery - | MTDM | Jax | -- | Jax |

MTDM - | Avery | Trey | -- | Trey |


Final Words - CK: "Something made me very worried when OHF was sent out of the picture. When I was put in the duel, I thought, hey it might be like the old roleplays we used to play in, but no. It was extremely difficult and I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did. It sucks I can't stay in the game, but at least I made the jury."

Final Words - Avery: "I literally just lost a fire making challenge to MTDM. Literally barf, vomit, puke, WHATEVER. I'm extremely bitter, and if that idiot makes the finals he is definitely not getting my vote. They got rid of two good people and kept in those freaking noobs over me and CK. Literally, how are Zanna and MTDM still in the game?"

Episode Seven: Finally, We're Merging

Natal and Teresina gather around at the arena where Jeff Probst greets them. "Now, usually this arena means bad luck for one of you -- but I promised that the final duel occured the other day. I can tell you one thing, however -- you are all now merged!"

The remaining eight castaways drop their buffs and exchange hugs and high fives. "We have made it to day 19, and we've finally merged."

Everyone gathers their new steel blue buffs. "When you get back to camp you can name your tribe, but for right now I have an offer for you. You can compete in this immunity challenge or you can sit it out and get a clue to a hidden immunity idol hidden at your new merged camp."

Nalyd grasps his shorts pocket where his idol remains.

"If you are competing, come up to the arena. If you are waiting for an idol clue, stay down."

Jax, MTDM, and Fanny walk up onto the arena. "Well then, this should say something about the feeling of idols in this competition. The three of you are going to do a simple challenge -- balance a ball on a pole without it falling. The last one standing wins immunity."

The three begin to balance wooden poles.

Everyone else below the arena is handed shriveled up paper with an idol clue on it.

Nalyd knows exactly where the clue is referring to.

Fanny yawns and drops his ball, leaving Jax and MTDM in the challenge.

MTDM then finally drops his ball, and Jax throws his down and cheers.

"Jax wins immunity!"

Back at camp, everyone except for MTDM, Jax, and Fanny scramble to look for the idol.

"So, Fanny, I know we didn't work together before, but I think this three right here could be solid if we worked together," Jax proposes to Fanny.

"CK and OHF are gone and I need someone to work with. I'm up for anything."

In the woods, Nalyd stumbles upon a small hole in the ground and begins to dig. From behind, Trey spies on him. Nalyd lifts out another hidden immunity idol and places it around his neck. He begins to dance quietly to himself, and Trey blends back into the bushes.

Dyna, Nalyd, Fanny, and Zanna come together in the waters of the ocean. "So," Dyna begins, "the new Natal tribe should stick together out here. Right now this game is four against a second tribe of three, but Reddy is a wild card since he didn't get put on a new tribe."

Nalyd agrees, and Fanny begins to have second thoughts about working with Jax and MTDM.

"Nalyd, you can get Reddy onto our side and we can vote out MTDM. He's like... super annoying!" Zanna exclaims.

Zanna, however, approaches Jax and MTDM and proposes a new alliance. "Nalyd, Dyna, and Fanny were talking with me in the ocean about a Natal alliance. I think, if we can sway Reddy onto our side, we can get the numbers and get rid of one of the power players in this game."

"Who do you have in mind?" Jax asks, still pondering whether or not he can trust Fanny.

"I say we get rid of Fanny. He's scrambling and all, and I know you have a connection with him where he could definitely try something stupid."

Nalyd attempts to sway Reddy onto his side, and he agrees. Jax then approaches him to sway him on his side. Reddy also agrees.

"What am I supposed to do?"

At tribal council, the final eight enter the elimination area. "We will now bring in our two jurors -- Avery and CK."

Jeff questions the idol finding, and everyone states that they came up short with locating the idol. Zanna says that he's afraid a power player might have one, and that the final time to play it is coming soon.

After votes are cast, Jeff prepares to read them.

"If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so."

Nobody stands, though Nalyd shifts in his seat.

"I will now read the votes."

"First vote..........MTDM."

"r u s RRRS??"

"Second vote.........Fanny."

"Third vote.....MTDM."

"Fourth vote.....MTDM."

"Fifth vote.....MTDM."

"Sixth vote....Fanny."

"Seventh vote....Fanny."

"Eighth vote.....Fanny. We're tied four to four. We will now revote."

"Please remember which one of this group is a power player. Remember which one here will win if they go to the finale," Jax encourages.

After the new votes are cast, Jeff reads them.

"First vote...........MTDM."

"Second vote......Fanny."

"Third vote....MTDM."

"Fourth vote.....Fanny."

"Fifth vote....the seventh person voted out of Survivor: TDIFF -- Fanny. You need to bring me your torch."

Fanny sighs and stands up to bring Jeff his torch. Having been blindsided, he reflects on the questionable choices the players in the game have made.

"You just voted out someone who wanted to play the game and kept in two really annoying noobs who don't deserve to even be on the jury. I hope this bites you back -- if Zanna makes it to the final tribal, I'm voting for him just to make you all pay."

Jeff snuffs the torch and Fanny exits the area.

Jax and MTDM exchange glances, and Nalyd feels for his idol. "The next few days will be an intense battle. I'm excited to see who goes next. Head back to camp."


MTDM - | Dyna | Nalyd | Trey | Fanny -- | Dyna | Nalyd

Fanny - | Zanna | Jax | MTDM | Reddy - | Zanna | Jax | Reddy | Trey |


Final Words: "This elimination was extremely unfair. Zanna still being in that game even though he is hated universally by the wiki entirely confuses me. I don't know why they would vote me out when there are other people in there who clearly don't deserve to be in the competition. Reddy and Nalyd? They were exiled. Zanna and MTDM? They're exiled by the wiki. ME? I'm one of the best users they have and they voted me out. I hope Zanna and MTDM unite and take every single one of them down."


Episode Eight: Our Downfall


Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Swapped Tribe 2 Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
Dakota Dakota
Professional Aaryn Gries Impersonator
Teresina Lost Opening Duel
Day 1
Mika Mika
Natal 1st Voted Out
Day 3
NateAvi Nate
Teresina 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Teresina 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Bruno Bruno
Excitable Chat Mod
Natal Lost Swap Duel
Day 1
Liam Liam
Camps Administrator
Natal Teresina 4th Eliminated
Day 1
Snow Snow
Teresina Natal Quit
Day 1
Professional Black Woman
Teresina Teresina 5th Voted Out
Day 1
OHF's Pimp Daddy
Teresina Teresina Lost Swap Duel
First Jury Member
Day 1
Avery Avery
Natal Natal Teresina 6th Voted Out
Second Jury Member
Day 1
Fanny Fanny
Sexual Predator
Teresina Teresina Natal Natalerisina 7th Voted Out
Third Jury Member
Day 21

Dyna TOR2 Dyna
Natal Natal Natal
JaxAvi Jax
Natal Teresina Teresina 1
usrt onn tumeelr
Natal Teresina Teresina 27
Nalyd Nalyd
Host of Survivor Berkshires
Natal Natal Natal 4
Reddy Reddy
Glorified Chat Mod
Natal Natal
Matt TOR2

Exists As Well

Teresina Natal Teresina
Zanna Zanna
Drama Queen
Teresina Teresina Natal

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