Mana's NominationsEdit

1.Tom Westman - Palau

2.Chris Daugherty - Vanuatu

3.Coach Wade - Tocantins

4.Dave Cruser - China

5.Tyson Apostol - Tocantins

6.Tyson Apostol - Heroes vs Villains

7.Tyson Apostol - Blood vs Water

8.John Cochran - South Pacific

9.Jim Rice - South Pacific

10.Rob Mariano - Marquesas

11.Rob Mariano - Heroes vs Villains

12.Brian Heidik - Thailand

13.Kim Mullen - Palau

14.Richard Hatch - All-Stars

15.Andrew Savage - Pearl Island

16.Jenna Morasca - Amazon

17.Alicia Calaway - All-Stars

18.Sarah Jones - Marquesas

19.Kel Gleason - Australia

20.Joel Klug - Borneo

Cut/Save OrderEdit

1. bruno

2. matt

3. sg

4. tode


437. Tyson Apostol - Blood vs Water - It was either this one or HvV Tyson. I decided to cut this one because HvV's didn't last a whole season and TINA AND CIERA WERE R.OBBED AF AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Saving Marquesas Boston Rob because I actually liked him this season. #Blindside

436. Kim Mullen - Palau - She was so useless they considered keeping a guy begging to be voted out due to an injury in the game.

Saving Chris because, idk, good character or whatever. I don't detest these noms as much as I thought I would, so uh... cool.

435. Coach Wade (Tocantins - 5th Place)

I wouldn't say I hate Coach by any means, but he really was too much at times. At first he was kind of funny, but putting the comic relief in the spotlight really was a terrible idea and a mistake in an otherwise-great season.

Saving Tyson's Tocantins incarnation because I actually (partially ironically) think he was funny.

434. Brian Heidik (Thailand - Winner) - Okay, I actually haven't seen Thailand, but from the heavy featuring of it in the Funny 115, I feel like I have a vague idea of what goes on in that season. Brian seems like a really creepy dude, from the time he "accidentally" shot a puppy to the fact that he was probably an actual sociopath to the fact that prior to Survivor, he was a soft core porn (shoutout to @jenncantdance) actor. Just... a really gross guy, basically. Plus I guess he was a mildly unsettling gamebot in Survivor itself, so whatever. 

Saving... uh, I don't even know. Richard?

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